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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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mark: dan griffin at the scene with the latest details. dan: good morning. we are just learning now that it is expected that i-71 southbound will open by 7:00 a.m. i have been stay in touch with cincinnati police all morning. what we know right now according to police is that a man is dead after this crash described as a wrong way crash. i' m going to step out of the shot so you can see. we ourselves of dana avenue. the scene is increasingly active. there were coroner vehicles, firetrucks. now we see to throw talks -- two trucks taking the vehicle the way. the crash happened at 3:00 a.m. a woman driving the gray honda odyssey with ohio tags was going the wrong way. now, investigators say she had an oncoming car which looks to be a chevy cavalier killing the man driving the car. at this point, it is unclear if drugs or alcohol were factors.
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taken to the hospital to she stated the scene. there is no word on any charges in this at this point. cincinnati police said the stretch of i-71 southbound could be reopened by 7:00 a.m. which would be good news for people heading into the city. kyla: really good news that they are hearing that they will hopefully open it by 7:00. that will help us out on the roads. a fatal accident there on 71 southbound, completely shutting down all those lanes near dana. as you can see with dan, tow trucks on the scene working to clear that quickly. take a look on our map. we are starting to see those areas of yellow. things are slowing down a bit if you' re heading toward that accident. i would recommend you try to avoid it as you had outside for your morning commute. a couple of different alternates you can use. hop over to the norwood lateral and take that to 75. here is another look near the site of the accident were you can see they are still diverting
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you will not be able to access any lanes south of their. -- south of there. 75 is still clear. if you are using that, we are delays. over the next hour we will start to see a lot more cars on the roads and that is an we could start to see some delays. 75 is an alternate. you' re heading inside the 275 loop. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. randi: thanks. at that scene this morning, there were a couple of flurries but now that line producing snow showers as a role through his portions of brown and adams county. we are starting out in areas that had substantial snow. right now light snow showers from brooksville to milford kentucky towards -- as we head into portions of brown and adams counties. right along 62. it is moved out of georgetown by heading towards and through winchester tours west union.
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this is heavy enough in brown in adams county to coat the roads. crossing the ohio river to kentucky, this is lighter but flurries possible into southern portions of boone county and down into gallatin county. so, once this line of passing flurries and snow showers moves out, your stuck with the clouds the rest of the day. the temperatures seem right where they were yesterday. right now around 30 degrees. at noon, barely above freezing. we top out today around 37. today' s last day where temperatures will be below average in the last air cloudy skies. sunshine and the warm-up and the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. lisa: 6:03. lockland police investigating a deadly shooting. a man says he shot and killed an intruder inside his home. that man told police for people broke into his home. and threatened him with a knife. police say a was reported as a burglary. it was tuesday afternoon when
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found a man dead inside, shot by the man who lives in the home. the other three people involved were still on scene when officers arrived. they were questioned at the hamilton county sheriff' s office. >> the incident seems to be cleared very quickly. we have cooperation. we are hoping we have people that will tell us something and we can get this resolved within 24 hours. lisa: lockland police are looking for a fifth person involved in -- driving a col gold car from the scene. police have not released the name of the victim or the man who shot him. mark: th suspect ine a deadly shooting in westwood is expected in court today facing 15 charges. as the rosemont is charged in a gunbattle that killed 24-year-old jonathan alston and left three others hurt. the grand jury indicted rosemont on murder, assault and drug charges. he is being held on a $500,000 bond. lisa: dayton schools will be
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canceled classes tuesday. police arrested 212-year-old girls accused of using social media and saying they were going to bomb the schools. all schools were shut down in senior night for the girls basketball team was canceled. >> they tried covering their tracks but nowadays with electronic stamps, there' s a trail of footprints everywhere. >> kids have got be careful. back. let' s take this very seriously. lisa: officials say the girls did not pose an actual threat. but they are charged with terrorist threatening. mark: making news this morning, president obama standing his ground on the supreme court. he says he intends to pick a qualified candidate to replace justice scalia whether republicans like it or not. ryan turner at -- miriah turner with more on the court battle. miriah:
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in washington and calling on congress to rise above politics. he says republicans have no constitutional grounds to refuse a vote on a supreme court nominee. many of them think it should be up to the next president to select a replacement for justice antonin scalia who died unexpected way over the weekend. but the president dismissed that saying he plans to give the senate plenty of time to get his nominee a fair hearing. president obama: this' ll be the opportunity for senators to do their jobs. your job does not stop until your voted out or until your term expires. miriah: gop senators may be letting up. chuck grassley says he may be open to considering the president' s pick. mark: thank you. political battle continues, governor john kasich is honoring the late justice. he once flights to fly at half staff at the ohio government building. the governor' s order is
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lisa: early voting begins for the ohio primary. voters can now cast absentee ballots by mail or in person he for primary day which is march 15. the so-called golden week has been eliminated, so you can no longer registered to vote and cast a ballot at the same time. if you want to cast a ballot in person, you have to visit a board of elections. mark: the work begins to revamp ziegler park in over the rhyme. officials are breaking ground on the project expanding and renovating the park. when the work is done, the new park will include an expanded playground and underground parking, and a modernized community gathering spot along with a state-of-the-art swimming pool. the total renovation will cost $30 million. still to come, we are checking on breaking news. lisa: i-71 southbound a shut down near the dane exit. here is a live look at the tow trucks are on scene. we will have the latest coming up. mark: angry apple.
