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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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morning as you' re walking out the door. this is overnight video at a speedway in batavia. we saw people trying to stay warm as they filled up there gas tanks. 5:00 a.m. on your thursday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. somehow we made it to work and managed to stay warm. randi: is it the mom in me going, none of those people are properly dressed. lisa: what is going on here? randi: temperatures in the single digits and low teens across the area. the wind is not superstrong. any kind of breeze and it is
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the skies are clear. a couple of clouds on top over downtown acting like a thin blanket. this is the line of clouds. temperatures up to about 15. the clouds are going to leave us and many more towns are going to get down into the single digits. we' re not working with warm temperatures. through the afternoon we should make it out without 23. we' ll get some sunshine going but it is going to be cold. kyla: the roads are looking good and much drier. good morning to you. 71, 75 looks good at the 275 interchange.
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75 looks good at sharon. 71 even lighter north and southbound. we do have some construction along 75. we' ll talk about that coming up. lisa: thank you. what started as a missing child investigation tuesday has turned into a homicide. the baby girl is home safe, but her mother was found dead. mark: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live with the latest on this investigation. andrew: there was a lot of focus on finding the baby girl and a lot of joy when she was found safe in dayton yesterday. but that has led now to this murder mystery. police were looking for 29-year-old brittany russel after she took off with her baby girl haven, even though she didn' t have cusody. the girl' s father reported her missing early wednesday. police found brittany russell dead in a car at a dayton apartment complex.
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the car running and the heat on. her death has now been ruled a homicide by the montgomery county coroner. police haven' t said who they believe killed her or why. that leads to a lot of questions. why would someone leave the baby unattendend to be found perhaps hours waiting for people to find her. mark: a hamilton county man facing charges after a deadly crash earlier this month is set to make a plea this morning. police say 19-year-old leonard kersey crossed the center line on delhi road and slammed into tamika thomas' car head-on. thomas lost her unborn baby as a result of the crash. kersey is charged with vehicular homicide. lisa: continuing coverage on commitment 2016, it' s an even smaller field for republicans moving into the south carolina primaries. the party saw two dropouts following the new hampshire primary. carly fiorina and chris christie
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fiorina announced the news on twitter, followed not long after by a christie spokeswoman saying his run has also ended. with the state of new hamsphire now in the rearview mirror, the remaining republican presidential candidates are now putting their sole focus on south carolina, where their new primary will be. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk now with the latest from the kasich campaign. miriah: ohio governor john kasich' s campaign is in south carolina after a strong second-place finish in the new hampshire primary. to be sure, kasich was a distant second behind donald trump. but he finished first among republicans vying for the mainstream mantle, leaving the gop field even more scrambled and kasich preparing for political incoming. the ohio governor says he' s ll perform well across the south. he also says he can compete against the republican front-runner donald trump for the nomination. if he didn' t think he could, he he' s prided himself thus far for
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a pin cushion or a marshmallow, but i' m also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. miriah: despite that, kasich sources tell cnn that a key goal with the palmetto state is to damage competitor jeb bush. bush has been responding even before he left new hampshire, going after kasich on defense spending, a big issue in military-rich south carolina. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. governor john kasich is expected to sign a bill stripping government funding from planned parenthood. signing that bill is a move that could help him wit h conversatives in the upcoming republican primary in south carolina, which is where governor kasich is campaigning now. the bill will impact about $1. 3 million in funding from the ohio department of health. it would prohibit the money from going to entities that perform or promote abortions. lisa: following the new hampshire primary, senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton will face off in milwaukee tonight for the sixth time. tonight'
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presidential debate comes just days after senator sanders' s victory in the new hampshire primary. the candidates now shift their focus to nevada and south carolina, where voters will head to the polls later this month. tonight' s debate will take place at the university of milwaukee and begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the two democratic presidential candidates are now vying for votes in nevada, where the next democratic caucus will take place on february 20th. as for the republican presidential candidates, they are currently campaigning in south carolina, where the republican primary is set for february 20th, as well. mark: kentucky lawmakers are proposing two marriage license forms. one for gay couples that would say "first and second party," and another for straight couples, that would say "bride" and "groom." the proposal is gaining support from both sides of the aisle, following the arrest of rowan county clerk kim davis. couples would be allowed to use either form. a judge says since davis spent those five nights in jail, she has been obeying orders and
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marriage licenses. lisa: let' s check the traffic right now. we need to warm up the cars. kyla: do it all this morning. you do need to warm your car a this morning. we' re talking about construction. this is between the north lateral and 74 southbound. you will see lane and ramp closures which will go back into effect tonight. 75 at mitchell, those closures out of the way. they will be reinforced tonight and also impact your ramp to the lateral and to hopple. overnight starting at about
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it is not hard to get that -- to jot those temperatures if you get some wind. randi: the gusty winds are all over the place. we had fairly light winds. when you' re working with single digits, it feels like close to zero. around the 275 loop, we have some cloud cover overhead. most places still holding tight in the teens. 13 downtown. lawrenceburg, 12. for much of the 275 loop area, you are not in the single-digit areas. expect temperatures to be close to 10, some spots 8 and 9 degrees.
