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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  June 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> reporter: rob nelson. abc news. >> and she's a hu . you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. live pictures from downtown baltimore. get ready for major traffic nightmare. what to avoid when heading to work. at tombs it hurts because i know what the family is going through. >> new information after our 11 newscast from sunday on the pit bull attack. the condition of the victim is now worse than originally thought. toll hike prices around maryland could be increasing significantly. today the push to fight the state proposal. we have details. it's 4:30 on a monday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to the workweek forecast. justice has the week off so let's say good morning to
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lynette charles who will welcome us with the smile. >> good morning. i have good news. check out the headlines. it's going to be a marvelous monday. we will start out with patchy fog this morning and then the sunshine will move in as we get the northwesterly flow with high pressure building in. we will see warm temperatures in the mid-80s. and then we will warm up through the week and humidity returns along with thunderstorms as we go into the middle of the week and into the end of the week. right now, though, not lookingtoo bad. it's dry with all five sweeps on and we are looking at temperatures at the harbor school in annapolis coming in around 65 degrees. let's head oaf to tonya with the traffic. >> reporter: good morning. a quiet morning so far. no accidents to report in baltimore city or baltimore county. let's look at the beltway. topside we are doing okay there as well. very quiet. 695 at providence road, light traffic in both directions. hardly anybody out there. we have a report of a disabled
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vehicle on the jfx southbound south of the 41st street overpass on the right. be careful there are no lights. we have something starting at 5 a.m. that road closure is going to be construction on west conway between charles and light lasting through june 17th. howard and 395 to mlk are your alternates. 4:32. that traffic alert this morning takes us downtown where the grand prix construction will get worse. traffic delays are expected to pick up due to the construction related to the grand prix. starting today, conway will be closed in both directions between light and charles street. and just remember that the story doesn't end on here. you can get plenty of information on traffic construction and changes that begin today. log onto and we have more information. click on the slide show for an update. remember the plane that crash landed in the hudson
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river in new york? it's expected to cross the delaware memorial bridge sometime this morning. you see the images from a few years ago. the miracle on the hudson plane is on its way to a air museum in charlotte north carolina. the airbus survived the wreck that made chelsey sullenberger an american hero. it's being hauled from a new jersey firm. the trailer is moving at a rate of 7 miles per hour. if you are out there, you will have a chance to see it as itgoes down i-95. people are fed up with the proposal to jack up toll hikes and gathered at a restaurant to figure out how to stop it from happening. a group of workers, fishermen, business people and elected officials are expected to gather at one at lindy's restaurant east of hatem bridge and nancy jacobs released this statement on facebook saying "i am adamantly opposed to both
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options at the toll facility because it will have a serious impact on local business and families and on. [ expansion." a judge not a jury will hear arguments for and against a police officer accused of killing and shooting an unarmed manout side a bar last summer. the trial for ghiji thsamba does not have jury. defense insist he shot in self- defense but the state says the multiple gunshot wound brown cuffed occurred as he retreated from the officer. everyone will be back in court starting at 9:30 this morning. electronic health records are being used more frequently and later today, the state's lieutenant governor will be in catonsville showing us how they are working. he will will be at a retirement community. doctors and health leaders will talk about the electronic health records.
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4:34. people living in the frederick area have a different shopping experience to turn to today. around 20,000 people came out to welcome wegmans to frederick. it opened at mormon mills road. it will have a ice cream shop and vegetable market and the first to make maryland style crabs and -- crabs and bring 4,000 jobs. stay with us as the cleanup continues in joplin, missouri. we are getting a different perspective of what the twisters looked like. >> you will want to look at this because the tornado, look at that. that's a tease of what's to come a3d perspective of how it could change the way we see tornadoes in the future. plus, a 200 pound black bear has been brought down from a tree. how long did it take animal control to get him down.
