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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, city in flames. at least 12 new blazes set in los angeles in the last few hours. an arsonist torching cars, houses, and apartment buildings. police zeroing in on this man. caught on tape. massive man hunt. tactical teams scour mt. ranier national park. he killed a park ranger who tried to stop him in his tracks. dozens of people evacuated overnight. up for grabs. it's anyone's race in iowa. a last-minute surge by santorum could change it all. our political team weighs in. superstar split. new details on why katy perry and russell brand are calling it
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quits. was a battle over a baby behind the breakup? can't find a speck of confetti anymore. good morning, everyone. hope you had a wonderful new year's. first monday of the new year. a lot to get to this morning. a terrifying string of blazes that has los angeles on edge. new reports, nonstop, in the last couple of hours. new fires. many of them set overnight. >> the police may have a key suspect in custody. also, down in the wire in iowa. the big story right now. rick santorum, in last place through most of the fight. he traveled all 99 iowa counties. he's surging. there he is. the pollster in iowa that did the latest poll said he could
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win this thing. we'll talk to the team about that. >> such a roller coaster. >> just about everybody has had a chance at the lead. we're going begin with the fires in los angeles. the worst wave of arson in decad decades. good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. the tension is palpable. the strikes continued overnight. the screams of police cars and fire trucks tearing through the streets of los angeles as this story continues to evolved. abc news has just learned that the arson joint task force has a person of interest in custody. a sliver of hope, perhaps, as authorities have been running a race against time that they have been losing. overnight, a city in terror. firefighters battling at least a dozen new blazes. now a desperate manhunt. police are searching for this
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man, captured on video exiting a garage just moments before a car there was set on fire. et he is considered a person of interest in an outbreak of over 50 fires since friday. >> this individual has been seen at several of the location. we would like to talk to him. >> reporter: the man is describeds a all the and caucasian, arewith a receding hairline and pony tail. >> the fires continue after we took a individual into custody. >> reporter: many, if not all of the cars torched have been foreign made, ranges from bmws to toyotas. the fires were originally clustered in and around the hollywood and north hollywood areas. he's striking laurel can yon and
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west hollywood. first, cars are set ablaze. the flames spread to adjacent buildings. leaving people running to their lives or fighting a neighbor's fire with a garden hose, like this man. robert rose spent 30 years as a fire investigator in california. >> catch me if you can type of arsonist. falls into the thrill seeker category. looking for recognition, for people to fear them. >> reporter: in addition to the massive ground force deployed, multiple l.a.p.d. helicopters remain in the air. we don't know if the man currently being detained is the man from the sid yoe, authorities do remain open to the possibility that this ars seas on is the work of more than one person. >> now to talk to fire
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department captain jamie moore. it's a busy morning for you. what is the latest you can tell us in the investigation, sir? >> as of this morning, we had 12 fires over the evening. we had ten in the city of los angeles. two fires in the city of west hollywood. our firefighters and law enforcement have been working tirelessly. again, the -- the commonality in a lot of the fires is automobile fires that are intentionally set underneath carports or adjacent to apartments where people are residing. >> you're talking to somebody you may believe is connected to this? >> we have a person of interest they are interviewing. we have been very, very busy. the firefighters working fire le -- tirelessly throughout the night. we have had 55 fires in all
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since december 30th. >> a lot of people are working on this. the person you're talking with, is it the same person that we saw in the video that you said was a person of interest? >> it's still too early to speculate whether this is the same person, robin. our law enforcement officers are not letting their guard down. they'rie looking for clues. trying to gather evidence. not just to gather that evidence to see if, one, they want to build the strongest case possible with regards to the spree of fires, also so that they can ensure that if this is the work of more than one individual, they don't get away. >> thinking about this, more than one individual, west hollywood, sherman oaks, could it be one person? >> it's a possibility. but we also have to look at the possibility of this being the work of more than one.
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and in the past, the last two days, we have seen that as daybreak comes, we find more clues and more evidence. there are fires that didn't quite take off as were intended by this individual or these individuals. >> oh, my goodness. as you say, a real team effort out there as always. captain moore, thank you very much. all the best going forward. >> thank you, robin. we'll keep everybody updated. staying out west, the frantic search in mt. ranier. neal karlinsky joins us from outside the park. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we're just outside the park, sort of a staging area at a fire station for trapped families brought out under police escort. the gunman remains holed up in five feet of snow and freezing
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temperatures, tracked by heavily armed police. it's an all-out man hunt for benjamin colton barnes. police say he shot 34-year-old park ranger margaret anderson during a routine traffic stop on monday. killing the mother of two small children, ages 2 and 4 years old. >> he started to fire at margaret and the other ranger. he got out of the car and fled on foot. >> reporter: police say he left this car behind filled with body armor, weapons, and sup plies, before taking off in the wilderness, still firing. they gathered visitors in this building to protect them. here, guarded by armed park rangers and tactical officers, men, women, and children spent the night sleeping on the floor, huddled together. >> the new visitor's center has
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all these windows to give you this beautiful visual of paradise. that can make everyone in that visitor's center a sitting duck. >> reporter: early this morning, the police evacuated some of the stranded. >> it was really scary. i don't ever want to do that again. >> i don't either. >> the s.w.a.t. team came in, we had to get on our niece and put our hands on our heads, babies were crying. we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: abc news obtained court documents that show that barnes had a violent past. police tracked him through heavy snow, following footprints with ground teams while an airplane with infrared cameras searched for him by seeking out his heat signature. they released photos showing him with weapons and tattoos. as police learn more, they believe he's responsible for
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shooting four people earlier on sunday at a house party near seattle before fleeing to mout. rani ranie ranier. conditions on the mountain are being said to be extremely rough. if he made it through the night, police believe they will get him soon, robin? >> a tense morning there and in l.a. turning to politics now, "your voice, your vote." the first votes of 2012 just a day away in iowa. mitt romney and ron paul are basically tied at the top of the latest polls. jon, santorum's strategy, go to all 99 iowa counties again and again and again is paying off. >> reporter: it sure is, george. santorum was considered the longest of long shots. he now has a chance of winning the iowa caucuses.
