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tv   News  ABC  October 1, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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as the city faces money worries seniors may soon see the door on their senior center closed in their face. and they went up and over the edge at silo point last night. we'll find out about a new twist on a fundraiser. cool to watch. >> bring back the 5k. wow. all those stories and a lot more coming up. in the meantime it's just before 6:30 a.m. thank you for joining us on october 1st. >> happy october to you. 6:30. we're going to show you some more pictures from our visit to joppatowne elementary school coming up in a couple of minutes. had a great time yesterday. we're going to hop over to howard county now. veterans elementary school. look at the parking lot. down to 44 degrees this morning. we had a bit of a chill in the air. as we've been dealing with some intermittent clouds. as soon as they break we really drop the temperatures cown. even glen burnie in the 40s this morning. 47 degrees as we show you 48 arnold to chestertown. back to joppa at 47. and 45 degrees right now in monkton. overall though, we're looking
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at a few clouds trying to pass through the region. even some patchy fog in some of the locales near the reservoirs, if you're traveling over 140, reisterstown road heading into carroll county and liberty reservoir, maybe even by loch raven you have fog to deal with. otherwise, a setup with more sunshine expected. today's two-degree guarantee still below normal though at 67. we will warm up a little by the weekend. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic moving smoothly on both directions of the harrisburg expressway as you 3r0e67 the beltway. no problems as you hit the 695 -- we have heavy vog on the west side between -- volume on the west side between liberty road and baltimore national pike. only real incident, a watermain break in the city, west 29th street between sisson and huntington. that has the intersection closed. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you. you can always find more information at back to you. 6:31.
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baltimore county politician have two people in custody in connection with a murder of a 74-year-old man. the body of david weeks was found in his home in rosedale this past friday. now a man and woman have been renting the room for him, they are the ones accused of killing him. police say that weeks had planned to have the couple evicted on friday. a relative found his body in the home. >> he's gone. we can't just come over and say, hey, what's up? how's your day going? just having him being gone is hard. oh, yeah. >> the renters michael dimattei and his girlfriend, erin steffy are charged with first degree murder. an autopsy says he died from multiple injuries. 6:32 now. more cutbacks due to the state and at this budget crunch. it could hurt the seniors citizens now because of the
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financial issues the harford senior center in northeast baltimore is set to close down at the end of the month. mayor sheila dixon says she's looking into what she can do to help. >> actually the cuts came from the state and so we are -- i'm in the process of assessing the harford center, senior center as we speak. and so i, at this point, i can't say whether or not we can bail out the center as a result of cuts that came from the state but i want to look at figuring out a way to keep them open. >> the city could close at the end of next month. we're told it costs about $157,000 to run the center, a year. $97,000 is paid for by the city. the rest is picked up by volunteers of america. but the organization decided last week to end its partnership. if the center does close we're told seniors can go to the senior center in parkville or the one in the oliver community. it's 6:33.