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you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we will leave you with a live picture of the capitol in dc. it's 4:36 on june 6th. we will be right back.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. 4:48 on -- 4:38. the death toll from the tornado in joplin is going up. >> three more people passed away from their injuries. city didn't identified victims saying they plan to host a town hall meeting to give details on removing the debris from the tornadoch the may 22nd trist -- tornado. the may 22nd twister demolished a third of the town. this is a 3d image. the national oceanic and admoss fearic association released this image of the tornado. you can see the vertical
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picture of the radar sweeps with the weather event. and it's amazing when you look at this and get an idea of how strong it was. we are not dealing with any severe weather here today. that's good news. maryland's most powerful radar has all five sweeps and we will stay dry through today and heading into the middle of the week. we have temperature into belvedere in arnold around 6 # degrees. and as we check out other weathernet sites, 62 in towson. so as we go -- towson. so as we go throughout the day we will warm into the mid-80s. enjoy it because the humidity and heat is moving back in heading into the middle part of the week. now to tonya with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are still doing okay for the most part. no major accidents in the city or county causing problems. looking at 895, south of o'donnell, we are doing okay.
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very light traffic out there. no traffic problems to report. all your lanes are open. couple things to mention, 95 southbound before 216 and north laurel we had several cars hit debris so we have damaged cars on both shoulders. be aware of that. a disabled truck on the inner loop at park heights is on the shoulder not causing any delays. charley. 4:40. weekend can be relaxing, but they game quite active this weekend in colorado. and it happened in a couple's backyard. >> look at this. what would you do? a black bear climbed up a tree on saturday and he wouldn't come down. the division of wildlife was called out to the scene. the bear was about 30 feet up in the tree and it drew spectators taking pictures with the cell phone dam razz -- cameras. it took six tranquilizer darts to knock it out. he fell to the groped and the stand off lasted -- ground and the stand off lasted four hours. >> i hope he is okay.
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>> it was about one dart per 30 pound of the animal? >> a big guy. yeah. >> all right. talking sports. the heat have gone a game up in the finals. you saw it here. they got 29 from wade and a strong defensive effort win agassi saw game 3 in the finals winning in big d88-86. difference chris bosh. not wade not lebron, it was a late jumper in the final quarter putting miami up by two, a lead they never relinquished. heat go up 2 games to 1. game four tomorrow in dallas. 4:41. an elderly woman is hospitalized following a pit bull attack. right across the street and bit her and dragged her down to the sidewalk. >> coming up, an update on her condition and what may have caused that dog to attack her. and governor o'malley
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you'll be glad you did. 4:44. time for five things to know before going this morning. tonight, an he can cluesively interview by diane-- exclusively interview by i doan sawyer with secretary gates. the president will meet with the national security team. dominic strauss-kahn's arraignment is expected to enter a not guilty plea. he face seven charges including criminal acts and well as sexual abuse. more testimony will will resume in the taste -- will resume in the case of casey anthony. a fbi forensic expert says hair removed from the car shows
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signs contivityent with hair from a dead body. act any is charged with first -- anthony is charged with the first degrow murder in the did -- degree murder in the death of her daughter. rick santorum is a religious conservative and father of # and will fly to iowa where he is going to begin campaigning heavily. an announcement is expected that katie cure like host a talk show -- couric will host a talk show beginning september 2012. cure like contribute to -- couric will also contribute to a news program that will be part of the team but not necessarily in featured role or specific programs. 4:45. we talked about this last week as a hypothetical but it's an event that happened. several pieces of new information came into the newsroom surrounding a pit bull attack of an elderly woman in dwreektown. she is -- greektown. she in pretty bad shape. linda so has been tracking the latest on the updates for us. >> reporter: the victim's
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brother-in-law called to us say she is in icu at bayview medical center in a medically induced coma on a breathing machine. he he says the dog dragged her down two flights of stairs and ripped off the left side of her face. this is a picture of the one- year-old pit bull named blue. the attack happened friday evening when 78-year-old woman went outside to get the mail in the 700 block of ponca street. henriette rouzer owns the dog and says she usually keeps it on a chain but new was with her son when all of a sudden he ran from the porch and scared the elderly woman. >> she screamed and startled him and he jumped on her. she was smacking at him and hitting him. so he figured she was attacking. >> reporter: the victim's family says along with half her face being ripped off she broke her arm in two places and her fingers were crushed. the dog was taken by animal
