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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i' m mike dardis. the primaries getting underway at midnight tonight. while governor john kasich has been all of the buzz. we will talk about that in a little bit. sheree: i look forward to it. we' ll see you in a few moments. a winter weather advisory continues to be an effect tonight. kevin robinson has look at what we can expect on how things can look on the road. kevin: what several -- let us have a look at radar. i want you to know this is little enhance area of blue. it sets up across the northeastern community. late last night into early this morning. this is where we had the heavier surprise snowfall last night. let me show you this. i have circled it in a yellow -- line. we had big flakes of snow. notice how this area of blue
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then warren county. and in extreme parts of hamilton county. that is where the heady -- the blue is where the heaviest snow fell. it is a very localized band. we had some fairly hefty snowfall. 4.7 around westchester mason around four. even towards the metro cincinnati severs. notice though on either side of really dropped off. only two inches up in middletown downtown cincinnati only an inch and a half. you can follow that into warren county here. over two around martinsville. we still have some flurries and snow showers a let you know when this will finally wrap up outside how much snow to expect tonight your drive home will be looking a lot better so far.
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there is a nice amount of snowfall in here jennifer schack is driving for us here the roads look really good for us luckily we are going to be with jennifer schack throughout the 90 minutes of news are newscast tonight. now to a developing story. sheree: alcohol and three teenagers in side only two would make it out alive the teenager behind the wheel admits his guilt in front of two grieving families karen there were a lot of tears for members of both families. the 18-year-old who was driving pleaded guilty to aggravated
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do you plead guilty. >> yes or. the 18-year-old who was driving vehicular assault. wearing a cross around his neck holding a bible 18-year-old tristan lacey stood before a mr. lacey is it your ll be pleading guilty to the one count of aggravated vehicular lacey, yes sir. the west chester teen admitted car on beckett ridge boulevard just hours after christmas. blood alcohol level. 1-0-6. he was involved in a motor vehicle wreck which caused the death of mark valentine. mark was tristan' s friend, neighbor and back seat passenger. court as he listened to the mark' s family joined hands. back, that' mark' s brother, was also in the car that morning. he was a funny guy. >>he was a funny guy. just a great guy to be around a charismatic personality, lit up the room just a fun guy to be around all the time.
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cincinnati christian schools. letter to ohio state, where their son hoped to study mail. they hope their tragedy serves as a lesson to other teens think you may regret. s parents also want to reach out to young re not invincible. they say their son is not a bad he made a mistake that' s had devastating consequences. reporter: tristan lacey will be sentenced next month. he faces 2 to 8 years in prison. live in hamilton, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: thanks karin. lacey, is also facing a lifetime driving suspension. a racial death threat. in a note found at middletown high school. tonight a student is in custody and charged with inducing panic. wlwt news 5' s john london is live at the butler county juvenile detention center where the student is being held. reporter: he' s fifteen. appeared here in juvenile court this morning, making no plea. offering no explanation for the note which spoke of threats on
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today was a snow day in middletown where authorities acted quickly to identify and intervene. on monday afternoon, a student alerted the high school office about a racially-toned, threatening note. it involved racial slurs and a threat to african-american students at middletown high. police and school officials swiftly and jointly secured the note, arrested a student deemed responsible for it. and determined no other students were involved with him. >> it' s ridiculous. every child should feel free to go to school and not feel threatened in any way. so, my daughter is friends with everybody. reporter: this woman' s daughter is at the middle school. this woman has a grandson at the high school. >> i just think it' s a sad situation to begin with when the kids do this. but, i think that, i would like to think that the administrators are doing everything they can do to protect our kids, you know, when a threat like this takes place. reporter: on his blog post
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adkins wrote i try to show us at our best, but there was nothing pretty about the language used and the threats made. they were ugly. the teenage suspect being held here faces a felony prosecution and perhaps a learning experience. again, the manager. my hope for the juvenile arrested is that the community can show this young person a better way to live life and approach relationships. it would be a true shame if this young person learned nothing from the incident. >> you never know if these kids are just, because of the age, you never know if they' re just it' they' re playing as joke but it is a serious matter because of the things that have been happening. reporter: middletown school officials say they will have additional security when classes resume in order to allay any concerns families might have. inducing panic is a second degree felony. on the low end, there' s