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while he rises, newt gingrich is lashing out at mitt romney. he's plummeting in the polls and hurling grenades, accusing mitt romney of lying in his political ads. >> somebody who will lie to you to get to be president will lie to you when you are president. >> reporter: he's saying romney is trying to b ing ting to buy . romney is firing at president obama. >> i think the gap between his promises and his performance is ah the largest i have seen, well, since the kardashian wedding and the promise of til death do we part. >> reporter: rick santorum may be the man of the hour, gaining ground the old fashioned way. month after month of tireless campaigning when almost nobody was paying attention. >> we had the smallest number was one. that turned out to be a good event.
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>> reporter: he's caught fire. his events now overflowing with supporters. you had a handful of people. now all of a sudden -- >> it doesn't feel that different. i'm doing what i'm doing. >> proud to have your support on tuesday. >> reporter: rick perry has spent more money than anybody in iowa. he says his campaign will continue. can mitt romney beat barack obama? >> i don't have any idea. we're not planning to give him the chance. >> reporter: then there's michele bachmann. she refuses to believe polls that put her dead last. if you don't come in first, second, or third, can you continue? >> i'm going to be the next president of the united states of america. right now. >> reporter: even now, this race is in flux. in that des moines register poll, 41% of iowa republicans say even now, a day before the caucuses, they could change their mind.
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>> maybe even in the room. jon karl, thank you very much. let's bring in the rest of the team, matt dowd and jake tapper. every candidate has had a surge in iowa at one time or another. santorum coming on strong. mitt romney's team was rooting for him to knock out gingrich and perry. now it appears he could win. >> he look like he could finish first. he was tied for first in this in the last few days. that's going to give him a lift. if he finishes first in iowa, he'll get a lift in new hampshire. can he do it fast enough in the following states in order to be competitive. >> south carolina, florida comen afterwards. still, mitt romney, the prohibitive favorite. if he can pull this out tomorrow, the nomination is his to lose. >> if he wins iowa, he'll likely win new hampshire.
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if he was to lose, it would be historic. to win the first two states and lose the nomination. >> traditionally, iowa knocks out anyone that doesn't come in in the top three. all the candidates, vowing to stay in even if they do poorly tomorrow night. >> we may have a three-way tie for first and a three-way tie for fourth. iowa doesn't usually pick the winner. but they always pick the loser. somebody has to make up their mind on wednesday morning. how quickly they go from denial to acceptance could be a matter of days. >> jake, president obama got his breakout in the iowa caucuses a few years ago. he's not ignoring it. >> not at all. he's relying on winning iowa this november in order to be re-elected. he's not taking anything for granted. as you saw in jon karl's piece, sometimes when the republicans are not attacking each other,
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they're attacking if the obama. iowans have been subjected to months and millions of atags on obama. he has eight campaign offices there. his campaign has done more than 3 350,000 calls to supporters. he'll have a presence if all of iowa's 99 counties talking to reporters while republicans are voting. >> he's going on the road on wednesday, to ohio. we're seeing the seeds of the strategy. the campaign has been going after mitt romney from the beginning, as a flip-flopper. man with no core principles, in their words. over the weekend, more signs that the president will take on this congress, that has a record low popularity rating. >> that's right. white house officials like how the politics ended for them at the end of 2011.
7:16 am
the president running against them, the tea party. >> i'm going to put you on the spot matt? >> i think it's santorum, romney, paul, is how it ends up tomorrow night. because of the surge at the end. >> matt, thank you very much. after iowa, the candidates will focus on new hampshire. diane sawyer and i will moderate the next republican debate from there on saturday night. you'll have the reactions on "this week" next sunday. >> that's right. >> we promise to cut you a little bit of slack on monday. let's go to andrea, josh is out in l.a. >> happy new year. and happy new year to all of you. breaking news, iran demonstrating this morning how easily it could hit the u.s. and other targets in the middle east. it has successfully targeted long-range missiles in the
7:17 am
strait of hormuz. former egyptian president hosni bmubarak was wheeled intoa courtroom on a gurney. active duty soldier is in federal custody this morning charged with trying to bring explosives on to a plane. trey atwater was arrested at an airport after a skreern found suspicious terrible in his carry on bag. arkansas was littered with dead birds a year after thousands of black birds fell to their death, birds were dying again. this time, 200 rains down. authorities believe they were spooked by fireworks that someone deliberately set near their roost. and finally daying river rescue bay bunch of strangers. a car carrying a family slid off
7:18 am
a utah road, plunged down an embankment. about ten people jumped in to help turn the car right side up. they helped free a father and three young children. afterwards, people cheered and broke out clapping. >> and quick thinking. >> don't we all want to think someone could do that for us? >> what a way to start the year. let's get weather now. ginger zee in for sam champion this morning. >> good morning. a slap in the face of reality. this is what winter is supposed to feel like. a feels like of 7 in chicago. and cincinnati feels like 19. take the cold air, gusty winds, 30, 40, 50-mile-per-hour gusts over warm lake waters, you're bound to get lake-effect snows.
7:19 am
want to leave you with a look at the rest of the region. tomorrow morning, look at florida. they're not left alone here. 37 to start your morning. they'll be in the cold, too. that is your forecast for now. your local weather in 30 seconds. i'm justin berk. it feels like winter weather wise. 42 degrees, we hit that in baltimore. staying in the 30s west and
7:20 am
north. sun giving way to return of clouds, flurries and snow showers as winds will be howling up to 35 miles per hour. we will drop in to the mid-20s, flurries overnight and a chance of snow showers tomorrow with a high near freezing and warming up for the rest of the week. weather for the caucus is going to be all right. coming up in the next half hour, i'll be talking about record heat somewhere in the nation. >> it was like, 50s, 60s, 70s down home in mississippi. >> very nice here, too. they're used to that weather there. the new twist in the case of missing baby ayla. police say now they believe she was a victim of foul play. and russell brand and katy perry. did fighting over a child break things up? what did you do?
