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tv   News  ABC  June 6, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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throughout the week and humidity returns along with thunderstorms in the forecast as well. so, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. all five sweeps on things look good and we will be quiet for the next several days. now let's check on the traffic withton yeah. good morning how are you doing and -- with tonya. good morning. how was your weekend. >> reporter: a relaxing weekend saturday. it's to work yesterday. we are doing okay on the baltimore beltway. 895 south of o'donnell doing well here as well. traffic building in both directions but no incidents to report. all lanes are open. traveling down to dc we have something to tell you about. 95 southbound before 198, the two left lanes are delayed all the way back up to 32 because of an accident. earlier accident in towson west joppa road at chestnut is in the clearing stages. megan. >> 6:30. thanks tonya. the miracle on the hudson will be the marvel on the highway. catch a glimpse of a slow moving flight 1549 as it makes its way all the way to north carolina.
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linda so joins us this morning with what you need to know. linda. >> reporter: it's not every day you get to see a huge plane pass by you on the highway. but if you are on the road, watch out. one of the wide load trucks could be carrying the famous plane that made the miracle landing on the hudson. u.s. airways jet is make its final trip to a museum in chartot north carolina. they -- charlotte north carolina. it left on saturday. the massive 120 foot fuselage is transported on a large flatbed truck. it is scheduled to cross the delaware memorial bridge around 10 this morning. it will pass through cecil, heartford and baltimore counties on 95 and head west on interstate 70 and interstate 68 into west virginia. yesterday, the plane got stuck for about an hour at an intersection in new jersey because it was too wide to make a turn. official removed a traffic pole and a fence just so it could pass through.
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that plane is expected to arrive in north carolina on friday. it will be on display at the carolina's aviation museum in charlotte and here on the main slide show on apc2 on the third -- on the third story down it will bring you all the information. also, we have a link up here for you. if you click on that, it will bring you to this page that's the trucking company that is transporting the fuselage. grouf scroll down -- if you scroll down, it has the process of what it takes to take it through several states. it's headed for the carolina aviation new people in charlotte. expect it to arrive friday but today catch it crossing the delaware memorial bridge around 10 this morning. and then on 95 through cecil harford baltimore counties and heading west on i-70. live in the interactive newscenter, linda so. news around the nation,
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according to the raleigh news and observer, former senator john edwards might serve jail time over allegations that he broke campaign finance laws caused by the collapse of the negotiations between lawyers and former presidential candidate and the justice department. the paper reports that the justice department was insisting that edwards serve 6 months in jail if he pled guilty. edwards pled not felty on fryer -- guilty on friday and he was indicted on six counts he misused campaign funds to cover up an affair. the third largest wild fire in arizona history is burning and growing. there's still no containment on wall of fire that's burning near the mexico border. more than 2,000 firefighters are on hand battling the blaze trying to prevent it from reaching homes. some families have been evacuated from the area. and officials are saying the windy forecast and lightning could spark even more fires. 20 people suffered minor injuries what tour bus got into
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an accident with two other vehicles. the accident happened along chicago's dan ryan expressway. 31 people on that bus refused treatment. the crash comes less than a week after a tour bus crashed in virginia on the highway killing four people and sending more than 50 others to the hospital. hey, -- he was charged for careying a handgun into a nightclub and later today plaxico bur less walk out of -- burress will walk out of prison. he did time for -- time for shaoiting himself and faces another proper grim reamount, the lock -- probable grim reamount, the lockout. he was locked up for two years and set to leave the correctional if a si. he will be a free man later today. news from around the world is serious 20 people dead and hundreds more injured after clashes with propalestinian demonstrators and troops. they tried to enter the golan heights and israel responded
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with gunfire. israeli officials are charging syrian government orange trade the protest drawing attention away from the crackdown on antigovernment protesters. [ gunfire ] >> dramatic amateur video this morning that is out of syria. apparently it shows antigovernment protesters fleeing gunfire reigning down on them. reports say at least 65 protesters were killed. the video believed to be shot last friday and posted on youtube the day after showed protesters walking through the town before suddenly running away in moments of terror with the gunfire when it erupt. the associated press says they were unable to vair fight content of the date as well as video. -- verify the content of the date as well as the video. a lot of blue and white.
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thousands celebrated the 53rd anniversary of israel independence. politicians like chuck schumer and andrew cuomo were among those along the parade routes held every year honoring creation of the country in 1948. organizers say the event is amonth largest celebrations for israel anywhere. frightening moments in the city of christtown. >> yes. coming up, what caused all the panic there that had people running to take cover. plus a. new apple product set to be unveiled this morning. what the new software will allow you to do and who's going to be stepping forward to make the announcement. we will let you know when "good morning maryland" returns first and only at 4:30.
