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tv   Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling for powerful than claritin because it starts working faster try zyrtec . muddle no more . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. . >> beware of the ides of r it's booze day tuesday. hoda just had a shot and not this kind. who knows whcdp
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i was inrw t "mbfgkdg they had uzo. >> you had to. >> there was too much ps. >> it would br. >> ideoa n. it's spanky tuesday. we're going to have some fun >> that song there is "misy by gwen stefani. >> misery? >> i thought she was out o misery. >> ecstatic even. great show today. academy award winner, one of our favorite ladies, shirley maclaine is here to talk about something that happened to her on a movie set that had never happened to her before. and another fa helen mirren who is now appearing in yet eye in the sky." she rrq" so fab on e carpet, among other t >> how blessed ta two oem >> ev! >> plus one of our favorit chefs, reid alexander is over there, my adopted son. >> good morning. >> welcome back, happy lady. you were on such an adventure,
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>> absolutely. let's plan it after we eat our pork chops today. >> look how reid has a lite ! we've done that comment before, a couple of mso >> major manhood happenge there. >> so, it is time -- >> we've known you since were 4. >> we're allowed. last night was the fin episode of eal" season 20. >> everybody tw of tweets all night, but the person who knows the most about "the bachelor" is amanda avery. >> you look beautiful t >> thank you. >> kind of bittersweet. t. >> it's so emotional, i couldn't eat my dinner. i started eating, i had to put it down. my stomach was churning so much over the anxiety of whose heart he was going to break. >> what time do d >> like around 8:00. i sat down but put it away. >> put it way. >> anyway, here's what happened. we've been talki authi three mont.
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tape the show, by the way. 28 girls, we're down to the finatw now ben still could not dee who he loves more betwne two ladies lasnt >> jo-jo and -- >> and lauren. he said he loved them both. that's the issue. he went to his mom and dad. >> oh, boy. >> talked to his mom ana the ladies met with the dad and they actually t best. here is lauren meeting them. they said lauren is perfect, she's polished, perfect. they really loved her. when they met jo-jo, theyai she's a wife that could then uresfns l that's their review. he took that. he was picking out engagement rings, still didn't know who he was going to pick. the first person -- >> could be the same ring r either wom rare >> i guesso. >> doesn't that say something to you? >> i think any ring, don't you? >> wrong on every level >> first woman out of th helicopter to the final ro i jo-jo. that's never a good sign. so, let's see what happens t
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>> just a couple of months, you've not only become my best friend, but a man that iv fallen so completely in le with. >> i didn't know if i could find love. i found it with you. but i found it with somd else more. >> i don't even know wh s right now. i'm so confused and blindsid. you told me that you were i love with me, that i was u best friend, that you can' imagine life without me. so, where did it go wrong? >> it never did. i'm about to get on one knee and ask a woman to marry me and i was confused about that bu of jo-jo. because that's how muciv
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>> i was getting my heart brn and i still didn't want to se him cry. >> i know. >> i was hoping this was going to be over. no, no, no. >> bye. give it to amanda. sfh >> very bad reason. >> i did feel sad for hery the way, because he said o you, but i love someone more. >> it sounds like a high school -- he's going tb saying that his entire f the itch he can't scrah >> now what happened? >> lauren gets out of the helicopter next. that's a good sign. let's take a look at what happened. >> you're the person i want t spend my whole life with. you are -- you're my person. i love you. i love you. >> lauren, i want tp rest of my life with you.
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>> yes. >> lauren? >> what? >> you're my person. >> you're my person. >> you're my person. >> i'm so lucky. >> are you kidding me? i'm the luckiest girl. >> i'm real lucky. >> wow! >> i've been team jojo this whole time, but they were actually super cute at the end. and they did the lifw and they seemed reallyw genuine. >> they did? >> i'm rooting for t n good news. we have a new bachelorett jojo has officially been named the bachelorette. the show starts airingn withe they're going to start fin right away. >> how was she dunhf show? >> she'll fall in love again with somebo ee erght
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she knows she's going to be a part of the next series. she didn't really attack him. she d ntnsrs. she didn't quite understand how you could love two women ath same time and how you decide who you love more and she cbh sfnu-dto >> what's her ean? >> le >> you know what, hoda? >> what? >> you're my person. >> you're my person, too. that was so unromantic. wasn't it? you're my person. >> you're my person, too. >> amanda, we're going m you. that's really the biggest debb downer. >> that's what we have tl forward to in may. >> we took a quiz and wanted to find out if we were compatible with ben. there's a quiz you can e buzz feed. >> it's a little late, but -- >> here are the questions. would you rather be in a big city or small town? what's your sign?
