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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 20, 2010 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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time now for tonight's closing argument. in the 1992 barcelona games, it was the curious coby.
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and in the 2000 sydney games, the animal trie. today, we met wenlock and mandeville, as organizers of the 2012 games in london unveiled them to some head scratching. named after two small english towns and based on a children's story, they are rather am big rous. one-eyed futuristic figures. tonight, we ask, do you like the creations or are they just plain stupid? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page and on the "nightline" facebook page. that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, on the way to work with my car pool group in the new dodge grand caravan. dicky and ya ya are in the swivel and go seats. the seats rotation 180 degrees so you can face the passengers sitting behind you. >> ya ya, go fish. >> no, i'm not going to fish, you go to fish.
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>> it's the name of the game. go fish. >> your head is the fish. >> jimmy: am i going to have to turn this car around? >> he tell me go fish. >> he said my head was fish. >> jimmy: no one's head is fish. and ya ya go fish just means take a card. >> it does? >> yeah, it does. >> no, it doesn't. go fish means -- >> oh, no! you tell me go fish! no! don't say that to me. >> jimmy: okay, i'm turning the car around. >> dick: dodge grand caravan. it has everything, so you can do anything. >> dick: "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with michael douglas, from "the middle," atticus shaffer, and music from talib kweli and hi-tek featuring atticus shaffer, and music from talib kweli and hi-tek featuring estelle. thousands continue in ds as scientists continue their struggle to find methods of identifying the surrogates. this latest wave of the inhabitants seem to disappear into the populace with... ♪ [ beeps ] navigation. ♪
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michael douglas. from "the middle," atticus shaffer. and music from talib kweli and hi-tek featuring estelle. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" and now, for the rest of the evening, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, that's very nice of you. i'm jimmy, thank you for watching. welcome to the program. it's good to be here. i was in new york this morning.
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i got on a flight from jfk this morning at 6:00, new york time, which is 3:00 our time. i slept for about two hours last night. maybe three hours the night before. i was very, very, very tired and still even on almost no sleep, they let me fly the plane. they did. 747. they let me -- they let me fly. they let me land it. you should have seen me, i was like, whoa! everybody was yelling. it was -- [ laughter ] it was really great. hey, it's wednesday night, which, as i hope you know, because you are americans, means elimination night on "american idol." has anyone noticed that paula has been crying a lot less this year? on tv. on tv. there are now only two idols left. plug your ears if you don't want to hear who got eliminated tonight. all right? okay, now unplug them. casey james was eliminated tonight. he -- which means -- lee and
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crystal will vie for the "american idol" crown. one of them will be named the next taylor hicks, and even though they are down to -- they were down to only three contestants, the judges last night were very, very critical. i don't think they really like any of the contestants that much. and simon, as you know, is leaving the show. next week is his last week on ""american idol." and i got the idea tonight that he really doesn't care at all anymore. >> you weren't fantastic. and a bit awkward. i thought it was a little bit lazy. which different was no originality. so, i thought it was a lazy song choice. >> why do they boo me? >> jimmy: he's been checked out. last night was elimination night on "dancing with the stars." there's a lot of eliminating going on. nfl star chad ochocinco was asked to leave the show, which -- oh, you just heard?
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um -- you must be heartbroken. the final three now are evan, nicole and my preseason pick, erin andrews. i bet a lot of money on her. every year except for one year the contestant i picked has made it to the final three. my one miss was eddie, the dog from frazier. he finished fifth. i'm very good at this for some reason. last night, miley cyrus was the special guest on "dancing with the stars," and she could not have been more excited to be there. >> we've got the tv debut of the newest single from miley cyrus. we have a lot of show coming up. >> jimmy: maybe she could have been. she looks like she is in hell, really, like -- here she is again, i think later in the show. >> coming up, miley cyrus is here to perform her latest hit. >> jimmy: miley hates tom bergeron. cheer up, miley.
