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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> as john london shows us tonight, the daily regimen requires a lot of careful care. >> we will take you inside the red wolf sanctuary here in rising sun, where a bald eagle recovery project is about to start its second week. caught in a trap about a week ago, this bald eagle is unable to survive on her own. they are readying the days diet to nurse her neck to help. . >> we will try chicken >> put it in the abdominal cavity. >> they will be force-fed to >> but first, this must -- this
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towels are used to shield her eyesight from fingers and hands. a process that takes skill, and a set -- full supply of band-aids. >> close, working. she got me. >> the rule, don' t back the hand that feeds you, is not honored by bald eagles. this nonprofit sanctuary is committed to wildlife preservation, whether it is caring for foxes from another century out of kentucky, rehabbing this red fox recently struck by a car, or showering her with care to her music -- remove the mud on her wingspan. this majestic -- majestic symbol >> we have to evaluate how much damage her feathers sustained. reporter: would probably be dead by now, if not for the nurturing. if it all goes well, they hope
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red wolf sanctuary relies the meat from hundreds of road kill deer every year is used to feed the wildlife cared for there. mike: we' re just a few weeks into tax season and the irs is alerting taxpayers there could be something terribly wrong with your tax returns. there is already an onslaught of fradulent tax returns. the trouble can be traced back to last year' s data security breaches. millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of i.d. theives. those thieves are now using the stolen information to file a fake return and get other people' s tax refund. your best line of defense is the file before the thief does. todd dykes a learned the hard way when someone else filed the tax return under your name. what it took to work through that problem, tomorrow.
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cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: we have got we have a couple matters discussed. areas of dense fog across the region across the afternoon. of course visibility is stay reduced throughout the evening hours. simply as a result of the fact that we have snow on the ground. we are some warmer air moving in. just for all of us, temperatures are above freezing. they will say this way for part of the night tonight. part of the rain making its way through eastern kentucky. this area rain is important because within this area of rain there will be a transition to snow after midnight. for now though it is all liquid from falmouth. this area of rainfall activity is part of a larger storm system.
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way up the appellations. we are going to be on the backside of the system. we are going to be grazed by this as a push it off toward the ease. 36 at the airport, look at our wins out of the cell. they are bringing in some of the milder air. above freezing area ride. we do not to worry about here' s a storm system. it is way down in eastern mississippi. it is going to cross down to alabama. this is going to track its way up the appellations. as the tracks its way to the ease, we are going to be on the northern fringe of this developing system. so here is what i am expecting to happen here. it looks like we will expect some rain over some the spread areas. especially around interstates of we go to dinnertime. after midnight sums that will mix in with the rain. the bulk of the snow will
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metro cincinnati. generally east of highway 68 here in ohio. and for the folks well to our use, i do expect some slow travel tomorrow morning and an impact your morning commute and even a snow day for some of you. two to four inches of snow it is a pretty good bet. with some snow-covered roads. around the metro, someone picks up a quarter to an half inch. our roads are just generally wet. the snowfall is from eastern parts of brown, part of highland county down into mason county. we can almost draw line of from brooksville to georgetown to mount or two hillsboro. look at futurecast. notice of the rain builds and. through dinnertime, it dikes that it backs his way up into interstate sunday one quarter. after midnight you start seeing some blue mixing up. we' ll start getting some wet snow. as a go into the overnight hours, it turns moreover to snow than rain.
