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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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old and he' s been doing it for three years. people felt like he was a member of their family. they settle most all of his interest involved church or children. >> it hurts the community. reporter: all of his favorite activities are cast in a different light. >> i was very shocked and i immediately pray for the family. reporter: this woman used to go to the same church as he and his wife and she said their family was like a part of many others at the church. >> i would' ve let them babysit my kids. it never happened, though. i' m glad. reporter: investigators say the seven-year-old was raped and
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no one answered the door today. >> we' re all just heartsick. reporter: this a none of the allegations happened at the church and the background check turned up nothing. >> you are probably getting calls from other parents that are now concerned that their kids were alone with this man. >> no, really not. we are a very tightknit group over here. reporter: he said the wife was implicitly trusted by church members. it would be far more difficult to say now about the man charged with molesting a child.
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he was a volunteer fellowship of christian athletes. there was more than one with the children. sheree: this investigation is just beginning and he is being held on $100,000 bond tonight. mike: karin johnson live for us at the airport with how many people will be impacted. 185 employees will have their hours cut. it says the station has been in an overstaffed situation since
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restructuring. there is an open position in cargo. york, seattle, and los angeles. 1. the cuts are not expected to have any impact on flights scheduled here at the airport. sheree: a fire rips through a bedroom telling a man in lebanon. investigators say the fire started in 66-year-old wilson thacker' s bed. they believe he was smoking at the time. he lived with his brother and mother. they ran to a neighbor'
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>> i can' t imagine what she' s going through. sheree: neighbors tried to save the man but cannot get to them in time. they were put in a hotel by the american red cross. mike: and anderson township family dealing with a single threatening their business again. they show us for the second time in the last few years, they are now in danger of being swallowed up by a sinkhole. >> watching the earth crumble in , it is all familiar and it does not bring back good memories. reporter: this is not the kind of surprise you want to find by
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it is gobbling up land and washing it away. >> a break and it, you add a lot of rain earlier this week. reporter: she had a feeling something was going on. >> i honestly started crying. reporter: fixing it cost about $500,000. they sold off their old building and part of the property getting a new start but now they have a familiar problem. >> it is hard.
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and you think you have a plan and you take it day by day. but still the unknowns and the stress of it eventually get to you. reporter: she sold the property and the pipe so this should not be her headache anymore. >> will fight to this one, so come see us. mike: if you want to see more photos of the sinkhole, we have a slideshow on our website. sheree: dealing with the dirt
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there is no timeframe on when it will reopen. mike: porsche brooks and her boyfriend . sheree: michelle shuster was s been moved back to march. she was under the influence when she crossed several lanes of traffic along koch road hitting the workers.
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aggravated vehicular homicide. mike: new details in the case of middletown parents charged with endangering their eight kids. they are covered in trash. the couple was arrested last week. four others were dropped at the request of the prosecution. due back for a presentencing report. anthony is scheduled to be in court next week. sheree: not good news as many prepare to head south for spring break. rick scott has declared a health emergency in five counties after an outbreak of the zika virus. at 12 cases have been detected. 5000 test kits from the centers
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>> we want to make sure everything we can to treat the virus. sheree: there is no cure for the virus linked to serious birth defects. all of them were exposed. like a domino effect, it started hitting the rest of them. >> i broke out with a rash all over my body. train.
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sheree: the mom says there was not much they could do but take tylenol and benadryl and hope for the best. the symptoms were generally gone after about five days. mike: funky fashion from an iconic place downtown. sheree: we are at the house during its final sale. mike: playboy sexy, but safe for work now? the changes hitting the stands today. kevin: pretty steady temperatures because of the clouds. close to freezing all afternoon. hello the mercury will dip. sheree: and caught on camera, we are getting a look at the only known wild jaguar in the united states. it means the boss in
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and sheree: a staple in the downtown retail world is closing its doors. mike: house of adam, the goto place for anyone attending jazz fest started his last sale this morning. >> are not many places you will find a yellow or orange suit. that search just got much harder. from the sales to the crowds, it may look like back -- black friday but it was the beginning of the house of adam' s final sale. >> what did you pick up today? >> a little bit of everything. >> they never go out of style.
