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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas. schools shut down in boston. al is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his controversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people.
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raul castro later today. lester holt is there live. mr. trump goes to washington. donald trump reportedly set to meet with republican party leaders today, ahead of a key speech on america's role in the middle east. this as the gop front runner says he doesn't condone the growing violence at his rallies but understands it. and pure madness. a string of fantastic finishes caps a wild weekend at the ncaa men's basketball tournament. from buzzer beaters -- >> rises up, and it's good! it's good! >> to last-second heroics. >> no. >> to a comeback for the ages. >> throws it into the hands, and lays it in. >> the unbelievable ending being called one of the best ever. today, monday, march 21st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, everyone. let's say you're not a college basketball fan. you don't really care about the game. march madness is special. >> it's so exciting. it always lives up to its reputation. it's exciting to watch all the teams i pick lose. it's a joy. >> you don't care about your own bracket because it's so exciting to watch the games. we'll give you a recap in a couple minutes. our top story this morning is this spring snowstorm here in the northeast. after what amounted to a really mild winter. we'll get al's forecast in a moment. first, miguel almaguer is in massachusetts. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is an interesting way to kick offspring. we've had steady snow in cape cod the last few hours and i
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from our drone flying overhead. it is a bit of a winter wonderland. i'll give you a shot of the coastline because that's where the storm is headed, mostly off coast, but it is clipping this are re jon region. it's been a sloppy commute for many people traveling along the northeast. while we're not seeing a dramatic amount of snow, we're seeing somewhere from 6 inches to a foot of snow across this region. it'll be steady for the next couple hours. diminishing by this afternoon. it's enough snow that in boston, they were asking to shut down schools this morning. they did do that across the region. the snow will be light for the next couple hours and diminishing by later this afternoon. back to our drone, you can see it is loef ly vely. we expect it to be picture perfect the next several hours as the morning commute begins to dissipate. out here, we're expecting to have the sun pop up later on
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when it comes out later on, we should have fairly dry roads. it's going to be a beautiful day. matt, just for comparison here, last year at this time here in the boston region, we had more than 100 inches of snow. this year right now, about 25. about 1/4 of the snowfall. a mild winter but we are having a late one here. back to you. >> not too much to complain about. thank you very much. my kids are happy with the two-hour delay on long island. >> also, we have dandelions in matt's garden -- >> daffodils. >> we're concerned about them. >> they came up too early. >> this ended in new york city and is making its way through western massachusetts and down east maine. we'll see this continue during the afternoon. it ends in long island by mid-morning. boston, snow till noon. could be sloppy travel.
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the worst of it. the heavy snow will be the eastern end of maine. 6 to 8 inches as you get closer to east port. the forecast models, europe versus the american. thursday, the american model, almost nothing in new york city. 4 inches to new england. look at the european model. we're giving this to the american model, ladies and gentlemen. usa! usa! so far, both models have instituted new and improved computers, new and improved software. this one, the american won. >> there you go. thanks for keeping us up to date on that, al. let's talk about the president now and his historic trip to cuba. the first family arrived last night and took a walking tour through the rain in old havana. on the president's agenda, a meeting with raul castro. "nightly news" anchor lester good morning. >> good morning. history being made.
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cuban soil. he is the first american president to visit here since calvin coolidge dropped in in 1928. fidel castro wasn't even 2 then. the entire first family along for the trip, acting like tourists. doing what most tourists do, taking a walk through old havana. >> reporter: sparse crowds line the streets under a steady downpour as the president's motorcade made its way through the city. his first stop, the cathedral in old havana. mr. obama took an impromptu detour to shake hands and smiling and waving at a crowd. inside, the president met with the controversial cardinal, ortega, who some criticized for not being more forceful about human rights. then on to a museum, where a portrait of president lincoln greeted the first family.
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in the narrow streets of old havana. the sight see seeing is a preclude to the real business of the trip which begins later this morning when the president meets with cuban president raul castro. they'll likely discuss lifting the u.s. trade em bardo bargo and cuba's human rights record. before the president arrived, the ladies in white were arrested, chanting, freedom. one of the highlights of the president's trip is expected to be when he addresses cubans on tuesday. >> it's a historic opportunity to engage the cuban people and lay out our future that's bright brighter than our past. >> reporter: i asked about that when i sat down with cuba's top man. >> did you think the day would come, when the u.s. president would address the people? >> i'm confident this is the day it is right time.
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the president's trip is already under fire from republican front runner donald trump, who mock td fact that the president was met by cuban's foreign minister, not president raul castro. tweeting that castro greeted the pope and others. no respect. >> white house says no big deal that raul castro wasn't at the airport. they never anticipated or expected it. it was planned that the official greeting would take place today. there will be a big state dinner later on here in havana. matt, as i send it back to you, i'll point out that i bought this blazer first. >> that's okay. i feel like i'm in good company, lester. let me remind people that you're going to have much more on the president's trip to havana and cuba on nbc "nightly news" tonight. all eyes will be on donald trump today.
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high profile events. some are republican leaders after more violence happened at trump's rallies this weekend. peter alexander has the latest. >> good morning. the latest attack, perhaps the ugliest yet. a u.s. airman charged with misdemeanor assault that took place at trump's rally. for the billionaire, this is groundhog day. more protests, more critics, yet more likely than not, during the next round of voting tomorrow, he expands its delegate lead. donald >> reporter: donald enjoying his success with a serenade. and one of the most violent situations yet. >> klu klux klan hat on. >> reporter: a man sucker punched and repeatedly pounded and kicked.
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gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> reporter: trump concede ing the beating was tough to watch but saved his harshest words for professional agitators. >> how come we're the bad people all the time? what about the people using horrible profanity, horrible words, and closing up highways, why are they never the bad people? it's an incredible thing. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager grabbed a protester's collar, another man pulling the young man back. >> i give him credit for having spirit. he wanted them to take down the horrible, profanity-laced signs. >> reporter: tomorrow, trump's favorite in arizona and ted cruz in utah. the senator winning romney's vote. trump questioning romney's faith. >> are you sure he's a mormon? >> reporter: trump is mocked on this week's "the new yorker." still, the billionaire is looking for the last laugh. in washington today, reportedly
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and tonight, capping off a day of speeches before a pro israel group, where jewish republicans are weary of his neutrality on the conflict. >> trump expected to speak later this afternoon. for his meeting in washington, what's striking is almost no republicans will acknowledge whether they're going to this. house leaders want nothing to do with it and others aren't saying a thing either way. anti-trump conservative groups are promising a backlash for any lawmaker spots going in. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> mark halperin is the managing editor of "bloomberg politics." good to see you. >> good morning. >> the apex speech is a room filled with people who don't want generalities. they want specifics. they want you to prove you understand the complexities of middle east policy. trump. >> this is a big week for him and this speech symbolizes it.
7:12 am
the room, but also to people who want a serious president to deal with a serious world, that he can be a serious man. like this in his entire life. tonight is the night he can show people he understands the difficulties and the complexities of being president. >> forgive me if i'm skeptical. the average trump supporter, do they care if he does well before this group of influential lobbyists in washington? >> the average trump supporter doesn't, but the average american wants someone who can handle this. he wants the opportunity to say, i'm a serious person. the trump speck keptics say he'll fail. those who are optimistic about his chance to be president says tonight is a night he can prove he's a serious person. >> on the campaign trail, another incident of violence at a trump rally over the weekend.
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about it, donald trump seems to blame the protesters and not his supporters, or even himself, for setting a tone. is that going to continue to work? >> he has to take more command of this, both in the mechanics of how things work and the tone. he hasn't done it. but he has the first amendment right to hold events. he has events disrupted. he has to deal with it and can't blame the protesters, but he has his point, that the protesters has a responsibility to let him and his supporters meet. but he's the candidate. >> let's talk about the stop trump movement. it's fascinating to me because on one hand, it's done something the republicans haven't been able to do, which is unite conservatives and the establishment, all united against trump, but it's not getting off the ground. >> they are far from achieving their goal. run another candidate, bet on ted cruz or john kasich, try to take down trump, try to force a brokered convention.
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with thousand and one ideas how to stop him. if he keeps winning contests, the stop trump movement won't have anything to stop. >> mark, always good to have you here. thank you very much. now to what investigators in belgium are learning from the captured suspect in the paris terror attacks. the suspect reportedly telling investigators he was planning new operations. keir simmons on the story in belgium with more. good morning. >> good morning. he is now locked away in this high security prison, admitting his involvement in paris and saying that he was planning more attacks, according to a government minister here. new video this morning of the apprehended. >> reporter: dramatic new video this morning of the operation that apprehended europe's most wanted terrorist.
