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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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so this is a setup where we have our first wave come in sunday, a both of them the potential for accumulation and maybe some flurries still flying tuesday. so an active couple of days setting up in terms of snow potential. for sunday, snow showers arrive in the afternoon. continuing to the overnight as they start to weaken. temperatures for tomorrow around 25. i do think we're looking at some accumulation late sunday into monday. one, maybe two inches. we have potential for accumulation with the storm monday as well, especially our southeast counties. by tuesday, some flurries still flying. temperatures are heading into the mid 30s. today, we'll end up at 21 for the high. tonight, we drop off into single digits again. tomorrow, snow showers arrive in the afternoon and lingser through the overnight. we'll talk more about accumulations, look at the close range futurecast for the snow
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jonathan: road crews are on 12-hour shifts looking to prevent slick roads. they'll focus on areas prone to freezing and retreating roads. they're prepared to stay on duty around the clock through the weekend. wlwt news 5 leads the way on winter weather. download our wlwt ap and see the newscast and get severe weather alerts on your phone or mobile device. the zika virus is now in cincinnati. the first case, a butler county woman who traveled to south america. wlwt news 5's emily wood has more on the message being sent from the health department. reporter: e.r. doctor joseph kahn says the zika virus is all about mosquitos. right now, in ohio, it's little cause for concern. >> the main route of contracting the disease is mosquitos. right now, it's so cold that mosquitos aren't doing their thing. reporter: dr. kahn says it would be virtually impossible to
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casual contact with someone sick. >> it can be transferred via blood contact or other sex, and that's pretty much it. reporter: butler county health director pat berg says the biggest risk is for pregnant women traveling to central and south america. so far, the zika virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns. only one in five people infected will even show signs of symptoms. >> it's relatively a mild illness. we have only 20% of the people that actually have the virus even become ill at all. most of the symptoms are mild. reporter: with so few cases in the u.s. and even ohio, health experts are in a bit of a holding pattern as more people become educated and aware of the virus. >> we haven't fielded many questions so far. i would imagine this will stir up some questions. i think people are just concerned about how do i get it. how sick am i going to be. how am i going to know. jonathan: to answer the three questions, you get zika virus
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the sickness is mild to moderate. symptoms include fever, rash, headache, pink eye and joint pain. all four cases in ohio involve returning travelers. no one's contracted the virus while in the state. a possible repeat drug offender arrested again for making and possessing drugs near two schools. 42-year-old noah eric is being held on $20,000 bond. he had chemicals used to make a controlled substance inside a home on harrison avenue, near harrison elementary school and st. john the baptist school. a local community will come together to say good-bye to a 5-year-old ho lost his battle with cancer. taylor grant died february 3 neuroblastoma. the community wanted to honor with him a superhero send-off because he loved the ninja turt. s. jc battle and sons donated the
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people donated flowers, limo services and spring grove cemetery discounted his burial plot. this morning, there will be a private visitation beginning at 9:30. his public funeral begins at 11:00. today, hundreds of scantly clad runners will pound the pavement in cincinnati to raise money for the children's tumor foundation. not great timing if you're going out scantly clad today. cupid's undy run is part of 36 races happening across the u.s. organizers this year hope to raise $100,000. head to the mt. adams pavilion at noon. the race takes off at 2:00. students in harrison are trying to ease the water crisis in flint, michigan. today, they're hosting a bottled water drive to help the people of flint. the fundraiser is being organized at harrison junior
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with kroger. students will have a booth set up at the harrison kroger location today from 10:00 until 2:00. so far, more than 1,200 cases of water has been collected. they're hoping to get 4,000 by tuesday. the water will be delivered to flint on wednesday. a boone county middle school making a difference for our youth. the group, colts care, at conner middle school, is trying to make kids more comfortable in their new foster homes. they're doing it with pooky pouches. last night, students from seven schools helped pack bags with school supplies, personal care items, and stuffed animals. their goal was to make 500 pooky pouches. the help wanted sign's going out at kings island today. today, the park's hosting an open house, looking to fill 4,000 positions. there are openings all over the park, from security to lifeguards. you have to be 15 years old to apply. if you want to stop by the park, kings island will be taking applications from 1:00 until
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new details emerging after two high school students are killed. what police believe fueled the shootings that left the two young girls dead. plus, a matchup last night that would decide the fate of multiple teams. details on the competition for the gcl title. who would run away with it? it wasn't donald trump or chuck norris, i can tell you. a live look outside. citycam 5. is that a bus stop? no, that's expressway downtown with the old glory flapping in the wind. stay with us.