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7:26. good morning. some of you on your holiday schedule. it's cold. enjoy the morning. you get to stay inside. 35 baltimore. 37 easton, freezing from york to hagerstown. windchill in to the mid-20s to
7:27 am
teens. the clouds lined up to the west, erode ed towards the ridge. bands of snow showers towards frostburg, hagerstown. through the morning, even though it's clear, the clouds will bubble up and fill in and expect the skies to go from partly to mostly cloudy. widespread snow showers across ohio and the great lakes. couple of disturbances that will carry flakes our way. 42 baltimore. back by lunchtime, drop in the afternoon, winds gusts, flurries of snow showers and lows in the 20s overnight. 14 people homeless following a fire canton that damaged 8 row homes. it happened sunday morning. one person suffered minor smoke inhalation. a a firefighter twisted his ankle. the fire remains under investigation. cnn reporting in los angeless police are questioning a suspect in a string of fires.
7:28 am
fire 8 fires were set within an hour, including three cars and one apartment complex and a carport. the man has been spotted and seen at several fires. dozens of fires set around la since friday. an in custody questioning him about the string of fires. ♪ i think i'll grab me a bowl and spoon now ♪ ♪ crispy flakes calling my name ♪ ♪ i'm hungry now. ♪ ♪ who can resist those honey kissed bunches. ♪ ♪ gotta get a bowl, get me some of that yaaaaay! ♪ ♪ everybody's... ♪ imagine nutrition in perfect harmony with great taste. that's honey bunches of oats. four healthy grains come together in crispy flakes and crunchy granola bunches.
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♪ pampers. it's time to play. there they are. katy perry, russell brand. one of hollywood's hottest couples. they're calling it quits, just weeks after defending their 14-month union. good morning, america. >> right in barbara's special, katy said, all things were good. also, prince harry this half hour. a big new year's party. pippa threw it. he got into a snowball fight over the weekend. we hear he's made a big resolution for 2012. he say this is is the year he could tackle mt. everest. >> a lot of people make that
7:31 am
resolution. i'm not doing it. we have more information on missing toddler ayla in maine. linsey davis is here with more. >> reporter: this morning, the maine state police major crime unit is leading the case, trying to determine what happened to her after her father, justin dipietro, put her to bed more than two weeks ago when she simply vanished. what started as a missing person's case is now officially a criminal investigation. over the weekend, waterville police released a statement saying we believe foul play has occurred in connection with ayla's disappearance. this has involved from the search of a missing child to a criminal investigation. the status is based on quote evidence gathered by investigators during the past two weeks. some of that evidence gathered here saturday, at justin
7:32 am
dipietro's house. the last place she was seen. her grandfather doesn't understand how this could happen. >> he would be in the public's eye, talking to the media, asking people, begging, pleading with people, if they know anything, please come forth and say something. >> reporter: but dipietro hasn't been heard from publicly since he issued this statement. i have no idea what happened to ayla, and i am not hiding. i've been in full cooperation with everyone in the effort. and this, i would never do anything to hurt my child. ayla's grandfather says it's what he didn't do that has this family distraught. >> how could you not be responsible for her? how could you not check on her at night? how could you not do that? >> reporter: still no sign of ayla.
7:33 am
robin? >> all right, thank you, linsey. we're joined by dan abrams. what is the difference? >> i think for the purposes of this investigation, not much. i think they have been pursuing a possible criminal investigation since day one. they need to rule out the possibility that the child somehow left. that the wasn't criminal activity. you have to wonder if authorities are trying to put the heat on someone here. because it's not a fundamental difference in how they're going to do what they're doing, you have to ask yourself, are they trying to tell someone out there, hey, we're now treating this as criminal. >> as always, with a case like this, with a missing child, you look to the last person who happens to be the father. they haven't really ruled him out completely. >> and his behavior has been odd. he's saying with regard to speaking with the media, he doesn't want to do that because he doesn't want to hinder the investigation. i don't know what that means.
7:34 am
in case like this, parents want to get as much information and attention to the case into the public sphere. they want people to look, to know about it. his ex, the mother, is saying, i've been trying to reach out to him. he won't take my calls. he's saying, oh, yeah, we have been in contact. there's definitely bizarre behavior by the dad. you can tell that the family members are starting to say, hey, what's going on? ? we heard the grandfather in the piece. you bring up his ex, ayla's mother, putting it mildly, a lot of domestic turmoil. >> no question. the reason she was in his custody, the mother was having issues with substance abuse. it makes you wonder if there was
7:35 am
something involved in the family. the authorities will continue the look at the possibility that it was one of those extremely rare stranger abductions. >> and we heard linsey say, the reward, $30,000. you don't think it makes a big difference? >> people want to be helpful. they want to provide information. a reward helps, a in terms of getting attention to it, when you get a large reward. and b, if there's a reluctant person. the person that says, i don't want to get involved. they see a big reward, oh, maybe i will. on the whole, think most of the people that are going to offer tips tend to do that. >> hopefully they get a break. thank you, dan. new details on how the royal family welcomed in 2012. in his first public appearance,
7:36 am
prince philip appeared to be recovering well there heart surgery. the younger generation kicked off the new year at wild parties. la ma hasan has more. >> reporter: they partied with the middletons. and boy, can pippa throw a big bash. ushering in 2012 in this, a tepee in her parents' backyard. it doesn't come cheap. $4600 to rent. as for the party prince himself, harry spent it playing pranks and goofing around. throwing snowballs at a swank ski resort. he'll have to kiss those party nights good-bye. one resolution we know of for harry, to climb the highest mountain in the world, mt. everest. last year, he was in the north
7:37 am
pole, raising money for the charity close to his heart, walking with the wounded. >> they're a huge example to us all, these guys, and all the other servicemen and women in the country. >> reporter: it takes months of strenuous training. he may not make it all the way to the top. their grandparrots had a more subdued new year's. prince philip stepped out for a brief walk about. his first public appearance since having surgery to open a blocked artery. nothing like ringing in the new year royal style. >> he did look okay. >> he did. time for the weather. ginger zee in for sam. >> i'm right in my wheel house this morning. i'm from west michigan. they're getting, finally, lake-effect snow. they usually have quite a bit more by this time. 4 to 6 inches there this
7:38 am
morning. cleveland and western pennsylvania, you'll have advisories and warnings today. come with me. i want everyone else to plan extra layers if you're anywhere from the northeast to even florida. some of the coldest air of the season plummeting in. wind chills below zero by tuesday or wednesday for boston. orlando, you're right in the heart of that stuff. i'll give you a weekend or a national forecast in just a little bit. >> and the last half hour, i was telling you about the folks with record heat over the weekend. los angeles, one of them. today, going to do it at least close to it again, 80 as a high.