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at lunchtime, 17. this afternoon the sun is going to be out. mark: thank you. the leader of the cdc set to appear before a senate committee today. lisa: how they plan to attack the pending zika virus threatening the u.s. mark: a string of robberies in greater cincinnati. the new surveillance video, and why investigators think the cases are connected. lisa: outside live on your thursday. 13 degrees.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. mark: good morning and welcome back. we have some delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen along with the latest closings. checking today' s headlines.
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-- attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department has no choice but to sue ferguson, missouri, over improving its police procedures and court system. city leaders sought to amend a consent agreement they contend is unaffordable. lynch says the residents of the st. louis suburb can' t wait any longer for justice. a series of robberies in northern kentucky this week, and police think it could be the same man involved in all of them. lisa: wlwt news 5' s miriah turner has the latest on why police are connecting him to multiple recent robberies. miriah: police say the man in all three cases has a similar build, appearance, and approach to the robberies. he has never shown a gun, but police believe he is armed and dangerous and neighbors are concerned. fort mitchell police say the suspect walked into the u.s. bank inside this remke store on dixie highway with a note demanding money from the teller. the bank employee complied and the suspect walked out. based on surveillance photos, erlanger police say the man has similarities to two other robberies along dixie highway.
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a man walked into the circle k shell gas station demanding money. 16 hours later and less than half a mile away, police say the bb&t bank was robbed. detectives from fort mitchell, erlanger, and elsmere are working together in these cases. fort mitchell police say the bank robber took off in a chevy malibu from the late 1990' s or early 2000' s. it was a faded silver or gray with ohio tags. if you have information that could help police, call crimestoppers at 352-3040. lisa: covington police have a new tool to work with surrounding police departments to fight the growing drug epidemic. the city' s board of commissioners approved an agreement between the city of covington and newport, allowing officers from each department to share jurisdictions. commissioners say it will help both departments track drug dealers and users and share information more readily to put a stop to criminal activity faster. s certified most
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randi: good morning. you don' t have to worry about scraping any snow off your car this morning. it is a cold start to the day. you can see clouds overnight over top of downtown 275 and the 275 luke has -- loop have started to clear out. on a wide view, you can see any snow showers rolling through west virginia and southern indiana. we' ll see a good deal of sunshine today. a bitter cold start for everybody. the wind is not strong. we have two shots of snow over the coming days. if you are
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cold, we have a warm up on the way for the middle of next week. hillsboro, 7. batavia, 9. closer to downtown, 13 degrees. any sort of a breeze with the cold temperatures will make it feel like five degrees outside. it is not cold enough for a wind chill advisory. later this afternoon the sun will be out and temperatures into the low 20' s. better than yesterday. clear skies through the day. clouds thicken up tonight and a chance for some snow showers tomorrow. take a look off to the south and west.
