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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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leaving several people dead and nearly 2 dozen wounded. kevin: the col is back but it won' t last long. when sunshine and warmer temperatures return. i' ll have your most accurate forecast. mike: and wlwt rides along with a new drug task force. tonight staggering new numbers that' ll make you shake your head. mike: first he want to get to breaking news about her active shooter and a kansas industrial plant. we know that five people are dead. sheree: just north of wichita says 4-7 people including -- more than a dozen are injured. involved here. the suspect was an employee at excel. workers are not talking with the chaotic and frightening moment.
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-- i tried to help them as much as i could. >> everybody was running and screaming. we didn' t know what to do. mike: here is how law enforcement is describing the attack, the sheriff says all the dead were shot inside excel industries. in all, 14 people were injured different positions. the shooter is dead. the ceo just issued a statement moments ago saying they' re saddened by this horrific event of their employees. they confirmed the shooter is a former employee. sheree: a deadly new reality in the heroin epidemic, the stats are disturbing. there were 180 nine drug overdoses in butler county alone
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that now account for nearly half of all death investigations. that is more than natural combined. it is a 38% increase over just a year before. it is with their reality that more police agencies are stepping up their efforts to fight back. heroin interdiction team to s emily wood did a ride along and reports on and to the teams progress firsthand. emily: ft. thomas police started the heroin interdiction team last week. in just it' s first week it produced 32 drug charges with 19 related to heroin. these results are six times higher than the traditional police patrols and the effort shows no signs of slowing down. less than 45 minutes into the ride, ft. thomas police stop this chevy lumina for an improper lane change on 275 eastbound.
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passenger was coming from the methadone clinic in covington where she is getting treatment for her heroin addiction. after asking several times, she admits she has a syringe in her purse. >> if that' s the only thing we find we' re not going to charge her with it because she did give it up voluntarily. emily: with back up officers on scene, sgt. goshorn finds the syringe exactly where she said it was. and while officers search the car for drugs or other paraphernalia sgt. goshorn sees another syringe on the ground. >> syringe laying road side, somebody threw it out the window coming down 275 here. emily: police say even though the syringe is not connected to this traffic stop it speaks to the reality of heroin users on the road and the disregard for other drivers safety. >> they literally will not take time to sometimes even pull over because they want to get that into their veins so quickly. emily: during the rest of our stop no drugs were found inside the car and no charges were
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but last friday another officer during one stop, took more then $2400 off the street, eight grams of heroin, eight grams of cocaine and a loaded 8 mm handgun. sheree: live force tonight, thank you. sergeant goshorn' s idea. it was initially supposed to start as a month long trial but based on its success ft. thomas police say it has been extended indefinitely. mike: 16 people charged in a three-year drug investigation centered in harrison. lisa the group was trafficking crystal meth between a gang in georgia, and outlaw motorcycle club and people living in harrison. investigation showed that the kilos of meth were being brought here monthly. if he struck traffic in --
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tammy mutasa is in dearborn county, indiana with a message from the prosecutor to parents. tammy: 318-year-old boys and a hotel room with a 15-year-old girl. they are pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct in dearborn county. they will serve a six-year sentence. >> once again, substance abuse is involved. andt the children makingam that decision. prosecutors saymy: they sexually abuse a 15-year-old girl and a greendale hotel room last may. it drank alcohol, and smoke marijuana that engaged in sex acts with a girl. the three boys were charged with rape. he pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct. they will be imprisoned for two years and probation for 4 years. >> try to do the best they can
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t engage in the sort of drinking and drug use. tammy: prosecutors say the three teenagers will have to register as sex offenders for the net -- the next decade. mike: the convicted teenagers have been ordered not to have family. sheree: an adams county high school senior is charged of kidnapping and raping a 15 year old. 18 year old denny blanton is accused of forcing a 15 year old girl he didn' t know into his vehicle driving her to a secluded area in oliver township and raping her on monday. blanton will be back in court next week but could be indicted by a grand jury before then. mike: ohio is out with its annual report card. the cincinnati public school district not making the grade. spoke with parenthetical on hall meeting she is live with their
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janell: some parents have they are saddened by these test results. cpn received five failing grades on that state standardized test. however, the district says some of those test results are flawed. cps earned an a in overall progress and gifted programming. but f' s for graduation rate , closing the grade cap, and student disabilities. some parents don' t believe the district to take all the blame. >> i turn it to blame them personally. there are a lot of different success. i believe it starts at home, and in the neighborhood environment. janell: technical issues, and complaints about weeks of testing frustrated students and teachers. one parent agrees, saying the state requires too much testing. >> i figured is too much testing going on. we all can to the agreement that of teachers can sit down and