7:39 am
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full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs bag of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback at gas stations. it pays to discover. new report this is morning that katy perry rang in the new year with a smile, despite the fact that her 14-month marriage
7:43 am
to russell brand is over. >> i was read tong plane yesterday an interview with her where everything seemed great. i can't figure out the hollywood couples. brand released a statement last week says, katy and i are ending our marriage. the couple did not have a prenup eventual agreement. brand told be entitled to half of the worth of katy perry. in the world of celebrities, katy perry and russell brand were one of the coolest it couples. she the iconic pop star. named artist of the year by mtv. ♪ baby you're a firework >> reporter: he, the british comedian who starred in a recent
7:44 am
remake of "arthur." on friday, after sh months of marriage, brand filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. >> did she know he would draw up papers before the holiday? i think that was a big surprise. >> reporter: the couple opted to spend christmas apart, after reportedly having a huge fight, he flew to london to be with his mother, while she took off for hawaii. neither wore their wedding rings. >> this year has been very intense. >> reporter: the split comes just a month after perry told barbara walters all was well. >> good marriage? happy marriage? >> i think it's lovely so far. >> you want to have children? >> yes, of course. i think that is one of the biggest reasons you do get married. >> reporter: a year before, brand, a former playboy, expressed his love to bill weir. >> i wanted a companion, a
7:45 am
friend. all these girls, it's fun for awhile. but where is the journey within? it's the most more mall relationship i have ever had. >> reporter: what went wrong? brand had reportedly slowed down his partying ways. perry did not. it's said he didn't approve of her circle of friends. while perry had no comment about the split, a somber looking brand told reporters over the weekend, i'm doing good. everything is going to be better next year. according to tmz, perry wanted russell brand to handle filing the divorce papers because she didn't want to upset her parents, who are evangelical christians. >> some reports are whether and when to have family might have had something to do with this. >> katy's career is right now on fire. the report says she wasn't ready
7:46 am
right now to settle down and have a family. she doesn't want to be quote, a hollywood housewife. that sun confirmed. >> i'm sure we'll learn a lot more. thanks for vuch. coming up, we have the "play of the day." and brad pitt's new designs for the new year.
7:47 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> i don't think so. >> happy new year, everyone. i'll do my best josh. i do not want to step on your turf. i know you're doing important work out in california today. we have a cool play of the day. two incredible daredevils. that's levi lavallee on the snowmobile. he's up against robbie maddison. look at this. >> oh. >> oh. >> that is robbie maddison. he was just short. let's pull in again on levi.
7:51 am
his snowmobile there on the left of your screen. previous record, was 361 feet. look at him soar. >> i like the music you selected. >> i do my best. 412 feet. >> and robbie maddison said, you can't practice this. >> i want to give a shout out to my canadian friends. we would call that a skidoo. >> learn something new today on "play of the day." josh, hurry back. yeah, it's almost bikini season. bikini season? really? we live in chicago. we work 60 hours a week -- catching the red eye back as soon as this conference is over. i mean, when are we ever gonna find ourselves sitting on a beach? i need someone to help me find some fresh water. i can help you with that. you're gonna get wet. i'm going to get wet.
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7:54 am
bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning, if you get to extend your vacation a day, be happy you get to stay in. in f not you get a bitter surprise. temperatures above normal. low 30 range. look at the winds while they settle back in the single digits, 51 miles per hour gusts, 5:00 this morning buoy, 45 miles per hour winds glenn burnie and baltimore, pushing close to there in to the afternoon. we have sunshine this morning and clouds to the west. 33 churchville.
7:57 am
north and west, widespread lake effect machine erupting now and while we get the benefit of the winds over the mountains to dry us up, we will help to develop the clouds carry them and maybe snow showers over the mountains. we wake up with sunshine, winds eased up, expect to have this large machine which is cranking around the storm in to eastern canada, carrying the loud and snow showers over the mountains. run of the clouds today in to the afternoon, flurries and snow showers west and north of baltimore. downtown, arundel, eastern shore, diminishing the threat of the flakes reaching you. a slight chance later on, 42 downtown. winds gusting to 35 map. tonight settling back to 25. few flurries, little bit widespread and continue that through tomorrow. high of 32. 20s north and west, lows in the teens, staying in the 30s
7:58 am
through thursday. 54 saturday. next storm starts us rain and bring back a round of winter next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this is it this is it this is life the one you get so do and have a ball ♪ well, that song brings me back, doesn't it? >> it does. back to the '70s. >> we're looking at 2012. happy new year. monday, the official new year's holiday. we're easing into it. >> a lot of people still have the day off. but we're here, hard at wort. the reason we're playing the song, mackenzie phillips is coming on. she's getting rid of one piece of clutter at a time. the mountain of stuff she's accumulated. peter walsh will show her and us how to clean house. >> a lot of people probably making that resolution.
