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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  June 6, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. thanks so much for joining us here on "good morning maryland." hope you had a wonderful weekend. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. friday night, into the weekend, it was great. warmed up a little bit yesterday afternoon but it was goodbecause the humidity was not so bad. >> we will check in with lynette charles and see if we can keep this going. i have a feeling she will say no humidity is on the way but we will find out. >> coming, have you seen this little girl. 10-year-old girl may be the next a caso at -- picasso at 10. a painting prodigy and people are paying big bucks for her
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work. >> we will tell you about that and great local things happening in the community. reach out and read is a program happening right now giving kids the ability to learn more. we will tell you how to get involved. a wonderful program. dr. drover from hopkins is here. we will hear from him and about the program. >> breakthroughs in cancer technology. breast cancer, there's a new drug helping and skin cancer. two new forms of treatment. they are helping people because these are commonly diagnosed forms of cancer. people have more of a fighting chance against those two fumes of cancer. >> mark your calendars because next weekend a conference sounds outstanding. university of maryland medical center is putting it on. it's a woman's conference with everything for everybody. we are talking celebrities and information and charley it's all about being healthy and wealthy and wise and beautiful. sound pretty good right? >> all right. very good. now time for a story you will hear about for the rest of the day today for sure.
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>> absolutely. all right. it's moving 7 miles per hour so pretty slow, and sometimes this morning the plane that crashed landed into the hudson river in new york is expected to cross the delaware memorial bridge. it is happening today. you will probably see it if you are on 95 for a while. the miracle on the hudson is on its way to an air museum in charlotte, north carolina. the airbus with 155 passengers and crew survived that wreck making sully sullenberger a household name and a american hero. it will pass through our area down 95. keep your eyes peeled. >> send pictures if you see it. post them on facebook and let us see what you are seeing. now onto a hot topic. many of you have been talking about this since four this morning when we first posted it. the attack of an elderly greektown woman by a pit bull and it happened friday night. >> this story is sad. the victim's brother-in-law called to tell us she remains at bayview medical center in
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critical condition right now. in medically induced coma. it happened in the neighborhood friday evening when a 76-year- old woman went outside to get her mail in the 700 block of ponca street. the victim's son-in-law posted an update letting us know she was conscious although the attack has shaken her up. she is in bad shape. dog was taken to animal control and remains in quarantine for the next 10 days. the owner told us that the dog was chained up not only outside but inside the house and so happened to be on the porch that day and got loose. >> the dog was not registered or up-to-date on shots. so other concerns there. but that's not the purpose for the hot topic question. we talked about it last week as a theoretical now literally. do edevelopments like this attack on the -- events like this attack heighten your concerns about the pit bull breed and dave was the first to weigh in. >> he said always the owners
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right? still waiting for police to tell us that a ?owder bit someone's face-off -- nuder bit someone's face-off. >> and jennifer says as the owner of a pit it is always on my lap and all around my best friend it's truly the owner. >> if you want to wake in. 50 comments so far since whoa posted this at four this morning. we will go to the official wmar facebook fan page and leave your thoughts. again, the cause of the greektown attack are your concerns about the pit bull breed now heightened. go to facebook and let us know and we will share some of your thoughts throughout the show. >> keep the comments come. we will keep sharing them. stay with us. it was a big sound from someone who is not that big at all. >> you will meet 10-year-old julia dale who sang the national anthem at game 2 of the nba finals. >> ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ >> that's quite a voice. >> wow.