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control and will remain in quarantine for ten days and will hold a hearing to see if it will be euthanized or returned to the owner. this is our hot topic for discussion. we are wanting your two cents on this. we talked about it last week, megan, you will remember, but the question today is, does an attack like this in greektown, does it heighten your concerned about pit bulls. go to the wmar facebook fan page. eight comments so far and some saying it's the owner not the dog. and others saying sometimes dogs just snap for no reason. we will read some of your comments later on this morning. here on good morning maryland. let us know what you think. 4:47. he dedicated his life to helping others. firefighter mike faulkenhan died trying to save a person and this weekend there was a special tribute for him. [ playing taps become ]
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>> the same apartment that night and we were on the front and backsides of the apartment, and i was able to find myway out of the front-- way out of the front side and mark was brought out the backside. >> the lutherville volunteer firefighter's name was added to a wall of honor for his years of service and sacrifice. he died in january when trying to rescue someone from inside a burning apartment. the tributes have been very touching, family, friends and fellow firefighters say it's not been easy. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. maryland governor o'malley is in beijing as part of a week and a half long trip to asia. he spoke about the importance on the trip on youtube yesterday. listen. >> tremendous amount ofcooperation that goes on with the university of maryland's program and training the administrators here and that is province that exsells in the economy in life science and biotech and medicine and so many of the areas of technology
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where maryland exsells and we had a great meeting today and looking forward to a lot of cooperations of going both ways as we move forward into the future. >> six chinese and korean firms opened office in maryland last year. 75 maryland companies earned 65 millions in sales from exported good to china. according to a report sunday in the washington post, o'malley's trip is costing you somewhere in the tune of $100,000. it's 4:49. a new report says maryland's spending boost is among the largest in the u.s. according to the national association of stays budget officers, the state lynn crease the general fund spending by 11% by 2012 a that begins july 1st. maryland is in the hole to the tune of a billion dollars in debt. according to the study, the increase is the fourth largest of any state in the union. florida, minnesota and iowa have larger general fund increases this year.
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spending is not something a lot of americans have the looksry of doing in in -- lux rif doing in this tough economy. unemployment figures are worse than expected. home sales are down. the republican controlled house has been in power since january and some blame political maneuvering for getting in the way of creating jobs. political and sifts say both side are not willing to agree on much. the health alert this morning. germany says the search for the source of a terrifying e.coli breakout in europe points to a suspect in it's country. officials say the outbreak appears to have been caused by vegetable sprouts on an organic farm in germany. toll climbed to 22 dead and more than 2,000 sickened. in few hours maryland rescuers will go back looking for a swim here disappeared in the trideaf yeah reservoir. the search was called off because it was getting too dark. police say 21-year-old bruce
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yanson was swimming at the reservoir with two other people when he went under and never resurfaced. new report out says the beaches on the maryland and delaware border are clean. environmental officials are saying a lot of the tests are done on beaches in both stades and ocean city, -- states. and ocean city, it was tested twice a week. bacteria levels last year neverwere high enough to warrant a closing on a coastal beach in maryland or delaware. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. we have new video to show this morning in north carolina after severe weather hit saturday evening. strong wind are to blame for damage to numerous homes and businesses around the greater charlotte area. the national weather service says that the storms were capable of producing quarter sized hail and wind of 60 miles per hour. people called to report the