8:01 am
and the secrets from one of "the real housewives of beverly hills." kyle richards will be here. >> and brand new book. we're looking forward to talking to her. plus, he had his heart breaken by "the bachelorette." but he's back. can ben find true love this year? he's here with a sneak peek of tonight's premier. we'll get to that. but first, the latest in a string of arson fires. josh elliott joins us with an update. >> reporter: good morning again to you, george. the tension and the fear here is very real. those strikes continued over night. police cars and fire trucks screaming through the streets. over 50 fires over three nights. just 12 last night alone. abc news has learned that the
8:02 am
arson joint task force in conjunction with the west hol loi wood sheriff's department now has a person in custody. the suspect contained at a busy intersection. it's the virtual epicenter in the targeted area. a minivan is being investigated. the person in question is the fourth person authorities have detained and spoken to. the authorities have said very little specifically. there's a 10:00 a.m. eastern press conference scheduled. a massive force is deployed. the search continues. authorities continue to run a desperate race against time that they are losing. >> it's scary out there, josh. thank you very much. in for josh, andrea canning. we begin with breaking news from washington state, where an all-out man hunt is under way for an iraq war vet considered
8:03 am
armed and dangerous. police say benjamin barnes is on the roos in mt. rainier. he fled while firing, after killing a park ranger there. homemade fire bombs hit an islamic center, a deli and two private homes. no one was injured. only one exploded. mitt romney is narrowly hanging on to the top spot in iowa. the latest gallup poll shows ron paul within striking distance. just two points behind romney. rick santorum is enjoying a last-minute surge. after iowa, the candidates will be focusing on new hampshire. george and diane sawyer moderate the next debate from there on saturday at 9:00 eastern, 6:00
8:04 am
pacific. one of the most popular christmas presents this rear? weapons. a record number of background checks over the holidays. december 23rd was the second busiest day of buying guns ever. a technical glitch is being blamed for leaving people stuck on two rides at orlando's universal. both rides resumed after therm inspected. soon, it will take more than $1 to have a dream of powerball riches. the price of a ticket is doubles to two bucks. they're thinking bigger jackpots will entice more people to play. a woman lost her wedding ring 16 years ago. the heart broken woman looked everywhere. but no luck, until recently. when she was digging in the
8:05 am
vegetable patch and found this, a carrot with her ring around it. how appropriate, carrots, right? she and her husband are overjoyed and are keeping the ring in a safe spot. it had something to do with a compost and a seed happened to fall right in the middle of the ring and grew the carrot. >> just so happened. just like that. i liked the carrot line. >> how many carats does the ring have? you have to stay there. you're doing josh and lara this morning. >> very excited. what do you get for brad pitt, the man who has everything. angelina gave him a waterfall. he's planning to design a house around the falls. the couple visited falling waters in to2006.
8:06 am
he just turn 48, can you believe it. he almost looks as good as you guys. >> you're a keeper. while champagne korks were popping on new year's eve, lebron james popped the question to his high school sweet hearth, savannah brinson. they've been together for 11 years. i guess he was pretty sure of what her answer would be. she did an interview saying i did not light a fire under his you know what. >> they've been together since high school. hugh jackman is a record breaker. his one-man broadway show just ended a ten week run. a lot of people showed up to hear him belt out 24 hits. >> i heard everyone say how fantastic it was.
8:07 am
>> ali went and saw it. she had so much fun. >> bring it back. bring it back. now to a vid skroe trending overnight. the aptly named girl with a funny talent. take a look. a new way of dancing with, can you see it, her eyebrows. this adorable young girl from sydney, australia, turns 14 next week. what song should she dance to next? like she's almost doing the wave with her eyebrows. >> that's not real. >> yeah, it is. i don't know. >> oh, come on. >> that likes like time-lapsed. >> i'm not sure about that one. >> you're not sure about a lot of things right now. >> a great, great video, right? >> nothing gets in the way of great video. double duty. >> have a coffee break. >> on you, right? >> absolutely.
8:08 am
let's get the weather now, ginger zee in for sam. >> great crowd out here. temps in the upper 30s. a very, very excited loud crowd. this son your bucket list. you're from -- >> california. >> and a birthday from where? >> mission viejo, california. >> the next couple of mornings are going to be colder here. an arctic blast going to push through. we want to start in chicago. our affiliate, wls, showing a snowy lake street. it will be a little slick. plan some extra time in chicago, west michigan, cleveland, and buffalo this morning, waking up to lake-effect snows. the next few days, going to be much colder, even in boston. down to 30 by wednesday. and down in
8:09 am
>> the audience out here full of bucket lists. they're doing it. four folks here, making their dreams come true. it's so nice. thank you, ginger. lots of new year's resolutions out there. >> triple duty for you. >> the morning menu. mackenzie phillips, hoarding. what you can learn about digging
8:10 am
out. plus, i feel like i know this woman already. i watch this show every week. everyone's favorite beverly hills housewife. kyle richards is here. and will the new "bachelor" find the girl of his dreams. i'm going to interview him. how did he feel when ashley made him get down on one knee when she knew she wasn't going to say yes? >> how would you feel? >> not good. >> go break. we'll be back. they're leadi ining me here. they're leading me. [ woman ] i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain.
8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:15 am
new day, new year. for a lot of us, a new start by digging out from the holiday clutter. but for some serious hoarders, that's a tough job. our cam mathison sat down with mackenzie phillips to talk about it. happy new year, cam. >> that's right. mckenzie phillips, best known for her role on "one day at a time" reached out to peter walsh. she didn't just end up with a clean house. she cleansed her life and her soul. for the last few years, her life has been a very open book. with revelations of teen drug use and allegations of family sex abuse, and in tonight's
8:16 am
episode of "extreme clutter" she reveals another secret she's been harboring until now. >> what's in this bag? >> reporter: her home in los angeles for more than two decades has slowly become entrenched in clutter. clothing, objects, drug paraphernalia. >> oh, god, how embarrassing. >> reporter: one rather extremely cluttered house. >> what is hat? >> pill bottles. >> what kind of pills have we got here? ichlgts don't know. i don't want to know. i want to throw them away. >> the whole thing about this show is it helps people redefine their relationship to their stuff. >> reporter: the first step is to identify what needs to stay and what needs to go. >> handwritten shoot musing by my father. this is valuable stuff. >> this is the original sheet musing by the famous john
8:17 am
philips. >> yes. ♪ california dreaming on such a winter's day ♪ >> things i chose to keep, photos, photo albums. my scripts from "one day at a time." like you always say to us, let's learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: but letting go of your clutter is no easy task. >> everything in this house, your house, your house, you have brought into that space. in this case, the stuff that mac earned was really crippling her. >> reporter: in the open schedule to, he literally axes and breaks apart an old desk where she had sat and shot up drugs. part of her decluttering and, in effect, self-healing. >> it's not like the stuff in my house made me want to shoot drugs again. >> reporter: i found that interesting. it's us that gives these objects the power. part of what you do in these shows is to take the power back.