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>> what's your sign? i didn't get that o. >> so s. >> oh. >> let's see if eitherf compatiblib >> let'son >> i love the music. you're not going to believe this. we got the same answer. we're both perfect for ben. >> here's what they say. you and ben would make th perfect couple. the two of you would never grow tired of each other and would have a long, happy relih >> i don't think so. we would like to go like this, we don't think so. okay? >> but we wish you the most happiness in the world with a your wives. good news. one uripls here. his name is devon still. he's here because there's good news from dairy queen. it's free cone day! >> hi, devon. sfli. how are you? this is leah still's d,
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>> sure is. is doing -- she's dogr >> is greatndetamen >> i think so. i can't find a word butr. >> she's a favorite of our show. >> one of theetg v dheee helping people. he knows his daughter has been healed and helped by so many. what are you up to with dairy queen? >> i'm here to announce to everybody that today is free cone day at dairy queen. make sure everybody goes ou there and gets that free soft serve vanilla cone with th signature curl on the top >> sorry about that. >> get t et >t >> we're taking the wine curly q, baby. >> they're accepting donats for the children's miracle network, wcsg that foundation saved and improved the lives of chd at 170 diffenhirs hospitals. >> and leah was one of those. >> she was. >> that got helped by the children's miracle network. >> exactly. >> i'm so happy leah is n better. and congratulations to , the way, too. this man will now be playing f
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he's playing football, ler with the bengals. what's your number going ? 91 >lymb 9 we should point out, last year, dairy queen raised $140,000 for kids. and you're a perfect spokesperson. >> lesaht r >>la >> gea s >> i wi >> she's having a ltlbo a procedure but she's all g. >> right. >> or she would be with us. >> do y'all want me to leave this her >> why wouldn't youa here? >> all right. >> give you are love toe devon. >> i will. >> hoda needs to learn this. let's talk a little bit about little white lies. how often do you tell one? >> ask me how i'm feeling. >> how are you fei eln i don't know why i said excellent. >> because you told a little white lie. >> because of the uzo. directv did rank the little white lies we tell ity. here are some of the less severe lies. >> your baby is cute. that's awful. >> so mean.
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>> okay. i love this present. >> i always say yeah. >> i'll be ready in 15 minut >> those are all lies that people tell that aren't . here are the more severe e i didn't see your text. >> miss you too. >> i always wash my han e using the bathroom. >> and the worst one is -- >> what? >> i'm on birth control >> that is horrible. that is horrible. >> what does the wise one have to say about that, little wt lie >> everybody should go back 13 or 14 lives and figure they're still doing it. >> there you go! thank god shirley maclaine i here. >> she has the answer to everything. >> yes, she does. >> hoda, you're into a d of things. tell us what this is. >> a magazine called "liv happy." it's one of those magazis a you like, it's about how to practice joy and all that stuff. they've come up with o if you want to be mood, thiaiin like. they featured a couple of ths
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book. "live happy." >> look forward. >> yeah. ten practices for choono anyway, go to you're going to be t keynote speaker. >> at tulane university. >> down in new orleans. >> come to the superdome. >> i know. what? >> what? that's awesome! >> one of the perks of be devoted fan -- >> find out if you're a wne when we give ita plus, shirley maclaine is here. >> sewing some wild oats. >> adventure of a lifetime. >> make it two lifetimes. she'll be here to explaif
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with a career that spanned six decades -- >> hello! >> actress shirley maclaine doesn't want to be callt, but she can't help it. what is she? >> an icon and a legend. >> but don't call her that. >> we won't, despite all the fabulous film she's made, e magnolias." terms of endearment also. her most recent.
2:23 am
>> "above tl >> how atane? first of all, how are you? >'o i'meg. happy. love my life. looking at all the other h more seriol i'm loving the metaphysi p i'm on, the truth of it all. i'm not kidding. it is so much fun to looa on what you might haveoo who you might have been. >> can it be confusing? >> yeah, but isn't life -- >> how many past lives do you think u' ha >> i don't know. for god sake, millions and millions of years. but i have eait can do short, like anto speec >> we would like hr >> when you get to be 82o have a short-term memory, ok, that's pbl. but the longer term memyo know, how you remember -- w i'm remembering not only everything that pd childhood but other lifetime childhoods. >> that's a lot. >> no, really.
