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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 30, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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when she became ill. one of our aunts, ernestine parker learned of her death watching a news report. >> i'm glad i found out about it. being blind for a while. so i don't know, it's just -- it's terrible. no matter how much you -- i know she loved her kids. >> reporter: state health officials say her death underscores the need for children to receive the h1n1 vaccine when it becomes available. >> this particular child was -- became ill and at this point we know of no other apparent condition that affected her. >> reporter: city leaders are offering their condolences to the family. >> the young lady from montebello did pass away. our prayers with her family during these really trying times. >> reporter: the city's health department sent workers to meet with parents at the school earlier this week and learned other children may have
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contracted the virus. >> we spoke with some parents who had children that were sick. i instructed one woman who had a sick child to take him home. >> reporter: the shipment is due next week but that provides little consolation to destinee parker's family. >> they say this is about the ninth person that died. another couple lost their daughter, she was 14. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> just days after being denied tam flue a -- tamiflu a young girl in texas died from what appeared to be the flu. her parents say it started as a fever. it was confirmed she had the flu, maybe the swine flu, but doctors sent her home without tamiflu since the cdc advises not to give it to normally healthy fever. chloe osbourn got worse. she was told to be watched. by sunday she was in the hospital and died a short time
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later. >> i was scared for them to put her to sleep. i was afraid -- ( indiscernible ) ---- and she didn't. they just kept telling me it would get better but it didn't. and i wish now that i might have listened to my instincts a little bit better. >> reporter: some doctors say there are red flags parents should look for like high fever, difficulty breathing and not being alert. those red flags mean you should get to the hospital no matter what anyone says. the state of maryland announced today they can begin ordering the vaccine for the h1n1 flu. there are five target populations to receive the vaccine right away. pregnant women, children from six months up to young adults, 24 years of age and others include health care workers, people who live or work with children under six months of age and adults between 25 and
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64 with pre-existing conditions. state officials say 2.9 million marylanders fall into that target population. on abc2 we've posted a link to the center for disease control swine flu web site. on that site you can find everything from vaccine recommendations to everyday actions that you can take to stay clear of the virus. you can find this under the links mentioned on air section of our web site. some scary moments for students and teachers at corcoran middle school in glen burnie this morning. they had to be evacuated around 8:00 because of a type of chemical odor that filled the school. some kids complained of headache and nausea. turns out a worker was repairing the roof and the chemical got into the ventilation system. crews ventilated the school, kids were eventually let back in. new state laws take effect tomorrow that affect everyone who drives in maryland. terry owens is here to explain. >> it was one of the hottest issues of the last general assembly session and now the
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ban on texting while driving is set to take effect. under the new law motorists in maryland can no longer send text messages while behind the wheel. the law is said to fix the problem of distracted problems. you will face fines of up to $500. you will be allowed to continue reading text messages. and tomorrow, new laws aimed at teen drivers. starting tomorrow you have to be 16 years and 6 months to get a provisional license. the mva can also begin suspending licenses of drivers under 18 found guilty of an alcohol-related violation. car crashes remain the leading cause of death among teens. terry owens, abc2 news. >> thank you. back to the texting. we want your two cents on this topic. it will be illegal to text while driving but you will be allowed to receive and read a
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text. do you think police will be able to enforce this new law? weigh in on our on-line poll. there's always room for your answer on it's a dangerous job for those who work construction on maryland roads and highways. the state is taking action to make sure highway workers are safe. maryland's new safe zones program uses new technology to make sure drivers pay attention and obey speed limit. large warning signs will be posted on highways and there will also be enforcement vehicles in construction work zones throughout the state. >> there are oftentimes having to work right on the roadway, moving construction, moving vehicles, whether they are putting out cones or picking up cones. they are working within inches of motorists passing by. >> drivers caught speeding will be fined at least $40. two bridges that drivers use to cross the susquehanna river are not in great shape but safe according to the maryland transportation authority. the agency says the i-95 and
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route 40 bridges have deterioration on the pier foundations but they say that deterioration poses no immediate danger. $53 million in repairs will be done on those bridges. a $3.5 billion budget plan also includes projects for long overdue bridge upkeep. new at 5:00 -- baltimore county police say a rosedale man and woman who were threatened with being evicted have been charged with killing their landlord. police are charging michael dimitay and erin steffi with first degree murder. a relative of david weeks found him dead friday on his home in hilldale road. he was to be in court friday on an evaix notice against the two -- eviction notice against the two suspects. a man accused of dousing his grandmother with alcohol and setting her on fire in march is now charged with first degree murder. police say tyron mason attacked 85-year-old ethel henderson in west baltimore because she
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refused to give him money. she died in june at hopkins bayview. the charge against mason went from attempted murder to murder. a u.s. navy midshipman pleaded guilty to drug charges. authorities say juan d. alonso was detained in june by u.s. customs and border protection after trying to smuggle 150 pounds of marijuana in a rented car near san diego. the 24-year-old also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary, armed robbery and weapons charges. alonso was sentenced to nine years and 10 months in a military prison. baltimore city mayor sheila dixon may have to go through two separate trials. the mayor faces theft charges for allegedly stealing gift cards from needy families and she'll go on trial for those charges in six weeks, but her lawyers wanted to delay the trial on perjury charges. in that indictment dixon is accused of lying about gifts from her former boyfriend real estate developer ronald lipscomb. her attorneys are trying to have those charges thrown out.
