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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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dogs are fine. >> tonight the close calls and the clean up. >> dramatic new video of a police chase. a violent wreck with an ambulance and a suspect facing plenty of charges. >> still breezy but winds are calming down tonight after some gusts. more than 50 miles an hour a little earlier today. good evening to you. >> thanks for joining us on this friday night. strong wind knocking over trees, power, and phone lines across greater cincinnati. wlwt news 5's emily wood reports from clair month county where the cleanup is already taking shape. >> it's almost too dark to see but a blue tarp now covers the roof of this family garage here in miami township. luckily no one was inside when the tree fell this afternoon. it did prompt almost immediate cleanup. workers for earl's tree company happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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maple came crashing down on to the home owner's garage crews were just down the street trimming trees. >> we were working in the neighborhood and then we saw the tree come down and we came over to help him out. >> the home owners say luckily they were at work and no cars were in the garage when the tree toppled over. it busted a hole through the roof and snagged some gutters on the front of the house. >> any damage that was done was structural. there was no electrical damage. no lines were hit. electric or gas or anything. i was very happy. this is minor considering what it could have been. >> even as crews were working on weather road less than a half mile away part of cook road was closed after a tree took down power and phone lines, all part of mother nature's unpredictability. >> i knew it was supposed to be good temperatures today. like nice high temperatures. and sunny. would be here. >> crews were able to work
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and move it away from the home. the home owners say while this was a hassle for their friday night it did not ruin their plans. reporting from miami township in clairmont county, wlwt, news 5. >> all right. thank you. now power problems much like the winds are dying down tonight. after a peak of 9,000 outages around the area duke energy is now reporting only about 800 active outages around town. most of those are in clairmont county right now. chief meteorologist kevin robinson has a look now at highest gusts across our area tonight. >> good evening. earlier today we had wind gusts which peaked out in hour. we had close to 60 miles an hour on the roof top here in mount auburn. we are on an elevated location. the airport even had wind gusts over 40. close to 47 this afternoon. now you can see all of the peak wind gusts within the past hour are now at 25 miles an hour or lower so, yes, it's still
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certainly backing off tonight. the strongest winds have shifted north of i-70 tonight where you see the brighter colors. around here on the breezy side. still got breezes up between 10 and 20 sustained at this hour. talk temperatures. wow. a mild night for the middle of february. temperatures just shy of 60 here at this late hour. i'll let you know when we'll see the 60's return if we need to be worried about wind over the weekend and talk about changes coming up in the weekend forecast. >> thank you. the wind left behind plenty of damage in butler county. a pole snapped in half in millville just west of hamilton was left balancing on the power lines it was holding up. in middletown a tree was uprooted because of strong wind. you could see the older tree leaning there on the power lines to the left. another pole down in industry penalize, kentucky shutting down station road for several hours. the wind broke a utility pole in half. station road has since reopened. czech out other photos just like those on the wlwt app.
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driver's desperate attempt to out run state troopers ends in a frightening crash. the driver slammed right into an ambulance. the impact was all caught on two separate dash cameras from troopers right in the middle of the chase in middle town. it's nearly 3:00 in the morning back on december 17. that's when ohio state highway patrol troopers say they spotted a man in this white car driving err at cli. in a matter of seconds the pursuit began with the driver reaching speeds of nearly a hundred miles an hour. as fast as it begins, the chase comes to a crashing end. not even two minutes later the white car slams into an ambulance. the driver isn't done yet. a second dash cam video shows the man running from the wreckage. he's eventually found in a nearby creek. four people had to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries, including the two medics.
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fleeing and eluding, o.b.i., and possession of a firearm. he had felony warrants out at the time of the crash. troopers from multiple states are teaming up to crack down on driving violations tonight. kentucky and ohio are among the states now focusing on speeders, seat belt violations, and o.b.i. enforcement right along 75. now the blitz kicked off a little earlier tonight and will continue to tomorrow night. impaired driving accounted for more than a third of all deadly crashes last year. >> a cincinnati man is being called a true con artist. those are the words from ohio's attorney general mike dewine describing jerry augie jr. the 53-year-old man sentenced today to 19 years behind bars after he was found guilty of running an $816,000 scam. investigators say that he used a dummie corporation to get trucks, equipment, and checks.
