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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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s wlwt, this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] lisa: the worst fears of neighbors, confirmed. a body found inside a home after we' ll have the latest on the investigation live from the scene. mark: plus, a man accused of a deadly weekend shooting goes before a judge. what happened in court and the suspect' s relationship to the victim. lisa: and the snow has stopped, but rain is on the way. the effort to clear the roads before the next round of weather moves in. good afternoon, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. we have a bit of a break from
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but rain, snow, and even some freezing rain is on the way. lisa: wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico has when the wintery mix will move in. randi. randi: let' s take a second to appreciate the fact that temperatures are now above freezing. we get to talk about wintry mix versus nothing but plain old snow. it' s been a week in the freezer, and we' re finally getting out of it. taking a look to the south, this is where the next system is going to be coming from. rain this morning from memphis to national rolling to the north and east. this will bring us the chance for some rain as we head into the evening and overnight. right now, cloudy skies for everybody, that will continue to the afternoon. many towns now above freezing, sitting at 33 at cvg, 34 batavia, 35 in georgetown. nearly 40 in maysville, kentucky. as we head to the afternoon, freezing all across greater cincinnati. rain showers
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southeastern communities late rain starts to mix with snow and freezing rain, it will not early for most of us, a bit of the mix. it could be some regulating snow co rridor. we take a look at more regulation and where slushy if you relation to be possible. mark: cincinnati road crews are staying busy, clearing the way for the evening commute. the city says they have treated 76% of primary roads. but they still need to get to 73% of residential streets. road crews say use off-street parking if you can. you' re driving. the city says, crews will also continue to focus on areas prone to freezing. wlwt news 5 is leading the way on the winter weather -- and you can download our wlwt app to get the updated forecast, and get severe weather alerts. lisa: tragedy at a house fire in springfield township we have just learned at least one body has been found inside. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin
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latest on the victim and the investigation. good afternoon. dan: we now know the neighbors fears are now reality. a man' s body found in this home off tuberville court. firefighters spent hours fighting flames here. you can see the damage and at home. this is what' s left behind from the fire. firefighters of been here since 9:00 a.m. the heat and smoke billowing from this home through the morning, firefighters describe the homeowner in his 60' he was found in the kitchen. it' s not clear what caused the fire, or where it started according to the chief. fire crews say by the time they arrived, flames were already in the walls and floors. the chief described the home is situation. and man next door said he spotted the huge flames and
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>> i looked over and saw the flames shooting out of the porch and immediately ran and got my phone and called 911 and run over to the house and started banging on his door. without any success. nobody came to the door. dan: neighbors have been sharing a sense of sadness here this morning, very much a sad scene. firefighters say the were pets in the home, none of them survived. firefighter was he is expected to be ok. live in springfield township, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: dan, thank you. the snow mixed with a crime, led to a crash and fire in green township. stole a brand new car from the woody sander ford dealership. then lost control, crashing into a pole in the 5500 block of sidney. the car then burst into flames. the teens were able to get out and were quickly arrested. crews had to be brought in to
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the area. mark: a man accused of a deadly shooting in westwood was arraigned this morning. williams was set at $250,000. he is charged in the death of derrick johnson. police were called to tulsa crash saturday morning. s wrecked he had been shot, he died at the scene. today we learned that johnson is williams cousin. williams says it was an it was an accident and he turned himself in to police hours later. car and foot chase in mount lookout also went before a judge today. 23-year-old ali gervacio is vehicular assault and vehicular assault. an officer attempted to stop a gervacio did not stop. the car crashed into a parked car on linwood avenue, and and scene. an officer fired his gun once, suspect. arrested.
