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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 18, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." allegation of child abuse this time at syracuse university. i am landa so what a-- linda so, what long time assistant basketball coach is accused of doing. >> reporter: and occupy wall street protesters are okay pight highways. hear why protesters are -- high occupy the highways. here why protesters are headed to the capital. >> reporter: look for fun to the holidays, go to the inner harbor for it's water front life. i will tell you about it. it's 6:00 on this friday, november 18th. good morning i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast for your morning commute and maybe a peek at things to come. let's say hello, to justin berk. >> good morning. on this purple friday. yesterday, jack and aaron were talking about can you smell when it's going to snow. and people had that feeling that there was snow in the air. well, there may have been a flake or two around town but i wanted to take you to deep
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creek lake as the conversation went on with people saying they could smell it out may have been smelling this as the crowd built in. they got heavy snow out there in garrett county building in late in the day. they had whiteout conditions covering on the ground and this morning at the ski resort in mchenry, 19 degrees. that will shake you awake and we have winds there pushing 29 miles per hour. wanted to show yaw that because- - you that because you may feel better about what's close to home. 34 by the bay at sparrows point. 27 columbia and glenwood and we are dealing with basically clear skies. what is normal 36. so we are below normal this morning. we are not going to make the 56 this afternoon. and in fact, about 10 degrees below the mark with winds and sun at 46 degrees. if you hold tight in a few minutes we will show you the visit to deep run elementary yesterday. it was a big success. right now hopefully your traffic is is a success at 6:01 here's tanya. >> reporter: things are change.
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895 north past the toll plaza we have police activity. watch out and slow down near the flashing lights. looking live at traffic cameras 95 at 175 going through howard county in both directions. traffic is building but you are doing okay making ware past savage. 95 at tidings bridge we have roadwork going on in the right lane. so stay to the left if you can. couple accidents northbound accident past 222 and 95 north at 543 there's an accident on the right shoulder. drive times are doing okay. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes. charley. new developments at penn state this morning. the acting athletic director will address the media at 10:30 the day after the 9th alleged victim has presented to the attorney general's office and the attorney says it could be the beginning. >> it caused them to pick up the phone and break the silence in way they hadn't been able to before. and attorneys say jerry
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sandusky sparked a victim backlash when he declared his innocence and they say it could lead to as many as 100 accusers coming forward before this is all said and done. fran penn state to another university more allegations of sexual misconduct. abc2 news linda so is here with a report on that as now we head further north in new york. >> reporter: these allegations involves syracuse university and let me tell outked hotch jim boeheim is defending -- you the head coach jim boeheim is deaning the assistant coach saying he never seen or witnessed anything that fine would have been involved in the activities alleged. one of the victims says he decided to come forward after seeing what happened at penn statech the two former ball boys say fine molested them when they were young boys. one of the alleged victims who is now 39 years old says the sexual abuse started in 1984 when he was about to start 7th grade and continued until he
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was 27. on thursday, bobby davis told espn it took place at fine's home at the university's basketball facilities and on road trips including the 1987 final four. the second victim mike lang who was 45 years old and is davis' stepbrother says fine started molesting him when he was in 5th or 6th grade. he too was a ball boy for the basketball team. syracuse university says it conducted its own investigation in 2005 when it received reports of alleged abuse. but the school couldn't find any witnesses to back up the allegations. we want to warn you the sound you are about to hear is graphic. >> when he first did it he moved away and you didn't want to say anything because you know you didn't feel like you were capable of saying anything you know. he is a god to you, you know or he can do whatever he wants. but not with me i didn't feel right about it. and i told him that bernie please don't do that to me.
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>> reporter: bernie fine has been the assistant head coach to jim boeheim for 35 seasons a former syracuse player who worked closely with fine throughout his years as the algages are completely ridiculous -- allegations are completely ridiculous and believes the penn state scandal may be a motivated factor forwhy the alleged victims are coming forward now. linda so, abc2 news. >> for the latest update on this and penn state, the sexual abuse scandals the place to go. we will have the very latest for laws being proposed for reporting abuse cases here in the state of maryland. a change in the lineup for the baltimore ravens and this is news on a friday morning. it's huge. according to the carroll county times ray losei will sit -- lewis will sit this out. he has not missed a game since december 2007. on sunday, the ravens take on the bengals at m and t bank stadium kick off is set for
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one. new this morning occupy new york protesters are heading to baltimore on the way to the nation's capital part of new movement called occupy the highway. sherrie johnson is here with details of what's to be expected as they head to dc. >> reporter: well, new this morning, occupy wall street has taken to the highways. they are matching to the nation's capital in washington, d.c. we are hearing from protesters that the trip has not been an easy one with the group walking on foot. last night a small group made their way from new york to havre de grace where they spent the night there. this morning they are head for baltimore on the way to dc. the hikers wouldn't to protest in time for the congressional deficit reduction hearing. the destination is the mcpherson square the home of occupy dc.