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look, i know you're and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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jonathan: new developments after two 15-year-olds girls were killed at a school. it was called a murder suicide. both victims were shot once and the gun was between their bodies. the bodies were near the school's cafeteria. police are not releasing the names of the sophomore girls, but one was identified by her family. tear fying moments inside a columbus restaurant. several people are still in the hospital after a man with a machete started attacking customers. mohamed berry was shot and killed by police after they say he hurt four people at the nazareth restaurant. investigators say he charged at them with two large knives. everyone injured is expected to survive. a neighbor of the attacker, who did not want to be identified,
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the night by an fbi raid and then had to answer questions about her neighbor. >> and you never saw people come and go, just him? >> no, just him. like i don't know if he had friends or anything. i never had anything in his apartment. jonathan: the fbi has yet to stay whether this was a random attack or if this was connected to terrorism. two years after eight prized cars plummeted into a sinkhole, the national corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky, has opened an exhibit commemorating the event. thankfully, no one was injured when the 20-foot deep sinkhole tore through the museum in 2014. now the corvette cave-in sinkhole exhibit is open for viewing. in addition to telling the story of the sinkhole, it provides geology lessons about sinkholes form.
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jonathan: it's interesting when your coworker describes your style as ridiculous. jennifer: i was watching the video and then realized what you were saying. jonathan: go ahead. how do sinkholes form? jennifer: weak earth underneath, obviously. i took a physical geography class. is it cursed, the type of the land soil that allows that to happen and the moisture below that allows it to cave in. western kentucky, illinois, missouri, all of that area. jonathan: sinkhole rich? jennifer: exactly. jonathan: we're cold temperature rich. jennifer: we are. today is the coldest. as we start to come out of it, moisture returns and you deal with snow chances for a couple days. a couple things to watch, a couple of storms to watch. jonathan: is this a teen day? jennifer: 21, but it will feel
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i think we have a good amount of sunshine today to help us out in some degree. look at wlwt radar. we had snow showers around last night. take a look at the lingering line through clinton and warren countys, sinking south. it will bring you a brief dusting. expect snow showers into mason, eventually. light flurries this morning a potential. this is the end of the friday night snow showers and flurries. we're at 13. it feels like 3 below. we'll keep the wind chill below zero this morning. we'll keep it in the single digits to maybe low teens this afternoon. it's going to be cold. right now, everyone down with air temperatures between 10 and 13, 14 degrees. a cold morning, a couple of flurries were flying last evening. they're grabbing moisture off of lake michigan, arcing into the tri-state. this should come to an end, the weather pattern, the potential for the lake effect snow showers this morning. as we come out, dry conditions, more sunshine as high pressure builds in.
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afternoon, moving overhead. we'll start to weaken those winds. so that's why we have a little bit of a break late today with the wind chills factored in. it's going to be quite cold today. that high pressure overhead, tonight, will keep us quiet. as it moves out tomorrow, take a look at a snow band that's sliding in tomorrow afternoon. we will have light to maybe moderate at times snow showers sunday, late afternoon, into our evening. we're still dealing with flurries flying and light snow showers monday morning. the continued futurecast shows this wave comes in and then we watch the back side of it as a south. that will linger some of the cold air and there will be some accumulating snowfall on the northeast side of the loy pressure. we'll be watching that closely. computer models are all over the place in terms of how much accumulation we get is not day night and where the low pressure path will end up monday. if it aligns, the southeast counties will have higher
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a couple of storm systems to watch. our sunday potential, i do think we're all looking at accumulation of maybe one to two inches by monday morning. temperatures still cold tomorrow. snow arrives in the afternoon. monday could end up with a mix during the day. the better chance, the southeast counties. tuesday, we're dealing with a light mix and flurries flying. 21 degrees for the high today. we have sunshine and a cold setup. clouds return tomorrow with afternoon snow. high temperature, 25. futurecast at noon tomorrow. western counties already getting into some snow showers. now, a little bit of a caution with the futurecast. it's the most aggressive in accumulation. this would be the worst case scenario with snow arriving sunday afternoon, continuing into the evening. some of the bands slightly heavy at times, trying to break up into monday morning. monday morning's commute could be a concern from the overnight snow showers.