7:15 am
an old woman is led away, interrogated. then as heavily armed officers approach the door, a suspect makes a run for it. gunfire. a second man is brought out, wounded in the leg. limping, he is taken away. it's not clear which of the men in these pictures is salah abdeslam. by the end of the operation, the man wanted for the paris attacks is under arrest, now charged with participating in murder, involvement in the paris massacre. >> the government minister here says they believe that more than 30 were involved in those paris attacks, in the operation and planning for it. the priority this morning is hunting them down. meanwhile, the french president will meet with the families of the victims. that'll be an emotional meeting. >> can only imagine. thank you so much. speaking of isis, the u.s. is sending more marines to iraq
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marine over the weekend. undisclosed number of troops from the 26 marine expeditionary movement will support operations. this announcement comes after the officer died on saturday. his unit was attacked with an isis rocket at an outpost south of mosul. he was the first u.s. service member killed in iraq since october. a toll collector and security guard were killed during a robbery attempt in eastern pennsylvania. the man responsible was a retired state trooper. after the shootings, briggs was loading money into his vehicle when a pennsylvania state trooper confronted him. gunfire was exchanged. briggs was fatally wounded. he had retired from the state police four years ago after 26 years on the job. now to a stolen cement truck that led to an hour-long police chase in minnesota. take a look. the truck barrelled downside
7:17 am
when it finally stopped, the driver made a run for it but was caught and -- ready for this -- he was just 11 years old. appears in juvenile court today. two police cars were damaged in the chase. thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> that's crazy. march madness underway. highlighted by a weekend filled with wild finishes, buzzer beaters, bracket-busting upsets. texas a&m-northern iowa. the panthers up by 12 with about 35 seconds left to play. fans getting ready to punch their ticket to the sweet 16. but the aggies had plans on their own. they scored 14 points in the last 31 seconds of the game to tie it, send it into overtime. texas a&m wins it in double overtime. they're calling it a historic comeback and crushing loss for northern iowa. check out what happened in the wisconsin-xavier game.
7:18 am
rises up, and it's good. it's good! >> wisconsin hits the three-pointer at the buzzer, sending the badgers to the sweet 16. the party probably still going in madison, wisconsin. they will play notre dame in the why? because the fighting irish won a nail biter, as well. listen to this ending. >> switch. jackson off the glass. august, no. tip. >> that eilis brought a yelp from savannah. steven f. austin comes up short. notre dame wins it, 76-75. this is why it's a great tournament. >> is your inner sports caster so happy now? let's go to the highlight reel. >> i live for this time of year. it's great. >> you didn't get the snowstorm you hoped for, right? >> wow.
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sports, your weather, and you were kind of disappointed. >> i was happy because we predicted it. it worked out okay. >> she's hitting me.
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we'll get to your local >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> not that you wanted snow. >> not at all. guys, coming up, the ongoing feud between donald trump and fox news anchor megyn kelly. an alarming concern on the roads. just how safe are the bridges you drive across and under just about every day? a new rossen reports you need to see. first on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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kyla woods has a news 5 traffic update. kyla? a winter chill in the air on
7:29 am
wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s.
7:30 am
can't feel my face when i'm with you but i love it monday morning, march 21st, 2016. spring is here, everybody. by the way, we have a little bit of snow. what would you call that precipitation that came down? >> flurries. >> four inches. >> i know. >> little more as you get further up. >> anyway, the weather is the top of the headlines. adjusting here in new york city
7:31 am
will see closer to a foot. they cancelled school in boston today. al will give us the full skinny on that coming up. president obama has a lot on his plate today as he spends his first full day in cuba. the first family touched down sunday afternoon and toured old havana after the president addressed u.s. embassy staff. >> young american children, young cuban children, by the time they're adults, our hope is that they think it's natural that a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. they think it's natural that the two peoples are working together. >> the visit, the first to cuba by a u.s. president in 88 years. donald trump is spending his day in washington. the republican presidential front runner will meet with gop lawmakers and key leaders. tonight, he gives a speech at the pro-israel lobbying group. i'll give you a programming note now. on "today" tomorrow morning,
7:32 am
the o.j. simpson murder case, will be here live. we'll get her take on the trial of the century two decades later, and also find out how she feels about her portrayal in the tv series "the people versus o.j. simpson." back to donald trump. his feud with megyn kelly is going to new levels. of her show. >> in a blistering response, fox is slamming donald trump for what it calls his repeated abuse against megyn kelly. the network increased security for the star since august, when trump's attacks began. >> reporter: donald trump warning he'll fight back against opponent. not a politician but fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. i don't like her. >> reporter: simmering for seven months and now boiling over,
7:33 am
of her show. saying she's sick, clay razy and overrated. fox news fired back. slamming what they called trump's extreme, sick obsession with kelly. quote, beneath the man who wants to hold the office that's the highest in the land. the network finding itself taking on the front runner. trump retweeted her handle 65 times since the summer, twice a week. >> i can no longer go on twitter. in august. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> what i say is what i say. honestly, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> reporter: trump's response the next day? >> you can see there was blood
7:34 am
blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: in january, trump launched a new round of attacks on instagram. >> megyn kelly's really biased against me. >> reporter: later, skipping a debate she moderated. >> it's been a surreal six months. keep your head down, shoulders back and forge forward. >> reporter: the two came face-to-face earlier this month. >> nice to be with you. you're looking well. >> as are you. >> kelly is opening up about this in an interview out tomorrow, she's been thinking about a margaret thatcher quote. they attack me because they don't have a political argument left. >> hallie, definitely one of the stranger aspects of his candidacy cht candidacy. why bother? i don't know. let's get to the weather. mr. roker has a check of that. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by visit california.
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>> if you're dreaming of warmer weather in the eastern half of the country, your dream is about to come true. it's been mild out west, cool in the east. what happens today, the temperatures start to warm up. minneapolis, 51. 79 in north platte. temperatures five to ten degrees below average. philadelphia will be up to 57. cleveland, 60. 72 in little rock. wednesday, the warm air gets socked into new york city. 70 degrees on wednesday. but it's awfully chilly out west. raleigh, 76. nashville, 69. then the cool air really makes its way to the central plains. warm air here in the east. let's go to the amusement park. new york city, 52 monday. 69 on wednesday. 60 on friday. let's go to st. louis. 67 on wednesday. dips down to 55 on friday. houston, 68 monday. 81 on wednesday.
7:36 am
a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s. rain and some storms possible on thursday. >> tip of the hat to our audio department for our roller coaster sound effects. >> good job. al, thank you very much. just ahead, do you take your kids' sports too seriously? the sign on one little league field with a pointed message to parents. up next, bridges are in desperate need of repair. >> i'm jeff rossen.
7:37 am
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we're back at 7:41. this morning on rossen reports, a danger on the road. bridges that are used every day, yet they're putting drivers at risk. >> top officials are calling this terrible and embarrassing. jeff ross season en is here with more on that. >> good morning. this is an important investigation. right now, so many of you are about to get into the car and
7:42 am
on the way, chances are, you will cross a bridge or an overpass. a new report just released says that tens of thousands of bridges across the country are literally falling apart. how bad are they? this morning, we're getting rare access just under the roadway, and wait until you see what we found holding some cars up. >> reporter: across the country, bridges collapsing, concrete raining down on to passing cars. from pennsylvania -- >> boulder just fell and smashed the glass. >> reporter: -- to iowa. >> the bridge is crumbling away here. >> reporter: to utah. >> what happened? >> reporter: where huge chunks of a bridge smashed through this airport shuttle with passengers inside. crushing the hood of the car. >> another 6 or 8 inches, might not have been talking to me today. >> reporter: according to government data, 58,498 bridges
7:43 am
from america's heartland to the nation's capital. >> i'm standing on the arlington memorial bridge in d.c. we're getting rare access down inside the bridge. this is so bad, critical condition, they're making me wear these gloves because all the lead paint is chipping off. and i have to wear this hard hat because, believe it or not, concrete chunks fall off this bridge. >> you can see why we're concerned about this bridge. >> reporter: even officials are sounding the alarm. charles is in charge of this bridge for the national park service. >> look at this here. this is the roadway, and there's metal literally peeling off of it. >> over here, look at this beam. this is holding up the roadway, too. we have all this concrete gone. totally decayed away. look at this. paper thin. this is all that's left. >> this is what's holding up the roadway? >> this is where the cars are going. you can feel the cars right above us. this beam is holding the bridge up. >> reporter: but we see next is even more disturbing. >> this is the support for the entire bridge.
