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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] mark: cincinnati police no longer searching for a chicago the details on the arrest and the victim' s condition. re one step closer to history. the donation going to rabbit hash today, to help rebuild the historic general store. but first, a man accused of pushing a four-year-old girl down stairs and hitting her has an someone unexpectedly coming s mother. what she had to say.
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i am mark hayes, lisa cooney has the day off. mark: a man accused of pushing a four-year-old girl down stairs and hitting her has someone the child' s mother. s dan griffin is live downtown with what she had to say. good afternoon. the mother of the 4-year-old says this has all been blown out of proportion. t believe anthony time. popplewell was in court this he' children. according to an affidavit, last month, stacey eversole' s 4-year-old daughter, sophie, said popplewell pushed her down the stairs, pulled her hair and slammed her on the ground. eversole says popplewell said she fell down the stairs. investigators say popplewell couldn' injuries and was quiet when asked about them. her. daughter, who was also in the home, hurt sophie' s face. s not that s never s
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me. he doesn' t discipline my daughter, let alone his own daughter, he has a very hard time disciplining her. dan: the woman says her daughter is healed and fine today. last year, popplewell was convicted of child endangering after police said he took items from a udf and ran when approached by a manager, leaving his 4-year-old daughter behind. investigators say he served six months and that case. live at the hamilton county justice center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. newsroom. medical facility. the fbi confirms that multiple the clermont county cancer center in batavia. investigation is about, but patients have called and told wlwt news 5' s karin johnson is we'
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and on wlwt news 5 at 5:00. it' s nice out now, but we' ll soon be hit by rain and snow. wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico has when it will arrive in cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. randi: good afternoon. it' s sunny right now, we have about 12 hours before the changing weather arrives very. the temperature at noon, 48 degrees. pushing 50 already. we roll into the low to mid 50' s through the afternoon. you can see the planner showing at 5:00, 52. more clouds as we get into the evening hours. eventually as we approach midnight, rain moves in. the storm is split right down the middle with what we see wednesday versus thursday. for tomorrow, and a strain will be around in the early morning hours. maybe a couple of thunderstorms rolling through the afternoon. none severe. the big concern will be standing water on the roadways. that' s a possibility for maybe some flooding. as we head into thursday, it' s a
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thanks to the warm air recently, contact at first. some slushy accumulation, not a the totals in a few minutes. restoring the historic rabbit hash general store. it was nearly destroyed by fire, but may be rebuilt by generosity. s andrew setters has the major donation delivered s left of the rabbit hash general store after the fire about a week ago. there' s not a lot left, but there' s enough they can rebuild. and the rebuilding effort got a big boost today with a $25,000 dollar from duke energy. that' s just part of the massive amount of donations that have rolled in here to rabbit hash to help rebuild the general store. that fire was devastating, crews worked all through the night to try to stop the flames from spreading and they saved much of the historic structure that has
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the general store this morning who said she' s got a mix of emotions, from the loss of the store and the support she' s seen since. terrie marksbery: i' ve been saying all along, i don' t know if i' m overwhelmed by the loss or by the love and support that people have shown. there' s just such a balance there, people just never cease to amaze me. andrew: rebuilding won' t be as simple as throwing up some walls and a new roof, they also want to keep the building on the national historic register, so they need to rebuild it to very specific standards. s a process that could take a while and quite a bit of cash. from rabbit hash, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: new at noon -- a winton hills shooting suspect, arrested after being featured on our crimestoppers segment yesterday, went before a judge today. john white the third, from chicago pleaded not guilty. police say on january 24, he was in town visiting family, when he shot the victim in the back. the victim is now paralyzed from s bond was set at $1.2
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a sentencing date has been set for next month, for a man at the center of a 20-hour swat standoff in latonia. 43-year-old michael vaughan, pleaded guilty last week to six police say he shot at them, after holding his three children inside a home back in december of 2013. he was shot in the arm, before finally surrendering. vaughan is a military veteran, who claims to suffer from he' s been given a recommended a person is recovering after being hit by a car in miami township this morning. it happened on in the 1700 block of state route 131 near the shaw farms farmers market just before 8:00 a.m. police say the victim suffered a leg injury and taken to bethesda the investigation is still underway. there were no injuries after a car ran into a school bus in westwood. it happened at the corner of harrison and robert avenues around 8:30 this morning. one students was on board the bus at the time of the crash. again no one was hurt.
