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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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so does the concern. the family of terra turner is increasingly afraid to solve it. >> it is tearing me down and literally killing me. >> a loss for words. we don' t know what to do. >> he can' t concentrate on work when something like this is going on. he hasn' t even been in contact with her two children.
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are overreacting. >> i don' worst. it is a possibility. reporter: brian hamrick, news 5. sheree: the pendleton county sheriff' s office. mike: road crews and contractors
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>> it takes spring rain. >> we had it monday or sunday night, kind of the straw that broke the camels back. reporter: he has monitored the sliding hillside and put the cleanup plan together. and there' s a lot to clean up. >> close to 600 cubic yards or so. reporter: about 60 times they will fill up the dump truck with mud. >> the eastbound lanes stayed open, alleviating a potentially very big traffic headache. >> it finally got to the point that it'
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>> if it has been a problem for so long -- >> billions of dollars. >> drivers will have to put up with the occasional cleanup. mike: all lanes of columbia parkway did reopen about an hour ago. 1000 tons of earth or removed from the hillside. sheree: a woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old girl is nowhere to be found in court today. thankfully, the child is ok. the latest on this case.
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they called and eventually issued a warrant for the arrest. they had that 11-year-old girl as she walks across glenn way avenue in the crosswalk. the 11-year-old girl wailed in pain. police say the girl is ok with non-life-threatening injuries. district three officers caught up minutes later and arrested her. it appears as though she was released in order to appear in court today. before all this, she had warrants out for her arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. they will face a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident who is also facing charges of driving with a suspended license. sheree: it is unclear if drugs or alcohol was in her system when she hit the little girl. the citation does not indicate
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mike: local cycling groups will host a memorial for a cyclist hit and killed in a hit-and-run crash and anderson township. it takes place tomorrow. for groups will take off and prosecutors upgraded charges against the driver in the crash. mindy would all faces vehicular homicide charges. sheree: a clermont county man will spend the next 25 years in prison for a heinous crime. he pleaded guilty to gross sexual imposition and sexual battery. they spent the night. they will be labeled sex offender. >> the landlady shoots him and his friend. natalie clark is live with the
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>> it was a complicated response. she shot two burglars wednesday night. one of the men she shot was michael miller. investigators believe miller came back with another man to collect his personal property inside. but had changed the locks. miller took a piece of wood off of the front door to unlock it and get inside. prosecutors have considered burglary charges that they say it did not seem miller knew he was inside the home illegally. investigators said he was in the wind out of pick his things up when he broke in the house. they are expected to recover from the gunshot ones.
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concern mounting over the growing threat of the zika virus inside the united states. more than a dozen states are confirming infections. they had traveled to the affected areas and do not have sex with a pregnant partner for the duration of the pregnancy. florida governor rick scott has declared a public health emergency. the first u.s. case of a newborn suffering brain damage link to zika was reported this week. mike: and there are unprecedented security measures in place right area. from f-15s in the air to an army of officers on the ground, it may be the most fortified city in america.
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metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs, sharpshooters all part of the massive security crunch. >> rather be safe than sorry. >> they' re working the ground and air. sheree: the cincinnati zoo is having fun trying to predict the winner for this weekend. the komodo dragon picked the panthers despite the reptile keeper who the broncos fan and put all the rats in the bronco helmet. and waddling
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>> while -- wow. landslide there. sheree: could they be any cuter? jimmy fallon once again rounding up his adorable set of puppy predictors and unleashed their second pup power on the super bowl 50. they picked the denver broncos. mike: the puppies also picked the bengals to win a playoff game this year. sheree: still heartbroken. before a local golf course becomes a subdivision, it is unloading a whole lot of stuff. >> if you come tomorrow, you don' t know what you' re getting. >> what is for sale and golf course owners talk to us about the future of the game. mike: ordering puppies to play with uber.
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>> temperatures about 10 degrees warmer. a warming tread heading into the weekend. i have the full forecast, coming up. >> that is not how you dance. sheree: suspicious activity at the sheriff department , tweeting out today with a very important message saying if you' re going to party with us, do not drink
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sheree: a local golf course closes its greens for a housing development. mike: taking a trip to liberty township.
