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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 29, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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we want to show you mount airy as we watched the clouds trying to build in. there were flurries nearby but we went through the day with more sunshine, strong winds that have eased up and clear skies overnight. a lot of the -- has allowed the temperatures to crank up. winds gusted probably closer to midnight. now because we've settled down quite a bit, 10 to 15 mile-per-hour range but near calm winds and right now mount airy 30. interesting as we look at clear skies and light winds. sometimes the warmer air rises to the higher terrain and sinks into the valleys. 33 bel air and maybe influence of the urban area. got to check out which location because there's three or four stations in bel air. northeast at sparrows point now at 28 degrees. overall clear skies, clouds trying to slip in west of dc out 66 and yes, for the snow showers in the mountains and back in ohio, will miss us but we'll build in more clouds today, and straight up 6:00. on the roads, a couple of
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trouble spots around baltimore, icy conditions in rosedale, a watermain leak at philadelphia road and golden ring road. in glen burnie, bge crews and anne arundel county police on the scene of a crash as they inspect a pole that was struck in the collision at dogwood road. and william chambers drive. in the meantime if you're driving towards the capitol beltway here's a live look at i-95 and route 175. still a nice ride on 95. another look at 95 north of maryland 100, where you normally see congestion this time of morning, volume building but still moving at a pretty good pace. new developments in a deadly bus crash that took place in montgomery county. it left one person dead. it happened wednesday afternoon in bethesda at the intersection of rockville pike and alta vista road. linda so with how shock trauma is playing a part in the crash. >> reporter: first all new that stretch of rockville pike reopened. we're also learning one person was airlifted to shock trauma.
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in all 11 people were hurt in that deadly crash. it happened after 4:00 yesterday and shut down that stretch of rockville pike for hours. investigators say a toyota pickup crossed the median, crashed into a metro us about. that cashed the bus to hit a tree on the side of the road. the man in the pickup was killed, his identity hasn't been released. the driver of the metro bus had to be extricated, she's a 13-year veteran and had to be taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. the crash happened near samir ahmed's front yard. he said he tried to rescue the driver of that pickup truck. >> i went to the other side. someone said don't you have him, he's -- don't touch him, he's gone. >> reporter: neighbors say they lobbied the state for years to do something about that dangerous stretch of road. it's not known yet why the pickup crashed into the bus. charges could be coming for a driver going too fast on 83 who caused a crash that killed
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a 5-year-old boy. it happened before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the ramp of 83 northbound and 695. police say an suv driven by deafen mckeever didn't slow down fast enough and ran into the back of a car carrying the owen family. the 5-year-old died, police say speed was a factor. disturbing new numbers about police officer deaths. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 2011 saw a 13% increase in the number of officers killed in the line of duty. 173 law enforcement officers were killed last year in gunfire, that was the majority of the reason for the deamghts. this is the first time in 14 years that more law enforcement agents died as a result of shootings, more than as a result of traffic accidents. in baltimore county, there's a 5% bag tax now. the new lawics sunday january
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1st. it's expected to generate $1 million next year, some of it to be used for water and litter clean-up. rg steel laying off some employees. at least some of the workers at the sparrows point mill will be laid off. a statement released by the maryland department of labor says the workers can start making their claims to the state and are calling the layoffs temporary. apparently the company told union leaders who then told the state that work is going to begin again at some point in the first quarter of 2012. iowa caucuses days away. on tuesday voters head to the polls to decide who will be the potential gop candidate. newt gingrich once believed to be the frontrunner but no more in the race. corrine redmond standing by with new leaders and someone making a surge. >> reporter: it's been a campaigns of ups and downs for the candidates. at least now it looks like mitt romney is the person to beat. according to a new poll romney tops the republican field in
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the hawkeye state with 25%. ron paul comes in second with 22%. and rick santorum surged to third place with 16%. the shocker, newt gingrich, on top three weeks ago landed in fourth place. gingrich and romney now have another threat from the right. first it was santorum, now it seems to be congressman ron paul. >> i'm running for president. so if you get a chance to caucus remember the name mitt romney. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: michele bachmann says ron paul will be a dangerous president. and john huntsman calls him unelectable. corrine redmond, abc2 news. it's a sellout in cincinnati. only the second time this season the bengals fill their stadium in their game with the ravens. it's against baltimore sunday afternoon. kickoff set for 4:15 and two for one deal, something fans in ohio couldn't pass up 18,000
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tickets sold out in two days. if you were hoping to get the last-minute seats you may be out of luck. at least some fans loyal to the bengals -- felt left out. >> we've had e-mails from frustrated folks saying they've been trying the course of the two days, not gotten through. we were sorry for that. we did everything we could. >> so nice to see an owner stepped up like he has. in a city that desperately needs its fan support. >> there's still single seat and partially obstructed view tickets available if you really want to go. here's why the game matters if baltimore wins it will be the first time in franchise history the team will go undefeated in the afc north. if the bengals win they are in the playoffs. the ravens are headed there no matter what the outcome of sunday's game, it's a matter of seating. baltimore wins and they've got first-round bye and home field advantage. state of maryland is getting much-needed help. how the department of health is now coming up to the aid of children in our state.