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occupy the highway hikers plan to stop in 11 cities before reaching washington, d.c. on november 23rd if you want more information head to abc2 and the story is in the slide show occupy wall street, but once you head to the story, you can click in the middle of the story on the facebook fan page. here you can see a list of all the different things they are doing and they have been talking a little bit about the walk and thanking people for participating. and they have 132,000 people that like this page and over 21,000 are talking about it. they offer tips on what to do if you are arrested. how to handle police conduct. so, a lot of different information there. you can head to the website and you will find all the information. reporting live in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. some plans may have not goneaccordingly but occupy wall street protesters are goingstrong clogging up streets and tying up traffic around the country. peter king says he supports the
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mayor's decision to block the protesters from sleeping in the park. >> living in their feces and urine, assaults were carried out. to me there was nothing admirationable about the demonstrators. this is nowhere comparable to martin luther king. it was an. [audio not understandable] >> it's been two months since the movement started and since then hundreds of arrests have been made. and new information about a man charged with the attempted assassination of about a rock oam -- barack obama and his staff. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez believed he was jesus christ and president was the antichrist. now according to court documents he fired an assault rifle at the white house and the president and family were not at home at that time when the shooting happened. baltimore county police need your help tracking down a bank robbery suspect. take a look at the photograph. this man here. he walked into a wells fargobank tuesday and hand over a note to the tell erin hinted that he -- teller and hinted he
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may have a weapon. teller hand over the cash and he ran off. if you have information, call police at 410-307-2020 or metro crimestoppers at 866-7-lockup and you can go online at if you are looking for something fun and exciting to do, you don't have to travel far. beginning tonight it's a water front life beginning at baltimore's inner harbor. corinne redman is live with more on what a going-- what's going to be more than a month's worth of festivity. >> reporter: it's going to be over a month worth of festivities for the holidays. there will be tons of stuff to do for everyone in the family. it feels like the holiday because it's so cold. joining us live is beth who has been with us all morning to tell us about it's a wonderful life. what kind of events are planned? >> there are several events that kicks off tonight with the polar express takes the harbor and tomorrow winter wonderlands
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and community lantern aprads and power plant light show spectacular and continues through the end of the month through december 31st. >> reporter: and also kendall is here from the aquarium and will tell us about some of the events at the aquarium for the holiday season. >> yes. so today we will have art events and we will do a polar express special screening so come in it's the friday after 5 price so you can get in for $8 and we will have a polar express lounge where you can meet the conductor from the polar he can press. hot chocolate and cookies and fun kids craft. >> reporter: that kicks off tonight in. >> it do-- express. hot chocolate and cookies and fun kids craft. >> reporter: that kicks off tonight right? >> yes. >> reporter: it kicks off at the inner harbor and the big event and polar express scene kicks off here. if -- express screening kicks
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off here. corinne redman, abc2 news. if your water bill in the mail is the price of a car, not a car payment but the car. for a grandmother in baltimore it was a reality and why the city said she needed to fork over total grand. smoking can be a tough habit to break, but you can see results in a few hours. and severe storms do major damage to south carolina. video like this ahead. but first, let's go back to new york for the latest in business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money thanksgiving pain at the pump. it will cost more to drive to mom's house gas prices are higher than for any other thanksgiving and averages 3.44 a gallon or 56 cents more than last year. u.s. birth rate is down for the third straight year and the experts are blaming the economy. women of all races are putting off having ildren but younger women were the most
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dramatically affected. and boeing's fortunes are soaring with two big orders for planes one for 22 billion of new aircraft. president obama says the orders will recrate -- create 100,000 u.s. jobs and call of duty modern warfare three seat recordwith 775 million dollars of sales in the first five days and it's the third record year and for all entertainment. and that's america's money. i am sonny hoston.