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wlwt newsroom about a crash in fort thomas that killed a man and critically injured a baby. investigators say speed and drugs are factors. we' ve learned the names of adults involved. the driver, who was killed, is michael gillam of cincinnati. a 7-month-old boy was also condition. a woman who was in the backseat, amanda thomas, from bethel, is also in critical condition. needles were found inside the car, which rolled over several times after running off 275 eastbound and 471 yesterday. happening tonight -- a controversial plan to build a kroger at a busy west chester intersection goes to board of trustees. the board will consider and take action on rezoning property on the southeast corner of tylersville and princeton-glendale roads. neighbors had rallied against the development last year, calling for a buffer between the proposed shopping center and nearby homes. residents can voice their opinion at 7:00 tonight. also tonight, supporters of the loveland farmer' s market are going to demand answers from
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the market recently moved from downtown, to an old bowling alley parking lot on the outskirts of town. city officials were concerned about traffic and parking problems, and as a result, sales took a hit. the group "friends of the loveland farmers' market" presented a plan to deal with these issues. they say, city council refuses tonight' s meeting will be at the loveland city hall at 7:00 p.m. there could be some trouble with trade talks involving jay bruce. the reds have been working on a three-team deal, that would send bruce to toronto. but overnight, buster olney tweeted this out. quote. "the proposed deal had traction, but hit a snag during the medical review portion of the talks. for now -- dead." if this does work out, the reds are expected to get two second-tier prospects. since those players are far from ready for the big leagues, it' s not clear who would take over in right field. wlwt news 5' s george vogel is arizona, with more on the trade
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practice. george: i' m george vogel with the reds in goodyear, arizona. the first full squad workout is coming up this afternoon. we talk about that at 5:00. also, jay bruce is still in cap. the subject of trade rumors. and we hear for manager brian price, who says he might be the right man for the right time that the cincinnati reds. all of that coming up from goodyear on news five at 5:00. mark: you saw the announcement president obama pushes a new plan to close guantanamo bay. why he says this move is past due. and how he plans to make it happen. plus, the mother of one of the most seriously injured victims of the weekend shooting in what' s giving her strength in this difficult time. in the 50' s this afternoon.
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s leading the way. mark: welcome back. morning he' s sending congress a plan to close our detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. and bring dozens of suspected the president argues, we' re actually less safe housing because they' re using that, as a recruiting tool. he says our allies are constantly asking about the 91 prisoners left there. and he argues, it' s draining $455 million a year from our military. president obama says closing gitmo and bringing those prisoners here -- as scary as that sounds, is the best choice. president obama: we can capture terrorists, protect the american people and, when done right, we can try ' em and put them in our maximum security prisons and it works just fine. we' re already holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states. mark: the top republican in the senate says it' s illegal, so the president'
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nowhere. five people are dead after a man opens fire on relatives inside a phoenix home. police say the gunman is among the dead. a child who survived the initial incident was transported to the hospital, but later died -- later died. police responded to 911 calls for help from the home overnight, and were met with gunfire as the gunman shot at officers. none were hit. the home was also on fire at the time. the gunman is described as a son and brother to the victims. now the latest on that tragic shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan last saturday night. a teenager who was shot is still clinging to life, as police try to figure out a motive in the attacks. nbc' s ron mott has more. ron: a 14-year-old girl is one of two survivors here in kalamazoo. she' s being treated here at bronson methodist hospital as this stunned community tries to figure out what would drive someone to target unsuspecting people like her. vicki kopf: she is alive and she is fighting for her life.
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kopf, the youngest victim in the kalamazoo shooting spree. vicki kopf: abagail is strong. she was a vibrant beautiful young lady and did not deserve ron: the 14-year-old was shot in the cracker barrel parking lot all killed. at the hospital abigail was pronounced dead. donation, she squeezed her mother' s hand. it' s own. ron: doctors say the other survivor, tiana carruthers, has a bullet lodged in her kidney, but is expected to recover. prosecutors say the suspect, uber driver jason dalton, has admitted involvement in the random rampage that killed six people. chief investigator chuck christensen: from his responses there was very little remorse. ron: this morning. still no answers to the question - why? jason dalton: i would just prefer to remain silent. ron: hundreds came together at a candlelight vigil monday night, to pray for the survivors and
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the 45-year-old suspect is due back in court here in kalamazoo in a few weeks on march 10. ron mott, nbc news, kalamazoo. mark: six people were killed in saturday' s attack and two others november 2016 news. -- commitment 2016 news. donald trump is expecting a win in the next battle for the gop nomination. he is the favorite in the nevada republican caucus, which is taking place later today. second place is up for grabs, and ohio governor john kasich, may have hurt his chances. kasich was discussing his past campaigns, and mentioned the women who quote "left their kitchens" to go door-door. he later attempted to explain the comment, calling it off-the-cuff. today, john physical is a town hall. -- governor kasich will host a town hall. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for south carolina' s primary. both candidates are campaigning hard to win support, and right now, clinton has a commanding lead in the polls. the south carolina primary is saturday. ohio lawmakers will vote today
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an annual occurrence. this started last fall. parents had three days to take care of back-school shopping, and most purchases did not have sales tax. a senate committee will vote on legislation, to make the tax holiday permanent. if it passes, it could go before the full senate, this afternoon. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: so go as much of that sunshine and springlike weather as you can today. because by tomorrow, really by late tonight, it' s gone. heavy rain rolling in for wednesday. followed up with some snow on thursday. big changes are headed our way. as you take a look at the radar right now, outside, it looks nice and clear. the sun is out, temperatures easily rolling into the low and mid-50' s this afternoon. we' ve already got 51 degrees in dry ridge, 50 in falmouth, same thing in maysville. 48 degrees closer to downtown,
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a new pass by the ohio river, you notice it is running high. it' early this morning. and with additional rainfall expected as we head into tomorrow, specifically, the forecasted numbers bring that up to about 44 foot crest on saturday. already above action stage, we continue to watch flooding near county. we are just talking about the potential for flooding near the area rivers, creeks, and streams for tomorrow. there may be some standing water on poorly drained roadways. we are looking at a good inch to two inches of rain falling predominantly in the first part of the day tomorrow. here' s the breakdown for the rest of the day today. 2:00 looking good for february, 52. 5:00, 53. as we head into the evening, clouds roll in and rain arrives late tonight. here' s the breakdown of this next system will span wednesday and thursday for us. wednesday morning, heavy rains expected and some gusty wind as well.