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>> my father brought me here when i was a youngster. >> it is time to hang up his hat. >> they' re very good peoples. >> judging by the size of these
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sheree: i like the look. the store was so busy, shopping on the lunch break today forced them to come back later because the lines were too long. he found a customer taking orders from friends as far away as chicago. mike: no nudity now. gone is the tagline entertainment for men along with the jokes in the cartoons. playboy is struggling. larry flynt first opened hustler clubs and says playboy strategy is a big mistake. >> i did not know he lost his
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>> he has not lost his mind. it was just transcended beyond the need for nudity. mike: they say it opens the door for new advertisers. sheree: an update on the hockey player that check to referee, knocking him to the ice. he claimed he was still dazed after being checked and was trying to just get off the ice when he looked up and realized of him. the league does not think it was just an accident. kevin: we anticipated a kind of a cloudy and gloomy cold february day. we' ve been able to catch a few glimpses of sunshine and skies
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we expected temperatures to hover very close to freezing. look at was making progress tonight. it is making steady progress in the direction of the tri-state tonight. skies will clear here. it spells trouble. without the blanket to keep us in so elated, temperatures fall pretty quickly after sunset. the northwest wind gives us a wind chill. a very cold evening with clearing skies across the area. temperatures dip down to the 20' s after 8:00 or 9:00. 30 in dayton, 38 in louisville, 38 at indianapolis.
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there may be a few passing fairweather clouds from time to time but all in all, enjoy the weekend because it features plenty of sunshine and a warm-up for the area. you can see the clearing as it continues to make progress overnight tonight. with more sun tomorrow, highs will return to at least the low 40' s. it will be very cold with temperatures dipping back into the mid-20' s. plenty of sunshine saturday, highs are expected to make it back to the mid-40' s for us. 20 for the low tonight. likely to drive down to the middle and upper teens tonight with clear skies and the light southwest wind. look for an afternoon high and a low 40'
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is a look at your day planner tomorrow. lunchtime up to about 36 and we will sneak our way into the low 40' s before we see temperatures tumble again tomorrow night. the nights over the weekend will remain chilly. low 50' s on sunday. nighttime temperatures likely down into the teens and 20' s. mike: 15 degrees more than a reminder. it' s winter, all right. a hole in a plane and a passenger missing. sheree: was it a bomb?
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mike: mike: new details on the midair explosion of a jetliner shortly after takeoff from somalia. sheree: the plane was still climbing when a whole was blown in the fuselage. experts say passengers may not have survived if the plane was at a higher altitude than 12,000 feet. officials have confirmed one passenger is missing. witnesses say he was sucked out of the plane. pictures suggest it was blown outwards, indicating an explosion from the inside. >> airbus has the team on standby. they are waiting for an official somalia.
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he was pinned under the car and drag for 30 to 40 feet. the boy remained pinned until the grandmother came and pulled them out of there. sheree: a store clerk fights back after a man tries to rob a convenience store. he grabs the cash register and tries to take off. that' s when the clerk grabs a golf club and starts swinging. the thief tries to run away but the clerk had locked the door. the man uses the cash register to break the glass and jumps through it to get away. mike: a utah woman suffering a gruesome death when she was sucked into an industrial sized food mixer at a grocery store in utah. she was mixing ingredients and a rotating bakery mixer, she got
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down into the machine. a nearby employee turned it off, but it was too late. sheree: urging parents to pay close attention to their kids tonight. mike: sending letters home with
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sheree: mike: an attempted escape plan stopped. it deputies try to find inmates that tried to break out and crimes they are accused of. sheree: community leaders praying for local kids after reports of an attempted suicide. >> on the internet, they have secret groups where they discussed rings where parents don' t know what they are discussing. sheree: one topic to many kids are talking about is suicide. mike: courtis fuller is joining us with what being done locally
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reporter: some leaders call this an epidemic and say a large dose of prayer can actually go a long way healing. they are putting out an urgent call for parents and others to heed the warnings from young people on the brink. cincinnati public schools are responding, too. >> this is an act of violence that does not involve a gun, drugs, or gangs. reporter: they say suicide is sounding an alarm throughout greater cincinnati. >> is becoming a trend. it' s becoming cool to talk about and fantasize about suicide. reporter: here is a snapshot. the center for grieving children says suicides are at a 30 year high. the organization counseled 169
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that' s more than 30 week. statewide, the latest number shows there were 2500 suicides in 12 months. this letter from the superintendent alerts parents that cps is responding by giving a series of talks. the suicide awareness talks will let them know help is available and will be held during the child' s daily advisory class. the letter also alerts parents to concerns about internet fights that encourage students to engage in behavior that can harm them. >> this is a problem we have in the forefront of our minds. >> it is up to us to make sure
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them healthy citizens. reporter: there is a lot of advice out there but the best is simply this. talk saves lives. if you suspect your child is depressed and just needs their voice heard, there is much power in all of us just listening to them. mike: i will give you a number here. there is a 24 hour crisis line. sheree:8 mike: 281-care. sheree: an escape at the hamilton county justice center foiled. it deputies tell us they have been indicted for escape after a long investigation.