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snow towards louisville. we could see some snow showers for the second half of the day. flurries and snow showers are possible for the late commute tomorrow. inch, half an inch during the evening rush tomorrow. that could slow down your plans just a little bit. into saturday, flurries linger. valentine' s day will be dry during the day. we could get more than tomorrow' s system. everybody is waiting for a warm-up. we go above freezing on monday and up to 40 about a week for now.
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kyla: those warmer temperatures. not bad over the next several days. you have to bundle up. things look pretty good. 471 along this portion of the greater cincinnati commute, 65 miles per hour from the 275 interchange and nothing but green out the re. daniel carter beard bridge. all the arteries are looking good. a really great start on this thursday. lisa: a popular social media site not so popular any more. mark: how twitter is seeing dismal numbers among its users and stocks. lisa: you hear about it every year, the spectacular gifts all the hollywood stars get in their gift bags at awards shows. so what' s in this year' s oscars bags? we' ll take a sneak peak coming
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mark: taking a live look outside this morning. 5:18 your time,
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5:21. we' ll talk more about our forecast just ahead. mark: checking today' s headlines. the director of the centers for disease control will testify before a senate committee this morning to discuss the threat of the zika virus. along with discussing the emerging health threat of the virus, they' ll discuss president obama' s request for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to combat zika. the cdc are continuing to warn women who may be pregnant to avoid travel to areas where zika is active. lisa: maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags be flown at half-staff starting today to honor two deputies shot and killed by a gunman. one of the deputies was shot in the head in a crowded restaurant. the second was killed during a shootout. the 67-year-old gunman, who had outstanding warrants in maryland and florida, was killed in an exchange of fire. the upcoming oscars have already been a topic of discussion due to the lack of diversity among this year' s nominees. mark: but something everyone can
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give away some pretty awesome gift bags. kyla: yes they do. this year' s oscars gift bag is setting a record on swag. do you like that? the bags given to academy award nominees will contain about $200,000 in gifts. so what' s in the bag? on the high end, items such as a 10-day, first-class trip to israel, and unlimited audi car rentals from silvercar. less expensive items include a haze dual v-3 vaporizer, which retails for about $250. but the most interesting item might be the voucher for the vampire breast lift, a new hollywood must-have. it is said to use "blood-derived from growth factors to revive rounder cleavage without implants." also on the long list of
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toilet paper said to be the most soothing and absorbent kind available. now you know what is in the bad. lisa: it is repackaged charmin. kyla: 260 bucks. vampire style. lisa: thank you. what do you have in your goodie bag? mark: youtube stepping up its game by taking on streaming services. youtube has now released three made-for-youtube movies. it' s also launching a new series. it' s clearly a response to similar moves by competitors like netflix and hulu. the original content is a part of youtube' s red subscription service. bad news for social media giant twitter. the company says it lost two million users in the last three months of 2015. that news caused twitter stock to drop 12% in after-hours trading yesterday.
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had around 305 million active users. by contrast, facebook has 1.6 billion. even instagram surpassed twitter in september with 400 million users. lisa: speaking of twitter, the cincinnati zoo tweeted out an adorable picture yesterday. two humps and a bump. an exciting announcement from the zoo. camel couple humphrey and saarai are expecting. you can see the adorable pair posing for this picture, valentine' s day-themed sign. congratulations to the two. mark: and that was yesterday. my goodness. that was yesterday. randi: perfect timing. excellent. ok. we start out with cold temperatures. 13 degrees that cvg.
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if you are a pig in training, 6:00, it will be around 10. six thought this evening -- 6:00 this evening, 22. a chilly day no matter how you break it down. a chance for some accumulating snow on friday. saturday looks to be a blustery day. we are looking at some snow potential sunday night into monday. guys? mark: thank you. after 41 days, the oregon refuge standoff expected to finally end today. lisa: how one of the final protesters has local connections to our area. dan: i am live in over the rhine. the latest streetcar coming today and street closures coming up everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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mark: the temperatures are flirting with zero degrees. randi rico is here to tell us how long we are going to deal with the brutal cold. lisa: the cold affecting first responders. mark: a head-on crash on reading road. the conditions of the drivers this morning. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." mark: good morning, everyone. i' m mark hayes.