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more than just the swing. you see everything else behind the scenes. from crooked tree to western row, hillview and kingsfield, they have been turning from fairways to driveways. >> it got bad for a while and golf is a luxury. people lost their jobs. >> it opened more than 30 years ago. >> we have taken the place out to see what equipment we might be able to buy. >> other forces are also at work. >> the properties at the loop, these golf courses are worth more. worth more as residential
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>> it plans to build between $300,000 and $400,000 apiece. owners are still very positive about the future of the sport. >> parents are tired of worrying if the kid is going to get a concussion playing football. you don' t tear yourself up playing golf. i think we have a great future. >> zoning issues with the development will be discussed. site work beginning this spring. sheree: turning friday and defer day, opening up their goober apps today to get their pause on a puppy. for $30, you can order play time with these lovable little pups.
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adopted to bring awareness to shelter animals across the city. mike: let the mardi gras party begin. the 20th celebration , a grand parade. floats, big heads, plenty of beats. the crowds are a blast. >> they go from bar to bar and celebrate in the mardi gras spirit. mike: the parade steps off at 9:00 tomorrow night. no cover charge. it means a lot of people are going to be outside. sheree: i don' t think they will mind if it' s chilly tonight. they will be there. let' s send it over to kevin robinson to see what the weekend forecast looks like. kevin: it looks like a very nice weekend for spending time outdoors. it' s been cold the last couple
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next week, you will probably send -- spend most of the week inside. a nice-looking evening across the area. there is a nice breeze out of the south. pushing temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. 10 degrees warmer for most of us across the wlwt viewing area. especially when you get to the ohio river and data to the bluegrass. still a little chilly the further north you had. this is not so bad. temperatures will slowly fall through the 30' s underneath clouds. it won' t be bitterly cold. there is the southerly breeze.
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majority of the weekend? nothing of any real significance. i expect sunshine tomorrow and sunday. the next opportunity will not be until after dark. a nice-looking start here saturday. eyes will be in the mid 40' s and it looks like a chilly saturday night. as we get into sunday, sunday looks nice. see this rain shower activity out towards indianapolis? it will spread about 9:00 sunday night. the beginnings of let' s going to be a transition to much colder weather by the time we get into next week. monday morning , it' s out of here and it looks like a colder air begins to pour into the area. i do believe we will see flurries and snow showers.
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opportunities. nothing significant. it sure is going to turn cold. for tomorrow, look for high in the mid 40' s. up to 40 by lunchtime. here is your look at the seven day forecast. after an early high around 40 will be monday night. look how temperatures basically dive office cliff. tuesday, wednesday, and a significant difference for the
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mike: 12 degrees did not sound good on thursday. sheree: a massive crane collapsed on the street in lower manhattan. mike: how a man died. sheree: this is scary. eight years old and armed.
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tried mike: a team of experts has arrived in somalia to determine blast. it was likely a bomb made of military grade explosives. this increasingly looks like terrorism. the passenger sector at of the plane has been identified as a 55-year-old. he did not appear. mike: this is in the city'
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the person killed was actually sitting in a parked car. it caused several gas leaks. sheree: an eight-year-old boys in custody after trying to rob a florida grocery store at gunpoint. it captures the boy walking into the store with a motorcycle helmet on and a sweater covering his mouth. he pulled out a gun and demanded money. the clerk says he managed to get the gun away from the boy and another employee prevented -- prevented him from escaping. >> the priority is to take it away from him. at that point, the other coworker of mine grabbed him.
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it boy stole it from his mother. mike: you can only do so much of your one person. a girl getting attention as a high school goalie made 111 saves in a game. just a junior, the game has six overtime making it the longest girls hockey game in state history. >> it was mostly adrenaline knowing it was the last game of the season. >> it was the best game might ever seen a goalie play. mike: after nine periods of
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took on to win.
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sheree: t >> sometimes, these things happen. the good news is that it was addressed immediately. >> how university officials responded to a recent threat of violence. what students are saying about that response. a college student in jail tonight, police say he threatened to use a gun to "shoot the place up." and alluded to the previous mass shooting in a colorado. mike: more on how the school handled the situation and why it took a while to notify all the students. reporter: faculty and staff members were told hours after the fact. students were told hours after that. there is a reason it took the schools so much time to spread
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a math tutor says this man, don diego bradley threatened to get a gun and rob people on campus. according to the statement, he referenced what amounts to a colorado style mass shooting. >> it can happen at any college campus. >> student seems -- students don' t seem overly concerned. the lack of worry maybe because police reacted quickly. >> those actions happened almost immediately. it really diffused the situation so there was not any kind of immediate or ongoing threat. >> tackle the members were advised of the alleged threat at noon yesterday. >> it was more of an advisory, not an emergency notification.