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a health check in the new year. what tests you should have done in 2012. plus, it was a year of the royals. looking back at the wedding that made 2011 a year to remember. now back to new york for the latest in business news. >> reporter: good morning, topping "america's money" -- criminal charges against bp employees. "the wall street journal" says company engineers allegedly lied to regulators about the risk of drilling in the gulf before the deepwater horizon well blew out killing 11 and causing the massive oil spill. honda is taking an unusual step. telling its dealers to stop selling some used cars. the automaker's recall for a faulty airbag keeps expanding and honda isn't sure which vehicles have them. the rest of the auto industry is having a good year. sales of almost 13 million are expected. the best year since 2008. sales are expected to continue to increase next year. and, it was a strange holiday shopping season. there was a frenzy after
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thanksgiving and surge in the week before christmas. in between the stores were fairly quiet as shoppers waited for more bargains. that's "america's money." i'm sunny hostin.
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it's definitely the wedding of the year. maybe even the decade but the royal fascination didn't stop when will and kate said i do. we look back at the year of the royals. >> reporter: late last year they announced their engagement sending the world into a royal wedding tizzy. prince william and katherine middleton's wedding was the most talked about social event of 2011. not since william's mother and father married three decades
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earlier had there been so much buzz about royal nuptials. >> i imagine even the most cynical among us surely when you see a couple exchanging wedding vows your heart does melt a little bit. >> reporter: after months of top secret planning the invitations were mailed, the details finalized and the big day arrived. on april 29th hundreds of millions of people paused to watch a real-life fairy tale but before the bride and groom said i do the wedding's most closely guarded secret was revealed. the future duchess of cambridge arrived at westminster abbey in an alexander mcqueen ground designed by sarah burton. she topped off the custom made wedding dress with a tiara loaned to her by the queen. >> it was all about the dress, kate, wonderful. >> reporter: approximately 1,900 guests were invited to the church for the main ceremony. william and kate exchanged vows in a traditional service but the kiss would wait. the couple emerged, the duke and duchess of cambridge and
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took a carriage ride along the crowd-packed streets to buckingham palace. they walked out on the balcony to roaring applause. they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, sealing their fate as one of the most talked about couples of 2011. after a honeymoon they embarked on a north american tour. they touched down in canada in late june. >> the geography of canada is unsurpassed and famous for being matched only by the hospitality of its people. >> reporter: the royal couple immersed in canadian tradition. showed their competitive side in a boat race, even took in a rodeo. then it was off to los angeles where the duke and duchess attended a gala evening in honor of british entertainers. william played in a celebrity polo match. it was not all wining and dining and celebrities. they finished in one of l.a.'s most low income neighborhoods visiting with children at an art center. they returned to britain and their quiet everyday lives but
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that didn't put an end to the public fascination. hundreds of thousands of people visited buckingham palace to get an up close look at the duchess of cambridge's now iconic gown. and to feel just a little bit closer to the royal couple. i'm elizabeth corodin reporting. >> for more lookbacks from 2011 head to you can find it in the featured stories section at our home page, again, a look back at the year that was in 2011. we have everything from the most powerful pictures of the year to local stories you've been talking about all year long. time for a check of the forecast. in 2011 weather was a huge story. >> yes, and we're still working on the 2011 best of weather photos. by the way, i went with the editor yesterday, we shrinked down a 6 -minute passage to