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says that he ran the scam out of warren butler, hamilton, and cuyahoga counties in ohio and kenton county in kentucky. >> still no word tonight on how a man died in westchester. the coroner though has now identified the body found in keener park. police say 28-year-old eric pathway was last seen alive february 5. he was on the department's missing persons list. last night teenagers walking the trail there found his body in a wooded area nearby. >> late last night we saw a bunch of cops parked up and down the street right here and they were taking atv's and stuff down to the park and actually this morning i saw a police dog go down there as well. >> now, police say the trail, where the body was found yesterday, leads right up to the susan springs cul de sac. they haven't said if any foul play is suspected. but anyone with information on his death is now asked to call
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>> a possible new case in the zika virus in the columbus area. county and city health officials have confirmed they have sent another sample to the lab. that makes 10 people in the area being tested for the virus. it could take several weeks until the results come back. there have been four confirmed cases so far of zika in ohio and one in indiana. northern kentucky health officials are very concerned about a more common virus. >> the department is now reporting a big spike in cases recently of the flu. so the department recorded 100 new cases last week. that's more than a quarter of the cases for the entire season already. last year kentucky recorded nearly 3300 flu cases and five deaths. doctors say this year's flu vaccine is a better match to strains they've seen. >> busy night in commitment 2016 2016 the democrats getting ready for nevada while the carolina. primary voting in south carolina is tomorrow.
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polls right now in that state calling for a boycott of apple over its refusal to unlock the san bernadino attacker's i phone and is explaining his support for the iraq war in 2002. meanwhile, ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting for second. >> we need to nominate someone that can bring us together. i know i can better than anyone in this race. >> here in south carolina these next 21 hours are going to decide a great deal. >> some rubio supporters are now hoping ohio governor john kasich and jeb bush drop out of the race so rubio remains the final main stream republican. >> on the democratic side tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton are trading jabs before tomorrow's democratic caucus in nevada. clinton hosted a town hall at a las vegas high school today and sanders held three events including a concert in vegas. both candidates are telling nevada voters they count. >> i hope that nevada shows the entire country. the country is going to be
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i hope we have a huge, get that word? >> get there at 11:00 a.m. can't sleep in. sleep in. you know? the next day. >> meanwhile south carolina representative jim clyburn endorsed clinton today. he is the highest ranking african-american in congress. new at 11:00 hundreds of people coming together to help rebuild the general store. a fire destroyed the historic landmark last weekend. tonight the community carried on a friday night tradition. tonight they continued to jam out at the local store concert at another location vowing to one day have it return to the general store. >> we'll rebuild. we've got lumber companies and tent companies and everybody saying, what can we do to help rebuild? it's a great thing. >> a team effort. several groups now are helping the rabbit hash general store. >> just today duke energy
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$25,000 to help in the restoration efforts. duke is going to present the check at the store this coming tuesday. and then t-shirt company cincy shirts is also helping with the rebuilding effort. i love this one. it created these shirts saying welcome to rabbit hash. please don't feed the mayor. the proceeds from the $25 shirt will be given to the general store's go fund me page. >> team effort. everybody is helping out. >> playoff basketball. tonight is the postseason edition of the blitz. >> win or go home and for some it comes right down to the final shot. look at this. the sports crew will have it all for you. >> even at this late hour temperatures are still hovering near 60 degrees for many of us. i'll let you know about a mild february weekend and the changes in store including a little rain.
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when i >> here is a look at some of the peak wind gusts from earlier today. lawrenceburg over 56 miles an hour. the only one not on here that was a little higher here atop the roof top at the studio. mount auburn, we're a little elevated. we had a 59-mile-per-hour wind gust earlier this afternoon. that was the only one i found
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48 hamilton. owington at the airport officially winds gusting close to 50. at 47 miles an hour. now tonight the winds have really calmed down across the area but it is still breezy and it will be breezy into saturday as well. now the strongest winds tonight have shifted up toward the western end of lake erie there from detroit down toward toledo tonight over to around sandusky. look at this. red all across the map tonight because temperatures are running 15 to 20 degrees warmer than they were last night at this very same time. and you can see many of us are still hovering near the 60-degree mark. now, by morning we'll drop back into the middle and upper 40's. a live look outside on a very mild mid february night right now. you can see a little bit of a breeze out there. current temperature at the airport 58 degrees. we have a southwest wind sustained at 12 with gusts to 22 so again no more wind concerns. and even during the day on saturday while it will be breasy we won't have the same wind issues of today. temperatures very mild for
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most of us still between 55 and 60 out there. so winds relax as they have done already. a nice looking weekend despite the fact we have a little rain in there. that will probably happen while most of us are asleep early sn morning. it looks like next week, don't get used to this, winter is back. we're still in the middle of winter so don't be spoiled by the taste of spring this weekend. storm system up here near lake superior tonight in marquette will move east. that triggered the strong winds today. this cool front is going to sneak its way into the area tonight. there's not much of a temperature difference on either side of the frontal system. so here is a look at future cast. mostly sunny skies for the day on saturday. it looks great saturday night. it will be very pleasant. temperatures will be mild. hanging in the 50's a good part of the nate tomorrow night and then early sunday morning it looks like a little wave of low pressure, a storm center will ride along a front and probably bring showers to the area especially along the southerly
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the sun sunday afternoon before things start to cool off early next week. stream. it's so far to the north we'll enjoy plenty of mild, spring like weather this weekend but keep your eyes focused on this pink and up in canada because colder air will come south next week as the jet stream makes its way further south once again and it looks like temperatures will tumble by this time next week we'll probably be looking at temperatures about 30 degrees colder than this weekend. so enjoy. 47 for a low tonight. nice with just come clouds for tomorrow mostly sunny. breezy and mild. it will feel more like maybe a late march. early april day around here 60's. here is a look at your day planner. walking out the door in the morning a mild start at 49. we'll already be warmer than we should be for the middle of the afternoon and up to 60 by lunch time and mid 60's later. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. tomorrow night only in the upper 40's for lows. 55 on sunday. then we cool off the next week before we tumble back into the
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>> have a good weekend. that's it for us. we already showed you one buzzer beater. more to come. the playoff edition. the high school blitz is next. >> it really is do or die tonight. several games came right down to the wire. the sports gang have all the
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>> welcome to another blitz. hey t.'s opening weekend. of the high school basketball tournament for ohio boys. we'll tip it off with st. xavier and withrow. the >> the winner will have a tough test when they face a mason team that has not lost since november. >> first things first. ohio division i bracket. the bombers swinging around the outside. the senior using his sharp shooting skills. takes the lead on that 3 ball but the tigers create the transition. alley-oop up above the rim. the size advantage all night. calvin english finishing off the pass from willis. 52-50.