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>> i' m glad the university decided to handle it like they did. >> they could' ve notify the students and the staff. it would be nice to know right when they knew. but they did the best they could. they knew the students were not any threat. >> they waited so long to notify. they plan to review the response but the spokesman says whenever there is an ongoing threat, an out immediately. mike: this morning, charged with terroristic threat. sheree: putting the pedal to the metal becomes a reality for the
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courtis fuller joining us with the very latest. reporter: this is so new that a lot of folks affected by it are not aware of it yet. they will not be able to work on the streetcar line. a crew working on the streetcar is getting an unannounced visit and a big surprise. >> we had a truck pull over and say that we didn' t have the permit and we had to have a permit to unload in between the tracks and the wires. >> anyone working within 7.5 feet of the center of the streetcar tracks or within 10 feet of the overhead wires must have something called the track access permit. >> it lets us know that they will be working in the right-of-way.
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mandatory training. >> it speaks volumes about how spreading. >> you need to have a permit to be around that because they said the electric is on. s why you have to have it. >> they ask about a week in advance for people to be through the entire training process. >> 7.5 feet from the center of the track. it is really tough for people working in the right-of-way. think of the construction going on. they have the list taking things up to extra stories. >> the city of cincinnati will
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access permit. >> this is part of a much larger safety campaign. you can see it rolled out over the next several months. >> a downtown he bookstore business after the owners were found to be trafficking drugs. the owner of the pink pyramid sold synthetic marijuana to an undercover officer on a number of occasions in 2013. he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in connection to this case but they say he was back at it in 2014 and charged again. this time, he was deemed a public nuisance. they got the bookstore closed officially on monday. >> is deliver,
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it was supposed start this month but it is august 15 because of medical issues with the mental health expert. not guilty to murder charges. he is accused of killing him kentucky. mike: signs of improvement that lead levels down show the of lead are going down and the filters are working. in the filter water, there was no lead detected an unfiltered water is. >> are concerned about whether the filters were doing their job. this week' s report, it suggests that, from what we know so far, they are doing their job and the epa' s continuing to test.
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owners to filter water. students are hosting a bottled water drive. the fundraiser has been organized and you can donate water to any of the four elementary schools in the southwest local school district. and they will deliver it on the 17th of the month to make the donations before then. students have 4000 cases of water for donation. >> officials are seizing the day in collegeville. the state senator and state representative walked the halls today, it getting a feel for the school campus. carpe dm is a tuition free charter school that has students from all over the greater cincinnati area. >> the classes are collaborative. it'
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>> it is the type of school model that has been talked about for quite some time now because it is personalized for each student. mike: a middle school teacher is training for a lifelong bring -- dream. sheree: proving to his students at st. john, that hard work and dedication really does pay off. natalie clark has the inspiring story. >> what could they not do? reporter: his first year teaching social studies. >> the article of confederation could not tax. reporter: and a lesson working hard and dedicating yourself and running towards your dreams. >> i' m probably not going to be in the top three for just being
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reporter: a bigger compliment would be an understatement. it for more than half his life, he has been training for this moment. >> since junior high, i think. not really competitively since high school but probably 15 years or so. reporter: next week, he will compete in the olympic trials. he has a chance to make it on the u.s. olympic marathon team. >> i' m hoping to have a good race. to compete and let the result take care of itself. i know i' m fit. i' m in shape. reporter: he graduated and continued his running career at xavier university. now, as an educator, he is teaching his students lessons about life.
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it has been a goal i have been shooting for four years. to finally get their is a nice achievement. >> e will continue to do what he' s always done. run. sheree: tommy coughlan will compete against 200 of the country' s top runners to make it onto the team. he would have to finish in the top three. they will be hosting a special sendoff in his honor. one of two locals that have qualified for competing. if the name sounds familiar, it should. mike: we are becoming the best of friends because i' m at the finish line doing interviews and she went the thing every year. high, amy.