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to fight a court order. lisa: 6:07, 30 degrees. randi rico, some flurries this morning. randi: it was not much more than a couple of light flurries. you can see a little bit heavier as it rolls through adams county. you guys know adams county is one of the spots hit harder yesterday with two inches of snow. this morning this is just enough for a coating. winchester to peoples to west union and across the river down towards mays until kentucky -- maysville, kentucky. around the 275 loo p, a couple of degrees below freezing. 31 -- for those heading out early this morning, we are dealing with a couple of flurries prayed lunchtime cloudy and cool. for the drive home, still that gloomy looking skied, but the clouds will break tomorrow and
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mark: police still on the scene of a deadly crash on 71. lisa: dan griffin live with the latest. dan: right now the scene a lot quieter than it has been all morning long. right now both of the vehicles involved in what is being described as a wrong way crash are on tow trucks. i' m going to step out of the shot. cincinnati police tell us a man died in this wrong way crash. apparently from what they are gathering, a woman was driving a gray van the wrong way on i-71 southbound around 3:00 a.m. when the gray van collided with into the driver side or what appears to be a black chevy cavalier. the man died at the scene according to police. you can see right now it appears those vehicles are being told. i' m taking a quick glimpse to see exactly what is happening. i see police pulling up a little
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with the progress they are making, it could mean that 71 southbound will open up shortly. they had had an estimate at 8:00 a.m. and they moved it to 7:00 a.m. it looks like a good hope in early. that van appeared to be from the ohio area and had ohio tags. it is unclear whether black chevy cavalier came from. where the driver is from. investigators saying it is unclear of drugs or alcohol are involved in this crash. will be filed in this crash. there is a lot of details we are still trying to sort out in all of this. and of course you know this meet -- this could mean for people driving to work in the city, they may not face such a problem after all. information for you. highway.
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s shot vehicles away. opening soon. kyla: dan is trying to figure out, is a completely open no. in our favor. he can see those vehicles moving out of our way. not sure if it is completely open but if you' re heading out, you might want to use these alternates we have been giving you. here is another look. we might be able to see if lanes are moving past it. traffic still getting off on tuesday -- onto dana and i-71 southbound. you' re not able to access lanes south of the dana area. you want to use i-75 as an alternate. you have montgomery road or reading road. from a look of that life shot, it may reopen sooner than anticipated. here is a look elsewhere. 275 near route four. things looking good for you. getting heavy and both
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71, good morning to you in northern kentucky. pretty moderate and volume. not seeing any delays northbound but that will build over the next few minutes. we will check again on i-71 in a few minutes. lisa: 6:14. s stories. to central ohio. the cdc is checking out several county. the specimens involved people who recently traveled out of the u.s. they could take another three weeks for test results. mark: the gop presidential candidates gearing up for another town hall discussion in south carolina. msnbc will host data back town to halts. -- two own halls. ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio will take part in a group
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lisa: a live look before the cincinnati auto expo gets going later today. with 400 vehicles rolling into the convention center. if you want to check it out, tickets are $11 and the doors open at 5:00 tonight. the aut o expo will run through sunday. new this morning, apple vowing to fight a judge' s order to hack into the phone of syed farook. miriah: apple says it opposes the order which has applications beyond this case. in a lengthy statement, posted on its website, tim cook says the move threatens the security of its customers and undermines encryption by opening a back door that could be used on other devices. this after a judge ordered the company to provide special software that would allow federal agents to unlock the phone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. he and his wife killed 14 people
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the first of its kind ruling now sets the stage for the legal battle between the federal government and silicon valley. over privacy and national security. lisa: thank you. the u.s. surgeon general is calling for action after visiting flint, michigan and learning about the water crisis. flint families are using water filters to remove contaminants. the surgeon general says the filters are working. other federal resources are being provided but doctors say more needs to be done. >> a lot of help has arrived. that is not to say that it is nearly enough. we have got to do a lot more to get flint back to a place where the water is safe for everyone to drink from the faucet. lisa: the surgeon general says he will do everything on his end to make sure flint has resources it needs. the cdc is working with local agencies to provide resources to flint. mark: 6:17. local health departments are
