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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> a couple found shot dead in their mount perry homes. -- mount airy homes. >> how high temperatures get and how much sunshine we will see. >> a three-year-old boy dies after being shot in the chest. >> emily wood is in sunman, indiana with how it happened. >> within the past hour we have learned much more about what happened. the boy does live in the home at the end of this long gravel driveway. the sheriff' s office says the child was shot with the 300 50' s shea .
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several cruisers and the corners office have come down this road. that dearborn county sheriff' s office is how the shooting happened remains under investigation. >> for all emergency personnel, what the sheriff' s department, the police on the scene, the coroner' s office, indiana state police -- anybody involved in something like this is about as bad as it gets. >> no charges have been filed and the share saw this would not come it -- comment on anybody else who was inside the home at the time of this shooting. >> right now, that child' s name is being withheld so authorities can notify relatives once the investigation is over, it will
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three people hurt at a fish fry. it happened at saint barbara' s. check out this photo of the flames. we are told at the fire involved or pertain -- propane tank. officials said three people were taken to the hospital with what is described as minor injuries. >> a husband and wife found dead inside their mount perry apartment. live from the scene with what police are saying tonight. >> cincinnati police have identified the victims as larry and janet. they were called to this apartment building for a welfare check. that is when they found the victims inside. officers were called to the apartment at the 2400 block of the road after not a clock a.m. neighbors -- after 9:00 a.m.
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>> nothing really happens appear. so that is some -- up here. so that is surprising. >> the 55-year-old work at the factory and her husband was on disability. police say both died of gunshot wounds but will not confirm if they were inside the apartment. neighbors say they will rest easier if they know what happened. >> this is a laid-back apartment complex. i don' t think anything violent happened. but it is sad. >> police say that the investigation is ongoing and they are trying to figure out what exactly happened inside the apartment that led to their deaths. >> new details tonight about a new policy to keep shoppers safe at that northgate mall. you could be asked to leave if you are under age and do not
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the mall announced they will start "family evenings" later this friday. it is in response to a crowd of 100 teenagers leading to arrest. starting a week from today, after 5:00 p.m., anyone younger than 17 will need to be accompanied by someone who is at least 21. officials at northgate mall say that they got feedback after the incident earlier this month and tell us that the feedback helped get this conversation started regarding the impact that unsupervised teenagers have on the mall. >> investigators believe that a protective order against the gunman set off that deadly rampage in kansas. police say that cedric ford worked at the xl industries plant -- excel industries plant in kansas. a former friend of the suspect
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out of his truck with a gun and did not realize he was in any danger. >> he looked happy. he hopped out with like a smile on his face and into the building. >> police say ford shot three people -- 14 people, killing three. police traced two guns from the scene to a woman that he knew. >> police say a three-hour standoff ended with five people dead including the gunman. deputy said at the gunman called 911 this point to say he had shot his family. eventually found him and the victims inside a home. the 12-year-old girl related to
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the men arrested in the shooting death of a middletown mother. brandon carr cannot be held on state charges but will remain in the county jail. britney russell was found shot dead in her car. the plan to meet with dayton police next week to review results of an additional investigation. >> more fallout from the deadly police shooting. the police chief and the major resigned. former uc officer ray tensing is accused of shooting bows after pulling him over near campus. chief goodrich and major tim thorton resigned effective immediately.
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we want to be cutting edge . having a very sais -- safe campus, faculty and neighborhoods around. >> interim chief weiland put forth their best effort. >> republican front runner donald trump making a number of stops before tuesday. the announcements come as trump picked up two endorsements from republican governors including presidential rival chris christie, who recently dropped out. support. nbc news is out with a poll of for the mogul. 83% say that their support is based on the desire for a strong
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>> making a difference for our youth. lindsay coke turns 11 this sunday and for two years she has collected craft kits for the children at the hospital. she started with about three dozen the first year. >> i don' t need anything and i just want to help other people. >> that she has a heart to want to make a someone else feel better fills me with pride. >> pretty special for such a young girl. she turns 11 sunday as i mentioned in hopes now -- shriners hospital as well. from 2:00 until 4:00.
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cincinnati' s va hospital but still plenty of frustration. next came home and was a changed man. >> the important sign that the v.a. missed. >> a cold night tonight but the
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>> continued calls for change in the v.a. leadership at the hospital after accusations of mismanagement. >> looking for change. >> something has to be done. >> from those who say the have been impacted by the mismanagement at the cincinnati v.a., jodi' s fight comes after her son committed suicide. he served three tours of duty, suffering traumatic brain injury. >> came home a changed man. >> jodi says the v.a. did not know about it even though it was in his service records. while she understands privacy laws, she would like to see improved medication.
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person, add a line that says, in the event that might emergency contact would become concerned about me or my actions, it is ok to talk to them. >> it is something that jody has heard dozens of times. >> a lot of the parents i know and have talked with, it is too late for my son or daughter. i am taking the attitude that i don' t want anybody to live through this again. >> just yesterday, the v.a. announced the retirement of the director of the regional network after his proposed removal. the acting chief of staff was also suspended pending further action. the kentucky garbageman showing respect for an american flag that he found on the side of the road. clifford gentry was on the back of a truck when he saw the flag on the curb next to i' m up stick -- next to a mop stick. he picked it up and found a spot
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>> it' s not supposed to touch the ground or funky dirt. no garbage. a lot of people fought for this country. it' s just wrong. >> gentry plans to put the flag up on his porch to teach neighbors how to respect the american flag. >> a popular airshow is being can' t -- is being canceled because of budget cuts. this is the fourth time in five years that the event has been canceled but severe weather was responsible for two of those. the base commander says that they had to redirect limited resources to other mission priorities. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. >> clouds have hung in longer tonight and temperatures have leveled out close to freezing. they will eventually see this temperatures begin to drop.