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sheree: athletes are just fantastic. mike: the democrats back to work after last night' s debate. sheree: and the republicans getting ready for their last and final debate or new hampshire. what the candidates are saying just for the new hampshire primary and what it could mean for some hopefuls chances. highs today in the low 40' s. s on the horizon. we are headed in the right
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i will mike: rubio on the rise. the first primary just four days away. sheree: john london is here with a look on how that could factor into the outcome. reporter: no trump card last time and he deals himself back in. expected to be pile on rubio time. chuck todd anticipates a demolition derby kind of debate.
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game for ohio' s governor and the other establishment contenders that have not hold all that well so far. john kasich has said if he gets swamped tuesday, he is breaking his campsite down and returning to columbus. finish, i think, first. reporter: kasich has trump and the surging rubio factor. the professor a you see political analyst that he numbers out of iowa. despite all the attention to the angry and discontent, rubio took 30% of the republican voters that listed jobs as their top concern. >> this is something that should favor a governor.
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reporter: he continues to present himself as the experienced a grown up in the room and the adult alternative to the expediency. anything short of top three, they say as forget it. >> if he finishes top three he has to finish ahead of trump, cruise, rubio. reporter: kasich is closing in on his 100th town hall. pundits say they would not be surprised if he surges to second or slipped to six. >> they kind of like governors. >> he has kudos for not being an attack dog. they will qualify and it' s probably either a strong finish
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sheree: he' s fond of saying he moves in his own lane politically. he can work across the aisle to improve people' s lives. the governor is also now battling his republican rivals with star power. the former california governor and movie star arnold schwarzenegger are backing kasich. he has held is a knowles sports festival in columbus, ohio. the former tv host and military throwing his support behind governor kasich, citing his governor. >> crucial for the kasich campaign moving forward. i will be covering the bid for the white house. monday and tuesday right here on wlwt channel five. kevin:
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this afternoon after a chilly start which began the day in the teens. the afternoon hike climbed all the way to the low to mid 40' s. an ice 20 degree jump in temperatures. it' s only going to go up from here. i think we will be in mid 40' s tomorrow. and probably by sunday, maybe even some 50' s sneaking their way into the ohio valley. here' s a live look this evening with a gorgeous looking night. not too bad for early february. you' ll need at least a jacket or sweater. temperatures should be hovering fairly close to that freezing mark. it will be cold overnight
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it is about it. mostly sunny skies. saturday night , it was close to freezing. showers late sunday night. this will open the door for a
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it was in the forecast. the wind. degrees. temperatures will really begin to dive. so if you thought winter was
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>> it was a little break. mike: trouble getting a ride from a previous driver.
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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mike: nothing says romance like chocolate noodles. according to one restaurant. sheree: in japan, valentine' s day is celebrated by girls giving chocolate to the boys. the store manager says it proved incredibly popular. mike: preparations for the
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decorations and locals gearing up for the national holiday that will usher in the year of the monkey. they hope the mischievous animal would be quick and smart. it would bring better luck. a big surprise for a new orleans uber driver after picking up for guys that say they were turned down by another driver. they were members of a popular rap group called not a by nature. they said they were pretty upset the other driver refused to pick them up but happy that he did. turned out to be quite the day for him. >> i was already planning on going to the show and when i went to the show, i was there with everybody else. they pulled me out of the crowd and thanked me in front of hundreds of people. mike: gave him of that he and
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he says he looks up to the group and they are inspiring him to pursue his love of music. sheree: happening tonight, a celebrity sighting of sports. ellie reid is making a return to his hometown and will be at the joseph best booksellers to signed copies of his newly released memoirs "sing to me." mike: a shooter takes aim at homes in a middletown neighborhood. sheree: neighbors had to take cover. mike: the search for a local mother now missing for several
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ending >> it is tearing me down. it literally killing me. mike: a mother missing for days. her family is concerned for her safety tonight. >> we dug down.
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mike: and bullet spray as families duck for cover. sheree: several homes have been hit in recent months. reporter: a few houses down, another was hit with bullets. >> did you hear that noise? pop, pop, pop again. neighbor' s house. seven bullet holes near the front door and another through the window. a few houses down, a second home
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