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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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brian hamrick leading the way. reporter: the driver is still behind bars here at the justice center. we' ve learned that' s not the first time she drove the wrong way overnight. the impact caused by the wrong way driver goes far beyond the mangled vehicles at the scene. >> it' s a really sad day. he touched a lot of people. >> the victim in the crash worked for 20 years. it' s affected everyone close to him. >> always willing to go the extra mile. we have a lot of people very sad
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reporter: a blood-alcohol of .122. she hit arenas had on. the driving began . >> there is somebody in the fast lane. >> driving the wrong way before the crash. no one answered the door. it was apparently headed home to florence when he was unable to
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the linkedin account says that she had gone to cosmetology school and recently started selling cosmetics. mike: accidents involving wrong way driver' s is more than the entire 2014. courtis fuller has that part of team coverage. >> it is .02%. unfortunately
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reporter: when an accident involves the wrong way driver, do wraps need more marking? >> the more safety, the better. >> where do you put something to fix the problem . there is no data that says this is a problem spot. reporter: police are speculating he may have gotten back on the interstate. again, speculation. warns
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being impaired or simply lost are the primary causes for wrong way drivers. in this case, police have not ruled out if the driver was intentionally trying to harm herself. this is part of the ongoing investigation. sheree: officials telling us they started putting wrong way signs at a lower level because according to studies, drivers tend to look down rather than up. mike: funeral services for the middletown mom found shot to death. sheree: new
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are now robbery. the two ordered the victim into their car at gunpoint. >> it started here. it was the fifth third bank. sheree: this happened on s day sunday. he actually had to hitchhike. on a website. his hotel room. mike: a trial date set for a dearborn county man charged with
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arrested last month after being locked in a laundry room. he now faces 12 charges of child abuse and molestation. all the victims identified were between the ages of four and 10. a trial date scheduled for june. >> a wabash employee is wanted for killing a mother and her young son and has been found dead in an indianapolis hotel. police say they' ve found 61-year-old vicious hamilton with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was the subject of a deadly manhunt after the bodies of his knees and son were found in the upscale home. investigators are working to learn what led up to the shooting. he checked out a college man just this morning on campus.
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mike: apple is vowing to take on the government in the fight over a terrorist iphone. a locked phone used by one of has respond. the federal government is tracking this lead to isis. the order could in danger phone of law-abiding citizens around the world. apple says it will fight a federal magistrate to help the fbi crack and iphone used by one of the shooters in the december terror attack in san bernardino california. it is a simple, narrow request. >> they are not asking them to create a new backdoor.
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this one device. sheree: mike: tim cook says the tool can but it is simply not true. could be used over and over again on a number of devices. >> how do you make sure that just the right people use that key? >> mike: techies can wage a brute force attack against the number or password. >> give us the ability to knock on the door until we break it. mike: a legal fight pitting personal privacy against public safety. apple says it has already been working with the government in this case but says the new
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is just too dangerous to create. claiming their share of that historic powerball jackpot. sheree: a florida couple reveals they are the winners. >> we are no longer in a quiet place. sheree: the moment they discover they won and what they want to spend money on first. mike: solving a rubik' s cube is hard enough. doing it blindfolded. the local kid that is considered one of the best out there. kevin: it is a chilly day. yes what? warmer weather is on the way. i will let you know what to expect as we slide our way through the weekend. sheree: video winning the hearts of millions online. dr. andy mathis climbed into a
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she was in rough shape. facebook followers fell in love with her. dr. mathis had been updating her progress on social media. so far, it has been viewed by
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed
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100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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mike: every sport has its way of judging the best teams. it the nfl has a weekly power ranking. sheree: and the world cube association works on the rubik' s cube. reporter: little does the world know that my skills with a rubik' s cube are unmatched. a junior at mason high school, this flows a little more naturally. >> when i started blind solving,
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i just wanted to try my best and not really think about it. reporter: he sold the puzzle blindfolded. he set a north american record in his division. 25.19 seconds. the world rank of seven. in another category, he was forced. -- fourth. >> once every five years, once every 10 years. it is rare. i normally refer to them as mozarts. that is how rare they are. reporter: he keeps watch of the club where the idea is about learning more than just solving puzzles. >> he also has a great deal of patience and teaching ability because the club is not about let' s go watch him perform, it' s
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that come by how to do it. >> and skill is to try new things. there' s not just one specific way of doing it. to definitely keep an open mind about which way you want to approach it. >> i can' t even feel the stickers off that fast. mike: never solved a rubik' s cube. never well. sheree: doing 20 a day, he' s been working on this skill daily for eight years. the next competition is michigan on the 27th. he is hoping to keep climbing of the world rankings.
