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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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kevin: a weather transition from rain to snow. a love look at the radar. the temperature has been dropping. i'm mike dardis. sheree: and i'm sheree paolello. let's find out how it's going to affect your morning commute. kevin rosboin has your forecast. hi, kev. kevin: there's some snow and it will look impressive at times but in the end, i don't think the snow will amount to much in the area. there still may be some areas experiencing some very light shower activity but you can see some pocks or bursts of snow showers across the area. being the fact that it's going to come and go throughout the night tonight and temperatures for the most part are still above freezing as you see in the radar. i'll put it into motion. over to around batavia, i was
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above freezing. that should preclude accumulation. as temperatures begin to drop below midnight because right now we're seat sitting -- we're sitting at freezey, we're going to see accumulations in the grassy area. that has pivoted its way up to lower michigan. you can see the uneven nature of the snow shower activity. while i certainly think there could be some in the grass. i don't anticipate significant travel problems. i'll let you know how much we're expecting an d warm-up for the weekend. sheree: th e other big story of the night, college basketball's top team goes down at the sin tass center. xavier pulling off one of the
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you know it's win when chris mack getting the big win. xavier taking the big dogs or i guess the cats as in the villanova wildcats. mike: elise jesse live at the cintas center. elise. elise: xavier was not messing around today. they were all business from start to finish. they were welcoming in the number one team in the nation. they knew they had a tall task ahead of them facing a team they had never beat nn the big east. let's go to the highlights. villanova a very tough team bu t xavier was the tougher team. myles davis hit a three and that's when xavier took over the lead 26-24 and they would never give it back up. that was in the first half. tre'vo n bluiett for the dunk. xavier wins 90-83 taking down the number one team in
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>> you know, 10 years from now, they'll remember that. but i think we have bigger fish to fry. we're not sitting around with a 14 and 14 record. we have a glupe if they continue to get better, the sky's the limit. elise: now some people may have expected to see xavier fans storm the court after a win like beating villanova, the number one people in the nation. but coming up in sports chris mack will explain why his fans did not storm the court. live from the cintas center elise jesse, wltth news 5. sheree: we continue to track the storm for you. mike: changing conditions can force us sometimes to make some quick decisions out there on the route.
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at someone involving a school bus. tammy: their eyes on the road behind me on new england club drive has more snow and rain tonight on this troubled spot. a forresthill school bus drivers through the flood new england flood path. the question is, is this safe? >> these people have to go to work and things like that. and they need to get out. so we need to check and make sure that we have safe access over new england club road which is our access to our community. tammy: we asked the foresthill school district if the driver violated any district policy. school officials tell us they follow the orders of authority if the road was shut down the driver would have not driven through the water. >> it's just like a bowl, you know, when you fill it up, it
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tammy: the guidelines for school bus drivers says "you should never go through water on the road whether it is standing or moving" on sunday firefighters did close new england club drive because the water was darker and deeper. but the chief says this morning you could still see the road. >> school bus drivers are experienced. they've made excellent decisions out here in the past with some issues that we have. so they're trained in things like that. the bus is pretty heavy. there wasn't that much water. tammy: still if you have doubt -- >> if you're not sure, turn around and go the other way. tammy: first responders say even though this is a privately owned road if you drive by and you don't feel safe, they can come by and check it out to make sure it is safe and make the call whether to shut it down or not. reporting live in anderson township, tammy mutasa, news 5.
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deal with flooding issues. it all has to do with failed piping. a contractor is on sight working to fix it. sheree: road crews are preparing for the snow. cincinnati crews came in at 7:00 to start pretreating with salt. this is a live look at fort washington way. it will be one to cal point for drivers and the 60 trucks that will be out on the roads. mike: we found na -- that in northern kentucky crews will be coming out at midnight including cut and the hill that you see there. sheree: a major break of a middletown mom murdered. emily wood with more on the man police think is responsible. emily?
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34-year-old brandon carr has been charged with one count of murder for the shooting death of brittany russell who lives right here in middletown. >> did you kill the lady. emily: with video you will only see here in wlwt, brandon carr is accused of shooting and killing 29-year-old brittany russell. she was found in her car with the heat still on in a dayton area parking lot. her 6-month-old baby girl was in the backseat unharmed. >> how low can you be to shoot someone with the baby in the car? you know, that with us, you know, that was brittany's pride and joy. tammy: her friend says she is relieved carr has been arrested and charged. and this is the justice brittany
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>> i feel like brittany's smiling down on us. i do, she's smiling down on us because when we heard that today we just couldn't believe it. tammy: brittney's family declined to comment on carr's arrest. but they will going through this all the way. >> we have haven and she's as safe as safe and she's as happy as happy. >> brandon carr is being held at the montgomery county jail. they will be set to meet with the prosecutor tomorrow morning. reporting live from middletown, emily wood, wlwt news 5. sheree: a suspected drug dealer is being arrested. he's being held on unrelated chargesd has not been charge with this murder case. but dayton police telling us he could be connected to brittney's death.