7:44 am
look at this, jeff, completely gone, the bracings. over here, look at this, right here, completely gone. >> you can put your hand through that. >> all of this, just rusting from the inside out. >> terrible. terrible. it's getting worse by the year. >> reporter: we went straight to the secretary of transportation, anthony fox. >> according to your government data, there are 58,495 bridges deemed structurally deficient. is that acceptable to you? >> no, it's not acceptable. it's actually embarrassing to this country. but it's one of those things where it's not just money, it's also emphasis. it's where we put our money. that's something we have to continue working on. >> doesn't the buck stop here, as the secretary of transportation, for you to fix this now and figure out how to get the money spent more wisely? >> no one has argued more strenuously about fixing the issues than i have. congress has to pass a package with enough resources to handle the problem. >> reporter: he says the system
7:45 am
states get federal money and spend it as they wish, with little federal oversight. bureaucracy, as bridges continue to crumble. >> continues to decay and it won't get better until we do something about it. >> the federal government is spending billions of dollars to fix these bridges, and that may sound like a lot -- it is -- but analysts say the problem is so bad, so widespread, at that pace, it'll take 21 years to fix every bridge. are the bridges in your neighborhood structurally deficient? i know that's your question. we have a list on our website, "today".com. click on your state, drop down to your county and it's there for you. >> i find myself driving around, looking around like crazy. >> it's disturbing when you get under the hood like he did. coming up, inside reese witherspoon's star-studded 40th birthday bash.
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we're back at 7:50. time for the birds taking the world by storm, carson. >> if you spent your weekend captivated by the d.c. eagle cam, you are not alone. hundreds of thousands flocked to the live feed of the nest at the national arbetorum. it went from this to this in a couple days. someone wrote, 7:31, completely
7:51 am
classrooms gathered to watch it on the big screen. many were sharing highlights, watching the feeding happening. yummy. another viewer sharing this moment, with one baby eagle's wings over the other. >> cute. >> this pricely ly less family photo. and this is a live feed right now. it's not too late. head to and we have the link to get to the live cam. back to you. >> great day for the eagle family. not great for the fish in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. >> carson, thank you. just ahead, the director of a major tennis tournament under fire. wait until you hear what he said about women players. it is sparking a fire storm. >> with good reason. backseat parenting. what you should be doing if you have a teenager driving in the family to keep them safe behind the wheel. first, your i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing.
7:52 am
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. police chase ends with a driver crashing into a pole. the scene was long sharon road... in glendale. police were investigating in the hauck when the car took off. investigators say the car jumped some railroad tracks... hit a pole and a gas light. two people have minor injuries new details this morning...on a deadly crash...on 275...near the combs-hehl bridge ... a 41-year-old man was killed...when he was rear-ended by another driver... police have not charged that driver... but we are told... excessive speed and crash... this accident not far from where a car went over the bridge less than a week ago. this week recovery efforts will
7:58 am
concerns. campbell county police believe they know the identity of the driver. wlwt news 5's kyla woods has an update now on traffic .. kyla? a winter chill in the air on in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s. rain and some storms possible on
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, driven to distraction. why parents are too trusting of their kids behind the wheel. could helicopter parenting actually help teens steer clear of accidents? battle of the sexes. >> they ride on the coat tails of the men. they don't make decisions and they're lucky. >> controversial comments from the ceo of one of the biggest tennis tournaments around, that many are saying went way over
8:01 am
plus, sarandon family values. susan and her daughter reveal what makes their relationship so special. and how it's helping them raise their next generation. >> honey is her grandma name. grandmother? >> she's a honey. >> today, monday, march 21st, 2016. >> shoutout to those remaining in the hotel. >> you're missing out. >> from kentucky! >> good morning, missouri. >> we're on the plaza. >> back at 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 21st day of march. the year is 2016.
8:02 am
spring. >> it's a little -- see, it started sunday. 11:30 p.m. on surday night. first full day on the east coast, spring today. >> got it. no matter what, it's snowing, which is a little weird. >> yeah. >> it's all right. going to stop and warm up. we have a huge crowd today. >> loud and proud. love it. week. the wedding is happening. our wedding couple is here. they'll tie the knot on our plaza right here. we're not done planning. coming up, we'll let you choose their honeymoon destination. >> did you see some of the places? >> i'm ready to go on the honeymoon with them. >> great. we'll get to that. lots to start with this morning. let's go to tamron for a look at the top stories, she's in for natalie. history in havana as president obama breaks through a
8:03 am
hostility to meet his cuban counterpart. andrea mitchell is in the cuban capital for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. after taking a tour through old havana with michelle obama and their daughters, president obama's visit officially opens today when he meets with cuba's president castro. castro is sure to raise complaints that despite the president's recent measures to loosen trade and travel restrictions, the relationship with cuba can never been fully repaired until congress lifts the economic embargo. the president will press hard for more freedom of speech here. hours before the president landed in cuba, cubans cracked down on a group of women who protests silently every sunday after church. they're known as the ladies in white. there is goodwill on this visit. cuba is allowing the president to speak directly to the people tomorrow. he will be speaking about human rights, which is usually something not done here.
8:04 am
hope. something important could come from this historic visit. >> andrea, thank you very much. republican presidential front runner donald trump has key meetings in washington, d.c. today, including one with influential party members. this evening, he'll address foreign policy before a pro-israel group. at a trump rally in arizona this weekend, a protester was beaten in one of the most violent campaign confrontations yet. trump said it was hard to watch, but also suggests there's a double standard. favoring what he called professional agitators. there is a brand-new battle of the sexes brewing in professional tennis. it all started with a controversial remark sunday before the finals of a prestigious tournament in california. >> reporter: even before the top-ranked female players took to the court, a backhanded comment aimed at the women's tennis association. >> in my next life, i want to be someone in the wta because they
8:05 am
they don't make any decisions. they're lucky. they are very, very lucky. >> reporter: raymond moore, the former pro, now ceo of the california tournament that hosts both the men's and women's players. >> if i was a lady player, i'd go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and rafa nadal were born because they've carried the sport. they really have. >> reporter: fresh off the court, serena williams was quick to condemn moore's comments. >> i think those remarks are very much mistaken and very, very, very inaccurate. there's only one way to interpret that. get on your knees, and thank a man, which is not -- we as women have come a long way. >> reporter: outrage erupted on social media. bill gene king tweeting, he is
8:06 am
every player, especially the top success. >> reporter: moore said, i made comments about the wta that were erroneous. i'm truery ly sorry for those remarks. >> serena williams returned to that tournament last year. she boycotted after booed in 2001. it wasn't that she was only booed, she felt there was a racial tinge to the backlash at the time, when she played there. maybe it was spring fever, but something got an easter bunny all worked up at a new jersey mall on sunday. you may not see this ever again. video posted to twitter shows the bunny with white furry legs and ears off, apparently brawling with people standing near his holiday display. at one point, he takes off his paws and goes at it bare knuckles. mall security dragged the belligerent bunny away. 25 years i've been a journalist and never read about a
8:07 am
>> there's that holiday spirit. >> like people in costume in times square. >> that's a bad bunny. >> tamron, thank you. let's move on. when it comes to parenting, experts say over involvement in your teenager's life can be counterproductive. >> maybe not when it comes to driving. tom costello may be able to explain it for us. good morning. >> we've all heard about helicopter parenting and maybe it's over the top and maybe not helpful. but experts are saying when it comes to your kid behind the wheel, a little bit too much nagging, a little overly cautious may be the best approach for saving his or her life. >> reporter: teens behind the wheel. we've seen the frightening video. countless teens driven to distraction. the stats are alarming. >> if you're going to die prematurely at any time in your
8:08 am
between 16 and 17, and the reason is because of driving. >> reporter: when it comes to our own kids, studies say many parents may simply be too relaxed. either they trust their own kids too much, or they're tired of car pooling their children. yet, teen car pooling poses the greatest danger. according to aaa, if a 16 or 17-year-old driver has a passenger under 21 in the car, they're 44% more likely to be killed in a crash. having two passengers under 21 doubles the risk. quadruples with three or more young passengers. >> teens think they're invincible and not worried about the harm to themselves of getting in a car crash. >> reporter: it's something 16-year-old holly stoner has seen firsthand. >> i think most people, it's trying to look cool for their friends. there's no cops around. i'll go through this stop sign. nothing will happen. maybe it'll impress them.
8:09 am
including california where stoner lives, set passenger limits for new drivers. but ultimately, it's a parents' responsibility to keep their kids safe. >> let them know you care. the advantage of a contract with your teen, in which you stipulate the rules and the consequences for violating the rules, it is not that the child will obey them but that the parent will monitor the child. >> reporter: that means conversations about phone use, distractions and, of course, drinking and driving. >> this is a privilege. as a privilege, it can be taken away. >> cell phones in the glove compartment. and have that conversation, say the experts. nag the kids about making sure they adhere to the rules of the road. guys, i had an accident a week after i got my license. then i had another one two weeks later. the guy behind the camera here said the same thing happened to him. the producer i worked with last night said the same thing happened to her. it seems to be a common rite of passage. back to you guys. >> i bet we all have stories like that.