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in melbourne beach, florida. the winning ticket, she says she' s played the same numbers for 30 years and only bought one power up ticket. a three dollar investment that paid off. >> we just had a saturday drawing and she had circled the winners on that one. when i woke up wednesday, there were no circles. i checked the ticket and everything matched up. i said, she' s messing with me. mike : they want the money all at once and will get $327 million before taxes. davis worked as a manufacturing engineers. when all the worry that comes with winning, the first thing they plan to spend money on is hopefully some food.
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sheree: the zoo is showing off its zoo baby. they can be seen in the night hunters exhibit. they are primates from the congo. only five north american zoos have them. votto has spent so much time on mom that the keeper has not gotten close enough to determine the baby' s gender. mike: a car smashes right into a house. please tell us the driver had a medical condition of some sort. they were not in the
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kevin: another gloomy day across the area. temperature wise heading up to the upcoming weekend. here' s a live look outside. it will linger a little while. 36 degrees. pretty chilly. however, we see some mild air on the horizon. over towards st. louis and paducah today. 50 degrees this afternoon. in time, that air will begin to spread in our direction. temperatures will slip down to the 30' s this evening. it remains on the cold side. plenty across the ohio valley.
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some unseasonably mild air for late winter. and by this weekend, we may even s for the highs. we have this cold air in place east. it will be lifting out. the jet stream will retreat all border. we get a push of air into the valley. no big weather systems to speak of. nothing too terribly exciting out there. and nice-looking weekend with chances of rain early sunday morning.
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temperatures will take down to the mid-20' s for most of us. much milder. we start the warm-up tomorrow and it only gets better from here on out. notice tomorrow night, we only down to 35. up to near 60 on friday. unseasonably mild start to the weekend here. i' ve even bumped saturday' s afternoon high into the mid-60' s. mike: all in all looking like a pretty good weekend.
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sheree: an incredible picture from a sonogram is helping a family deal with heartbreaking news. >> they are expecting twins and one baby has a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain. yesterday, doctors captured this. >> there is his hand and her hand. it looks like they are holding hands. >> we have a piece of them that will last forever. >> i just want to be there for him. she is the only one that can do that. it' s comforting to know that if he does pass, he will not be alone. mike: special moments of
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a porch prowler caught on security cameras stealing a package has a change of heart. dallas, georgia. the thief has now returned the package along with a note that reads, so sorry. hope this helps. i know i can' but i hope this helps. >> a new york city man was surprised when a person returns almost everything. they had cash, credit cards, a subway id. the note reads, i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metro card and the wallet because it' s kind of cool. >> the note was, i' m a good guy but i' m also kind of giving you the middle finger and keeping
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mike: the concert hall caught wind and offered him tickets to an upcoming show. the slow-moving progress and
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sheree: >> put a knife up to my neck. we started tussling. i have begun on me. mike: he says he had no choice but to shoot. sheree: he says he had no choice but to fight back after a knife was held in his neck. you will see this story here on wlwt.
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me he is still a little bit shaken today. two strangers walk through his front door, one with a knife. >> because i' m a small guy, they think i' m a pushover.
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police say the entire incident is not under investigation. as for willy, he doesn' t know what them men were after. he says he believes - >> i am thing for for that. reporter: police are consulting with the prosecutor' s office. sheree: mike: the cincinnati police department has help-wanted sign out tonight. this call to action comes as staffing is down by 40%.
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$41,000, topping out at 46,000. >> somebody who is able to multitask. microsoft word applications, things of that nature. >> you can apply online to become an assistant operator. sheree: new tonight, a man is locked up facing charges of rape . antonio brown has been indicted for rape , unlawful conduct and pandering sexually oriented materials. it happened a number of times since 2008.
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for a number of charges including voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault. sheree: the case against bill cosby is now moving forward. claim that the the supreme court for an appeal. drugging and violating a woman at his home back in 2004. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for early march. the prosecutor will preview the evidence hoping to convince a judge there is enough evidence to proceed forward. mike: the university of texas at austin president reluctantly approve the rules in compliance with texas state law that allows concealed handgun license holders to bring their weapons
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sheree: the family of michael brown passing a bill the mother spoke it set off weeks of unrest in ferguson. a body proposal failed last year.
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dissenters also working with local agencies to provide resources to find. a public interest group has released a new study that shows people living in flint have been in america. it is nearly double the national average. sheree: a team of meteorologists facing drug and weapons charges. tori and her husband tyler were arrested on charges of growing marijuana plants.
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found at the couple' s home. two silencers were also found. mike: cincinnati police have an officer involved shooting they are looking into. this is in the westwood area. sheree: scams are targeting your pockets. the con artist will usually tell you they have a warrant and you' ll need to pay more -- no one will ever call you and ask
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mike: there are details left to hammer out. reporter: somewhere south of $300 million. they remain at odds and building with an eye towards accommodating rail.
