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tv   News  ABC  June 8, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we have the code orange in effect and we are waiting for the -- and we have the code orange in effect and we are waiting for the cooldown. you can see in the orange the eastern shore is not involved in that but the eastern shore is involved in the air quality alert so the code orange is going to be for sensitive groups. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and looks like it will stay that way throughout the day. all right. let's go over to megan. >> thanks so much. before we get to news, we will take a look at traffic right now. again, it's almost 5:30 in the morning. still early to be out on the road. you are looking live at 695 at wilkins avenue. looking pretty good right now. there are some construction projects around the community. the one we have been telling you about for a while east conway closed between light and charles. that construction is going to be going on until june 17th. there are alternative routes. and severe impact is expected
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because of construction in baltimore on east madison street. that's closed between north wolf street and rutlin avenue. right now, if you are heading on the highways, things look pretty good. your kids will do anything to get out of school and they are getting their wish today early and it's because of the heat that is setting in. we have team coverage for you this morning and we begin with abc2 news sherrie johnson live in northeast baltimore war school is going to have a shorter day. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here at leaf walk elementary middle school in northeast baltimore. one of several schools in the city that don't have air conditioning which is a major concern because it's going to be a hot day today. now baltimore city schools have a half day because of the heat. and right now, i have keith scrogins the chief operating officer here. thanks for joining us and being out here this morning. can you tell us or give us a
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breakdown how many your schools have air conditioning or don't have air conditioning. >> we have 82 schools out of our 180 buildings that have air conditioning. and we are slowly building on that number each year as we are able to gain funding to perform major renovations in the schools. >> reporter: can you tell us, you have a half day today that means students will leave early. we are coming up on the end of year, june 17th. how had it affect student? we have snow days and they have to make up days and tack them on to the end of the year. somehow leaving early going to affect students. >> it doesn't affect a school year. if we would close the school year down it would add days but this allows us to maintain the integrity of the school year and get the kid the education they need. >> reporter: thank for joining us and we will talk to you more throughout the 6:00 hour too. let's look at baltimore county
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schools. they have about 173 schools centers and programs fully air conditioned. all of the schools have some air conditioning. but half do not have full ac in the classroom. the superintendent is the person that makes the decision to close school because of the heat. and he takes into accountweather forecast if the schools were hot the day before to make that decision. and today, baltimore county schools are closing two hours early because of the heat. so everyone is work on trying to keep the kids safe in the heat. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. if you want advice on the heat we have you covered. we spent hours working to assemble video tips and all essential phone numbers that you can use during the coming heat wave. click on the article at our slide show special report hot weather guide to read and learn more. severna park man could take action against his neighborra police say he shot and killed
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his pit bulldog. it happened this past weekend. the shooting happened saturday night and the owner there derrick hopkins says his family was out to dinner at the time. hopkins neighbor told police the dog approached him and was acting aggressive. mcconnell pulled out his handgun and shot the dog. officers charged him with animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in a residential area. vet nare yays -- veterinarians put a pit bull to sleep after have beenly attacking a woman in gregetown. she is in the hospital with broken bones and injuries to her face after the mauling. the dog's owner owes 550 in citations for the incident. around the nation right now, a massive wild fire in arizona has destroyed nearly 500 square miles. the wild fire is in eastern arizona and is threatening two towns right now. crews have been going back and trying to containt burns right
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now. they are trying to build a bulldozer line to protect towns in the community. >> let's look at the 35,000 feet up. this is the arizona wild fire still photo taken about 100 miles north. looking south, you can see the smoke stretching hundreds of miles lingering over colorado and california. that is nowhere near under control. wisconsin air national guard is trying to figure out what caused one of the fighter jets to go down. the pilot was on a routine training flight when the plane literally fell out of the sky and hate house. neighbors say the homes shook so hard they thought a bomb was going off. the fighter jet hit a man's summer cotage and the pilot ejected before it went down. he was later found with cuts on his body. stay with us. senate races don't get national attention usually. >> but this one area race is certainly on. . >>i just disagree with the
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ideology that's it. country is going on the wrong path. >> that's because he is a former secret service agent who is on the presidential protection detail. also ahead, one community could be the beginning of the end with the red light cameras. the police commissioner has voted to end the program but does it seat precedent for other communities. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
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now "good morning maryland." thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. his job was to protect the president and he is protecting the ideas of america and maryland by running for office. >> he is a former secret service agent who is running for maryland senate and says he disagrees with president obama's politics but respects the commander in chief. he is a republican in a state that has not what gop senator since 1987. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. we are starting off the morning
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on the warm side. in the afternoon, it will be on the hot side going through today and tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and that's the trend going throughout today. tomorrow will be a different story especially going into the afternoon and evening. but right now, the temperatures coming in right around 70 degrees at perry hall. mid -- perry hall middle school. and at 8 p.m. around 7 2. 90 by lunchtime. and it will be hume aid and continues noel 4 p.m. hot outside and make sure if you step out and about today, put on the sunscreen. the uv index is on the extreme side so you can get burnt very quickly. megan. all right we will look at traffic right now. this morning, we will see how things are moving along. again, still early this morning. so, the roads are looking pretty clear. this is 695 at providence right now. this is east view of the road. traffic seems to be moving along quite well this morning. but if you are worrying about construction head as you head out, there are projects that
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are expected to give you severe impact. for example, if you are heading down 83 this morning, towson northbound by york road, there's a construction project in the roundabout the intersection ofallegany and due lanny valley. so keep that in mind if you are headed out. we will keep you posted on traffic delays but right now things look smooth. 5:41. it could be the beginning of the end of the red light cameras in los angeles. the police commission voted to end the program because basically it's pointless. after a lengthy review concerns came down to the ineffectiveness of the program and what many ticketed motorists didn't know is there's no penalty for ignoring the ticket. the court sends your name to a collection agency but according to a commissioner, the courts take no legal action. today's temperatures will be warm. >> absolutely. drink a lot of water, yeah. gatorade. >> stay in the shade kind of.