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lisa: a pendleton county mother was last seen two weeks ago. now her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to her return. tara turner, was last seen january 31 in pendelton county with a friend. he claims he dropped tara off near the california marketplace along the aa highway. tara' s father says she has not been in contact with her two children, or anyone in the family. uc' s office of safety and reform they will introduce the consulting team exiger that will perform a comprehensive review of the uc police department. this comes after the officer involved shooting death of sam dubose. the forum is at 6:30 at the community action agency. lisa: happening today, kroger is joining other retailers in the growing fight against heroin, by offering narcan over-the-counter. kroger says it worked for months on a physician-approved protocol including a detailed checklist, to make sure patients and family members are prepared to use narcan. kroger will offer narcan as an
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cincinnati and northern kentucky. mark: ridley jim has been laid to rest. hundreds turned out at bernie' s does being of the holy family church. the late reds clubhouse manager died at the age of 80. he was with the reds for nearly 7 decades, and players -- former and current -- showed up to pay their respects to the man they say treated them like family. lisa: support is growing for the rebuilding effort in rabbit hash, kentucky after a fire , destroyed the historical landmark. been raised to rebuild the it was a damaged by a fire saturday night, and the owners were only able to salvage a few the general store has been an important part of the community for decades. gavin prince: a part of the it' s been around for like 180
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s just gone now. mark: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the go-fund-me page for the store has a goal of $250,000. mark: some good work from the miami township fire department. they were called out to the 5300 block of rollingwood drive for a deer stuck in a fence. firefighters quickly got to work and were able to pry the bars of the fence apart enough that the deer got out on it' s own and ran free. lisa: the death of a supreme court justice is setting off a debate over the future of the high court. mark: the partisan fight on capitol hill and the message former ohio governor ted strickland is sending to ohio senator rob portman on the issue. lisa: a scary situation. two tram cars stop 40 feet in the air at a ski resort. the daring rescue of more than two dozen people that was caught on camera. randi: we are above freezing, which means we' re looking at
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it will mix with snow overnight, some parts of town may get
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s leading the way. mark: good afternoon, welcome the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived back in the d.c. area overnight. setting up a partisan fight on capitol hill. president obama hold off and let the next president name a nbc' s tracie potts has the developing story from washington. scalia' s flag-draped casket arrived in the d.c. area overnight, the political fight over his replacement is underway: president obama: i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor. tracie: the white house says that won' t happen this week while congress is on break. we' re already seeing possible marco rubio: that' s his but we don' and we won' t. jeb bush: if there is an up or down vote it should be rejected based on how the history of how president obama selects judges. if there' s fine tracie: the court' s in the middle of its term, with more
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now and july. without conservative scalia, key cases could end up in a tie. ted cruz: we will see unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country, partial-birth abortion, taxpayer funding, no parental notification. donald trump: we need a conservative person. tracie: democrats insist the country shouldn' t have to wait nearly a year for the next president to decide. hillary clinton: we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. bernie sanders: i don' t think the public would look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do. tracie: tracie potts, nbc news washington. lisa: today former ohio governor ted strickland called on senator rob portman to uphold his constitutional duty to vote on the confirmation of a new u.s. supreme court justice. saying in part, "this is bigger than politics or parties -- it' s about the institutions of our democracy." his mexcio visit. right now he' s holding a public
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in chiapas. state' s largely indigenous community and will include readings and songs in three different indigenous languages. today, francis will also visit the san cristobal de las casas cathedral and meet with families lisa: a virgin atlantic flight london' s heathrow airport the airline says, someone pointed a laser at the plane. after it happened, the first officer started to feel sick, so the pilots decided to head back to london, rather than making the trans-atlantic crossing. passengers were offered overnight accommodation and the airline apologized for any inconvenience. mark: one person is dead after a fire at a home in massachusetts. firefighters arrived to find the home engulfed in flames. the victim' s body was discovered on the third floor. fire officials say the cold temperatures hampered efforts to fight the fire. the regulators and tanks kept freezing. one firefighter was injured when
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investigation. lisa: crews have rescued 48 people from two tram cars at a new hampshire ski resort, after it became stuck 40 feet off the ground in sub-zero temperatures. it happened sunday afternoon at the cannon mountain aerial tramway in franconia. the passengers -- who included an 8 month old -- had to be rappelled down to safety from the lower and upper parts of the car. no injuries were reported. officials say there was a service brake issue. crews do not believe the cold temperature was a factor. mark: valentine' s day was a good day to stay inside, after snow and bitter cold gripped much of the country. in indiana, weather was the cause of a huge pile-up that shut down a long stretch of highway near indianapolis. the indiana state patrol says between 40 and 50 cars were involved, and at least 12 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. lisa: meanwhile, it was the coldest valentine' s day on record in the northeast. this is video from boston, where steam was coming off the water. this fog forms when the especially-cold air moves over the relatively-warmer waters.
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the northeast, which created brutal wind chills. mark: a night out at the ballet, that would not be stopped by snow. lisa: we caught up with one family this weekend, who was out celebrating a birthday in the snowy conditions. they all went out to see the cincinnati ballet' s "cinderella." as they say in show business "the show must go on." 9-year-old celeste homer was born in a snow storm, so celebrating during the winter weather is nothing new. >> when she was born 9 years storm so we do it every year and every year it seems to snow on feburary 14. lisa: this birthday party included a group of 10 girls, who all got to check out the show. and they went to the ballet in style, riding in a limousine. mark: good times. president' s day holiday, but snow. this is eli, daniel, kevin, cameron, max and martin, in symmes township . the sycamore high seniors decided to build an igloo.
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picture on u-local. it' s her grandson, memphis, having fun in the snow on sunday. you can upload snow pictures under the u-local section of >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. i know most people of had it up to here with the snow. the good thing is, the next thing that will role in our direction is some rain. here in cincinnati. towns to the north may still be a couple of degrees below should crime -- should climb in the next couple of hours. we watch rain role in this evening and overspread the entire area by midnight. it' s after midnight that we make the changeover with rain mixing the snow and maybe some freezing rain. it' s going to be not hitting everybody equally. which really has been the story of this winter, hasn' t it? storms have gone south and north.