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come out of the cold. 25 sunday, 36 monday. a little bit of a mix. southeast snow potential. tuesday, a light mix with flurries still possible at 35. late in this forecast, there are is quieter weather and milder temperatures by friday. jonathan: the news 5 sports team has you covered with your saturday morning sports. george: welcome to the blitz on a saturday morning. i'm george vogel, alongside elise jesse. how about moeller hosting a tough lasalle team last night. lasalle won ten straight games down the stretch of the season. elise: moeller, though, they lost to elder last week. they also lost their senior point guard, nate georgeton, to a torn acl. last night, a share of the gcl title was on the line. zach wells has more on the moeller/lasalle matchup. zach: good morning, george and elise.
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all we need to know we learned in kindergarten. sharing is on that list. you can understand if lasalle wanted no part of it. recipe was clear. beat the men of moeller on montgomery road and bring an yourt gcl title to the west side. lasalle was locked in on the road on senior night for the men of moeller. trey kilgore knocks down a three. put it in the books. lasalle went to halftime with a four-point lead. moeller battled back in the second half. trey mcbride is not afraid of heights. the alley-oop. it was tied at 41 in the closing seconds. peyton's foul line jumper missed. mcbride crashed the offensive glass with three seconds left. look at the look of it. krnl c.j. fleming got it for the win at the buzzer. moeller escapes to share the gcl title, 43-41. >> that was a helluva play. helluva play. and i saw that ball roll in, i'm hoping that would not roll out. just it went in.
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>> i can't explain how i feel. it felt like it was for everything. i'm glad it went in. nice way to end my career at moeller. zach: lasalle and moeller will share the gcl title with elder. a class moment pregame when lasalle coach dan fleming hand delivered written well wishes from his team to moeller point guard nate georgeton, who elise alluded to a moment ago. knee injury. back to you guys. george: trey mcbride's dad, walt, a proud papa. we're at roger bacon. k ck on skrine vine street to take on the spartans. bibbs going to take it, pull up. bacon up by six after three quarters of play. in the fourth, bacon takes control. william green takes the baseline. bacon wins it, 55-45, over mcnick. elise: covington catholic's
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in nearly a month. a win stream. george: no doubt about it. dixie height colonels, battle of the colonels. elise: first game of a twin bill featured cov cath and dixie. andy flood getting things lonels with the basket and the foul. he had 17 on the night. hunter meyer drains this three-ball, but they couldn't get it going on the offensive end. frederick goes behind the back, down the lane for two of his game-high 20 last night. cov cath wins it, 58-31. george: game two at nk ru, the holmes bulldogs facing new cath. new cath, young and with shooters like stephen pangallo. holmes, lj miller gets in the paint, out to brandon moore. that's a bucket for the dog.
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watch 6'8" ben wire. the lefty off the glass for two. new cath, 49-31. >> mcdonald's of greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald's blitz 5 student-athlete of the week. george: karen gavin is a senior at little miami high school and is on the lacrosse and swimming teams. she received honorable mention for lacrosse and is a two-year varsity letter winner in swimming and band. she's on the principal's council. karen has a gpa of 4.0. matt pruitt is on the football team. he's a three-year varsity lederman and three time academic all southwest ohio conference. he's a member of a church youth group and member of hope community service group. matt's gpa is also 4.0 unweighted. if you know someone who deserves to be our next mcdonald's student-athlete of the week, let us know.
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street, cincinnati, 45202 or e mail us, blitz jonathan: teaching kids a valuable lesson that may not be in textbooks. a student-led initiative with the way kids treat each other. citycam 5, can't get enough of
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face.
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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>> we're the edgewood community. we're not sixth seventh and eighth grade. jonathan: start with hello, a simple message spreading through the halls of edgewood middle school. karin johnson spent times with the kids in butler county as they spread an anti-bullying message. reporter: this jeer year jewelies ducker started at edgewood middle school. >> i know how kids feel alone sitting at lunch. reporter: he doesn't want a kid feeling the way he did. he and his friends are leading the charge in a campaign called start with hello. >> talk to someone new every day. reporter: at lunch today, their assignment, to make sure no one ate alone. >> there's one thing everybody can say to that person they're sitting next to if they don't know them.
