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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he was arrested two days ago near downtown dayton and charged with one count of murder. brit ny russell was found shot in dayton. her baby girl was found in the car unharmed with the heat running. the child' s father had reported her missing the day before. right now, he can' t be held on any state charges but he will remain in a montgomery county jail based on a federal retainer. his bond has still not been set and his scheduled court appearance has been canceled. family and friends say that the family is devastated over this news. if prosecutors says they are scheduled to meet with detectives to view results of an additional investigation. sheree: the university of cincinnati' s police chief has now resigned. it jason goodrich has been with the department since november of
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need apartment is going through a review in the wake of a deadly traffic stop shooting. ray tensing is accused of shooting and killing sam dubose after pulling him over. the director of safety will serve as interim chief of police for the university. mike: a semi flips near the norwood lateral. this is how things looked after 1 p.m. when the crash happened. only minor injuries with northbound lanes closing. sheree: new details of a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. mike: the sheriff believes that a protection order the gunman was served 90 minutes before sparked the rampage. he was ordered to stay away from
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he shot a man driving his two children, then a second person before driving to his workplace, shooting 14 more people. three of them were killed. an officer who did not wait for backup went in and shot forward and is being called a hero. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped as because that officer stopped the shooting. mike: president obama called the mayor to offer condolences and gratitude for the first responders that risk their lives to save others. more police and fire departments are changing the way they would respond to an active shooter situation. sheree: the goal is to get to the victims quickly even if it means going to a situation before it is under control.
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reporter: firefighters and paramedics already started training. >> we have one down to the left. reporter: you' re watching a rescue task force in action. the fire department created this video to show how they would get life-saving medical treatment to victims and a mass shooting. here at home, the fairfield township fire department has implemented a similar active shooter policy. >> is there to try to improve the response. >> historically, they would pull up and not start going in until police had the situation under control. >> our units will arrive on the scene, quickly don their safety equipment.
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allows the ems and fire personnel to go with law enforcement to what we consider the warm area where there is a line of fire. we not going after the shooter. re going after victims. this is what is called a carrier. you can hear the steal play and we' ve attached first eight equipment in the pouches. >> the hope is that more lives will be saved. the fire chief and police chief association in butler county adopted this policy. it is very likely this program will start expanding beyond
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sheree: for the very latest anytime on the kansas shooting, check out our app and go to our website. mike: new developments in the search for a missing emt. they' re also looking for a large amount of money missing from the emergency squad where he worked. brian hamrick leading the way. reporter: craig is an emt in aurora. monday morning, he was questioned about missing funds. a couple of our leaders, he was reported missing. at the emergency rescue, they are even more busy than normal. dealing with missing funds and the missing coworker. he left behind his wallet and phone and hasn' t been seen since shortly after he was questioned about a hole in a general fund of the rescue service here. he'
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he is also the treasurer. >> it is shocking when the position he was in, something might be going on. reporter: the operation is not exactly sure how much money is missing. >> you treat everybody like family and it is tough. reporter: no charges have been brought. mike: investigators have asked his bank for all of his records dating back to january of last year. sheree: a man tries to snatch a ten-year-year-old girl by pulling her out of her bread -- bedroom window. the girl was asleep when a foot it man woke her up, grabbing her legs. she was able to break free and ran into her father'
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>> it is important he gets caught. >> the father says the suspect appears to have taken a letter from the families yard and leaned it underneath the window. neighbors are terrified for the safety of their own children saying that they won' t rest until the man is in custody. mike: one of the women at the center of a dramatic run-in with police must take anger management classes and stay away from that pool. she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and found guilty of resisting arrest. a child was asked to leave the fool and the police were called in. they were arrested. the incident drew national attention with others claiming police used excessive force because of her race. along with being on probation,
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a driver taken to the hospital after flipping his vehicle. this is going toward westwood northern boulevard. we are working to find out more about what happened. sheree: a woman that takes time to make life a little brighter received a special surprise of her own. every day, doris walks outside and waves hello to the students cleveland. she' it for five bad. her granddaughter rode the bus. even call her grandma. >> on holidays, she gives us candy and stuff. stuff
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turned 88 and did not have anything special but the kids did. >> happy birthday to you. >> i cried. i cried. i was so shocked. sheree: she said as long as she can walk, she will be out there waving to the kiddos. mike: my coanchor cried at one of his concerts recently. but garth brooks giving fans more of what they want. sheree: he is amazing and worth the money. the shows that the star is
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mike: and we take you inside the ensemble theater. kevin: we saw a few peaks of the sun but the clouds been quite stubborn. this is just the beginning. i will talk about the weekend warm-up when i return. sheree: monster waves in hawaii. the waves were big enough to hold the big wave surf competition.
