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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 1, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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huntington. and northbound 97 at new cut road, two left lanes closed. and they will reopen as the morning goes along. back to you. >> that was quick. we're coming up on 5:00 at -- an abc2 exclusive -- two teens could smell the smoke and they had one reaction, act quickly. >> they sure did. now some are calling them heroes after helping to rescue a woman overnight from her burning home. linda so is live with reaction from one of the teens. >> reporter: he says he was just doing the right thing. the two teens were sitting outside when the fire broke out and jumped into action. pete "on the street" o'neal got this video. of firefighters racing to the scene. it happened before 1:00 this morning in northwest baltimore. the two teens on the stoop smelled a strong odor of smoke. that's when they raced up the stairs and tried to help. >> the lady was coming outside
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saying my mother's upstairs in the bedroom on fire. so we ran upstairs. we tried to put the fire out with clothes and a sheet. we dragged her down the steps. then the firemen came. >> reporter: one teen became an instant neighborhood hero. several girls gave mony hawks a hug for what he and his friend nick did to save a woman. they suffered smoke inhalation during the rescue. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the investigation is ongoing. the woman suffered pretty bad burns and she was taken to the burn center. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 5:01. here's a story you'll only see on abc2 news. sources tell us that our -- sources tell our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill a woman turned the tables on her would-be attacker. police say at midnight a man tried to attack her on lafayette street but she
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stabbed him in the neck. she suffered minor cuts and then she was treated. the suspect is under arrest while being treated at the hospital. police say they are also investigating two other stabbings in that area. a baltimore middle school student diagnosed with the h1n1 virus has died. just a week before the state's expecting its first shipment of vaccine. the family returned to montebello academy where the eighth grade student, destinee parker first reported she had become ill last week. tests confirmed she had contracted the swine flu. >> they say this is about the ninth person that has died. because another couple lost their daughter, she was 14. >> state health officials say parker had no apparent underlying medical conditions. this is the second pediatric fatality tied to the virus in our state. and this could be a deadly flu season. a 14-year-old texas girl was
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dead after being denied tamiflu. her family says it started as a fever. a trip to the doctor confirmed the girl had the flu, possibly even swine flu. >> i was scared for them to put her to sleep. i was afraid she would not wake up. and she didn't. they just kept telling me it would get better but it didn't, and i wish now that i might have listened to my instints a little bit better. >> the doctor sent the young girl home without the medicine since the cdc advises normally not to give to it healthy people. for more recommendations from the cdc log on to it's 5:03. it doesn't matter if you're young or old, if you have a flip phone, palm pilot or blackberry, starting today if caught texting while driving
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you're breaking the law and could face a fine of up to $500. yesterday, in anne arundel county officials showed us why they are so serious about this. community members were invited to try a free live simlation of what can happen when you text behind the wheel at the anne arundel community college. no real surprises here. there were a number of crashes and wrecks. >> the airbags came out and we had to -- and i started thinking i thought the car was going to explode. >> i'm not taking that chance ever again. it's not worth it. over a dumb text message that can wait. >> i take my phone out and put it in the glove department so i don't really care about it. or turn it off. >> a bright man. just put it in the glove compartment. the texting while driving ban went into effect at midnight but doesn't cover reading text messages or talking on the phone or even just looking at it. those -- that's still legal. also, baltimore's automated speed monitoring program
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begins today. dozens of cameras will be installed around the city. we saw one at 33rd and northeast baltimore. for the first month, you you exceed the speed limit by 12 miles per hour around school zones get a warning in the mail. after that you could get a $40 ticket in the mail. 5:05. most parents may look at this next law as something good, teens, not so much. the law goes into effect requiring teen drivers to wait another three months to get both the provisional and full license. also teen drivers with repeat moving violations will face tougher penalties. the earth shook and then came the cries for help. >> parts of indonesia are devastated after two earthquakes struck there. the search for thousands trapped under piles of rubble. and a baltimore raven awaiting word for his family in samoa where this week's tsunami struck in the south pacific.