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echoing through the american airlines arena in miami. millions listened but all the pressure didn't get to this 4th grader what were you doing in the 4th grade. >> not singing the national anthem. >> she is a celebrity of classmate at flamingo elementary school in davie night not first time she sung like that. she said she would be happy to do it again. i am sure someone will book her. >> kids are fearless. >> they are. >> they have no idea about the moment of something like that. so good job. congratulationses to her. getting your kids ready to read for some parents seems like it may be easy but proves to be difficult. >> the prescription that is doctors are writing not coming in the form of a pill at all. we will tell you all about this coming up. could hear his nails being dragged across the floor crying. you could hear him hitting the walls. >> a tornado that leveled a town but one dog, well, that dog was one big sign of hope to
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the family. she is an artist and an artist with a brilliant future. >> by the way, she is 4. you are not going to believe this. this would may picasso jealous. but first before we tell you about this we will send it over to meteorologist lynette charles filling in for justin berk. how are you? >> i am doing well. i am doing well. and i think you will like the weather for today as well. let me show you what's going on right now because we have those headlines out there. marvelous monday. we are looking pretty good and we will be feeling good going throughout the day. lots of sunshine on tap for us. the temperatures are going to be in the mid-80s and we will warm things up or heat things up throughout the week. humidity will return and we will see the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as well. if you check out the most powerful radar things are dry and we are nice and quiet. all sweeps are on and that's the scenario through the middle of the week. be prepared. hour by hour forecast not looking too bad going into your
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noontime. temperature right around 80. and 84 as we go into the 4 p.m. time frame and right now, we are looking at 69 degrees into towson and we are going to be seeing more of this as we go throughout the day. we will be right back. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. it's about ten minutes after 9. and preparing your kids to succeed in school is always an ongoing effort and now doctors have jumped on board prescribing books encouraging families to now read together. it's part of the reach out and read program and this morning abc2 sherrie johnson heads to johns hopkins children's center to learn more. >> reporter: 2-year-old ryan and 1-year-old cameron are here at the harriett lane clinic at johns hopkins center for a checkup receiving medical services and also a chance for the little ones to receive a new book. it's part of the reach out and read program. >> we actually intentionally start the very -- start this very early. we don't want kid not to be introy -- introduced to a book until they are old enough to read. the idea of starting early is it's an opportunity to share an experience with their programs. >> reporter: it is offered at
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56 sites in maryland. children come in for a medical benefit and they offer age appropriate books from 6 months to 5 years old each year more than 8 # 4,000 -- 48,000 books are patched out. rachel jones isgrateful for the educational help. >> it benefits the kids and is a wonderful program when they come to a well child visit they get a book and it goes on their age and they usually have a good selection. and they always encourage us to give them 15 to half an hour raeing time with mommy. >> reporter: studies show that children who receive books during visits were more likely to succeed in school. the reach out and read program wants to give low income families a chance academically. >> children who receive books and learn about reading and get to love box before they reach kindergarten gives them an edge above their peers when they begin kindergarten the it gets them loving book and helps with
9:12 am
the vocabulary and gets them ready for school. >> reporter: thanks to a little help little ryan and cameron are off to a great start. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the reach out and read program is in need of volunteers and donations so keep that in mind. they need to buy more books and have to keep the program alive so talk more about the program is dr. george dover the head of johns hopkins children's center. thanks for coming. >> >> a delight especially with the very special program. it's wonderful program to -- whoa take it for granted that reading is something you do for children. but we have learned now actually through this program how very important it is that children actually start off better in school when they are read to and they recognize things much quicker. and their adjustments as far as socially are concerned are much better if parents simply just read to them. >> i imagine too confidence it gives them? >> well, the interesting thing is books are a way for them to
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imagine and the first books of course are story books that parents will read and it's not for them to learn how to read but for hem to begin to use their -- them to begin to use their imagination and associate things with pictures they see. this program has been a phenomenal program. it buys books brand new books, and pediatricians now are writing prescriptions you know, read to your child two hours a day. >> that's great. >> and we -- it's very interesting because not only while they are waiting in the doctor's office, but in the waiting room volunteers many of the people will take the lunchhour and come down and they will read to the children and then hand the book to the parents to have them finish the story. and it's a great way of introducing something fundamental which is so important. >> so you need volunteers and donations. >> absolutely. we need the donations to buy the books. in fact, what we believe is the
