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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. combating child abuse in indiana. how state lawmakers are looking to keep track of offenders so it doesn' t happen again. >> a horrific scene at a shopping center in columbus last night. how the suspect allegedly terrorized people in a restaurant before he was killed by police. >> bill clinton in the queen city today. how bill clinton is looking to rally for votes in the buckeye state for wife and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
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mark: : morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. lisa: we star your friday with a check on it forecast. meteorologist randi rico. good morning. randi: chilly. lisa: that sounds good. randi: we are rolling into valentine' s day weekend, you will have to make your own heat. lisa: my face turned red. randi: it is a little misleading as you look at the numbers at cvg overtop of cincinnati. it says 20. many spots are close to that. in portions of northern kentucky, most places are in the upper teens to write around 20. further to the north were the skies are clear, it is much colder. 12 degrees right now in hamilton. six in wilmington, seven and hillsboro. clouds make a huge difference for us this morning.
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some didn' t hit the ground. currently, chances for light, passing snow showers through portions of switzerland county, ohio county, portions of carol and gallatin county . for the morning, everyone will see the clouds increase. temperature is about 15 degrees at 8:00 a.m. by noon, 23. still feels like 17. into the late afternoon, evening, we have a burst of snow showers. expect a high around 28. we will look at how much we can get out of the system and will come our way sunday night in a couple of minutes. mark: 4:32 is the time, the race for the white house is heating up. and today former president bill clinton is in the queen city campaigning for his wife, hillary. lisa: the visit comes just hours after her debate last night with bernie sanders. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way in clifton with what we know about today' s campaign stop. andrew: we know former president
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cultural arts center trying to rally support for hillary' s presidential campaign coming up later today. the big message, get out and vote. bill clinton will urge people to register to vote ahead of the march primary in ohio. it will be the 15th of march. the campaign also says he will lay out what is at stake in the election and why he believes hillary is the best candidate for the job. the event is open to the public, but people are being asked to rsvp through the killington -- clinton campaign website. it opens at 2:00 at the cultural arts center area the event begins at 3:00 this afternoon. reporting in clifton, andrew setters, wlwt lisa: news five. 4:33 right now the democratic , presidential candidates may be currently vying for votes in nevada right now as the next caucus there looms but they were in wisconsin last night to take each other on in another debate. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk the a
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miriah: it was their first clash since sanders delivered a 20 point below to hillary in new hampshire at the primary. now hillary is hoping to bounce back. the debate at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee, was the 6th democratic presidential debate. during the two-hour showdown one of the most heated exchanges was over the issue of wall street ties and campaign finance reform. clinton also defended her poor showing among women voters in new hampshire, with sanders quickly making the point that perhaps he could be the one to derail history by preventing clinton from becoming the first female president. and healthcare was another point of contention with sanders making a fiery appeal for his universal healthcare program. bernie sanders: secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders wants to miss mental the affordable air -- affordable care act. i have fought my entire life to make sure health care is a right for all people. we' re not going to dismantle anything. miriah: the next caucus for the democrats is february 20 in nevada.
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presidential candidates are on the east coast riling for votes in the south carolina primary also set for february 20. from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. lisa: for the top five things from the debate, check of the political section on our website,, you can also find coverage on our wlwt mobile app. mark: just into the newsroom, zika vaccines are in the works, but their 18 months away. brazil has declared a worldwide health emergency by the worldwide health organization. it has been linked to birth defects and division problems. several people stabbed and the suspect shot and killed by police in columbus last night. officers say they were called to a shopping center for a man with a machete. the suspect was shot and killed nearby. witnesses who were in the restaurant at the time describe it as a horrific scene.
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beating up on a man. i thought it was a personal thing. he just started down the road hitting everybody was something. people were bleeding. cracks there' s blood all over inside the restaurant there. mark: five people were taken to the hospital. police say several large knives were recovered at the scene. a motive for the attack is unknown at this time and the suspect' s name has not been released. lisa: a student at uc blue ash goes to court today after police say he made threats of violence targeting the campus. the student allegedly claimed he would shoot up the math lab and he wanted to turn this into a "colorado thing." a signed witness affidavit says 20-year-old dondiego bradley made the threat to a tutor earlier this month. bradley is now facing one count of menacing. mark: an update to a store you saw only on wlwt an elderly , woman hurt and left on the floor of a middletown home for weeks has died. the butler county coroner confirmed for us that 74-year-old barbara tuggle died. her friend told us she fell in her home in december. police say tuggle' s live-in daughter, didn' t call for help.