8:18 am
>> how do you feel? >> whoa! i feel great. >> reporter: some happy news. this couch will be returned to her sister. they haven't talked in years. mackenzie saved the piece for her who accepted it. more healing it seems. >> she would love to have our father's couch. early next week, her assistant is coming with a truck to pick them up. this is the bedroom. >> reporter: she showed me around. once her deepest caves of clutter. i netsed a proud glow. >> i'm dedicated to keeping it as beautiful as it was the day they left. >> reporter: we talked about her dark days. for almost a decade, she helped bring laughter to millions. >> i didn't think the family hour ended until 9:00. >> reporter: i happen to know somebody who had a tough childhood and told me that watching you on television at night helped him get through his
8:19 am
tough times as a kid. how does that feel? >> that's beautiful. i find that emotional. that "one day at a time" could actually help someone get through a difficult time. that's really rewarding. >> reporter: i'm going read something. tell me what come up. the lyrics. >> i have a feeling i know what is coming. >> reporter: this sit, this is it, this is life -- ♪ the one you get so go and have a ball ♪ >> but while you're here, enjoy the view, hold on tight. ♪ we'll muddle through one day at a time ♪ >> reporter: one day at a time. just like her recovery. and her decluttering. she did not throw out that rare hand-written piece of music written by her famous father. despite the terrible dark secret she reveal about him. she decided to hold on the that longer. >> you did some cleaning up too.
8:20 am
what was that beard in the piece there? >> you know what, george. i'm going to surprise you on "desperate housewives" coming up. >> thanks, cam. the open schedule to of "extreme clutter" airs tonight on own. you know her as the glamorous wife and mother of four on "the real housewives of beverly hills." we're talking about kyle richards. she's here to help you start the new year with style. she has a new book called, life is not a reality show. she shares the secrets of looking great and finding love. first a look at the latest in the rooifs of "the real housewives." in a reality series about extravagance, style, and drama -- >> i have never hurt her! >> reporter: the beverly hills edition of "the real housewives" does not disappoint. the show features six sexy and
8:21 am
strong-willed socialites living in the lap of luxury. among them, kyle richards. not afraid to speak her mind. >> we have a lot of evil people come in. >> reporter: she's become a fan favorite. >> there's something about having that accent that makes them seem more superior than the rest of us. >> reporter: often the most vocal when it comes to the fights. >> your trashy and classless. if you attack my sister, don't expect me to -- >> reporter: especially when it comes to family, including her sister, kim, who has battled issues. and her adoring husband of 17 years, mauricio. >> she has an amazing, amazing supershot husband. >> thanks for the compliment, but easy on the hot talk. >> reporter: this season, a sensitive side. taylor armstrong's husband committed suicide this year.
8:22 am
>> you do not need him to be okay. >> reporter: fans say, she never ceases to entertain or surprise. she doesn't take the fame haul that seriously. >> i have three dogs. may come as a big shock, they p poop in the backyard. >> keeping it real. joining us to talk about her new book, "life is not a reality show" is kyle richards. thanks for being here. >> my husband wanted to go to las vegas for new year's. he hit it last minute on the way here. >> did you have the kids with you? >> usually we do. we left them at home. we slept two hours. the whole time, he said, whose idea was this? >> we're happy to have you here. took an informal poll with the staffers. you are their favorite. you keep it so real. i love how in the opening credits, you say, you're not the richest but you're the luckiest. you have been married for 17
8:23 am
years, four kids, three dogs. how do you stay grounded? >> it's 16 years coming up. 17 1/2 together. how do you stay so growned? i'm appreciative of everything i have, my husband, our marriage. i know what we have. and i make sure to never forget that and make sure he feels appreciated every day. he makes me feel appreciated every day. >> you're not just saying that because he's within earshot range, are you? >> hi. >> he makes it easy, too, look at him. >> you said no husband talk. i -- >> i was joking about that. i took it as a compliment. >> congratulations. you do not hold back in the book or in the show. and i want to play a little bit more of an upcoming episode. it's dealing with your sister. here it is. >> my sister's not here yet, in case you haven't noticed.
8:24 am
>> this is ridiculous. by the time she gets here, we'll be going home. kim, where is she? what planet is she on? you have to detach yourself. >> she could have told me, i don't want to go. >> seems like you'll never work it out. it's always something, isn't there? >> i don't know. i feel like she's in an aggressive mood. i don't know what she's going to be like when she gets here. >> your sister is back in rehab. how is she doing? have you seen her? >> i just visited my sister. she's doing really, really well. she's getting stronger every day. i'm proud of her. >> i'm glad she's getting the help that she needs. you give sisterly advice. all types of advice. you said one thing, you said, if you cheat on your spouse once, do not tell. you gate free pass because you have seen -- i mean -- >> i knew i would get heat for that.
8:25 am
i've seen circumstances with people that i know are in love with their spouse, and they made one mistake. i said, well, this is somebody that i know, nobody that anybody knows here. but you know, if this was a one-time mistake and you did not put this person this jeopardy, i, personally, think you should deal with it with yourself and god, and not go and say, honey, look what i did. i knew this would ruin their relationship and their life. i said, it did not happen. i can tell you many, many, many years later, they're happy together. she made that mistake. she has to live with it. and it's not me. >> not you. >> i knew i would get a lot of heat for that. i feel that way. i do. they're still going strong. >> okay, it worked for them. beauty advice, too. you -- stunning. >> thank you. i do my own hair and makeup. when i do my sitdowns on the show, i have a makeup artist i have worked with for years.
8:26 am
beauty does not have to cost a lot of money. so many people think that. i really do use pantene. a lot of people ask me about my hair. i'm in the a paid spokes person. makeup, clothing, my shoes may be valentino. i think my skirt was $40. >> we have 15 seconds left. the one piece of advice you would give folks? >> skfs the most important thing you can have in your relationship, beauty. if you don't feel it, you can fake it until you make it. >> all right, kyle. thank you very much. a delight to meet you. and mauricio here in the studio, too. a lot more with kyle. we're back with josh when we come back, live at the rose bowl.