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sets up the game against the number one seed. the mason comets next tuesday night attala cota west high school. tip off is 7:30. >> middle town and milford going head to head tonight attala cota west high school. the star of this game was middle town guard kobe johnson. this three cuts the lead to one with under 5:00 to go in the game. next with the lead, seconds to go, edwards gets the steal.
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we have more high school basketball, too. coming your way. >> we also go through kentucky as high school programs in the blue grass state finished their regular season off. you're watching the blitz on
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>> welcome back to the blitz. we made the switch to the other side of the river. it's not tourney time yet for the kentucky boys. >> right. yet. close. next weekend they'll get after the tournament competition. tonight the regular season comes to a close. it's beechwood's last home game as they host highland. >> among the two rival fan bases, there is a very real curiosity. when will the kernels catch highlands in football and when will the blue birds over take cub cats in basketball? when it comes to hoops highland hired a former cub cast stand out in kevin lifterman to walk the slains in fort thomas. tonight he'll be in charge in another fort. fort mitchell. a couple nice plays from the killer cross over in a rim protecting block from beechwood's player. the camera was in the line of fire. beechwood can share the ball.
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adding to the points in the paint stats for the tigers. in the fourth quarter in transition remember top gun classic movie maverick, goose. he'll hit the brakes and fly right by. they were all fired up in the beechwood parking lot afterward after a 20-point win over highland. 68-48. the playoffs start next week in kentucky. you'd think this is college football because tomorrow to close out the regular season it is a rivalry saturday in northern kentucky featuring who else? but highlands and cub cats. >> on to st. henry and holy cross the student section was amped up for this one and so was st. henry. they go inside. out to elliot berling. more st. henry. a former primetime performer turns on the burners. he stopped and hits the buzzer beater to end the first quarter. holy cross trying to answer back. and they do just that.
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end. 64-58. >> oh, yes. time once again for our blitz five basketball insider. he is alex meacham. yes, sir. >> the russell westbrook. you can do that. >> okay. >> you know? >> dance is not my thing. talking hoops is. we're talking northern kentucky. the ninth region specifically. a couple teams over there. maybe four have a chance to go deep. >> 23-6 on a 12-game win streak. a three headed monster. they got c.j., flood, they're tough to beat when playing well. >> all right. and the thoroughbreds. >> there is kevin love of northern kentucky. been wired. tough to beat. >> and also in northern kentucky, dealing with an injury over there.
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well for them to advance. they're like the bee gees. as long as they play well, they're like the bee gees and will be staying alive in the tournament. >> this young man should be back soon. ready for next week. now for the indians of holy cross. >> yes. this is a team that's very interesting. they can shoot the basketball very, very well from deep. you know what they say with college coaches. if you can shoot the ball well and get hot you can advance, high school, ncaa. >> all right. we'll check back in wu next week at tournament time on both sides of the river. our blitz basketball insider. back to you. >> thanks, guys. and for your drive of the week we go back to lake effecta west where it was knotted at 35. johnson drains the buzzer beater sending them to the next round. he's got the skills to pay the bills.
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check out sophomore allie knight. she had 23 points overall and now has 2,004 points for her career. >> okay. so no vote this week because of that shot and because she will be the primetime performer next week. we'll pay a visit to her i hope and give her a plaque and all that good stuff and feature her next week right here on wlwt at 11:00. sports medicine primetime performer. that's all we have for now. >> we'll have a lot tomorrow and sunday. >> i would thank you but your a he going to hit the streets right? >> yeah. whatever that means. >> for the whole crew, maybe i'll see you out on the streets.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids
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