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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the snow line is still to the west of interstate 65. they have transitioned to snow in indianapolis. it will pivot across the area. we have chilly air moving in on the heels of some very gusting wind. when sustained between 20 and 30. gusts close to 40. the storm system moves up towards columbus and you see the cold air beginning to wrap around the system tonight. down to 39 in louisville. that cold air is going to wrap its way back to the wlwt viewing area. still mostly rain. by 10:00, many areas will is seen the transition from rain over to snow. i expected to continue through much of the overnight and into the day on thursday. i will let you know how much i
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sheree: a large single opened up in a place where it has happened before. mike: the damage in the progress made to stop flooding. reporter: flooding issues here is no surprise to residents who live here. as long as there is a heavy rainfall, they have to deal with this every time. they deal with flooding , overflowing, sending rushing water all the way across the roadway. a pump was used to devote most of it to a creek below. there is at least a foot of water pouring across the street. anderson township officials say
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it all has to do with failed piping. a failed contractor is on site looking to fix it. this is a problem residents have to deal with for several years now. the roadway was never officially closed today. they advised drivers to avoid any areas with flooding or rushing water. they ask residents instead of traveling to just wait it out. and residents in this area will have access to emergency services no matter what the weather is neighboring. mike: a big cleanup for a homeowner after a tree smashes right down into the roots. along with crest drive -- when cr indcrest drive. ?
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>> the bathroom is going to be repaired. it is going to work in the back deck. sheree: a small mudslide has shut down part of columbia parkway again tonight. soil fell over the retaining wall on william howard taft road. one inbound lane to traffic will be closed until 6:00 tomorrow morning. a similar situation from columbia parkway earlier this month. and in bond hill, police say wet roads are to blame for an overnight crash year that happened by about 3:00 this morning. police telling us the driver was going too fast on the wet road and hit the power road -- power pole. mike: as the weather changes, stay up to date with the latest
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done. coming in and next or half hour early so you will be covered on air, online, and on the go. developing now, police make an arrest in the murder of a middletown mother found dead with her baby in the car. sheree: brandon carr was arrested in dayton and charged with murder. mike: his arrest that you will only see here. reporter: he was arrested this afternoon by police and facing fatal shooting of britney russell -- brittany russell. the moment he was being
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he is currently being held. no bond has been set yet. she was found shot dead two weeks ago. her baby girl was also found unharmed with the heat running. the child' s father had reported her missing. they are working this case together. they have not released any additional information. mike: a man texting while driving a semi was sentenced today for causing a crash that killed one person and heard another. it careened near verona and slammed into oncoming traffic. brian hamrick was in the courtroom as the sentence was read. reporter: today, the family of the man felt they had to do to
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a year later, it still evokes emotion. not for what it said, but for what it did. >> they have nightmares every night. one day at a time is all we can do right now. reporter: he was texting and driving his semi when he slammed into oncoming vehicles. one woman was injured. the man driving this truck was killed. he was the vice commander. the loss was undescribable.
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>> that emotional response so that people don' t text and drive. reporter: he nearly and audibly apologized. they did not comment on the sentence. the victim' s family is empty justice. >> they could be there 100 years. reporter: the text became as lethal as a bullet. as early as december. sheree: a death investigation after a body was found. the autopsy is planned for
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mike: a sexual offense inside of a campus building at uc. sheree: police want to remind students and staff about safety precautions including access to buildings. john london is live on campus with more. reporter: campus buildings are open at this hour, but not overnight. three fridays ago, someone entered an academic building into a room where a student was sexual offense. police don' their own investigation, so they are limiting specifics about it. e-mail this past sunday saying a sexual offense happened around 3 a.m. february 5 in an academic building. >> i go through buildings at night. it' inside. reporter: buildings are closed
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that. human nature being what it is, in. >> my best advice to our student community is, don' t do that. reporter: you need to notify a resident advisor. the victim is a student but they t know if the suspect is. only that the victim saw him around here during the false muster. he is 18 to 20, 5' 10" with shoulder length brown hair and rectangular glasses. this student says she follows all the safety guidelines. >> my mom this good about me going here so she is stern about making sure i follow the rules. reporter: the police gathered as much information as the student was willing to share. >> we want to determine if any
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reporter: the nature of the offense remains undisclosed. they say determining if there is an ongoing threat is essential for the safety of students and staff and faculty here. sheree: a man tied up and robbed. mike: a unique situation. what the thieves were after and who is now charged. a mother charged after her son was found wandering alone in the cold is not going to jail. iloka the alternative sentence she got today. kevin: also blowing in the rain snow lying in the snap -- in the
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how much to expect and big-time warm-up coming after all of
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i spell it sheree: three women and one man face several felony charges. karin johnson joining us live
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reporter: the 65-year-old tells me he was home in bed recovering from surgery when there was a knock on his door early in the morning. >> i opened the door just a crack. >> david caldwell says for people force their way into his apartment. >> person got a hold of me and through me back on the bed. took my breathing tube off. i' m trying to breathe. the others took care of my tv. my wallet, my phone, whatever. reporter: they also swiped his pain meds and sixpack of soda. he thought he was going to die. >> they put a foot to the side of my temple and there was no