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our easternmost neds desk easternmost communities will see the most of human relation -- accumulations. chilly conditions for the middle the week. by the end of the way, temperatures will climb close to 60 by next weekend. 34 for a low tonight. evening fog for a few more hours. showers over to snow. tomorrow is going to be cloudy in chilly. look for a high around the 30' s. here' s her seven-day forecast. we quickly break up into a big-time world with temperatures in the 60' s by friday and saturday. mike: i just heard 60. sheree: i' m looking for to it after today. mike: was it real or a hoax a explosive device attached to a rental car. how it was found. and what authorities are now saying about the device. plus, a 19-year-old swept off the rocks, and into the water at san diego' s iconic sunset cliffs reef. what lifeguards had to do, to rescue him. you'
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pull off a dramatic rescue along
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mike: they had to use a crane to save a man, swept off a reef. the 19-year-old was stuck in a cove. lifeguards swam through rough waves to get to victim. the arm of the crane went over the edge of the cliff to lift him to safety. oh god, i thought i was gonna >>oh god, i thought i was gonna drown, like honestly, there was a point where i was hanging on the rock over there, i thought i was gonna drown, so definitely a very scary experience. mike: on saturday alone, they responded to more than a dozen people needing rescued. sheree: it turns out an explosive found under a rental car near the airport in albuquerque new mexico was a hoax. police say the car was returned overnight. when a mechanic put it on the lift. as part of re-inspection protocol he saw the device. the building was evacuated. tonight authorities are saying, there were no explosives associated with the device. the atf and fbi. is investigating. flames. shot out of a bronx apartment building this morning as firefighters tried to get control of the fire. you can see firefighters on the roof of the 3 story building. but the flames shooting 20 feet high, and thick smoke, forced them down.
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mike: people walking on the golden gate bridge,, attacked by somebody shooting blow darts. two people have been hit. and now police want the public' s help to find who' s responsible. the darts were tested to make sure they weren' t coated in chemicals. it' s not clear, where the darts were fired from. sheree: another crash in the local problem spot ends with two teenagers charged. >> on both sides of the street, multiple times a year people are sliding off the road. mike: what police say they found in the pocket of one of the teenager' s which could mean more trouble for him. sheree: plus ohio' s governor.
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this weeke (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: two teenagers are facing charges after police say they crashed a stolen car in green township. the car caught fire, and they were lucky they had already made it out. sheree: neighbors tell us they' ve seen crashes at this spot many times before. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has a story you saw first on wlwt. >> all of a sudden we just heard a startling crash. a car off the road and on-fire, >> once when the car hit the
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phone pole hit the ground and then when the wires came out of the house and hit the cars. it all takes place in the matter of a second, but it' s very startling loud. reporter: the car came from walt sweeney ford. police say two teens stole it. it slammed into a utility pole along sidney road. the teens bailed from the car and were arrested. but the crash brought live wires down onto the car. firefighters could only watch while the brand new car burned. >> the utility pole this car hit has already been replaced. duke energy was out here and they put a new pole in the ground, you can see the mess -- the burned car behind it there. >> multiple good time -- multiple times a year people are sliding of the road. reporter: multiple times a year people are sliding off the road. geoffrey hollenbach' s has seen this happen, right outside his front door, again and again. >> they might go out of control just before the curve and
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front yards up this way. it' s probably on average twice a >>it' s probably on average twice a year that the whole pole will go down. reporter: he spent hours without power, and because the lines to his house were ripped down in the crash, he has to pay to have them fixed yet again. >> i' m missing a day of work, my wife is missing a day of work, not to mention the cost of the electrician that has to come out that i have to arrange for. reporter: and since it was a stolen car he doubts he' ll be reimbursed for the damages. geoffrey hollenbach, house lost -- >> i don' t know it' s necessarily all speed, it' s not necessarily all drunk drivers it is just a treacherous turn. reporter: he' s hoping the county can come up with a solution to from green township, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. sheree: these teenagers were when the teens were taken into custody one of them had the keys to several other vehicles from the dealership in his pockets. it' s not clear exactly what charges the teens will face. mike: crews on both sides of the river were out in full force before this morning' s commute. many sides streets were still
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but plow drivers worked hard to clear it all before the sun came up. we found snowy conditions near downtown cincinnati and in fairfield. and you could see new problems tomorrow morning as last night' s could refreeze on the roads. chief meteorologist kevin robinson has a quick look at what to expect tonight. kevin: temperatures are above freezing. we are in the mid-30' s. as we scour out the fog and reduced visibility. we have another storm system that will skirt is by to the south and east tonight. at least bring some accumulating snows to some areas to the south the metro cincinnati. this is gradually building its way up towards the north year. down for west union and maysville. it looks like a little bit of