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snowfall at cvg, and puts the season total of 16 port forages of snow. finally above the average -- 16.4 inches of snow. finally above the average. in cincinnati, we' ve seen far more snow than they have to the north. and the system is rolling our way tonight when it changes over will hit one part of cincinnati is little harder than the other. as we take a look at the clouds they' re not going to change through the day. expect overcast skies. to the south, the rain is slowly making its way north. we' re looking at 33 degrees with limited visibility thanks to the fog overtop of downtown. at least we' re talking temperatures above freezing. that will stay through much of the evening. i' ve got, 30 six, 8:00, rain is rolling at 35. it' s a cold rain. at 11:00, 33 degrees. rent their the tipping point, but still rain for most of us as we approach midnight. you can see on futurecast, for
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slowly watching rain showers role throughout him' s in mason county back towards the 71 quart or -- corridor. towards midnight, everyone has a shot at rain. indiana staying generally on the drier side of the system. as we get cold enough to change over from ranger wintry mix of rain and freezing rain, you will notice that line starts to move its way off to the east. as we head into the early morning hours, it is still snowing southeast of the 71 core door -- corriod dor. there are some spots that have the potential for chelation. -- four accumulation. their response the macy' s/she accumulation -- there are spots that may see slushy accumulation overnight. basically 68 at least there' s
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slushy accumulation followed by an inch or two inches. tuesday morning, the snow moves off and the next system tuesday night stays to our south great that is good news. one more round to get through tonight. for most of us, it' s predominately rain. we will have the morning time mix tomorrow and a little but of snow to the east of 68. 38 for the high tomorrow. flurries on wednesday, and then bring on the warm-up. almost 60 degrees by the time we have friday. mark: randi, thank you. crime-stoppers is here with information on a couple of the tri-state' s most wanted. lisa: officer lesa smith is joining us from the cincinnati police department. lesa, who are we looking for today? lesa: the first person we are looking for is matthew gerwe, who is wanted for felony burglary. on january 17, the victim states that while they were sleeping, gerwe entered their manor hill residence and removed various high dollar tools from the basement.
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11" and weighs 185 pounds. he has multiple arrests for thefts, domestic violence and possession of drugs. he was last known to live on sutton avenue in mt. washington. we are also looking for davonte kippers. he is wanted for felony breaking and entering. kippers is accused of entering a chained off business located on clinton springs, where he broke out the office glass window, and stole money from the cash drawer. his dna was left at the scene , luckily for us. kippers is 20-years-old, 5' 10" and weighs 230 pounds. he has past arrests for assault and theft, and was last known to live on graydon road in evanston. mark: lesa, thanks for coming in. have a good week. lisa: here' s how you can help. if you have any information that can help police find these two call crime-stoppers. , that number is 513-352-3040. or you can submit tips online at remember, you don' t have to give your name, and you could get cash for clues. mark: when we continue rapper
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world buzzing. lisa: his debt confession and who he' s appealing to for help. mark: plus, it wasn' t the new romantic comedy that topped the valentine' s weekend box office. the superhero flick breaking february records. you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey?
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lisa: kanye west announced his new album release over the weekend. mark: then took it back, and added a bombshell. the rapper says he' s $53 million in personal debt. west tweeted the news to his followers hours before performing on saturday night live, saying "please pray we overcome, this is my true heart." the album, "the life of pablo" is only available on tidal, a streaming service. sunday west called for facebook founder mark zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas. i know lisa wants to invest. lisa: his ideas. i wonder if those are on paper. los angeles is preparing for the 58th annual grammy awards, at the staples center. crews were out this weekend putting on the final touches before the celebrities hit the red carpet for tonight' s show. rapper kendrick lamar could fly high at the grammys. he'
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year. taylor swift could also win big. she grabbed 7 nominations but swift' s tune, "blank space" and lamar' s hit, "alright" could both take a back seat in the song of the year category. music experts predicts them to lose out to charlie puth and "see you again." lyndsay parker: it was dedicated to paul walker, from the fast and furious franchise, who and i think a lot of people resonated with that. lisa: ll cool-j will host the awards for the fifth year. >> why the fancy red suit, mr. pool? >> oh, that' s because it' s christmas day, dopinder -- and i' m after someone on my naughty list. mark: a super debut for a super hero at the box office. "deadpool" doubled initial estimates, earning $135 million. it crushed last year' s february debut record of $85 million set by "50 shades of grey." lisa, you saw that. it'
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weekend for an "r" rated film. t see it, i did read the book. mark: the trilogy? randi: -- lisa: just the one. mark: i know there were three. lisa: have you know that? let' s get to the forecast. only upper 30' rolls in late this evening. then late tonight. the transition over to wintry mix with accumulation possible to the east. [captioning performed by the
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>> lights, camera, access. i feel like me and taylor might still have sex i made that bitch famous >> oh, you heard right. kanye is stirring up trouble with swift yet again. i'm billy bush. did he have her blessing with those lyrics or not? that is where this really gets interesting. >> that was something that wasn't known at that time. he kd of shrugged everything off. >> he examined o.j. after the


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