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prescription for a book for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old is mandatory and not only that, but if they bring in the since they will get a book. >> we want to give you donation will you take it. >> i will give it to you any time. >> that's big one. >> of course. >> mr. hoop cert general manager at the station. what is this all about. >> we have a check for $8,000 dollars to support reach out and read. we are owned by scripps howard and the scripps howard foundation is a generous foundation. and i was able to find a way to get some money for the program. >> you twisted their elbows. >> they loved to support things especially with anything to do with education, reading with children. so this is a natural. so it was easy to go ahead and request the money and able to get 8,000 dollars toto buy a lot books and hand them out and keep the program going. >> absolutely. and the great thing is that there are tens of thousands of
9:15 am
books now in homes that would have not been there, new books, and parents reading to their children. and that's what this program is all about. we think it's a terrific program. >> happy to support moo thank you, thank you, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> we couldn't have made it smaller to carry out. dr. it's a pleasure to have you. >> always a pleasure to come in. >> and bill. always nice to have you in the studio. >> and abc2 has been a wonderful friend of the children's center and the children of baltimore and this is another exaim pel. >> the community is important to us thanks for coming in. charley you seen a check this big? >> no, i can't. i am curious if i could deposit that. can i take that to the bank? >> you can try. >> we can try. >> back now to your two cents. it's about the events of the pit bull attack that happened in greektown. that is hypothetical a week ago when we talked about it, but
9:16 am
now it's realitych these attacks now heightened your concerns about the pit bull breed. dana says gives me a lab any day. why take the risk even if they raised them from a puppy they have an unknown history not worth taking a chance in the neighborhood. scott says the fact is i don't want to be around any animal that can maul my face-off. well, when was the last time a lab went tore off someone's face? if you have -- if you want to weigh in go to the facebook fan page and the wmar facebook fan page and leave your thoughts. we will share more of them throughout the course of the show this morning. news time is 9:16. and pay attention because you may be about to meet the next picasso. >> this is like a playground to her and i don't think she understands the gravity of it. >> what is causing a stir with the pintsized painter? we will show you work she is producing and how much it is
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going for." good morning maryland" at nine returns. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help
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thanks for sending this in. they tell us this is a tropical inspired design featuring farm grown mini calories and or charred. >> sound like a great drink. >> yes. >> no kiwi poking out but gorgeous colors. give them a call if you havesomething special happening. a parent knows how much their art work is worth and is posted on the refrigerator but is any of it or has any of it been worth more than a thousand dollars. >> meet a 4-year-old causing a budge around the art world. here rob nelson to explain. >> reporter: art critics say the work resembles a picasso. >> it has depth and skill. >> reporter: and from an artist. >> right here. >> reporter: who is just 4 years old. meet ilita an international art sensation from australia and the star of the new york gallery this weekend. >> i am excited.
9:21 am
>> reporter: her parents former artists themself discovered the daughter's talent when she was 9 months. >> she crawled on to the canvass and with such conviction started to move and swirl the paint with her fingers. >> reporter: and now the work sells around the world including one painting that went for $24,000 dollars in hong kong. >> she is an artist. and she is an artist with a brilliant future. >> reporter: while the paintings are selling for big bucks, the business of art to this #-year-old is just -- 4- year-old is just fun and games. you have to show me your favorite painting. show me where your favorite painting is. >> to her, it's like a playground. and i don't think she understand the gravity of it. so she is not affected by it. >> reporter: an artist with a big scene, big energy and just a little girl. >> i want to paint like that and like that and like that. it's going to be so exciting.
9:22 am
>> reporter: rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> just like an artist she ispassionate. >> very passionate but you have to wonder if the day comes when it becomes a job? >> well, clearly not yet. >> 24 grand for one painting. >> amazing. >> pretty impressive. >> that's going to pay for one nice lunchbox. >> yes. i would say so. probably a lot of lunchboxs. you know sumer is upon us and the kid are out of school. and family vacations plans are in the works. >> absolutely. so what you need to look out for when you are searching online for the best place to stay. and carl delmont joins us with mortgage monday. tips to consider if you are in the pact for a house or trying to sell one. it's beautiful outside right now into annapolis. we started with the sundown and now it's coming up and it will be a nice day to take the boat out on the severn river. more of the same in baltimore where the sun is up and manchester gorgeous outside. going throughout the rest of
9:23 am
the day, things look up. but as you head out and about, put on the sunscreen and protect the eyes because you will look at that uv index in the red. so the uv index is going to be on the high side as we go throughout the remainder of today. right now, the temperature in baltimore coming in right around 73 degrees and humidity is at 73% and the wind out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour and barometer is at 30.02 and it's holding steady. your seven-day forecast is all coming up. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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thanks for joining us. last week's heat wave probably has you thinking about a vacation. so you go to the web and starter is surfing and look at pictures and hotels and beaches and pools. but don't be sold solely on the pictures. abc2 news joce sterman explains why in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: on the internet and in brochures have ication stops -- vacation stops look amazing. rooms new and spacious and beaches are press teen but should you believe -- pristine but should you believe everything you see?
