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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 30, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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between 40 and 45, 41 wilmington, officially in cincinnati the high spot at 45. 55 the afternoon high, we climb through the afternoon. a nice south wind, satellite and radar has clouds and sunshine. clouds. any clouds that come internet they got to bring any rain. temperatures 15 above average expected, plenty of sunshine with clouds arriving in a south breeze today. and i start to the weekend. still have mild imagers around, but we also bring back the moisture and cloud cover, but eventually there rain showers in the begin forecast. we have the timing for that and behind a cold front where temperatures go next week, coming up. jonathan: new details on a
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police search for the suspect. police say the victim was hit five times on franklin avenue, friday afternoon. the victim has been identified as 24-year-old cameron clemmons . officers believe clemmons ran away from a nearby apartment building, then collapsed in the street near oakdale. they did not recover any weapons at the scene. if you have any information that can help police, call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040 . cincinnati police have upgraded a shooting investigation to a homicide case, nearly eight years after a man was shot in the west end. it happened september 28, 2008, police say 33-year-old david they say his death was the result of the 2008 shooting. no arrests have been made. a man faces an assault charge, after an attack at a home in brown county. deputies say they also found marijuana, pills, and syringes
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sargent. they say drug charges are pending, once they measure the narcotics they seized. a local baby sitter accused of abusing children in her home. and one of them was only 4-months-old. jennifer diaz started taking her daughter sophie to desiree rankin' s house in september of 2014 when she was 4-months-old. diaz says she disregarded two bruises sophie came home with in october. but in november, sophie was drinking a bottle when her eyes began to twitch uncontrollably. diaz rushed her infant to the hospital where doctors and social workers found injuries to sophie' s ears, that they said were not accidental. >> it' s been such a negative s happened in our lives and we want to really turn that around and turn that into a positive situation. jonathan: diaz is now working to collect signatures online to create sophie' s law -- a mandatory registry for convicted
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for next tuesday at the campbell county courthouse. she faces either three months in prison, or three months under house arrest. happening today, a fundraiser to fight dipg. it is the type of brain cancer that lauren hill battled. today, "the operation grace white foundation" will host the event. grace is a 7-year-old fighting dipg and has faced some recent setbacks. the fundraiser for dipg and families fighting the disease starts at 6:30 at the ft. thomas armory. hundreds of runners have hit the streets to raise awareness about breast cancer. but the 5-k race isn' t the only reason people are going pink. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is live downtown with the details on today' s events. richard, good morning. richard: it' s a party on the plaza as the second annual frozen 5k is wrapping up, the
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these folks are making their way across the finish line. high-fiving, enjoying the party atmosphere. is the second year this race has been a part of this weekend. the cincinnati cyclones facing off tonight at 7:00 -- 7:30 against quad city. they make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. they get a chance to turn the ice pink the hockey game this evening. it' s a wonderful day, a beautiful events. taking their way across the finish time, enjoying this morning. making the difference in the life of someone with breast cancer, , the run got started at 9:00 this morning. folks making their way across the finish line again, certainly an exciting opportunity.
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the cyclones game today and starts at 7:30. the cyclones taking on quad city tonight. richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: which adds up to more, too high fives, or three to choose? helping relieve water worries in flint michigan. the latest on the crisis, and where you can drop off water donations today. a live look outside. the xan bernini -- the zamboni it'
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jonathan: [. -- welcome back. 10:08 right now. some much needed assistance is on it' s way to flint, michigan. the governor has signed into law, $28 million in emergency funding. the money is to address the city' s water crisis. the legislation was signed into law as governor snyder attended the michigan press association meeting in grand rapids. the funding will provide immediate resources to the city, like treating children affected by lead poisoning, as well as paying residents' water bills. back here at home, norwood middle school students teamed up with police officers to help the people living in flint michigan. the students held a water collection friday morning at the school. people started showing up today, before the sun even came up. they also got a $1400 donation to buy even more water. and you can still help the people in flint as well. norwood police will be collecting water at kroger today
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they will be delivering the water on february 1. more high school basketball coverage coming up in your blitz five. and one former cincinnati athlete representing in super bowl 50. that' s not the athlete. we' ll get to him. what his former coaches had to say. jennifer: sunshine in the saturday forecast to boot. temperatures in the mid-50' s, a great start for saturday morning and a great start for the weekend. when rain returns and temperatures start to dip, coming up.