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the rate of infection in parts of cincinnati is among the highest in the country. health officials say this is closely tied to high rates of intravenous drug use like heroine. officials are working on a conference a program to include league -- needle exchange and better access to testing along with medical care. the northern kentucky health department is opening its first needle exchange in williamstown. lisa: back to your forecast. 30 degrees, some flurries but it sounds like we staying gloomy until the end of today. randi: make it through today. usually wednesday, hump day. the weekend. once we get through today, the outlook looks so much better. staying gloomy all day. skies. in the 30' s and it looks like we friday that does not mean it is a perfect start to the morning. we have snow showers rolling through.
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yesterday may have another light dusting on clear driveways this morning. s to west union and blue creek, you will get a quick shot of snow in the next 20 minutes. as we head into northern kentucky, right along and south of the 71-70 5 split. general flurries from beaver lake. we could had a couple flurries roll through downtown. but once this line passes the five, we should be done with it for the day. i will not rule out a passing flurry this weekend but -- 30 degrees right now at cpg. most places a couple of degrees below freezing to start the day. then barely nudging above this overcast skies at 5:00. temperatures ranging from 40 s across our northern communities. together by the salt and you
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auto show opens up today at 5:00. at noon, cloudy and 33 degrees. 4:00, 37. at 8:00, the skies will clear tonight which means they will be another cold start tomorrow. you will see on the afternoon and evening. slowly watching those clouds thin into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow at lunch time, mostly sunny and we stay there for the start of the weekend. winds out of the south tomorrow hoping to drive temperatures up. for today, cloudy and 37. tonight, dipping down to 22. tomorrow, bring on the sunshine. we hit 44. friday and saturday close to 60 degrees. a little breezy on friday but i do not want to hear complaints. sunday morning, maybe a couple of cycles early but though should be gone by lunchtime. mark: thanks, randi. lisa: problems for jeb on the web. the move by donald trump that might confuse soe
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>> want to give you a much better shot of i-71. all lanes open now on 71 near dana after dealing with that wrong way crash. they did open the lanes much earlier than anticipated. if you' re heading outside, should not have too many delays. should be good to go on 71. elsewhere, great conditions. pretty green conditions. you can see all of our speeds off to a decent start. we have accidents to report. here' s a look at state route 741 near hamilton. this is a vehicle -- through butler and warren county. up in middletown, princeton and glendale road at hamilton middletown road an accident with no word on lane closures but a big thoroughfare for you. you may want to avoid that for for our western communities, baltimore avenue at montana. an accident there as well.
6:25 am
traffic you are seeing on 74 heading towards the 75 interchange. lanes looking good on 75. we will continue to keep an update for you but all lanes on 71 completely open at this time. lisa: great news. thank you. 6:24. boxer manny pacquiao is apologizing for disparaging remarks about gay people. he is running for senate in the philippines. during a television program, he said, if we approve of male on male, female on female, then man is worse tha n animals. he later posted the video on twitter saying he still disagrees with same-sex marriage but he said he made a mistake with his comments. mark: new this morning, the denver broncos are looking to the future after winning a super bowl. with eight manning. reports say the broncos have no plans to stick with manning. he will be 40 months. he plans to retire. manning has another year on his
6:26 am
decides to come back for the season, he will have to find another team. lisa: donald trump creating a buzz after an online jab at jeb bush. the trump campaign has purchased the rights to now that address send you donald trump' s campaign site. so far the bush campaign has not commented. mark: time now to check in with randi. as we look outside, light flurries out there this morning floating around. randi: folks in adams county still dealing with snow showers. there is a little batch right now on the 71-75 split. for most of us this is not an issue. it may have coated the roads in adams and brown county. for the rest of the day, we are stuck with the clouds. another day of colder temperatures. when i got this picture in twitter, i thought that was mike feet -- my feet. it was slushy yesterday for the run.
