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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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and i approve this message. on this saturday night, boiling point. tensions soar in an already chaotic republican race. secret service surrounding trump open stage today taking no chances the day after violent protests forced trump to cancel an event. fighting words from his rivals now wavering on their support should he win the republican nomination. deadly floods. residents in seven states on high alert as rising waters ravage the south. rescuers rushing to save families from the floods. captured.
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inmate who escaped is back in police custody after a manhunt spanning three states. food for thought. researchers say so-called ultra processed foods now make up more than half of the american diet. pushing sugar levels and health concerns to new heights. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, erica hill. good evening. amid new scuffles today, donald trump is promising to bring the country together. his rivals painting the candidate as a did i divider. reactions are becoming pointed and tense. the countdown to the contest tuesday in florida and ohio. there are new questions tonight the republican party itself.
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we begin with katie who is covering the trump cane in can mpaign in kansas city. >> reporter: another rowdy day as protests clash with supporters. all while donald trump continues to fan the flames. didn't circled by secret service after police say a protester tried to rush the stage in dayton, ohio. the man charged with disorderly conduct. a day after tensions exploded in chicago, trump supporters and protesters erupting in anger and violence. trump abruptly canceled his rally. those tensions still at a boiling point today. a protester briefly put in a chokehold as the billionaire excused the clashes on stage. >> when they have organized professionally staged wiseguys, we've got to fight back. we've got to fight back. >> reporter: trump
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thugs on twitter is doing little to cool things off. >> founded on hate. it wasn't. >> reporter: his campaign provocative from the start, is only getting more so. >> there's a group out there, just throw them out. that's okay. >> reporter: now being compared to george wallace's confrontational bid for the white house in 1968. >> you ought to learn to behave in a crowd, my friend. let's crowd them out again. >> george wallace in 1968 felt it was politically helpful for there to be a little bit of violence at his rallies. you ask the same question about donald trump this year. >> reporter: three days until primaries in five key delegate rich states and the trump campaign is refusing to back down. trump promising he will bring folks tonight. >> we want to get along with everybody. we can get along with people. we will unify the country. >> reporter: first he will have to convince voters that his rallies aren't tearing
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>> go back to africa. >> reporter: it's not just the rally violence. donald trump's own campaign manager is facing potential battery charges as a reporter accused him of yanking her away leaving her bruised at earlier this week. he denied the claims and called the reporter delusional. >> thank you. trump's rivals are frustrated with the chaos defining their party. using words like grotesque and toxic to describe the clashes. two republicans are now wavering in their support for trump should he secure the party's nomination. gabe gutierrez has that part of the story. >> reporter: in a chaotic gop race, these images sparking fear, frustration and political opportunity. today, trump's rivals pouncing. marco rubio comparing
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>> this is what our this. this is what it will mean to be a conservative. >> when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face. the predictable consequence of that is that it escalates. created a toxic environment. there is no place for a national leader to people. >> can everyone hear this? >> reporter: rubio fighting for his political survival. trailing trump in florida, his home state. his campaign taking the unusual step of urging voters who oppose trump in ohio to vote for john kasich to deny trump >> everything i teach my kids not to be. and the list is long. >> reporter: at the debate earlier this week, trump's rivals vowed to support the brash billionaire if he were the nominee. tonight a frustrated rubio says now he is not so sure.