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they pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for a july 2014 homicide in lower price hill. he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. kirby is one of three people accused in the death of a 73-year-old st. bernard man. investigators say carl engel was killed when he walked in on the suspects burglarizing his home. the trial is set to begin in march. mike: playing politics with the relocation of the board of elections. the top republican leader accusation leveled at the mayor. that is where we find john london live with a look around. reporter: 4700 smith road.
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centrally located for county purposes and desired aspect. one level can house the entire collections operation. those that run the elections will be vertically challenged for years. generally regarded as inconvenient, unwieldy, and outmoded. they voted unanimously to relocate here to norwood. >> i do believe that they should rent a voting area downtown near government square every year. reporter: that thought won' t fly. >> he has to her reelection year in 2017. i' m not going to be for it. i' m not going to play that game. it should be exactly where we
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reporter: the ball drops on new year' s eve and the lease runs out. they' ve got to go somewhere. >> the travel expenses, the daily operational difficulties. reporter: there is sentiment for finding a new spot for the dropbox. as for the political games charged -- >> i will not apologize for standing up for voting rights and making it easy for people to vote. especially people that need public transportation. reporter: they will approve the move here at the end of this month. they refer to it as voting paradise. a transition.
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mike: a plan b would have the equipment take shape. sheree: involving two virginia tech college students accused of stabbing them to death. investigators say that she helped david eisenhower , the man accused of killing her. police say eisenhower met the victim on a private message at called kik. a lincoln heights man can spend the rest of his life in prison for contacting dozens of juveniles through facebook. the sentencing date is scheduled , trying to send them nude pictures in exchange for money.
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that led the takeover has been indicted by a grand jury. they face charges in oregon, accused of using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work. he was arrested after a shootout turned deadly. the standoff has been going on since the second of january. sheree: features were down but have now been restored. contenders, the final debate before new hampshire' s first in the nation primary. mike: a busy day of campaigning
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reporter: retail politicking is something new for donald trump that came in second. >> do i have people' s votes in here? >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he was win. reporter: a close battle for marco rubio. >> we must bring the conservative movement f together. reporter: chris christie and jeb attacks.
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the fray. >> letting people decide. reporter: the democrats, it will be their final debate. >> it' s a dynamic that probably helps hillary clinton. it she could use all the help she can get in new hampshire. reporter: the des moines register is calling for a review of the caucus results, saying they are too close not to do a complete audit. the democratic party said that there will not be a recount. mike: the debate runs for a couple of hours. bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by 20 points in the state of new hampshire. a pharmaceutical company chief called the most hated man in
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sheree: why he was called in front of congress and members did not get a single answer from him. the hearing over a drug with a steep rise hike. how long officials may have known about this problem. kevin: finally, some late day
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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>> is it pronounced shkreli? >> yes, sir. >> see, you can answer some questions. that did not incriminate you. raising the price of a by 5000%. he pleaded the fifth, asserting himself. he declined to answer any questions today. martin shkreli raised the price of a drug used to treat aids and
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pill to $750 a pill. congress wants to know why, but they did not get any answers from him today. reporter: martin shkreli gave the same response to every question he was asked. >> on the advice of counsel, i respectfully decline to answer your question. reporter: he raised the price of the lyons proved drug for a rare and deadly parasitic infection by 5000%. he smirked and laughed as he was asked about drug costs and people that can' t afford life-saving medications. 30 minutes into the hearing, he was dismissed. he called lawmakers imbeciles over twitter. he is facing charges of securities fraud.