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another cool day today here in the baltimore area. if you remember yesterday i told you there was a chance we could see light sprinkles. we've seen them on and off throughout the day. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, it's indicating scattered showers that passed through the dc area, southern portions of anne arundel county, down into st. mary's and charles county, now on their way to the eastern shore. there's still a chance to see a light sprinkle through the evening but here's the forecast for the next couple of hours -- look for partly cloudy skies, a few sprinkles are around. you just saw them on the radar. temperature will hold around 60 for the next couple of hours but another cool start tomorrow morning. then some warmer air works its way in. we'll tell you about it coming up. governor martin o'malley recognized a maryland business for its greening efforts to help save the environment. today the governor toured baltimore's coca-cola bottling facility. the company uses -- the company recycles, uses water and energy conservation practices. coca-cola is one of the first companies to be part of the
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maryland green registry. it helps companies and organizations find the best ways to reduce waste, energy and water conservation and green building design. speaking of the color of buildings, today baltimore teamed up with susan g. komen for the cure to raise awareness about breast cancer. tonight city hall will have a pink glow. maryland is rank fifth in the nation for breast cancer death rates this. year alone it's estimated 810 maryland women will die from breast cancer. in the fight fewer women are dying from breast cancer in the u.s. but the despairities in death rates still exist between whites and blacks. according to the merch cancer society breast cancer deaths dropped but african-american women still have a higher risk of death than white women. overall the american cancer society says the number of breast cancer deaths has dropped because of improved treatments and increased
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mammography screening rates. of course abc2 is a very proud sponsor of the susan g. komen race for the cure. economic out -- check out and our "think pink" page for details on the race, how the city and state is supporting breast cancer awareness and most importantly, how you can help out. the tsunami in the south africa hits home for -- the tsunami in the south pacific hits home for a ravens player. more on the storms. and one ravens players tos teajts to reach his family -- attempts to reach his family. and treatments a woman combined with chemotherapy to beat breast cancer. it's time to start thinking of the christmas list. how wal-mart is helping you put presents under the tree for just $10. the temperatures from harford glen environmental education center, 64 degrees. (announcer) sleep can help lighten your mood...
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rescue and recovery efforts are increasing in the pacific after two natural disasters hit that part of the world yesterday. samoa and american samoa were hit with the devastating tsunami that killed at least 100 people. and in indonesia thousands may be dead after an earthquake leveled hundreds of buildings. abc's carla wohl has the latest. >> reporter: it looks, said one resident, like a bomb went off. debris everywhere in samoa and american samoa. >> imagine the sheer force of that. >> reporter: cars and boats tossed like toys, buildings leveled. >> if you have a building not made outs of concrete bricks it doesn't exist anymore. i'm not saying it's damaged, i'm saying it's not there. >> reporter: at dawn tuesday an 8.3 magnitude earthquake sent a massive tsunami with waves up to 20 feet high into
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the island. the water rushing a myelinland. more than 100 people were killed. many swept out to sea. >> she lost her kids. she got on a tree branch. >> reporter: in california, members of the samoan community gathered for a special prayer service. many are still waiting for news of their relatives. >> it's very difficult. to think about. >> reporter: military planes loaded with supplies are on their way to the island. the president has declared it a major disaster. >> my deepest sympathies are with the families who've lost loved ones. >> reporter: another powerful earthquake shook indonesia, hundreds of buildings collapsed. officials say many are trapped in the rubble and more than 100 people have been killed. the earthquake struck within 4 hours of -- 24 hours of each other but experts say there's no link between the two.