8:27 am
' temperatures continue to drop, 34 baltimore. freezeing to the northwest, windchills are entrenched in the 20s, winds have not been that bad in the last two hours. we gusted high this morning and overnight. we expect to have that rain return. it will filter back now. westminster, frederick, parkton, york and gettysburg, cñ those a)kúhave the 3,best threa snow bfzdshowers and flurries. we will get back to the cloudy skies. 42, could get back to downtown baltimore. temperatures tanking this afternoon, especially when the clouds return and winds gust back to 35 miles per hour. flurries possible overnight.
8:28 am
25. temperatures that will hold back near or below freezing. a high of 32 tomorrow. lows in the teen, slow climb wednesday and thursday, warming in to the 50s by the weekend. to touchdown runs by rice pushed the ravens over the bengals clinching the title. baltimore first round buy followed by a home game at mt bank stadium. rice broke off a 51-yard touchdown run extending the lead 24-16, that's the final. rice finished with 129 yards. reports out of los angeles, police are questioning a suspect in the string of fires. 8 fires were set this morning. the blazes. police in la have a suspect in custody. more throughout the day. back to new york for good
8:29 am
morning america.
8:30 am
♪ break break your break break your heart ♪ great crowd here for the first monday of the new year. and you know, ben was left crushed on "the bachelorette." let's just put it out there. he's bounces back by looking for love all over again. this time, 25 women are competing for him. how do you like that? >> 25 plus one. can you swing around. take a look to your right, ben? look around. see? b ben, will you accept this rose? 26 women at least. they finally got it up there. the new year, we're hoping to turn back the clock with new ways to look healthier and younger. dr. jennifer joins us.
8:31 am
first, an inside look at a beloved new year's tradition. the rose parade. josh is there with a special behind the scenes look at the work and the fun that goes into staging the spectacular event. i had the pleasure of doing it back in the day. what a treat, isn't it, josh? >> it is. you're missed. in a couple of hours this float will make its way down orange grove boulevard. almost 1 million people will line the route. i did it as a high schooler. the parade traces itself back to the 19th century. it's fair to say, that's changed. time to take you behind the
8:32 am
scenes of an american classic. [ horn honking ] ♪ >> i'm really excited. i love seeing the floats, the bands. >> reporter: day come from far and wide. >> weir going to be sleeping in the straight. you can move out to the blue line at 11:00. >> oh, i see. is this your king-kized bed right here? that's tremendous. pick out a prime spot, set up camp for the night, and wait. >> we have winter coats from wisconsin to keep us warm. >> have some snacks. >> water. >> we brought uno. a deck of cards. >> reporter: for a singular american tra zigs. the tournament of roses parade. >> you bring your kids so they remember and bring their kids. >> my mom and dad brought me. i'm here with hi son. >> reporter: it all began in 1890 when the pasadena valley gun club invited their friends
8:33 am
from the east to head west. before the game, there would be a parade to show case the city's flowery blooms. fast forward well over 100 years, you'll see elaborate floats, the size of football fields with high-tech animation. everything you see on the float must be made from flowers or other organic materials. >> we're putting orr kid orchid. >> reporter: this year, you set not one but two world records. >> we broke our own record. for the world's longest float. it's 119 feet, 7 inches. and the world's heaviest float.
8:34 am
almost 132,000 pounds. >> reporter: over 65 on thes on the way down the parade route. i'm sitting at the controls of the longest and heaviest float ever built in the 123-year history of the tournament of roses parade. there's one catch. i can't see where i'm going. that's where the stot spotter comes in. it's their job to tell the driver to slow down or turn. s surfing dogs or on board. the team will be led by tilman, the fastest skate-boarding dog. though this year, he's hitting a surfboard. norman, are you ready? are you ready? i think norman's ready.
8:35 am
grand marshal j.r. martinez is ready as well. he hopes to inspire many along the route. >> i want them to understand that it wasn't always smiles and waving and leading a pra raid. it was tough at times. you stay positive. you believe. >> reporter: what better way the kick off a new year. >> it is going to be something you remember for the rest of your life. >> reporter: i can tell you, three generation of my family volennunteered in different capacities. my mom was moved to tears when i said i was going to be here. i want to introduce vincent and tim, the president of fiesta floats. what went into the conception of the float? >> i would like to say happy new year to all my american friends. while indonesia is coming back after 60 years.
8:36 am
if you see here this float, the team realizes the state symbol. it means that united in every city. more than that, in every city and in harmony and diversity. >> how long did it take to build? >> about 3 1/2 months after the blueprints were done. >> thousands of man hours, millions upon millions of flowering blooms. it's all here on abc at 11:00 a.m. eastern. i have great pleasure and honor of hosting the parade this year. we hope to see you. >> welcome home there, josh. have a great time. >> my mom used to listen to it on the radio. that's how far back it was. >> we have a good announcer outside right now. ginger zee in for sam champion with the weather. >> thank you, george. a lot of folks out here, on times square are from the
8:37 am
southeast. alabama, georgia, a lot of texas this morning. all the areas that i mentioned going to get considerably colder. let talk about one of them being florida. the entire state covered by some sort of winter warning or wind chill warning. these are numbers for tomorrow morning. tampa, a chilled 39. 37 for orlando. let's slide across the nation. in the west, the southwest, california continues record heat or at least near record heat. center of the nation will be dry there. waco, 55. the northeast, the cold blast of air, oh, my goodness. is it going to be much more january and winter-like than it
8:38 am
>> this weather report was brought to you by ally bank. back to you, george and robin. there's ben. is he finally about to find true
8:39 am
like many chefs today, i feel the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal.
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see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
8:41 am
will you marry me? make me the happiest man on earth? ♪ >> i'm sorry. >> wow. i didn't see this one coming. >> ouch. talk about being on the hot seat. that's the dramatic season in last season's finale of "the bachelorette" when ashley hebert rejects ben flajnik's proposing.
8:42 am
first, i have to ask you how you felt about getting down on one knee when ashley knew she wasn't going the say yes? >> i didn't know she was going to turn down my proposal. it takes a lot to get to that point. i'm glad i'm here now. >> do you wish she would have picked you up a little bit and not let you -- >> yeah, yes and no. it's hard to look at that and have regret, really, because i'm glad i followed through with something for once in a relationship. it was a good learning experience. >> it must have hurt. no one likes to be dumped or rejected, whatever word you want to use. whey a why are you doing it all over again? >> it works for me. you're able to exorcise your feelings. and you're encouraged to get there quicker than you would. it appealed to me.