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instead of just shopping these tests. janell: cps is also disputing some of the test results. they said the scores of the first to reflect achievement result of a more rigorous common core standards. that is measured by the controversial part assessment. there was a town hall meeting tonight. >> my son, he is a straight a student, but my daughter needs more one-on-one time. she needs more closeness, basically with her great. before she reaches that point, for us as parents we need to know. therefore, we can make sure she gets the one-on-one that she needs. janell: despite receiving and f for graduation rates, they said their product but they accomplish over the past 4 years
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graduation rate up to 71%. mike: a number of school districts around greater cincinnati are -- earned high marks from the state. among those earning an a in the index come up district included forest hills, lakota, and oak hills. sycamore and northwest came in with a c grade in the same report. sheree: running over a pothole can ruin your day, especially if you have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix her car. because of investigation, getting money back could soon be easier. based on records requests we learned that 390 claims for pothole damage or filled with the city last year. almost 90% of those were denied. one reason for that is the city has 12 days to fix a chunk of that pavement before it is
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the clock starts ticking when someone reported problematic pothole. >> i don' t believe the current policy is a good one. we need to shorten that time. and to be more customer friendly. if someone is genuinely hurt by a pothole, i think we need to be more focused on the customer them we have been. sheree: the mayor currently plans to take a closer look at the city' s policy and credits our investigation with bringing the lengthy repair window to kids attachable to reporting potholes is becoming easier. if you have a smartphone you can download the fix it cinci app then pinpoint exactly where asphalt needs to be repaired. it even asks if you want to take a picture of the pothole which will be forwarded onto city work crews. mike: the man charged with the murder of the middletown mother will go in front of a judge tomorrow.
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yesterday. she was found shot to death in her car with her six-month-old baby girl in the backseat unharmed. that car -- carr will be arraigned tomorrow. the human society and ross county this is a chillicothe area. deputy say that the 45-year-old was at the humane society doing community service after being released from prison. a class project leading to major controversy. >> their pictures about social injustice i would assume it are offensive to a lot of people. sheree: the pictures put on display. and once parents want taken down. kevin: now the snow showers and flurries all out of here, temperatures have been holding steady tonight. i will let you know just how
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. mike: a scene of chaos that they can does work ways, we continue to monitor the new developments. a man shoots and kills 3 people
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sheree: we' re getting new information, the incident on north of wichita. the local sheriff describing the shooter' s deadly competition now with the his officers. >> gunfire was exchanged between law enforcement and the shooter. and law enforcement shot and killed the shooter. sheree: right now, officers have surrounded the suspects home. there try to figure up the suspects roommate is still inside. that search at a nearby medical center is on lockdown. we will continue to update you on our website, a classroom and in louisville area high school is creating major controversy. mike: the project is looking at social injustice and there' s one drawing displayed in the classroom that some people want taken down. at north oldham high school, a classroom assignment is getting a whole lot of attention. >> we believe that our role as educators is to prepare our kids for the world beyond the classroom, and sometimes things
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mike: the assignment for students in an honors english class is to read "to kill a mockingbird" and then draw a picture showing their definition of social injustice. prior examples of student work are hanging on the wall including this drawing from 2015. >> i do think it' s a little dramatic, and right now it is a very touchy time to have something like that come up. mike: the drawing depicts one student' s view of social injustice in 1930 and 2015. on one side, a confederate flag with a ku klux klan member pointing a gun at a black man. on the 2015 side, an american flag with a white police officer, pointing a gun at a young african-american male who isn' t holding a weapon. some parents want the picture removed from the classroom saying it' s offensive. >> they' re pictures about social injustice , so i would assume they' re a little offensive to a lot of people because we' re talking about a controversial issue. mike: the school district says the drawing is not meant to be taken as an attack on law
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asked by the principal to take the drawing down. sheree: no motive yet in the machete attack at a columbus area restaurant but the fbi says it hasn' t found any evidence suggesting the suspect mohamed barry was orchestrated terrorism. the 30 year old attacker is from the west african nation guinea. barry injured four people before he was shot and killed by police. mike: at it again, a heated debate tonight in houston for the five remaining gop off. sheree: the top three candidates took plenty of punches from each other. one of the most heated exchanges came between donald trump and ted cruz over immigration. then, they attack one another about how much they are liked in washington. >> anyone who really cared about illegal immigration would not be hiring illegal immigrants for some anyone who really cared wouldn' t be funding harry reid in nancy pelosi, or funding the gang of eight.
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t have one republican senator. you worked with them every day of your life. you don' t have one republican senator backing you. sheree: marco rubio also went after trump on immigration and his privileged background. mike: thieves in texas. caught on camera trying to steal an atm from a convenience store. surveillance video shows a white pickup smashing through the front door of a store in beaumont, texas three men jumped out and grabbed the atm dragging it' s not known how much money was inside the machine. >> is cincinnati' forecast. and flurries are out of here.