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but, on the high end, one year locked up in a state juvenile facility is possible. it' ll be another nine days before the 15-year-old has a preliminary hearing. live in butler county, john london, wlwt news 5. sheree: the zika virus is now in ohio. a 30-year-old. cleveland woman has been diagnosed with the disease. she reportedly contracted it while in haiti recently. there' s also now a case in indiana. that person. was also in haiti. health authorities. have warned against travel to southern states in the u.s.. and to latin america if you' re pregnant, or want to become pregnant. they' re also advising women, to abstain from sex while pregnant. owens: the recommendation is that each individual has to say to themselves do i want to roll the dice. i would not roll the dice. i want the best healthiest baby that i can have. sheree: the zika virus is primarily transmitted through a mosquito bite. there' s one confirmed case in the u.s. that was transmitted between
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>> for donald trump we have 2. for john r. kasich we have 3. sheree: the first primary of the u.s. presidential election. kicked off just after midnight, in new hampshire. including in the most famous town of dixville notch. it only has nine voters total. but ohio governor john kasich, beat donald trump there. after winning two of the first three midnight polling places. kasich has been the talk of the town all day. mike dardis is covering his campaign, he joins us live tonight. from concord. mike. mike: they are used to having more voters. now it is down to nine. 3-2. donald trump. dixville votes are not a good
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but a good predictor of who is the nominee for the general election. since 1698. there have been a couple ties but the prediction has been held true. governor john kasich: when you win big in dixville notch like i did, i mean, what else can you say? i mean, it was huge. i just saw trump, i said ' trump i crushed you.' he goes, ' yeah you did. you killed me.' >> kasich. mike: governor kasich final push at a polling place in concorde. it is time to trade in the snow boots forefoot flops. he shows confidence that he will head out to south carolina. his buses already heading out there. this morning he was at the red arrow diner in manchester hoping
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that will win over those undecided voters. coming up at 5:30 p.m. we will take us inside the diner and talk to the folks from the campaign tro. you will hear from governor kasich in this final message to some of the voters. in concord, new hampshire. sheree: ever wonder. just how much a presidential candidate is worth? according to forbes, governor kasich' s net worth. is more than 10 million. for each of the candidates go to, and look under features. on our home page. a construction crane at the banks topples over. were going to take our time, investigate this, find out what happened. what was going on when the accident happened. and we' ll tell you if any damage was done to the parking structure. kevin: we have got more flurries and snow showers across the area this evening. i'
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i will in a how much more snow we have. sheree: caught on camera. a little panda perseverance. with a little help from mama bei bei the panda cub. finally got to the top of a pine tree. at his home in the smithsonian' s national zoo in washington. he' s been trying to reach the summit of his personal everest. for days now. the u.s. government pays about a half million dollars a year to host china' s giant pandas. in the smithsonian. you' re watching. cincinnati'
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a crane accident part of the project is shut down tonight as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. morning, wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick. is leading the way with the story, and brian, this was a dangerous situation. reporter: very fortunate no one was injured, or worse. this was an active site with lots of construction workers. you can see now, all after the
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off the ground. even if no rules were broken, >> this morning we had a crane incident. reporter: there was a clear violation attempt of the laws of physics. >> there were no injuries which is paramount. reporter: phil beck is banks project executive, he says this part of the construction on the banks project is shut down for now. >> we never want to stop work but got a slow week this week anyway because of the weather so were going to take our time, investigate this, find out what happened and as you say, make sure it does not happen again. reporter: beck says the crane was unloading steel from one side of the parking garage to the other, a distance of about half a football field. with the boom fully extended, something went wrong and the crane toppled. it had a ripple effect beyond the workers. >> now i can' t even get to the
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the crane. reporter: martha cruse is a delivery driver who' s dropping off something at the work site. >> i went down to our normal delivery spot and the police said they have it all blocked off for me to come up top and when i got up top that' s when i seen the crane tipped over. reporter: we' ve learned, the crane operator is experienced and this was suppose to be a routine job they had done before. investigators are still trying to determine why it didn' t work this time. and a crane, became more like a plane than it ever wanted. they just now got this thing back onto the ground here. this may have been much worse except it all happened in slow motion. the weight on one end was slightly more than the weight on the other and it tipped like a set of scales. live brian hamrick, wlwt, news 5. sheree: banks managers say. there was no damage to the