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>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: welcome back. a great saturday shaping up. the forecast today, 55 degrees this afternoon and we started off with 32. averages are 23 and 40. we' re comfortably above average this afternoon, by 15 degrees. dry conditions on the radar, that will help us out because of the temperature is comfortably above average because of all the sunshine. we are already climbing from 32 this morning to 45 the current temperature. we keep going from the 50' s to midday. high visibility, mostly sunny sunshine today.
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as a south wind that helps the temperature climb currently at 10 miles per hour. the temperature of 45. that 47 by 11:00 a.m., in the mid-50' s most of the afternoon. under mostly sunny skies. dry conditions locally, the closest weather make a right now is across the great lakes with clouds and snow showers. the ohio river valley, the tennessee river valley, nothing to the midwest. plenty of sunshine today. a couple of waves of mid and high clouds rolled through, but sunshine with them. a nice self win today will help temperatures climb above average for a quiet or to the weekend. -- a nice south wind today. on sunday, we are still in the warm sector. we end up with highs back in the mid-50' s. we also thicken the clouds as we had through tonight, with clouds arriving. they linger tomorrow. a few afternoon sprinkles a possibility. some showers taking shape to our west. they slide in as we had to sunday night into early sunday
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not a big weather maker, that cold front, with a little setback in temperatures. it does look like most of us was he showers late sunday. futurecast today at 3:30, quiet was sunshine. the clouds arrive tonight, mostly cloudy skies to start off tomorrow morning. a good portion of us, especially western counties may end up being cloudy through the stretch tomorrow with limited if any sunshine. eastern counties will have better chances to see sunshine mixed in. and then everyone was showers rolling in past 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow evening. about .1 2.2 inches. 55 today, a mild and sunny start to the weekend. 42 tonight is clouds return. 57 tomorrow even with clouds around for sunday. behind the front, 51 monday and we jump back to 60 on tuesday. late evening thunderstorms, some of them could be strong. we want with a stronger cold front arriving, and falling temperatures during the day wednesday and colder air settles
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thursday and friday -- it will be february at that point. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. a season of redemption. one local high school set a goal this season to go all the way, and not look back. the news 5 sports team has the details. >> >> good morning. we kickoff the night in lancer country, la salle was helsing elder last night. >> the panthers couldn' t contain him, but they managed to pick up the win. >> which means they are looking for revenge. another defensive battle, the lancers trailing 60 nothing -- six-nothing. next, the elders point guard great vision for a quick score. he has 14 points for the panthers. and the coach always knows that play the game. cj fleming hit this jumper for the lancers and immediately
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that' s six points in 30 seconds. t go away. frank you hofmeyr hit the game. the lancers go on to win a very close game, 39-37. we make a switch, where purcell marian are looking for their eighth straight conference win. >> they are playing well. roger bacon would make it an easy task. there on a three-game winning streak by the suffocating defense, outscoring their last three opponents. zach wells has more on that mac up -- that matchup. >> in pregame morning, they broke out cavalier renaissance things get around. not long ago, this was a program the year. last night in front of a sellout crowd in st. bernard, purcell would lock up a gcl title with a win.
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future cavalier in a beef bacon teacher. they have title hopes of their own and a three ball from pre-and started the scoring. purcell went to the oldest playing basketball, give-and-go, and one for cameron moore. purcell, led by one at halftime. open a double-digit lead in the third quarter, attacking the rim. that' s more, and it a van finish in high-altitude, he battles back to within five. on a nice drive from justin, johnson put the jj on the foul line and one. at winning time, you to separator in a shot maker. and rush on alicia kier bawled out in the fourth quarter. 19 points and a gcl title for the trophy case that purcell, 73-55. >> it' s one of the things identified early in the season.