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about three minutes. we're still working on it. we have the expectation of winter trying to return. national picture here, 25 in baltimore, now we're locked in with our normal low and could drop a notch or two lower than that. freezing in atlanta. kansas city 35. denver up to 46. and tip -- typically they get extreme cold followed by big warmups so that's not unusual. south hudson bay and northern quebec and ontario, there's a large pool of subzero air and that that subzero farenheit mind you, it is waiting to come in. one disturbance coming through the northern great lakes. we'll actually have that general jet stream staying to the north. while we have the tap of cold air now a lot of mild air in the nation's heartland and that streams in here for the weekend but as we follow the storm track and the last storm that pulls out into eastern canada, that the floor director wanted to point out looked like an elephant with it's trunk. that elephant is winking at us.
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needless to say that snow stays to the north. the next system to the west brings in clouds today. light snow over deep creek lake. they could use anything at this stage of the game. snowshoe, west virginia, five inches by yesterday morning. we have a mild trend, clouds coming in this afternoon. next disturbance brings in more clouds tomorrow. could bring in flurries early morning saturday but otherwise a mild weekend, 46 today with the increase in clouds, back to near freezing overnight and back to the above normal stretch of 50 or higher tomorrow through the weekend. and then looks like monday we turn the corner, coastal storm, looks like it's not going to happen now blue snow showers and -- but snow showers and highs near freezing on tuesday and wednesday. 32-degree afternoon temperature is something even angela has been asking for. >> maybe. thank you very much. look at the roads now. let's get you up to speed on the accident we've been reporting in silver spring, fatal crash on university boulevard, we've reopened the westbound lanes of university
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boulevard between piney branch road and beltway. still we suggest new hampshire avenue, maybe the best bet to get around that situation. in the meantime, all the major roadways, 95, 295, as well as 29 all moving without incident or delay. live look at the beltway, your drive now around the beltway, pretty good shape around the outer loop north side. a look at 695 and harford road. as we look live at the harrisburg expressway coming through parkton, 45 york road another look at the beltway at providence road. your drive times in pretty good shape this morning. no extra travel time needed on 659 or -- 695 and i-83. our state is getting extra cash to help provide more children with health coverage. the u.s. health department now giving maryland $28.3 million. it's been distributed through 28 states. to improve access to medicaid and children's health insurance program. a new study calls plavix
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safe. it helps with blood clots and lowers risk for heart attack and stroke. the fda issued a warning after concerns the drug didn't work well for people that had difficulty breaking down the chemicals. new research finds that's simply not the case. the fda hasn't responded to the tests. new information about the cancer drug avastin. two new studies found avastin doesn't significantly extend the lives of pictures battling ovarian cancer. it also increases serious side effects. the studies say at best avastin extends lives by four months in advanced cases of the disease. in november avastin was revoked for approval for breast cancer as well. it's not a bad idea to get together with a health plan for yourself and family in the new year the new year is a good time to re-assess your lifestyle. it comes with a check list of health care items for yourself. there are several tests you may want to consider for the next time you visit your doctor. >> one of them would include having your lipids looked at. if you never had your
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cholesterol checked and you're over eighth 18 it's something you should have had done at least once in your life. as you get older, especially as people start to get above 50, above 60 it's something that should be looked at a little more frequently. >> if you have not had your blood pressure checked in a while you should probably set up an appointment. and see if you need a vitamin d test especially if you're sluggish or have body aches. your best bet, always consult your doctor. the iconic stadium crumbling? what some witnesses claim they've seen in the past in one historic building. the coolest church in the world, seriously. this was built in a small german town and why people are flocking to it and bundling up when doing so. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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in news around the world, north korea declared kim jong il's son, kim jong un the supreme leader. there were concerns worldwide about the son's youth and whether he was equipped to lead a nation engaged in negotiations over the nuclear program and other problems the country is facing. in colombia rebels say they plan to release six hostages. no word yet on when the kidnap victims will be set free. three have been in captivity for a dozen years. the colombian government hopes the announcement from the guerilla group is genuine. and argentina's president cristina fernandez dekishner will undergo cancer treatment in the new year. the doctors say the cancer disease is in her thyroid and isn't spread. and italy's culture minister is investigating reports that bits of rock have been seeing falling from the coliseum in rock. directors say it's not true. he says it's typical for