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injuries to most of her body. detectives say they' re waiting on medical documentation to complete their investigation. lisa: 4:36 right now keeping , track of child abusers indiana public registry of convicted wlwt news 5' s emily wood reports on the recent push to make it working to do the same in kentucky. >> i can' t take away the fact that that woman hurt my child. emily jennifer diaz says she can : never erase the pain caused by the babysitter who abused her then six-month-old daughter sophie. but she can help empower other parents to protect their children. collects -- >> if i can prevent that from happening just by creating this registry and having everyone who' s ever been convicted of child abuse on this registry, i' m hoping that' s going to prevent them people from working
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emily diaz is in the early : stages to create sophie' s law in kentucky. she says it is encouraging to know indiana is close to passing a similar bill. >> that is probably only going to help me even more get a law passed in the state of kentucky. emily the online list would look : a lot like the state' s sex offender registry, allowing the public to search for convicted child abusers. collects -- >> it' s really smart because the sexual offender registry, it works. people, offenders will do almost anything to not get on that list because people really pay attention to that. lisa: if the bill is passed in indiana, the indiana state police will be required to establish and manage the database online. mark: 4:38 is the time, let' s check in with randi, it was so cold out there i thought i saw dora the explorer from the geico commercial. [laughter] randi: it is cold and it is
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the weekend. we have not seen the worst of the cold temperatures just yet. as we look at our weather network across the area as kids get ready to head out to school this morning and it' s couple of hours, starting out in the teens most places. the only thing on our side is this morning, wind is calm. not a big wind chill at the moment. throughout the day, wind picks up and it will feel even colder winter temperatures climb area early this morning, the potential for flurries falling in portions of carroll county, owen county. flurries south of the river overnight. most places not a huge issue. we will see another shot of snow by the evening rush. the forecast today as you head out the door, 15 degrees or so. some spots to the north are in the single digits to start. cold for everybody. as we head home from school this afternoon, hopped up on valentine' s day treats, kids will be inside. 27 degrees feeling like teens after school. it looks like as we head toward the weekend, we could be seeing subzero wind chills tomorrow
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weekend. something to look forward to minute next week or it right now, it is about the cold. kyla: good morning, everyone. on this friday as you get ready to head out for your morning commute, clear conditions out there for you. can see things a great and light in nature. 75 and mitchell, same thing. dealing with this week should be out of the way. no problems. as you can see come all things are rolling along in both directions. across the river, same thing. 7175 looks good. there, even in two parts of cincinnati, he should have a decent commute ahead of you. we will continue to keep you updated. things are looking good. lisa: from fairfield high school to pro football. mark: an unlikely journey, for a t let a serious injury derail his dream. george vogel has the story next
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>> click kroger be the next chain to offer narcan? mark: taking a live look outside, 4:40 is your time, 28 degrees right now. we will update your commute and
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randi: 4:43, 20 degrees on your
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there is the radisson along i-75 in covington. it is blue because if you are there looking at those lights, it -- you are blue. first, controversy brewing over kanye west' s new album and it involves taylor swift. mark: that' s weird. kanye and controversy. lisa: kanye and taylor swift. mark: miriah turner has the story that' s trending online this morning. miriah: shocker. kanye and controversy go together. there' s a line in kanye' s new song, famous where he says he , made taylor swift famous. he' s referring to the mic-snatching incident from the mtv awards years ago. swift' s younger brother took to instagram showing him throwing out a pair of west' s sneakers. in other kanye west news, the controversial former pharmaceutical exec martin shkreli is offering west $10 million dollars to release his album to him only. and not to the public. shkreli became infamous for
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of a drug used by cancer and aids patients. a band tries to defy gravity in their latest music video. o.k. go. known for their ever-inventive music videos went weightless for their latest song, upside down and inside out. the american pop-rock band shot the 3-minute video aboard an airplane flying over russia. their airplane was flown in periods of weightlessness and create the sensation of zero gravity. check it out. >> tell me about your day. >> you want me -- you make me want to be a better man. miriah: if you don' t have a valentine' s day date yet, don' t worry. fabio has a special evening planned for you, and you don' t even have to get dressed up for it. the virtual valentine' s day date was produced for hallmark' s streaming video service.