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>> this is a big project, i understand. the current bridge is so incredibly deficient that i worry that can be shut down. >> the most immediate impact is raising the additional moneys, millions to finish the design. this stand behind me will hang on another eight plus years. mike: there are no commitments just yet. >> we want to inform the
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>> it was the goal behind this morning' s walk-ins. they show their support. also showing their support. >> it connects community to the schools. >> 30 cities participated in the walk-in today.
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horse. the miniature therapy horses will be at all kinds of events and programs such as safety town and the butler county fair. put a smile on people' s faces as well. donald trump since ted cruz a cease and desist order. sheree: the latest accusations to fly. mike: and a big endorsement for marco rubio giving the senator a thumbs up the race for the white house. kevin: chilly weather is on its way out. i will let you know about the
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mike: there is an officer involved shooting in westwood.
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was shot, there were a few reporters headed to the scene right now. there will be new information as soon as we get it. >> three days before the republican primary and the mud is flying tonight. >> today it blew up. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> trump arguing his position has since changed. >> of never dealt with anybody that lied so much. and he says he' s religious.
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lawsuits, this takes the cake. reporter: marco rubio is calling out crews for running as like this one. >> you can' t let these things stay out there. they are not true. >> there one hope of doing well is to make false attacks. reporter: there is clinton with a double-digit lead over sanders in south carolina and the two
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sheree: nevada' s democratic caucuses on there. >> they could help rubio that has been targeted recently from jeb bush as well as senator ted cruz. mike: they were both on hand to welcome early voters this morning. with all the important races coming up, voters have to take advantage of the early voting.
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we will continue to have gone to the polls. >> in hamilton county, eight years ago. 42,000 people voted before election day. mike: they can take advantage of early voting now through tuesday. kevin: it was another gloomy day as we expected it to be. as we look closely on the horizon, a little sliver of sunlight out there. we will have to wait one more day before we make it to the sun. our temperatures will really begin to take off.
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here is a look at temperatures. they have not climbed all that much. it is well below the average high. they can warm up for the second half of the month. a significant warm-up as we head into the weekend. clouds and chilly weather in place. there is a warm front out across the midwest. it provides some unseasonably warm air. you can see the cold all across the great lakes from chicago to detroit, down into the ohio valley. mid-30' s and upper toys. -- upper 20' s. as you head further south and west, sprint has certainly sprung across the southern plains. 70' s and oklahoma city down towards dallas.
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air is going to move in our direction. when don maccallum side. let me show you the futurecast here. it' s all about waiting for the clouds to break. they will linger overnight but by morning they should begin fanning out across the area. friday looks very nice. can' t complain about breezy temperatures up near 60. it looks like fantastic weather on saturday and mostly sunny skies. high by the weekend probably 25 or 30 degrees warmer than they were today. that means mid 60' s possible on saturday. tonight 25 for an overnight low again. he will gradually scour out the daybreak. warmer temperatures, closer to average for mid february. a cold start at 8 a.m..
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lunchtime . here' s a look at your seven-day forecast. look at this. almost 60 on friday. that is warmer than our normal high for this time of year. saturday night in the mid 40' s for lows. there will be somewhat weather in here late saturday night and early sunday. the second half doesn' t look so bad. we' ll see the temperatures coming down some. as of now, no outbreaks of arctic air. mike: the weather roller coaster is back up. sheree:
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board this plane sheree: we want to update you.
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this is a deadly shooting showing a truck that crashed into a pole. this is video being sent in to us from a viewer. again, a lot of officers at the scene because this is an officer a suspect has been killed. the way and we will bring you new information as we have any more confirmed for you. mike: it appears no one is in the into a laser attack, including the plane carrying the pope.
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the crew noticed a laser beam as the pope was on the plane and the plane prepared to touchdown. the plane landed with no issues. the vatican did not know about the incident until sometime later. director spike lee defending his new film tonight. this time, overseas. it the director is in berlin right now. female characters banned sex as a way to encourage the men around them to end gun violence. the movie has gotten a lot of controversy, some calling it insulting. spike lee says they are missing his message. >> 53 people were shot and killed in chicago. that is a jump of 82% from 2015. you can get mad at the name, but
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>> those homicides happened in january alone. chi-raq is street slang that compares the streets of chicago to the war zone in the middle east. leading the way on breaking news. mike: an officer involved shooting. we are working to bring you the latest information when we come back. sheree: and what we' ve learned about a man killed in a wrong
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tonight. we have big breaking news we are covering right now. police confirming one person dead after an officer avenue. mike: we have blurred the
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there is no word right now on exactly what happened before the shooting. another picture here. a lot of cincinnati police officers. we will bring you new it. an officer apparently shot and killed the suspect this afternoon we will continue to update you on this breaking story. lane going southbound. driver spends 30 minutes going the wrong way on i 71. a look at how far she got. a woman driving the wrong way on the interstate. sheree: and the victim was a


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