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randi rico and kyla woods with weather and traffic together. wearing fleece today. my sleeves don' t go down all the way. [laughter] kyla: i like it. randi: you need to take the time to grab the accessories because it is way too cold. there is no windchills advisory because the winds are fairly light. when you are talking about zero digits, it does not take much of the wind to make it cold. springboro, nine degrees. 14 for mason. 13 for cincinnati. it some stubborn clouds overnight keeping our temperatures a little milder. 13 degrees at cvg.
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you have to have a wind at four miles an hour to calculate windchill. digits. over the last couple of hours, the clouds that were over the 275 loop are clearing out. more towns will fall into the single digits around 8:00 this morning. 9:00 a.m., nine degrees. at noon, sunny, but cold, 17. yesterday, we had the clouds around and state in the teens. today, we should push in the low 20' s and expect a warm up in the seven day forecast. we could see a couple of rounds of snow before then. let' s take a look at the road conditions. kyla: we have an accident that pops
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road and pfeiffer -- zig pfeiffer. start. 71 and pfeiffer, whether you are taking 71 through the core door, things are looking good. we'll check again and tell you once that accident has cleared. lisa: two drivers were taking to driver created a head-on collision. it happened on reading near ian park drive near north 71. the injuries are not life-threatening. factor. the area. 5:32 right now. frigid weather has resulted in are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. wind chill also puts
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overnight in batavia. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with how the winter weather is affecting their duties. andrew? andrew: good morning. the cold weather is taking its toll on anyone who has to work outside. imagine adding water to the mix. that is what firefighters have to deal with. last night, they were battling a fire at the batavia car wash. the fire apparently started in the attic area of the car wash. they called and asked for help. cold, wind, water, and ice -- and watch their step. dangerous. >> water can freeze in hoses and lines get shut down. the cold weather itself just takes a toll on the guys out here who are getting wet. you know, the wind'
5:32 am
a bit, so it tends to take a lot out of you. andrew: they got the fire and nobody was hurt. make sure to bottle up. all you will be dealing with his windchills and the single-digit. reporting live andrew setters, , wlwt news 5. mark: it' s in a shooting in blast. the police department is calling the shooting on oak street and isolated incident. police say 10 shots were fired. it injured three people. police are now saying everyone involved in the shooting new each other and were acquaintances with ties to the hazelwood community. no charges have been filed in the shooting. detectives are still looking at forensic evidence to match up the bullets to lisa: the right gun. lisa: i local man playing a central role in the ongoing standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge.
5:33 am
miriah: the standoff is expected to come to an end later this morning. the fbi has been in contact with the protesters on the property. most of the communication has gone through david fry. he reportedly told and fbi negotiator, the only way we are leaving here is dead. eventually the protesters agree to stand down. they are planning to turn themselves in at an fbi checkpoint at 11:00 this morning. fry and the other protesters are the last of the remaining few. nevada rancher a month monday -- clyde bundy has been arrested. mark: happening today, the hamilton county commissioner is discussing the state of the county.
5:34 am
county residents and highlight what is ahead in 2016. the address will be to the rotary club of cincinnati at the hilton cincinnati plaza downtown. the event begins at noon. lisa: a former u.s. president is coming to the queen city after a deflating defeat. hillary clinton' s husband, bill clinton, is traveling cincinnati to encourage supporters to vote in the march 15 ohio primary. early voting begins next wednesday. we have confirmed that mr. clinton will be at the contemporary art center downtown on friday. a street klar -- car number three is coming to town. mark: dan griffin along the tracks with what the project means for downtown traffic. dan, good morning. dan: good morning to you both. the streetcar coming to town from new york.