8:10 am
cell phone and lock it in the glove compartment but turn the notification dings off. when a teen is driving, if they hear the sound, they're inclined to look at it. >> to say nothing of the radio? >> when we were kids, it was a push button and that was it. now, there is a myriad of information right there for you. >> tom, as always, thank you. just ahead, the answers to a couple of burning questions. first, why do we close our eyes when we kiss? >> you don't. >> how would you know? >> you want to tune in for that. ben affleck's giant back tattoo. real or not? all will be revealed. jenna sits down with susan and her daughter for a candid conversation about hollywood, you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children all over the world.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
you ever wonder why people, when the kids they kiss, you close your eyes, it's because you're so close. >> or you'll go lock eyed. >> you have to see who you're kissing. >> you should probably know before you do that. >> enough about the '90s and carson's world. psychologists at the university of london think they have the answer. it's simple. the researchers say it's because our brains can't handle more than two things at once. as sophisticated as the human mind is, the study says it can't process both the sensation of kissing and the act of seeing. >> that's only two things. why couldn't you handle both? >> you can walk and chew gum at the same time. i'm just quoting the research. >> so strange. >> maybe those people kissing are doing something else, also. >> the scientists didn't actually study people kissing. instead, they used other tests to confirm our brains have trouble -- >> what did they use? >> that's a bogus study. >> come on, it was the university college of london. >> how bogus could it be?
8:15 am
anybody -- >> you don't tune into trending for our science, is that what you're saying? >> that's right. >> by the way, we were talking about this at the break, did you ever kiss someone and open your eyes and they're looking and open? >> exactly. recently, we've seen parents lose their cool at their children's sporting events. one little league posted a sign on a field. this is written as if it comes from the kids. it says, reminder, i'm a kid. it's just a game. my coach is a volunteer. the officials are humans. by the way, making almost nothing. and no college scholarships will be handed out today. in other words, relax. of course, it's not the only sign of its kind. in other leagues around the country, they've posted similar warnings. like, your kids aren't playing for the yankees. i've been at little league games and you look at parents going crazy and think, you have got to stop this. >> but it still goes on. >> absolutely. >> no question.
8:16 am
boys sports, girls sports, my nieces played soccer and you see it. imagine as a parent, that sign stops you in your tracks. >> the kids are watching this, too. it's crazy. >> have fun. >> i'll have a freak out at the sidelines here. what's the secret of happiness? many studies -- here are the studies again, al -- friendships make us happy. the more social interactions we have, the happier we are. new research confirms it's true for pretty much everyone except one group. care to guess? >> intelligent people. >> what? >> apparently, scientists say those with higher i.q.s are less satisfied the more friends they have. >> the smarter you are, the more antisocial you are? >> one of the theory ies is smart people would rather focus on long-term objective, like curing cancer or something, i guess. >> i don't trust it when people say, how many good friends do
8:17 am
i think you have two or three. >> i agree. >> people you'd really call in a time of trouble. >> not facebook friends. >> like friend friends. >> they're probably milestones in your life. someone you met in elementary school. maybe later in college. then a friend you met through maybe your parenting. didn't milestones. >> if you had a problem, you're embarrassed about, how many people are there you'd actually call? >> two. >> i have two. >> absolutely, two. >> one, i'm related to. >> my mom and maybe one other. let's move on to reese witherspoon, celebrating a big birthday in style. and what amy schumer just did that left the people on carson? >> thank you, matt. first to reese witherspoon. on tuesday, she turns 40 years old. reese started celebrating early, posing for photos with some of kate hudson. the best gift? a performance by taylor swift. reese took the stage, too.
8:18 am
sweet home alabama lord i'm coming home to you >> there's reese jamming, and yes, it's keith urban behind her on guitar. cool party. happy birthday to reese. ben affleck is promoting his new movie "batman versus superman." people ask him, is that massive back tattoo for real? the big phoenix caused an uproar online. after months of speculation, ben is telling "extra" the phoenix is fake. a temporary tattoo he got for a movie due out next year. sorry, ladies. amy schumer paying it forward and sharing some of her success with others. on saturday, amy and family and friends saw the broadway hit "hamilton" and posed for pictures. backstage with the cast. at the show, amy spent $77 at
8:19 am
look at the tip. $1,000. >> wow. >> dropping the benjamins at "hamilton." >> thank you. >> the bartenders thanked amy for making their night. >> i bet a lot of people go to the shows and don't tip at that refreshment stand. it's not fair. >> yeah. >> good for her. >> carson, thank you. mr. roker? >> let's check out what we have for you for our 8:00 hour. we're looking at some severe weather starting on wednesday from san antonio to des moines. but we have a stronger risk from springfield to tyler, texas. super cells with tornado threat, large hail, damaging wind. we'll be watching this. and there's also a winter component. heavy snow from nebraska up into michigan wednesday into thursday. as you look at the snowfall amounts, the american model, 12 inches or more from traverse city, u.p. of michigan to rochester rochester, minnesota. 4 to 6 inches into parts of
8:20 am
as you look at the european model, milwaukee gets into it with 12 inches or more. we'll see what happens with this. very, very interesting. still some winter left out there >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. now to a special series we're calling family business, where we catch up with famous faces and their kids. >> this morning, oscar winner
8:21 am
daughter, eva amurri martino. jenna has that story. >> from "dead man walking" to the challenging of parents, nothing was held from this mother-daughter duo. >> i felt they had empathy and a sense of dekren si cency and cared about people, they'd find their own path. i led my example and trusted they'd find things s s that spoke to them, that they could put their energy into. >> reporter: susan sarandon's known for acting with conviction. her daughter eva said her mother has been a constant in her life. >> my mom stands up for herself and others, and i think it's always been an important message. not only in our family but with me. >> what's one thing you can both agree on? >> bread. >> love bread. >> who doesn't like carbs?
8:22 am
front of us you want to take part in yourself. >> reporter: eva attended rallies next to her mother, and recently, watched susan campaign for bernie sanders. eva admits their parenting styles may be different. >> i was visiting the movie sets. it's almost being a part of the circus. there's something really fun and adventurous. i'm much more of a structured parent, i would say. >> reporter: inspiration for the 31-year-old to tackle everything, from being a mom to 18-month 18-month-old daughter marrow, to commentate or kyle martino. using candor on her blog, happily eva after. >> there's nothing about your life post or prebaby that you recognize. that's what inspired me to create a space that was about embracing all sides of yourself, do the same.
8:23 am
you forget to have fun. >> like a normal person. >> reporter: the duo appeared together in more than half a dozen tv shows and movies. >> you chose a career that incorporates being a mom. having your daughter be part of it. you guys have acted together, even recently. >> yes. >> have you given up on acting? >> i think what i just -- i moved forward from, was the struggle and hustle of it. i just wanted to be putting my energy into something that i felt was constructing something more positive in my life and for my daughter, especially. >> when you watch her as a mother, are you inspired by her? >> yeah. i think what she is doing is amazing. i'm very proud of her. she's really a funny kid. she's fierce. >> they have a silly relationship. marrow and honey. >> honey. >> honey is her grandma name. >> can you believe you're a grandmother? >> she's a honey.
8:24 am
i could stay with her forever. i have an overall view, so i can look and see something happens, even if i think it's a mistake, whatever is going on, i go, well, it'll work itself out. >> reporter: eva was quick to her mother's defense recently, when sarandon was criticized for her outfit at the screen guild awards. >> you two went out, and i thought you were super beautiful. you got a strange response, in my opinion. >> i know. >> did that surprise you? >> it did surprise me. my eldest son said, nobody would age. >> can i say, out of all of the tops under the tuxedo, that was the most covered up one. >> we voted on it. >> what's the most important lesson you learned from your mom? >> the importance of being kind to people, being there for watch. >> i love that.
8:25 am
this mother-daughter duo. it's interesting to see how mothering changes. eva grew up on movie sets, so she stepped away from acting to create this stable environment for her daughter. they're both terrific talents and it was fun to be with them. >> they seem tight. like sisters almost. >> they do. i think she was a single mother, a young mother. she was a little older of a mother, and then eva was the younger mother. it's interesting how we do some of the same things as our parents and step away, as well. >> continue the series. we should mention, tomorrow, country music legend hank williams jr. and his daughter holly following in the family business. >> love that. jenna, thank you. still ahead, our wedding couple is about to find out where they're headed on their honeymoon. as we get ready for thursday's big day.
8:26 am
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good morning everyone ... another school threat another teen in custody... but this time the threat was aimed at multiple schools... it was posted on facebook overnight... and prompted dozens of calls to police... he threatened every school in a 50 mile radius - including schools like walnut hills, dater high school, and aiken. the teen said people shouldn't come to school today - because he was going to be the new osama. the teen was taken into custody. right now, we don't know what charges he faces, yet. kyla woods has a news 5 traffic update. kyla? a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50.
8:29 am
highs should hit the low 60s.
