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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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as we make it through the day tomorrow, we are grabbing quite a bit of moisture ahead of the front. the wind will pick up a little bit more. maybe some drizzle and sprinkles during the afternoon or late afternoon. then sunday night and monday morning, that front will bring in some scattered maybe a lingering early shower before 6:00 a.m. dry during the day today, dry tonight and here comes a cloud cover for tomorrow. sprinkles a possibility during the day. possible showers late mari evening and into the overnight and into tomorrow morning. looks like light precipitation late for our weekend. they, mostly sunny and a high temperature of 53. a nice treat for the last week of january. morrow, we are still mild, even with the clouds around 55 with a spiegel. some drizzle possible for the day.
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then we have late evening thunderstorms along the cold front, following temperatures -- falling temperatures behind it on wednesday. jonathan: police say they can was hit five times on franklin avenue friday afternoon. the victim has been identified as cameron clemens. officers believe clemens ran away from a nearby apartment building and then collapsed in the street near oakdale. they did not recover any way things -- any weapons at the scene. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers. cincinnati police have upgraded a shooting investigation, to a homicide case nearly eight years after a man was shot in the west end. it happened september 28, 2008 at 17 west mcmicken avenue. police say 33-year-old david wallace died january 5.
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result of the 2008 shooting. no arrests have been made. a man faces an assault charge after an attack at a home in brown county. deputies also found marijuana, pills and strangers with jeremiah sergeant. they say drug charges are pending once they measure the narcotics they seized. a local babysitter abused children in her home. one of them was only four months old. wlwt news 5' s emily wood talked with the mother of one of the victims who says she wants to turn this negative experience into new legislation to protect all children from abuse. mouse. s house when she was four months old. she initially disregarded to bruises sophie came home with in it wasn' t until november that she was truly concerned.
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she dropped her bottle in her eyes started twitching back. emily: she rushed sophie to the hospital where doctors and social workers say the injury was not an accident. >> you don' t want to believe that someone is hurting your child, especially a child, an infant, who is so small and helpless. i didn' t want to believe it. emily: now she is gathering signatures online for sophie' s law. >> it is such a negative thing that happened in our life and we want to turn that into a positive situation. i want everybody to know who this person is and that she has heard not just my child. she has hurt another child and i don' t want that to happen to anybody else. jonathan: we did reach out to
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she faces either three months in prison or three months under house arrest for the crime. hamilton neighbors helped a woman who said a man held her at knife point and raped her in a cemetery. please have investigated four similar crimes. three of the five cases took place around the greenwood cemetery. >> she was actually naked at the greenwood cemetery, from the waist down. the suspect had forced her to perform a sexual act in the vehicle against her will. she was able to escape and get out. jonathan: the victims aren' cooperating. police in athens, ohio believe they may have a serial rapist on the loose. of the suspect they say dna evidence. linked three sexual assaults to the same suspect.
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2006. the other two happened last year. all the victims were young year. all the victims were young women walking home alone the middle of the night. officials say they are increasing patrols in the area. today, the grace white foundation will hold an event. grace is a 70-year-old -- a seven-year-old suffering dipg. the cincinnati cyclones are bringing some pink to the rink. -- rink today to support breast cancer awareness. you' ll see a lot of pink for the team' s pink the rink game. including pink ice, pink jerseys and even a post game party with coaches and players at santo and before the game thousands will take part in the 2nd annual frozen 5k. river and through cincinnati' s
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second street. participants will get tickets to the pink the rink game. >> we were hoping to fill up the arena with folks who here to support people that have had breast cancer touch their lives. the players will be wearing really cool custom jerseys that we' ve got here. every year, the players get to where these on ice. and every year, they are different. jonathan: jerseys from the game will be auctioned off so that fans can take on their favorite players -- favorite player' s number. kyl station road and yankee road were completely shut down thursday morning. it took a little longer to turn the water off because crews could not find the valves. county officials tell us the roundabout will be open by 6:00 this morning. bail denied for oregon protestors, as the fbi releases unedited video, the latest on the
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remaining protestors. and one local high school team on a journey with known or gretz. the details coming up in your morning sports. and your live look outside. secam 5 has the lights green. does that sound right? jennifer: absolutely. jonathan: they look just lovely on the saturday morning. hope you' re feeling even better. thank you first earning your day with us. we' ve got a long way to go.