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intend to support the republican nominee. but it's getting harder every day. >> reporter: kasich waivers. >> everybody take a deep breath. >> reporter: only cruz stuck by his pledge. >> am i committed at the outset? i will support the republican nominee. >> reporter: the texas senator is campaigning in missouri. the future of this race hinges on ohio and florida. make or break states for two candidates, possibly their last stands against trump. here in florida, polling is ranging widely. rubio down anywhere from six to 23 points behind trump. so far, former florida governor jeb bush has not endorsed anyone despite meeting with three of trump's rivals this week. >> gabe, thank you. for more on the upheaval within the republican party, i'm joined by chuck todd. chuck, we see this stop trump movement that has been gaining steam for some time. really today, the tone
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urgent. is it having an impact? >> it hasn't so far this stop trump movement. gathered steam a couple weeks ago and then it hit a roadblock called the voters. the voters voted and trump won fairly comfortably on super tuesday. it got steam again. then the voters voted in michigan and mississippi. he won comfortably. here we go again. you know, sometimes some of this makes trump supporters dig in their heels even more. perhaps nothing that has happened so far has done anything to somehow peel support away from trump. as long as the three candidates are all staying in and the three candidates can't really agree on who to unify around, i don't know if this stop trump movement is ever going to get off the ground. >> it's fascinating to see -- we heard from marco rubio. we heard from john kasich that they are wavering in their support of saying i will support the republican nominee because there's a very real chance it could
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do you foresee a situation where neither one of them would support him as the nominee? >> i wouldn't be surprised. i'm shocked that neither -- they both need hail marys here to win this nomination. and i think it's -- i've been stunned that they have stuck by this pledge to say that they will support the republican nominee. if they truly believe all of the things that they have said. marco rubio calls him a con artist. john kasich said there's no place for that. if they believe their own rhetoric against donald trump, they undermine it by saying that they will -- they will support him at the end of the day. it's sort of -- i think that that is why their criticism hasn't been taken as seriously by some voters. they're not actually backing it up by saying, you know what, i believe this so much that i cannot -- that they pull a mitt romney where he said no matter what he is not supporting donald trump. i'm surprised they haven't gone even farther. >> chuck, thank you. we will catch more tomorrow on "meet the
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his guests tomorrow include john kasich, ted cruz and donald trump. 18 million americans are at risk for more devastating floods across the south. the storm system already responsible for five deaths in three states. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. that system is expected to pick up speed as it moves east. our report from the storm zone. >> reporter: the water rose fast and furious, trapping people in their homes and cars. national guard crews have rescued more than 2,100 people in lieu louisiana louisiana. in some areas, two feet of rain have fallen forcing families to flee. >> this water will come up to my waist. >> reporter: this man feels helpless. >> don't know what we're going to do. we don't have flood insurance. nobody in this area has had to have flood insurance along with most of the people in the area. >> reporter: this woman is trying to salvage what's left. >> looked like we lost
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we just basically here trying to get things cleaned up and see there. >> reporter: the cleanup is just beginning. the floods have damaged 2,500 homes in louisiana and 400 in >> as you can see, it has a foot and a half of water in it. >> reporter: this man woke up at 3:00 a.m. his house and hurried to wake up his young sons. >> lost the house, the car, beds, furniture, everything, all the belongings. >> reporter: tonight 18 million people are under flash flood warnings and watches back in louisiana, this mayor says she's never seen anything like it. what did it look like for someone who is passing through? >> it was a third world country. it didn't look like a city belonged here at all. you couldn't see there was a city. it was just all water. >> reporter: at least
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two still missing across the gulf region. tonight, a warning to stay away from swollen rivers and streams. some of which may continue to rise. the storms may have passed in some areas, but the danger still very real. back to you. >> thank you. there is late word tonight a violent prisoner who escaped during a transfer in new mexico this week has been captured. police apprehended his accomplice on friday. steve patterson has the details. >> how did you do it? >> reporter: convict captured. late this afternoon, police announcing the rearrest of 29-year-old lie onel claw. >> he came out and surrendered. >> reporter: the man he escaped with also captured. this 32-year-old convicted murdered smirking, sneering, quipping with reporters now back behind bars. >> i got busted.
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capture ending a three state manhunt. the pair of criminals described as dangerous and for a good reason. >> shots fired. >> reporter: claw defined by a history of violence including assault and armed robbery. seen here in 2007 shooting directly into a police car right after leading officers on a 95 mile an hour chase. last in custody before their escape wednesday night. they were being transferred between two new mexico prisons. at the time fully cuffed and shock ackled. somehow managing to escape. then just hours later, security images taken from a hotel. the men smiling in street clothes. >> they are violent. they shot at law enforcement. they murdered people. >> reporter: finally finding them after a desperate two-day search ending the way police hoped it would from the beginning, with no one else hurt.
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news, los angeles. there is growing concern in wisconsin tonight after almost 50 people, mostly the elderly, have come down with a mysterious bacterial infection. it's an infection linked to 15 deaths in just the past few months. more on what you need to know as health officials work to track down the source of the outbreak. >> reporter: at the applewood assisted living facility in wisconsin, a triple letter score isn't the only thing on some minds. >> i guess it's a little bit more scary when you have something that's more unknown going on out there. >> reporter: so far, there haven't been any cases at applewood, but dozens of elderly people across southern wisconsin have been infected with a bacteria. at least 15 have died. an outbreak so concerning state health officials partnered with cdc disease detectives to find out how it's being spread. teams at this state laboratory have been analyzing blood samples from patients
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bacteria and hope to find answers. >> a wide variety of products are being tested that the patients may have had contact with such as skin lotions, i.v. solutions, salines, water sources from patients' homes or from healthcare facilities. >> reporter: the bacteria is actually pretty common in the environment. for healthy people, not a problem. but for newborns, elderly or anyone with an underlying condition, it can be deadly. it can't be spread person to person. it's usually found in a common source like water. that's what is officials. the water tests have come back negative. several patients have been at area hospitals, others in nursing homes, but some simply at home. >> the sooner we can find out where this organism is lurking, the faster we can give information to the public so that fewer >> reporter: symptoms are fever, shortness of breath, chills.