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hello. reporter: a student scramble to find new seats, some greeted each other with compliments. others took a more formal approach. friend. >> it's important because more people need to be included and not, like, isolated. reporter: new friendships have bloomd. photos hanging in the halls display developing bonds. >> i've seen many groups expand and not just have the same people. >> eighth graders, now friends with sixth and seventh graders and proud of it. >> i thought they'd be more awkward, but he talked to me and i still talk to him now. that's pretty cool. >> we're the edgewood community. we're not 6th, 7th and 8th grade this week. we're the edgewood middle school and we're going to treat it this way. >> now with a school full of friends, julius ducker has words we can all use.
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it can dawn a new friendship. jonathan: this stems from the sandy hook promise that creates safer homes, schools and communities. >> it's a good one. it's a compliment. all right. didn't seem natural? >> nothing's more natural than this. >> i have a fake left hand. >> actress and comedian melissa mccarthy is taking her talents to saturday night live. i'm not sure i understood that. she's going to be on with musical guest kanye west tonight after news 5 at 11:00. hopefully would have a clip from that tomorrow morning. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including making sure love and money isn't lost on valentine's day. we'll tell you about the scam that cost one local man a hundred grand. and your live look outside. citycam 5.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the family of a man shot and killed by a former u.c. police officer is taking him to court. details on the civil lawsuit against ray tensing. tough talk from former president bill clinton. why he told local voters they should vote his wife into the white house. and arctic cold moving in for the weekend.
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will tell us how low those temperatures are going to go and how snow showers could impact your valentine's day plans. it's saturday, february 13, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, after that oasis of weather we had in late january and early february, feels like we've gotten to the limbo period of winter. jennifer: we have to go through another good bout of it before we're going to come out of winter. jonathan: also, it's how low can you go. jennifer: literally. so this morning, in terms of how low, temperatures are not bad. we're at 13, 14 degrees. but it feels like 3, 4, 5 below zero. we have the wind chill concern definitely. this morning, wind chills below zero. this afternoon, probably the single digits.
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jonathan: you said we might make it out of the teens for an actual temperature. jennifer: for an actual temperatur we're going 21. that sounds great, doesn't it? here's the radar. a couple of snow showers around last evening that amounted to coverage for a couple spots. we have a thin ribbon of moisture that lingers in clinton and warren countys. it's weakening over the last hour. that's all that's left for the entire region. most will be flurry-free this evening. flurries in highland county. mason may pick up a couple. evidence of a little bit of moisture. air temperatures, 10, 11, 12 degrees. the wind chill feels like three, four, five below zero. visibilities are high. no concerns for citycam. ten-mile visibility for the station in cincinnati. wilmington, where those couple
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during the observation, dropped back to a mile and a half. not much of a concern for snow around today. today, the concern is cold temperatures. coming out of this, several snow chances start sunday and last into next week. we'll go through the rest of the forecast coming up. jonathan. jonathan: thanks. a civil lawsuit in the death of sam dubose. a wrongful death filing that names former u.c. police officer and accused killer, ray tensing. the federal suit claims excessive force, plus assault and battery by tensing. the family is asking for damages but doesn't give an amount. the dubose family settled for $4.8 million with the university. tensing is charged with murder in last summer's traffic stop shooting. a trial date has been set for october. >> it's not worth it. it's just totally not worth it. there are so many sharks out there just wanting to take your money. jonathan: a local man with a warning for everyone after being taken for six figures.