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so, the "dancing with the stars" finale is tuesday night. then this sunday, the series finale of "lost." the whole thing wraps up. [ applause ] please, if you would, if you're a fan, stay up after the finale for a special group this here by session. i'll be hosting it after your local news. the "jimmy kimmel live" aloha to lost. on sunday night, all your questions will be answered, assuming they are related to "lost." last night was the second to last episode of the show. and it was a very good one. america voted and jack was selected to protect the island, which you know -- a lot of people are still confused, but we have been getting answers. we know that the smoke monster was born when one ship wrecked twin who was raised by a magical mystery woman threw another twin into a cave full of light. i told you this was going to happen. there's a lot of questions to be answered. so, to help us get through them,
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jorge garcia with tonight's "secrets of lost." >> a lot of people wonder what it means to be a candidate. candy-date. candidate. candy-date. happy valentine's day, [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: well, that's -- late but educational. [ applause ] here's -- here's an even bigger mystery than anything you're going to find on "lost." yesterday, justin bieber was nominated for a b.e.t. award. if you don't know, b.e.t. stands for black entertainment television. justin bieber is none of those things. not only is he white, he's
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canadian, and that's like double white. in canada, all they have in the zoos are polar bears. right? i learned that from the audience tonight. [ applause ] i just -- i don't know how it's possible how there was a meeting and justin bieber got nominated. this is what happens when you let stevie wonder pick the no, ma'am needs. justin will be on with beyonce, jay-z and ludacris. michael buble, the president of b.e.t., said he was nominated because he's a crossover artist with a diverse fan base. and he's right. he's donnie osmond crossed over with dakota fanning to form -- and let's take a look at some of his diverse fan base. you can see, he's got white fans. he's got super white fans. and he's got teenage albinos. i'm glad he got nominated. he tweeted on monday that he would pop a cap in someone's ass
12:17 am
if he didn't. maybe -- maybe i'm off, but justin bieber seems like the last person you would nominate for a b.e.t. award. but i'm just one person, and i'm a white person, so, we decided to send a camera crew to south central today to get the local take on justin bieber's b.e.t. nomination. >> he is nominated at the b.e.t. awards -- >> yeah, i just found that out. i'm looking at him, like, how? >> wow. yikes? i mean -- that's all i can say is yikes. >> well, i mean, you know, b.e.t. is black entertainment and he's white. what can i say? >> uh -- i mean, he's white, so -- i guess -- it doesn't matter. he's all right. >> yeah, i couldn't be his daddy. european caucasian kid. >> yeah. sounds great. >> not for me. sorry. i still love y'all, though. >> no.
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oh, i remember that [ bleep ]. okay, yeah, yeah, i know who he is now. oh, yeah. the video. >> do you know who this guy is? >> jimmy kimmel. i watch him all the time. >> you want my opinion on it? that's [ bleep ]. >> he's very cute. his hair cut is bomb. >> jimmy: well, from one bomb hair cut to another. [ applause ] that will be a fun thing. it's going to be -- [ applause ] what's going to happen the morning after the show when justin wakes up in the back of lil' kim's limo with her underpants around his neck? mick jagger was on "larry king live" last night. visiting larry makes him feel young, i guess. he was there promoting the reissue of the stones album "exile on main street." and in doing so, they provided us with our unintentional joke of the day. >> how do you keep it up? [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: popsicle stick and duct tape, larry. in louisiana, bp claims it is making progress in their attempt to stop the leaking oil in the gulf of mexico. if they do, there is already an enormous of oil in the gulf. right now, they are working on a plan to heat the gulf up to 600 degrees and try to use it to fry chicken. the ceo of bp says he thinks the impact on the environment will be very, very modest. somebody needs to give him a very modest impact with a car or something. bp has been -- they've been quietly doing pr on a local level. they -- they spread the word in a very subtle way. well, for instance, you take a news story like this. >> already 19 miles of shoreline in louisiana has been hit by an oil sheen. they are describing this. this is a quote. thick ribbons of oil with a pudding-like consistency are
12:20 am
coming ashore on some of the barrier islands. >> jimmy: that sounds bad, right? puddi pudding-like consistency. it's all in the way you say it. >> louisiana. get ready to indulge yourself in thick ribbons of oil with a pudding-like consistency. pure decadence from british petroleum. >> jimmy: sounds like you could dip strawberries in it. [ applause ] i don't know -- i don't know much about oil spills or the ocean or the environment. i really don't know that much about anything, but i would like to. i want to know what's going on with this, so with us now, our expert on all things ocean related. let's go live to the gulf of mexico where aqua man is standing by. hello, aqua man. >> jimmy? what's up? >> jimmy: you tell me. hey. you look different to me, aqua man. >> what's that mean?
