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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 30, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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two injuries. [sirens] >> reporter: police say suspect darryl lee smith was driving the red van you see smashed into the guard booth in hopkins hospital. police originally tried to pull him over on a minor traffic violation when he sped away. the police chopper foxtrot was in the area and followed smith through four districts until he hit his vehicle sending the van crashing into the guard booth. but he was not done yet. >> after the accident the individual driving the car attempted to flee on foot and officers were able to affect an arrest. >> reporter: you can see him handcuffed and sitting on the curb. police say he was running because he had an open drug warrant out for his arrest. now he will face multiple driving violations and charges of evading police. thankfully the guard you see here wasn't in the booth when the van slammed into it. the booth suffering more damage than himself as he was able to get out of the way just in time. the other bystander was a preacher, police say. you can see the damage to his
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car but he, too, received medical attention for what were called minor injuries. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> brian says in addition to charges from last night's pursuits smith will also face the drug charge he was running from. and now for a look at tonight's top stories -- state health officials say the death of a montebello academy student diagnosed with the h1n1 virus stresses the need for children to get the vaccine when it becomes available. destinee parker, an eighth grader became sick last week. this is the second pediatric death in the state now atributed to the swine flu. a man accused of dousing his grandmother with alcohol and setting her on fire after an argument over money is now charged with first degree murder. police say tyron mason attacked 85-year-old ethel henderson at her home on poplar grove street in west baltimore. she died in june at hopkins bayview. so the charge against mason went from just attempted murder
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to murder. if you text while driving listen up. a new law takes effect tomorrow that will make sending a text message while behind the wheel against the law in maryland. if caught you could be fined up to $500. you will be able to read messages sent to you. in washington, the transportation department is so worried about drivers who don't keep their minds on driving that it's holding a summit meeting around the issue. distracted drivers reportedly cause thousands of traffic deaths every year. and as abc's t.j. winnick reports we all know who we are. >> reporter: most of us have done it at one time or another. >> i am definitely trying to stop. have i a new baby. >> reporter: talking or even texting on the cell while driving. >> i hate it. i think it should be outlawed because it takes your eyes off the road and really endangers the people around you. >> reporter: it's not only dangerous, it kills. according to the obama
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administration nearly 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries last year were blamed on driver distraction. evidence of how dangerous it is to use a mobile device behind the wheel. >> we have a hard time convincing our loved ones to change their behavior? how are we going to make a broad change in the rest of our society? >> reporter: transportation officials and experts have descended on washington for a two-day distracted driving summit. some expect a renewed much by d.o.t. secretary ray lahood to ban texting while driving. 38 states have already taken some steps in that direction. >> this kind of behavior is irresponsible. and the consequences are devastating. >> reporter: and while millions of americans share that disgust - >> you're chit chatting anyway, 99% of them. you see them laughing and everything. >> reporter: there seem to be just as many drivers who are unapologetic about using a cell phone behind the wheel. zipping along at 50, 60, 70 miles per hour.
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>> i do it. i do. i'm really good at it. >> reporter: studies show that anyone who texts and drives is 20 times more likely to get in an accident. abc news, washington. >> the partnership between general motors and e-bay is over. gm was using the auction site to sell new cars through california dealerships. more than 200 dealers participated in the program. neither gm nor e-bay is saying how many cars were sold. the scattered sprinkles we told you about yesterday that were likely during the day today are currently showing up on radar. we had a few pass through the baltimore and anne arundel county area, around 10:00 this morning. then more shower activity came through the dc area, now heading towards the eastern shore. if you live in the cambridge area you've already got an shower. heading down towards the salisbury region a few scattered showers are likely. the chance for some scattered showers is going to continue for the next couple of hours. but in the meantime, here in the anne arundel county, at
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hanover, 61 degrees. humidity 58%. no rainfall there, just a trace of precipitation south of the airport. wind currently from the west at 4 miles per hour. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. from barbies to transformers, the holiday season is right around the corner. let the shopping begin, right? find out how many toys wal-mart will be selling for just $10 this year. and the most magical place on earth just got more affordable. free, in fact. find out how you can get a free ticket into disney world. but first, we'll head back outside, take to you howard county community college in columbia where it feels like it's 62 degrees. humidity is 59%. no rain in the area. current temperature is 62 degrees. it's a... a fork? you're a wombat.
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this is fios. this is big. after a roaring start to the week the market is off for a send straight day. the dow was off nearly 30 points. the nasdaq off just over a point. the s & p also off three points. believe it or not many of you will start christmas shopping soon.
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wal-mart wants to jumpstart holiday sales by expanding last year's $10 toy incentive tenfold. they will offer 100 toys for $10. through the christmas holiday. toys "r" us is gearing up for the busy holiday shopping season. they are planning to hire, get this, 35,000 seasonal employees nationwide. for more information on how you can apply for a seasonal job with toys "r" us just head to our web site, and click on links. a warning tonight for anyone getting ready for a flight. why you should never volunteer to give up your seat so you don't waste your money. plus, we are paying more than ever for bank fees. who is working to change that? i'm jamie costello. we continue to help you during these tough economic times but inviting you to our web site,, our "financial survival guide." if you are in debt some debt
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collectors want to know just how much in the hole you really are. we have three pieces of advice when trying to bounce back. plus, some jobs come with fringe benefits. we have some ideas to take advantage of what you could have coming to you. it's all waiting for you now, "financial survival guide" on come back and visit us often. we're always changing the information. i'm jamie costello.