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jonathan: the occupation at the wildlife refuge in oregon continues with 4 activists holding out. they are down to for now. meanwhile, the fbi has released unedited video of tuesday' s deadly confrontation with occupants leaders. according to the footage. a truck driven by lavoy finicum nearly hits an fbi agent. finicum got out of the truck with his hands in the air. but the fbi says on at least two occasions he reached for his jacket pocket. he was shot and killed. authorities say there was an semi-automatic hand gun in that pocket. in all eleven people tied to the occupation have now been arrested and denied bail. days before the iowa caucuses, the hillary clinton campaign finds itself back under the
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the state department is confirming that some of the e-mails found on her personal e-mail server from her days as secretary of the -- secretary of state contain government information so secret that they fell under the highest level of classification. but a spokesman says those documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> the facts have remain the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. jonathan: clinton' s campaign is demanding that the state department released the e-mails and is questioning the secrecy of the messages, saying the mills originated and remained in the state department' s unclassified system. ohio' s elections chief is ordering new procedures for absentee ballots after some weren' t counted last year . secretary of state john husted says they weren' t included because they were missing postmarks. elections boards will now be allowed to check fluorescent barcodes. to determine when the envelopes were processed. boards will need scanners to do
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the state plans to buy 10 scanners. husted says he doesnt believe all counties will need them. john boehner will be honored. one of the chairs for the event, mary swain says much of it is in its early stages. they know will be honored march 12 during the republican party' s lincoln day dinner. carlos todd will also be honored. let' s talk local weather. jennifer: temperatures this morning down in the low-to-mid 30' s, close to the freezing mark. we should be hovering in the low 30' s the next couple of hours. a few spots at 30. most of us a little closer to the freezing mark.
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a clean sweep. nothing on the radar. very little on the satellite. satellite and radar combined showing some clouds working into indiana and our direction. that shouldn' t be too much of a problem, just a beautiful sunshine this morning. the visibility is high right now. there is a little bit of a south wind. a wheeled -- a wind chill to factor in. a south wind at 12 miles in our means we probably will -- probably will not see anything in the way a father frost. snow showers moving east, not into our direction. we have a larger high pressure that is helping us out off to the east of us over the mid-atlantic. grabbing on the backside of it more of a south wind that will help our temperatures climb about 12 or 13 degrees warmer
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we topped out in the low 40' s on friday. today, the forecast is in the mid-50' s. we should have mostly sunny skies, a little bit of a soft breeze today. maybe 15 miles an hour at times. mostly cloudy in the morning becoming clouded for the afternoon. we grab enough moisture ahead of it to bring in the cloud cover. and we may even see a couple of afternoon sprinkles or light showers. as the front gets closer, we will see more scattered showers, front. late -- early monday morning. barely any clouds out there. clouds will thicken tomorrow. cloudy skies tomorrow, it will be a better chance to the peak of sunshine --
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those rain showers late tomorrow evening, probably 9:00 to 10:00. and then past monday -- midnight on sunday into early monday morning. this system is not a big rainmaker but it is our next system to arrive over the weekend. really drop off the 40 2 p.m. tomorrow, even with the cloud cover at 55 to 52 and monday, mostly cloudy. 60 on tuesday. that is a chance for thunderstorms tuesday evening. there could be stronger storms mainly center to our south. we will watch the potential locally. behind that cold front, temperatures much colder late in the work week. jonathan: a season of redemption one local high school set a goal this season, to go all the way and not look back. the news 5 sports team has the details.
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reporter: they managed to pick up the win. alicia: means that lancers will be looking for a win. the trailers trailing 6-0. jeremy larkin was good beyond the arc. joey cerrato has great vision here. you had 14 points for the panthers. cj fleming hits this one for the lancers. that is six points in 30 seconds. but he wouldn' t go away. frankie off meyer hits the three to tie the game. but it is -- with the answers. the lancers go on to win a very close game. now we make the switch to the gcl central.
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make it an easy task. zach wells has more on that matchup. zach: purcell marian broke out cavalier renaissance t-shirts, as in let' s make sure things get turned around and stay turned around. not long ago, this was a program winning only a couple of games in. and last night in front of a sellout crowd, purcell would lock up a gcl title with a win. alec freeman his teammates have titles of their own and can pull within a game of purcell. purcell went to the oldest play in basketball. strong finish at the glass. purcell led by one or halftime.
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altitude. a nice drive from justin justin. but it' s winning time. you need a separator and a shot maker and the shod from the corner. a gcl title for a purcell. >> that is one of the things we identified early in the season. we wanted to win leagues. i guys -- our guys have been motivated. we talk about we are not going to have any regrets. this was the first step towards that. happy for the guys who are four-your players. we got a guy that started as a two or three games a year. >> we want sectionals, regionals, districts, hopefully state. that is the main goal.