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october is here. but not too early i guess to think about christmas shopping. wal-mart wants to jumpstart holiday sales by expanding last year's $10 toy incentive tenfold. the retail giant will now offer 100 toys for $10. everything from barbies to transformers. this goes through the christmas holiday season. and while many retailers say that they will hire fewer seasonal employees toys "r" us is gearing up to take on a big sale force. they are planning to hire 35,000 seasonal employees nationwide. if you would like more information we put all the information about toys "r" us on our web site. go to click on links. here's something you don't see everyday. at the inner harbor, we're raising money for a good cause. over the edge, here we go. the nonprofit organization cadenzia held an interesting event. what are they all looking up for? they are pointing up. let's go upstairs to see, instead of walking or running
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this organization wanted to twist it up just a little bit. each participant went over the edge for recovery and repelled down a 290-foot silo point building in the inner harbor. >> it was amazing! i actually do want to do it again. because once you do it the first thing you want to do is do it again! it's fabulous! >> all proceeds went to the women and children's center which provides addiction treatment and permanent housing for mothers and their children. the center helps more than 9,000 clients a year and is maryland's largest addiction treatment center. you would do that. >> i would totally do that. >> and again and again. >> looks like fun. meantime, let's go to lexington market. when was the last time you had been there? today's the day to go. the 27th annual chocolate festival will kick off this morning. we have live music and chocolate-eating contests end. you can even meet miss maryland the festival starts at 10:00,
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ends at 5:00 but runs through this saturday. it takes a lot to make a new yorker stop and stare. >> but this unusual window decoration drew quite an anxious crowd. >> you just had this look of astonishment. he didn't know what hit him. a bad guy thought he would not get caught until an unexpected hero leaped into action. 6:36. we're taking you back to joppatowne elementary school in harford county. we'll show you some of the pictures from our visit yesterday. this morning, a partly cloudy sky, mid to upper 40s but plan for more sun today. it will be a nicer afternoon. more on that coming up. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have smooth-sailing so far on the harrisburg expressway but we do have building volume around 695. i'll give you more details up next. now the bus and train report. >> good morning. an earlier delay on the penn lane but it's gone so we're
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good for travel on the camden, penn, brunswick. light rail and metro subway on schedule. on the buses, number 14 is about 45 minutes late. the number 36 bus, taking a 30-minute delay. the 17 still diverted at corporate and international. a heavy volume of passengers on the 23, 19 and 5 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. o
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( crash, beeps ) awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas. people donate all kinds of things to goodwill but a woman in wisconsin -- she donated a box of shoes to the good will in marsh field and workers were shocked when they found a crisp stack of $100 bills. the employees went to the manager. luckily she filled out a tax form so they were able to track her down and give her $13,000 back. >> she came back a couple of days later and wanted to thank
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us and shake our hands, say, say thank you. and nice to meet people like you. >> the woman says she did not know about the money but says her husband grew up in the great depression and always kept money at home. he's in a nursing home now and she thinks he probably just forgot about it. >> she got lucky they were so honest. coming up, a story you will only see on abc2 news. >> we're going to meet the teens who risked their lives to save a neighbor. hanging out one minute. the next minute, heroes. more on the teens that ran into the burning building. the fifth grade class at joppatowne elementary school yesterday -- i want to take this full screen. we had a great time yesterday on our live broadcast. another discussion that lasted for the rest of the morning, even the other kids we spoke with throughout the school, had a great time yesterday. thank you to everybody at joppatowne elementary school. especially mrs. kelly evans and miss hickey. we had a good discussion, good
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two teens to the rescue in northeast baltimore. we have the exclusive fire rescue story. put this in caps. no texting while driving. more on all the new laws that are going into effect today. whoa. hear little doggy. come on back in. how they coaxed this one off the ledge. >> that makes me nervous. how are you feeling on this thursday? should we look at weather? >> sure. >> all right. >> take it away, justin? >> 6:45. happy october. october 1st on the calendar. it's feeling like it out there. we've had partly cloudy skies. we'll take you to westminster where it looks like we're going to see a lot more sunshine for today. they are at 48 degrees now. we're going to take you to kingsville in eastern baltimore county. 46 degrees just up the road to joppatowne, again, we say good morning to the school. one special request from a student who helped me volunteer and demonstrate an anemometer,
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chris west. good morning to him. winds from the west helped to dry us out. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. more clouds up to the north in pennsylvania, back towards the mountains in western maryland. but overall as we get that persistent westerly wind final drying out the environment and taking the old storm system that moves across the st. lawrence valley, we'll take that storm and push it further and further to the east. we'll take this system and actually push it in our direction, pushing in warmer temperatures by the weekend. 39 detroit. that is the coolest of the air but warms back in the 50s and 60s to the midwest. that is the air that tries to build in our direction. only 67 today despite the clearing. 50s as we head through tonight. a quick peek towards tomorrow, back in the low 70s with maybe an afternoon shower. that should read 72. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. we have heavy volume on the west side of the outer loop with a little bit of slowing as you approach the route 40 interchange from liberty road. no problems, just heavy volume at this time.