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the frustration she's going through. we had a couple of days in the 60s. this morning, we dropped to 48 degrees, a chilly start but we'll warm up by the weekend. that forecast coming up in a couple minutes. 5:05. let's go to the mta and say good morning to mark jones. [no audio] trapped in the trance of their shopping routine,
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welcome back. on this thursday morning. as we like to refer to it, friday eve. >> walt disney world opened up in 1971 on this date. >> really? >> do you believe that? another birthday. imagine that. let's go to justin. where are we going with weather? >> man, you're older than disney world. i'm sorry. payback is going to be rough. good morning. check this out. the coldest we've had so far. just about everybody, outside of the city, in the 40s. officially 48 degrees at bwi marshall. still low 50s downtown but 45 degrees in easton. we've got 47 up towards york, pennsylvania. oakland, maryland, 37. brr. good stuff, right? we've got some clouds that flirted their way through the sky over the last couple of hours but we're expecting those to break up, so partly sunny
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morning gives way to mostly sunny afternoon. we're aiming for a two-degree guaranteed high temperature of about 67 degrees. once again, we'll be in the upper 60s but we'll crack into the 70s by the weekend with a chance of showers. our complete forecast coming up in a bit. 5:09. here's kim brown. no problems to let you know about so far on the harrisburg expressway as you make your way towards the beltway. on the northeast corner at harford road you see traffic is moving smoothly in both directions of 695. however, we have a watermain break in baltimore city, at west 29th street between sisson and huntington. that intersection is closed as a result. and two construction projects, northbound 97 at new cut road. the two left lanes remain closed at this time. same on northbound 95 approaching the beltway. the two left lanes are closed for overnight construction projects but they will be wrapping up in the hour. back to you. from fire rescues in east baltimore to the box. the man who didn't hesitate when a little boy needed help to escape from this burning building. a father and his little boy
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planned to do some fishing in texas but reeled in a creature -- you won't believe this. we'll be right back. fresh express...
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there's more money to be spent? i don't get it but it's true. 2009 proved to be a worn-out year for men's underwear. jamie? according to a research firm sales have dropped about 2% from last year. analysts refer to this as the underwear index, proving that not only is the economy in rough shape but worse, your man is roaming around with shredded drawers. keep it in mind. general motors announces it will phase out the saturn brand as soon as possible. a deal to sell it to pensky fell through leaving gm no choice but to stop making the 20-year-old line of automobiles. once the dealerships close saturn owners will be able to go to other gm certified dealers for service on their cars. the partnership between gm and e-bay is over. gm had planned on using the auction site to sell new cars but the deal is off. neither gm nor e-bay is saying how the cars would have been sold before the plug was pulled. 5:14. it's just a living nightmare for the people of indonesia.
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officials say thousands of people are still trapped under collapsed buildings on sumatra island after two earthquakes pummeled the southeast asian nation in the last 24 hours. abc2 news john hendrin gives us the latest. >> reporter: now begins the recovery. >> i've declared this a major disaster to speed the deployment of resources. >> reporter: as the president sent relief workers and supplies to american samoa, international aid poured into neighboring samoa from nations like australia which sent surgeons and talent loads of medical supply. for hundreds relief came too late. >> distant cousins and older generation uncles and aunties, couldn't get out on time. they are gone. they are gone. >> reporter: as this animation from the u.s. geological survey shows, the massive magnitude 8.3 quake shook the pacific island reverberating to japan and the united states. >> it came up and created this
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huge muddy river of just trees and boulders and cars and boats. >> reporter: then came tsunami waves up to 20 feet high leaving a trail of rubble. this woman lost four children. washed away by the waves. >> the only family i have is damaged. we need your help. >> reporter: as the death toll in the pacific rises, in indonesia residents are just beginning to cope with the aftermath of a less powerful but even deadlier quake that killed hundreds. thousands are still trapped beneath collapsed buildings. president obama's disaster order freed up cargo planes and navy and troops from the hawaiian national guard to head to the samoan islands. it could still be days to count the dead and injured. abc news, washington. and nose tackle haloti
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ngata has extended family living in samoa. so far no one has been able to get in touch with them. >> definitely scared for them. you just don't know what is going on. i'm way out here. kind of have no communication with any of them, really. hopefully can i hear some good news later on today and see how it goes. >> haloti ngata says his cousins on the father's side are the ones living in samoa. justin? we take you to mazilla, montana. it's snow time. good stuff out there. just a light coating on most of the hilltops but it's fairly common for the northern rockies to get some snow into the early fall season. is that just a beautiful sight or what? kim brown, stop shaking your head. it's pretty. it's the mountains, it's 2,000 miles away. just wanted to show you the gorgeous scenery. no official reports at least downtown as to how much snow but at least a coating to up to
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two inches on some of the mountaintops. we'll see if we can get some storm center weathernet cameras to find some snow as well. we have local weather -- we were cool yesterday at 67 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, even sprinkles flirting through the north side. and normally as we head through early october here we don't get snow. 50 in the morning, 73 in the afternoon but october 1st brought us the record low of 36 degrees. again, don't worry about that stuff here because that's as cool as we can get around this time of year. 1947 hit that mark. 41 brought us the high of 91. 7:03 at sunrise. we start off cool at 48 degrees. even ahibit of 30s in the -- a hint of 30s in the ohio valley. we're watching the clouds try to break up, though a few tried to flirt through the sky in the early morning hours. it's clear on the other side of
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the mountains, the ohio valley and great lakes, upper 30s. the upper level low responsible for the chilly air beginning to slide its way up through the st. lawrence valley into eastern canada. eventually we'll get some of the moisture just off the edge of the screen, working through the northern plains. that will head here as we head into the weekend but will actually bring a little bit of a warm-up. today, generally clear skies, clouds come back in for tomorrow. looks like it's the first sign of the leading warm air. showers will probably pass to the north and west. a better chance of showers encroaching on us for saturday. today, however, clearing skies, 67 degrees this afternoon. we're back into the low 50s overnight and tomorrow look for increasing clouds, maybe an afternoon shower, a high back to 72. kim brown? >> thank you. as we look at the beltway we really don't have any issues along the major >> ron:. traffic is -- major roadways this morning. traffic is moving along well here. a watermain break between sisson and huntington.