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purcell marian won, but then was suspended for the rest of the season for having a player that did not qualify. derek: let' s head to walnut hills. that young lady has some moves. first quarter, corey davis heading down the path. tigers with the answer today. that cuts the deficit down to four. then corey davis with another assist. he will throw it down as walnut hills go on to win it. alicia: milford and kings were champions of the conference title last year. but this year, they will be a different spots. derek: milford looking to gain some ground.
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alicia: kings with the 49-39. they feed it into the big man, matt scheier. second dakota let' s care wide-open. it was too little too late. kings with the wind. on the road taking on sycamore. kevin cochrane gets that floated to fall. later, k sean reagins will knock down the three from the top of the key. hamilton is up by eight. no more from hamilton. howard for the layer. they take a 14-point lead and they go on to win this one. alicia: we pick up this came in the fourth quarter. looking for their first game in district 35. seated inside the andrew arnold
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that and forth on that long. two very important free throws, putting that lead by one. the three pointer is good. they trail by one. the bobcats would come out of
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family of the victim. and a live look outside. a tire swing, the only song i couldn' t saying. those are the lyrics from the button song or at least close to it. some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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jonathan: the wrongful death lawsuit against caitlyn jenner has been dropped. the step-children of a woman killed in a car crash caused by the olympic gold medalist have dismissed their civil lawsuit. 69-year-old kim howe was killed last february when jenner rear-ended two cars on pacific coast highway forcing howe' s car into oncoming traffic. two of her stepchildren filed a lawsuit in may. criminal charges were not filed. but investigators did determine jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed for the conditions. a case filed by the other driver who was rear-ended has been settled by jenner.
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rolling like pope francis . michael chapman placed the winning bid of $82,000 to buy one of the vehicles used during the pontiff' s historic trip to the u.s. last year. the car retails for just under $20,000. a second fiat, also used during the september visit, will be on display through february 7. the proceeds will benefit the archdiocese of philadelphia' s special education schools. they say that the steering system is much more forgiving after the pope has been in the car. the buckle up country music festival is coming back big this summer. the group behind the concert weekend, announced brad paisley and chase rice will be headlining the festival august 5 and 6th. it will be up at summit park in blue ash. the buckle up festival was cancelled last year, after promo-west took it over. happening today, madtree' s busiest day of the year, celebrating their third anniversary.
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noon to 1:00 a.m. the event features nearly 60 beers, including many limited releases from breweries around the region. there will be live music all day, as well the area' s most popular food trucks. still a lot more ahead on wlwt news 5 today, including an expo, for those who love adventure we' ll have the details on what you can find in sharonville, and how long it' ll be around.
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john amole, ripley police officer: i lost consciousness after the first hit i think. jonathan now on news 5 today an : officer assaulted during a call, speaking only to wlwt what he remembers from that night and how the community plans to help in his recovery. now from cincinnati' s first television station, this is news 5 today. a nice warm up expected for the weekend. jennifer has the springlike temperatures ahead. it is saturday, january 30, 2016 and this is news 5 today. announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is news 5 today.
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spring? your used the word spring. i am so excited. jennifer: 50' s today and tomorrow and some mild days next week, too. so a couple of nice days. looks like a really nice day today. for the weekend forecast, most days look nice. today will be the pick of the week with more sunshine. no precipitation expected. it is a dry sleep this morning. it will stay dry all day today. we have high visibility this morning. a couple of clouds out there, but it' s not going to be a problem. we are in the 30' s right now.
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then a high of low-to-mid 50' s this afternoon with sunshine and a little bit of a south wind. so far, the observed low temperature is 33. the forecast high today is 55. the record high is up at 68 degrees. that sell threes will help the temperature bump up this afternoon. tomorrow, we have a similar forecast for the temperature in the wind. we will talk about the weekend timing coming up. jonathan: the man wanted for will be arraigned. carlos o' neill jones was arrested friday. they say he tried to wield two cards out of things -- two cards walmart. officers say jones took off when he was approached by the police.
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a short time later, fairfax police -- ohio state police are investigating a deadly two-car crash it happened on u.s. 50 near kier road. afternoon. osp says aaron blagg went off the road then over-corrected hitting a mini-van head-on. blagg and his passenger, margaret davidson, died at the scene. the other driver was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. investigators believe speed played a role in the crash. the man accused of a vicious attack on a ripley police officer has now been indicted on six new felony counts. kyle moore allegedly beat officer john a molly unconscious and then took off. brian hammer has the exclusive interview with that officer.