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ancient monuments to wear a little bit. witnesses reported seeing stones falling tuesday. it raises concerns about the adequacy of the maintenance work done to the ancient monument. a $33 million restoration project set to begin in march of next year. this is a church made entirely of ice and snow opened at a ski resort in southern germany. it's on the hill above that village and was a church tower, with two entrances. the project marks the 100-year anniversary of another church built in a similar way. in 1911, villagers erected the first snow church. they built it because they didn't have a church in their hometown. in vermont a man stole a woman's heart in this stolen's engagement ring. >> and alligators got a little lost in florida, ending up on a highway. how did he get there? straight ahead. plus - >> one mother runs a nationwide protest
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regarding breastfeeding. my name is ashley.
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i'm corrine red moppe -- redmond. why mothers joined forces to
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protest against target's breastfeeding policy. >> and the flavor of the week going into tuesday in the presidential caucus. who is leading the polls this morning? it's always changing. if you get gift cards you don't like you can trade them in on-line but beware, scammers ready to take your money and leave with you nothing. we'll tell you how they do it. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. meteorologist justin berk has a check of the forecasts. >> look at the numbers. in bel air 23 degrees but the wind speed zero. that is a good thing, after all that push we had from the air yesterday. a lot of places reaching the 40 mile-per-hour limit. 10 mile-per-hour gusts since midnight. we've got clear skies across the board. although it does appear as if we have high clouds through virginia along 66 on into the south sides of dc and some snow showers trying to push its way back into the mountains, in fact that is part of a much larger system sliding through the great lakes.
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that will increase our cloudiness for today but we should remain dry. we start with sunshine, sunrise coming up officially at 7:25 this morning. we'll work our way with thickening clouds, probably a overcast afternoon, 46 our 2-degree guaranteed high. it will feel warmer than yesterday just because of the lack of wind and temperatures will continue to climb through the weekend but a major cold snap on the way for next week. we'll talk about that 2012 weather outlook in a moment. 6:28. here's angela with traffic. >> on the roads, reports of an accident on 95 at mccullough street southbound, we'll try to update you on that in the next report. in the meantime, still following the icy conditions reported in rosedale. a watermain break at golden ring road and philadelphia road so use caution and be prepared for slower speeds in that region. another live look at traffic, for those of you taking the drive on 95 through howard county, southbound lanes picking up just a little bit. we're still rolling at or around posted speed. here's a live look at 695 and greenspring avenue. a report of a disabled vehicle
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on the inner loop as you make the north side drive on the inner loop past greenspring headed up to the jfx. and more activity through catonsville on the beltway through wilkens avenue. of course the outer loop a bit heavier. drive drives still in pretty good shape, from 795 to i-70. it will take you about seven minutes. continuing coverage of a group of moms across the country who took a breastfeeding fight to target. corrine redmond standing by with what organizers say they've accomplished. >> reporter: nursing mothers are taking a stand across the country after a breastfeeding mother in texas says she have harassed in the store for breastfeeding her baby. the national demonstration was in support for michelle hickman nursing her 5-month-old under a blanket when she said a target employee began to give her a tough time. the mothers greeted customers telling them it's ok to breastfield in public. target


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