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whether you are plowing your driveway or just trying to clear off your car chances are you had some clean up to do today. areas to the north and east. , t woke up to more snow than most. and on the roads this morning' s snow was enough to leave drivers slipping and sliding. no one was hurt in this fender bender at snider and tylersville, but it was a serious enough crash to slow people down on their way to work. and snow appears to be a factor in an accident involving a train and a car in walton. one person is hurt. this happened on the tracks across maher road near dixie highway. police believe the driver was stuck on the tracks because of the snow. kevin: lighter snow showers accumulate across the area. it looks fairly impressive. but is not going to accumulate this evening. unlike yesterday evening we saw the snow have a uptick as the sun went down. as we speak across the area we see some darker blues especially east of interstate 75 some of
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you are seeing that parts of clermont and clown county. -- clermont and brown county. it will be enough -- it will be enough for a few of us to put down some acute elation. there is a weather advisory viewing area. that includes the snow that has already fallen across the area as crews try to catch up to getting those streets clean. overall what should we expect, snow showers at least over the next couple of hours. there could be an isolated spot that will pick up a additional inch this evening. again is of the fact that temperatures are in the 20' s right now there could still be a like holding coming down. i would be on the lookout for
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i do not think travel issues will be a big concern as they were this morning. i want you to pay very close attention to what happens across counties. the blue expanse. enhanced snowfall last night. when we approach 10:00 and go to the midnight hours notice the east to west band of darker blues that sets up right on the northeast side of greater cincinnati metro area. if you are southbound towards the ohio river you notice that they have decent snow across the area. the hefty snowfall totals going from fairfield to the mason area. also through the southern parts of war in and clinton county. you' ll see some big snowfall
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if you are on either side, you got half that amount of snow. right now we have 24 degrees at the airport. we are southerly in the 20' s. with winds remaining on the blustery side remaining between 10 and 15 miles per are that is going to be the next-door a overnight tonight the wind chill. as a reproach :00, so showers begin to decrease i do not expect travel concerns or issues that we had last night. for tomorrow morning ill be a nice commute. expect cloudy skies. there may be some passing flurries but expect some son of by late tomorrow afternoon. here' s your forecast for tonight. we dropped to 15 for low. tomorrow, there' s bitter cold. only 23 as afternoon high. here is a look at your seven day forecast. i' m keeping my eye on the snow chance on friday.
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again bitter cold remains right through #' s weekend we love seeing what you are seeing in your neighborhood. in middletown. candice fletcher kelly sent us this great picture of a backyard winter wonderland. sheree: and in mason. you may need to specify to the kids that you want the ' whole' driveway shoveled. thanks jenny lomax guache. for the picture her kids kenzie and jackson, might have some explaining to do. parked at the pumps, be careful of what' s happening above you. a canopy collapses with workers on top. what happened next. >> he does stuff like this because he thinks it' s funny. burger, fries, and a live alligator.
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through (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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social security, we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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sheree: the ship was hit with
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hour passengers are told to stay in the cabin. >> it is like 30 degrees. florida senator bill nelson. wants to know why royal caribbean, would sail right into a storm. that was forecast four days in advance. after what passengers were put through, the cruise ship turned around. a california gas station canopy collapses on two cars while maintenance workers were on the roof. incredibly. no one was seriously hurt. the men were up there inspecting cracks in the awning when the cracks suddenly got much bigger. he suffered minor injuries. a florida man is facing assault charges after police say. he threw an alligator through an open wendy' s drive-thru window. take a look at the 3 and a half
5:24 pm
restaurant, in royal palm beach. the florida fish and wildlife is far from amused. they used a credit card receipt from a pop 23-year-old joshua james purchased to track him down. his parents say. the incident was a harmless prank that has been blown out of proportion. >> they said, ' will he cooperate?' i said, ' absolutely. he' s not a bad kid, he' s a stupid kid. he did a stupid prank.' he had no problem with turning himself in. sheree: officials say james admitted to picking up the gator on the side of the road. and bringing it to the fast food restaurant. he' s charged with assault, with a deadly weapon. sheree: voters are grabbing coffee in new hampshire. the proximate -- the paparazzi going hundreds of miles to go to the diner. plus neighbors fight for a farmers market in their city. why the city moved it and the
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for a new location today. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. sheree: it' s make or break time. it is make or break time for
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s using every last minute. to try and win over voters in the new hampshire primary. decision day in new hampshire. 90 minutes from now. the polls close. and governor kasich finds out. if his campaigning paid off. many of the candidates have spent a day making the last grab in new hampshire. sally kidd as a look at their push from manchester. i am life here in new hampshire. mike: covering governor k-6 rally in new hampshire. there are about 12 million in the state of ohio because of the fact that this is the first primary state. the candidates are spending a lot of time here. one of the hotspots is the red arrow diner in manchester.
