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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he was in shock and just trying to get up. reporter: back out here live, you can see that car has finally come out of the building. it naturally tractor drivers are taking it away. as for the driver , he was taken to uc hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. reporter: mike: hillsides, the work after the heavy rain. it was a water main. no one wants to pay for the
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tonight, after a water main break, a family of firefighters is dealing with it. sheree: the family says that butler county not taking responsibility. t? >> the family lives for houses down. >> the motorcycle is up to
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>> including photos, memorabilia, furniture. sending most of the water down that way. >> the county confirmed the insurance company denied the claim also.
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no word on how long it will take the insurance company to reassess. the family that lives there works for multiple fire departments in the area and they say fellow firefighters are stepping up to the plate. karin johnson, news 5. sheree: county officials call what happened rare. mike: jenell walton is live at the site of one of those. >> i' m standing on 13th street. it is definitely one of those troubled spots. quite a bit of rain fell and all to the bottom of the hill.
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they keep an eye on the hill when there is a lot of rain like what fell last night in the tri-state. >> the last biggest one was right here next to it. reporter: they say it was a minor slide and no repairs were needed. the road was flooded and had to be shut down. it was closed due to high water overnight. cleanup crews say they expect problems like this. that way you can get to your destination. >> they split and created the
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>> it took the crew about four the debris. mike: a little issue there with the audio. engineers are monitoring all of the problem spots. still closed because of the high water there. sheree: a child found wandering is with family tonight. stay away from him. s family is saying tonight. >> the mother was in court today and the only thing she had to say was not guilty. they say all of this positive attention that came from this picture really went viral and has been great for the police
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she was arraigned on charges of child endangering. she let her two-year-old get out of her apartment. the child was found wandering. a picture of officers went viral. another officer went out of her own park it and bought the toddler diapers. tanisha simply fell asleep and too much as been made about police saying she admitted she had alcohol the night before. >> she is a very good mother. it just happened. it could happen to me. they will wander off. >> the family does appreciate the officers taking care of the
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>> the child is with family tonight but caldwell was ordered to have no contact with her son. mike: deputies arrest a man at the mt. zion road branch. christopher turpin was arrested by deputies. they ran out before actually getting any cash. sheree: prosecutors say randall and charles cantrell knowingly bought stolen merchandise. investigators say the two bought household items.
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>> it has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement. i believe we have broadened the debate. mike: rand paul made it official today, suspending his bid for the white house after he finished fifth monday night with just 4.5% of the vote. the decision disappointing for his local supporters. reporter: the hope they had got a highly volatile uncertain political year. the initial fire that got started last year. the libertarian father
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gop and struck a chord. >> washington is horribly broken. reporter: unable to generate funds, they pull the plug. >> they got out of the gate well and faded toward the end. donald trump took away a lot of attention for a long time. reporter: officeholders fall by the wayside. paul had the momentum months ago when he was in politics. reporter: the records of
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reporter: he tried to dial it up but had trouble making the cut for recent republican debates. i asked how locals are processing all this today. >> we have never held one before and it' s a big task. reporter: they change the election calendar to help. mike: they' ve had two of them up until now. it is senator paul will concentrate on senate reelection. >> we can do things like
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mike: a look at a new plan to make it safer. sheree: a push tonight to move forward. leaders are giving this project a second look after years of infighting. kevin: as clouds moved in across the area, so do chilly temperatures. look at the nosedive. upper 50' s to low 40' s as we
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mike: making cincinnati safe for everyone. sheree: a councilman wants to pinpoint the most dangerous intersection. dan griffin has a closer look at the new call for action. >> every mile counts. ask melissa. she knows running requires caution. >> i try to run against traffic. i have the music not too loud just in case something were to happen. reporter: the councilman says he is concerned. >> it' s important to take a proactive approach. and a motion that the city is calling to identify the most
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people being hit by vehicles. essentially free. worth it. there is plenty of room for mistakes. by music. you out there sharing roadways. they say a study like this could make a big difference.
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mike: a judge refusing to throw out charges against bill cosby. the case will go on. he had been trying to argue that a previous district attorney in that area had granted him immunity from prosecution. the case moves on to a preliminary hearing. a three-year fight over a retail development in westchester could be resolved later this month. the board of trustees will consider taking action to rezone property. rejected a zoning request to build a kroger store among other retail stores. developers filed suit over the decision in 2014. think of adopting, pets come to mind. these sirens sound across the region.
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sure the hardware and battery backup and software are going properly. >> we want to have a backup system. kevin: let' s start out tonight with a look at your headlines for the area. it is back to february. brisk breezes are bringing in some temperatures. it turns cold tomorrow. we see things warm up over the
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they can go back into winter. the blue spreads in from west to east. that is the cold air advancing across the area. notice that temperatures are 17 degrees colder here, 25 degrees cooler here. if you figure it out here, the colder air is moving in. we have a wind chill. we have seen a significant drop here this evening.
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it is 54 in maysville. we are currently tumbling down. we will be down to about 30. hopefully you were fooled. the clouds are going to likely linger. it could be a stray flurry or two. tomorrow will be one of those typical winter february days.
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we will see them crash next week. there is the day planner. by lunchtime up to about 32. maybe even the 50' s and it gets chilly next week. mike: he gives us the morning and we don'
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george: signing day is all about celebrating success. this scene was repeated with several high profile universities. grabbing talent from the cincinnati area. we had almost 400 in our area signing. right at the bottom of the screen. >> i have been thinking about this. you are moving on and it' s time
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they had 10 football players in the gym. it includes the punter heading to ohio state and jeremy larkin playing at northwestern. >> parents, teammates, coaches, it' s all a group effort. george: he made good on it this afternoon. housman and five other crusaders signing to play college football. >> i'
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when we get them all in , we will have 15 that we signed basically today. and one preferred walk on. this will be a group that will make us better and better. >> how about david fulcher welcoming his class at cincinnati christian university. they will compete in naia divis ion 2. college basketball tonight, the big game in town. fifth in the coaches poll. they are about to tip off any movement -- any moment. mike: if they ride it out and beat villanova, it can be a number one seed. george: if you look at the brackets, you are right. it will be a big game.
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sheree: in the weather for tonight, a bit of a cooldown. kevin: it will turn chilly overnight. the cool air is moving in as we speak with temperatures dropping 25 degrees across a big part of the area. the temperature dip coming in for the area and we see a fairly decent rebound as we get into friday and the upcoming weekend. it' s a 25 degree drop tonight and we jump over the weekend. then we drop next week. it must be february or it must means spring is around the corner. sheree: at least we get the nice weather over the weekend. kevin: we are nowhere near the average snowfall for this time of year. it'
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