6:27 am
35 by the evening drive. much warmer temperatures on the way for the weekend. highs in the 60' s coming up. lisa: the latest on breaking news. a live look at what you' ll see on i-71 of a deadly crash. the lanes are open. we have the latest in a live report on the investigation into what happened. mark: kidnapped from a hotel and northern kentucky.
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mark: traffic moving again after a deadly crash on 71 south down. what investigators are saying about the crash involving a wrong way driver. lisa: millions of dollars wasted. the hearing looking at the issue surrounding the metropolitan sewer district. mark: a new vision in over the rhine. the project kicking off in ziglar park -- in ziegler park. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt carroll cropper bridge today. -- wlwt news 5 today. lisa: traffic moving again on i-71 south. mark: dan griffin live at the scene with what we know about the crash. dan: traffic is moving along on i-71 southbound. we ourselves of dana avenue. the scene earlier this morning of a very, very sad situation.
6:31 am
a man killed and a wrong way accident. i' m going to step out of the shot. cincinnati police say the crash happened at 3:00 a.m. they tell us woman driving a great minivan, a honda odyssey with ohio tags, she was going the wrong way according to police. investigators say she hit that oncoming car which looks to be a chevy cavalier killing the man driving that car. it is. unclear of drugs or crash they all so aren' t sure if speed is a factor. the woman was not taken to the hospital. she stated the scene. the road opened much earlier than they anticipated. they were thinking about 8:00 and then 7:00 a.m. crews got here and got it taken care of quicker than that. i can tell you it was certainly an active seen as we move to the morning. the coroner was here and' s sheriff investigators, and traffic was shut down for quite some time.
6:32 am
kyla with details. a lot of people taking the alternate routes. quick work by cincinnati police. the tow truck drivers. we thought this was going to go on. kyla: they did a phenomenal job getting that clear. a big accident. a fatal accident. but you never know how long that closure is going to linger. getting it out of the way right now. a lot of people out on the roads. that helped us out for the morning commute. if you' re heading outside, 71 wide open. you should not have too many problems heading into downtown. if you' re heading northbound towards parts of warren county. elsewhere taking a look, 71 -- at kingsmill, north and southbound looking pretty good in both directions. you should not have any issues. starting to see some delays across the river. 71-75 as you can see northbound started to pick up. we are seeing you might need a few extra minutes north and southbound. nothing out of the ordinary waiting for you as you had
6:33 am
275 on the northwest corner on the ohio side, things look good at hamilton. getting heavy heading towards the i-75 interchange. let' s check in with randi rico. thankfu l to report that all lanes clear on i-71. randi: i do have good news looking forward into the forecast. we are starting out with cloudy skies and even some snow showers for areas that you not need it. yesterday everywhere east of 68 had the heavier snow in the morning. now watching snow showers roll out of southern portions of adams county. from blue creek south towards -- still snow showers capable of tossing down a quick coating. take a look over the last two hours. it was just flurries over top of downtown cincinnati. you see a blossom in central and southern portions of clermont county. areas into central and southern clermont and brown in adams county may have additional fresh note to contend with. once this line pushes completely out of the area, we should be
6:34 am
expect cloudy skies and temperatures that do not move that much. most places close to 30 degrees to start the day. we will make it to 37 this afternoon. temperaturewise same as yesterday. 8:00 a.m., cloudy cool and 28. at noon, 30 three. at 4:00, 30 seven. sunshine returns tomorrow and higher temperatures follow. . lisa: thanks. 6:34. learning this morning to arrests have been made in relation to a kidnapping case in boone county. mark: deputies say the victim was a construction worker from out of town. they say the 22-year-old victim s day. investigators say the woman stepped outside to take a phone call when a man barged in with a gun. the pair forced the victim to go s to withdraw money. machine took the victim' s card. that' s when the suspects assaulted the victim. >> they just popped him in the