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sheree: a milestone and a grassroots anchor. decades.
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reporter: tonight, there is a big dollar --gala plan to celebrate. it is now poised for phase two to go into the next 30 years. >> this theater would be a totally different theater if it were even a block to the east. >> the growth we have seen would be different if the theater did not remain here to survive this once crumbling neighborhood. >> it has become a neighborhood very much about who we are. we are doing contemporary theater in a historic neighborhood. >> you can run out of here right now.
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major renovation. $4.2 million already banked, 17 theater and the arts. contributions and expansion. >> it took a lot of courage and tenacity and fortitude to bloom. it has been extraordinary to have so many great things happen around us. it' s also extraordinary to think that for 30 years, this theater held its ground. reporter: they will begin this project in may of this year and hope to have everything complete by the summer or so of 2017.
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m courtis fuller. sheree: if you love garth brooks like i do, the star is adding more shows it stop in columbus. they will be playing april 15, 16, 17, 20 2, 23, and 24. he is popular. mike: i will use the tickets you don' t use. sold for restaurant in st. louis. they get $10,000. sheree: one of the
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auctioned off this month. it was the first to be pressed and help them get a record contract. the song is on one side and till there was you is on the other. it was found on the home of an english pianist. it will be auctioned off for $14,000. kevin: it was nice to see a few glimpses of the sun. the skies continue to brighten across the area. it' s a good omen for the weekend because more sunshine is on the way. outside right now at the airport, currently looking at temperatures that are pretty much holding in the mid-30' s across the area. temperatures little bit above freezing.
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showers. talk. because of the clouds lingering lexington, louisville, they broke out into sunshine. that sun angle is getting higher up in the sky. they are able to climb to the s. you will need a jacket or sweater out there. temperatures 30' s. funny of cloud cover across the valley today. there are the breaks in the clouds. look what is happening tonight.
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it will slide right across the ohio valley and provide us with sunshine. there' s no real weather system to speak of that will impact the area. that means sunshine and climbing temperatures each day. sunday will be warmer than saturday. you can see from here, we are very fine sunday afternoon. maybe late sunday night the chance for showers and a week old front. clearing skies across the area. the clouds will be a little stubborn. don' t expect a rapid clearing, but i think it will begin to speed up after midnight. sunny, breezy, milder. we have a high of around 50 degrees.
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here is a look at your seven-day forecast. a mighty fine looking weekend. there is your chance for showers saturday night. that would be saturday. february is about to close up and you start thinking spring around here. not in this forecast. there are opportunities for snow and it will turn much colder after this little weekend warm-up. mike: he did say mighty fine over the weekend. bill cosby dropping his defamation lawsuit. sheree: falling face first. it is all caught on camera.
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mike: bill cosby has dropped his defamation lawsuit against supermodel beverley johnson. sheree: they say he made the move to focus on his defense. he is charged with drugging and
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he plans to refile the case before the statute of limitations expires. she has repeatedly accused him of drugging her and trying to rape her without success. mike: a texas police officer pulls the burning suv. he opens the door and with the help of another person, pulls out 29-year-old to safety. just in times because it erupted into flames. a driver accused of running over a pedestrian falls on his face during a sobriety test. he was able to make it to the alphabetic, but not much further. >> from one foot to the other,
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>> still recovering from the face plan, he was held inside the hospital room. he is in critical condition. >> and unusual police chase. >> he likes apples and carrots. sheree: the pony belonged to a five-year-old. the horn makes a child' s dreams come true. she appears to be a real-life unicorn that makes a living posing for pictures that the pony had other ideas this week. >> she got afraid and then she pulled out of the guys hand and she runaway.
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unicorn. >> she is not real tall. she turned out to be stealthier than we would have imagined. sheree: a lasted more than three hours and she rode in on her horse and managed to bring her safely back home. the pony is like, i' ve had enough. mike: tech savvy teenagers wanted by the board of elections. sheree: younger members of society getting involved in the democratic process.