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with some street closures and parking changes along with it. the street will be close at two hours between and mccann rain -- bentley and mchenry. another street car is expected at the end of this month. and another one is expected to arrive at the end of next month. don' t be surprised if you see them testing one of the streetcars. just be watching out for that. we are live in over the rhine. lisa: let' s check weather right now. it looks cold out there, randi. randi: the good news is the winds are not superstrong. wilmington, 80 degrees. a five mile per hour wind, feels
5:36 am
-- wilmington, 18 8. make sure the kids are bundled up. it is going to be cold two hours from now. expect those temperatures and upper single-digit, low teens, staying chilly, feeling like around five. this afternoon, sunny, but still cold. looking at 21. no snow to contend with today, but we have the potential to see some snow showers tomorrow evening, which will not impact the kids heading home from school, but maybe some people heading home from work. kyla: we will be looking for to that in keeping track of that snow moving in tomorrow. right now, no flurries flying around. we are dry to start. 275 near 212, traffic looking
5:37 am
if you are hopping out to catch a flight, no delays. on the 275 loop near kellogg, if you are heading towards california, things look good. on the northern edge of the loop near 747 , things look great. a little heavier than what we saw on our other cameras. we will keep you updated. we still have that accident on kenwood near pfeifer where there is a car into a pole. we'll continue to keep you updated. lisa: thank you. a selfless donation to transforming local park. mark: how a family in the area is looking to donate a member by giving back to the city. lisa: looking to tackle the heroin epidemic. the bill that state lawmakers are looking at to increase drug prison sentences. love as we count down to valentine' s day. a viewer sent this picture of
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she says her son is a rare find. make sure to share your loved ones with us. you can do that by sending your photos to the local section of our website at stay with us.
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randi: we are taking a live look river. it is going to be a chilly start in greater cincinnati. 13 degrees not other spots. bloomington, 8. s factor in the winds. we currently have calm winds. head up to dayton, it feels like four degrees. in the northern parts of illinois, the winds are a little bit stronger this morning. you do need to bundle up . it is going to be another chilly day. at least we will get sunshine going this afternoon. we have two shots at snow this week. one coming our way tomorrow, one coming our way monday. warmer air is enough seven-day
5:42 am
temperatures climb up above several degrees above freezing. lisa: taking a second look at punishments with people found with heroin. legislature is looking at a bill that would decrease the another drug that could trigger a prison sentence over 10 years. previously, a person found with 250 grams of heroin with -- would qualify for 11 years and would be classified as a major drug offender, but state lawmakers want to reduce that amount in half. opponents a legislator should focus on treatment services instead of jail time. mark: a bill is moving for in frankfurt creating new punishments for people who share images online harassing the person in them. the measure known as the revenge hornbill would make it -- porn bill would make it a great a felony. the bill moves to the house.
5:43 am
for a major transformation of a local park. mark: the renovations at ziegler park got a major boost after a generous gift from the kantor family. miriah: over the rhine in ziegler park is looking for a major overhaul. groundbreaking is set for next week in over-the-rhine, and the new park will include a new, expanded playground, an underground parking garage, a modernized community gathering spot, and a state-of-the-art swimming pool. the lances directly across from a former school on sycamore street and over the rhine. >> bring children in, make it safe, program the area, attract, go out and recruit kids to come in and take basketball camps or swim lessons and those sorts of things. miriah: they are putting 500,000 dollars in remaking the park to honor their father who was devoted to helping inner-city families before his death three years ago.
5:44 am
$30 million. lisa? lisa: a pub superstar will perform. barry manilow will be in town to perform. the grammy award winner will hit the stage tonight at 8:00 at the bb&t arena. mark: he has been doing it for a minute. funeral arrangements for bernie still now been finalized. for sunday from 3:00 to 7:00. he started as a clubhouse hand back in 1937. he retired three years ago. lisa: great guy.