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6:39. residents in new zealand's
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earthquake ravaged city was shaken as another aftershock hit that city. the 5.5 magnitude aftershock knocked items off shelves andsent people running for cover. residents described the quake as frightening. >> things started to shake and things were falling and we just took off out the door. >> the christ church has been rocked by aftershocks since a earthquake that struck in february killing 181 people. no serious damage or injuries were reported from this morning's earthquake. all right. so ael's ceo steve jobs will make a rare public appearance announcing the lawn of the of the-- launch of the latest ael products emmett -- ael products. he made -- appel products e made his last appearance for the ipad 2. he will lawn.
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the lion operating system hailed as the i cloud. >> trying to figure out what it is. >> thanks for the ipad 2, sir. >> did he give it to you? >> actually he did. he said i want you to have this. >> lucky guy. if you are heading downtown, pack patients -- patience because your commute is go moo -- is about to change. traffic could be -- >> traffic could be a nightmare for you. crews continue road imprompts for the baltimore grand prix. coming up, i will have more on those road closures. shy was smacking at him and hitting him. and -- >> -- she was smacking at him and hitting him. >> another vicious pit bull attack leaves a woman fighting for her life. we will have an update on her condition. and if you are heading to one of maryland's beaches oh physicians say you are not going to have to be afraid to take a dip in the water. maryland's most powerful radar is quiet. i will tell you when the
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possibility of it being active once again all that is coming up. more people wake up on and the road. where the trouble spots are and the slowdowns when "good morning maryland" continues. cñ
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we are 15 minutes away from 7. this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's start with the forecast with lynette charles. >> hey, we are looking pretty good going throughout the day. 64 this morning. and 80 by lunchtime and get out and enjoy it. and then by 4 p.m. that temperature will be right around 84 degrees. we will see lots of sunshine in the forecast. and the humidity levels will be down as well. all right let's check the traffic withtoniam good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are starting to see some slowdowns out there top side and the west side of the beltway. let's look at 895 south of o'donnell. starting to get some volume here as well. that's the northbound traffic to the right of your screen. we have an incident to tell you about that's going to be 95 southbound at 216. there are delays in the two left lanes to before route 32.
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alternates are 29 and route 1 back to you. >> thanks so much. it's monday morning, and you are about to get the kid out the door and head to work yourself. the last thing you want to worry about is obviously traffic. but it's going to be a big issue for you this morning in certain parts of downtown baltimore. so we want to give you a heads up. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with what you need to know. sherrie. >> reporter: megan being we are here in downtown baltimore on conway street. look behind me here. you can see that crews have started to shut down a portion of the road here as part of construction for the baltimore grand pre. traffic delays are expected to intensify because of construction for the grand prix. conway street between both directions between light and charles streets will be closed and as you can see, cars have stopped traveling along this street here. crews are breaking down the intersection in preparation for the grand prix to try to smooth the driving surfaces along the route. it is causing all sorts of delays and some frustration for
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drivers. the baltimore grand prix is set for labor day weekend september 2nd through the 4th. it's expected to bring in big bucks and lots of exposure for baltimore. so, again, if you head downtown for your morning commute, you might want to think of an alternate route. and you can head to our website, at and click on the slide show if you want more information on the construction project and more alternate routes. er is ri john -- sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. in other news the commute will be harder as she said, but in other news, this is a hot topic of discussion last week on "good morning maryland" hypeel this thet cal but this morning it's reality. the attack of an elderly woman by a pit bull when all probability raises debate about the safety of the breed. linda so is here this morning with the latest on the attack and an update on the vict's -- victim's condition. >> reporter: the victim's brother-in-law says she remains
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in icu at bayview medical center in a medically induced coma on a breathing machine. doctors were able to reconstruct her face but she remains in a lot of pain and it's going to be a long road to recovery. this is a picture of the one- year-old pit bull. his name is blue. the attack happened friday evening when the 78-year-old went outside to get mail in the 700 block of ponca street in greektown. victim's son-in-law -- the victim's son-in-law said she was conscious through the attack. the dog clamped down on her left arm and dragged her down two flights of stairs and mauled her face and bit her ear and crushed her fingers. you can see bloodstains on the sidewalk where the attack happened. henriette ru -- rouzer owns the dog and says she typically keeps the dog on a chain but blue was on the front pourch with her son when he ran from the porch and scared the woman. >> by her scrolling she
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startled him -- screaming she startled him. she was hitting him and he figured she was attacking. >> reporter: the same family members say the dog was not -- the victim's family members says the dog was not registered and hadn't received shots so she had to get rabies shots. dog was taken in animal control and will remain in quarantine for ten days and they will hold a hearing to see if it should be euthanized or return to the owner. linda so, abc2 news. >> this is the hot topic today on the facebook fan page wanting to know does this attack now heighten your fears regarding the breed. that's the question. two different opinions. one said the owner was on a chain inside the house clearly telling you it's the owner. dave says always the owners. right? i am waiting for police to tell me when a dog bit someone's face-off. so go to the abc2 facebook fan page and let us know what you think and we will share your thoughts throughout course of the show. he dedicated his life to