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he saved more than 150 lives by safely landing his plane in new york's hudson river. now chesley sullenberger will be part of the safety management team at u.s. airways. the captain is also returning to regular flights while assuming his new duties as management pilot. first officer jeffrey skiles will also return to the cockpit. a warning for anyone who flies. the next time an airline asks for volunteers to give up their
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seat you may want to stay where you are. consumer reporter john matarese explains why voluntary bumping may no longer be a good idea. >> reporter: remember the good old days of air travel? people used to love volunteering to give up their seat on an overcrowded flight because the airline would give you a free ticket to almost anywhere. but times have changed. for many travelers it used to be a sport with a big payoff. give up your seat, take the next flight, get a free round trip ticket to california. but "the wall street journal" says it may not be worth playing the game anymore. for starters many airlines now just give a $200 voucher if you're bumped, not enough for any long flight and may come with blackout dates around holidays. worse, the journal says vouchers may not be valid for the lowest-priced fares. my advice? ask questions before you agree to be bumped about what you will get in return. and make sure a seat is
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available on the next flight. which brings me to this week's "doesn't that stink" file. airlines have cut so many flights there are few empty seats anymore. frequent traveler web sites warn if your flight is overbooked there's a good chance the next one is, too, which leaves me saying doesn't that stink? to so volunteers are who give up seats now sometimes have to wait to the next kay to fly. a hotel room may not be included. no flight until the next day, no meals, just a discount voucher? make sure you know what you are getting before you volunteer to be bumped so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. the nonprofit organization held an interesting event this afternoon. instead of running or walking to raise awareness and money for addiction this organization wanted to twist it up a bit. so each participant went over the edge for recovery and repelled down the 290-foot silo point building in the inner harbor. >> it was amazing!
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i actually do want to do it again. because once you do it the first thing you want to do is do it again! it's fabulous! >> all of the proceeds went to the women and children's center which provides addiction treatment and permanent housing for mothers and their kids. the center helps more than 9,000 clients each year and is maryland's largest addiction treatment center. you sent me a web site for that. you really wanted me to do it. i notice you didn't do it. >> maybe next year. >> stepping off a building is not my idea of a good time. i'll drive a motorcycle but -- >> it's probably a little tricky in this wind. >> no, not too bad. >> ok. >> you mean repelling? >> yeah. >> i have no idea. never done it. no plans to do it either. let's look outside. don't do that. take a look outside now. your shot from harbor cam, overlooking the downtown area. partly cloudy. why did you volunteer me? our temperature right now at
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bwi marshall 663 degrees. wind currently from the northwest at 13, pressure rising. my friend terry. frost advisories out for western maryland, western pennsylvania as well as west virginia. it's not going to get that cold in baltimore but tell you what, not too far off before we're going to be seeing those kinds of temperatures making their way into the baltimore area. speaking of temperatures. right now in oakland, it's already down to 45. 59 in winchester, rginia. hagerstown at 64. 61 york. pax river 61 degrees. 62 atlantic city. same in philly. 69 now, down at the boardwalk at ocean city and easton currently reporting in with 63. our satellite picture throughout the day, clouds overnight, we did see the scattered light showers come through the region. just kind of light sprinkle activity. in fact, i had to drive down to annapolis today and saw a few little light sprinkles on the windshield there but not a big deal. as you can see, as the evening
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goes along there's still a chance for a few sprinkles through the baltimore area but they are not going to amount to anything. as the sun goes down a lot of the clouds will be dissipating. around midnight the skies will be almost totally clear which is going to allow the cool air to slip in. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, around the baltimore area, no precipitation but down to the south we're seeing some light shower activity here in southern portions of anne arundel county. also on the eastern shore, ocean city just had a little light sprinkle. they got another one heading in their direction, all because of that rotational area of low pressure. don't forget you can always go to our web site, to check our interactive doppler radar. there you can see right there around the baltimore area, see showers, also some showers on the eastern shore, just kind of take and just drag it. you can also widen out a little bit. see what else we've got precipitation-wise around the eastern half of the united states. up into new england, looking pretty clear, until you get up to utica, new york. seeing some shower activity down there. finally, over in the atlanta
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area they are finally drying out from all the extreme rain that they had. the end of last week and into the weekend. as far as what's going to be happening tonight -- few clouds around right now. a few little breaks in the overnight. as -- in the overcast. the next couple of hours the clouds gradually dissipate. then the clear skies move in the early morning hours. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. then friday, chance for a sprinkle, light shower. then more shower activity comes with the frontal system making its way through our region saturday. for the overnight period, mostly clear, 46 for the overnight low. but cooler temperatures in the northern and western suburbs, not frost however. occurring the day -- during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny, still cool. below normal temperatures of 76 -- 67 degrees. friday we warm up a little. a chance for a light shower, more general rainfall saturday. sunday looks to be the best day of the weekend with partly cloudy skies and 72 degrees. mondays, sunny and 71. tuesday and wednesday looking
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pretty good if you don't mind rainfall on wednesday. back at 6:00 with more on the weather. a new study says you're paying more than ever in bank fees. congress has already tackled credit card practices and high checking account fees may be next on the hit list. elizabeth has the details. >> reporter:'s annual checking study found the average fee for a customer's first bounced check is $29.58, up 2.1% from last year. but what if you bounce more than one check? a quarter of the banks surveyed charge more as you bounce more. the average climbs to nearly $34 for the second, third and bounced check. >> banks have become increasingly reliant on fee income as a way to diversify their revenue over the last decade or so. >> reporter: the strategy is paying dividends but coming at a significant cost to consumers that don't have good financial habits. >> reporter: if a bank lets your overcharge go through you pay a fee for that too.