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you can still see from the wind we still have ourselves a pretty decent breeze. headlines. first things first, the clouds and chill will linger. i wish i could take the same for the sun coming back. that want happen into the weekend. warm-up. rumor last weekend -- remember last weekend? i think that will happen again here for us. unfortunately, more cold is coming. that won' t happen until late next week. here is a look outside on the radar. flurries and snow showers from earlier. they' re down in west virginia. nothing coming from upstream. there' s a lake-effect snow but for the most part that should remain well away from us. right now, we are hovering a degree above freezing.
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that makes it feel fairly cold out there. it will be the case tonight and tomorrow. temperatures pretty uniform across the area. they insulate the air. temperatures are pretty uniform across the entire area give or take a degree or two on either side of the freezing mark. in his 30 in wilmington and 31 in peoples -- peebles. because of the clouds, temperatures won' t fall all that much. if we do not have the cloud cover it would be a lot colder. but most areas will only drop about 5-7 degrees. typically, temperatures on swing about five or seven degrees. tomorrow, the clouds will linger. afternoon highs won' t climb up that much. they will be pretty similar to web work today. most areas top out a couple of degrees above freezing. there is that big storm system
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that is the one that brought the rain and the wind. we had some flurries and snow showers to the date today. look out to our west, the cloud cover extend all the way back past st. louis. it is why i will say it will pretty much take all day to clear us out. there were no big weather systems to speak about. i think you want really happen until the day on saturday will make it sunshine back. very nice-looking weather could be around here both saturday and sunday. make your plans to spend a little bit of time outdoors. 28 for a low tonight with those evening flurries gone. can' t do much for the wind it will remain blustery and cold. same story for tomorrow, we struggle to climb above freezing. here is your day planner. 28 at 8:00 a.m. line we hover in the mid 30' s.
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clouds cleared out of here. re into the 50' s and low 60' s. maybe some showers in here. that will be well after dark sound and i post a monday and tuesday a little bit cooler, but there is evidence of much colder weather coming again as we get towards the middle and end of next week. mike: most people are home by them but laypeople like us are never there for -- late people like us are never there. sheree: a picture of a five-year-old, here he is, this is went viral when he made a lionel messi jersey out of a plastic bag. the soccer star was so touched he sent two jerseys to the little boy in afghanistan. mike: sheree has a rookie card of lionel messi, a huge fan. sheree: you are outing me.
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sheree: i know this guy, he does everything from an m.v.p. to a baseball hall of famer.
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mike: geo >> where live in goodyear arizona. it is been a good week for the reds. it began with some trade rumors about jay bruce but he is still here. jay and brandon phillips have been rumored to be on the move for a while now. but new general manager digg williams says there' reason they may hang on to some of these guys. of role models to hang onto. t want to trade everybody in that clubhouse. something. it on thing to ever see us follow the model of burn the whole house down and start from the ground level. infrastructure. >> it was a high profile trade that landed j.j. hoover in the reds closer role.
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a tough act to follow, no down. hoover appears unfazed, and that is a good quality for a closer. >> i told myself i wanted to lock down the closer role. >> i was very -- it builds confidence. it lets me know it is my job to lose at this point. george: the man juggling the rest of the roster is manager bryan price. he knows the juggling minute be over but it never is. >> you have to have good depth. we do have our build depth. we feel good about that. the one thing that we don' t have is a lot of experienced depth. george: the reds do have some experience in camp with their coaching staff. a lot of former players, guys like eric davis amberley larkin.
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rumored to maybe be becoming a mutually manager. after talking with him, he sounds like a guy who just might jump into a dugout sunday. >> a manager' s job is not just about having the manager' s position exhibit having the support system to support the manager' s position. if that is the case, then i would have interest in it. if that opportunity presented itself. george: i have to think someday that opportunity just might present itself. we will see larkin as a manager. if a couple of college basketball game to talk about. note that kentucky traveling -- northern kentucky traveling to cleveland state. indiana winning big 74-47. the reds will continue spring training it is been a great week out here. i have to thank our photographer and maybe show his face but he
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jack-o' -lantern we will leave him behind the cancer -- camera
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at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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sheree: we continue to follow breaking news out of kansas. a gunman shot and killed three people during a series of attacks at an industrial plant north of wichita. the suspect was then killed in a presentation with police. the gunman was a worker at the excel plant. right now, please have surrounded the suspect' s home and trying to figure out if the roommate is inside and if they are connected. mike: you were warning us about rain in the morning, then snow, is this an off night? kevin: this is an off night. again. a cloudy day across the area, and the cold. that over the coming weekend and the joy sunshine finally on saturday. [captioning performed by the
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