9:27 am
>> with today's tech technology you can photo shop anything in or out of the a photo you want. >> reporter: and it seems many resorts are erasing construction cranes and expanding pools to make the place you're staying seem like paradise. that's why angie barnett with the better business bureau warns you not to put too much stock in the shots when booking. >> with the research tools, nobody should be fooled. >> reporter: and it's easy enough to find websites like show you photo fakeouts they found by going under cover but you can be your own detective where travelers post picks of resorts and hotels. >> you can see what a americans posted or what they photo shopped but you can see postings from people who have about there. >> reporter: they show the naked truth about your next vacation spot. making sure you truly see where you are going. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> angie says when booking this is the time to read reviews.
9:28 am
customers who stayed at the hotels or resorts they have the most honest critiques and when booking always use a credit card and don't book more than 60 days in advance. otherwise you may not be able to dispute the charges should something go wrong. news time is now 9:28. and as the weekly mortgage monday segment as always we are pleased to be well -- to welcome in carl delmont. and we are talking about something that's a little too common. welcome with us. what does it mean for someone to be underwatered. >> it's pretty con. you owe -- common. you owe more than it is worth. >> is this resulting from what happened in 2007 when the bubble burst. >> that and everything going on since because home prices are coming down. jobs are hurting. so a lot of things are hurting values in home ownership and demand. >> is it possible this could happen to a home owner and they not know it. >> if you read the papers or
9:29 am
watch tv, you will know but people will say i want to refinance and they find out the home is worth less than imagineed. >> how does it happen? >> it could be a number of things. you could be in a area that was overbuilt and many neighbors went to foreclosure or short sell. you have to look at your neighbors and see what's going on. if the homes are selling you are in a pocket not affected. >> short sale what does that mean. >> a couple things. if a short sale is when you can no longer afford the property and no longer want to live there and you contact bank and they will say we will sell the house for less than what you owe on it. so say you paid 250,000 and it's worth 180,000 and you still owe 220,000 they will accept 180,000 and sell it short of what it is owed and in that case it could impact your credit but it enables you to go do something else. >> i heard this before being in the housing market in the past.
9:30 am
banks do not want these houses because they are taking huge losses as they take these on short sale which is why they may take the 40,000 hit 220 versus 180 and they don't want to be in the business. >> the banks were totallyunprepared for what happened. they are gearing up now to heanld the short sales. they were overwhelmed but same with the loan modifications but it's getting better. >> is this similar to being upside down on a car. >> yes but with a car unwater from the day they hand outkeys if you find it's 100% but it's unusual in housing. >> okay. now also talking about the housing market, interest rates are great, we are at 4s and 5s on some of the numbers. seems like you have the 10 to 20% to put down you can get in a home if you have good cred nitrates are low. >> why aren't we seeing more movement? >> i think a lot of people are afraid because they are worried about i'm going to be
9:31 am
affected,s i made the last three rounds of layoffs will i be in the next cut? and you have this deflationary mentality where they think it will keep coming down. i don't see a lot more room for it to come down but there's room for rates to come down. but if you can go back say 10 years, and look at what home price and rates were here is where we are so it's an excellent opportunity if you are prepared to purchase. and rates are low. also, couple good things going on. there's 100% financing program for those who want reserve in case something happens. >> is this a cyclical process because you said go back ten years and we are in the identical spot. >> well,. >> is it cyclical or is this an oddity over a 15-20 year span. >> it's a national correction i think. it got out of hand. too many people were homeowners that were not prepared or qualified and now the market is adjusting and now it's normalcy. >> so we are in the 4ás and 5s on the interest -- 4s and 5s on the interest rate numbers how long will that hang around now we are going to have midterm election and we are about to
9:32 am
have a presidential election. that's going to affect it as well. >> that could. you have to look at the jobs and what's happening in greece. everyone thought when the fed policy will end at the end of the month that rates would shoot up and the opposite happened because the other things. as long as there's bad economic news unfortunately you have good rates. one positive from the bad news. >> americay -- murky times. >> yes. >> thanks so much. we will have this on the website, if it seemed confusing, watch it and get caught up and answer the questions you may have. that's going to be it. now over to megan for what's ahead. >> thanks so much. thanks we want to go back to your two cents on today's hot topic. the question is after an elderly woman was attacked by a pit bull and is in the hospital this morning. do events like this attack heighten your concerns about the pit bull breed. henry -- henry says pv was pit bull and gentle because he was
9:33 am
raiseed as a family pet just like kids it comes down to parent parenting. scott says round the dogs up and get rid of them. no cats either. you want a pet? have a fish under 12 inches long and that's enough of the so if you want to weigh in, we want to know what you think. tell us and give us your two cents. head to the wm-ar facebook fan page and leave a comment and keep the comments coming bog we will share them throughout the -- coming because we will share them throughout the show. stay with us, they are two of the most common forms of cancer and there's new hope in the battle against them. the-- >> the drug continues to work the way it is working, it's fantastic. >> coming up this morning, we are going to bring you more on two medical breakthroughs in the fight against breast and skin cancer. we will be right back.