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so things are also slow on the southbound part of 795 as you approach the beltway. and we have a little slowdown on the baltimore national pike eastbound as you make your way towards columbia pike. we have one intersection closure in baltimore city. that is because of a watermain break at west 29th street between sisson and huntington. just avoid that area if possible. if you would like to get your traffic updates tweeted to you you can follow me now at back to you. 13 minutes away from "good morning america." but we have hero worship going on in northeast baltimore. we'll meet two of the most popular boys in the neighborhood. >> but they didn't run into a burning building nor recognition, they did it to save a woman's life. >> reporter: the two teens happened to be sitting outside when they heard the cry for help and jumped into action. pete "on the street" o'neal captured this exclusive video of firefighters racing to the scene to help save the woman. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on sheldon avenue in northeast baltimore. the two teens were sitting on
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the stoop when they smelled a strong odor of smoke. that's when they raced up the stairs and tried to help. >> we went upstairs and opened the door, fire started to coming out the door. she was on fire, the bed was on fire. everything was on fire. >> reporter: the teens became instant neighborhood heroes. several girls came up and gave mony hawks a hug for what he and his friend nick did to save the woman. nick suffered some smoke inhalation and had to be taken to the hospital. a firefighter suffered minor injuries. investigators are still working on the cause of the fire. the woman suffered pretty bad burns and medics took her to the burn center. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. another daring rescue this one in the bronx. a young boy is alive thanks to the kindness of that stranger carrying his body, the boy was unconscious, it happened when the building caught fire. you can see him wrapped in a curtain as the man rushes down the fire escape and hands him
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over to a firefighter. that little boy was taken to the hospital. so he was given some oxygen. he's expected to be on. right now being treated for smoke inhalation. also in new york, you normally don't see flowers or flags. that's what you normally see on a window ledge but a dog? resting on the window sill. caused a commotion. look at the people watching, taking pictures. the window was closed, the dog was resting on the ledge. the pooch was calm as he watched the crowd gathering below. police managed to get in the house, pull the dog to safety. as the people below cheered. there he is. >> wow. here's another story exclusive to abc2 news. a man and woman are in the hospital recovering from a stabbing. the man tried to attack the woman and she fought back stabbing him in the neck. this happened near lafayette and federal street around midnight. the two had to go to the hospital and both are expected to be ok. a few blocks away, another stabbing, occurred during a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend in the 2100 block of barclay road.
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police are still investigating what happened in this stabbing. now to the ongoing problems surrounding our mayor. baltimore mayor sheila dixon, her lawyers want her to go through two separate trials. the mayor is accused of stealing gift cards from needy families. she'll go on trial on those charges in november. her attorneys want to delay the other trial where she faces personal charges. in that indictment the mayor is accused of lying about gifts from her former boyfriend real estate developer ronald lipscomb. her attorneys are trying to have those charges thrown out. family and friends are still trying to cope with the loss of a 14-year-old girl from baltimore. in the northeast community there. destinee parker was in the eighth grade at montebello academy and died from h1n1 virus. she's the second young person in baltimore to die after come down with the swine flu. she's the ninth person in the state. family members are left with heavy hearts for their loss. for the other families, so they don't have to go through the same pain. >> they say this is about the
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ninth person that died because another couple lost their daughter, she was 14. >> the young lady from montebello did pass away and our prayers are with her family. during these really trying times. >> destinee parker's death comes a week before the state is expected to have their first shipment of the vaccine. that vaccine will change some guidelines when it comes to inoculating schoolchildren. students in harford county, the school district there was supposed to get their flu vaccine next week. instead students get the h1n1 shot because they are most at risk. the seasonal flu vaccine will still be given after everyone receives their h1n1 vaccine. health officials say that they will still give your children the influenza protection they need since the seasonal flu begins around november and then peaks in february. you better put down that cell phone. today it's against the law to text while driving a car. in anne arundel county officials showed off why you really need to just put your