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carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. >> one of the baltimore ravens players is directly affected by the tsunami. he's extended family in samoa, so far no one has been able to get in contact with them. >> i'm definitely scared for them. you just don't know what's going on. i'm way out here. kind of have no communication with any of them, really. hopefully i can hear some good news later on today and see how it goes. >> he says his aunts and cousins on his father's side are the ones still living in samoa. it was cool today but a kind of a nice fall day. >> it didn't get as cool this morning as we thought because the cloud cover acted like the blanket on the bed. just kept all the heat from coming back out into the atmosphere but that is going to be different by tomorrow morning. we've also got some frost
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warnings. in maryland. >> wow. >> we'll show them to you. let's look outside now. inner harbor, not too bad. a mix of clouds and some sunshine peeking through. our temperature right now at bwi marshall 63 degrees. 52% humidity. wind currently from the northwest at 13, pressure rising 29.92. a look at the tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. low tide at 11:59. high tide in the afternoon at 5:42. tomorrow's winds from the northwest 6 to 12. sun -- a frost advisory in effect for garrett and allegheny counties, western pennsylvania and down into west virginia and skyline drive will have chilly air. of course there's no real danger to baltimore from this but folks traveling west, make sure you have a heavy coat in the car because it will be right chilly out there by early tomorrow morning. our satellite picture throughout the day, we saw
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those few little light sprinkles making their way through the region. the clouds continue with us but through the overnight period a lot of the clouds will dissipate giving us a mostly clear sky during the early morning hours. when you get the coolest temperatures. that means whatever heat we got during the day today will radiate back out into space. you can see the clouds over top of our region with the cooler temperatures but down to the south, warmer air will start coming here. not tomorrow but will start friday and continue through the weekend and into the first part of next week but in the meantime we still got a chance for light sprinkle making its way through the region now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, around the baltimore area no precipitation but there's that little line of showers there. it came through the dc area, went through southern portions of anne arundel county, charles, st. mary's county, we also have a few light scattered showers on the eastern shore, also up in pennsylvania and there's still a chance we could see one or two sprinkles make their way through the baltimore area but again it won't be a big deal. it's just the relate result of
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that area of low pressure row kateing counterclockwise. in monkton 60 degrees. 61 at the science center. westminster 61. 60 emmitsburg. mount airy 62. columbia reports in with 62. 63 glen burnie. 66 rock hall. aberdeen now at 62. as far as our forecast for the overnight period -- the clouds remain with us for the next couple hours but then during the early morning hours, after midnight, skies clear out nicely and again, that's when we are going to see cool temperatures. on friday, a chance of scattered showers making their way through the region but the majority of the rainfall here will rotate through the region on saturday. here's your forecast for tonight -- mostly clear after midnight. 46 for the overnight low but cooler temperature in the northern and western suburbs. during the day tomorrow, going to be pretty nice, mostly sunny, still cool. then we shove the warm air into the region. you'll see it friday but also a chance of scattered showers with a high of 72 degrees.
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scours more likely -- scattered showers more likely saturday. 72 degrees. monday and tuesday remaining in the 70s with sunshine. more rainfall comes back into the weather picture on wednesday with a high of 73 degrees. i'll be back in a while with more on the weather. "2 your health" -- more than third of americans are turning to alternative medicine to combat illnesses. melissa long talks with a woman who believes using a form of energy healing plus chemotherapy helped her with her breast cancer. >> you just think about - >> reporter: aliya became interested in energy medicine after her mother died of breast cancer. >> it was in and out of surgeries. tried the chemo. >> reporter: years later, with her own diagnosis wade thought conventional therapy was not enough. nearly 40% of u.s. adults are now using alternative therapies, either alone or with conventional medicines, doctors dr. brent bower of the mayo clinic. >> bringing other things to the table to round out the care they are receiving. >> reporter: wade combined
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chemotherapy with supplements and herbs, hypnotherapy and another way to stimulate energy. her hands flow and move across her body to create energy. some believe that spawnsz disease -- spawns disease. >> reporter: it's hard to study. also difficult, assessing the value of supplements, vitamins and herbs that haven't been proven to work. if any herb that is strong enough to have benefits and many of them do, are also strong enough to have side effects and can actually cause problems. >> reporter: wade says raky and hippo therapy eliminated her therapy and was as effective as chemo for reducing tumors, but everyone is different so evaluate your options wisely. i'm melissa long. banking fees are going up everywhere. and up. from bounced checks to atm charges. a look at what you are paying versus what you were paying. and want to get -- go to the most magical place on earth
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for just... call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today and switch to the complete solution built for your small business. abc2 news at 5:30 is coming up. i'm terry owens. a suspect fleeing police winds up in a nasty collision. where it happened and the pictures you'll only see on abc2. some new laws take effect tomorrow designed to crack down on distracted drivers. what the new measures will mean for you. and have you ever agreed to give up your seat on an airline? why that may no longer be such a good idea. those stories, norm will tell us how long we need the jacket. all ahead at 5:30. >> thank you. our look at news around the nation takes us to miami. a school bus suddenly burst into flames. eight students were on the bus when it caught fire.
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the bus driver has been called a hero for getting all the students off the bus safely. no one was hurt in the fire. still no word on what caused it. a mystery artist is leaving his mark in downtown charleston, west virginia. the anonymous artist is painting eggs sunny side up on fire hydrants, utility poles, sidewalks, benches. a friend of the artist says the painter wants to keep his identity a secret because not everyone is happy with his work. he said the artist wants to bring a little art into the lives of people who wouldn't normally go to an art gallery. the paint used for the eggs is water-based so they won't last forever. a wildlife safari in winston, oregon, is capitalizing on the fact that elephants love water. alice and her friends are offering visitors car washes. now there's no guarantee your car will end up any cleaner than when you drove in. still, the exhibit which oopened in summertime has been a big hit and there have been plenty of repeat visitors.
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is there any cause that you would jump out of a building for? there were a handful of brave souls in baltimore going over the edge today. find out why when abc2 news at 5:30 starts in just two minutes.
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a police chase ends with a spectacular crash outside of johns hopkins hospital. good evening, everybody, i'm terry owens. the police pursuit traveled through four city districts and only channel 2 was there when it was over. it happened last night starting in the western district and ended near johns hopkins hospital. abc2 news brian kuebler with the story. [sirens] >> reporter: this literally happened in front of our cameras, this exclusive video shows the end of a police pursuit last night


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