2:24 am
truly, of having been and lived and i understand the oth lifetimes because now i' having -- it's coming un conscious mind. >> the canary islands is a specific spot that rings l with you. >> not because everything wen beautifully on i everything sort of went wrong. >> on making the movie, it pretty hysterical. >> how many years ago wh what year did you -- >> two summers ago. i didn't realize we were shooting on the canary islands which had a rebate. you can get the rebate and help with theue i got on the iberian airlin and it said the only als that flies to the lost ne of atlantis. i thought this is meant to happen. >> that's your kind of thing. >> why ith? >> everybody told me not the money isn't any good. suddenly when i was there, of course, you don't do stuf
2:25 am
but don't tell anybody that. [ laughter ] i realized i ith film to remember some of my lifetimes in atlantis. >> tell us a little bit about the circumstances. two fine actresses were e on board. none of the men had beea yet. >> right. >> so was this like a super lp of faith? was your agent saying dot, don't do this? >> everybody said. even a couple of psychics said, don't go unless the money's in the bank. but jessica said, what h let's go drink on the bh. if we have no money, so a we had a good time. >> what was the disaster partf shooting the movie? >> all of it, hoda. >> but what part? >> they would call up and say don't bother getting up in the hotel. we haven't got money toah cab driver today so we'n going to sho. >> wow. >> it was like that. it got su. 'rnh
2:26 am
really, it's demi moore, jessica lang. who are the men? >> billy conllanhald hn >> i don't knohibiy ce hea >> hysterical. he made it eveue i had hernias from laugno hard. we would be doing a scenn the money would run out again and i would start laughing in the middle of the sceneh is only costing money. that does take a couple of dollars. i think the sound guy measured -- i laughed 11 minutes while they just kept rollingd i couldn't sp >> do you know what's fu, shirley? this is going to sound weir i was looking at an old cbs sunday morning piece. they were talking about p who were understudies who o through and had these huge careers and the first person they talked about was you. and they talked about how the person you were filling in for had a broken ankle. >> sprained. >> and they just -- it she the chronicling of your career and how it could happen byn instant where someone happs
2:27 am
>> when you were doing "s charity"? >> no. it was a long time before that. it was 1954. i had never had a rehearsal. bobby fosse and jerry robbin made me the understudy to the she went down in the middle the show with a sprained le not broken. >> yeah. >> and i went on with no rehearsal. all i could think of was m going to drop the hat ism heat. which i did. said [ bleep ] in front of the audience. nobody told me not to say that. >> and you just did in front of several million people. we'll fix that in post. [ laughter ] >> but, no, i've been guided all my life, i really feel. i really feel i have angels a i mean, some are very ha nosed, you better get tt and do it. and i'm very disciplined. but that whole shoot -- with the whole memory of -- >> it's very funny theou t r one of our favorite lae you know that.
2:28 am
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it's spring teaser today. >> yes. >> put your mind to woria riddle. >> fill in the blank with o word to make two separate phrases. what? >> you have a few minutet think about i >> oh. >> while reid alexander does l the cooking till we coma
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expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> it's booze day tuesday, also known as brain teaser tuesday, also known as spanky tuesday. before the break, we gave you this question. >> fill in the blank with one
2:35 am
second-hand smoke detector. >> hoda got it right away. do you know who is always smoking hot wherever she goes? >> dame helen mirren. she won so many awards during her legendary career, including an oscar for the queen. i got to sit down with helen on the set of "eye in the sky" where she plays a colonel. take a look. >> two suicide bombers and three very high value individuals. >> the rules of engagement you're operating under is to capture, not a kill scenario. ma'am, i think it would be wise to refer up. >> are you telling me that or just debating with me? >> to refer up? >> uh-huh. >> i am telling you. >> oh. >> ooh. >> hello to you. >> she's cross about that. >> she is. now was this originally supposed to be that of a man? >> it was written for a man. >> how did it change things when you stepped in? >> nothing changed on the page
2:36 am
i mean, it absolutely fell into place. i think the only thing that it slightly -- it made the moral dilemma that you see played out in the movie kind of more poignant, more potent if you like, it being a woman having to make those decisions. >> it's about a terrorist and the question is, do you capture, do you kill and how do you do it? >> yes, it's very much about the whole issue of drone warfare. it's so interesting that suddenly in the news and in the public awareness it's becoming this growing awareness of what drone warfare really is and how it's prosecuted, how it's managed. and this is this movie that's very much about that. and it's about the appalling sort of moral decisions that constantly have to be made in war. >> you're so multifaceted. i'm looking at you in this gorgeous dress and all i can think of is most of the time when kathie lee and i show you on the air, you're in a smoking hot bikini.