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we say just keep playing. we talk about we' re going to have no regrets. this was the first step towards them. we are really happy for the guys over for your players here. we have some guys who started as freshmen on a program that 12 and three games a year. >> if we expect more from us, we want sectionals, regionals, districts, hopefully, state. that' s the main goal. >> it was a year ago that purcell marian was a district championship and forfeited the rest of the season for unknowingly playing a transfer the couldn' t play. he was ineligible. every team is motivated differently. the motto of purcell, as you heard this year, is no regrets. >> thanks, zach. attended walnut hill thomas they were meeting up with winthrop. that young lady throwing down some moves. first quarter, corey davis going down the path to the triple, the eagles are up nine. tigers have a deep 3 from the
10:19 am
corey davis with another assist, he will throw it down as walnut hill goes on to win 59 to 35. >> milford and kings were coaching at the end of the eastern cincinnati conference title last year. this season, they are in different spots. both programs and walnut hills in the standings. >> milford looking to gain some ground, kings have one more win in the ecc than the eagles do. >> the kings in extend their lead and catch up with walnut for the win. kings with the lead 49 to 35. they say at the center of the floor, bring burn, the offense rebound. second chance points are good. milford looking to catch up, to go to left guard, wide open. he cap shooting, but it' s too little too late. kings with a win. 67-59. >> hamilton on the road, picking up in the second quarter when kevin coffman gets back, atrial
10:20 am
hamilton say sean riggins will knocked down from the top of the key and hamilton is up by eight. no more from hamilton, howard' s for the layup, take a 14 point lead and go on to win this one 88-47 over sycamore. >> would pick this game up in the fourth quarter. they' re looking for their bit -- first win. inside the andrew arnold to extend that lead, back-and-forth. hold on handoff with very important re-froze. -- free throws. the three-pointer is good, the trail by one. they come out of this will the victory.
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>> he has volunteered at various sports camps, he was ranked in the top 10 in his senior class, and has a gpa of 4.5333. he is a for your member of the soccer team, while also competing in track and field and cross-country beginning last spring. he' s a state finalist for the windy school heisman, and was recently admitted to m.i.t.. he has a gpa of 4.510. if you know someone who deserves to be our next mcdonald' s student athlete of the week, let us know, drop us a line. or e-mail us blitz five@ [indiscernible] jonathan: bockfest is right around the corner, but organizers are asking for your help to keep it going. the fundraiser bringing cincinnati' s brewing heritage to the table. we' ll be right back at news 5
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crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. jonathan: welcome back. 10:24 on your saturday morning. the beefsteak club returns tonight to support bockfest. as the name suggests, the event includes dinner, but the experience does not involve steak. joining us this morning is steve hampton, executive director of
10:24 am
. how are you doing? steve: good. jonathan: bockfest is a big part of the year in cincinnati. steve: it' s a great celebration of spring. we' re looking forward to that. jonathan: no steak at dinner? steve: it harkens back to a tradition in pre-prohibition days when some of the breweries would actually hold these big dinners in the breweries and invite the best and brightest of cincinnati to those. they served tiles of beefsteak, and nicknames himself the beefsteak club. arnold' s does the food, a roast paid, it' s fantastic. and cold beer , one of the first chances to get that inbox season -- in bok season. lots of tumors -- tours. we unveil the original art we do.
10:25 am
jonathan: you can get some slow roasted pork. but no beefsteak. this poster is interesting. original art every year. steve: is the 24th bockfest, every year, there' s original artwork. the unique thing that helps set this festival part. jonathan: the poster comes with a price of admission. steve: you get a copy tonight and have it signed. jonathan: what about the hot magnolias band? steve: they are jazz, new orleans. they are very fun. we know what a throw party. you will definitely have a good time. jonathan: too bad they don' t have steel guitars and the band, then they would be the steel magnolias. [laughter] there' s good camaraderie around people who love beer. steve: love beer, love cincinnati. love bockfest. been going on for 24 years, it' s a cincinnati festival. it' s very grassroots, we just shepherded along every year. people have the ownership of
10:26 am
coming out every year, coming up with funky traditions and celebrating every thing that' s great about cincinnati. jonathan: if you want to take part of that ownership, the beefsteak club dinner will be at the historic brewery. where is that every -- already -- where is that brewery? doors open at 6:30 tonight, on on east mcmicken avenue. with dinner starting at 7:00. tickets are $55. you can get them online by going to the on tv tab of and click on as seen on. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including an event for those who love the outdoors. we' ll have the details on what you can find, and how long it' ll be around. your live look outside. stay with us. we will right back here at news
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john amole: i lost consciousness after the first hit i think. jonathan: now on news 5 today. an officer assaulted during a call, speaking only to wlwt. we will talk about what he remembers from that night, and how the community plans to help in his recovery. richard: the second annual frozen 5k is wrapping up. rick snyder and baby caroline. the pink ribbon girls advantage of big support to you and your family in the fight against breast cancer. this has been such an amazing thing. jonathan: and a nice warm-up expected for the weekend.