12:21 am
>> jimmy: i don't know. different from the last time we saw you, i guess. >> got a hair cut. >> jimmy: that must be it. how are you holding up with all the oil down there? >> dude, i am doing great. doing really great. >> jimmy: are you working at a gas station? >> uh, no. i own a gas station. aquaman gas. we opened last week. >> jimmy: who buys gas under water? >> fish. >> jimmy: i didn't know fish ran on gas. >> hey, hey! no smoking at the pump! >> jimmy: i didn't know they smoked, either, to be honest with you. >> all right that's $53.78. keep it on the card? you got it. come again. >> jimmy: i can't believe fish run on gas. >> jimmy, i can't believe justin bieber got nominated for a b.e.t. award. >> jimmy: i can't either, i guess. >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: yeah, well. >> oh, fill her up? >> jimmy: customer there. like business is really, really
12:22 am
booming. >> jimmy? >> jimmy: yeah. >> this oil spill is the best thing that happened since that old lady threw her diamond much the "titanic." >> jimmy: that real windfall for you. it seems like you are profiting from a disaster, aquaman. >> damn right i am. making most of my money from my car wash. bob? >> jimmy: oh, sponge bob. look at that. sponge bob working for you. >> dude, down here, everybody works for me. come on, bob, let's get you filled up. >> okay. >> jimmy: you know what, i'm going to leave you two alone. i'm glad everything is going so well down there, though. >> thanks. drill, baby, drill. >> jimmy: thank you, aquaman. and sponge bob. that's -- [ applause ] i like to imagine that -- i like to -- [ applause ] well -- i like to imagine that
12:23 am
there's like a 5-year-old watching and he sees aquaman and he sees sponge bob and then -- sorry 5-year-old. hey, we have a good show tonight. from "the middle," 11-year-old atticus shaffer is here tonight. we have music from talib spkwel and hi-tek, and we'll be right back with michael douglas, so stick around. [ male announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most complete multivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's.
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>> jimmy: well, it's nice to see everyone again. with us tonight, a very funny young actor from "the middle" on abc. atticus shaffer is here. he's 11 years old. and later, with music much their second album revolutions per minute, talib kweli and hi-tek joined by estelle on the bud light stage. tomorrow night, josh holloway will be here. josh plays sawyer on "lost."
12:28 am
jeff adam perry lang will be here to cook and tell us about his new cookbook. and uncle frank, remember when you said to me, we don't have any artists i like, any of my favorite singers on the show. >> yeah. >> jimmy: slayer is here tomorrow. >> oh, i love him. >> jimmy: you're welcome. our first guest tonight is a two-time oscar winner who taught us that greed is good and sex with glen close and sharon stone is bad. his new movie "solitary man" opens in select cities friday. please welcome michael douglas. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i couldn't be -- do you hate james? >> jimmy: what? >> the name james. >> jimmy: no. you can call me whatever you want.
12:29 am
>> james. >> jimmy: my mother would occasionally, when i was in trouble. >> so that was -- it wasn't like a stage -- not like a james kimmel. >> jimmy: i never seemed like a james, i think. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i seem more like -- an [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] you know. >> schmuck was your middle name. >> jimmy: you jetted in from cannes here. >> right before the festival. >> jimmy: is it can or cannes? >> i think it's cannes. we had to go around the ash. service was really nice, starts off, get the dinner. then, you don't see any flight attendants, anybody for eight hours, you know. and i realize. i go up to the front, nobody. i want to have a drink. but then i realize, it must be that rage, the alcohol rage. they don't want 11-hour flights, they don't want anybody drinking. weirdest thing. i don't know where they hide.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: is that right? >> there's no -- they go down somewhere and they hide. >> jimmy: you're going to have to start packing a flask on the plane. >> jimmy: the volcano disrupted your path? >> yeah, a little longer. >> jimmy: that thing is still spewing out there. >> like us all. >> jimmy: god willing. >> so, is that as much fun as it seems like it is. it seems like the greatest thing ever. >> no. it depends if you are -- if you have a show in there, it's like a junket. you work all the time. the cool part of it is how much the french love movies, and i have to say, i tell everybody when the movie is presented, you go to the festival, and it's -- you have a police escort, the flags are flying, and you go up this -- i kept looking. >> jimmy: the flag just flew on you. >> you go up to the steps, and you turn around and there is the biggest crowd you ever seen of
12:31 am