5:28 pm
the people who work in this iconic diner have seen and heard plenty. >> you have a unique spot, do you try to stay out of the argument? >> yes i do. people take it very seriously. you have to stay out of it. what i found was this lunchtime crowd was more out of state and local. like this new york high school teacher who tells us why he wrote should tear with 108 students. >> to experience what is like to be in the first primary state. from a father' s perspective, and has been magical to watch. reagan is from morgantown, pennsylvania. it motivated her -- the president of the bait motivated her to make the drive. >> your meeting someone, you can
5:29 pm
you can see if you want them to be in a position of power just on seeing how they interact with people. that is fantastic. mike: not only are the locals getting out and being part of the process, people are driving from all of the northeast and mid-atlantic states to meet some of the candidates. and then go back home with a clear mind of who you want to vote for. coming up up at 6:00 tonight we will have much more along the campaign trail with ohio governor john kasich. i was with them at a polling place at a local elementary school. sheree: mike will be with us for the next hour updating us from new hampshire. you can stay on top of the latest updates and results from the new hampshire primary. on and the wlwt mobile
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we have a livewire up right now. look for the banner at the top of our app. >> we are playing in the snow today. sheree: many local parents were looking for entertainment for their kids after schools cancelled class today. we caught this mom in west chester. recruiting her little ones to help shovel the driveway. many of you have already shared the snowfall in your neighborhood. this is from north trace golf course in fairfield on winton road. share your weather photos with us in the u-local section of and on social media using the hashtag wlwt. you just might see those pictures right here. the snow won' t be melting anytime soon. chief meteorologist kevin robinson has a look at the bitter cold. and when the flakes could move out with cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. kevin: you are absolutely way. we are to stop the snow from
5:31 pm
it looks like it will happen later on this evening and that couple hours expect more snow showers across the region. most of them are relatively light some of them are on the lighter side you can see some heavier bands some of them will be on the eastern side of hamilton and onto brown county. as well as stripping down -- drifting down to parts of northern kentucky. the greatest concentration of snow from blue ash is as you head out to route 50. there is a winter advisory out there. the bulk of the accumulating snows have already cute -- occurred across the area. snow showers will taper across the dinnertime hours. most places will pick up an additional quarter to half inch. i would not be surprised if you s.
5:32 pm
temperatures are well down into the 20' s. now as the sun is beginning to set, any snow showers after sunset could produce some additional snow showers. i do not anticipate some widespread travel problems this evening and overnight. talk about bitter cold wind chill. i will let you know when we will the able to shake the cold and more snow coming its way this week. thank you. tonight your drive home is looking a lot better. 23 degrees there. that is meteorologist jennifer schack behind the camera giving us updates. we will keep live drive 5 going, so you can get the latest on conditions. sheree: the man charged in the mount airy shooting that injured a 17-year-old. faced a judge this morning. court documents say. kemontez leonard tried to rob the victim. when the two struggled over his
5:33 pm
the victim was shot in the back-side. and a bullet grazed his arm. police say the victim was able to identify leonard. leonard is now being held on charges of robbery and assault, which each carry a half million dollar bond. a loveland man is now charged with assault and resisting arrest after police say he rolled away from officers during his arrest. , and started kicking. court documents say joseph turner complained about his handcuffs. and he pulled away while officers tried to put on a different set. documents say turner then kicked an officer repeatedly in the legs. he was given a 30,000 dollar bond today. two men were hurt when multiple train cars derailed outside columbus. it happened about 10 this morning in marysville, ohio. both men were crew members. police say they were treated and released today. investigators say two trains collided on the same track, derailing about 10 cars. happening tonight. supporters of the loveland s market want answers
5:34 pm
they understand why the market was moved out of downtown. but as wlwt news 5' s dan griffin reports they want to know where will it go now? reporter: fresh produce is always in demand at the loveland farmer' s market. but after a year away from downtown, vendors may have to set up shop elsewhere again this season. >> there were just a lot of factors that made me worry that i cant fit it in the downtown area, but i never wanted to move it out of loveland. reporter: the farmers market has been in operation every tuesday since 2010. new construction forced city leaders to move it last year to an old bowling alley parking lot. it was supposed to be a temporary move but now the city is saying it can' t move back. the friends of the loveland farmer' s market group is rallying city council tonight to return the market to jackson street. the city manager says road closures, traffic tie-ups and parking woes mean the market likely won' t fit downtown. cee cee collins with the chamber of commerce says the market was
5:35 pm
location when it moved. >> i dont think foot traffic or traffic is bad, i think that' s why we build loveland station, and that' s why that' s here. i also think that it could survive outside of downtown. reporter: after a year off jackson street, vendors are concerned, even as the city says it' s exploring options to fix traffic troubles. >> people are telling people that businesses or city hall period. s not true. it' s just a matter of where and how it operates. reporter: market vendors say they' ve lost thousands of dollars because they were forced to leave. now they want council members to clear. in loveland, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. sheree: the friends of the loveland farmers market will head to the city council meeting tonight at 7:00. they' ll also attend the february 23 meeting.