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the shower activity will be over spreading the area through the dinnertime hours. backing up towards interstate 71 quarter. the rain will help to scour out the fog. things begin to get a little bit more interesting after midnight. still will mix in with the rain. while the bulk of the snow should be esa cincinnati, esa highway 68, those east of here could pick up 2-4 inches by tomorrow morning. so if you' re far east, expect some accumulating snows. further west, most areas should not have any trouble problem. i have a lot more on this system that is skirting by. i' ll let you know what to expect in the warm-up coming later this week. mike: you can download our wlwt app to get the updated forecast. and get severe weather alerts sent right to your devices. now to commitment 2016 and the
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sheree: the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. is adding a new dimension. to the political battle. wlwt news 5' s todd dykes. is live in our newsroom, covering ohio governor john kasich' s campaign. todd? reporter: south carolina' s primary is next, but governor kasich is in michigan today. he says he' s not giving up on the palmetto state. but while he battles in the south, he' s also looking ahead to what could be an even bigger contest. between campaign stops it' s safe to assume john kasich is counting delegates. instead of spending today in south carolina, kasich attended three events in michigan, including a stop at grand valley state university. t believe i' s so fantastic to be here in michigan and it' s just one foot in front of the other. reporter: it' s slow and steady for kasich, a pace in direct contrast to several other gop candidates. during saturday' s debate, donald trump and jeb bush, in particular, engaged in extreme verbal combat.
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kasich for keeping his cool. kasich: i' m not going to let people pound me and i look the other way, but i am not going to be launching all these negative ads. reporter: kasich attracted large crowds today in michigan. it holds its primary march 8 one week ahead of ohio. kasich is counting on big showings in both border states as he tries to pick up the delegates needed to win the republican party' s presidential nomination. on the trail today, governor kasich also commented on the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia. kasich: he loved to laugh. he loved to bring people together. reporter: kasich says he' s surprised there' s already a fight over who will replace scalia on the nation' s highest court. kasich: look, scalia dies and one second after he' s dead, they' re already starting fighting about politics. folks, this is not helping our country. reporter: kasich returns to south carolina tomorrow. it' s a tight race there. one poll puts kasich in second place behind trump. another has him in a tight battle trying to hold onto 4th place. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you.
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speaking at michigan state university. again, he' ll head back to south carolina tomorrow where he' ll attend a meet&greet in greenville and a town hall meeting in lexington county. after justice scalia' s death president obama said he would nominate a replacement in due time. but kentuckian and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate shouldn' t approve any appointments. until after the presidential election. justice scalia was found dead in texas saturday morning. his doctor says he had a history of chronic health problems. funeral plans haven' t been released. today former ohio governor ted strickland called on senator rob portman to vote on president obama' s future justice nominees. mike: the democrat running for portman' s senate seat says that is bigger than politic parties. he demanded that any nominees receive a fair hearing and a senate vote following constitutional guidelines. >> he will have the opportunity, if he chooses, to vote no, if there'
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but at least he would have done his senatorial duty and not simply neglected to carry out the mandates of the constitution. mike: strickland will face councilman p.g. sittenfeld in the u.s. senate democratic primary next month. whoever wins that race will go against rob portman in the -- in november. portman releasing a statement saying that he did not want to vote until november. he want to trash the -- you want to trust the american people to weigh in. it could reshape the supreme court for generations. the next president whether they are republican or democrat, i will judge the nominee on merit as i always have had. it happened early morning on jaffe communications. a suspect through a brick
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they got in and stole an iphone two i-phones and 3 apple and -- two i-phones and 3 apple and samsung tablets. police will seek breaking and entering and criminal damaging charges. sheree: u.s. senator sherrod brown is addressing led concerns and water sooner. this followed the epa calling for an overhaul. they want to speeding up notification and the response communities must take. right now u.s. standards require you to be notified within 60 days of high readings. the epa wants the more thorough testing and faster notification. mike: kroger is offering narcan over-the-counter. there worked for months on a doctor approved protocol including a detailed checklist to make sure that the family members are you ready to use narcan. it will be offered as an inhaler
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sheree: also tonight a bill heading to the indiana statehouse could allow people to access their currently sealed birth records under a proposal that' s now heading to the indiana house. people who have been adopted would be able to access records starting in 2018. mike: drivers going faster than before. ohio state troopers are pulling over more drivers for going excessively fast. , a patrol ticket analysis showed troopers nabbed about a thousand people each year going 100 miles per hour or faster. the numbers biked even higher if you look at the last three years. sheree: northern toledo had a unexpected valentines gift. to destinations got into a gas war.