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because his shut. >> people do not want to go to with us. brian: john was on duty when he was called to check out excess that the long his stretch of without warning, the man attacked. >> i lost consciousness after the first hit. after the suspect was gone, was able to climb back to my car and get on my radio and radio that i was down and needed assistance -- >> you never expected. >> utter shock. i couldn' t imagine getting a phone call if that. will you do, it is, like, i completely handled it the best way i think that i could. brian: the police spent all
5:31 am
also went off with john' s service weapon. no surprise he is now charged with six felony counts. but this might surprise you. >> as soon as i get the clearance from my doctor to get back door, i will be at work, the same day or the very next day. brian: he has quite a story to tell. and he will do it even better when his j aw is no longer while shut. jonathan: he wants to thank everyone who supported him. i cannot imagine a better cause. hang tough, officer. a judge has now appointed someone else to take over managing several cincinnati apartment buildings. for now, five buildings are at issue. two, on the westside. two, in avondale. the other in walnut hills. this story started to peak a
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were forced from their homes. about 600 apartments, literally thousands of people, just wanting some relief. residents say their complaints have been largely ignored. they describe broken doors and windows, heat and water problems, trash and pest control issues. a resident share these photos after 30 families were pushed out of their home in november. >> we put in work orders. we never get nothing done. like i said, we had no locked doors, no laundry. we had nothing going on there. jonathan: the judge called both sides back to continue the case. it is expected the exact monday' s hearing. a local company will be putting out the help wanted sign today. cincinnati subzero will be jose a job fair for their industrial
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openings are available for first, second, and third shift. we must have a diploma and a ged. there is a show this weekend catering to those who love the outdoors. the outdoor adventure expo will be in full swing today at the sharonville convention center. the expo features more than 130 vendors and hosts discussions on hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and wildlife conservation. it runs today from 9:00 until 7:00 and tomorrow from 9:00 until 4:00. it' s $10 for adults. kids 12 and under get in free. jonathan: the conservatory is the water crisis in flint michigan now resonating here at home. what ohio representatives are doing about it. and more high schools basketball coverage coming. we will
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newport on the levee, looking placid. serene, hello, newport.
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stay w jonathan: we are learning that the ohio epa knew back in august sebring' s water system. three ohio representatives are
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passed before residents learned that their water was tainted. they are calling for the ohio epa to resign. some much needed on the way to michigan. money to address the city water crisis. the legislation was signed into law as governor snyder attended the press association meeting in grand rapids. the funding will provide immediate resources for the city, like treating children poisoning. school students teamed up with to help the people living in flint michigan the students held morning at the school people started showing up, before the sun even came up they also got a $1400 donation to buy even more water. >> i am so excited.
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bringing the water. i think it was around 6:20. you never know what is going to happen. i knew that families can -- our families would come through, but this is amazing. jonathan: you can still help the people in flint. they will be delivering the water on february 1. excitement for mayfield elementary students in middletown after they were chosen to take part in a program that allows them to visit places their school buses can' t go. >> oh that turtle' s big. oh. oh. jonathan second grader logan : wells along with his classmates got to take part in google' s expedition pioneer program. the hands on learning activity allows teachers to act as tour guides taking students on a virtual journey with more than 100 different destinations like a coral reef. i think that is what these kids are looking at. the teachers use ipads while the
5:38 am
finders. >> eight really puts you in that coral reef. i can see different things. i look down and see the a show floor. jonathan: this is a program being tested at by google. they will provide the with feedback before the actual launch later this fall. let' s talk local weather. jennifer: if he sees his shadow, he -- sound than: -- jonathan: he has to see his shadow. jennifer: the weekend forecast,
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yesterday, the high was 41. the forecast today is 53. so we will do very nice heading back above average. temperatures right now and 30' s. most of us round 32 or 33 degrees. it is dry. no concern for any precipitation on the radar today. we will see a couple of clouds on the satellite. in time, we will be mostly sunny for a good portion of our day today. clouds around should not block the sunshine and make for a beautiful sunrise this morning and a great saturday taking shape. visibility is high right now at 10 miles. a breeze out of the south this morning. it will help the temperature climb pretty nicely.