adoring mostly all french fans, and it's a great moment. >> jimmy: i would think so. >> that part is great. but the junket part's rough. >> jimmy: what movie were you doing there? >> "wall street." >> jimmy: oh, that's great. what was the -- what was the reaction? >> good. great. it's coming out -- not my problem. we have a great reaction, reviews, but it doesn't come out until september. >> jimmy: why is that? >> well, they want to wait for the fall, you know -- >> jimmy: the french got the first look. >> they got the first look at it. >> jimmy: sons of a gun. >> good taste. >> jimmy: you moved. you were living in bermuda, which sounds unbelievable. but you moved back to new york. you have two little kids. >> 9 and 7 years old. boy and girl. >> jimmy: how are they adjusting to that? >> they're doing -- they're doing well, you know. it's the city life. i got to say, they miss the beach a little bit. used to be kicking out screen doors and going down to the
12:32 am
beach. but they're both doing good. new schools. catherine is in a show, she got a tony nomination. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. so -- probably all did a lot better than i did. >> jimmy: your wife is in a play, how often do you have to go -- do you have to go every night? how does it work? >> somebody has to stay with the kids. no, i've seen the show about six times. >> jimmy: six times? that's a lot. >> yeah, it's good. >> jimmy: you could be the understudy, practically. >> that's what's going to happen, i think. >> jimmy: yeah. >> she said -- i said, well, maybe, honey, if you do the show, then why don't you have your understudy come home, like, hang out with me. >> jimmy: not a bad idea. you are always thinking. this new movie, this movie, which comes out on friday, this is a film -- you -- i should let you tell the character that you play. >> well, i play an [ bleep ],
12:33 am
you know, but charming. charming as they come. no, he's kind of encourageable. he's a tri-state very successful car dealer who thinks he has a little bit of a medical problem but rather than seeing it through, he just goes bottom line, that's it, so he gets divorced, his daughter is not too happy about everything else and just about a guy kind of going all the way down before he comes back up again. funny, very, very well-written, and i like the movie a lot. >> jimmy: your character sleeps with the daughter of your girlfriend -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: who is how old? >> she's 18. >> jimmy: 18 years old. >> 18. i mean -- >> jimmy: is that -- [ applause ] is that -- is that what attracted you to the project? >> well -- probably the first
12:34 am
18-year-old i've seen in a long time. >> jimmy: when you were that age, a teenager, did you ever date older women? >> i think -- yeah. i didn't -- i didn't date them. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> but -- but there were -- there were a couple of friends of my mother's -- that -- i just -- this just came out in a little article, just now that i had a little fling with, which, my mother just found out about 50 years later. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> 50 years later. when she -- when a tabloid reporter went, you know, she opened the door, said, hi, your son just did an article, spoke that he had a couple of flings with your friends and i was wondering to give you their names. she said, no, it's none of your business. she came back and she asked me, you know what, she guessed. >> jimmy: she did? really? >> she guessed right. >> jimmy: wow.
12:35 am
>> she guessed right. >> jimmy: i don't think any of my mother's friends would have been tempting in any way. >> oh, james. come on, james. >> jimmy: it was hard to see them through the cigarette smoke, to be honest with you. wow. so was your mom mad at those friends? >> no. she just found out. i think they're dead. i think they're dead now. i mean -- >> jimmy: yeah, that's -- she had to have mixed feelings about that. maybe not even mixed feelings about that. that is impressive. more than one of her friends, huh? >> yeah. [ applause ] well, you know. we lived in the suburbs. what can i tell you? >> jimmy: how did your dad react to that? >> well, my father and mother -- they were divorced when -- >> jimmy: wasn't anybody he played majong with. >> no, no. a couple of his friends, that come to think of it -- but --
12:36 am
>> jimmy: guys from the poker group? >> you know -- i got a story for you. >> jimmy: oh, really? you went to college here in -- >> santa barbara. >> jimmy: which is a big party school. was it then? >> no, now it's like highly recruited. but yeah, 1963, i was back east at a private boy's school, and i was a little tight, you know, and so i went through -- remember, they had those college advisers at high school, they were sort of like travel agents, they had these brochures. i said, wait, stop. it said, campus by the sea. no pictures. guys walking down the beach with a surf board and two girls in two-piece bathing suits. now, in 1963, let me tell you, you did not see a two-piece baathing suit back east. you did not. i said, "i'm going there."