6:35 am
left. mark: deputies are not releasing exactly how or where the victim met the woman at this time. lisa: a dearborn county man charged with crimes against children. steve rokowski was arrested after being locked in the laundry room by the mother of a victim. he faces 12 charges of child abuse and molestation. all of the victims were between the ages of four and 10. mark: investigators working to determine the cause of a house fire that killed a mason woman inside her home. a neighbor called 911 after spotting the fire on olympia drive tuesday morning. the coroner identified the woman as romma hunt. no one else was found inside. one neighbor banged on the front door of the home repeatedly trying to save anyone inside. but the fire was just too big for anyone to go inside to try to help. >> when i wake up, there was big smoke. i mean huge. when they open in the front, the big flame coming out, so they
6:36 am
mark: it' s also unclear if there were working smoke detectors in the home. lisa: visitation will be held today for the middletown mom found shot to death in her car last week in dayton. visitation for brittany russell will begin at 11:00 this morning at the herr-riggs funeral home in middletown. a person of interest in the homicide was arraigned on unrelated drug charges just yesterday. police say russell was found killed with her 6-month-old baby in the back seat unharmed. mark: hamilton county officials reviewing the metropolitan sewer district or commissioner say the district used pipes that were the wrong size and cost residents $100 million. the district ignores its recommendations on 98% of its sewer project. the public hearing on the new role for standard starts at 11:30 this morning at the county administration building. lisa: cincinnati parents are holding a walk to support cincinnati public schools. more than 50 schools are participating in the walk in for
6:37 am
parents will gather 20 minutes before the start of the school day and walk into the public school building to show support. for a full list of participating schools, check out the cps website. 6:36. a major developer gets underway in cincinnati today. mark: the groundbreaking takes place for the renovation of ziegler park which many hope will reduce crime along sycamore street. andrew setters with the latest on the new edition. good morning. andrew: it was not too many years ago that the old school for creative performing arts was bringing some of the city' s best and brightest kids to this neighborhood. the renovations planned for ziegler park could bring more kids back to this era. the project gets underway with a groundbreaking ceremony set to take place. it is a project that can anchor the eastern end of over the rhine. ziegler park will be the city' s only deep water pool, new playground and a 400 car parking garage that would help out this area as well.
6:38 am
the ziegler park renovation is a chance to break new excitement to the area. >> bring children there, make it safe, program the area, recruit kids to take basketball camps are swimming lessons. andrew: the groundbreaking ceremony will take place at the park later this morning we will see cincinnati' s mayor and harry black talking about the reasons why this project is so exciting for this community. mark: thank you. 6:38. commitment 2016 to her to ohio voters wah way in on the race for the white house starting today. lisa: brian turner is at the live alert desk as voting begins. miriah: the ohio primary set for march 15 the voters can start voting today. voters can cast absentee ballots for primary day. this election year the golden week has been eliminated. you can no longer registered to
6:39 am
same time. if you want to cast a ballot in person you have to visit the board of elections. ours have also changed for the board of elections. officials say it should now be easier for voters to submit ballots in person as primary day approaches. during the third week of early voting, the board of elections will be open on sunday. and the fourth week it will stay open until 7:00 on weekdays. mark: thank you. let' s check in with kyla. things really opened up on 71. kyla: really changes the tone. more pleasant news to report. 71 completely open at dana. good to go in that area. now is when we start to see the heavier volume as we switch toward 7:00. here is a look at 471. northbound starting to get really heavy as you can see. your travel time might inch up a little bit. let' s take a closer look at that route. from 275 taking a look, 65 miles now. great speeds. you are only up a next a minute.