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startling research about the amount of food americans eat with ingredients many of us can't pronounce. the so-called ultra processed foods, some disguised as healthy, make up more than half of the calories in american diets. >> reporter: they are tempting and tasty. ultra processed foods like frozen pizza, soft drinks, chips and packaged cookies. a new study reports those foods provide nearly 60% of all the calories in the american diet. way too much says this registered dietician. >> i tell my clients, try to do maybe three or four times a week max. >> reporter: they have salt, fat and a slew of additives and preservatives. most problematic says the study are the added sugar. ultra processed foods contribute 90% of all added suggesters in the u.s. diet. excess sugar is linked to weight gain, diabetes and an increased risk of
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>> when i was younger, it was more about the calories and now i focus more on what's actually in the foods. >> reporter: sometimes these foods can masquerade as healthy alternatives. this breakfast bar only has 90 calories. it's got a list of ingredients. >> right. in reality, you are getting so many added suggesters and ingredients that your body doesn't need. plus, 90 calories isn't going to keep you as full as eating something like 90 calories of fruit and nuts or of the real foods. >> reporter: real food is what this woman chooses to give her 22 month old son a healthy foundation. >> i try to identify things that i can see the ingredients and know what it is like the bananas here. if i can't pronounce what the ingredient is, i shouldn't be buying that product. >> reporter: what you want says the dieticians is balance. >> you want to really try to make sure that you are getting more whole foods and less processed foods in your diet. >> reporter: making
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this baby kangaroo has a new friend in one australian police officer. after losing its mom in an accident, the joey as baby kangaroos are known, has taken a liking to him. as you can see here,
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shirt much as he would into his mother's pouch. the police department named the little guy kujo after people weighed in on a facebook video which by now has more than 1 million views. it's that time of year again in chicago. the city marking st. patrick's day by dieing the river green. a tradition dating back more than 40 years. interestingly enough, the river turns green with an orange dye. the recipe for that dye is a closely guarded secret. st. patrick's day is this thursday. oklahoma can blame the buzzer for the nail biter of a finish last night. look at this. the sooners were down by two when a guard takes a half court shot to beat the buzzer. seemingly he makes the shot. they win. there is cheering, excitement. that is until a check of the replay. turns out the ball did not leave his fingertips in time.
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mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. finally tonight, we introduce you to jane little. at 4'11", her name is fitting but misleading. she's one of the founding members of the atlanta orchestra. i met up with jane in atlanta where she's celebrating her 71st
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orchestra. from the beginning, jane little stood out. >> i thought, why would any girl want to play that big thing? when i started playing the base, it was just i fell in love with it. >> a charter member of what would become the atlanta orchestra. >> this is the original all girl base section. >> little recently celebrated her 71st year here. >> i was just in tears. this is a big family. >> the double base is the largest and lowest member of the string family. what's the biggest challenge of playing this instrument? >> the strength. that's why you see mostly men playing the base. >> the foundation of the orchestra, much like its tiniest master, 4'11" jane little. >> her zest for life,
7:28 pm
vitality are inspiring. >> she's is tiny in stature, but she is one tough cookie. >> now 87, little has spent almost her entire life with this orchestra. >> concert hall in east berlin. it was just wonderful. >> many of the moments shared with her husband. a flutist until his death in 2002. >> people saw me carrying my base around, well, the littles aren't getting along today. she's carrying her base. >> keeping her place on this stage hasn't been easy. last fall, little broke her back. unable to play for four months. this season she says will be her last. is that a tough decision to make or are you ready? >> i think i'm ready. >> what are you go to do. >> get my base guitar. >> start a band. >> called the
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>> to country >> to country ncur a new act. she did think about retiring when she turned 75 but decided she didn't know what she would do with her day. that's nbc night et nbc newt "nbc nightly news." i will see you tomorrow morning on "today." for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching.
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h gore, and this is open house. sara gore: today we are taking you rip around the world to showcaseon a t and desi amazing architecturegn. we visit the historic te in scotland with ties to esta a literary legend. you may wellhistorical novels know him for fantastic such as "ivanhoe," "rob roy," or possibly even the wordsto "hail to the chief." sara gore: and we meet up with the man behind the mega-mansions mansionschard landry of los angeles, ri. when it came time to do my house at the beach, i wanted the ocean to be the star.


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