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high-pressure parked off the mid-atlantic. on the backside of it, we will have a southwind come in with s and mostly sunny skies. we will be quiet tonight. is he the clouds starting to with such a mild start, the cloud cover around her sunday will still be able to bring them back into the waters until june. another mild day. we are still in the warm sector. the cold front hasn' t arrived yet. though we still have temperatures in the mid 50' s, even with the cloud cover around. a little bit of moisture and cloud cover, may be some sprinkles orders all tomorrow afternoon. what are the best chance --
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our cloud cover thickening tomorrow. this is tomorrow morning. cloudy skies. past 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow showers. probably less than a 10th of an early monday morning. tomorrow, we still make it back to 50 five on sunday. a south brady a little bit stronger for some. by tuesday, we bumped this. a cold front tuesday night could bring stronger thunderstorms and cooler temperatures in the second half of our work week. >> this week' s world car game was incredibly lopsided as new miami made its way. there: -- derek: they sure do
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73,000 votes on her website. alicia: north college hill and new miami face it off. joe on lindsay was feeling it early in this game. he had back-to-back threes. it was 8-0 at this point. coach minor through on the press and the new miami had no answer. kenny thompson got in on the action. scoreboard pictures said 100 to 30, but coach said 65 to 30. let' s go with that. we are going to ask one of you to give us the final verdict. derek: they were on the road with bellevue. check out the moves, the crossover, and then hold the for the jumper. though you takes an eight point lead. the drive gets the lady at the
5:43 am
they have a six-point lead. but that is the other way for the bluebirds. jerod doherty will not down the three from the top of the key. but this one will belong to bellevue. what game would you like us to cover next week. alicia: hour drive of the week comes from walnut hills. candidates. anthony mccalla up
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alicia: earlier in the show, we showed you percent marian apart cbs -- purcell marian. see you again. we are back. we are talking milestones. we had a big one earlier this week. we had some big ones earlier in the season. jonathan: i' m so glad he is going to be wearing red and black next year. this kid is putting a lot of time. you can see he has scored 1865
5:45 am
>> this young man from purcell is a sniper. >> he beat brian lakes ' record. you like to see good things happen to a great kid. so he holds the record for three-pointers in the gcl. and how about this? we have a roger bacon milestone earlier this week. jonathan: coach neil is a great guy. i played for coach brewer. i' m glad that brian had a chance to reach 171 victories. it was pretty good to see him get the basketball and his family there.
5:46 am
everyone is talking about the super bowl coming up. in cincinnati, when you say panthers, people think -- reporter: i had a chance to sit down with coach. this kid was an absolute ball or. he has that killer instinct on the football field. but he is the nicest guy in the world off the field. i sat down with marvin lewis yesterday morning. he told me he was just amazed by luke' s talent. >> he is every bit of the player i thought he would be coming into the nfl. i told him that when we had him here to visit. the biggest question i have for him his will he be able to hold off the onslaught of family members always after him for tickets and everything. >> i won' t say that i was surprised is playing in the nfl.
5:47 am
you don' t look at a kid that you coached and say that it is going to be the -- to say that, for me, that' s unbelievable. jonathan: the nfl has been presenting commemorative footballs to high schools. friday, they hit sycamore high school in honor of michael matthews. proof that a pet can be more than just that. the search for a missing family and one boy' s special plea to
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we will be right back jonathan: a desperate search for a seven-year-old boy' s best friend. his mom gave them the dog when he was only three. fred has been helping jason through his grief since his mom died last month. his dad tells us he came home to lunch on tuesday to let fred out but couldn' t find him. a neighbor says they saw fred leeward into a car, perhaps thinking he was on the loose. >> people try to give us other dogs and stuff like that, but
5:49 am
mother who recently passed away. he is, like, you can give me a million dollars or a million dollars but it will be a piece of my mom. jonathan: people have tried to steal fred before thinking he was a pinball puppy. the family has put up flyers all over the neighborhood try to find fred. they are even offering a reward. an update this morning, on fundraising efforts to expand gorilla world at the cincinnati zoo. zoo officials say two large donations helped them reach the halfway mark toward their $12 million goal. the expansion will double the size of the gorilla exhibit. the zoo hopes to have the work complete as early as next year. an unusual customer found it' s way into a store in southern california. there it is. this sea lion climbed 145 stairs up a tunnel from the cave below into the la jolla cave store. workers say they were getting ready to close the register when
5:50 am
front door. they say they chased it around for a while eventually using some salmon to lure it back down ve got to watch out. ve got big jobs -- big jae ws. there' s still a lot more ahead on wlwt news 5 today, including a man in colorado, gives an old cliche' a new spin and your live look outside. all kinds of people traveling with no rescue necessary.
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