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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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karin: brittany russell lived here and her body was found 30 miles north of here. they still don' t know what led her to that area with her infant daughter. these photos tell her story. >> she was the most caring person ever. karin: a big sis with a huge heart. a diehard bengals fan. a friend who love to dye her hair crazy colors. above all, she was a mom. 10-year-old allie and six-month-old hayden. reporter: they always >> they always goofed around, played around. she loved hayden so much.
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karin: hayden was in the backseat and wasn' t harmed. >> it' s more than pulling the trigger and shooting somebody. you just shattered our world. karin: the killer is still not known at this point. they are going over her footprints the last few days. >> she left for the night at about 10:00. everybody started worrying. karin: less than 12 hours later, she was dead. >> i don' t know why someone would want to do that. she is an amazing person. i can' t fathom how someone could take someone else' s life.
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multiple times. it does not appear to be a robbery. on her. sheree: her sister also telling dayton. a friend a ride somewhere. says it is one of the worst cases of animal abuse he has ever seen. sheree: the dog was starved to death. some of the graphic pictures and mystery -- in the story have been blurred out. brian: investigators tell us the dog was just less than one-year-old. it was locked in a cage for at least a week without being let out even once. the abuse went further than that. when the dog finally died, it was disposed of by trash. the dumpster was empty except for one thing.
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i was pretty upset. reporter: brian: the horror left behind for her to find. >> i was throwing my trash out and i knocked the sheet over and it was just laying there. brian: she called deputies. we can' t even show you most of the pictures investigators have as evidence. they suspected right away that it was severe long-term abuse. >> and a may see inside the cage. brian: the dog warden says that the dog still had this call ollar on with his name, charlie. the culprits lived about 100 yards away from the dumpster. deputies have arrested jacob goodwin who is supposed to be caring for the dog.
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>> they said in a week, he checked on the dog three times. never let the dog out of the cage. brian: we went to the apartment where the couple lives, a man called john says he is her father. >> they feel terrible that the dog died. brian: the couple did not want to talk to us. >> after what happened to that dog, it' s hard to believe they feel bad about it. anybody can believe whatever they want. brian: the judge will decide if the animal was treated like trash after he died, or even worse, before. the dog warden says he asked goodwin why he wasn' t upset and his response was, "i' m not a dog person. what do you want me to do? cry?
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sheree: an update to a story you saw on wlwt. a woman left -- has now died. her friend tells us that she fell in her home back in december. her live-in daughter did not call for help for more than two weeks. she suffered sores and injuries over most of her body. no charges have been filed yet. detectives were waiting on medical documentation to complete their investigation. for may nevada springboro woman accused of beating her elderly unconscious. carrie lynn underwood pleaded she faces up to 18 months in jail. mike: one person is dead after a
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the falmouth fire chief says the pickup truck was hit by a tractor-trailer and forced it into a tree. both vehicles caught fire. the man in the pickup was stuck and was trapped there. a neighbor try to help, but it was too late. >> the homeowner tripped over the barb wire fence. he has scrapes and tears of where he tried to get to the vehicle. mike: officials say the man' s body was badly burned and it will take some time to get a positive id. mike: sheree: ray tensing will go on trial accused of murder. andrew setters was in court today for the very latest development on the high-profile case. reporter: today' s hearing was brief. some dump-in just seconds.
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after months of hearings and exchanges, the two sides set a date today. ray tensing is the former uc police officer, accused of shooting sam dubose off-campus. ray tensing was not in court today. his appearance was waived as it has been for almost every hearing in this case. we don' t expect to see him in court until he stands trial. reporter: the attorney plans to argue self-defense. a trial date was initially set and has been moved to merely -- nearly a year later. the delays are frustrating . >> he was murdered. within two minutes of a traffic
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you have eyes. reporter: he is free on bond because the trial is so far off. sheree: the two sides will be back in court in april. the defense attorney said he will try to move the trial out of hamilton county but a decision likely won' t be made. mike: steve bashir is trying to dismantle the health exchange. he expanded kentucky' s medicaid program and created a state operated exchange. he will get rid of connect saying it is too expensive to keep. the shares says -- bashir says
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>> this is not about a governor it' s about all of us fighting for the kentucky families. people to the federal exchange. a gallup poll released last week shows kentucky and arkansas lead have insurance. more than 20% of people in kentucky were not insured. by last year, the number dropped to 7.5%. the survey it should be did he declined kentucky' s health exchange and expansions to the medicaid program. wlwt news 5 investigates using your cell phone, tracking how you spend your time is coming into focus.
