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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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notice of the visibility is generally under a 10th of a mile out there make sure you lose -- use yo low beans tonight as you are traveling around. i expect this to be a problem through dinnertime. part of the reason why we are seeing the dense fog is that we have the cold ground with the snow cover across the area. the mergers are above freezing which means that we do have some snow melt happening. it looks like we are going to initially start out as cold rain for interstate 71. as the evening progresses we will see more rain spread across cell central ohio and visibility will start to improve. we are going to start out with rain. here is your dense fog advisory. we have a winter weather advisory in the southeastern community for that very reason we are thinking overnight tonight there will be more snow on the way. especially for areas east of 78. i' ll share the latest thoughts
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coming later on this week. sheree: a northern kentucky mother missing for more than two weeks . mike: the woman' s family is offering a new reward. $10,000. pendleton county investigators are now saying this is their highest priority case. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick has the story you' ll see only on five tonight. reporter: no trace of tara turner, the case only seems to get more mysterious with each day. and for her family, saying the days doesn' t seem as accurate as more than 21,000 minutes. every day, every day. reporter: for the family of tara turner, the only thing worse than waiting and wondering for 15 days, jane turner/tara' s -- >> somewhere somebody knows where my baby is at, somebody
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reporter: is knowing tomorrow will be day 16. >> i mean 15 days, there' s no way my sister would do this. she' s either being held against her will or she' s dead. reporter: jessica turner rapier and trish weaver are tara' s sisters. trish weaver/tara' s >> the feeling that we have is what hurts because the feeling have is that she' s not alive. reporter: this dollar store is the last place they could positively place tara. but then it is murky at best. she was believed to have been driving when she disappeared. deputies have checked leads on security cameras but none have shown tara. it is a top priority for the sheriff. >> there' s other things we can follow up with. missing persons case once the
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anything until somebody finds her. we are almost at that point. the family started a facebook account called bring terror home. they put together the resources for a 10,000 our reward. >> is some may know something, if they don' t come forward anything about what it it was their sister, daughter, mother, best friend. reporter: every passing minute is longer than last. tara' s family says she was with a friend who claims she got out of her truck near the california marketplace along the aa. we' ve learned none of the security cameras there picked up an image of her. mike. mike: the pendleton count sheriff says even he has limited resources, he has two shifts working on the case. a fire so intense, firefighters couldn' t go inside to try to save the homeowner. a space heater. and a badly cluttered house may be key factors in a deadly fire. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live in springfield township with a closer look at the
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reporter: neighbors say the homeowner was a hoarder. a lot of stuff was inside. -- of the home. firefighters say that helped the fire spread quickly through the -- this morning. by the time firefighters got here, flames were inside the walls and the floors. >> we had to make entry very cautiously thinking that we may have an unstable structure. we didn' t want someone falling through the floor. reporter: firefighters rushed to timbermill court around 9:00 this morning with hopes of rescuing anyone inside. however, one look at the fire and firefighters knew no one could survive the smoke and flames. s with a heavy heart that i do report that we have a fire victim. one neighbor tried banging on the door. >> ran over to the house and started banging on his door, but without any success.
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reporter: firefighters found the it' s the same area where the fire possibly started in an enclosed patio where the homeowner had his pets in cages and space heaters running. >> when you' re found in the kitchen. he may have been attempting to exit. he may have been attempting to we don' t know. neighbors say the victim loved his pets. >> animal lover. kind of quiet. kind of kept to himself. i don' t know a lot about him. i just know he was pleasant. reporter: the victim lived alone. >> he was in his 60' s. lived alone. his mom passed away. he lived with his mom and dad. his mom passed away a couple of years ago and he' s been alone. reporter: the victim' s name has not been released. in the meantime a firefighter was injured after twisting his ankle on a ladder.