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there gas tank for $.26. the average price per gallon today is $1.55. that is lower than the national average of $1.70. mike: a state lawmaker finds a new way to protest anti-abortion laws. women in kentucky are now waking up. sheree: the bill she filed in kentucky. to make it harder for men to get viagra. >> there will be no class today for you. mike: a superintendent channels his inner drake to cancel school. the unique snow day message he sent out today. kevin: some students may actually enjoy an extended version of the weekend including presidents they being today and maybe a day off tomorrow to as another snow band skirts out to the southeast. i' ll let you know about the much-anticipated warm-up for the
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we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. you' re watching cincinnati' s
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sheree: before you get viagra that will need to have a note from your wife. mike: it is not very realistic but she is fed up with the state double standards. she' s talking about her frustration. house bill 396 has been named the viagra bill. >> for the man to obtain medication for erectile dysfunction he must have two visits with his physician, understand the ramifications. mike: if house representative mary lou marzian gets her way. a man looking to get the little blue pill would require two doctors visits and a note from his wife. marzian says the bill is a direct response to governor bevin signing a new law updating informed consent laws, the bill requires a woman seeking an abortion to consult with a doctor at least 24 hrs before the procedure. she says her bill highlights,what she sees as a contradiction. >> we do not want government involved in personal, private, medical matters .
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ve had hundreds of e-mails from all over the country and all over kentucky because women in kentucky are now waking up . mike: the e-mails have come from as far away has alaska, and maine. many people applaud representative marzian' s actions. but some disagree. >> he said it' s the stupidest thing he' s ever heard and a waste of taxpayer money . marzian admits the bill has no chance of passing, but she says those worried about that, are missing the point . >> do you want the kentucky legislature and governor matt bevin sitting in the exam room with you and your physician? no. reporter: kentucky governor matt bevin has not commented on the viagra bill. sheree: pope francis. native mexicans during his visit to mexico. the pope visited a state central to indigenous culture today. he celebrated mass in the 3 main native languages. then had lunch
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said indigenous cultures have been exploited and excluded. mike: president obama has approved the first u.s. factory in cuba in more than 50 years. the plant will build as many as a thousand small tractors a year. the two-man company will sell the tractors to private farmers in cuba. cuban officals already endorsed the project. the partners say they expect to be up and running by early next year. superintendent got a little creative with his snow day message this morning. >> you know i' cell phone to let you know, no school today. sheree: doctor andrew melin. superimposed his head on drake' s in the hotline bling music video. then he sent his no class message to the greater clark county schools near louisville. mike: i love the creativity. mike: i like it though. i think students to relate and
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mike: you learn from people you have more fun with. we have fun with kevin robinson will learn about the forecast. kevin: it looks like for some students especially those far east of downtown cincinnati, there are probably be another so they for some of you. adams, highland county for example. here' s a look outside. here' s our first issue to get through this evening. that is areas of dense fog. no there' s nothing wrong to television set, there is dense fog out there. it is going to take a while to burn off. it is 36 degrees at therefore. part of the reason we are seeing a dense fog is because there is warmer air. the visibility is under a tent of a mile. take it easy out there. visibility across the area, very very low. even down near wilmington, they are beginning to fall. if we go to the evening hours, i do expect his ability to improve.
