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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> boeing wind and light snow falling. why could be the least of our weather worries. >> cincinnati with the first case of busy got virus and where -- zika virus and where the person got it. >> no love for valentine' s day, a scam. [this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00.] sheree: a blast of winter weather to start off your weekend. mike: i don' happy. this is just the start of what is to come. strong winds with flurries in florence kentucky. the snow is not the main threat. robinson is tracking some cold temperatures. kevin: take a look outside. notice things are much quieter. briefly
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at least road crews will not have to work through the night because it looks like the decrease in snow showers and flurries is starting to take place. here' s a look at the radar. not a lot of action. you get an idea of what is happening. band of snow showers dropping from north to south. a quick burst of snow could quickly coat the roadways. that is why there are so crews out there. -- salt crews out there. this is dropping southport the ohio river. these flurries and snow showers will continue off and on throughout the evening hours. it is down to 20 at the airport. i tell you what, those winds are adding a bite to the air. down to 15 in dayton. 18 in indianapolis. wind chills are playing a factor.
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and dangerously low temperatures, the opportunity for another accumulating snowfall. i will have the full story coming up in my full forecast. mike: cincinnati road crews are already on 12 hour shifts. they will focus on areas prone to freezing and they will retreat roads. they will be on duty around the clock through the weekend. sheree: the zika virus is now here in cincinnati. the first case of a butler woman who travel to south america. at the county health department, we have more on the message being sent. >> today' s confirmed case involved -- involves a 56-year-old woman. it brings the total number of cases here in ohio to four. health officials say the likelihood of getting the virus in the u.s. is incredibly low. dr. joseph con
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right now in ohio, it is little cause for concern. >> the main route of contracting the disease is mosquitoes and right now it is too cold. mosquitoes are not doing anything. >> he says it would be virtually impossible to contract the virus through casual contact with someone sick. >> it can be transferred via blood compact or sex. that is it. >> butler county health director says the biggest threat is for central and south america. so far the virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns. one in five people affected will even show signs. >> it is relatively a mild illness. we have 20% of the people who actually have the virus even become ill at all. most of the symptoms are mild. >> with so few cases in the u.s.
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a bit of a holding pattern as more people become educated about the virus. >> i would imagine that this poster of some questions and i think people are just concerned about how to get it and how simple they beat. -- they will be. >> to answer those questions, you can get the virus from a mosquito in illness will be mild and the symptoms could be anything from a fever to a rash to a headache or ping guy. -- pink eye. sheree: thank you, emily. all four cases in ohio involve returning travelers. no one has contracted the virus while in the states. mike: tonight a civil lawsuit. a wrongful death filing been named former uc police officer. it says the suit claims excessive force and that are in.
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the family is asking for damages. they have already settled for 5.4 8 million dollars -- $4.8 million. the trial is set for october. >> it is not worth it. there are so many sharks out there wanting to take your money. sheree: tonight a local man has a warning for everyone after being taken for six figures. sweetheart scams have gained momentum with valentine' s day almost two. we are investigating tonight. -- almost here. we are investigating tonight. whoever is on the other end establishes relations with you to trick you to send it money over the course of months -- to send money over the course of months. >> it is in small increments.
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>> the scam artist a are good at it. they did people who are sometimes vulnerable. maybe someone has come off a bad situation in the romance and they prey upon it. sent $100,000 in money. case. s attorney involved in the so-called sweetheart scams. most people report losing $7,300. mike: the presidential race is a big topic tonight. the hamilton county republicans hosted their lincoln-reagan dinner. rob portman weighed in on ohio governor john kasich 2016 run. >> i think he has the right message. he is on people what he did in ohio. folks want to know if he can give a good speech but if you
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what he has done here. >> the challenge will be working to develop the infrastructure down south in south carolina. we will see how he does down there. mike: the republican dinner comes just hours after the visit of former president bill clinton. he did some campaigning and fundraising for his wife hillary. john london was at the rally. >> the event here was put together quickly in the aftermath -- for a tough night in your answer for hillary clinton. former president bill clinton told a roomful of democrats. >> the next president of the united states, in all probability, will have between 1-3 appointments united states supreme court. >> hours earlier, a private fundraiser. >> as a woman, i support for
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lot of women. >> i think after the debate last night, she has substantive knowledge to run the question. clinton touching on many things including lgbt writes. -- rights. young women like this college freshmen. >> i have not looked too much into it yet but i thought it was involved. >> i like bernie. i support hillary because i think she can get things done. i worry about electability with bernie. >> the rivalry to come will provoke thought of all ages. >> most muslims despise what happened in san bernardino. we need them to win this fight. >> he told his wife is the best change maker he knows.
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people who were here and some of them are still in the trying to decide mode whether to go with hillary or to feel the bern. mike: we are told that today' s event raised about $200,000. ohio' s primary is about a month away. sheree: other public inside, the six remaining republican candidates will debate in greenville, south carolina. crews and donald trump have each won a state but john kasich had a strong second place finish in new hampshire. mike: terrifying moment inside a columbus restaurant. several people are still in the hospital after being attacked with a machete. mohammed berry was shot and killed a police. investigators say he charged at them with two very large knives. agents served -- search his apartment today and law
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that it is too soon to graduate on a motive. -- too soon to speculate on a motive. sheree: no coaching at all there. look at this. a special night for teenagers and adults with disabilities. mike and i hosted tim tebow' s night to shine. more than 100 churches from all over the world treated people do a very special prom tonight. it is all about the experience. >> to me, it is like the red carpet. really focusing on every little detail to make an incredible. sheree: about 32,000 special needs people workaround kings -- were crowned kings and queens. the tim tebow foundation helped better this -- help do this and
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mike: they got me out on the dance floor and i cannot dance. quit laughing kevin. sheree: it is one thing to see it on television but to be there, it was awesome. we are heating it up tonight with some hoops on a very cold february friday. senior night. trying to stay unbeaten. the blitz is just ahead. you guys will get yours soon. we have seen videos of shere e dancing but we cannot find years. -- find yours. lots of cold.