5:45 am
kyla: the big picture is still pretty clear. we have green conditions across our map. wanted to give you an update on the accident on kenwood between zig zag and pfeifer. they have closed that portion of the road. it was a car going into a pole. your travel time still look pretty good. 17 minutes on 71 out of warren county. 18 minutes on 74. 71/75 holding on 19 minutes. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. definitely a day for the big coats and hats. randi: and it doesn' t matter if the gloves don' t match. [laughter] i cannot find a matching pair of gloves for any member of my family. who cares. your hands will be warm. we are looking at temperatures on the colts i through the day today. it will be sunny, but that does
5:46 am
yesterday, we stayed in the teens for highs. today, pushing it to low 20' s. we have two more shots at snow in the coming week. if you are sick of the cold and snow like i am, middle of next week is when warmer air finally gets here. we are not talking tropical, when we are talking 40' s. that is a big improvement from this morning. radar is showing mostly clear skies. in the middle of the night, we had a line of clouds over the 275 loop. the temperatures in some spots are in the low teens. some spots are in the single digits. our story today is all about sunny skies. 13 degrees. winds only three miles our.
5:47 am
to have winds at four miles an hour before you can calculate windchill. expect to see the windchills in the single digits this morning. and :00 a.m. -- 9:00, a high around 23. aside from the cold, no issues today. clouds will roll in tonight. tomorrow, you may see some passing, light flurries through southeastern indiana closer to louisville. redeveloping by the evening rush , the chance for snow showers. looks like they will be sticking. it could toss down a quick dusting up to one inch of snow. most of us will be in that .5 inch range. snowfall potential out of that system, a quarter of an inch, maybe up to an inch. saturday, windy, with flurries,
5:48 am
a cold start on sunday, temperature starts out at three. guys? mark: when we continue, getting into the loving spirit. lisa: how one virginia family delights neighbors every year with their valentine' s day decorations. mark: and looking to spice up your love-life this valentine' s day -- coming up, kyla woods will show you how to spend time with your sweetie. [laughter] lisa:
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more coming up o it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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mark: good morning and welcome 5:52. taking a live look. it is nice and cold. windchill. the official holiday of love is fast approaching. lisa: kyla woods is here. this is quite a story. kyla: this was a labor of love. now is the time with a creative juices start flowing. trying something new may be even more nontraditional, could really spice things up. re-create the first day you ever had together. i like this one. if you have only been together
5:52 am
be exciting, but if you have been together for years, maybe it is time to revisit the year the sparks went flying. try a new workout together. it also ties into keeping those new year' s resolutions, this is the week most of those tend to fall off. maybe you can help each other with that. volunteer together at a local charity. you may want to try your hand at comedy. maybe you and your significant other of the funny ones. sign-up up for an amateur night of stand up. i will be sure to post more ideas on our facebook page. be sure to let us know what you think. lisa: that boxing thing with your loved one though, i don' t know. [laughter] celtic a stress reliever for only one person. [laughter] mark: speaking of valentine' s day, not many people love the holiday more than this woman.
5:53 am
do for halloween or christmas, but a family in virginia goes all out on valentine' s day. and with a name like stephanie loving, how can spreading love not be her mission? the decorations even include a kissing booth, and some people even leave change in the booth as a subtle token for their appreciation. [laughter] lisa: check out this out of this world of a lightning storm -- check out this picture of a lightning storm from outer space. it was shot from the international space station and shows dozens of lightning strikes over north africa. he tweeted saying, how much -- it is amazing how much lightning hits the earth in a short terrible of time. it mark: mark: mark:
5:54 am
beadles. over 50 songs made famous will be performed by today' s musical artists. they will crawl into netflix subscriber' s homes in august. firefighters called into action in the bitter cold. lisa: how crews manage to stay warm working in the elements. mark: the republican poll shrinking. the race for the white house as governor john kasich works on his strategy moving forward. randi: and we are taking a look at the forecast through the holiday, you are going to have to bubble up. we are seeing highs only in the 20' s. today, starting off in a single digits. at noon, 17. at least we have the sunshine, but two rounds of snow possible before we hit monday afternoon.
5:55 am
willingly come back -- when we come back. lisa: we have your top stories
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cincinnati' >> the cold weather just take a toll. lisa: firefighters braving the cold. how they worked to fight the flames at this local business.
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