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>> we play under the tree. >> the pool, ice cream. sprinklers. >> with temperatures reaching into the high 9today and maybe in close to 100, everyone is look for ways to keep cool. what to do to avoid heat related illnesses. we will fill you in when "good morning maryland" returns first and only at 4:30. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? it can feel like there's a ton of weight on your chest. you could also feel squeezing, pressure, or discomfort. don't make excuses for these symptoms. make the call to 9-1-1. you might also feel shortness of breath. so don't make up an excuse, like, you're out of shape. make the call. did you know feeling nauseous can also mean you're having a heart attack? call 9-1-1. breaking out in a cold sweat is another sign. don't make excuses, like, "it's menopause." make the call. feeling unusual fatigue is another sign -- call 9-1-1. and sudden dizziness or light-headedness
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can mean a heart attack. call 9-1-1. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms... even pain in your upper stomach are symptoms of a heart attack. so don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. to learn more, visit
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all right. get ready for a hot and humid day today. for all you moms going to the pool is something that seems like a great option when it's hot out. that's something you do. but when it's supposed to be this hot, you have to keep in mind that the heat can be crucial. abc2 news linda so is live this morning at meadow brook aquatic center with some important advice for parents out there. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. we know pool time is a summertime favorite for moms  and their kid. we have about a dozen people startling their day out right -- starting their day out right this morning. pretty busy and the water feels pretty warm. feels cool. but we know homes will be -- moms will be heading out to the pools and schools will be letting out early and we have important tips you need to keep in mind if you are going to bring your kids to the pool later today. joining us this morning is
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john, general manager at meadow brook. thanks for joining news good morning. >> reporter: so, you said the pools get really busy summertime when it is this hot. >> they will. this is part of our busiest time in early june when the schools are letting out because of the heat and people have not started going on vacation. this is the one place they can cool off. >> parents especially with the younger kid, infants, toddlers, you said the morning time is a better time to come out to the pool when it's a little -- the midday heat you are avoiding. >> exactly. the early morning 10 to 12 is an ideal time and if your child is on a schedule where they eat lunch around noon and maybe take a mid afternoon nap aid great time to come out before the heat of the day and there's a lot oflawn shade and you can get a fun time for the kid to have at the pool where it's not crowded before the schools let out. and get home before the heat of the day hits. >> reporter: i think a lot of parents know the importance of sun block. we need to put it on but you said to put it on before you go outside. >> i think it's important to
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have it on at least 30 minutes before you are going to be out in the sun. and if you have got a couple children with you, it's a lot easier to put it on at home and get them in the car and bring them here. when the kid see the pool, they want to run and jump in. so, if you are trying to slather them up with sun block and they are trying to get in the pool, you won't get a good coverage. wan they -- and when they jump in the pool after that some of it will wash off. >> reporter: thanks we will come back later. i know you have other helpful tips. again, you will want to reaplight sun block. if you bring your kids, a wide rimmed hat to protect them from the sun. but coming up at 6, we will have new information for you about sun exposure in infants and how the things you need to keep in mind as a parent to keep your babies your infants safe in the sun. but again, we are live here at meadow brook aquatic center and we will have more tips coming up at 6. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks so much. with the summer season
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comes outdoor youth activities like baseball and softball and lacrosse that keeps safe in the hot temperatures. and that has to be the top priority. not only the of the players but the coaches and the parents and i courting to ripkin coaches and parents should play close attention to the players. noticing if they begin to act disoriented or confused, also make sure the youngsters are sweating. they stop sweating, that's a good sign for dehydration what can head to exhaustion or heat strokes. coaches should provide water coolers and plenty of ice should they work in breaks and water breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. players need 8 ounce of water every half-hour to be safe. we will have a link to this at coming up later this morning. air conditioners are about to get another workout today. and air conditioning companies will be flooded with calls. the experts say that there are three things to keep in mind. make sure your air filters are clean. they should be located near the
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return air duct. flip the switch on the thermostat for the fan setting to fan on not auto. and always make sure that you watch the outside condenser coil at least one a -- once a year on your units. >> the elderly can't most vulnerable when it comes to the miserable heat and that's what we are about when we talk about the experience of this. it's important that you check on the older adults being your parents or a neighbor. today -- today and tomorrow and into the weekend. we are dealing with record highs according to the website caring fans are not protective against heat related illnesses with the conditions reach 90 plus degrees. and 35% humidity. our web department at abc2 has been working extensively coming up with information for the heat wave. go to the article special report and hot weather guide to read and learn more about what you can do. 5:49 right now. getting results.