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to find criminals in what is called the tower dump. police asked phone providers for data from cell phone towers. in addition to data about a possible bad guy, they can collect phone numbers of thousands of innocent people. >> did you go to the local gun show? the local mosque? to go to a protest? our worry is that they use this information, the gps information to track our whereabouts. sheree: todd dykes will take a deeper dive into what tower dumpster and police in cincinnati using them three times in two high-profile cases. a look at a new deal that could
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mike: several drivers get ready for the new editions that join them. kevin: clear skies should allow tripped -- temperatures to drop quickly. it will get worse before it gets
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sheree: the largest supermarket chain in the u.s. is looking to get bigger. mike: kroger wants to acquire fresh market. courtis fuller' s live with the auction process. courtis: you know, fresh market is a specialty grocery chain that has been exploring the possibility of the sale for quite some time. several news outlets are saying that kroger is looking at the possibility of buying them. the local supermarket chain is process. there is no guarantee that kroger will win this option or that fresh market will agree to
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we are waiting for a comment back. but this news, we are told that fresh market' s stock did rise four points. mike: the fresh market has three stores in our area. they have nearly 100 stores all around america. the banks will soon have two new tenants. developers have finalized lease agreement that with a company that makes insulated cups. this will be the second location and the first burgerfi in the cincinnati area. sheree: two more streetcars are on the way in the coming months. this streetcar has the word cincinnati on the side.
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the next delivery is set for the end of this month. car number five is expected before the end of march. soon, there will be an all-out blitz to encourage you to be streetcar safe. they both have to learn quickly how to share the road. at some place, it will move. you are allowed to drive on the track, but not park there. you just need to be aware of your surroundings and yield to the streetcar. >> they could be towed or subject to fines. but you don' t want to hold up everybody else on the streetcar. sheree: testing is scheduled for wednesday along that full route. the streetcar is set to open this coming september. mike: the state of hamilton county'
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that is the message from today' s state of the county address. new revenue and jobs and apartments opening. the problems with the metropolitan sewer district is what he is calling the big elephant in the room. >> the job is outlandish. we will change that. we will basically tell the city, you' re fired. mike: last week, ohio' s auditor launched a special audit citing recent concerns over competitive hitting, contracts, and payments. kevin: all right, you wouldn' t have known it was 25 today if you spend the entire day indoors
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tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, we' re going to get another blast of very cold air that will arrive. that will set the stage for frigid valentines. a cold blast tomorrow evening followed by a frigid valentine weekend. and an early storm next weekend. it could be rain, snow, a mixture of both. a live look over my shoulder. we have some cloud cover beginning this fill-in. it will be relatively thin. it will see temperatures really nosedived here over the next couple of hours. 22 hamilton, only 18 in hillsboro. temperatures will have no
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by the time he joins for news five at 11:00, it should be down to 16. cold air continues to flow into the ohio valley today. here' s the clipper system. it was goodbye to the south and west. we will get cloud cover overnight tonight and into friday. clouds picking up overnight. it should pass far enough south that it is going to be generally dry and a mostly cloudy day. the way that you know it is pushing through, the wind will really kick up tomorrow afternoon.
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idc flurries and snow showers on here. it is somewhere between zero and 10 below zero. on saturday, frigid conditions continue. it looks like highs on saturday. will not climb out of the teens. and tomorrow, no problems for the morning commute. from flurries and snow showers, it will turn nasty cold. it will be in the mid-20' s before the evening hours.
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it is feeling doubly is cold. maybe 10 to 15 below feeling last night. i will keep an eye on that system. it is a tossup right now whether it is rain or snow. mike: for the fourth time in as many days, a bank robber appears to have struck again. this time in covington. he robbed the fifth third bank on brent spence square. sheree: no word on how much money he got away with this time. the police are working with fort mitchell. where three of the robberies happened this week.
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not to take the george: the nfl will not be chopping any games off the suspension of vontaze burfict. sometimes the legal play ball with you but not at all with the linebacker. the suspension stands. it follows the personal foul call i . in the game against the steelers. because he is a repeat offender. they were in a meeting with the report the meeting was held to discuss how he can avoid being disciplined by the league in the future. jim turner, we hardly knew you. coach tree weeks ago. offensive line coach at texas a&m. he been on the beat since the dolphins fired him after the jonathan martin scandal.
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line coach and had success in a and him before. he gave cincinnati all of three weeks. as the highlanders head football coach, the 2004, played at mount saint joe, and is a former sports intern. i wonder which experience he rates the highest. the ninth football coach. in college basketball, boise state needs a bucket to win. it beats the buzzer and is good. the shot clearly be the buzzer. the rest checked it with a stopwatch. we have two games on the local
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they tip-off at a. 8:00. d' good. t know what lebron was passing too, but i know what he hit. pretty sure, anyway. it was able to return -- george: there were too mike: there were too many instant replays. sheree: thank you for sharing that highlight. sheree: another cold night out there tonight? t?
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its own punch, of here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together,
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tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic


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