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give business mike: a new plan in the works could potentially make it legal for businesses to refuse to serve same-sex couples. is it free speech or a way for people to discriminate legally? the proposal has cleared one
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sheree: business owners would be allowed to turn same-sex couples away. natalie is live with what business owners are saying. >> they could refuse services to gay and transgender clients in the name of protecting religious beliefs. >> it will start monday in april. >> those signs could mean open for business for some. a controversial new proposal would allow business owners to deny service to same-sex couples. albert robinson helped write the plan. it allows business owners to refuse services to gay, lesbian, or transgender clients if the owner has religious objections. >> they will make you a
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as far as making one part of a wedding -- >> we get to be a little bit more creative with what we want to do. >> weddings which is what the co-owner of frosting and fantasy says is exactly what they are in business for. >> it doesn' t matter who it is if they come to get a wedding cake. >> they have and will continue to do business for same-sex any other events. >> we are in the business of love and stuff. a celebration of new beginnings, whether it be your newborn child wedding. >> the owners of a christian t-shirt company were ordered to take diversity training. they refused to print shirts for
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the case is under appeal. the bill is out of committee and was sent for consideration. as far as businesses, i chatted with 20 separate business owners. nearly everyone of them say it is something they would not support. mike: the heroine task forces calling for your help fighting the drug epidemic. dan griffin spoke with investigators about a new initiative they say works right down to your street. >> this initiative focuses on your neighborhood. investigators are making a plea that you will help nab people bringing here went to town. >> we cannot do this alone and we need the public to get
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reporter: with overdoses and deadly crashes in the headlines, police say the time is now. a push for everyone to report suspicious drug activity where they live. >> that means not in my village, my city, my township. not in my county and not in our state. if you are dealing drugs, stop. we will arrest you. >> working together and spreading a message. there have been billboards with similar messages. those of helped dramatically increase awareness and arrest. >> we were able to arrest the individuals involved bringing five kilograms of heroin to the greater cincinnati area from chicago. >> your tip could be the big break. >> if it is nothing, that' s great.
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and up being something else. >> this is not a fight anyone can win alone. >> they are said to the up through the end of the year. it is one of many ways law enforcement helps -- hopes to get real results. mike: the sheriff' s office says education is key. sheree: new developments tonight, the driver accused of causing a deadly crash has been indicted. now charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. investigators say he was drunken driving the wrong way and she slammed into a car. she remains locked up tonight at the justice center. mike: a tennessee woman accused
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the person she hired was actually an undercover officer. now charged with attempting to commit first-degree murder. she has a child with the intended victim. they could send the suspect photos. she was arrested. the centers for disease control confirming zika infections for nine women in america. three of the babies had been born. one with a brain defect. two women had abortions. the remaining two pregnant women are not having any issues. new information about the listeria outbreak tied to a whole foods plant. three more people have gotten sick from packaged salads produce at a plant in springfield, ohio. according
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in question was also packaged as store brands for kroger, all the, meyer, and walmart. sheree: doctors performed the first one transplant -- uterus transplant. the procedure lasted nine hours and the unidentified woman is said to be in stable condition. the surgery is part of a study that hopes to give 10 women new uteruses and guide them through pregnancy to birth. once they have given birth, they would then be removed. a standing ovation for apple ceo tim cook at the company' s recent shareholders meeting. since his public refusal to unlock an encrypted iphone. mike: the tech giant challenged the court order. apple argued the company would be forced to write a program
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vulnerable to hacking in the future. >> it could affect encryption technology. and people don' t want the government intruding into their private lives. mike: most americans side with the government but a reuters poll indicates there' s a lot of support for apple, too. sheree: governor snyder saying people should not have to pay for the water they can' t drink. according to governor snyder, to $70 million. we'
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mike: kicking off this weekend, you want to be first in line. organizers say one of the biggest trends is outdoor living spaces. >> a little bit more contained and a little bit more romantic. kids 13 and younger are free. mike: it wasn' t a boxing match, it was the republican debate in texas. it helped donald trump. the big endorsement today after the heated exchange. >> the board of elections is looking for tech savvy teenagers
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>> kevin: look out to the west. i am tracking and will let you know how warm it' s going to turn.