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after storms swept in york county. three people dead and five others hurt. national weather service is working to confirm if a tornado caused that damage. i think it has been confirmed since. that was the result of tornado. heavy snow in parts of upstate new york. check out this video when we come back annum see this guy smiling. you want-- come back, you will see this guy smiling. >> heavy lake-effect snow. thunder and lightning mixed in. hon of thely, this is a big deal -- hon of thely, this is a big -- honestly, this is a big deal for us. >> that's not the snow castel in new york that's reserved for. >> syracuse. >> maryland's highway administration is gearing up for winter more than 2400 pieces of equipment to keep the road clear including a quarter of a million dollar truck that can employ twolanes of road at one time. we had a photo of this a couple days ago and now you will see it in action. thus calling no before you go
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program showing you the city is ready. get current information but dialing 511 on the cen phone, again call heaven 11 -- 511 or listen to this guy who gets it right often. >> the truck i worked in syracuse my first job in tv and the buses have the plows on it. >> reporter: what is it about lake-effect snow that makes it so much fun to forecast. >> sometimes the flakes off yoursize of your hand: >> we don't have that going on we have 20s. >> you know what it is? >> a wind meter. i use this as i go to schools and in fact yesterday, i want to show you my visit to deep run. first they gave me this cool umbrella. my visit there is probably the 5th. this is an elementary school football jersey. look how huge that thing is. good morning deep run. do me a favor, i want to show you pictures. this is from our visit at deep
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run yesterday. we raised money through measuring wind speed for my wind for change program. all the money benefits the cool campaign learning center. last year it was my pilot program and we raised about 450 hours in change. yesterday 3,585 and i want to show outlarge group of kids that participated at the third grade class. janice buckston and everybody -- bucston and everybody else involved. we talked about tornadoes and they were close on right of the screen. that's tornava she blew 33-mile- per-hour wind. the top fund-raiser 550 bucks and skiler 660 by herself going to the cool kids campaign. we have to talk about weather and elk ridge there's nothing going on. deep run bundle up with the jacket. a little wind biting through the jacket this morning helping
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to usher in the chill. we have a look at temperatures down to 31 in baltimore although outside the area we have got upper 20s. winds are ushering in and we have a wind chillth of 24 in town but virtually clear skies and it's all about that wind that will be gusting today but shifting directions to the south over the weekend. that ushers in a warmup. so this is the bottom today. we have clear skies and it's about the wind. 46 could feel like the upper 20s this afternoon and we will slip into the upper 20s overnight. over the weekend we are back to low 50s but it will be sunny tomorrow and increasing clouds sunday but good football weather at bank, 06. 62 monday -- 60. 62 monday and rain middle of the week that may enwith a mix of snow -- end with a mix of snowflakes at the end of thanksgiving which is what tanya wants to hear. >> reporter: as long asic can go at that bagonning i will love it. there's roadwork in the right lane a live look at traffic
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cameras on the beltway through catonsville. outer loop to the right moving away from the camera is building a little volume. but you werer getting through fine at fed ribbing road. 695 at liberty. outer loop is oncoming traffic that's slowing down a little bit. it's moving inner loop is moving well through the construction. right now, we are doing okay with the drive times. 95 southbound out of white marsh. 6 minutes. the outer loop on the northwest side from 795 to 70 we will take you about 7 minutes. charley back to you. >> all right. health news this morning. thinking about giving up smoking. you know what, it could have immediate benefits. it could be hard to kick the habit. but with this story, you might have incentive. health benefits from quitting can begin as few as 12 hours after you smoke that last cigarette. >> your blood pressure is down, your blood will flow more freely and you can breath more easily. >> after three months you are less likely to develop one of
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the 15 types of cancer associated with smoking and if you make it a year you are half as likely to develop heart disease. american scanser -- cancer site says ten years after quitting the risk of dying from lung cancer half of that for a person still smoking. for people, they have loved ones in nursing homes. this is the last thing anyone wants to see. smoke and flames. firefighters believe it could be the result of arson. and i been tense winds demolished everything in its path. this tornado where it hit and what's unusual about this one from a meteorological standpoint. time for birthdays and heidi turns 50 years old. also, ralph is also turning 50 and bunsella johnson turning 41. happy birthday to all of you and everyone celebrating today or this weekend, morning show
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at for birthdays and anniversary. back in a bit.
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around the world this morning an early morning fire broke out at a nursing home in sydney, australia. three elderly residents were killed. 14 people have been critically injured and fireman says the smoke was so thick when they arrived, it hampered the rescue efforts. police are treating the fire as suspicious. tear pieing scene in bolivia a tornado -- a terrifying scene in bolivia a tornado uprooted trees and lasted for five minutes and you can see it and the funnel cloud form. that's the result after it touches the ground. all lasted about five minutes. thankfully, no reports of injuries or deaths. quite a seen in the kongo check out these pictures of volcano spiriting thousands of
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volcano. it's inviting tourist to come in to get a look at this. >> i love volcanosism love hiking i love volcanos. and it's so much to hike and see here. look at it. it is is spectacular. >> all right. 300 dollars the park provides transportation and wardens to guide visitors out for a four- mile hike to watch the volcanos in action. president obama is going to announce hillary clinton isheading into myanmar in an fort to speed up democratic reforce and will be the first visit by a u.s. secretary of state in several years. they made progress towards democracy. >> we want to seize what could be a historic opportunity for progress. and make it clear that if berma continues to travel down the road of democrat he can reform
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if con-- it can forge a newrelationship with the united states. >> the military country and relesion political prisoners. 6:25. caught on tape a moment for the -- that will make any parent cringe. a -- cringe a school bus driver taking her eyes off the road for 10 minutes. three student trapped underneath he'll vator. the story and a 911 call -- elevator. the story and a 911 call you will have to hear for yourself when "good morning maryland continues.
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but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit are's watching the station that work -- you're watching the station that works for you good morning maryland. a woman opens her water big and finds a big surprise. police officers thought the suspect was reaping for a gun and now two officers are reaching out for lawyers after what was caught on sur veil and video. grab your patience for the next week thanksgiving travel is going to be hectic. the increased as people head out for the holiday weekend with gas going up all coming up on this friday november 1á8g9. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast now with what to expect as we head into the weekend. meteorologist justin berk


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