6:40 am
bridge and into downtown. a good look. we are seeing great conditions across the rest of our greater cincinnati commute. let' s check in with randi rico. we had a few flurries flying around out there. randi: in and around downtown it was not much more than flurries. but you can see -- southern portions of claremont and brown in adams counties. that band did intensify south of acadia. -- into batavia. i would not be surprised if there is north of the ohio river, fresh ca oating. so, some places may have a little bit of fresh know on the ground. everybody else cloudy skies to contend with. temperatures this morning started out upper 20' s to write around 30. a cold and gloomy start to the day. home from school, not much different sky conditionwise. cloudy about 36. you can look ahead to the fact that today is the last cool
6:41 am
tomorrow things will be better. by friday, way better heard that extends into the weekend. we will take a look at that seven day that has a couple days new 60 coming up in a couple minutes. mark: a new initiative to beautify middletown. how city leaders are hoping to get the public involved. lisa: bringing fire to opening day. how sweet lou will be involved with the reds big day. mark: taking a live look outside this morning. 6:41, 30 degrees. thanks for waking up with cincinnati'
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lisa: an update now. as you can see, i-71 southbound avenue exit. after a deadly crash in this very area. killed. after a driver went the wrong way in the southbound lane. mark: a butcher knife used in a gas station robbery. middletown police said it happened it 2:30 this morning when is suspect walked into the speedway. he used a knife if you know anything, call crime stoppers. sheddingn light on the dark side of social media. lisa: sheree paolello joins us now with a warning for parents to keep an eye on their kids online and mobile activities.
6:45 am
reporter has learned of a disturbing case of social media abuse that has gone way too far. a local student whose pictures have shown up on a. investigators say cyber schemers are using social media apps most parents have never heard of like yik yak, scout and after school and messaging apps can put young people in dangerous situations. >> we have to teach our kids how to be responsible. it is the one thing our kids know more about than our parents do. sheree: school district' s are trying to teach parents how to keep up. tonight, i knew example of the dark side of social media. we report on news 5 tonight at 6:00. see you then. mark: happening now, i knew to replace thousands of trees destroyed by the emerald ash borer infestation. lisa: middletown wants to bring back the beauty of its parks.
6:46 am
you to get involved in the replanting process. in middletown, more than 200 ash trees have been lost in the last seven years at city parks, and they' ve only been able to replace 25 of them. because parks are generally low on any city budget, leaders have now announced an initiative to get the public involved. it' s on a website taking donations for the city to replant trees. they' re calling it the middletown ohio tree project. the money would buy 12 new established trees for the parks. the city' s launched an online campaign to raise enough money to buy 12 new trees in the next six months. >> you' ve got to take care of the police department, the fire department, repave the roads, and keep the water on. parks are low on the priority list. so when you get programs like this where people can get involved, because parks are so important for everyone who uses the parks, there are a lot of activities at the parks. kyla: the city hopes to raise $5500 to buy the new trees. we have a link to the fundraising site on mark?
6:47 am
lisa: the last mant -- the last man to lead the reds to the world series is now going to lead the opening-day parade. lou piniella will be the grand marshal on april 4th. "sweet lou" recently returned to the reds as a senior advisor. he famously managed the 1990 reds to their wire-to-wire championship, and he got out of the dugout six years ago after four years in chicago, mark: lisa: fountain square before ending at fifth and sycamore past the taft theater. lisa: 71 southbound is now open. great news right now. kyla: especially for those folks hearing earlier reports and thinking what a headache. all of those lanes open. no need to hop on any of those alternate routes. times. 17 minutes if you are on 71
6:48 am
17 minute commute. 21 minutes across the river. that is where we are seeing the bulk of our heavier traffic north and southbound getting heavy as you can see. never thinedd ned out like a typically does. heavier volume of traffic heading into parts of northern kentucky. let' s check in with randi rico. warmer weather on the way. can' t wait. randi: so close. it is middle of the week. by the time we hit tomorrow, step one, the sunshine. step two, the warmer air. one last cool and gloomy day. sunshine by lunchtime tomorrow. then we are pushing 60 degrees for highs by friday. this morning, it is a totally different story. cloudy cold and in some spots no showers. it is fairly light but as we are watching the snow continue into portions of pendleton county. from butler down 27. down towards morgan. this batch does look a little less intense than the one over the last two hours rolled
6:49 am
clermont, brown in adams county. some towns north of the ohio river there may be an additional coating your waking up to this morning thanks to that one burst of snow heavy enough to cause a quick dusting to a half inch. 30 degrees our current temperatures. winds out of the west. no windchill to speak up. the planet for today looks a lot like what we were contending with yesterday. cloudy all day -- the plan are for today looks a lot like what we with contending with yesterday. as we get into the afternoon, gloomy skies, highs in the upper 30' s. futurecast this morning showing us walked in with clouds. don' t get your hopes up. it will cloud up through the evening. expect to see a passing flurry or sprinkle later this evening. most places will stay dry. then tonight after midnight, the clouds start to thin. tomorrow we wake up with thin cloud cover but that will get out of town by lunchtime.