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new allegation involving a dozens fraternities. 21 allegations at the oxford school. miami's greek system right now is under investigation adding that "miami does not tolerate hazing, behaviors that endanger the lives of others violate the order of our fraternal organizations as well as the university." miami's office of ethics is hand tling investigation. sheree: police need your help finding a man who stole hundreds of dollars of hair regrowth. take a look at the video. police say he took close to $850 in rogaine and other supplements. investigators think he's the same guy that stole products from stores in westchester. if you recognize him. 513-352-3040.
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a murder charge is arrested in middletown. the u.s. marshals office said that timofey terry was arrested in middletown. he was wanted for shooting a man outside a home depot store in detroit, michigan. injuries. terry will be at the butler county jail until his extradition. shoy an indianapolis man found guilty in the 2012 house explosion that killed two neighbors and leveled a subdivision. jury ors convicted bob leonard, a 57-year-old and those chargeses are murder, arson, and larceny. he conspired to use natural gas and a microwave to try to get $300,000 in insurance money. he faces life in prison without parol. man's best friend waiting for an owner who will never make it back home. >> of course, he's confused
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going on. mike: a man murppeded on the job. his loyal dog not ready to say goodbye -- a man murdered on the job. his loyal dog not ready to say goodbye. kevin: i'll let you know if the snow will accumulate overnight. sheree: violent weather on the east coast leading to death and
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you're watching mike: i'm glad you're inside your home and you're watching the picture. the snow flurries are starting to fly in downtown cincinnati. our chief meteorologist kevin robinson is up in just a couple of minutes to talk about what you can dempt the next several -- expect in the next several hours. a powerful storm system went through virginia leaving two dead. sheree: a 2-year-old is dead in the farming town of waverly. he and two other men were in a mobile home when the storm came barreling through. they were found by first responders 300 feet away from that mobile home. mike: in escambia county, florida. dozens of homes damaged by a tornado. the national weather service said an ef-3 tornado responsible
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37 homes destroyed. close to 200 others damaged. no deaths have been reported from this tornado in florida. it's been a long few weeks for a dog in texas waiting for his owner to come back. sheree: what he doesn't realize is that owner is never coming back after being killed in a robbery at a convenient store. and now strangers are stepping in to care for this german shepherd. it's not so easy trusting again. sometimes it takes small steps. >> you have to go slow. >> for more than two weeks, this dog has been roaming around this apartment complex in houston. >> you can tell that he was a lost dog. sheree: neighbors saw him at the front gates and at this apartment store -- door. he was looking for his owner. >> he's confused. he hadn't seen his owner in two weeks. >> on february 27th, the store
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shot and killed him. >> it just broke my heart to hear that the poor animal lost his owner, his best friend. sheree: food was left by neighbors but the dog would gont to anyone until amanda was able to gain his trust with the help of her dog. >> he was a little bit shaken up when i touched him. sheree: finally she was able to get him to get in her car. the victim's brother says that he's hoping to then take the dog. micromayor in upstate new york is creating some controversy with his new plan in the fight against heroin. svante myrick wants a 24-hour crisis center and more med
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>> 125 people will die in the streets or will die in their homes or will die in gas station bathrooms. that's the message we're sending. so i would ask -- what is your nightmare scenario? because i'm living my nightmare scenario. mike: the ithaca mayor says he believes it in because it's based on science and not on fear. sheree: the group is facing federal conspiracy charges. the 41-day standoff ended earlier this month when the four final protestors including david baseline surrendered. defense attorneys plan to visit the refuge tomorrow. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. kevin: all right.