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:36. well col back. the fight against -- welcome back. the fight against two powerful deadly forms of cancer. first breakthrough involves skin cancer melanoma. >> the second one a breakthrough in breast cancer. the drug can cut the risk for women in half. most of the time. take a look. >> sorry about that.
9:37 am
we will try to fine the story and we will move on. so, david again we are rating for a report with that and let you know what happens. >> we will have the latest coming up in bit. news time is 9:36. and moving on. >> moving on we are going to go onto today's birthdays. so, if it's your birthday, the 6th of june, happy birthday like monica dawson 31 today. and also celebrating today tonya branch. she is self-employed attending morgan state and is married with two daughters and adopted son and is a foster parent. so way to go. happy birthday to both of you. >> and this picture of the day was sent in from my sister and her boyfriend. he saw this creeping around the house around midnight on friday or early saturday morning. larry, what is that? dismo a large black -- a. a large black bear. >> arkansas -- >> a large black bear. >> they estimated it to way 4 hundred pound and they said should it persist and get a little more daring, which we have learned the animal has,
9:38 am
they are going to come and have the animal removed. he will not be euthanized and he will be relocated to another area and that's a big, big black bear my say so 400 pound. remember if you have an interesting photo or anniversary or birthday and want it announced send it to us. send it to morning show at and give us the information behind the picture so we can pass it along to everybody else. time for a few tured event when you e-mail us and let us know this is happening in the community. mention it on the air. i got an e-mail about the heart and soul stroll and 5k. this is going on for 9 years. it benefits the red dells a happening on sunday june 12th in towson at goucher college. starts at 9 a.m. and you can go as early as 7 to register them. a number and website. if you are not familiar with the red devils they have ties to 38 hours hospitals and breast cancer centers throughout maryland and they have provideassistance including delivery of meals and helping pay books if you are
9:39 am
too sick to cool an transportation to treatments and acupuncture and pretty nontraditional things then a paid for a trip to an amusement park for the familiar hi. so it's great -- family. so aid great organization. >> sound -- it's a great organization. >> this is from randy the alzheimer's fund-raiser family fun day at morningside house of friendship on old telegraph road in hanover saturday june 11th this saturday from 11 to 2. great food, raffels, and classic cars and dance and face painting, balloon art and moon bounce, caricatures and much more. for additional information, again, for the alzheimer's fund- raiser, over in hanover, 410- 863-0830. >> all right remember if you have an event you want to us mention, we will be happy to. just e-mail us e-mail me charlie or -- charley or send it a -- it to morning show at we would love to hear from you.