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t want to die. the 65-year-old says he turned to god. t my time to go. >> seconds later, the group was gone. it these people were indicted on robbery, aggravated burglary, and kidnapping charges. maggie, stephanie, kimberly, and david. >> i' m lucky to be alive. reporter: the home health care nurse arrived about an hour and a half later and called police. he says he now has a life alert system he can use in case of an emergency. he says he won' t be answering the door to any strangers. sheree:
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a mother arrested after her two-year-old son was found wandering the streets pleaded guilty today to child endangering. mike: her son was found by officers wearing only pajamas, walking alone outside. she admitted that she had been drinking and the boy walked out of the apartment while she was sleeping. her attorney says it could happen to any parent. >> she wants everyone to know that she is a good parent. i have heard that from family members, friends. it' s going to stand -- sound strange. it' s unfortunate that it happened to her. mike: a judge sentenced caldwell to a year of probation. kevin: all eyes are set on this
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or they matchup because that is the rain snow line that is gradually progressing its way ever so slowly off towards the east. into the cincinnati metro , it is still plain rain across the area and it will stay that way for the next several hours from middletown down towards hamilton. and across down through florence. this is a heavy shower activity. at least until that changes over to snow. we have the big storm system centered between dayton and columbus. you see the counterclockwise spin like having a big hole in the atmosphere. colder air is now moving in. you can see the rain and snow line changing for the south because this system is so intense, it is wrapping in so much colder air. here we go again today. a number of fatalities as a result of widespread tornadic
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how often do you talk about tornado watches and warnings all the way up to the nations capital? this is not march or april out there. this is a potent storm system pulling towards cleveland tonight. we don' t have to worry about additional severe weather. things can transition to a much colder weather pattern. on the heels of some very cold air, some testing wind. look at lexington. wind gusts close to 40. it will be uncommon as the cold air begins to wrap in. we will see wind gusts between 20 and 30. the warm air is on its way out. down to 36. it' s only a matter of time before we start watching that rain to snow transition. by 7:30 p.m., it'
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of brookville and down to around for sales. the rain snow line moves across the cincy metro. by the time you join us at 11:00, it should be all snow across the area. i think we will see light snow and/or snow showers tonight. it could look impressive, driven by the wind tomorrow morning. there is your evening forecast turning colder, wendy. temperatures continue to drop down to the 30' s. a gloomy looking evening. it we' re holding it 43. so far, just shy of about an inch of rain fall. here' s how much snow i' m expecting to fall. by tomorrow morning, anywhere between .5 inches to .75 inches of snow mainly on grassy surfaces. temperatures above freezing now. a couple of warm days. most of what falls should simply melt.
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-- surfaces. some of you see a little bit more, others a little bit less. by the time all is said and done, most areas around an inch. it would be an isolated spot. 30 for a low tonight. we could see it close to 36. temperatures tomorrow above freezing throughout the day. here is your seven-day forecast. 25 tomorrow night. temperatures really take off this weekend because of another excellent looking weekend for late february. mike: i would rather have bark weather. sheree: i don' t want either. it is a huge local sports night tonight. our team has you covered.
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with the reds, elise jesse is at
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george: we are alive in goodyear, arizona, where the reds feel like 1990 a low over again. fifth-ranked xavier hosting top ranked villanova. elise jesse is live at the center. elise: it is the biggest game of the year for the center. at number five xavier looking to exact revenge on the number one team in the nation. the last time the monkeys faced villanova, they lost by 31 point. the villanova senior had 27 points and assists. shooting from the field including 52% from beyond the arc in that game.
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he knows it will be a chore. defense has been a big emphasis this week. >> villanova always comes ready to play. they make a lot of shots when they play better competition. we need to lock in on defense and really understand the system. >> we have beaten every team. i don' t want to go out saying we never beat those guys. >> relatively close in each category, the big east matchup has been circled on many calendars. and one of the fans is well-known here in cincinnati. the cousin of bengals defensive court nader paul guenther. he said he would be sitting right behind the wildcats bench.
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paul will have to lead this it -- leave disappointed. it' s getting loud so we will send it to george in the desert. george: quiet out here in arizona compared to that. the beer hoping for a championship and it felt like a championship season today. it was 1990 all over again. the reds well represented. making his way to spring training, he will be seen plenty of times throughout the season. he was hired as a senior advisor to baseball operations. he led the reds to the world series title, managed the team for three seasons, the last coming in 1992. >> it feels great, actually. wearing this world championship ring we won here with a lot of pride and i will always be proud of my association with this organization. a lot of history, tradition, and that'
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a manager. i am extremely gratified here. >> we will hear more coming up at 11 and we have the xavier game covered as well. mike: hundred 16 wins with the mariners and he' s done some great things with the reds. sheree: well said. great guy. tonight, snow is moving in? kevin: don' t be surprised if you see the snow come down when it will be driven by some really cold wind out there. gusting over 40 tonight. sheree: take it slow on the roads and we will see you tonight for a full update on
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigators say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout.


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