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33 degrees right now at the airport. we have a light, northwesterly wind. it is 30 in peebles, 31 in wilmington. 35 in warsaw. also got around owing 10 tonight. -- around owington tonight. tomorrow looks very nice. it will be a tad bit on the breezy side. you may not realize the warm-up. temperatures climbing close to 50. there is that brisk southwesterly breeze and tomorrow evening to wind will begin to relax as temperatures start to cool off and drop back to the mid-40' s. the back edge is quickly moving
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into the ohio valley for the weekend and bring us a splendid weekend of weather. the 50' s tomorrow. here is a look at futurecast. as we head into the day head into sunday we' very very nice. that will be well after dark. around midnight or close to that we will see a narrow band of showers. we will see that scoot through and will break back out into the sunshine. march will come roaring in like lie of -- like a lion. tonight. clouds scour out.
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28 at 8:00 a.m. 45 by lunchtime and cruising into the 50' s into the afternoon hours. we will drive down into the upper 30' s over the weekend, but it will not be quite as chilly across the area. temperatures in the 60' s during the day. there is one of two big systems on tuesday. we always know something is happening with the weather when you see 60' s one day and 30' s the next day. >> it looks great. that is it for us on this playoff basketball. >> some frantic finishes tonight.
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all the highlights our >> welcome to the blitz. the fairfield eagles have claimed the 14 seed in the
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>> the hurricanes. there is a reason why there is a four-seat in this bracket. 23 wins and one loss on the year. friday night, first quarter we go. chris will wahlaney buries the three. mitchell would steps up and knocks down the midrange jumper. indians down seven. cumberland with another good game. the easy layup for the hurricanes. he finished with 39 points as wilmington beat fairfield. >> the student section was ready and rowdy for basketball. four minutes to go and kenny weed with the drive. they had a seven-point lead.
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the layup attempt blocked by ryan bates. knotted at 50, heading into overtime. mc bride comes up with the steel and he will do the rest of the work on the opposite side of the ball. mueller with a win in ot. marion has been a dominating force in the land of high school basketball led by the senior guard, alisa kier. >> men dara high school had a difficult task ahead of them but it is a sectional final. sack wells has more. -- zach wells has more. >> one year ago, this team give up its place in the postseason right in the middle of the
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ineligible player. fast-forward 12 months in a big forward missed 12 games -- welcome back to the floor. thank goodness these are not breakaway rims. jimmy will make it. kawai rucker, they call him q. missed up close but stuck with it. he sets up his buddy cameron more off the bounce, strong inside . >> we knew his injury would not
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to defend the fort. >> i feel great. we will do some big things. >> thank you, zach. eight straight wins going into this game with newport. brandon hall with a running tank shot. goes in -- bank shot. goes in. ethan snap draws the foul. again, drives -- not an offensive foul. this sends the game to overtime. they come away with a victory. more high school basketball action out of the state of kentucky.
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for high school basketball. alex meachum is here to give you
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>> cooper and connor facing off tonight. so far they have just owned the cougars. -- coopers. >> anything can happen. >> that is very true. especially in tournament play. trevor ruehlman gets stripped and then chris mcneil gets stripped by logan cook. connor comes out on the good side. cooper trailing by five. marcus watson making the move inside to cut the lead to three. connor' s first win of the season over cooper came at the right time. >> george is not with us tonight so i get to take over this section with alex meachum. >> fist bump. >> i feel like i need to do some push-ups.
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>> let' s look ahead at tomorrow night' s matchup. a bunch of big games on the ohio side. first up, north college hill versus summit. >> north coghill will really look to push the pace and force summit to see how their transition defenses. -- defense is. >> indian hill has to win the battle on the boards. they had 20 rebounds versus woodward. taft will learn -- look to turn the ball. >> how about la salle versus elder? that is a big matchup as well. >> throughout the game plans in the records. ali frazier will be a really tough battle.
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>> cj fleming and frankie hofmeyr. they will go at it. we will see how they do. >> walnut hills taking on east. >> these teams are very similar. both have won 16 basketball games. the tempo is important. >> finally, over the river. holy cross. that will be a huge matchup. >> holy cross has to do what it has done all year is get steph curry on it. i mean make shots. the other team is very disciplined. they are a three headed monster. it will be a good one. >> that was a huge district rivalry. kentucky as well. >> solid stuff.
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>> i will go to my push-ups here. >> derek and alex, thank you for wearing my favorite color tonight. we go to your drive of the week and overtime. moeller' s trey mcbride comes up with a big steel. 17 points in the 61-58 win. >> let' s look at the games we will have tomorrow. college basketball action along with the cincinnati bearcats all in action and the kentucky elite -- and kentucky -- elise wrote this one. it will be a good one. there by a name of cameron justice.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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