10:28 am
like temperatures ahead. it' s saturday, january 30, 2016. and this is wlwt news 5 today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. jonathan: thanks for joining and meteorologist jennifer the right color of time, it matches the sky. jennifer: a great diet. -- a great day. s far. early in the month. s 55. jonathan: we had nine days in a row below freezing. jennifer: nice today, and warmer tomorrow to end the month. swing to be with cloud cover for we mix it up a little bit.
10:29 am
take a look at the weatherbug camera in lebanon, not a cloud to be found there. couple of clouds on the satellite in north-central butler through franklin, fayette, and union counties in indiana. it doesn' t look like it' s made it into clinton and warned county' s just yet. sunshine looking south across the city, a beautiful start so far for saturday morning. we are in the 40' s for everyone. and climbing quickly. we spend the afternoon in the 50' s. a high today of 55 in the forecast, helping us out will be a south wind between 10 and 15 miles per hour. that south breeze will allow temperatures to climb. dry conditions on the radar, not much in the way of clouds. so no rain on the radar. i do think we see a couple of clouds from time to time today. mid and high clouds roll through. they are not going to block the sunshine. we have a dry start to the weekend and we talk about the timing for rain late in the weekend and twofold -- cold fronts in the extended forecast. jonathan: sounds good, jennifer. thanks. the man wanted for leading fairfax police on a chase this week, will be arraigned this
10:30 am
arrested friday. police say jones tried to wheel two carts full of things out of on tuesday. officers say, jones took off when approached by police. a short time later, fairfax took off, crashed, and ran away. jones is charged with failure to comply and stolen property. the ripley police officer who was beaten unconscious is talking only to wlwt . earlier this month, police say kyle moore attacked officer john amole, and took off with his service weapon. moore was arrested and the gun was found. officer amole is out of the hospital now, but still recovering. in fact, his jaw is still wired shut. kelsey amole: i just know this is temporary and this could have went a completely different direction, and i wouldn' t even have him to take care of now. officer amole: law enforcement is something i love doing, and i'
10:31 am
m told not to do it anymore. jonathan: bless your heart, officer. moore was indicted this week, of six new felony counts. john tells us he wants to thank everyone who has supported him. there' s a fundraiser set for february, 19 at the ripley american legion. the cincinnati cyclones, are bringing some "pink to the rink", and the streets of cincinnati. it is all to support breast cancer awareness. wlwt' s richard chiles has the events happening today. good morning, richard. richard: hey, jonathan. the second annual frozen 5k wrapping up. this is what this race is all about. , an ribbon girls of done. and your family is fighting cancer. tell me about the work this organization does on your behalf, helping out. >> is are markable. with a pink ribbon girls does is, when they find a woman like myself who has had breast cancer, they will come to yourself, they have a maid
10:32 am
they provide meals, great meals. with me now. it' t have about keeping our house clean or providing meals, which is super. they also have transportation, which we don' t need that service, but it' s remarkable to see what they do for people like ourselves for breast cancer. richard: such an amazing support s 5k. a wonderful opportunity, raising a lot of money and awareness for families fighting breast cancer. the cincinnati cyclones continuing this, facing off about quad city at 7:30, everyone is wearing their pink, the isis pink as well. the think jerseys that autographed and auction off, all supporting this wonderful group. caroline is enjoying a day with grandpa, amazing. what did you make of the snow?