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an ideal evening that is, if your idea includes a bearskin rug, a roaring fire, champagne, and kittens. full 18 minutes of fabio fantasy time. with no buttons? miriah: it includes everything. [laughter] mark: miriah! miriah: it' s the season of love and fabio is there to help. rug. [laughter] can' t forget the kittens. randi: let' s look at the forecast for whatever your valentine' s day weekend plans are. valentine' s day falls on a sunday. let' s take a look or you will have a hot dates and cold temperatures into the weekend. tonight, light snow starting 4:00 or 5:00 and continuing into the evening. temperatures of that point in the low 20' s. if you' re going out saturday night, temperatures are a 15
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five thanks to the wind. sunday, 25 for a high. we will look at the timing of both of those and how much we could be seeing in a couple of minutes. mark: an update -- lisa: george vogel has the latest on his appeal. george : the three-game suspension stands. the linebacker had appeals and hope of lessenin g that penalty. a going to the nfl, they had a sitdown with the commissioner . espn says it was a meeting requested. called basketball last night, the norse coming out with a couple of triples and it is mtu with a four-point lead. they make some plays and this play is nasty. mku
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iowa traveled to bloomington. look at the hoosiers getting a win over the fourth-ranked hawkeyes. 85-78 is the final from assembly hall. coaches who talk about. 2000 40 kills the r -- 2004 oak hills grad returns. congratulations, kyle. former northwest lee johnson is back as the head football coach. fairfield' s dante ended his football career lying on the field with a blown out knee. this past season. he was in the nfl catching passes fro m jameis winston. it is unlikely story, but while back in town working out, he told that story to our elise jesse. elise: the wide receiver started his football career here at fairfield high school. he' d almost landed -- ended at this season -- this level his
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>> i couldn' t feel my legs. i knew i couldn' t go to college and play football. elise: division i schools passed them by after th e energy -- after the injury. >> i never heard of the school before i came. when i went for a visit, it was everything i ever wanted. it felt like i was supposed to be there. i feel like that to this day. elise: he used his speed to catch the attention of nfl teams at the regional combine. entering the league as an undrafted free agent. all of landed him a spot on the buccaneers 53 man roster. >> my mother started crying. thes e -- the first thing i told her as i got promoted, the second thing i told her is that i was going to fly them out. i took my mom and my dad to my first game. and my receivers coach can to my first start. it was really good. really cool. elise: he plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a work ethic that few can match.
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wit h adversity. and a few months, he will be returning back to tampa bay to begin his second nfl season. from fairfield high school, elise jesse, wlwt news five sports. george: that is a young man with grit and determination. same can be said for jaron cumberland of wilmington high. s record. leading high school history. cumberland. that is all the sports for now. we will have more coming up later in the day. mark: good stuff right there. amazing people coming out of the queen city. lisa: 52 points for that kid. no wonder the is a record breaker. mark: getting the work done. i like it. looking outside, it is bitter cold. we will need a few extra minutes to adjust.
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spend that extra time bundling up inside and then sprinted to the car. it is a cold start to the day. two shots of snow through the weekend. wind chill hovering near zero at times throw valentine' s day weekend. it will eventually get warmer into the middle of next week. for those two shots of snow, one of them during the evening rush, the other holds off until sunday evening into monday. early this morning, a couple areas of snow showers visible on our radar. in through southeastern indiana south of 74, that is where we thought we would have passing snow showers. south of the 7175 split. these will move through the southern communities. maybe toss down a coating, but generally, light in the way of snowfall. florida is seeing light snow and much of owen county. this is not the big-time snow maker. we are getting grazed on the north side of the system. more of an impact in champaign
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right now, 20 degrees per it windchill is generally cohen. no wind chill factor to speak of. at noon, 23, wind increases through the afternoon. let' s get to the futurecast. you can see we are cloudy through the day. the wind picks up here and right when you are getting ready to start your weekend heading out onto the roads for the evening drive, potential for snow. here we are looking at 5:00 for an arrival time. sticking around through 7:00 and 8:00. not a lot but it comes during the evening rush. even a dusting at that point could cause issues. something to watch for to the evening. flurries linger overnight into tomorrow morning. as far as snowfall totals go, snowfall potential for tonight, a dusting to maybe a half inch for most of us. not a huge issue, but timing wise, it could be for some of us. 20 degrees, cloudy and cold. late they snow. tonight, we dip down to 10. tomorrow' s high is only 18.