2:37 am
wearing a cool weather jacket, very hip. i look at your hand and i see a tattoo. right? >> i do have a tattoo. very, very old tattoo. >> how long ago did you get that one? >> i used to tell people i got it in prison before my sex change. [ laughter ] >> so why did you get it? >> i got it because i was drunk, in america, on an indian reservation in minnesota and a girl did it for me. it was unbelievably painful. it's quite spiritual. it's equal and opposite. fun he enough, speaking to what we're talking about now, which is to see the people who are so different from you as basically being your equal, of equal value with yourself. that's sort of what it means. >> you have a wonderful life outside of the movies, too. you have a delicious husband. >> i do. shooting right here in new york, shooting a movie with robert
2:38 am
and i'm shooting parallel with will smith. >> fantastic. so do you two of you at the end of the day, you're shooting your stuff, he's doing his stuff. you get together at the end of the day, do you talk work or put work aside? >> how did it go, darling? did you get your day, i always say to taylor. the only time i pray to god is when taylor's shooting and i pray for the weather to be right. because if there isn't snow or it doesn't rain when it needs to rain, you know, the whole schedule. so i do pray to god for my husband's schedule. but, no, it's fun. no, we just -- we don't go into details. did you get your day? was it okay? were there problems? we share the difficulties. >> falling in love at 40, in that range, was that about the right timeframe? >> 38. >> 38. is he the love of your life? i mean, falling in love at that age, 38? >> yeah.
2:39 am
because, you know, don't have much life left, do i? i hope he's the love of my life. who knows. you never know what the future may bring. no, i mean -- no. i recognize the great thing about finding a partnership, let's say, a partnership later on is that you recognize it as such. you recognize the partnership level of this relationship as much as the love and the lust and all the rest of it. >> thank you so much, just for, one, being part of our show, even when you don't know you're part of our show, and for inspiring people when you don't realize. >> we love her. >> she was asking about you like crazy. i said, she'll be back this week. "eye in the sky" is in theaters this week. they go together like bogey and bacall. >> what's for dinner? >> pork chops and apple sauce. >> right after this. i've got the gelato. is that ice cream? no, it's, uh breyers gelato indulgences.
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most people really don't love making dinner every single night. our team has done the thinking for you. >> they called upon our good friend, contributing correspondent to bbc radio, reid alexander. >> good morning! >> a modern spin on traditional pork chops and apple sauce dinner, immortalized in this classic brady bunch episode. remember this? >> hi, mom. hi, alice. what's for dinner? >> pork chop. >> pork chops, huh? what else? >> apple sauce. >> pork chops and apple sauce. gee, that's swell. >> all right. hello, darling. >> good morning. >> only people of a certain age
2:44 am
>> i smell the onions. >> i know, the flavor. pork chops and apple sauce, as you heard there. restaurant style at home. this is a no brainer. >> okay. >> so easy. are you ready? >> what kind of ingredients do we need? >> couple of basic things, olive oil, fresh thyme, onions, balsamic vinegar, chicken broth, salt and pepper for seasoning. >> and the pork chops themselves. >> i've preheated this pan. i start off by searing them. will you do the honor for the second one? >> yes. >> amazing. about four minutes per side to get them nice and brown. >> that's just in olive oil? >> tablespoon or two, preheated. imagine we've gone and removed them to a plate. they're resting. we're going to build the sauce together. will you stir? >> i will. >> we're caramelizing some onion. >> brilliant. >> we start to make our sauce. little bit of chicken broth, really deep flavor. balsamic vinegar is the secret here. can you guess why, kathie lee?
2:45 am
i'm jet lagged. why? >> exactly. it's sweet and tangy. when this starts to reduce, the vinegar, natural sugar also come up and will thicken up. >> that's what i was going to say but wasn't quite sure. >> you were on the right track. thyme? >> mint. this reduces. about two to three minutes uncovered and we add back the pork chops right into it. put the lid on it. let them steam. five to seven minutes and you're good. how simple is that, right? >> easy. so easy. >> now pork chops done, apple sauce. where does that come in? >> apple sauce. >> plum and apple chutney. that's my take. a little unusual. fresh plums here, and fuji apples. i've left the skins on. very colorful, right? hoda, would you add in the water and i'll add the unsweetened apple sauce. kathie lee, can you do the
2:46 am
thank you. apple sauce might not help you too much. >> what is this, sweetheart? >> raw sugar, just for sweetness, and some cinnamon. simple. one pot idea. mix this up. cover. cook for about 40 minutes. start this before that. >> really easy. >> simple. and the last thing you do -- >> wait, is that it? >> that's it. i'm adding in a little vanilla at the end. >> this smells -- >> doesn't that smell so good? >> there's so many great smells. >> you're doing great with that. >> oh, my gosh! >> this is good to make because it's good the next day as breakfast, honestly. it's a really delicious sort of multi-purpose side dish. that's it. now we're serving this. go ahead and get in here. >> with some grilled -- >> maple roasted carrots. pork chops, apple sauce, carrots. what else can you do with different things like this? >> i don't know. >> serve it with cheese, fruit and cheese platter, and this is a clean, flavorful and rich dish that -- how long did it take? >> pork is the other white meat, right?