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is a rainfall, at least an inch of that is coming right in the morning hours. watch out for that tomorrow morning. wednesday afternoon, a few breaks for rain showers will continue, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. severe side, but you may hear the thunder tomorrow. we head towards midnight, we see the rain, snow changeover. into thursday, snow showers and we are looking at one inch to there' s a good bit of melting going on. tomorrow. futurecast shows you clouds building and by 8:00 and 9:00. as we approach midnight, here comes the rain moving in from the south. expect rain showers by midnight for many of us. during the morning, you can see yellow indicating heavier rainfall rates through the morning hours. a couple of breaks around afternoon. it does become more scattered second half of the day. rumbles of thunder will be possible. that' s what we see that changeover, right around
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and with that, initially, it all cement. around. this is the rain forecast, just what we are seeing on wednesday. most places, somewhere between one inch and two inches of rainfall. thursday, we see continuous snow showers throughout the day. maybe some accumulation as we had through the afternoon. looking at the snowfall potential for thursday, when his to two inches of expected snow. when you actually measure the stuff late in the day, closer to the low end of the one inch to two inch range. mild again with clouds building tonight, dipping down to 43. rain will arrive and we will be breezy tomorrow night. tomorrow is a sober of a day, the heaviest early on the morning. get to tomorrow' s rain, some snow on thursday. by friday, flurries. take a look towards the weekend. saturday and sunday, high temperatures back up into the 50' s and 60' s. mark: infants in need of help, moments after they' re born.
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wlwt news 5' joins us now with more on the sheree: tonight, meet "hospital volunteers who are changing we' re talking about kids in intensive care unit minutes after their birth. but dozens of men and women around greater cincinnati are stepping up to give these little >> they' re just so innocent and so vulnerable and if i can make them happy for a little bit i do. sheree: go inside the nicu with these volunteers. and why these babies need it more than ever. that' s tonight at six on -- 6:00 on wlwt news 5. mark: a pet abused and left for dead. where the investigation stands, and the volunteers nursing this cat back to better health. plus, singer rihanna has beat out the king of pop. the record she' s broken on the billboard' s hot 100. you' re watching cincinnati'
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mark: welcome back. a pet abused and left for dead. now, police are investigating as volunteers are nursing the cat back to health.
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s legacy, are caring for the cat and her five kittens. the 2-year-old was found with a spinal injury, and broken tail. the woman caring for the cat thinks she was swung by her tail, and thrown outside. >> the act of injuring her and just allowing her to suffer and the five babies to suffer, without being fed. because it was our understanding she was outside and the babies were inside. mark: right now, the cat is only using her front legs. there' s hope that therapy or surgery, will get her back to s are likely another 8 to 10 weeks away from adoption. s legacy says, no charges have been filed. in indiana. emmy' back to health, after she was found in a trap left in the woods. own yet. her keepers have applied for a
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her once she returns to the wild. they hope to be able to set her free, this coming weekend. close to where they found her. rihanna is "working" it. her latest single -- "work" featuring drake -- has hit the top of the billboard hot 100. it' s her 14th number one on that chart. that puts rihanna in all time third place for hot 100 leaders, beating out michael jackson. she' s now only behind the beatles and mariah carey. good news for those of you who had planned to see barry manilow perform earlier this month. he' s rescheduled his concert for april 29. manilow had complications from emergency oral surgery, which forced him to cancel his february 11 show at bb&t arena at northern kentucky university. you can still buy tickets through ticketmaster. an amazing moment for some cincinnati bruce springsteen fans. so this happened a few days ago at the springsteen concert in louisville. the five foltz sisters wore matching shirts and made signs that read, "100 miles, five
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the dark", bruce asked the sisters to come on stage. thanks, ladies for sending us this pic. and sharing that amazing moment. how crazy is that? randi: that' s awesome. crazy weather on the way over the next couple of days. heavier rain forests tomorrow and gusty wind will be in the 40' s. on wednesday night, we turn it over from rain to storms, expect snow on the roads by thursday afternoon. most of it will still be malting
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lights, camera, access. >> bad news for kesha in court but plent of support from taylor and demi. why does lovato have a problem with swift's actions. and thenst kanye. all those heroics can be exhausting as kim posts that and the first shot of saint. >> did you all signontracts saying that you wouldn't sleep withach other?


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