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jenell walton wlwt news 5. sheree: investigators. are still trying to determine if the space heater caused the fire. mike: just hours ago police made an arrest in a bond hill shooting. 25-year-old william chambers is now charged with the murder of cameron clemmons. police say on january 29, clemmons was shot 5 times along franklin avenue. it' s believed he was runnig away from a nearby apartment building when he collapsed in the street near oakdale. new information tonight about a weekend homicide in westwood. bond was set at $250,000 this he' s accused of shooting his cousin derrick johnson saturday morning on tulsa court. johnson died at the scene. in court this morning, williams attorney said the shooting was an accident. where a man weilding a machete attacked four people re-opened today. the owner says. his spirit won' t be broken by this. >> i got knocked down. but i got up again. you are never going to keep me
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sheree: the nazareth restaurant has been closed since the attack happened thursday night. investigators say they still don' t know why mohamed barry came to the restaurant and targeted customers. signs and cards of support lined the outside of the restaurant today as it re-opened. the restaurant owner says, he doesn' t want this to be a place of sadness. >> it' s heartwarming to see this for hany. all the love and support. because he is a good person. he' s a small business owner. i mean this could ruin you. >> this is the feeling this is the happiness and i want that back. i don' t want this to be a mourning place. sheree: investigators say one of those most seriously injured remains in the hospital tonight. the suspect was killed thursday in an encounter with police after the attack. a suspected drug dealer may be involved in the death of a mill town of mother. the man is being held on unrelated charges. they are telling our television partner that they believe that he is a to britney russell' s murder. karin johnson is live for us and
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the be all the beauty is not naming it the dayton man because at this point he is not facing any charges connected to the death. after police say after interviewing brittany' s friends and family this man became a person of interest. >> she loved her kids. she may not have had custody of them but she had them every single day . brittany russell described by friends as a loving mom. her two daughters 10-year-old ally and 6 month old haven were her world. >> she was just great. she was so bubbly, everybody loved her. she was just a good person . reporter: family and friends say they believe brittany was helping out a friend when she was killed. last tuesday the 29-year-old left home with her 6 month old. when she didn' t return haven to her father' s house he reported their disappearance to police. >> i have custody of my kid, her mother came and picked her up today and no body can get a hold of her. they said she was giving an african american male, goes by the name of
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dayton. which he' s a drug dealer, i guess and no body can get a hold of her and she has my 6 month old child with her . >> the person identified in the phone call is reportedly the same person who dayton police arrested on an unrelated drug charge. >> we' re glad that he' s behind bars and we' re hoping that they go forward with more charges and we' re hoping the go for the maximum . reporter: the man arrested is a 37-year-old from dayton. five years ago, he was convicted in butler county for possessing heroin. he also has a criminal history in montgomery county. meanwhile services for brittany are planned for wednesday. memorial contributions can be made at herr-riggs funeral home. live in middletown, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. mike: the 37-year-old will be in court in dayton on the latest charge tomorrow afternoon. a staple in the rest clubhouse -- and the reds clubhouse was late to race today.
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at the age of 80. bernie stowe began with the reds that 1947. he re-tired in the 2013 season. layers, coaches from years past and present were there to honor him. mike: generations of friends. sheree: everyone loved them including george vogel. bringing the badly injured bald eagle back to life. mike: how one local sanctuary is helping this eagle trapped in the woods. sheree: an icon burned beyond repair. to rebuild the rabbit hash general store. kevin: thence fog advisory is now in effect. that is not the only thing i am tracking tonight. i' m tracking rain and more snow for some of you.
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an injured bald eagle is being nursed back to health. by a wildlife sanctuary, the eagle was rescued from a trap in rush county. and rushed to red wolf sanctuary in rising sun. where, as wlwt news 5' s john london shows us, a patient and careful recovery effort began. reporter: she' s a week removed from a leghold trap that nearly killed her. a beautiful bald eagle called emmy.
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sanctuary is readying the antibiotic she needs daily. and the food that must be forced. >> now that' s not going to be as solid. ok, let go. oh, i know. reporter: emmy is too weakened to survive on her own. but, it takes two just to handle her. volunteer kim waxler is keeping the head still as strasser shows us the wound. >> this is the leg, the toe that was caught in the leghold trap, right there. reporter: this sanctuary, strasser notes, is very non-profit. much of its mission is to restore wounded animals back to health. this black footed fox was hit by a car and is receiving the kind of attention. emmy is also getting. she must be controlled a certain way while she is fed or the pain of finger food comes into play. >> down the side. that' s it, get your hand out of the way. calm, calm, calm. reporter: washing the mud off of her is another calibrated maneuver necessary to restore her flight ability. they figure she is roughly
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once she can start eating on her own, it will be much easier to care for her. >> she wants to be left alone, she wants to be free. birds are not, you know, lovey-dovey animals. i mean, they are, they socialize with their group. but, this bird' s whole intent is to kill something, eat it, find a mate and breed. reporter: they hope to have her to that point in a couple of weeks. >> there you go, there you go. there you go. s wingspan toe, at 6 ft two. they need to get some weight back on her and some more mud off her feathers. but, red wolf hopes to release her into the wild again perhaps in two weeks. sheree: beautiful creature there. emmy was so caked in mud from fighting the leghold trap no one could tell at first she had a
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a unique opportunity this morning for one group of high school students. to watch a kidney transplant live as the surgery was underway. u.c. health welcomed students enrolled in its tap program to the hospital to watch a live feed of the surgery this morning. the tap program is designed to encourage area students to pursue careers in the medical field. mike: one of the transplant surgeons at uc-medical center talked with students through the ins and outs of the surgery from the hospital' s amphitheater. sheree: new details about the weekend fire that destroyed the rabbit hash. they are trying to salvage whatever they can from the 100 -- 185-year-old building. because of it' s age it was only able to be insured for $60,000. the historical society that owns the building estimates they' ll need at least $150,000 to rebuild. they plan to do whatever it takes to keep the building on the national register of
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rebuild. >> as long as we salvage what' s there we can use materials from surrounding historic buildings, built from the same time period or around the same period, use those for the rebuild and that will keep it' s historic integrity intact. mike: several go fund me pages have been set up but the historical society is only endorsing the page started by the general store operator. if you want to help. we put a link on our website. with about 5 games left in the happen tonight. closing tomorrow morning. kevin: some kids are going to being up from school today. mostly people off to her east. i do not see a big problem the cincinnati metro. to say fortunately to that.