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he cleaned it not guilty after his december arrest in new york and has been out on $5 million bail. mike: new developments from the fallout of the flint, michigan, water crisis. rick snyder' s office was aware of a surge in legion air' s disease and the potential link for flints water source. it shows the office was aware of the outbreak since last march. state officials were more dismissive of county health officials that raise some concerns. a subpoena has been issued for failing to appear in front of the senate meeting. he said he was not given enough notice and will testify later this month. sheree: a new report looks at the number of women that could unknowingly be exposed to babies -- they say don'
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alcohol when they stop using birth control. half of all pregnancies are unplanned. mike: kroger is continuing to expand the online shopping program. the newest location opened at the harrison marketplace. offering online shopping pickups. more locations are expected to open including in tyler' s bill and newport. kevin: it was a chilly day and it will be an even colder night. we barely made it above freezing this afternoon. you may enjoy array or two of sun. it will turn downright cold overnight tonight. a brisk northwesterly breeze throughout the day bringing in some pretty cold air. it will continue through the
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high pressure will slight overhead tonight and set up shop for the weekend. it should provide a nice-looking friday, saturday, and a decent sunday. the weather over the weekend looks fairly quiet. there may be a few passing clouds. it' s about quiet weather and a weekend warm-up. we looked south and west this evening. clouds are beginning to break up. we have a northwest wind that makes it feel close to 25 out there. you will need the heavy winter jackets tonight as temperatures drop into the 20' s underneath the clearing skies. it will work its way across the area and it' s a very quiet weather pattern over the weekend. expect a decent amount of
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it nights on the chilly side. expect more sunshine, same story for sunday. we have a big dip in the jet stream that is plenty of cold air in place. this big dip in the jet stream will be lifting its way out and that means the colder air will go with it. temperatures will moderate friday, saturday, and sunday around here. the high probably sneaking into the 50' s as the jet stream heads to the north. it may feel a little bit on the mild side. that will not last long. much of next week, it will be very cold for us and it will be made to feel worse by the fact that i see a lot of win next week and plenty of cloudy skies. i don'
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the big dip comes to the jet stream. i do see a return to really downright winter like temperatures for most of next week for the area. 20 for an overnight low tonight. chilly sunshine and milder. 23 at 8:00 a.m., lunchtime about 36 and we sneak our way to the low 40' s this afternoon. 43 tomorrow, 46 on saturday. low 50' s and tomorrow nights on the chilly side. temperatures go off of the temperature cliff. the highs next week not making it out of the 20' s. there' s a few opportunities for light snow and flurries and snow showers. mike: i don' t like the
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sheree: a diehard denver broncos fan thought he was going on the trip of a lifetime. >> searching for tickets, it' s all about going to this game. mike: he spent thousands of dollars on tickets and will be home like us watching the super bowl.
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sheree: the voice behind bugs bunny and daffy duck has died. he has been battling cancer and also voiced several looney tunes characters including tweety bird and sylvester the cat after the death of another actor. he was only 63 years old. he died in a los angeles home. more than 90 million albums world wide. mike:
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after paying $6,000 for online tickets, they were phony. >> i just got the tickets in the mail. mike: he was so pumped up , he and his girlfriend were going to get the tickets. he recorded himself opening the package but inside, no tickets. he had gone through all the steps by using the protected feature. he thought no one would go through a transaction if the tickets were fake. >> are you ok with protected paypal? he said yeah, that' s fine. mike: because he used the protection feature, he will get his money back. he has since opened up a complaint with the denver police department.
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good things come out of the super bowl. having a canned food drive, the soup-er bowl. the kids bringing in canned goods and having fun right now. sheree: we get it. [laughter] they are looking to defy the stereotype. the junior photography major came up with these picture series, girls with common stereotypes that are set about its members. and those that aren' t. picture seven posted on the group' s facebook page if you want to check it out. mike: a man trusted to lead young people is facing child sex abuse charges. sheree: how long investigators
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mike: mike:
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one of the biggest airlines says they had to make the cut. sheree: someone has been stealing from a local high school booster club. >> it hurts the community, not just one church. mike: and a youth leader charged with sex crimes involving a young child. sheree: he is a man so trusted by the people he knew, he was a youth legal -- leader for multiple organizations. mike: that man is charged with the rape and sexual abuse of a seven-year-old child. reporter: he was a youth leader and foster parent. about everything he did have something to do with children.
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