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second robbery attempt. how close the two businesses are and what encouraged the second location to report the attempted theft. plus local kids taking advantage of their snow day. where we found kids having fun this afternoon. kevin: snow continues. especially for areas east and southeast of cincinnati metro areas. putting down a quarter of an inch in a few locations. i will let you know about the cold settling in.
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you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. sheree: police in northern kentucky believe the same man made two robbery attempts in two days. the latest happened at the circle k on dixie highway. surveillance captured this photo of the man. police say the suspect didn' t show a weapon. and employees didn' t hand over any money. the gas station wasn' t going to report the theft until they saw a familiar face. erlanger police believe the same man from the circle k incident is this suspect. he ran off with cash from the b.b.&t bank on dixie highway yesterday afternoon.
5:39 pm
statewide training program to protect children from sexual abuse. >> i hope today is just the first of what will grow bigger and bigger every single year. sheree: kentucky attorney general andy beshear announced the comprehensive training in frankfort. the first session will bring together allies, like law enforcement and school officials to teach warning signs then the second will focus on how convicted molesters target children. ohio u.s. senator rob portman is fighting human trafficking today. he and missouri senator claire mc-caskill issued a subpoena to the online marketplace the senators say the site hasn' t responded to requests on its business practices. so they plan to hold it in civil contempt. the senate votes tomorrow. they say they want to examine how the market screens ads for trafficking red flags. sheree: with several inches of
5:40 pm
kids in the region woke up to a snow day. many had the chance to sleep in but then have some fun. wlwt news 5 meteorlogist jennifer schack found those out and about on this snow day. >> happy snow day. i was so excited because i love the snow. reporter: for kids, it' s a long standing debate, huddle inside on your snow day or get out and enjoy the snow, despite the cold. >> it' s really cold. >> it' s like 1 degrees or something like that i feel like it. reporter: we found dozens of kids and parents at voa park in west chester with their sleds in >> hand. ethan hester sledder we crashed and my sled tumbled off
5:41 pm
in snow. ethan' s mom had a similar account of what must have been an epic crash, it was kind of like ahhhhh. we found a few others outside with shovels not sleds. after a morning of riding the hills they were busy helping clean up the snow . was this your idea? >> no. >> was this helping your mom and dad out with this driveway? >> um yes. now for many the snow means, coats, hats and braving the cold. but we did find few abandoning those sleds for an indoor ride. terry and his son carter needed indoor entertainment for the snow day they came out to the web in west chester, terry & carter kennedy indoor fun woke up this morning and he was like i think it' s a snow day. but who' s enjoying the day more, the kids or the parents? it was a lot of fun, it was >> really really fast, it was my first time doing that. it' s always fun, it' s always fun to be a kid again. i mean who wouldn' t want to play
5:42 pm
sheree: if you' re still looking for family fun tonight. check out we' ve created a list of some of the best local sledding spots. be sure to share your favorites with us on the wlwt facebook page. take a live look through the city camera. the roads are getting covered up again. you can stand top of the winter weather anytime on our mobile app. also sign up for closing alerts from your school. it is on our website kevin is not expecting nearly the amount of cute relation we saw last night. kevin: just the northern third of the viewing area gave some the cincinnati area some high snowfall. we will not see snow like that overnight tonight. they will taper off here once the sun sets. here' s a live look at radar right now. you can see the blue on the map.