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with valentine's day almost here. wlwt investigated. most are disguised on social media and online sites. whoever is on the other end establishes relationships with you before tricking you into sending them money. often over the course of months. >> it was in small increments. added up over six, eight months, it turned out to be about a hundred. these scam artists, no matter what they're doing, do prey on your emotions. they're really good at it. and they get people sometimes who are vulnerable, maybe someone's come off a bad situation and then their romanced and they prey upon those people. jonathan: all said, the man you heard from in the first part of this, ray, sent $100,000 in money. the ag's office says it's a common case. last year, ohio's attorney general received about 40 complaints involving so-called sweetheart scams. most people reported losing
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the presidential race, a big topic at a local gop tradition. here it was. boy, a pretty hall. the hamilton county republicans hosted their lincoln reagan dinner at music hall. keynote speaker army colonel alan west and u.s. senator rob portman weighed in on ohio governor john kasich's 2016 run. >> it's good. he's got the right message. he's telling people what he did here in ohio. folks want to know just if you can give a good speech but whether you can actually perform and help make things better. that's what he did here. >> the challenge will be to develop an infrastructure down in south carolina. we'll see how he fares down there. jonathan: the dinner comes hours after a visit to cincinnati by former president bill clinton. he did campaigning and fund-raising for his wife, hillary. john london was at the rally in clifton. reporter: the event here inside clifton's cultural arts center was put together quickly the aftermath of a tough night in new hampshire for hillary's
5:34 am
to excite youthful support, former president bill clinton told a roomful of democrats -- >> this may be the most important thing to those who are young. the next president in the united states in all probability will have between one and three appointments to the united states supreme court. reporter: hours earlier, in the heart of town, a private fundraiser at the contemporary arts center. >> as a woman, i support hillary clinton. she's strong on choice and women's rights. >> after the debate, she shows she has the substantive knowledge to run our country. reporter: a country experiencing a wild ride as this trump banner reminded those at the rally. xlin ton dumping on many themes, including lgbt rights. >> they can get married on saturday, but they can be fired on monday. reporter: young women, like this college freshman, on the bernie/hillary fence. >> not right now. it. i thought this was a good
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>> i like bernie. i just support hillary because i think she can get things done. and i worry about electability with bernie. reporter: the rallies to come will provoke thought among all ages with issues for the ages. >> most muslims despise what happened in san bernardin and we need them to win this fight. reporter: clinton told several hundred supporters his wife is a change maker. many young people still in the trying to decide mode, whether to go with hillary to to feel the bern. in clifton tonight, john london, wlwt news 5. $200,000. away. on the republican side, the six remaining presidential candidates will debate in tonight. ted cruz and donald trump have each won't a state. but john kasich had a strong second place finish in new hampshire.
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for teenagers with people with disabilities. >> which station do you want, one, two, three -- jbs jonathan: last night, mike dardis and sheree paolello hosted tim tebow's knight to shine at florence united methodist church. more than 100 churches across the world treated people with special needs to their own prom. organizers say it's all about the experience. carpet. to them, it's so much more. so really focusing on every little detail. incredible. jonathan: about 32,000 special needs people worldwide were crowned kings and queens. the tim tebow foundation helps provide the decorations for night to shine events. there they get a message from tim as well.
5:37 am
the new life saving product available for sale there and whether you'll notice a change at your local kroger. plus, a showdown on the court between a team looking to maintain its winning ways and one trying to snap a losing streak. details in your morning sports coming up. we'll go outside through citycam 5's eyes. radisson's got blue lights down low and up high.
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jonathan: welcome back. kroger is joining our retailers in the growing fight against heroin. dan griffin was there as the company announced it will now offer narcan over-the-counter. reporter: a life saving antidote now within each for anyone. nall ox own, also known as narcan, will be available over-the-counter at kroger starting monday. >> there are going to be situations where it's beneficial to have this in your neighborhood. reporter: nancy schroeder a mother often shopping at the oakley store, says it's the right thing to do. kroger and state leaders agree. >> we have more deaths from heroin and prescription drug overdoses than anything else, more than auto accidents. we've got to address this. reporter: senator rob portman said last year, 2,400 ohio ans died from ods. ohio attorney general mike dewine says there are stories of success each day.