2:47 am
>> delicious. >> you like it? amazing, right? >> delicious. reid, great, great idea. >> like hoda was in junior high school. [ laughter ] >> for the recipes, go to exactly. alison pataki cooks up another book you won't be able to put down. >> this is my favorite of hers so far.
2:48 am
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little lily is over there. based on a true-life story juicier than any fiction. filled with rivalries, romance and temptations. i told you months ago it was my favorite thing. it's incredible, this book. >> revolves around the most beautiful woman in the world. >> no. >> the australian hungarian empire who became a larger than life icon.
2:52 am
>> from best-selling author, allison pataki called "sisi: empress on her own." so great to see you again. out. form. she knows what a huge fan i am of her historical novels. beautifully written. she tells a story like nobody. her own right. >> exactly. >> she had everything, but not anything that she truly wanted. >> exactly. she was known as the princess diana of her time and captured the love of the people and was this fashion icon, was involved in these tumultuous love stories, changed the course of history. yet for some reason we don't know about her in modern days. and i think this makes for the best type of historical fiction, the best novel. we can crack open this really juicy, dysfunctional family saga and see this beautiful woman. >> a lot of people read these books, and we've read your books. we wonder what part is the real thing and what part are we adding a little bit to.
2:53 am
end. >> you have history that's dramatic, this cast of charks -- characters and the backdrop is a beautiful palace, castles and world war i. >> and the hair. >> floor-length hair. you have the raw material that's good from the history, you couldn't make it up. it would be too outlandish for fiction. >> you really can't believe it as you're reading it. and your family is basically -- >> hungarian. pataki is a hungarian last name. when i go back to hungary, they still worship her. kind of like this cult of -- she captures the imagination. i thought i would really want to read a book or see a movie about this woman and nothing exists. i think i need to write the book. >> and the movies have been optioned. they're going took coming out. i'm so happy for you. >> are we going to talk about your other project? >> the other one. >> how old is she, sweetie? >> she's five months, the new empress. >> i can't handle the cuteness
2:54 am
>> and your beautiful husband, an incredible year of his own. >> it's been a big year for us. she's been the benevolent ruler and has come in to take over. >> i understand how you found sisi, but how do you find some of your other characters? >> the traitor's wife, benedict arnold's wife, peggy. that slut. >> she was a minks. so was sisi. we know the men's stories, but these are significant women. and the sisi story was hungarian, the peggy story was from upstate new york where the revolution story happened. when you find these women and about her? >> exactly. >> i know benedict arnold's story or the emperor's story. but sisi is really a leading >> you cannot put this book down, i'm warning you. if you pick it up, hopefully it's for a nice, long weekend because you will miss it the table. >> we love you, allison. thank you so much. >> thanks for coming to see us. for me, too.
2:55 am
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oh, yes! >> i think he's my twitter friend. >> i think he is. >> before we say goodbye on this spanky tuesday, we're about to make five viewers very, very happy. >> because it is time to give away. >> give it away. >> almost 10,000 of you have entered for this week's prize which is --
2:59 am
tis ma touch. >> one touch simplicity is all it takes to enjoy espressos, lattes and macchiatos. >> okay. you go first. >> and our first winner is -- >> who? >> betty pritzel, reedsville, wisconsin. >> katie rogers from jacksonville, florida. >> love her. and donna powell from lynn, massachusetts. >> okay. hold on. i've got -- hold on. diane thomas from minott, north dakota. >> and last one is kathy head from hurricane, west virginia. >> wow! >> we want to explain to people, though. you have to enter every week. for complete rules and regulations go to after that, hit the connect
3:00 am
and then tomorrow, we have actress rita wilson, who has a performance for us. and more people. plus the very funny father and son, eugene and daniel levy. we love them. >> shopping bags with gadgets. just do it, do it! >> you know you missed it. >> i did. . - from the moment your kids are born, you dread the fact that one day they'll leave you. and then they do, and it's just as bad as you thought it'd be. i just want you to remember that you're special, and you'll always be my little girl. - two forms of birth control. and men are like basketball players-- they dribble before they shoot. - martina! - it's reality, mike. - bye, guys. - bye. - i'll miss you. - i'll miss you too. - bye, dad. - love you, kid. - love you. - well, at least now we know what it's like. the next one will be easier.


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