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could see here a few snowflakes continuing to fly. but what you probably noticed from the past couple of times we've showed you this shot is that it's not steady snow. that's going to back problem in terms of snow trying to accumulate overnight tonight that means for those of you looking for a snow day tomorrow it's not looking that great. here's a look at radar. we do have flurries and snow showers occasionally because the temperatures are on the cuff there. it looks like many areas are waffling back and forth. so it's still going back and forth with these borderline temperatures across the area. but you get the idea. the rain and snow shower activity will continue overnight tonight. maybe a little more steady at other times than on some other occasions. but all in all this is more of a novelty scene snow than something that's going to have a serious impact. you can see part of the reason that most areas temperatures are at or above freezing. given the fact we're in the low
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so the ground is much warmer than it was a couple of weeks ago. i can't rule out if temperatures drop below freezing overnight a slick spot here or there but in terms of widespread impact as it relates to travel conditions, i just don't think this system is going to do it for us. here's look at the big picture. there was a band of snow from chicago to michigan. you see it up there to the west of detroit that's where the heavy snow is falling. we're getting this shower-like activity. that's why i'm not terribly concerned. the winds are going to remain very blustery overnight. they will probably increase. we could see wind gusts during the day gusting close to 40 miles an hour. wind chills have fallen all the way back down into the low 20's. without a doubt it will be a cold and blustery thursday across the area. this system here certainly probably going to go down in the
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-- should i say because of the amount of snow but just an incredible outbreak of severe weather the past two days from the gulf coast all the way into the mid-atlantic state. and here we are going into the midnight hour, there's still severe thunderstorms watch boxing all the way into new england. that's not common near the month of february. so this system pin wheeling and slowly pulling away will slowly work its way in our direction and will probably pull out of here in the morning. there's the sustained wind at 17. the snow is never really steady. worst case scenario probably half an inch. maybe someone ends up with an inch on a grassy surface from today to tomorrow afternoon. i don't think this will be a big deal. even though it may look impressive given the fact that the winds will be driven by very strong winds.
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little on the aggressive end here especially with temperatures above freezing, nothing sticking. so around an inch there, someone may end up a little bit more than that but that would be the exception vs. the overall norm this go-around. rain is changing to snow as we speak. it's going remain quite blustery out. we'll tumble down by around 30. tomorrow snow showers and windy. look at that 36 for a high. it will feel colder. temperatures will hover during the day tomorrow. don't expect for them to climb probably somewhere between 30 and 35 most of the day. so it will be a chilly one. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. we're down to 25 tomorrow night. friday's a cold one. but temperatures take off during the weekend. another big-time rebound although there won't be much out there to melt. we're up to 50 on saturday and low 60's but sunday.
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crew coming in a half hour earlier on the air at 4:00 a.m. huge win against the number one team on the land, villanova.
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39-8 -- 93-83 victory. they were dialed in defensively and they got nova into foul trouble. a great win here but chris mack says his team has bigger fish t o fry. chris: they're as good as i t gets in college basketball. it was going to take a monumental effort from our team and i think that's what we gave. really proud of our team. you know, you have those thoughts, i'm sure as players and as coaches as everybody reminds you, you guys have never beaten villanova sips you've been in the league. the average numbe r of victories is yada, yada, yada. our team was able to strug -- shrug off that stuff off . if we were 14-14 , we would storm the court. i think ul t it -- it would be
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the country to storm the court. my two daughters did. so maybe they're out of line. elise: after the game, myles davis said he disagreement of this moment. he said he wanted to be the number one team in the nation or beat the number one team. of course, xavier did that to villanova tonight. elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. george: certainly congrats for chris mack and the musketeers to clear out that win. a championship tight night at the cintas center. championship on the mind of some people here. lou piniella is back with the reds. he made his way back to goodyear. lou piniella in a reds uniform for the first time since 1992. he led the reds to the world series title in 1990. the first of three years is the team's manager. and what a three years it was.
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the fight, things fans like to remember but lou would rather forget. >> look, i hope that -- or i wish that i hadn't done those. to me truthfully, they're somewhat embarrassing as i've gotten older. but listen, film doesn't lie. and -- but if i see it and i see it coming, i usually switch the station. i don't want to watch it. george: lou is still a character. and two of his best players are here. eric davis and hall of fame shortstop barry larkin. both are special assistants to the g.m. and perhaps managing could be in the future. barry had some interesting comments about that. we'll have that story tomorrow on news 5. the reds, we'll have more live tomorrow from goodyear. college basketball.
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congrats to chris mack and xavier a 90-83 winner over top
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sheree: you're going wake up to a little snow. kevin: some of the areas could see a little bit of light dusting but the snow will not be steady. with temperatures still above freezing, it should make it hard to accumulate. kids, do not stay up late tonight. if i were a betting man, i would think school's in session. sheree: they better be in bed if that's the case. mike: i'm locked in on that 60. kevin: back like last weekend. mike: morning team is with you in four and a half hours. they're here at 4:00 a.m. to take you through the morning commute. thanks for watching.
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