5:41 am
and the other had been brought back three times by naloxone. each one today is sober. each one today is moving forward. reporter: kroger worked for months on a physician approved protocol, including this checklist to make sure patients and family members are prepared to use it. >> education about risk factors for opioid overdose, what an overdose looks like and how to take take care of the overdose and seek treatment. reporter: kroger will offer it as an inhaler or shot form in cincinnati and northern kentucky. >> everybody is a at risk for problems. reporter: the drug epidemic doesn't target race or social status. a move like this could save a life in oakley, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. jonathan: kroger will offer the drug at 216 farmlies across ohio. the inhaler form will cost $99 without insurance. they say they don't anticipate
5:42 am
differences as those in need come for help. in late 2014, cincinnati police as well as police and lawrenceburg, indiana, began carrying narcan. early 2015, hospitals across kentucky began offering free overdose kits with prescriptions. by spring of 2015, both cvs and walgreen's began offering the drug with a prescription. cvs has since begun offering narcan without a prescription. oober agrees to pay more than $28 million to settle lawsuits it misled riders. the ride sharing company was sued over fees it charged passengers. although the settlement is huge, the payout for customers is small. it amounts to about a dollar a person who used uber between january 2013 and january of this year. the ride hailing company also agrees to rename its safe ride fee to a booking fee. if the settlement is approved, riders will be contacted and offered a credit or refund. nashville hot. a new restaurant serving
5:43 am
chicken is opening in kentucky. the restaurant group was funded by local event ntrepreneur and former to him and chi president. former cincinnati bengal brad cucino is a partner in the restaurant. today, they celebrate their grand opening on buttermilk pike in crescent springs from 10:00 until 10:00 p.m. diners will receive free cobbler and ice cream with their meal. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: we're going to start off with a look at the wlwt overnight. visibility is high for all of us with partly cloudy skies, but did you know wilmington's visibility at one and a half miles because a band of snow sinking in. what's left over from last night sinking south and weakening. the extreme northeast and eastern counties a potential for flurries flying.
5:44 am
into mason, maybe loveland, central parts of highland county and hillsboro expect flurries in the next little while as visibility drops off. 13 degrees right now. that wind chill feels like three below zero. we will keep the wind chill down below zero this morning. it will be in the single digits most of the afternoon. maybe late in the day, seeing it back around 10, 11, 12 degrees. we'll struggle today for a cold setup to start our weekend. right now, temperatures about ten degrees in the northern counties to 13, 14 in the southern counties. we had a couple of snow showers last evening. didn't amount to too much. a couple of spots, another inch. not much for measurable snow. the moisture tailing in from lake michigan, as high pressure invades, we'll get rid of morning clouds and see a good amount of afternoon sunshine and weakening winds later today. that will help those wind chills a little bit of improvement with that. dry conditions after these morning flurry ies.
5:45 am
back side across the midwest tonight. it will arrive tomorrow afternoon. sunday afternoon. it does look like this storm system is taking aim for higher tomorrow. we will still see snow showers the second half of our sunday and tapering sunday night into monday. that's the next chance for some minor accumulations. looking into monday afternoon and evening, take a look at futurecast as it continues. a low pressure coming in from the south. will set up enough cold air overhead. we'll watch the path of the low pressure because on the northwest side of it, there will likely be accumulating snow and we could end up with some of that being in our southeast counties especially. that will be something to watch for monday afternoon. and into the evening hours, before it lifts out, we may also see wraparound flurries tuesday as well. so really sunday, monday and tuesday are days to be watching with snow chances, flurries, and even sometimes we'll see rain
5:46 am
it's a messy forecast setting up. for sunday, i think it's all snow, afternoons and snow showers arriving. by monday morning, the first bout of snow will drop off. then monday, an afternoon brief mix as the low pressure tracks close to us. we'll watch our southeast counties if we get any accumulating snowfall out of that storm. and some wraparound flurries and rain drops wednesday. highs monday and tuesday will edge above freezing. 21 for the high today. we bring back sunshine. tonight, drop off to 6 degrees. another cold start for sunday morning. sunday afternoon, clouds arrive. we're to 25. snow showers in the afternoon. here's futurecast with the most aggressive version of sunday snow showers arriving. you can see by midday, we have activity across our western counties. it will continue through the late afternoon and evening. become more spotty for the overnight. but with lichk erg flurries around monday morning, could cause problems for monday morning's commute. we'll watch that monday
5:47 am
so a pretty active setup the next couple of days. cold this weekend. we come out of it with some snow showers still around monday and tuesday. we're dry the second half of the forecast. eventually, the 53 is the forecast for next friday as mild air returns. now here's your saturday morning sports. george: back with more blitz on a saturday morning, the mason comets having a phenomenal year so far. while colerain was looking to break a nine-game losing streak last night. elise: tough year for the cardinals. the two teams are on complete opposite end of the greater miami conference. derek forest has more. reporter: before the game, rockets head coach was honored for winning his 300th game as the head coach at mason. richards accomplished the feat middletown.