5:51 pm
jory walker of texas is convinced his bank put a big rent check through first so a bunk of smaller charges would be overdrafts and the bank would earn fees on them. >> i definitely thought they were taking advantage of the situation. and as a small starting out family with our daughter, $200 at that time for us, i mean, it was a big hit. >> reporter: walker says his six overdrafts were tiny amounts like $1.15 for a pack of gum. but each overdraft fee was $32 so his total ended up being $192. last week two major banks vowed to change their overdraft policies because of consumer and congressional outrage. and charges for using another bank's atm are up 12% from last year, to an average of $2 tonight 2 -- $2.22 of the double the fees of a decade ago.
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kathy and tony. [ applause ] >> yes, former supermodel and current businesswoman kathy ireland left the dance floor but left as a better woman for donating her dancing dollars to causes close to her heart. the money will go to the alliance for christian education and hiv./aids foundation. athletes and entertainers for kids, 9/11 for kids and feed the children. while she didn't win the trophy she did win the admiration of her dance partner. >> an awesome person, a beautiful heart. i wish america got to see more of her. i wanted to give her the gift of dance. i feel delivered as much as possible. as they allowed us to. at the same time i'm so proud of her. >> debi and her partner found themselves at the bottom two. a spot she would rather not revisit and knows she needs your votes to stay out of that spot. now it's on to week three for the remaining 13 couples that dance either the samba or
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rumba. a lot of new stuff tonight. it starts at 8:00, a premiere of "hank." 8:30, the premiere of "the middle." "a brand new modern family" 9:00, the new "cougartown," 9:30. "east wick" 10:00 and of course, abc2 news at 11:00. with a look ahead to news at 6:00 -- texting behind the wheel becomes illegal at midnight. what drivers are saying about it. and cameras going up in school zones around the city. and a preview of world news at 6:30. >> coming up -- our reporter is in samoa for the latest on the tsunami. we're in copen hagen on chicago's bid for the olympic games. and dr. tim johnson has a look at health care for members of congress, not available to ordinary americans. and that's how verizon fios works.
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disney is looking for volunteers. in exchange you'll get a free pass into the most magical place on earth. steven cooper shows us how it works. >> reporter: this is a classic day at disney world where visitors from everywhere feel the magic. now the walt disney company is hoping you'll feel the magic of volunteering. today disney announced a new campaign for 2010. it's called give a day get a disney day. you volunteer for a project in you're community and you get free admission to a disney park. >> i think it's great. maybe it will get more people to get out into their community and to volunteer and help others. if you get a free day at disney, that's great. >> reporter: brenda
5:58 pm
lewindowsk would know. it's her birthday and she got in free under their current campaign. the new volunteer incentive begins january 1st with a lofty goal. >> in 2010 we're trying to inspire one million people to go out in their communities and give back and volunteer. >> count on his daughter as one of those millions. would it be worth it for a free day at disney? >> totally, yeah. >> reporter: to set an example, disney cast members were out volunteering in communities across the country today. think of it as good will meets good marketing. how much of this is to try to drive more traffic to the park for more than a day? >> no one sees enough disney in a day. they are going to want to stay longer. >> our intent is to get guests excited about visiting central florida. >> if you were going to volunteer what would you like to do? >> something with animals, rescue animals. would be awesome. i like animals. >> reporter: that was steven
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cooper reporting. the ravens gear up to take on the patriots. what players are saying about sunday's big matchup when abc2 news starts, right now. a favorite activity, almost an obsession for many people, becomes illegal tomorrow. good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. texasing while driving -- texting while driving, against the law at midnight. how are people, particularly young people, going to deal with it? roosevelt leftwich has more. [sirens] >> reporter: the deck is a little stacked. students say that texting while driving stimulator is harder to drive than a regular car. that's the point. courtney and matthew rolled their car. >> the air bags came out and we had to -- i started freaking out. i thought the car was going to


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