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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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two-year-old -- mother saying about all this? beside her. reporter: the two-year-old got facing freezing temperatures. >> the child opened the door. apartment buildings. reporter: the picture. the police playing with the brought unwarranted exposure to
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>> she has never been locked up. reporter: she had alcohol the night before. >> it had nothing to do with it. he should' ve just secured the two-year-old when she was asleep. reporter: they bought the child she' s in the close-out of her own park it -- pocket. the picture was positive for police but a negative for the mother. bond was set at $1000. they had to come up with 10% of it. processing out earlier today
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sheree: the child is with family but caldwell was ordered to have no contact until her case was settled. mike: the driver and his two passengers fleeing. investigators say the chase got a lot of attention because of this video being set up. mike: dealing with high water after last night' s downpour. it created a huge mess on the road. sheree: the heavy rain triggered
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reporter: this is just across the street , and it started right about 3:00 in the morning. work crews spent most of the day cleaning it up. the pounding rain passed through greater cincinnati overnight dropping one to two inches in most areas. the combination heavy rain and milder temperatures and wilder. >> 3:00 in the morning. reporter: crews had to close down two lanes of traffic.
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>> there was a slight delay for cleanup crews. >> we can get the trees out of the way. we can get the mud off of the roadway and get the roadway backup. >> you can see where a lot of bottom of the hill there. they are able to haul quite a bit of that dirt away. mike: many people waking up to wet roads and muddy yards. a quick look at the rainfall totals. kevin:
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like around loveland seeing up close to an inch. a good part of the area a good soaking not to mention it was driven. we are tumbling our way through the 40' s. mike: commitment 2016, two more republicans are dropping out of the race. rand paul sent out a statement confirming his decision to leave the race.
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>> it is crippling our country' s economy. >> rick santorum is expected to formally announce. the presidential candidate would endorse another candidate. mike: the board of elections is moving to norwood. today, they voted unanimously. it will be up to county commissioners. >> it has an abundance of free
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mike: they don' t want to see the shift away from downtown. sheree: the rezoning request was denied. mike: happening tonight, boone county will consider an expansion for the creation museum. the attraction is running out of room. they total nearly 55 additional acres of land. they say the expansion would
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at least every two years. sheree: national signing day. george vogel is joining us with how a football standout decided on his next alma mater. george: he is one of the most highly sought after players in the area and has the most unusual path to today' s big moment. rinse simmons grew up in nigeria and the senior at cincinnati christian academy signed to play football at auburn university. a big moment after his mother passed away. he came to the united states to play basketball. not long after that, his father passed away and he needed a home. today, it all came together with
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>> you know, he just came up to me. george: what a story that is. he played offensive and defensive line as well as. he can play anywhere he wants as far as i' m concerned. congratulations to prince and all of the athletes. coverage continues and we have featured a feature page. you can see a full list of commitments . we also have the signing day ticker running at the bottom with all of the athletes in the area signing on this big day. mike: feel great for all of the
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>> best of luck to him. sheree: we have 300 to 400 local athletes that signed today. george: in all sports. sheree: bill cosby' s attorney tries to get his charges thrown out of court. mike: what he says the current prosecutor cannot file criminal charges years after settling in us double suit. >> instead of replacing technology, we are enhancing the communications system. >> what they want you to babysit to keep your community safe. kevin: check out the cold air moving across parts of illinois and indiana tonight. that is heading this way. i will let you know how long the mercury tumbles overnight. mike: a truck drivers
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a car flips and skids right on the roof narrowly missing a truck before hitting and sending another car into the median. the truck driver pulled over and found a baby and his parents upside down but not hurt. it only takes a second for an everyday
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always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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sheree: police are on the scene where an suv crashed into a building in westwood right along mchenry avenue. we are joined on the phone right now with more on what they are seeing. reporter: let me tell you, first responders are saying that everybody is very lucky. the driver plowed into an apartment building in westwood. two people were actually inside the apartment but nobody was hurt. they say the driver has been taken to the hospital. detectives are trying to figure out how the driver ended up in the building. right now, they are on the scene and investigators are there. for now, let me send it back to you guys.