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quite low outside right now. it is because we got some dense fog in place. if you' re traveling this evening, take a easy. i do not expect this fog to break up anytime soon. look at this, many areas underneath a quarter of a mile visibility. you shall beams, read -- leave plenty of time to reach a destination. we warmer air moving in here. as of right now that is helping us right now by keeping temperatures above freezing. but that changes later on tonight. here' s a look at the storm system. the system is going to head up the appellations and for the most part kind of skirt by the viewing area. by skirting by it will make the south eastern half of the viewing area. rain, all rain across kentucky in central ohio. that rate has been building north of the ohio river in gradually spreading into areas towards georgetown and even
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as a go through the evening hours, i expect rain to spread to the southeast of interstate 71. here' s a look at the winter weather advisory. it does not include anyone in the greater metro cincinnati area. generally to the east of highway 68, that is what we expect the greatest accumulation of snow to overcurrent -- to occur overnight tonight. there will be a little bit of snow makes overnight midnight. for the easternmost communities the winter weather advisory is in effect, they should expect to have a four inches of snow tonight. june the metro area the amount should be well under an inch. in general they should be just wet roadways. if you draw a line from around brookville to georgetown to mount or two hillsboro and two point east, you should find the accumulating snow.
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it looks like rain that -- it looks like that is the worst-case scenario for us. it is going to start as rain for. it will take a while before we see any snow mixing in with the rain later tonight. here' s a look at futurecast. look out the rain tries to push up towards interstate 71. then you start mixing with the wet snow overnight. it' s missing parts of brown, practice, robinson, mason county. it was the longest and have the greatest accumulation. notice the heavier stuff as always. as is the begins pull away it should be all over by tomorrow morning. i do not expect much in the way of travel issues around here locally. but if you' re heading out these
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your forecast and overnight low with evening fog. showers eventually transitioning in mixing with snow after midnight. expect growing conditions to here' s the look at your day planner. in the morning temperatures will start around 30. 8:00 to the upper 30' s as we go into the afternoon hours. here' s a seven-day forecast. what a change of the season for the first half of the week to the second half. through wednesday it is chilly kind of gloomy every winter like. that we break into sunshine towards the weekend. will melt all the snow way on friday and saturday as afternoon highs climb to 60 degrees by the weekend. mike: i only shoveled half of my driveway. i was too lazy. nippert stadium had one big facelift, another one could be
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george: with about 5 games left in the regular season, at least four of the teams in our area are in excellent shape. welcome back everyone. the team that has to be in the best shape is xavier. the musketeers made another nice statement over the weekend they completed the season sweep of the butler bulldogs an impressive win on the road, and even more impressive considering x was coming off a loss at creighton they learned a thing or two about that loss thanks to head coach chris mack. and over and over about matching up in transition. and we you have, and i a talking specifically about creighton. you have two of your defenders next to two of their offensive players. the ball goes to one guy, and both of them guard him. it has nothing to do with x' and o'
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s being locked in ready to play. so i gave them a little dose of reality and it was great to see their response. george: the latest polls are out today, and villanova is still and the a.p. xavier is 7th in the coaches,, and 8th in the a.p. dayton is 13th and 15th. indiana is 21' st in the coaches, and 22 in the a.p. the latest bracket projections are out for the ncaa tournament. almost all of them have xavier getting a two seed, kentucky a four or a five, and dayton a four or a five as for uc,, the ones i saw have uc just inside the bubble, playing in one of the first four games in dayton as an 11 seed. there is more talk of u.c. possibly landing a spot in the big 12 conference. uc president dr. santa ono told the cincinnati enquirer today that
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undergo another expansion, enough for 50 to 55,000 fans, the enquirer documented some of uc' s campaign to join the big 12 which includes ono lobbying other presidents of big 12 schools. george: this is the week the reds start showing up at spring training the pitchers and catchers are set to report on thursday. then everyone else reports next tuesday. our reports from goodyear begin one week from today. michael lorenzen is ready to go now he tweeted out this picture of his new spring training jersey, and his new number number 21 the number left behind by todd frazier after frazier was traded to the white sox. a popular number he is taking. mike: thanks rollo news.
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more on the very tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the


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