10:33 am
richard: she is our snow angel this winter, an amazing day. s such a great difference in the lives of so many people. reporting live downtown, richard chiles, with caroline and grandpa, wlwt news 5. jonathan: and caroline' s think football. thanks, richard. there is a show this weekend, catering to those who love the outdoors. the outdoor adventure expo will be in full swing today at the sharonville convention center. the expo features more than 130 vendors and hosts discussions on hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and wildlife conservation. it runs today from 9:00 until 7:00, and tomorrow from 9:00 until 4:00. it' s $10 for adults. kids 12-years-old and under get in free. more trouble for hillary clinton' s campaign. the official statement from the white house, revealing new details in the former secretary of state' s email scandal. and your live look outside. city cam five. our suspension bridge in a muddy
10:34 am
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jonathan: welcome back at 10:39. days before the iowa caucuses, the hillary clinton campaign finds itself back under the cloud of the email controversy. the state department is confirming that some of the emails found on hillary clinton' s personal email server from her days as secretary of state contained government information so secret, they fell under the highest level of
10:36 am
but a state department spokesman says those documents were not marked classified at the time they were sent. hillary clinton the facts have : remained the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. jonathan: clinton' s campaign is demanding that the state department release the emails and is questioning the secrecy of the messages saying the emails originated and remained on the state department' s unclassified system. plans are now in the works to honor former house speaker john boehner. he' his republican colleagues in butler county. one of the chairs for the event, butler county clerk of courts mary swain, says much of it is in the early stages. boehner will be honored march 12 during the republican party' s former head of the butler county republican party, carlos todd, will also be honored. a philadelphia man will be rolling like pope francis. michael chapman placed the winning bid of $82,000 to buy one of the vehicles used during the pontiff' s historic trip to
10:37 am
the car retails for just under $20,000. a second fiat, also used during the september visit, will be on the proceeds will benefit the archdiocese of philadelphia' s special education schools. more high school basketball coverage coming up in your blitz five. and one former cincinnati super bowl. what his former coaches had to say. jennifer: sunshine and temperatures soaring to the mid-50' s this afternoon. a south breeze and plenty of sunshine expected. about 15 degrees above average. we talk about than i start to the weekend and how we finish it tomorrow. there' s a cold front knocking at the back door and rain to talk about. the details are coming up. thanks for starting your
10:38 am
>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: welcome back. i was looking at the tallies for january, the warmest temperature we had was 54 degrees, we hit it twice. but we' re going to get past that today. the forecast is 55, the average for today' s 40 degrees. we will be well above that, 15 degrees above average this afternoon.
10:39 am
it will be mild today, but the record high as 68 for today. nowhere near record contention. dry conditions on the radar, we have a dry start this morning and saturday is completely dry. the next chance of rain is in the sunday forecast. that' s the second half of the day tomorrow. temperatures are warming nicely, a couple of spots already in the upper 40' s with sunshine in place. we have a south breeze out there, both components will help temperatures jump today to a comfortable and enjoyable start the we get. especially considering it' s late january. we are already a 45 with the south wind at 10. the windchill this morning was a factor earlier when it felt like it was in the 20' s. through the afternoon, the south wind will help doctors climb quickly. 53 by 2:00, 54 at 5:00 as we start edge back a little bit. mostly sunny skies all afternoon. satellite and radar showing quiet conditions for the ohio river valley. we had clouds heading into the midwest, we may see high clouds a time roll across the sky.
10:40 am
south wind at the service will help temperatures climb above average today. departing high-pressure of the mid-atlantic the return flow the backside helping temperatures climb. tomorrow, we are in the warm sector of the next system arriving. it' s not here yet. images will still be able to climb even higher tomorrow with the cloud cover, exerting highs in the upper 50' s for sunday. notice the clouds thickening up especially to the afternoon. western counties closer to moisture, cloudy skies through the day tomorrow, maybe even a few struggles possible. then everyone with that front arriving sunday into monday, bringing scattered rain showers, lay rainfall expected. this is late sunday evening into very early monday morning. here' s the timing on futurecast. today at 4:30, quiet with sunshine. through the evening, mostly clear skies and clouds arrive tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies for the region. we are limited if we see any sunshine early in the day. the clouds will try to a road from the southeast a little tomorrow afternoon.