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a monday. the sky has cleared, brilliant blue. temperatures coming up. we have a huge spring break crowd out on our plaza. we thank them for stopping by. by the way, we're down one here on the plaza. savannah is missing. that's because she is already upstairs with our big fat today wedding couple. the big day is thursday. this morning, they need your
8:31 am
honeymoon destination. >> what happened to the bachelor party. did we pick that? >> not yet. >> good. i have some ideas. >> coming up, must-make brunch recipe. a sausage and cheese, hashbrown, waffle stack that will feed an army. >> with bacon. >> god bless you. >> it's on the way. >> my stomach is rumbling from the sound of it, in anticipation. not in fear. happiness. meanwhile, the "voice" winner jordan smith is here to perform a new song. he's tearing up itunes and we hear him this morning. mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> let's find out what's going on as far as your weather is concerned for the week ahead. we have precipitation in the west coast. sunny skies in the east. windy in the midsection of the country. by the midweek, we have snow
8:32 am
midwest. sun sni ny skies along the coast. snow in the plains. it's going to be above average early part of the week out west. below average in the east. then we'll flip the switch. midweek, it's above average in the east, below out west. the latter part of the week, the warmth returns to the west, central rockies and central plains. a lot of folks from thea winter chill in the air on wind chills in the mid 20s. and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s.
8:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. let's head upstairs. something about the way you ve >> al, thanks. we're three days away from our big fat today wedding. you pick add lot of the details for kaitlin and john but we haven't discussed the honeymoon. >> reporter: honeymooners rejoice. this year, it's all about you. >> themed honeymoons are the newest trend. >> reporter: a foodie, head to the south of italy or spain. history buffs, istanbul or rome. from big sur to boston, there is a path less taken for everyone. road trips that embrace the spirit of adventure are more popular than ever. >> not everyone wants to lie by the pool for a week for their honeymoon. once in maui, get everyone to hang around. >> reporter: buddy moons that bring along families and friends, sleeping in houses instead of hotels, and
8:34 am
give back and give to others. >> it is the trip of a lifetime and you deserve for it to be custom made just for you. >> our big fat today wedding partner nia vardalos is with us again, along with our couple, kaitlin and john. the movie opens friday. >> yes. >> everyone wants to know one thing. is this a wedding? who is getting marry snd. >> it's called "my big fat greek wedding 2," so there is a wedding. >> i visited the set and it is the biggest secret. nobody would talk about it. >> don't give it away. you've gotten to know the couple a little bit. give them advice on marriage. >> for your wedding day, take a moment to take it in. three times, close your eyes and take a mental snapshot. it'll go by quickly. >> good advice. >> i like that. >>let get to the honeymoons. three places and you have no idea what they are.
8:35 am
first honeymoon is -- you can't hawaii. this is going to be beautiful. i'll tell you about this option. you'll be whisked off to the island for five days at the spectacular estate with a romantic lagoon and waterfall. you'll experience a fishing trip like no other, enjoy a feast. the next five days will be on a new island, maui. the tropical garden paradise, ocean views await you. you'll see why hawaii is one of the world's most popular honeymoon destinations. it's full of stuff. >> sweaters. >> gets chilly in the mornings. >> matt? >> i see your hawaii, and i raise you thailand. >> whoa. >> listen to this. you'll be flown to the sareen
8:36 am
island, where private white sand beaches and thrilling adventures await. ten days, you'll live like royalty in your ocean front estate. private pools, beaches, boating trips, kayaking, and a special kickboxing lesson. >> i like kick box boxing. >> i like that. >> for you, not him. >> honeymoon memories for a lifetime. >> i love it. >> nia? >> now the you're looking for a warmer vacation, i'm going to suggest, big prize, greece. >> yay! >> here's what you will do, is start on two islands. you've been arranged for snorkeling, wine tasting at a vineyard, cooking classes and more. you can soak up the sun in your villa's private pool. get it?
8:37 am
private pool. enjoy all of this plus the world-class beaches, restaurants and nightclubs that greece has to offer. >> amazing. >> i love your accent when you read it. it's fun. >> really? >> i can be like this. >> island of your dreams. >> now you're spewing the audience. >> all right. >> good options, right? >> oh, yeah. >> i don't think you can lose with this one. you getting excited? this is the week of your wedding. >> it is, yeah. we're excited. >> can you believe it, you're getting married! >> we're excited. parents fly in tomorrow. >> we know your handing ing you're handing over all the details to our viewers, but we should reveal a couple things. first of all, thing one, we're going to do something we've never tried before. to get you from road to reception in record time. hope you're feeling like you're
8:38 am
>> something else recan we can reveal, at the reception, you'll be dancing to andy grammer. along the way, you'll have guest appearances from one special big fat greek family, including nia. >> oh! >> now, our last vote. three amazing options from luxury retreat destinations around the world. did we mention, no matter which one wins, you get a 24/7 con guide. the wedding will be this thursday. you don't know the results, only the universe knows. of course, don't forget to check out "my big fat greek wedding 2" in theaters on friday. >> thank you. up next, we're serving a brunch recipe. it's perfect if you're having company over and they don't have
8:39 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. asheville.
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there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out. "today"'s food is brought to you by pillsbury. give it a pop. >> 8:40, back with brunch week on "today" food. these are must-make recipes that are ideal if you have company headed your way for the easter holiday. brandi malloy is from "eat the trend." nice to see you. >> good morning. >> this is a sausage and egg hashbrown waffle stack. >> yes. we are stacking these waffles. brunch is my favorite meal of the day. this will get you through monday and the entire week. >> you eat this and you'll spend the rest of the day on sunday saying, i can't move. >> sundays are meant for relaxing. let's start with the ingredient grid. eggs, maple syrup, sausage, spices, bacon, brown sugar,
8:42 am
the first thing is candy bacon. >> where did the bacon come up in the title? it's a secret addition. >> secret weapon. >> you take thick cut bacon. >> we're just going to get it in the brown sugar. what i love about this recipe, matt, is it's spicy, it's sweet, and it's savory. we're going to add some cracked black pepper to the top of the bacon. i'll put a couple slices here. putting it on a non-stick cooking tray that's been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. >> i want to see what these guys look like as they're digging into this thing. >> happy. >> so good. >> we'll get your opinion in a second. >> drizzle with maple syrup. if you want more heat, add cyan pepper. >> crispy. >> flip it halfway through. might not look crispy halfway through, but trust me, let it rest, set it aside and it'll get crispy.
8:43 am
>> this is the heart of the dish. this is the hashbrown waffle. it's hashbrowns, breakfast sausage, heavy cream and maple syrup. i'm going to have you add the spices. we have sage, thyme and garlic. mix it all up, get your hands dirty, get up in there. this is going to come together and create a potato waffle. i feel like hashbrowns never get enough attention. i love hashbrowns, and this combines all my favorite breakfast ingredients. >> butter that up. >> don't you love that sound? >> you need butter in a dish like this. >> i don't want it to stick. butter adds flavor. for my vegtarian s etarians, use sauteed veggies. >> didn't you lose the vegetarians at the candy bacon over here? >> i'm looking out for you guys. press it down. let it cook for 15 minutes. >> now a little more on how it tastes downstairs.
8:44 am
first of all -- >> there is sausage in the waffle. >> there's sausage in the waffle. >> it's beautiful and you could eat it piece by piece. really, all together bite is what you want. >> i'm not that impressed with this. will you marry me, brandi. >> i'm already engaged, al. >> shucks. >> aren't these great? >> this is why you stack it. then you add these beautiful, perfectly cooked fried eggs. the candy bacon which, by the way, you can make ahead of time. this is my favorite road trip snack. >> can i have a piece of that? >> help me garnish, too. you have to get work in. you have to work for the bacon. thyme. i think you can't have brunch without a champagne cocktail. this is a mango sorbet. this is what you should be eating for brunch. >> ground up sausage in here, also. >> is that what the secret is? >> oh, my gosh. so good. >> yum.
8:45 am
>> fantastic. >> that is the wildest brunch menu ever made here. congratulations. >> i go for wild. >> to find all this week's reschke s recipe recipes, head to and look at the brunch tab. up next, live performance from the winner of the "voice" last season, jordan smith.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. words won't bring us down 22-year-old kentucky native jordan smith amazed the coaches from the very start on the "voice" and went on to become the season nine winner. along the way, one of his performances even bumped adele's "hello" from the top of the itunes pop chart. now, he's out with his debut album called "something beautiful." good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> what has it been like?