6:50 am
are temperatures into the mid 40 starting tomorrow and closer to 65 friday. today 37. stray flake of snow possible. with the clearing tonight, we will get down to 22. a cold start for thursday but great by tomorrow afternoon. 44. 59 on friday. we are looking at low 60' saturday. for the weekend, the one hitch in the plans early on sunday. we will have the chance for a showers. news this money. mark: 71 south reopens after a deadly crash. what we are learning about what happened on the interstate. lisa: a threat for a local school district. the students facing charges as school reopens today.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:50 lisa: 6:53. one person dead after a wrong way crash on i-71. mark: dan griffin at the scene with the latest information. dan: 71 southbound is open again this morning after that deadly wrong way crash held up traffic just south of dana avenue for three hours. cincinnati police are telling us
6:54 am
as a woman driving a great honda odyssey was headed in the wrong direction to her slammed into the driver side of an oncoming chevy cavalier. she was not taken to the hospital. the man driving the cavalier died. it is not known if drugs or alcohol are a factor in the crash. police are not elaborating on possible charges. we will continue to follow this story as we move through the day. lisa: thank you. dayton independent schools in kentucky will be back open this morning after a bomb threat cancelled classes and games tuesday. police arrested two 12-year-old girls, both accused of using social media and saying they were going to bomb the schools. officials say the girls didn' t pose an actual threat, but they are charged with terrorist threatening. mark: apple rejecting a federal magistrate' s order. the judges ordered apple to help the fbi access information stored in iphone that belonged
6:55 am
who killed 14 people in san bernardino. tim cook is saying his company would rather reduce the order than hack customers. lisa: cincinnati parents are holding a walk in to support cincinnati public schools. more than 50 schools in the area are participating in the walk-infor public education. parents will gather 20 minutes before the start of the school day and walk into their public school buildings to show support. for a full list of participating schools, you can check out the cps website. mark: ziegler park is about to get some major upgrades. andrew setters is in over the rhine with a look at the plans. andrew: the groundbreaking will take place at ziegler park later this morning. the places at the old school for creative and performing arts. ziegler park is growing and changing. the project comes with a price tag of $15 million.
6:56 am
you will see a new parking garage, new pool and playground at ziegler park. it is a big investment that will make the area more critical in -- kid friendly. it is a chance to create an inviting community gathering spot. 3cdc has been focused on the power of space like this has to bring positive change. we have seen it happen on the other side of over the rhine with the changes made in washington park. the groundbreaking takes place in a couple hours at ziegler park. we will get a better idea for changes. lisa: thank you. 6:56. 30 degrees on your wednesday morning. a live look through city cam. it is a chilly morning. for some right now, randi rico, the snow is still falling. randi: not many but there are some spots where the snow is continuing to be an issue. as we take a look right now at the wlwt radar. cloudy skies but if you had have continuing snow showers in
6:57 am
county. this line has worked his way through southeast indiana, there was not much more than flurries. a little bit more intense overtop of falmouth. over the last two hours, a line of snow is rolling to portsmouth. as it moves through the 275 loop, was not all that intense but through clermont and brown in adams county, it blossomed. the blue indicates the potential for an additional coating. for those of you east of 68 that had the snow yesterday. there may be an extra coating this morning. if we had to the rest of the day, not whole lot changing from yesterday. looming l day with a high of 37. -- gloomy all day. most places are done with the snow once this line moves out this morning. for today, cloudy, 37 degrees. skies will slowly -- clouds
6:58 am
a colder start tomorrow, 22. i am talking warm-up. 44 tomorrow with sunshine. then all the way up to 60 degrees friday and saturday. picture perfect timing. lisa: make your plans. mark: looking good.
6:59 am
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good morning. the government versus the tech giant. apple's ceo vows to fight a judge's order forcing it to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. is the company taking a stand for its customers or making it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe? southern discomfort. the republican presidential candidates brawl in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. even the president gets in on the action. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or


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