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downed trees and power lines reports saying there aren't any indication of a tornado. that's good news, but you know wheals, it goes to show that tornadoes don't have to -- -- don't have to reek havoc. it will get hot in charlotte. temperatures into the 90s and that hot weather is going to be surging up to the north and east as we go through time. right now, we are coming in around 64. and the satellite and radar is not picking up on a lot. we had a few showers and thunderstorms that moved through overnight. they are out of here and high prierure will -- pressure will build in across the area. we will get a northwesterly flow. things will be nice going throughout the day. the future radar shows a possibility of a storm to pop up. but i think that will stay more to the north and west as we go throughout time. today i am forecatting around -- forecasting around 84 and tonight 64 mainly clear. quiet and then by tomorrow,
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that temperature will be right around 87 degrees. and we will have plenty sunshine and it will be a little warmer. let's send it over to tonya with the traffic. >> reporter: good morning. thanks. we are doing okay. 59 southbound out of white marsh no problems to report. the beltway everyone is at -- 95 southbound out of the white marsh no problems to report. the beltway everyone is at speed. a couple incidents, 95 southbound before 216 several cars that hit debris. we have damaged cars on both shoulders. and still working a disabled truck on the inner loop at park heights on the shoulder. there's no delay. back to you. >> thanks lot. residents in eastern arizona were forced to leave their homes during the weekend. >> what fire officials are doing to put out the fleams while trying to save -- flames while trying to save as many homes as possible. the latest on a tour bus crash that left 20 injured. details coming up. you are watching "guide morning maryland -- "good morning maryland" first and only at
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the third largest wild fire in arizona history burning this morning and growing. look at this video. there's no containment on the wallow fire burning near the new mexico border. more than 2,000 firefighters are battling the fire trying toprevent it from reaching homes nearby. some families evacuated the area. a windy forecast and lightning could spark new fires. 20 people had minor injuries sunday night after a tour bus guided to an-- got into an accident with two other vehicles. the accident happened along chicago's dan ryan expressway. 31 other people on the bus refused treatment so they were okay. the crash comes less than a week after a tour bus crash on a virginia highway killed # and sent 50 others -- 4 and sent 50 others to the hospital. sirian tv says hundreds are dead and others injured.
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hundreds of protesters tried to enter the golan heights and israel responded with gunfire. officials later are charge that sirian government pro orchestrated the protest to draw attention against the antigovernment protesters. amateur video, dramatic out of sirian -- sirian city that shows them fleeing a hail of gunfire. the reports say at least 65 protesters were killed, some maybe in the video you saw. it is believed to be shot last friday and it was posted on youtube the following day showing protesters running through the town before suddenly fleeing and -- in a panicked moment. they are unable to vair fight content or date of the -- verify the content or the date of the video.
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now, "good morning maryland." new toll rates are set to take place in october. today a group opposing the proposed increase will gather to try to find ways to prevent it from happening. >> reporter: traffic backups in downtown baltimore as crews people are for the baltimore grand prix. coming up, i will have more on the street chosures. >> all right, the miracle plane from the hudson river splashdown will pass through our area later this morning heading for a new home. where you can catch a glimpse as it makes its way through slowly about 7 miles an hour. >> imagine if you were living under a rock and are driving on the highway and see a plane? >> why is there a plane down the road? you will want to catch a piece of american history coming on this monday. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's june 6th. justin is off but the lovely lynette charles, our meteorologist is here to let us know what the weather is going to be like today.
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great to have you here. >> thanks megan. always good to be here i need to be here because you make me feel so good. i am like come on with more compliments. like it, like it. marvelous monday. it's going to be awesome today. we will start off with a little fog in the forecast. patchy at best and as we go throughout the day, the sunshine will move in as we will get the northwesterly flow with high pressure building in. and warm temperatures in the mid-80s will take -- we will take that. humidity should stay away and it moves in going through the middle of the week and the heat and also thunderstorms possible. right now, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on any of that. we have all five sweeps and things are dry and continue to be that way for the next several days. into darlington right around 61. and for the most part the wind are calm. a little bit more going throughout the day. but check out forecast hour by hour. we can see 64, 80, 84 for a high today and we will cool back down into the 70s. now over to conyeah --


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