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will be windy. it will felix igo this is no matter when you had on saturday. three degrees for morning time low. snow returns again sunday night. on monday, snow will transition over to rain. we could see an inch or two before transitions on monday. lisa: 4:52 a major announcement , expected today from kroger and its expected to address the growing heroin epidemic here in the cincinnati area. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in oakley with what we expect to learn today. dan? dan: there is a lot of s representatives. it could mean stores in our area may be the next to offer narcan, heroin overdose. kroger isn' t saying much about an announcement expected this morning at its oakley location. but ohio a.g. mike dewine and senator rob portman are both portman' s a familiar voice in the battle against heroin. there' s been a big push to offer the antidote across the state.
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year to save lives according to state records. this announcement, set for 10:00 a.m., is not for all kroger stores according to officials, just those in the greater cincinnati and northern kentucky area. we will be here to get the latest on what this announcement means. we will bring that to you. for now live in oakley, dan , griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: the third streetcar has officially arrived in over-the-rhine. two more are still on their way in the coming months. this latest streetcar looks a little different. it has the word cincinnati on the side. according to city officials the next delivery is set for the end of this month and car number five is expected before the end of march. lisa: soon there will an all out blitz to encourage you to be streetcar-safe. drivers and pedestrians. will both have to learn quickly how to share the road. first the traffic patterns. at some places along the track the streetcar is going to move, while the rest of traffic doesn' t. other basics you' ll need to know, you' re allowed to drive on the
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public transportation officials say you just need to be aware of your surroundings. and yield to the streetcar. on-track testing of the streetcar is scheduled for wednesday along the full-route. the streetcar is set to open in september. randi: we are rolling into the weekend. here is how it breaks down. temperature wise, we stay chilly. teens for much of the weekend temperature wise. wind chill near zero or subzero at times. it doesn' t matter when you head out, bundle up. as far as snow goes, two shots at a. one arrives in the evening rush today with a half inch potential. again, second half of the day on sunday. futurecast shows this morning wind is calm but it picks up as the next system rules in our direction arriving for 5:00. right at the heart of the evening commute, a dusting of a half inches possible. that timing may cause issues on the road.
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up, flurries continue. saturday is a cold day stuck in a teen spirit sunday, snow returns. by late on sunday, we could get some accumulation. an inch or two inches of snow before transitioning to rain on monday. too early to exactly nailed down snowfall totals from sunday into monday. plan on some of it. for the weekend, whatever your plans are, bundle up. the flow on sunday morning, three degrees. subzero wind chill for a good bit of the weekend. it will be a cold one. kyla: as you get ready to head out this morning on this friday, starting off on a good foot. a look across the border travel times. 18 minutes at northern kentucky on 7175 from the split into downtown. 13 minutes on 275 eastgate to i-71. 17 minutes from 74 to the indiana side. here is a peek at what you will see as you had inside the 275
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zero activity heading westbound. we will continue to keep you updated. a good start for you as you had outside. mark: working to start -- solve a murder mystery. lisa: what we' ve learned about how a middletown mother spent her last hours before she was killed. mark: a live look outside for you, 4:57 is your time, 20 degrees out there.
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be in the right place at the mark: being remembered like a the special goodbye for a 5-year-old boy who won the hearts of the community. leader of the nation. what president bill clinton plans today in his visit to the queen city today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 on your friday, good morning to you, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m our case. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. kyla warming up the car, randi telling us how much too heated


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