8:43 am
i thought long and hard about it. it was the right decision. >> and you have 25 women clamoring for you. >> that's helpful, too. >> what are you looking for in a woman? >> confidence, someone who has experienced life. at a young age, i've gone through so much with my father's passing, i've been able to travel. i've had a lot of life's lessons. >> we have an exclusive clip from tonight. you and courtney a model. all these ladies want you now. let's look at the clip. >> something that you said in the last season that really actually struck a chord with me. you're like, i'm available. i was impressed. >> yeah. thank you. >> yeah, so that's actually why i'm here. a year ago, i wouldn't have been available. i just wouldn't have been.
8:44 am
i wouldn't be here. i'm at the point in my life, i'm a model, i've traveled the world. i work very hard. i'm at a place where i was single for awhile. what you see is what you get with me. i'm just nice, normal. >> being available helps. >> it does. >> one of the things that concerned me, and i mean it in the nicest way when i heard you were going to be the new "bachelor" you were almost too normal, too nice. sit going to be spicy at all? >> i think anytime you combine 25 women with one man's heart, there's going to be drama and spice. it's a completely different experience. something you're not used to doing. i can guarantee plenty of excitement. >> i've seen a lot of tears. i also saw a much older lady on
8:45 am
crutches? is she the one? >> i don't know about that. cheryl is a sweetheart. she's there for a particular reason. she's there for a good reason, a heart-felt reason. >> you can't tell us anything more? >> not really. tonight's the night. >> final question, i know you cannot sea if you're engaged or -- are you happy is this did you meet somebody that could be the one? >> i'm happy that i did this. i went through the journey again. another good cathartic experience for me. i pushed myself in ways i didn't before. >> you didn't answer the question, ben. >> i know. >> we will have to watch. i know, i'll be watching. thank you so much, ben flajnik, for being here today. "the bachelor" tonight at 8:00 on abc. want to look better in the new year? dr. ã
8:46 am
i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating.
8:47 am
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all right, george, all right, georgie. it's a new year and a new you. dr. jennifer ashton, one of the cohosts of the upcoming show, "the revolution." she knows how to make women look and feel their best. she has a new book right here. your body beautiful. covers many topics like cancer
8:49 am
prevention, bless you for that. this morning, we're focusing on beauty. >> yep. >> which we all don't feel like after the new year. i'm sporting a few extra lbs. >> the show we're really excited about, robin. it's a concept never done before in daytime talk television. we have a dream team. ty pennington, tim gunn, mr. project runway for our style. dr. tiffanie davis henry. and harley pasternak, celebrity trainer and myself doing health and medicine. we'll take a wholistic view. how we have so much to say, how we're all going to get it in in one hour a day. we'll try. >> that's why it's helpful to have the book as a resource.
8:50 am
you have said that women this their 30s and 40s, the medical community kind of overlooks them. >> it's an observation i made over 11 years. women, once they hit 30 are kind of put on autopilot. we kind of cruise through those decades thinking we're on autopilot. and it's such a new age in women's health, robin. women, now, at 30, 40, 50. >> that's right -- get to 50. >> can be in better shape. healthier, more fit, more beautiful than they were 10 to 20 years before. all those tips are in the book. >> i believe it. it's true. >> you're a walking endorsement. >> i have a lot of great people working with me after cancer. >> it shows. >> you said beverages. >> sugar can age us. inside the cell, sugar interacts
8:51 am
with proteins in the cells. there is a big word at the causes swelling. look for the sources. we're not saying totally avoid sugars. just watch them in moderation. >> skin care. >> never too early to start. three names to know about. retinoids. they reach the deeper layers of our skin cells, stimulate collajen production. there are acids, alpha hi hydroxides and beta. zblu cok start. >> tets never too late. >> i know we're in the kitchen, but what do you have here? >> if you're in the kitchen with me, you're in trouble.
8:52 am
i'm bad cook. i'm a big believer in using high-tech when necessary. but a big believer in day to day. the most natural things possible on your skin. things are not pure enough to eat, try not to put them on your skin. mi milk, whole milk. all things you have if h the pantry. honey is great. you can eat it, too. and then this is the one exception. white sugar, granulated. you can use brown. mix up oatmeal. a great hydrator, exfoliater. you can use it every day. >> you'll tell us the amounts on our site. >> make it a nice paste. >> i'm going to do it. you said sleep is important. seven to nine hours. >> you have to go to bed at 6:00 p.m.
8:53 am
>> an extra half hour or hour this year. >> critical to your health. >> "the revolution" premiers on monday, january 16th. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
8:54 am
8:55 am
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8:56 am
josh, look how lucky i am here. you're at the parade. have a good up with. have fun today. >> we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. you're watching josh today. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. good morning, minutes before 9:00. winter made itself in to start
8:57 am
off the first week of the year. temperatures in the 30s around the bay. below freezing towson, ellicott city. winds settled down. we will have a surge of wind as we head in through the day. a cold day, the temperatures will still a little bit above normal. while we are watching all this snow breaking out across the great lakes, a distinctive line across the appalachians. general response to the winds coming down from the great lakes and rolling over the higher terrain and down in our vicinity. a large pool of cold air, more widespread snow showers, and disturbances in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will carry the clouds in our way and build in snow showers. primarily western maryland and north and west of baltimore of of clipping
8:58 am
clipped by the snow showers. turning mostly cloudy to overcast this afternoon and feeling chilly with flakes. winter storm warning in garrett county. cold air through wednesday. winds this morning southwests once they turn west to northwest, building in the clouds and snow showers, we tap in to the cold air on tuesday. today's temperature 42 downtown. 30s north west. 35 miles per hour winds. tonight, it will be chilly with a chance of a few flurries and lows in the mid-20s. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. take a moment to ponder tender cuts of pastrami, piled sky high atop your favorite freshly baked bread with spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. okay,
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