5:48 am
milestone couldn't have been reached without the people around him. >> like i told our guys after the game the other night in the middle town locker room, not only for those guys to accomplish what they have this year for our team and success, but three of the guys standing there that are coaches were also previous players. they were all part of that too. so it's kind of neat. again, longevity with good people around you, coaches, players and family. that's what we look at and that's what we pride our selves on. reporter: as for the game, it was senior night at mason as they took on colerain. we had a tight one in the first quarter. matt king, the baseline jumper for the comets, knocks it down. they were up two. time winding down. off the miss, nick martini picks three. that's bank. colerain down one after the first quarter. mason goes on to within, 79-35.
5:49 am
but they outscored colerain, 64-21, in the final three quarters as coach richards' record grooves to 301-151. george: it's time for the blitz bass ketball insider. there it is, alex meacham, our insider. alex, final weekend of the regular season. we'll talk about surprises we saw this season. we'll start with north college hill. shannon minor may have lost his hair. he hasn't lost his ability to coach. >> when he played at nku, he was a tough competitor. his team embody that. kenny thompson is the leader, averaging 27 points a game. he has two other kids who average double figures. george: indian hill, another surprise because of how strong they've been after dropping a game early in the season. then they got their football guys in. >> coach has done a great job of mixing the talent of young kids,
5:50 am
averaging 17 points a game. george: a player to keep an eye on that we found out about this year, right there, the big guy from finneytown. >> big smooth. 6'7" point guard. kind of reminds me of kevin durant at times. he's only 15 years old. a lot of division one college coaches are looking at this guy. george: a sophomore. one division one coach we know a little bit about, right? guy from west virginia, maybe. are we allowed to say that? >> i think we can. george: probably eric martin sniffing around as well. >> absolutely. george: he is our blitz 5 basketball insider, meech, good job as us a. always. see you tournament time. elise: amelia is at the top of conference. two middle of the pack teams squaring off last night, looking to gain some ground in the conference. batavia getting it going at norwood. we go to the first quarter. jalen cooper, the mid range jumper is a lock.
5:51 am
e rett krouse. why not? hoop and harm. they take a one-point lead. norwood staying there. harkin with the free throw jumper. second quarter, more from the indians. this is logan zimmer as norwood wins 64-46. night. off the miss, trey mcbride for the dip and yes, it goes. that gives moeller the lead and the win. trey mcbride, son of walt, with our tip-in drive of the week. elise: i like it. george: i know walt is proud. he was emotional yesterday because of senior night. it's good to see it in that way for walt and trey. all right. & sportsmedicine primetime candidates. whoever gets the most votes out
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will be featured next week on news 5 at 11:00. so vote at jonathan: an exciting event at bbt arena on nku campus. look who's there, george vogel. the state sports caster of the year accepted a check for the ruth lyons children's fund from the bluegrass buckeye classic that raised $25,000 for the charity. turning to your phone to find love. what about a friend? an annual event dedicated to finding hundreds of local animals homes. how to get involved in my furry valentine. citycam 5 found old glory waving. it must be breezy out there on this cold saturday morning. i hope you're bundled up and staying with us for a good long
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jonathan: smart phones are changing how people find friends. study of 200 college students found that 73% of them ranked tinder as their favorite dating app. but they also confess they aren't using the app to date. more than half use it app just to find friends. well, the contemporary arts
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admission this weekend. at 11:00, there will be a short performance by the young professionals choral collective of cincinnati. there will be museum activitys and other personal musical exhibits. the event runs from 11:00 to 3:00, both today and sunday. free admission. looking to add to your family? it's the perfect weekend to do so. cincinnati's largest pet adoption event, my furry valentine, is today at the sharonville convention center. the event runs from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. it will feature more than 700 adoptable cats, puppies, dogs, kittens. the animals are from more than groups. if you can't make it out today, the event runs tomorrow as well at the same time. a similar event happening today in kentucky from 11:00 to 5:00. volunteers are hosting a fund-raising and adoption event florence. money and supplies donated will benefit the owen county friends
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there will also be animal adoptions available as well as homemade treats, toys and beds for purchase. in newport, a bird on a quest to find love. we've got paula the penguin at the newport aquarium checking out the other animals. this is some video sent to us by the aquarium. got the camera on the ground there as the penguin walks past. she heads past the croc and past the shark. there's sweet pea. until she finds the right place. you can see the entire video on our website a little mickey gilley for you too. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including a valentine's day setup. the michigan man whose coworkers used a billboard to help him find that special someone.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, greater cincinnati dealing with its first case of the zika virus. we'll tell you where the case is being reported and what health officials want you to know.


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