9:40 am
a bouncy house you know is supposed to be fun. >> it's supposed to be fun. but one a house turns into anything but for some kids. >> we heard people screaming and bouncy house was flying around. >> all right. so look at that. what happened and what caused a big stir on one soccer field. we will she you in a -- we will show you in a bit. we are dry out there. maryland's most powerful radar showing you all five sweeps are on. and we will stay dry -- stay dry and quiet through the next several days. if you can't get out today, which you should, you have a chance tomorrow although it will be a little on the warmer side. in owings mills at harbor school, the temperatures is right around 74 degrees. and dew point of 61. and we will see more of the temperatures as we go throughout the day. soaring up into the mid-80s. the temperature into and alleys is at around 73 degrees. you can see ample sunshine out there. and then the temperature is at 75 as well in glen oaks. looking at other temperatures on the weathernet site see the
9:41 am
71 in towson. 76 in arbutus and 70 in pair goas -- sparrows point. more of the seven-day coming up. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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and there's no annual contract required. why keep paying for cable? move up to the best. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year, plus over 60 premium channels for 12 months. don't wait. call 1.877.729.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.877.729.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. or for other great fios offers, visit us online. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. welcome back. and thanks for joining. we want to go back to the story about the two powerful forms of
9:44 am
breast cancer and skin cancer. we hear about them all the time. but now there's good news. first breakthrough involves advanced skin cancer. we are talking about melanoma. we have heard about that. the second breakthrough involves breast cancer and a drug that can cut the risk in half for women. so look at david curly. >> reporter: tonight researchers considered the treatment a stunning success in battling melanoma skin cancer which when attacks organs is a stubborn and sometimes impossible disease to treat. >> this is going to be revolutionary to treat bashes cancer. >> reporter: scientists revealed a new drug which targets genetic cell mutation affecting about half of those with melanoma. >> ready? go. >> reporter: corky cork ran is one of the patients whose melanoma spread. fearing death he tried the experimental drug. >> it's if it continues to work the way it is working, it's fantastic. >> reporter: it was so effective in keeping patients
9:45 am
alive those on chemo were offered the drug instead. >> we have tears of joy in clinics. when we have a patient who is really sick from melanoma we have enrolled them on the clinical trials and in 72 hours, they are better. >> this is unbelievable. >> reporter: also announced the already approved drug that stimulates the immune system to fight cancer. it increased survival for melanoma patients by 1/3. and on the weekend that they raised for a cure in the nation's capital, researchers say they have proven a new drug helps prevent breast cancer. the drug shows the risk of developing breast cancer was cut by 1/2 with fewer side effectsthan two other approved drugs. >> that is exciting new research that will take us further over the next five and 10 years and produce meaningful results forpatients. >> that's david curly reporting. in other news this morning, bounty house -- bonsy house are
9:46 am
supposed to be fun especially for kids. but a frightening scene took place and you see it here out in long island. high wind sent one of those inflatable bouncy houses. parents rent them for the kid. it went soaring going through the air with kids still inside and here's abby with the story. >> reporter: it was a horrifying scene. an inflatable bounce house blowing across the new york soccer field. kid were inside. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 13 people were taken to the hospital. and it happened before. just last month this fly away inflatable playhouse in arizona injured several children when it flew away. there have been thousands of injuries. we showed video of the bounce house to gary of magic jump rentals in los angeles. >> that's unbelievable. >> reporter: he says accidents like this are easily preventable by make sure the house is properly anchored. >> it's an amiewnsment ride and with all amusement ride there are a little bit of risk involved. >> reporter: he says the bounce houses should not be used in
9:47 am
wind over 20 miles per hour. >> and it's all about being careful and being safe. doing it the right way. >> oh my god. >> all right. that was abby boudreaux reporting. we want to tell you about a great event that's happening in the community. healthy wealthy wise and beautiful sound pretty great. that is the focus of a conference going on neck weekend and you can attend. heart and soul awards this week -- next weekend will have everything for everybody. donna jacobs is senior vice president for government affairs at university of maryland medical system and tells us more about this great event. thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> so what's this all about two days correct? >> two days. heart and soul weekend for the awards weekend starting on friday june 1th and continues through saturday evening the 18th. on friday, there are awards to women of substance who have been honored by the heart and soul magazine over the last six
9:48 am
months. and then on saturday, all day from 8 really until 4, there are three tracks of healthconference and events for women of all ages, teens, and a special unit for nurses who canget continuing education credit. it will be trick and there are 18 sessions plus some to get information about anything from foot pain to breast care to heart disease to diabetes and spiritual health and financial wellness. there will be exhibitors on hand who have information that will be of tremendous importance to women and they will be celebrities stopping through the entire time. we start with a preliminary session with the a doctors hugh publiccation was in essence magazine and in the evening we have award presentations to about a dozen women and one man including first ladies let's