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expected to be fairly foggy across the area. here' s a storm system tonight near easter mississippi. this is going to write up the appellations and screw buyer south and east. it will bring another round of humility and snow for all of us. -- for some of us. it should stay all rain before midnight. the showers increasing from, overturned work still, west union, expect wet weather to move in overnight. there is a will winter weather advisory for our county and for his go down to georgetown in brazil. -- and a brooksville. the bulk of the jubilation should be to the east of highway 60 and ohio. for those far eastern immunities, i' m thinking a couple inches of snow 2-4. for us in the metro area, under an inch of snow is expected. probably on the lower end of
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the further south and east one goes from interstate 71, the snowfall amounts will increase. in particular we have winter weather advisory and highland county, island -- adams county, brown county, robinson county, brooksville to georgetown to mount ward to hillsboro, that is where you will have the greatest accumulation. that is where you' ll find the snow covered roads. you' ll find itself dealing with another snow day further south and into the east. here' s a look at futurecast, dense fog for the couple of hours, then some shower activity. it is a south and east of interstate 71. this rain will act to help us out. this will help scale out the fog. the sense happen as we approach midnight. see this blue begin the job, we see the rain begin the transition to snow. he was noticed that the heaviest
5:50 pm
that is where it will be for the longest after midnight tonight. we will have some wet flakes flying around here too. you' re really acute alluding so in the easter most community as the system begins to pull away. and as we begin to see things quiet down by tomorrow morning. do not expect things to linger into tuesday. other than some clouds. beyond wednesday, things to begin to warm up for us. 34 low tonight, evening fog, showers, eventually changing over to snow. tomorrow is cloudy, chilly look for an afternoon high in the upper 30' s. 30 and 8:00, 30 by lunchtime. will make our way to 30' s by late afternoon. after a couple jaded -- chilly days, tomorrow and wednesday there will be a big-time warm-up. approaching 60 by the weekend. sunshine for the second have this week. there might be another chance of rain on sunday.
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a.t.&t is trying to get ahead of its competitors in wireless coverage. what it' s promising with its upcoming 5-g network and how soon they plan to test it. plus a new company offers to pay $10,000 for your wedding. the catch to the deal that may have you thinking twice about
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s our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool
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right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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sheree: episode eight is expected to hit theaters in december 20-17. it' ll feature new cast members. laura dern of jurassic park. benicio del toro from traffic. and newcomer kelly marie tran. harrison ford, mark hamill and carrie fisher are supposed to reprise their roles as well. >> why the fancy red suit, mr. pool? s m after someone on my naughty list. mike: this holiday weekend deadpool doubled its box office estimates. deadpool also has the best opening weekend for an r rated film. sheree: a new startup hopes to
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heartbreak. they' re offering to pay for part of your wedding with a catch. the company called swan-luv. will give couples up to $10,000 for their ceremony. but if the couple gets divorced. they' ll have to pay it all back plus interest. swanluv is basing the interest rate on their odds of staying together. based on their application. mike: wireless carrier a.t.-&-t is trying to stay competitive. today it announced it would start testing a 5-g network in austin texas before the end of year. verizon said it would roll out 5g coverage by 2017. a.t.&t called verizon' s announcement premature, since 5g standards wouldn' t be set until the following year. a.t.-&-t says 5g users should expected 10 to 100 times faster speeds and less lag. a northern kentucky mom missing for weeks.
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leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. mike: searching for answers the northern kentucky mother is missing. there is a large reward for information as the family tries to bring the woman home. road crews are keeping an eye on the skies and waiting for the next round of snow to hit good evening everybody i am mike dardis in downtown cincinnati the fog has been lingering for most of the day. at pnc bank it is to foggy to see this is just the beginning. sheree: kevin robinson has a look at how this could impact your trip to school. we have a dense fog advisory that has just been issued by the weather service. you can tell that something is strange going on with the
5:59 pm
notice of the visibility is generally under a 10th of a mile out there make sure you lose -- use yo low beans tonight as you are traveling around. i expect this to be a problem through dinnertime. part of the reason why we are seeing the dense fog is that we have the cold ground with the snow cover across the area. the mergers are above freezing which means that we do have some snow melt happening. it looks like we are going to initially start out as cold rain for interstate 71. as the evening progresses we will see more rain spread across cell central ohio and visibility will start to improve. we are going to start out with rain. here is your dense fog advisory. we have a winter weather advisory in the southeastern community for that very reason we are thinking overnight tonight there will be more snow on the way. especially for areas east of 78. i' ll share the latest thoughts


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