12:37 am
so -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have a clip from the movie. i think you may need to set it up a little bit. >> oh, this is -- this clip, i believe, is when my girlfriend, marilu weez parker is sick and she cannot take her daughter for her college -- >> jimmy: putz? >> yes. >> jimmy: it's not too early for her to change her name. >> so, i'm taking her to her college interview at the school. i'm going to be her counselor and take her to a college interview. >> jimmy: here we go. new movie, "solitary man." >> used to, when you need me to break ground on the library. >> what about now? >> courtesy calls when he's in town. >> nice. >> shorts, for when i can write the big checks -- look out! >> hey! >> [ bleep ].
12:38 am
>> let the big dog hunt. let the big dog hunt. >> let the what? >> put the frisbee down. that was my drive. >> you call me an [ bleep ], i'm going to earn it. >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: there you go. michael douglas. "solitary man" opens friday. we'll be right back with atticus shaff shaffer. watch this. ♪
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>> jimmy: our next guest is one of the funniest men on television. he plays brick heck on "the middle." please welcome atticus shaffer. hello, atticus. [ applause ] so, you are 11 years old now. when will you be 12? >> next month, actually. >> jimmy: oh. you have -- [ applause ] you keep after list of things you want? >> i haven't started it yet. >> jimmy: you haven't. nothing jumps out at you? >> the only thing i'm hoping
12:43 am
about being 12 is being a little bit taller. >> jimmy: it will happen, you know. and that doesn't even count as a gift. up get that for free. >> that's true. >> jimmy: how are your pets? i know you have a lot. let's go through them. >> um -- i have two dogs, five cats, a bird, a handful of fish, a rabbit and a small flock of chickens. >> jimmy: how small is the flock? >> semismall. >> jimmy: i mean, is small like three or nine or -- >> no, it's way beyond nine. probably over 20 maybe. >> jimmy: that's a big flock, isn't it? and do those live in your bedroom with you? >> ah, no, no. they live outside. >> jimmy: do you have a special coop for them? >> i do. >> jimmy: i had one of those kfc double chicken sandwich things
12:44 am
and i was like -- no, i want to get them for the eggs. do they lay eggs? >> they do. they're much better than the store-bought. >> jimmy: yeah, they are fresher. >> yes. and it has more of an egg taste. >> jimmy: really? eggier? i like that. and do they -- how many eggs do they lay a day, these chickens? >> it can be anywhere between four and ten, maybe. >> jimmy: four and ten a day? >> yeah. >> jimmy: not each chicken? >> no, that is for each chicken. >> jimmy: what? firing them out like rockets. that's -- that's incredible. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so -- what do you do with the eggs? >> most of them we keep but certain, sometimes we leave them under the hens and they can produce chicks or leave them under the hens until we can grab them on a later day. >> jimmy: you put the toast in the even and you head outside and you fish around and you pull out an egg -- >> bin go. >> jimmy: you say, sorry no baby in this one, because i'm having it.
12:45 am
like that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you name the chickens? [ applause ] >> not all of them. we don't name all of them but i do have one that we have named her name is yeti. >> jimmy: you told me about yeti. a white chicken? >> yeah, big and fluffy like a yeti. though no one has seen one, so we really don't know what it looks like. maybe the yeti is just a giant chicken roaming around up in the antarctic. >> you never know. >> jimmy: is that sort of thing -- are you fascinated by like yeti? when i was your age, i loved that kind of stuff. quick sand was a big thing for me. i was almost certain that i one day would be swallowed up by quick sand. >> i worry about that sometimes, too. but not a lot. >> jimmy: turns out it's nothing to worry about. i have to say, i'm 42 years old, not once have i ever come across any quick sand. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so don't worry about that. >> oh, no.
12:46 am
>> jimmy: do you know how to get out? >> if a vine is nearby, yay. if it's not, boo-hoo. >> jimmy: that's right. they tell you not to struggle. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's amazing that -- i don't know how to do cpr but i do know how to get myself out of quick sand if that possibility should arise. >> that's good. >> jimmy: yeah. >> thinking ahead. >> jimmy: always thinking ahead. i remember from last time you were here, you like '80s music. >> i do. >> jimmy: what bands do you like? >> i like bonn jovi, queen. sometimes duran duran. >> jimmy: queen is more '70s. how do you know these songs? i have a little radio in the car that, there's a channel that's all about '80s music. >> jimmy: it goes back in time? >> basically. >> jimmy: is it like satellite radio. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: so you listen to that. >> i love to. >> jimmy: and the songs are new to you -- >> seminew. i've been listening for a long time. >> jimmy: you have?