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kevin: so you kind of see the nature of that we have going on outside. once again, you can see the sheets of snow. we are also talking about sheets of rain. the snow showers are much like summer downpours. they come and go very quickly. they only last a few minutes. however, in this case with temperatures below freezing, the snow showers -- even a quick burst can coat roadways very
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and black ice. be careful out there. i do not expect widespread travel roblems. if you find yourself underneath one of these burst, you can never rule it out. there' s another one of those snow bands dropping down. some brief but quick bursts of snow. after 20 at the airport. northwest wind at 21. this is sustained. winds have been gusting posted 30. that by in the air is not going anywhere tonight. tomorrow will be just as breezy. we have been tracking the cold. we are now down to 20 at the airport. down to 15 in dayton. check that, nine degrees and chicago. -- in chicago. wind chill' s have dropped to zero. check out chicago at -11.
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for but by morning -- fou r but by morning, we will feel below zero. the arctic front makes its way across the ohio valley. this is the region. this is why we are so cold. i believe it is mid february. take a look at futurecast, if you flurries and snow showers tonight. again, a quarter of an inch or a half inch is the worst-case. tomorrow, expect some sunshine and class. -- and clouds. valentine' s day, it starts dry but i lunchtime we could get some snow growing -- going across the area. it looks like late sunday afternoon through sunday
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snowfall and you could probably break out the shovel. we are expecting anywhere from 1-3 inches. let' s say maybe 2-3 inches of snow overnight sunday into monday. 10 for an overnight low. bitter wind chill' s. -- wind chills. during the day tomorrow, temperatures will not climb much above 15. tomorrow will be one of our coldest days. here' s a look at your seven-day forecast. we are down to six tomorrow night. as we get into next week, i' m really looking forward to friday not just because it is the end of the week but 56 should make all of us smile after this chilly weather. >> it was not all about the hoops tonight.
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george: welcome to the blitz. wow, playing host to a tough la salle team who has won 10 straight games. >> not only did they lose to elder last week, they also lost their senior point guard with a torn acl. we have more on the matchup. >> have you ever heard that expression, all we need to know we learned in kindergarten? sharing is on that list. you can understand if la salle wanted no part of that.
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wanted an outright gcl title. la salle was locked in on the road. the highball screen knocked down. la salle was winning at halftime. isaiah peyton. high-altitude. alley-oop. the foul line jumper was missed but look at this, he crashed the glass with a tip-in with three seconds left. look at this look, a would be game-winning three and molar escapes to share the title. >> heck of a play. i saw that ball rolling and i hope it would not rollout. feel. it felt like it was forever. m glad it went in.
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the gcl title with elder. a classy moment in the pregame, and written wishes to the injured point guard. his injury ended his career early. back to you. george: the spartans plane. -- playing. in the paint for two points. he' s going to pull up and hit the jumper. they are winning by six after three quarters of play. william green driving baseline. he will get the layout to go. >> this program has not lost in nearly a month. dixie heights would be the next victim. it is the battle of the
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>> and a flood got things started -- andy flood got things started for the colonels. hunter meyer drains the three-pointer. t.j. frederick with a crossover before going on the back for two two points. game two. >> the bulldogs. lots of shooters. l j miller gets in the paint. he buries it. he squares up and uses the left hand. newcastle one.
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>> coming up, mason looking for the next victim as they ride their 18 game win streak. >> the student athlete of the week, this player. she is a two-year varsity letter winner for swimming and lacrosse. she tutors for a fifth grade class and is in the symphonic band. karen has a gpa of 4.0 unweighted. matt is a senior on the football team. he is in academic achiever. he is a member of the -- a church group. mats gpa is also 4.0 unweighted. if you know some who deserve to
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or e-mail
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blitz. the mason comments are having a phenomenal year. >> a tough year for the cardinals. these two teams are at completely opposite ends of the conference. >> before the game between mason, rockets had coach was honored for winning his 310. -- 300th game. his record is 300 and one -- 301 -51 overall. >> i told our guys after the game the other night, not only for those guys to accomplish what they had this year for our team and our success, but through the guy standing there who are coaches were also previous play. they were all part of that too. that is how we look at it and we
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>> as for the game, it was senior night for mason. we had a tight one in the first quarter. matt cain with a baseline jumper. time winding down. often this, they lose ball and then -- a loose ball and then a bank. mason wins. the comments improved to 21 -- comets improve to 21. coach richards record improves. george, what do you have? george: time for basketball insider on the blitz. we have the final weekend of the regular season. we are to talk about some surprises.
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is not lost the -- his ability. >> shannon was a tough guy on the court. his team embodies that. you have three kids who averaged double figures every game. >> the braves have been nothing but tough. >> they were not take initially to win -- picked originally to win. >> a surprise player this year, maybe not a surprise for guys who know him but the young man. >> he is 15 years old and a lot of division i players are looking at him. he reminds me of kevin durant. >> george: that is our wits --
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>> getting it going at norwood. first quarter. jailing cooper with a midrange jumper. going in the hoop. they take a one point lead here. norwood staying right there. with the free throw line jumper. second quarter, more from the indians. with the three. norwood wins 64-46. >> don' t forget to vote for our prime time winner of the week. yet several candidates. -- we have several candidates.
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