10:41 am
and western counties. and then showers we been past 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow evening. those are light and scattered, should be moving up by 3:00 or 4:00 monday morning. maybe some wet pavement, but not expecting a wet morning commute. maybe .0 -- 11%. 55 degrees today with sunshine and a great saturday. 42 tonight with a low as clouds arrive at 57 tomorrow. more mild for the last day of the month, could be the mildest for january. 51 behind the front monday, by tuesday we jump back to 60 on groundhog day. there' s a strong cold front tuesday late evening towards overnight that could bring thunderstorms and much cooler temperatures behind it, we fall through the day wednesday with colder air settling in on thursday and friday. now here' s your saturday morning sports. >> >> good morning. this week'
10:42 am
incredibly lopsided as new miami hill. >> new miami has struggled to score the season, but they sure do not a vote. on our website. >> north college hill and new miami facing off, the trojan guard was stealing an early in the game. is back to back threes, it was a nothing at this point and the rout was on. the coach through on the press and new miami had no answer. lorenzo spark kicked it off and the past goes nowhere. kenny thompson got in on the action, we know collegeville be new miami, the coach said 65-30. let' s go with that. we' re going to ask one of your sony 5000 voters to give us a final verdict. >> let' s check out highlands as they were on the road with bellevue early on. matthew fryman, check
10:43 am
a crossover and then pulled up for the jumper. bellevue takes a four-point lead. more from the tigers. the drive gets the lay-up to fall, they take a six-point lead. back the other way for the bluebirds. gerry doherty is going to knock down three from the top of the key. that ties things up early on. this one belongs to bellevue. they pick up a 40-29 win over the bluebirds. let' s check out the wild card game of the week for next friday. what game would you like us to cover next week? we have miramonte a reading, edmund at mouth healthy. bernard. don' t forget to vote on the wildcard page at >> the driver the week comes from walnut hill. throwing down for the eagles in their 59-35 win last night. >> time to check out the candidates for this week' s deacons of the big primetime performer.
10:44 am
steals in a win. at the mcallen picked up 35 points for anderson, from mason, 33 and five. go to west jacob ely with twice six and eight. >> earlier in the show, we showed you resell marion' s win , as they been trying to the gcl central so far this year behind shakira, he is a scoring maniac. >> 20 points on friday night, we all know the wilmington' s potent offense led by during cumberland. >> he is our blitz five best qualitative. allegation, good to see you. we are back, talking milestones. we had a big one earlier this week, and some big ones early in the season like the unmanned wilmington we' ve all heard about. >> i' m so glad he' s wearing red and black next year. in the words of floyd, money
10:45 am
career so far. record. recordbreaker, this sharpshooter. >> what' s interesting about him is he be brian likes his record, 157 to 158. s a good kid, you look to see good things happen to good kids. he sets the record for three-pointers in the gcl. bacon. we have a roger bacon milestone this week. >> coach neil is a great guy, he took over after bill brewer was there, i played for coach bert, i' m glad the brian had a chance to reach 171 victories. >> a big room it -- a big moment for brian neil and a big moment for you. you were there. >> it was cool to see them get there. and his wife was there.
10:46 am
this is our blitz five basketball insider. >> thanks, guys. to the nfl, everyone has been coming up between the broncos in cincinnati, lyce panthers, people think of luke egeland. >> the same and -- saint product. this kid was an absolute ball or , which is no surprise when he watching today. he has that killer instinct on the football field, but he is the nicest guy in the world off the field. he even worked out for the bengals before the 2012 nfl draft. i sat down with marvin lewis yesterday morning. he told me he was just amazed by his talent. >> he' s every bit of the player i thought he would be. i told him that when we had an here to visit. the biggest question i have for him was could he be able to hold off the onslaught of family
10:47 am
tickets and everything. >> i want say i was surprised he' s playing in the nfl. but what he is, i' m sorry, you don' t see that. you look at a kid you coached and say that kid is going to be a hall of famer. to say that for me, it' s like that' s unbelievable. >> finally, as part of their 50th anniversary of the super bowl, the nfl has been presenting commemorative gold footballs to high schools of every player and head coach who appeared in the super bowl. friday they had sycamore high school in honor of michael matthews, who was part of the super bowl winning new york giants back in 2008. jonathan: after the break, i final check of the most accurate forecast. lots of coming and going going on. now here'
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caption content and accuracy. visit] jonathan: my son has favorite holiday is groundhog it doesn' , spring. jennifer: ok. jonathan: two good reasons. s not a lot of celebration going on. there' s this could help out. jennifer: 57 tomorrow, clouds around from late evening rain showers, that' s groundhog day on tuesday. even warmer at 60 with a strong cold front tuesday night will bring in chilly temperatures for the second half of the work week. jonathan: you think that groundhog is trying to single something with linking his eyes
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