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get back to her. trying to get sexual assault charges against bill cosby tossed out. sheree: his lawyer says that he thought criminal prosecution was off the table when he was allowed to testify in the civil case. >> in order for him to show the reasons for what he did, he had to smear the accuser. sheree: the attorney says he usually gets legal agreements in writing but relied on a prosecutors press release. they settled in 2006. mike: cleanup continues, tornadoes tearing through parts of mississippi. photographers captured some
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town be declared a disaster zone. t want to get there but we are slowly approaching severe weather season. they' re asking for your help when it comes to sirens. reporter: driving down a busy street, you may not realize how many you pass but there are tornado sirens all around help. >> i don' t know what you mean by a siren. >> when you think of adoption, probably something cute and
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reporter: they make sure the hardware, battery backups, and software are working properly. >> it' s amazing we still have to rely on the eyes and ears of people to tell us what is going on. reporter: the hope is to have local residents and businesses adopt sirens and keep an eye on the acquit meant to make sure it works properly. reporter: it' s 400 to 600 volunteers that will be based on proximity. >> better to know that it works
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mike: they are changing and trying to alert people faster. kevin: falling temperatures, the last night. evening. tumble. you pick up an inch or two of rainfall. you can look at what happened
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they will be down to the upper 30' s. cold air is quickly being blown and across the ohio valley tonight. it is noticeably colder out. looking at bloomington already down to the upper 30' s. they are dropping into the 20' s.
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there is the powerful storm system tonight. expect cloudy skies overnight tonight. it is cloudy and gloomy.
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is a warm up. at 28 for a low tonight. expect mostly cloudy skies. they only make it to 35. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. we bounced back to the low 40' s. sunday looks to be the mildest. peeking on partly cloudy skies. indications are it turns cold again. mike: and who popped out of this weekly audience at the vatican? sheree: a new approach for super bowl advertisers.
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signing day. these students are headed to college for soccer and football. we have a list of the other
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letters of intent today mike: last years' s super bowl ads pull at the heartstrings. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so stop it. sheree: helen mirren teaming up with budweiser for this ad against drunk driving. advertisers are hoping this year' s ads have a shelf life. many companies are teasing and premiering their ads on social media. >> when you lose the element of surprise, i think it limits the impact. people are more prone to share a schumer -- a humorous ad. sheree: the are using more celebrities this year as well. three stars have already signed on for ads.
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s at least five more from last year. mike: say what you want about the nfl but they get it. it is the highest grossing business and sports as well. sheree: the kids are watching , women glued to the television as well. mike: all you have to do is sure that with us on the facebook page tonight. sheree: the pope had an entertaining audience at the vatican today. the circus performed and the pope thanked them for making beauty and the hours of training . mike: university of cincinnati
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>> the experience for most parents today is like no other experience any other generation is had to deal with. mike: parenting in the digital age and why it' s important you know exactly what your child is doing online and in social media. university of cincinnati to improve its police department after a traffic stop turned deadly. >> calling for an exhaustive review. courtis fuller joining us with the latest. >> according to the chairman of the community advisory council, there is the potential for significant change in staffing, policing, and leadership. >>
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what do we want for the campus community? >> the signal that it is moving forward. attempting to transform this urban campus. >> the opportunity to address police race issues. >> they conduct a comprehensive review practices and training. the incident pushed the university to dissect the
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all of it in six months. >> they sit on this review panel. those experts will bring their ideas to the table here and help us move forward collectively. >> the university has tried to put its best foot forward. >> we want them to be unbiased and based on the facts. >> they try to do the best they could with a terrible situation. >> they meet on campus and in the community. a site visit is planned for later this month and will put together an interim report in april.
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mike: one of the recognizable names is charles ramsey. cochair of the task force on 21st century policing. >> it was set into motion with what prosecutors say should of been a routine traffic stop. it was sunday night when sam dubose was stopped for missing the front license plate. 10 days later, here' s charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter. the bond set at $1 million. he has remained on bond ever since. it included financial compensation with the dubose family and free tuition for all of the children. another trial is set for next
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>> police on the scene and an suv has crashed right into a avenue. just got video that we will show you. look at that whole. the car right through the building, no word on any injuries. we have tammy gathering the latest. >> a disturbing case playing out in virginia. college students charged in the death of 13-year-old girl. they met the male suspect for a social media apps and snuck out of her room. the app is one that many are one? more parents answering. more on the digital divide
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>> kick, burn book, many parents might as well be part of a foreign language. most adults don' t know that. >> i have graduation. reporter: talking to teenagers about social media can be a head spinning experience. it is free texting and free calls from anywhere in the world. >> they' ve learned how to become responsible digital citizens. the speed with which technology has evolved prevents new challenges for her younger classmates. >> just seeing the evolution from when i was 12. >> parents are trying to make sense of apps like snapchat, you
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>> they are using afterschool. the overwhelming majority have not heard of them. >> steve smith has talked to thousands of students and parents about the potential dangers. >> and and of themselves, there' s nothing wrong with apps but it' s how they are used. reporter: messaging apps are more popular because few parents know how they work. according to the students. that you don' t know somewhere, that' dangerous. i try to be careful about it dangers. of an app i haven' t heard of and
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>> the number one thing he tells parents is to make sure that they are the only ones that know the password to the itunes store or google play so parents have to get permission. sheree: it can be so confusing. another concern involves what are called ghost or vault apps. they allow the user to hide pictures and conversations behind an icon that usually looks like a calculator. an exciting day for parents and students. high school seniors preparing for graduation. mike: a huge day for i school athletes. george vogel live in the newsroom last year. relief from students and their
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we have over 300 signing in the area. colerain got it going with players signing including dish andre jones going to iowa state. heading to tennessee. 15 student-athletes , noah davis will be playing football at michigan state. nine students were putting the pen to paper to play football and soccer at the next level. and big offensive lineman. >> i have been committed for 16 months now.