5:43 pm
shower occasionally you will find some heavier burts. some heavier snow coming out of the east side it' s of cincinnati. moving to thailand in adams county. as we go through next couple of hours, do expect some snow shower activity. generally as long as the sun is up, most of it will melt on the roadways. as you look west back towards central indiana. there are more showers moving into our direction. as the sun sets, they will begin to move into our direction. a lot of that for the snow that has already fallen in addition to the fact that before sosa showers taper overnight tonight -- before snow showers taper overnight tonight, i would not completely rule out an isolated spot taking out maybe upwards of an inch. that will be the exception. though be a thin coating out there even from the lighter
5:44 pm
do expect some slick spots to develop overnight tonight. the other big story is the wind chill out there. the cold is mean. we will settle into the single digits as we speak. here' s a look at the ohio river. it is 24 degrees at the airport. with a west when at 13. those winds will continue to add a bite. they will not society tonight. they will be around until tomorrow. as a big area of low pressure spins across northeastern canada. with a cold air in place, just enough to squeeze out a few flurries and so showers. here' s a look at futurecast. you can see the overall decrease in coverage as we head to the dinnertime hours. we do not expect travel problems overnight tonight. there could be something up tomorrow morning. overall cloudy, blustery and cold wednesday.
5:45 pm
look at this punch of cold from atlanta all the way to the ohio valley and into canada. you can see where the cold air is coming. it is sexy warmer in calgary canada right now where they are in the 60' s then it is in the ohio valley. i want to show you the cold air coming in. this is just the beginning of the cold that is going to build into the weekend. notice that the peaks and blues are diving into the ohio valley. you want to talk about cold, there is some very cold air come coming in for the weekend. that will happen all the way up into our neck of the woods. we' ll have a few temperatures to the degree of zero by saturday and sunday morning. 15 is a low tonight. slick spots across the area. tomorrow is 23. for an afternoon high, it is year. here' planner. there might be a few flurries
5:46 pm
night. still nowhere in the seven-day temperatures remained below freezing. i' m keeping an eye out on the snow chances on friday and then again on monday. it is something that we will weekend. up for arizona. the gear. and the special help the reds mascots offered today. plus the mardi gras celebration is underway in new orleans. how you can create your own fat tuesday celebration at home. thanks for watching cincinnati' s
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used
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quick seared to seal in the flavor ... from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, steakburger. sheree: if the winter weather has you dreaming of the boys of summer. we' re just nine days away from pitchers and catchers reporting for the reds. it wasn' t all hard work today as they loaded up the team gear to head to arizona. the mascots directed traffic. and helped load some of the bags onto the team truck. but they also goofed off. playing a game of catch. and racing around in a grocery
5:49 pm
the bengals helped tackle hunger at the freestore foodbank. the team just announced the final results of its food donation effort. campbell' s donated 30 cans of soup for every bengals tackle. that meant nearly 20,000 cans. but the soup company decided to bump the total to nearly 22,000. denver as the newest super bowl champions. and the city' s hosting an all-day celebration. tens of thousands of people turned out for a free concert in the park this morning. the same park hosted a rally for the team this afternoon. a celebratory parade followed the free concert. broncos' players and coaches and the lombardi trophy made their
5:50 pm
the wife of the broncos owner led the parade, with the trophy. quarterback peyton manning and super bowl mvp von miller joined her on top of a firetruck. sheree: today is mardi gras, also known as fat tuesday. it' s typically a day of indulgence, before the start of lent. and that' s certainly true in new orlean' s french quarter. people lined the street for the annual mardi gras parade hoping to catch some beads. the holiday pumps more than 800 million dollars in nola' s economy. the fat tuesday fun continues online. you can find the history of mardi gras events a slideshow of the world' s big parties and a recipe for your own king cake. it' s all on a deadly teen crash, involving alcohol and speed. tonight the teen police say was driving, takes responsibilty. what the victim' s family hopes
5:51 pm
a crane working on part of the next phase of the banks project falls over.
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from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. this is cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 6:00. a local student charged. after a threatening note is found at school. why police think this threat was racially motivated. a guilty plea from the teen accused of driving drunk, and causing a crash that killed his friend. what the driver' s family says they hope others can learn from this tragedy. good evening i' m sheree paolello. and my co-anchor mike dardis. is joining us live from new hampshire tonight. mike: here in concord. getting ready for the after party. we are at governor k-6 that court is here. -- governor john kasich' s headquarters. sheree: a middletown high school student is locked up tonight. accused of authoring a threatening note with racial overtones. school officials are reassuring their community tonight. wlwt news 5'
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live in butler county with what they'
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