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helping people and firefighter mark faulkenhan died trying to safe a person and this weekend there was a tribute honoring him. [ plays taps ] >> the same apartment that night on the front and backsides of the apartment. i was able to find my way out of the front side of the building. and mark was brought out the backside. >> lutherville volunteer firefighter's name was add to the wall of honor for years of service and sacrifice this past weekend. he died in january while trying -- while trying to rescue someone inside a burning apartment. the tributes have been touching. family and friends and fellow firefighters say this is not been easy. he leaves behind a wife and two children. ten minutes away from seven. governor o'malley is on a 10- day trip to asia and this morning he is in china. he says that his visit is significant for the future of our state. >> tremendous amount of
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corporation that goes on with the university of maryland program training the administrators and this is a province that exsells in theinvasion economy in life science and biotext and areas and technology where maryland exsells and we had a great meeting today and looking forward to a lot of cooperation of going both ways as we move forward into the better future we prefer for our kids. >> 6 chinese and korean firms have offices opened in maryland in the last year. 75 maryland companies earned 65 million in sales and goods exported from china. now according to reports, sunday in the washington post, o'malley's trip costing taxpayers about 100,000 dollars. maryland likes to spend and aapparent lay new report says the state is number 4 in the entire u.s. for dirk out cash it doesn't have. -- dishing out cash it doesn't have. the state will increase the general fund by spending about 11% more in physicalial year
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2012. that begins -- fiscal year 2012 beginning in about a month. maryland is in the hole of a billion dollars in debt. the increase is the fourth largest of any state in the u.s. the health alert this morning. authorities say more cases are likely for at least another week of e.coli an outbreak that frightened europeans. they are testing results due today. it will most likely confirm vegetable sprouts from a farn in northern germany caused the outbreak that killed 22 people and sickened more than 2,000 others. you can enjoy the beaches of maryland and delaware more a report out says that the beaches are clean in both states. in ocean city, the waters tested twice weekly and southern delaware it's tested about once a week. last year, bacteria levels never were high enough to warrant closing the beaches in maryland or delaware. that's great news. in health news, what's being called two medical
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breakthroughs. a drug suggest that it cuts the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half. fewer side effects than two other approved medication that is are on the market right now. and there's new hope for skin cancer patients. research presented at medical conference in chicago says for the first time, patients with the deadliest form of melanoma have two new treatment options. both drugs test for tumors that can shrink and significantly prolong the survival rates in cancer. 6:53. time for five things to know before heading out the door this morning. president obama will meet later today with the national security team to discuss the future of afghanistan and pakistan. dominic strauss-kahn will be arraigned later today. he is expected to walk out of that posh hotel and apartment and plead not guilty later today. he is facing seven charges including criminal acts and sexual abuse. nor testimony in the case
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of casey anthony. an fbi forensic expert testified hair removed from her car shows signs consistent with hair from a dead body. anthony is charged with first- degree murder in the death of her daughter. another republican throwing his hat into the ring. no surprise at all. pennsylvania senator rick santorum is expected to announce his bid for the white house. father of 7 will head to iowa where he is going to -- where he has been campaigning hfly. an announcement is speced that tate katie cure like host a talk show syndicated by disney and a ba. -- abc. the wall street journal reports she will contribute to an abc news program as part of the team but not necessarily in a featured role on any specific program. >> she is going to be a reporter. good morning. let's check out satellite and radar because we are looking pretty good. we have lots of sunshine as
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high pressure has got its act together. bringing in the dry air. so, we are going see a nice day. we will feel a nice day. future radar showing a chance for a shower or thunderstorm to pop as we go around 6:30. but i am not too much in agreement with that. he think we will stay dry all day. if there is a shower it will stay more to the north and east of us. as we go into wednesday, more of the same plenty of sunshine in the forecast. and we are going to be looking at hot temperatures as well and feeling more of that humidity. 84 degrees today. ample sunshine and by tomorrow the temperature will be right around 64 degrees. tomorrow we are looking at temperatures coming in at 87 degrees. so you can see the trend getting warmer. and you can see the trend on the 7-day forecast as we jump into the 90s as we head into wednesday. 94, 97 with the chance for showers and thunderstorms as we go into thursday and friday. and the front moves through and saturday and sunday, and we are much cooler then. let's head over to tonya with your traffic. >> reporter: we do have some slowdowns on outer loop between -- on the outer loop between
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795 and wilkins but things arer at wilkins. southwest side of the beltway, traffic is moving but we have volume here that's bet then a top side. couple incidents in laurel. we are seeing some improvement on 95 southbound at 216. that accident is now over on the left shoulder. see delays until 32. and 895 northbound we have a disabled vehicle and that's blocking the left lane. we are four minutes away from 7:00 and that's when "good morning america" begins. you feel like a big stud with the women on the set? >> i am but a thorn amongst a group of roses. >> charlie's angels. >> i like it. >> it's been fun and welcome to you once again. >> thank you. i love being here. >> how did you adjust on the sleep schedule. >> i am fine. i am good. i will would be work with it. >> that's lynette being so positive. she doesn't mean it. >> go to my facebook page and join and push like and you can
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follow my posts. >> good. >> do it right now. >> see you in a bit for another update. k9 advantix ii.
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