8:48 am
you have a new record out. you're a kid from kentucky. >> it's been a whirlwind. such a crazy few months since the end of the show. it's been such a great reward too. >> happy with how the album turned out? >> i'm proud of it. i put myself into the album and all the songs and worked with amazing people on it. it's everything i wanted it to be. it's a dream come true. >> we love having you here. we'll let you sing, and i'll get out of the way. take it away. did i tell you i hear what you say never look back as you're walking away carry the music, the memories
8:49 am
laugh every day don't stop those tears from falling down this is who i am inside this is who i am, i'm not going to hide cause the greatest risk we'll ever take is by far to stand in the light and be seen as we are so stand in the light and be seen as we are with courage and kindness hold onto your faith you get what you give and it's never too late to reach for the branch and climb up, leaving sadness behind you
8:50 am
we can never give enough this is who i am inside this is who i am, i'm not going to hide cause the greatest risk we'll ever take is by far to stand in the light and be seen as we are so stand in the light and be seen as we are riding the storms that come raging towards us, we dive holding our breath as we break through the surface with arms open wide
8:51 am
this is who i am inside gonna hide cause the greatest risk we'll ever take is by far to stand in the light and be seen as we are so stand in the light and be seen as we are cause the greatest risk we'll ever take is by far to stand in the light and be seen as we are so stand in the light and be seen as we are so stand in the light and be seen as we are [ applause ]
8:52 am
called "something beautiful." he'll be back in a little bit with a performance. there's his biggest fan, carson daly. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
we're back at 8:53. can we take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of the "today" family? say hi to baby clark. william clark stackhouse, the
8:54 am
president of pr, megan, and her husband brit. this picture coming out isn't this great? >> yes. >> such a perfect face. >> perfect. >> no wrinkles or anything. >> nothing. >> congratulations. >> such an adorable boy. now. >> and brit. baby, too. >> congratulations. hard to top that, but al, you have milestone birthdays. >> we do. as always, we want to introduce you to amazing folks. here we go. first of all, happy 100th birthday to washington terry, a lifelong cowboy from texas. enjoys taking care of the horses and cows on his farm, even today. ms. bessie grad is from massachusetts, big red sox fan. 100 years old. and she face times with her grandkids. i love it. happy 100th birthday to robert frazer of nashville, tennessee. worked until 82 years old.
8:55 am
look at this sweet lady. feaster of virginia, 101. still volunteers every week at the local food bank. tobe of kansas. ask him any question about his hometown, he's mr. trivia about there. he'll be able to answer it, worked as a local tour guide and historian there most of his life. 75th anniversary to paul and virginia montgomery of lake worth, florida. couple says the secret to a long marriage is having a strong commitment to one another and keeping your eyes open when you kiss. if you know someone turning 100 or celebrating an anniversary of 75 years or more, we'd like to hear about them. log on to, and please make sure you send a photo, as well. >> al, thanks. just a reminder for you, voting is now open for our big fat today wedding honeymoon. choices again, amazing villas in
8:56 am
from luxury retreats.
8:57 am
you have until 5:00 you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. xavier's tournament run is over ...after a heartbreaking loss to wisconsin... looked like the game was heading for overtime...but
8:58 am
make something happen... and that was it... the miracle shot ...sending wisconsin to the sweet 16... it ended 66-to-63 .. kyla woods has a news 5 traffic update. kyla? a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but
8:59 am
rain and some storms possible on thursday. your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart,
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happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. this morning on "today's take," greg polar e er poehler gets caught up in a love triangle in "you, me and her." jordan smith blew up season nine of the "voice." and we'll get you ready for spring. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
9:01 am
2016. dylan. natalie and willie are off. my morning jam, try everything by shakira. >> "try everything." >> it's from zootopia. >> was it good? >> talks about racial stereotyping. >> it was as much for parents as kids. perfect combo in animation. >> watch it on two levels. >> it is so good. given that they had to have this in the pipeline at least three years ago, i will say, one of the villains happens to be a separate people. >> that's the premise of it. you do a great -- al did an impersonation of idris elba, who is one of the characters. >> he plays the police chief, a water buffalo.
9:02 am
hops, the first bunny police cartoon. we all go dancing and singing and all of our songs and end. it's not like that. >> did you see the idris elba? you had to take yourself back because of all that handsomeness seeping through there. >> i haven't seen it yet, so i'll assume it was spot on. >> i doubt it. but it was great. >> what else is happening? >> twitter's 10th anniversary. this is the actual day. hoda and kathie lee are going to be live tweeting during the take. >> they're doing it now. the first tweet is so nice from hoda. is someone talking? >> the question is, has someone been drinking? kathie lee, what is going on over there? >> this is really great. >> they're going to shut us down. >> let's see what this is. >> can't hear them and they're ten feet away. i've heard of blind drunk, but
9:03 am
>> they're tweeting on their own. there are no assistants doing this. >> no filters. >> jack dorsey sent the first tweet in 2006, just sitting up my twitter. most retweeted was ellen degeneres's oscar selfie. >> did he leave the "i" out or -- >> he was afraid of getting to the 140 characters there. >> the most followed celebrity on twitter is katy perry, over 84 million followers. >> 84 million. >> what else do we have? have are the ladies saying now? them out. >> read them, they're hot. >> well planned out -- >> they actually get paid for this.
9:04 am
>> yes, kathie lee, we are blessed. >> kyle is helping with the it problem problems. >> having trouble with the twitter app? >> no, why? >> you said -- because tamron had problems with hers. mine was locking up. >> i thought it was because of the tenth anniversary. >> we don't care about your problems. please, people. >> we're going out of our way to be nice to these two, and they're resistant to it. >> last night, i took the kids, we went to the premiere of "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" at radio city. spectacular. it's worth it. >> out of five. >> it's a six. by the way, all the ben affleck haters out there are going to be shut down. >> because you say, without giving anything away -- >> he is a terrific batman but also an excellent bruce wayne. people forget about that part of the character.
9:05 am
storyline, without spoiling anything. >> it starts 18 months ago, at the end of batman -- the superman movie, when metropolis is destroyed by the fight with zogg and superman. batman lost friends and vowed to take superman down. he feels this alien has all this power. >> diane lane, years later, i watched -- >> goes on to play martha kent. >> do you need to see "hollywood land" before this? >> nothing to do with this. >> it was about george reeves. >> movie that was on tv the other day. >> al is a man-boy, and we love that. >> i'm a fan boy. i love this. >> we like our man-boys. >> that's your lane.
9:06 am
because it's called "dawn of justice" -- they're setting up the justice league of america, d.c. before the avengers were "justice league of america." >> we're sending out words. >> basically, tweeting a lot about march madness. >> you ladies can tweet march madness because it's taken over our hearts. if you watched twitter traffic over the weekend, you were definitely in the game. first up, highlights, wisconsin and xavier. tied at 63. >> you just said i'm supposed to be a man. i'm wearing pjs under my pants. actually, i am. i have batman pajamas on. superman tops. you'd show us. >> no, i'm not. you don't want to see where the bat signal is.
9:07 am
>> what'd he say, now i'm interested. >> ladies, if you tweet that, you must put quotes around it, to make sure the audience knows it was al roker. >> i'll let you do it. >> well-made plans. back to sports though. wisconsin and xavier tied at 63. wisconsin with one shot left. here's your moment. >> for the sweet 16. rises up, and it's good! it's good! wisconsin has won it! >> wisconsin won, 66-63. when something like that happens, even if it's not your team and you're watching, your reaction is great. another one, notre dame versus steven f. austin. scores the winning basket with 1.5 seconds left. notre dame tries one last shot, and it does not come up. here we go. steven f. austin was the cinderella team and people
9:08 am
this out. i watch either e spn or nothing because i haven't done a great job at this. i'm reading the sports hoda and kathie lee style, like this is the first time i'm seeing it. northern iowa versus texas, tied at 72. here's the moment. >> okay. >> time-out in this situation. jefferson, half court. >> yesterday, northern iowa lost to texas a&m. double overtime. there's your march madness moment, hoda and kathie lee style, as if i've never seen it before. >> oregon is still in it. i have them going all the way. >> mighty ducks. >> there's a sweet. >> how about some wine. >> did you guys, if you weren't watching basketball or if you ask my husband, he had the tv on basketball and the computer on the eagle cam. have you seen the d.c. eagle cam? i have been obsessed with it.
9:09 am
today," it was like, dylan, enough with the eagle cam. >> this is live right now. >> live camera. she's sitting on two baby eaglets right now. the first was born on friday, and the second hatched yesterday morning. i missed the hatching, but look at them. >> the eagle has landed. >> now it's like watching a soap oprah. the first eaglet is a day and a half older than the second eaglet. now you want to see if, you know, there's going to be some sibling rivalry, maybe. are they both getting the same amount of fish? the dad flies in live fish every couple hours. the mom gets up and feeds it. >> great for everybody but the fish. >> right. didn't work out for the fish. >> fish aren't doing good in this drama. >> circle of life. >> okay, simba. >> you have to feed your kids, man. >> thank you, nala. >> do they have names? >> not yet. d.c. eagle name or #eagle name. i forget.