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mike: reports of a couple found
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police getting calls to go check on them. we will keep you updated on this potential murder suicide. [talking and yelling] >> he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. >> you should be ashamed . sheree: insults and jabs flying fast and furious at the in houston. and now a big endorsement. the front runner picking up a former opponent. the endorsement now coming from christie. he says donald trump is the strong, tough leader this country knees. >> i endorse donald trump for
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reporter: he says he' s the only candidate that can beat hillary clinton which is why the governor is backing the front runner. one, the endorsements are coming in. the one i was really happy with was this one right here. the heated debate, many attacks aimed at trump. >> there is no evidence that any shot taken has hurt him in the past. we will see as the nomination gets more and more realistic if that changes. reporter: marco rubio called him a con artist. >> it is time to pull his mask off so people can see what we' re doing with him. >> it is all about getting votes. and if it translates to votes on super tuesday or not remains to
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texas being the biggest prize. mike: a last-minute push in the hillary clinton expected to win big there with african-american strongest supporters. he' states. activists. colorado is a big contest for current -- bernie sanders. mike: 53 delegates up for grabs. clinton has won iowa and nevada, anders scoring the big win in new hampshire. sheree: wanted, tech savvy teenagers. that' s the message as we move
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presidential election. the search is on for a new generation. >> she is the type of person the for. reporter: the board is recruiting. they want to operate the new books. the county ran into problems with the new system in november that the state blames partially on older workers that have less tech skills. they have signed up. >> this is my first election. not only do i get to vote for the first time in a presidential election but i really get to
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>> they go to class and a monday night organizational meeting which is about 7 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. it' s a pretty long day. it' s a little above minimum wage. >> i love all that stuff. to be able to participate and have the whole big thing just makes me excited and thrilled to participate. reporter: in westwood, wlwt news 5.
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kevin: snow is out of here for the weekend. in time, so will be chilly temperatures. all is quiet across the area. you don' t have to worry about much of anything except climbing temperatures. you can see the chill across the east. temperatures today widespread. s. s across texas and oklahoma. coming from to the weekend. it will be a cold one out there. as will be a little stubborn and see them speed up overnight. generally hold between 30 and 35. we'
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at the sun as clouds are attempting to break across the area. we have a west wind at seven at this time. temperatures will be in the upper 20' s but sunshine is back tomorrow. it will be a nice day, a bit on the breezy side. not terribly strong wind. temperatures will be falling back into the 40' s as it starts to cool off. tonight. the area. high pressure is going to be pushing in the direction of the ohio valley. our weather good guy will be bringing us great weather for the weekend. wake up to sunshine tomorrow. lots of sun during the day saturday. lots of sunshine expected on
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late sunday evening and sunday night, notice that we are just beginning to see if you clouds. a week cold front will come through and bring in some very light showers. it will bring in slightly cooler weather for monday. beyond monday, the weather gets a very active. we could see several storm systems pull in the direction of the ohio valley. for tomorrow, very nice. look for the high up around 50. 45 by lunchtime and we go to the low 50' s for the afternoon. terrific weather sunday as we climb into the low 60' s. notice monday is not so bad. tuesday, wednesday, thursday.
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systems that will pull through here. the first one could bring us a lot of wind. followed by a second one that could bring us a little way in the way of wintry weather as we get into the first full week of march. sheree: some breaking news happening right now in southeastern indiana. a three-year-old child shot in the chest and killed. this all happening on van wedding road. we don' t know what led up to the shooting. a three-year-old child shot in the chest has now died. we will bring you new information as soon as we get it. mike: arguing for a lesser sentence. sheree: why he says he never should'
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mike: a somali pirate sentenced to a 34 year prison term has argued he should not of been prosecuted as an adult. sheree: he was the subject the picketing captain philips. he was only 16 during that 2009 attack although they determined he was at least 18. appeals court denied his appeal. frank freshwaters was serving time from a deadly car crash when he walked away from a work camp akin 1959. it was 20 years later he was found living under an alias in west virginia. the governor refused to extradite him and he will be released in april a few days
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mike: the madison theater will host a fundraiser for the lauren hill quite for the cure foundation. the event begins tonight at 8:00. sheree: high school students got a unique experience at the science center. they stayed up until 3:00 in the come into the world. they paste for nine hours before they gave birth on monday. they gave students the opportunity to written this the birth. a workplace shooting killed three people in kansas. mike: what police say happened 90 minutes before the gunman
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sheree: and a new mike: three dead and 16 wounded when a man opens fire inside of
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>> he yelled hey, then boom, boom, boom. mike: the new way local police are responding to similar shootings to help the injured faster. >> we know we can save some lives lost if we are not there. mike: first, a couple of breaking news stories right now. the first in southeastern indiana. sheree: a three-year-old was shot in the chest and killed. we don' t know what led up to this three-year-old being shot. we do have a news crew on the way and will update you with any information as soon as we get it. mike: a couple found dead in an apartment.
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stories . sheree: a top cop resigned under pressure. live on campus with reaction for us tonight. reporter: they say a clean slate is what the police department needs right now. effective immediately, the decision comes three weeks after an outside company started reviewing the way kansas police operate. it comes in the wake of an officer that shot and killed sam dubose in july, captured by the body cam.


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