12:47 am
[ laughter ] and then do you ever go, like, look up the music videos, or you see the guys and you go, oh, he got old, what happened? >> i don't usually do that. i just like to listen to them. >> jimmy: you just like to listen. and i heard that you've been working on robot dance. >> i have. >> jimmy: you have. and -- who is teaching you this dance? >> well, i -- >> jimmy: some of the roe bolts in the audience are clapping. >> no, i -- i used to watch this show "america's best dance crew" and it was called the strobe, and i kind of developed it into a robot thing. >> jimmy: i see. randy jackson hosted that show, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and he would say, yo, yo, yo, check it out dog. you watched it and duplicate what they did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: can you do some of it for us? >> most deaf netly. >> jimmy: you need an '80s song? >> i like to do it to "safety
12:48 am
dance." >> jimmy: men without hats. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. [ applause ] i -- you know, i bet the chickens would love that. >> good thinking. i should do that. >> jimmy: when you come out to get the eggs, just do a little bit of this. dance safely away with the eggs. your show is picked up for next season, which is -- congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: and you're very funny. you do a great job. having fun? >> most definitely. >> jimmy: very good. atticus shaffer, everybody. starting june 2nd, watch back-to-back episodes of "the middle," wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on abc.
12:49 am
coming up, music from talib kweli and hi-tek. [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same, consider this --
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>> jimmy: this is their new cd, it's called "revolutions per
12:58 am
minute." here with the song "midnight hour," featuring estelle, talib kweli and hi-tek. ♪ when i get home unplug the phone turn out the lights i serve this song ♪ ♪ i'm gonna call my baby tell him that i'm coming see i been gone for way too long ♪ ♪ he needs some lovin' see last night on the phone he told me that he missed me and i listened to his song ♪ ♪ it sounded kinda sexy my baby on the job i know she's working hard she independent ♪ ♪ and i love it it's my word to god the way she get up in it no she ain't really ♪ ♪ got no fear no i don't make it rain but still i'm the one that got her bed ♪ ♪ i need her all at once i been on tour for months her body like a stage as soon as i hit ♪
12:59 am
♪ i tore it up she love how i perform come get a hype like her favorite song ♪ ♪ we riders of the storm touch me baby like the dawn said i just can't wait till the nighttime comes ♪ ♪ and i see my baby said i just can't wait till the midnight hour and i see my ♪ ♪ i'll be home tonight i'll be by his side can't wait till the night begin can't wait to let her in ♪ ♪ ready to handle this the candle's lit the light's is dim so dark be inner vision ♪ ♪ and she might lose her inhibitions. hourglass figure make it last past ten ♪ ♪ four hours last long no intermission i'll come every once in a while ♪ ♪ just to let her know her love in town i'm here to stay so there ain't no way i know she ♪ ♪ love the sound of that i'll make her love come down to earth that's worth another round ♪ ♪ can't take another clown in love with the kid 'cause he underground said i just can't wait ♪
1:00 am
♪ till the nighttime comes and i see my baby said i just can't wait till the midnight hour ♪ ♪ and i see my i'll be home tonight i'll be by his side somebody call my baby say ♪ ♪ i'm on the way now see i been going crazy thinking 'bout you late nights ♪ ♪ the way my heart reacts it lets me know i need him see i been getting ♪ ♪ flashbacks i just got to see him hopped out the taxicab she almost didn't pay ♪ ♪ he let me get your bags i got some things to say i know you miss me girl you know i miss you too ♪ ♪ we kissing taking turns let's go to the room
1:01 am
said i just can't wait till the night time comes ♪ ♪ and i see my baby said i just can't wait till the midnight hour and i see my ♪ ♪ i'll be home tonight i'll be by his side ♪ unplug the phone turn out the lights i serve this song he said when you get home ♪ ♪ unplug the phone the lights is off you know its on know its on ♪ ♪ glad i made it home baby lock that door and be ready for me and it's been some months ♪ ♪ and we don't have long but i'm here now i made it home tonight i'll be by your side ♪ ♪ don't worry 'bout the time i made it home tonight ♪
1:02 am
>> get your hands up. get your hands up. get your hands up. get your hands up. get your hands up. get your hands. now scream!
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