9:10 am
>> the first lady and mr. president. sasha maybe. cherry and blossom. >> barbara and jenna. >> okay, we'll see. >> throwback there. >> we have a tweet coming in. i can tell that @tamron hall could care less. she's just phoning it in, as usual. >> brutal. >> this is like being at a bad comedy club. what's wrong with y'all? >> we're observing. it's like we're just viewers. >> this is great. >> you're heckling us. >> people used to think on your show that you let it all hang out. no, you're nice on your show. >> we're pretending like we're watching tv, which we are. >> have you ever watched the muppets, the two angry guys? >> that's us. >> we are. >> please, continue. go back and bore us. good-bye. >> thanks.
9:11 am
>> it's in honor of batman and superman. >> actually, i don't. >> no capes. >> that was cruel. >> it was from mr. incredible. anyway, the storm is out, moving away. boston, you'll be done with this by noon. there could be a few travel troubles but no big problems. only snow left over. we're talking eastern maine, we'll see heavier snow. that's what's going on around the a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s.
9:12 am
>> what's the matter? >> i got a tweet. thank you to one of our viewers. i said xavier, and it's xavier. i said before the show, guys, it's xavier. i'm sorry. >> one of the viewers said they're watching "today's take" in batman pajamas. all right. >> hoda and kathie lee, you're burning up my twitter feed. >> you're welcome. dylan, it's time to confess about the dress. where did you get it? >> rainbow threw up on me. up next, we're kicking offspring with everything to get you ready for the next few months, including floral
9:13 am
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it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure of new dove fruit and nut. winter is about done, but make no doubt about this, spring is here. celebrating, we want to give you ifrg everything you need. we'll start with katie, our tech expert. >> we have limited time and i'll get you through awesome, new spring gadgets. >> i've been seeing ads for this. >> this is hot in terms of technology. it's ring, a smart doorbell. any time someone approaches your door, it can send an alert to
9:16 am
works on idroid and ios. you can see who is at your door. >> what is this? >> this is a tovala smart oven. you order -- this is a sneak peek -- any different an tray entrees made by chefs, no preservatives. they'll send you what you've chosen each week. you can scan the lid on the oven, put the dish inside and it'll cook to the perfect temperature. >> amazing. we'll be getting to the period of time where fresh berries are out there. >> this is one of the gadgets you're like, why didn't i think about it? this is from uncommon goods. $46, handmade in pennsylvania. of course, as you can see, it drains the water right out of the dish. >> i love it, next? >> this is cool. this is actually a flip-it selfie face. 4-in-1. kick stand, selfie case, and remote control. awesome technology on kick
9:17 am
>> the promise of clueless has arrived, the computerized wardrobe. >> this is one of the top apps now on the apple app store. called style book. $3.99. organize your closet, categorize it day to day. you can see what you wear and also integrate with clothes you already have. >> thanks so much. time for spring entertainment with the deputy editor at "entertainment weekly." a lot of movies are coming out. al has been talking about "batman versus superman." >> we'll see ben affleck in the bat suit which everybody has been dying to see. of course, henry cavill is superman. if batman and superman got in a fight, who would win? >> hopefully, we'll find that out. >> i think so. >> for families, "jungle book" has a reboot. >> it's getting a makeover. it's not going to be the animate
9:18 am
a newcomer is playing ing ing ing ing mogley. it should be charming and fun. bill murray and scarlett johansson. >> in over a month, we have "captain america" coming out. >> he's the most beloved of the avengers. the last movie they did around him, " it was massive, and this is a continuation. >> the lumineers are coming out with their first album in four years. >> it feels like the last came out yesterday, right? i was humming it this morning. they're finally back with a new album called "cleopatra." it has the folk rock sound, and they'll have a tour to support it. >> we're excited. thank you. let's get the low down on spring health from dr. natalie azar. good to see you.
9:19 am
and a lot of people concerned about zika in the usa. this is an evolving story, which we want to point out, and you've said. >> yeah, look, nobody knows for certain all things regarding zika. on a regular basis, thomas, the head of the cdc, expressed concern. there have been a few times we felt strongly about certain things, like the likelihood of sexual transmission is low, and now we're finding out it is, in fact, plausible that can happen. that's one example. >> let's talk about protection. what should we do, as far as mosquito repellent, is that it? >> it's important. enough. deet has been studied the most. been around for decades. according to the cdc, and because they've done peer reviewed analysis, epa stuff, deet is the one to go to.
9:20 am
safe in pregnancy. >> there is low-risk and high-risk arias. >> the high-risks cities will be obvious. the southeast. we're talking about georgia, areas in florida, also texas, southeast. moderate areas also will inch up towards new york city and philadelphia. washington, d.c. the lowest risk areas are places that are high and dry altitudes. denver, albuquerque and places like that. >> we can be concerned but not go into hysteria and keep abreast of the latest information. >> absolutely. >> thank you, dr. natalie azar. appreciate it. for more information on repellents andtips, go to today pont .com. coming up, fun spring cleaning trivia. we associat mmm... i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale.
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and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. it's that time of year for spring cleaning. let's play a game called keeping it clean. >> we have a lightning round. multiple choice. which one of these items cannot be cleaned in your dishwasher, hair brushes and combs -- >> remote control.
9:24 am
it does build up tons of disgusting stuff. >> he was just fast. >> he read it. >> next! >> best to clean windows on, a, a cloudy day -- >> sunny day. >> cloudy day. >> yes. >> really? streak. it'll dry. exactly right. you guys are good. three, what can you put on shower doors to prevent buildup? >> b, white vinegar. i don't know. >> lemon oil. >> yes. lemon oil. far off. you can use rain ex, a car product. >> do i get half a point? >> what percentage of dirt enters your home through the front door? >> 75%. >> 85% is correct.
9:25 am
take shoes off, backpacks off, everything. >> that's all the time we have. thank you so much. coming up, greg poehler after your local news and weather. with me, what you see is what you get. and i expect the same from my mascara. now, revlon introduces a new collection of mascaras that makes getting the lash look you want easy. so whether you choose ultra volume, super length, volume and length magnified, dramatic definition, or the ultimate all-in-one... the choice is yours. choose love a revolution in mascara. revlon. love is on. like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power
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9:27 am
police chase that ended with a driver crashing into a pole ... is still causing problems this morning. the scene is long sharon road... in glendale.
9:28 am
area of reading and hauck when the car took off. investigators say the car jumped some railroad tracks... hit a pole and a gas light. two people have minor injuries. a stretch of sharon is still closed because of downed wires. new details this morning...on a deadly crash...on 275...near the combs-hehl bridge ... a 41-year-old man was killed...when he was rear-ended by another driver... police have not charged that driver... but we are told... excessive speed and "impairment" contributed to the crash... this accident not far from where a car went over the bridge less than a week ago. this week recovery efforts will pick back up after being suspected due to safety concerns. campbell county police believe they know the identity of the driver. a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s.
9:29 am
9:30 am
history today in havana with president raul castro. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president visited cuba in almost 90 years. president obama is working toward a new relationship between the former cold war enemies. on the agenda today, lifting the u.s. trade embargo and cuba's human rights record. tuesday, president obama will people. general mills says it's going to start labeling products that contain genetically
9:31 am
that's under a new vermont law that takes effect in july. the company says it would be impracticable and expensive to do it just for one state, so it'll be nationwide. you'll see the changes over the next few weeks. all eyes on apple today as the tech giant holds its annual spring product event. apple is expected to unveil a new version of the smallest iphone, the 5s, with a faster chip, better camera and the ability to use apple pay. it may show off an updated ipad and new band for the apple watch. amazon is warning kindle users, if your tablet is gathering dust, time for an update. owners who haven't updated the kindle will lose their internet connection tomorrow. you won't be able to go online and download books anymore. if you use your kindle on a regular basis or have one after 2012, you're okay. as the devices update automatically via wi-fi. disney's "zootopia" is doing
9:32 am
took in another $38 million this weekend. "allegiant," opened in second place. "miracles from heaven" was third. let's get a check from al with hey, buddy. >> thanks so much, tamron. looking at the week ahead, snow ends here in the northeast. we have beautiful weather in between. windy conditions out west. looking at rain. northwest. wintry weather from the u.p. of rockies. rain in northern new england. the latter part of the week, it's going to be a wet mess with severe weather along the eastern seaboard. look for snowy conditions through the plains.wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s. rain and some storms possible on
9:33 am
>> that is your latest weather. come on in, tamron. >> good to see you again. thanks for coming by again. sorry. we have a second floor studio. >> you might recognize greg poehler as the man who followed his wife across the world to "welcome to sweden." >> now in "you, me and her," he tries to fix marital problems by seeing an escort. >> show me what you've got. >> um, okay. >> i mean, come on. >> okay, okay. >> that's my move. >> good morning, greg.