9:49 am
move initiative, our ann anicoleparker. >> lost women are excited about that. >> getting a lot of attention. >> i am sure and friday it's sort of a little bit of glitz and glamour and saturday it sound like you have something for everybody. >> right. this is a collaborative event between heart and soul magazine and university of maryland medical system. we tried to make it accessible and exciting and very informative for all. >> so if someone wants to go, tickets are tell available? >> it's easy. two websites, one which will give general information and you can register you should register. and that's heart and and there's great package for the entire weekend if you move quickly. you can get in for not too much money. and that's for friday night, saturday all day and saturday night. if you want to come to the conference alone, the health conference, that's free or you can pay $10 and get a subscription to the magazine. >> that's fantastic. tell everybody why you decided
9:50 am
to do this? >> we have an interest in community health. we want people to know what to do, how to talk to their providers and we have a special session on what to say, how to say it and get the message across and get the information you need. and people said consistently we need more and more information. so we want to be able to bring doctors from the medical system to you in an accessible way to talk one-on-one and get your questions answered and do something good for your health. >> thanks for coming in and telling us about this. we had the information on the screen. if you missioned it it will be on abc 2 so great to have you. >> thank you. >> thank you. stay with us, we want your two cents on the subject we have been asking you about this. about dog attacks. the one that happened recently over the weekend. does it make you more concerned about the breed of pit bulls. jim says i am thinking that people should have to apply for a dog owner's license and pass a test showing they know how to train and care for a dog. kala says i am the owner of a pit bull and a pug and i can
9:51 am
tell you we go out in public and people are more scared of my pug because he is the one with the attitude while the pit bull sits quiet. if you want to weigh in, we want to know what you think. share your two cents head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and keep the comments coming. we would love to share them throughout the morning's show. all right an emotional reunion with the tornadoes victims in massachusetts on saturday. a family was reunited with their dog. just days after the twister hit. the dog you see him in the video, his name is shadow. and now they are calling him a super dog. the 6-month-old rescue puppy was ripped out of a home during the tornado. they searched everywhere to fine the puppy. several sleepless nights shadow turned up saturday morning without a scratch. found about 200 yards away underneath the roof of the house that was destroyed. >> the dog was petrified and
9:52 am
wouldn't come near us. so we tried to cokes it out with food and wouldn't happen. and then one of the state troopers went under and got the dog. >> he jumped all over us and licked us and he is doing great. he is tired and hungry but besides that, he is in great shape. >> shadow's role in the family is extra special and great they found him because he was actually a gift for their 7- year-old girl who has been battle cancer for the past two years. so i am sure it made her day. to get the puppy back. no doubt it was a gorgeous weekend with really pleasant temperatures and low humidity. we will get a repeat hopefully for the monday a live picture of the harbor shows things are good but lynette charles is going to fill us in on the rest of the day and week when we come right back. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. everybody. we are looking at plenty sunshine for today. high pressure builds in across the area. and it's going to turn out to be a nice day.
9:56 am
still, we could feel humidity out there. but it's not going to be as humid going into middle of the week. as we go into the afternoon hours, a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm to pop up to the north and east of us. i think mainly we will be dry as we go throughout the day. and this will continue as we go into wednesday as well. and as we go into today, temperature wise, right around 84 degrees. tomorrow we will be a little warmer coming in at 87 and then by tonight we will be around 64. and here's the 7-day forecast for you. you can see temperatures will get a little hotter as we go into the 90s as we go through your wednesday. and thursday and also friday and that's when we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for us and then going into saturday and sunday, not as bad, temperatures will drop back down into the 80s. >> it will be stamy. >> i know. -- steamy. >> i know. >> now i am pregnant it's like it's so hot. >> did you say 97? >> yes. >> blame her. here's the problem this one thing we talked about earlier. you can say that, with a smile on your face. and you are like oh not that
9:57 am
bad. >> she is smiling. >> exactly. >> all right wrapping things up our top five these are the top five worst selling cars of 2011 some of these models you are going to know the mark but may have never heard of the vehicles. >> all right. so let's look number 5, the toyota tundra. >> we know in a. number 4 nissan quest. that minivan didn't touch honda or toyota. >> number 3 honda insight that's the car put up against the toyota prius and the prius killed it. number 2 the acura zdx never heard of it. so. >> number one the cube rye tribecka. >> yeah who heard of it? apparently it looks like a bubble. and didn't sell well and they canceled it. >> it has to be a very expensive disappointment. >> i think that acura is expensive like 50,000 dollars. >> yeah. >> ouch. >> thanks for joining us. don't forget we are here stouterring -- starting at 4:306789 hope you join news
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