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won, just from then on, it grew more and more. i just can' t wait to get out there. >> will hear about the recruiting class he signed up today. mike: we have a lot of talent around this area. we have the ticker running. we also have a special section on our website. flint michigan' s water crisis front and center on capitol hill. >> while lawmaker is vowing to hunt down a former flint city leader. mike: why bill cosby and his attorneys and the former da says the charges against him should
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>> temperatures are knows diving. i will let you know how long the cold air sticks around and how
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up s attorneys asking to throw out sexual assault charges against him. nbc' s chris pollone is in montgomery county pennsylvania with the latest. they pointed to the news release announcing the decision as proof that cosby would never be charged.
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he meant none of his successors would prosecute him either. schmidt says if the threat of criminal charges loomed, he would' ve never testified against him. the judge told lawyers said they could night find any case law. regardless of how the judge rules, it will likely be appealed by the losing side. mike: the year-long delay , as
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>> the children and families deserve nothing less. sheree: there was also a lot of back and forth on just who to blame here. federal officials argue that michigan officials ignored their advice and delayed for months before telling neighbors about the contaminated water. the epa never showed any sense of urgency, they say. >> we fought saying there was something wrong. we need to get to the science of anybody is going to believe us. i started researching and educating myself about water. sheree: the lawmaker is threatening to shut down -- meanwhile, governor rick snyder
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mike: senior military leaders say that women should be required to register for the draft after last year' s restrictions barring women from combat jobs was lifted. the marine corps commandant said every american who is physically able should register for the draft. the current system requires men between 18 and 26 to register. the draft was last used during the vietnam war. kevin: the sun beginning to fade behind the clouds and indicative of cold air about to sweep it' s doing it as we speak. the cold front through the appalachians and after a little bit of sun, notice how clouds
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it' s brought on the heels of much colder air. temperatures drop off significantly. 23 in des moines where the air will be coming from overnight tonight. it will be on the blustery side. it makes it feel like it is in the low 40'
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clouds move in, temperatures will continue to slide into the 30' s. by 9:00 data 39 and by 11:00, we should be in the mid-30' s out there. expect to be mostly cloudy and much colder. it will remain breezy. and tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies with a cold breeze. we have a nice stretch of weather that' s going to start off on the chilly side as it thursday. don' t expect to see my son tomorrow. it will barely creep are way above freezing. after going down tomorrow and
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mike: when he says down, i will take 20 degrees over what could be down for this time of year. got to love the confidence. the kids and parents helping encourage the columbus area teacher to let his voice be heard. we are celebrating national signing day.
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sheree: the country' s largest
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mike: target and cbs have formed a partnership. the first inside a target officially opened today in charlotte, north carolina. they say it will be the first of many joint locations. the first to pay $1.9 billion to acquire the target pharmacy business. back in 2003 to attract younger buyers, toyota has decided to discontinue the brand scion. they will be rebadged as toyota. sheree: if you want to bring your animal with you, amtrak may be the way to go.
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there is a $25 fee. a quarter of my golden retriever. they traveled with human companions during the pilot program. a new family-friendly movie experience. lessening the intensity of movies, theater will include brighter lights and lower sound levels. they are also encouraged to sing along. mike: the westerville, ohio, history teacher is hoping to make it big on the voice.
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he sent a tape to the show producers thanks to the encouragement of his kids. now he' s headed on to the windy city of chicago. >> i probably would not have done this if they had not kept badgering me. mike: he will opt to be on s team but there sometimes. they crash into an apartment building. sheree: an update on what in the world happened here. mike: and the family' s home
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mike: an suv crashes right into the side of an apartment building. sheree: new information about what happened. mike: everyone involved in this situation is very lucky. it is finally out of the building. reporter: as you can see, first responders -- they say a driver plowed into an apartment building. he says he was just getting a haircut when an suv crashed inside his apartment. the male driver was trying to break at a nearby stop sign. instead of breaking, he hit the gas instead. here' s what both of those men told me a few minutes ago.
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