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that is closed. northbound 97 at new cut road, two left lanes closed there. and same on northbound 95, as you approach 695 in the rosedale area, two left lanes are closed there as well but the projects are in the process are getting picked up before the 6:00 hour. back to you. this is ladder 49 uncut. amazing video from the bronx. see that little boy? alive today thanks to that stranger who pulled him from the burning building. the man rescued the child, carried him wrapped in a curtain. as you can see down the fire escape. he's out. he's got smoke in his lungs but once he got to the ground he was taken to safety by the firefighters who then gave him lots of oxygen. he made it. >> wow. it's all about heroes today. check this out. even though the navy and the coast guard are two different military branches this video shows they can rely on one another when needed. a coast guard rescue helicopter evacuated a sick navy crew member from a submarine. the navy called the coast guard
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for help, they swooped in. the sick crew member was flown to a hospital in oregon. everything is ok. this next story is one that, if you heard you probably wouldn't believe. >> like most father and son scott hughes and his little boy simon went on a fishing trip. they didn't catch fish, just your everyday 12-foot, 800-pound alligator. dad, being the sportsman he is had his rifle. to reel this monster in and to stay safe he had to shoot it. little simon said he never thought something this big was under the water but the kid already has his sights set on his future. >> next year i'm going to -- ( indiscernible ) >> that kid is not scared. what is he doing? pulling on the tongue? >> yeah. did you ever go fishing when you were a kid? and get a fish that's this bad? i guess if it's 800 pound you
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have to pull out the tongue and show people. >> wow. he's going to rock out in baltimore in november. >> but first he had to rock out the meadowlands. >> they are tearing down giants stadium after football season ends but the boss had to bring down the crowd first. we'll show you.
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5:24. we're going to take you outside with chilly temperatures, most of us in the 40s. we have partly cloudy skies but will turn mostly sunny today. change of pace from where we were the last couple of days. still chilly though, highs only 67 degrees. low 50s overnight. watch the clouds return tomorrow. maybe an afternoon shower at 72. i say maybe because the threat is less than 30% but a better chance of showers and storms. saturday will reach 77. lower 70s on sunday and then we should stay in the lower 70s for early next week. 5:25. back to you. >> lets go to new york for "tech bytes" with vinita nair. >> reporter: in today's "tech bytes" -- at & t is adding a satellite connection to its mobile phone service. its teeming up with a company called terra star to market the genus3-g smart phone beginning next year. it will link to satellites and services unavailable in the u.s., puerto rico and the
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virgin islands. acoustic pianos are great if you have the money and space but if not you might want to consider the 130 electronic piano. as sam grobart discovered it sounds and feels pretty much like the real thing. >> you strike the key board more forcelifully the notes are louder. the lower register, the keys are a little stiffer from the upper register. the px-130 also has a usb port, you can connect to it a mac or pc directly. you can drag and drop melodies. >> reporter: the mainstream publisher simon and schuster is out today with its first on-line multimedia works. it includes social networking links. three other titles include one about fitness, another about beauty. the works are produced in collaboration with a california start-up. and the nba says tweeting
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during games is out of bounds. it's new policy bans players and coaches from using cell phones and social media sites like twitter from 45 minutes before a game until after post game interviews. that includes halftime. twitter is popular with nba fans. the league's official fight has about 1.5 million followers. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes," i'm vinita nair.
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they smelled smoke and found fire. two teens showed us what they were made of and talked to us exclusively about what it was like to save a live. mayor sheila dixon cannot be


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