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phone in your pocket. community members were invited to try a free live simulation of what can happen when you text behind the wheel, at anne arundel community college. no real surprise here, we had a number of crashes. >> the airbags came out and we had to -- and i started freaking out. i thought the car was going to explode. >> i'm not taking that chance ever again. it's not worth it. my life was almost on the line over a dumb text message that could have waited. >> i just take my phone out and put it in the glove compartment so i don't care about it or turn it off. >> the new law doesn't ban reading text messages or talking on the phone. if you're caught texting you could be fined $500. do you think the new law can be enforced by police? log on to tell us what you think. scroll down and look at the righthand side of the home page. speeders, beware as well. the speed cameras are active and watching you in the city
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today. the first month drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will get a warning in the mail. after that you are subject to a $40 ticket so keep that in mind and slow down. another new law that goes into effect today concerns teenaged drivers. the waiting period will increase by three months to get both provisional and full licenses. also teen drivers with repeat moving violations will face tougher penalties. it's now 6:53. we have the death toll that is continuing to rise in the south pacific. the pictures are just devastating. the tsunami caused by an earthquake tuesday morning has already killed 149 people. military transports are bearing medical personnel, water, medicine to samoa and the great american samoa. the tragedy hits closer to home for a baltimore ravens player. nose tackle haloti ngata has extended family living in samoa, so far no one has been able to get in contact with
6:54 am
them. >> i'm trying to get in touch with them and see if we can communicate with them at all. hopefully we can hear from them and see what's going on. >> he says his aunts, uncles and cousins on his father's side are living in samoa. say goodbye to saturn. general motors announced it will phase out the brand as soon as possible. a deal to sell saturn to penski fell through leaving gm no choice but to stop making the 20-year-old line of automobiles. once the dealerships close saturn owners can go to another gm dealership for service on their car. earlier this month you may remember we told you the state of the economy could be related to your husband's underwear drawer because buying new underwear might mean there's more money to be spent. well, we have bad news. 2009 proved to be a tattered year for men underwear. according to one research firm sales have dropped about 2% from last year. analysts refer to this as the underwear index. the underwear index.
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proving the economy is in rough shape. even worse, your significant other is roaming around in worn-out boxers. things can't be so bad that you can't get underwear. >> all right. we've heard all about the few heroes this morning. now we're going to meet a man that was not expected to help stop a bad guy. >> reporter: cameron ulner was selling comcast subscriptions at a wal-mart in colorado when he atlanta into action -- leapt into action. a man tried to abduct a little girl from the toy aisle. without thinking he jumped from his wheelchair and held the man down until police showed up. >> i'm not a hero. i did what i was supposed to do. when somebody has an opportunity to help somebody else it doesn't matter who they are, you have a responsibility to do that. >> they need more people like him. ulner hurt himself when he fell off the roof as a child, has been in a wheelchair ever since. he says he's never allowed it
6:56 am
to hold him back. the little girl is home safe with her parents and the abductor is in jail. thanks to him. we'll try to keep the stuff that good as we head through the day. 40s for a lot of us. a lot more sunshine expected. not much warmer than yesterday. in fact still holding 67 for the two-degree guarantee but we do warm up tomorrow, 72 with increasing clouds, maybe a late shower. 77 saturday. a chance of a shower or storm in the afternoon and then staying in the low 70s for sunday into early next week. kim? >> just volume and congestion on the west side of the outer loop, no incidents or real delays at this time. just a lot of people trying to get on the roads at the same time. our first accident of the morning, harford road at halcon avenue, just be aware of that today. >> thank you. ready for the 9:00? >> i am. i love thursdays because dr. fioramonti comes in. he takes your advice -- when he walks in the studio, everybody wants to know, my dog is doing this. is it normal?
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