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back in april, abc2 news joce sterman uncovered hundreds of elevators are way behind on inspections. now the agency that oversees the inspections is taking action. they are going to take the expiration dates of those inspections off the certificates in the elevators. instead, they will show the date of the last time that elevator was inspected as well. how long the inspection is valid. it's more important to note that just because an elevator passed inspection date, that doesn't mean it is unsafe. we have the entire investigation on elevators and escalators in the area. you can check it out read the investigation watch the video at when you see the he will raters and frequent -- elevators and click on that and see when they were last inspected. hi. i am meteorologist lynette charles. and the numbers for today, the low should be around 59 degrees. the record low was sit in 1977.
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and it was 43 degrees. the record high now should be 97. it was setback in 1999. and you know what, we are definitely going to be flirting with that today. and where we should be is right around 81 degrees so. we will be well-off that. we are looking at heat advisories throughout the day. and the eastern shore looks like it gets a break with the heat advisory from noon until 8 p.m. this evening. but, the eastern shore does not get a break from the code orange in effect. everyone is under the code orange going through the remainder of today. highs yesterday came in right around 90. so we were on the brink of getting really hot. that actually started it. and hagerstown came in around 82. york right around 85. easton close to 90 at 88 degrees. so our lows this morning not too low. close to 70 in baltimore. 70 in easton. and patuxent river at around 72
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degrees. 67 in charlottesville. now the moisture big story because if we didn't have the moisture out there or the humidity out there, then we wouldn't be feeling so bad. so these moisttures or dew points close to 70. that means that air is really saltry and we are going to be feeling it as we go throughout the day today and also tomorrow. the satellite and radar is not picking up on a lot. we are dealing with mainly clear skies translating into sunshine going through the remainder of the day. and then we will have a little bit of change in the forecast. but in the meantime, high pressure pumping in that heat and also that humidity. future radar not picking up an whole lot but it will pick up and the line of thunderstorms going into the afternoon on tomorrow and lingering into the evening and also maybe even into friday. so for today, the temperature coming in right around 96 degrees. we have the hazy sunshine out there. we have a heat advisory and we have a code orange.
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and by tonight, the temperature coming in right around 72 degrees. it's going to be mostly clear. and also stamy and by tomorrow, it gets even hotter-- steamy and by tomorrow, the it gets even hotter. hot and humid again with the heat indexes 100 or more. >> it's 5:5 p 3. let's -- 5:53. let's look live outside at the white house. >> it's going to be a busy and hot one as well. record high temperatures going to be a big story throughout the day. you watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:306789 we are back in a bit.
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and quell come back. it's -- welcome back. it's heat and you -- heating up and listen to what lynette has to say. >> it will heat up going throughout the day. hot, hazy and humid. i will tell you if there's relief on the way. incredible images coming up. keeping cool at the pool is how a lot of you moms love to spend the summer i know it's a favorite for me. coming up, we will have important tips on how to keep
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your kids safe in this extreme heat. and incredible images out of rhode island after an old mill caught fire and how firefighters got it under control. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." the heat wave is about to hit the area again and it's having an impact on the schools. so you will pick the kid up early. >> i don't know why he did it. and jasmine is gone and they don't know why. >> a family in mourning after the loss of their pet. why a neighbor shot their dog. also ahead, if you are trying to lose weight, we have a list of some of the best diets that will help you get down to the size you want. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. t


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