9:34 am
>> tell us about jack a little bit. >> jack, yeah, he's in a rut. he's in a marriage that is to loving marriage but going through a little bit of a lull. he decides to hire an escort. >> this goes okay? >> it goes okay, and then kind of unlocks a secret door to his wife's past that she has a lesbian past he didn't know about. she also gets involved with the escort. then it turns into an actual three-person relationship. >> wow. this is literally a family show. >> yeah. the trend is getting a lot of attention. did you know that? i did not. >> i didn't know going in. now that i'm in a show like that, everybody is coming up to me that's in one. >> they tell you? >> all the time. it is a thing. about it? >> i think that's obvious. >> it can't just be that. >> i think it's an interesting dynamic. the show is really a romantic comedy that involves three
9:35 am
i think it starts from the premise of, if you do have three consenting adults who want to be in a relationship, why can't that happen, really. that's really what the show is about. can it work? there is a three-person dynamic, always a little odd. literally, odd. >> literally. pretty obvious. >> there's one person left out at all times. >> so in this show, there's a lot of intimate scenes. were you -- did you know that going in? >> yeah, i had to sign a nudity contract. >> what were you thinking when you signed? >> i wasn't thinking much. i just put my name on it. apparently, the women on the show itemized and said what they weren't going to do. >> you just said yes? >> i didn't know that was an option. i could be naked in every scene. it's a lot of male nudity. at all. writer.
9:36 am
>> there was the possibility. does that make you go to the gym and get ready? >> in my case, no. i think other people might have done that, yes. i was going for the realistic, dad bod. >> so you're the lead of the show. >> you can say that. hearing. >> that's what he's banking on. >> only thing worse than shooting nude scenes is shooting them and having them get cut. >> yeah. >> you see the final result and people are like, you know what? nobody needs to see that. we can't even cgi this. nothing -- >> nothing about this works. >> the audience doesn't need to see this, yeah. >> i just saw your face on a billboard in times square. you're kind of all over the place now. are you used to this? do you like this? >> it's easy to get used to a giant version of your face in times square. >> as long as that's all it is. >> oh, boy.
9:37 am
"you, me and her" premieres tomorrow. well. >> tomorrow on at&t's audience network, available on directv and uverse. ahead, planning an easter brunch? >> that's a transition. >> bring it back to the family show. we have the perfect dish, right after this. >> i love that greg is blushing. covering is caring because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand
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putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. this morning on today's food, we have brunch dishes. we have the executive chef and owner of spoon and stable in minneapolis. might have seen him in the "new york times" recents ly.
9:42 am
similar to what he'll be making at the festival next week. >> we're supposed to get three wednesday. to get to california will be good. >> pebble beach will be all right. >> yeah. >> so what do we need to make this? >> we'll do something like this at pebble beach food and wine. we'll make it easier here. kimchi is flavorful. >> you can buy it anywhere. >> this is store bought, that's the beauty of it. i'll put kimchi in the bag. little lemon juice and lemon vest. add that there. a little bit of salt and pepper. put some olive oil, pepper in there. do your thing. >> okay. >> let it marinade. >> how long? >> i would do it about an hour. the kimchi is the start there. we can start to grill that slowly. it's about a minute on each side. you want to start to get it pink. minute, minute and a half, maximum.
9:43 am
>> i would. >> cool. >> put it on there, absolutely. we'll make a vinegar et aigrette here. this is the dressing, yogurt, olive oil, lime juice, lemon juice. cyan pepper. again, this is something you can make the night before and let it sit. >> probably better that way. >> it would be, actually. you can change it up. there are so many different spices that you can use for this. this is not -- the kimchi itself is not spicy and the cyan is definitely not spicy. it won't do too much to you. then we have a lemon vinaigrette here. because we have the lemon leftover, it's simple. lemon juice and olive oil. mix it around like that. minute on each side for the shrimp. you want to get a good grill on it. one of the things we're doing in pebble beach with mentor, the organization, doing two major dinners out there to help
9:44 am
will be a lot of fun, too. >> plate this up? >> bib lettuce, little bit of the yogurt, put it as the base. >> nice. >> some of the grilled shrimp. >> shrimp is delicious. >> oh, my gosh, so good. >> probably roll it all up into one big lettuce taco. >> that's the beauty of having the bib lettuce. you want to be able to roll it up. >> not only is he a terrific chef but also a great teacher and mentor. personal note, he mentored my daughter. first full-time job. >> loved having her. >> you were terrific. >> thank you. >> she was heartbroken when you left. but for good reason. to start spoon and stable. >> right. appreciate that. >> good to see you. >> go to and click on the brunch tab for the recipe. up next, he won over the judges and audience with his powerful vocals on the "voice." now jordan smith is out with his
9:45 am
we'll catch up with the rising star after these messa to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
jordan smith won over the judges and the world as the winner of the last "voice" last season. now, we get to hear him again with the release of his debut solo album, "something beautiful." minute. first, a look back at his fantastic rise to stardom. >> reporter: kentucky native jordan smith shocked judges with his performance of "chandelier" during the blind auditions on this past season of the "voice." >> i think you're the most important person that's been on the show. >> reporter: after joining team am, he was the first artist of the season to hit number one on the itunes pop charts with his rendition of "great is thy faithful faithfulness," dethroning
9:50 am
twice but three times with his performance of "somebody to love" and "mary did you know." did you know >> reporter: jordan became the first artist to simultaneous held the top two spots on billboard's hot christian song lists. jordan took home the title on the season finale, performing alongside usher. >> jordan smith! >> reporter: now debuting his solo album "something beautiful," jordan smith is ready to take the world by storm. >> jordan is here with us. good morning. when i heard you sing "mary did you know," i fell in love with you. it was absolutely magical. a kid from kentucky taking over the world. what has been the biggest change if your life? >> yeah, it's just all been such a whirlwind. with the show and since the show, it's been incredible.
9:51 am
gotten to work with have been such an honor -- it's been an honor and surprise for me. i consistently am running into amazing people and meeting new people every day by getting to work with an awesome team. it's been a wonderful thing. >> talk about perseverance. coming out for you. i mean, you got rejected the first time on the "voice." you come back a second time and look at you now. >> yeah. >> did you think it would happen the second time? >> it's honestly so crazy to look back and see the progression of the journey for me. i never imagined, after i was rejected the first time, i would go back and be on the show, let alone win it, and be at this point. i just released my first album as winner of the "voice." it's incredible and super surreal. i pinch myself every day. >> tell us about the release of the new album "something beautiful." what has that been like, when you're in stores or itunes. >> yeah. >> this is yours. >> that's one of the craziest parts of the experience. to see the physical copy of the
9:52 am
i got to be in my hometown for the release. i met people at walmart, hung out with family and friends and my people in kentucky. it was crazy to see so many of those people with my album, something i worked so hard on in their hands. it's incredible. >> on a personal life front, i hear you were a contestant for our wedding, because you're engaged? >> on january 1st. right after the show was over. >> lucky lady. >> kristin. and she's back home in kentucky. she's a speech therapist. i went to boston and sang at the nhl winter classic in january, and we got engaged in boston that weekend. >> if you want the wedding friday, we're already having one here. you can wrap it up. >> yeah, yeah, we'll get it done. >> how is she taking in all your newfound fame? >> she's been so great. it was wonderful that i had her through this journey. we've experienced all of this together. she's been such a grounding, you
9:53 am
she's kept me grounded and been a foundation for me. we're excited. we're so excited. >> how do you pick a wedding singer when you sound like you sound? >> i'm not sure if i'll sing at the wedding. >> you want to enjoy it. >> yeah. >> you're sticking around. do not miss his live performance of "over the rainbow" with kathie lee and hoda in theady for tears, tissues. it'll be amazing. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
the twitter battle took a nasty turn. >> uh-huh. >> no, it did not. >> it was all in fun. >> let's not yell at the weirdos in the bleachers. it was all in fun. >> what bleachers? >> the hecklers. >> what do you have coming up? >> we have nia vardalos. we love her. the beam family, the family that lived that "miracles from
9:56 am
and the first of my trip to israel. >> this is going to be big. it's going to be epic. >> epic.
9:57 am
>> how many more the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who surrounded and supported by others-by us- u.s. bank -- the
9:58 am
we're coming up on 10 o'clock.. sunny, but chilly. sunglasses and a heavy coat on this first full day of spring. meteorologist randi rico is in with a look at conditions right now. a winter chill in the air on this spring morning. wind chills in the mid 20s. plan on sunshine this afternoon and a high near 50. tomorrow will be windy but warmer. highs should hit the low 60s.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefelleplaza. hello, everybody! it's funday monday, march 21st. may not feel like it outside but spring actually arrived yesterday. >> we are dressing early. when it's spring, warm out we're going to be dressing --


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