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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  January 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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grur's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland "a "at 4:30. pay attention to the weather in morning. it's cold. where you can go if you need a warm place to stay. charm city is gearing up to support the ravens in the divisional playoff games. i am shar ri johnson and i will -- sherrie johnson and i will tell you how. the iowa caulk outs getunderway today. i will have the latest poll pre- - caucuses get underway today. i will have the latest poll predictions coming up. a weather alert. city issued a code blue alert due to the frigid temperatures. let's get into meteorologist justin berk with a look at how things are and what we have to look forward to. . >> the temperatures are just near normal. so this is a shock to the
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system. we will be updating the forecast momentarily. old numbers showing up at the bottom of the screen. we have ourselves temperaturesnow down to 25 in towson. 23 ellicott city and manchester at 22 with the wind chill down into the teens. that is what makes it a little more difficult to be outside for any extend period of time. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, dry around the beltway next surge of snow showers hitting gettysburg and it will slide through westminster and a light coating on the cars. more where that came from. another disturbance will slide through with more snow showers heading into tom. it's -- today. the typical low is is 25. so just near normal. but aid shock to the system. and the-- but it's a shock to the system and the city has taken precautions. now linda so. good morning. >> reporter: well, it's one of the mornings you want to bundle up and take your gloves and hat
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and scarf and a heavy coat anything to stay warm. it's so cold that the city has activated the code blue program meaning emergency shelters like the ones here on falls way will be open 24 hours. city officials activated monday and tuesday because of how cold it is outside. there are 10 emergency shelters in the city. some are open 24 hours. others will be be extending their hours. here's a list of the shelter. the main one here on falls way accommodates men and women opened 24 hours. american rescue -- men rescue workers baltimore rescuemission for men and women will stay open until 7 this morning. helping mission on east baltimore for men only will be opened until 6 and christ lutheran on south charles street a shelter for women with children will be opened 24 hours. and you can find a complete list of the emergency shelters in baltimore city on our website at
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but for now, let's get a look at our traffic this morning andtoss it back into angela. >> reporter: thank you. good morning. on roadways for your tuesday morning. looking pretty good so far especially on the main roadways. you may have a tap of the brakes on 95. from cecil county construction on the tidings bridge reduced to one lane southbound. the drive through harford county headheading to the top side of 695, 95 looks good and here's a live look at 29 at maryland 10 # the clarksville park. all is well north and southbound. let's look at the baltimore beltway. 695 at wilkins. looking good on the outer loop lanes of 695. coming from i-70 heading around to 295 the bw parkway. charley, over to you. good morning good morning. we are hearing complaints from all over baltimore county. piles of recycables waiting to be pkd up because the normal day fell on a holiday. -- picked up because the normal day fell on a holiday. the problem is so did new year.
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recycling trucks won't be arounduntil next monday threes. that's three weeks without service. >> they could have planned and could have had one day in the miel so it would be maybe a week and a half instead of three weeks. >> the department of works says it happens every year because of the christmas and new year parallelling and it's unavoidable and there's the option of dropping off your repsych action. head to and click on my community tab and baltimore county news for a list of places to drop off recycables. sad news about a gracious baltimore native william carey an investment bank here donated millions to the university of maryland law school died and he donated 50 million to fun the carey school of business. he died in west palm beach floor do monday. he was -- florida monday, he was 81. police are trying to figure out what led to a 13-year-old being shot. nets hospital in critical but stable condition.
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he was shot sunday night before six in the 500 block of oakland avenue near old york road. police have no suspects nor any leads right now. so if you can help, give them a call at the number on the screen. 4010-- 410-396p 4055. double happiness offers low cost ride between baltimore and new york but have been ordered off the roads for a number of safety violations. sunday night an abc2 news crew saw the service still going on. so we called again monday asking if tickets were available and the woman on the phone said yes and quickly said no. they could be running under a new name. the woman wouldn't reveal the name and we are waiting for answers from the department of transportation. democracy 2012. the republican race is tightening up and getting ready to take off in iowa. what are the polls saying as they gather to caucus and what can we speculator tonight. corinne redman is here with a
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breakdown. >> reporter: all eyes are on iowa as they are set to put the repub can hopeful off to a start. they hit the campaign trail from morning to night in hopes of getting the last-minute votes. mitt romney is the person to beat for the moment but rick santorum could be the spoiler. he is the hottest candidate on the trail right now after months of quiet tireless campaigning and getting added support from evangelical christians he has surged. it's a fight to stay out of last plate. newt gingrich vows to run a positive campaign but with the campaign failing he is lashing out against romney. >> romney in the end is cautiously hopeful position. >> reporter: what do you mean. >> we will win with all of our passion and strength. >> reporter: michelle bachmann
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in a last-minute effort is out with the first television ad to remind voters of her roots being born and raised in iowa. coren redman. with an eye on the campaign, president obama wrapped up the hawaiian vacation. first family expected to touchdown in the nation's capital later this morning in time for the president to host a live web chat with iowa supporters as the caucuses unfold and tomorrow the president travels to cleveland for an event focused on the economy and another date fast approaching, january 24th and the state of the union. after a warm december, the first significant cold weather is smacking us in the face. coming up, the workout residents along the upper peninsula and michigan what they are getting. also, the new law takingeffect for big rig drivers. we will tell you about that. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 and a live look this morning at atlanta georgia where, hey, the cold here and it's cold there. it's 26 in hot lanta.
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we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the first big lake-effect snowstorm is socking the northern u.s. this video shows the conditions along michigan's upper peninsula. parts of the state is seeing snow as much as a foot since new year's day and here's the kicker. it's not over. a bit closer to home in virginia, the snow falling there caused backups along highways. brake lights seen for miles and there's a bad way to brave the roads. but this pales in comparison to the way things are further north. and in pennsylvania, the road appear rain soaked with flakes not sticking yet. but it's a constant reminder of the dropping temperatures. people are preparing with the shovels and salt so what we can expect here as you talked about earlier, we are at normal. >> just about. normal is 25. and we are sitting at 28 in baltimore. so, we probably will drop a few
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more degrees but there's a push of clouds and snow showers out of the northwest we showed you. 26 in that direction of york and hagerstown and crossing the mountains and get into the cold stuff and that stuff is what's moving or way. and each step colder is a reinforcing shot that has a little disturbance associated with it. we kick up the wind and drop the wind chills into the teens and there's the burst a line of cloud that's the next shift of wind and that could bring with it flurries or a brief snow shower. there's more behind that. there's the lake-effect snow stuff that you were talking about and the wind flow will carry that with upper level support and here's how i see it today. chance of flurries this morning we drop into the mid to upper 20s. another notch or two from where we are and back heading from the morning hours and this afternoon between 3 and 7:00 there will be another disturbance that could bring a burst of snow showers. temperatures only getting to near freezing. but wind chills stuck in the 20s. it's 4:41. let's see what's happening with the wind on the roads this
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morning even the bridges. here's angela. >> reporter: all right. you are correct. on the bridges we have wind warnings in effect for all of our area bridges on 95 the tidings bridge as well as the key bridge traveling on 695. hatem and bay bridge on u.s. 50. so use extra caution out there this morning. in the meantime, we are doing okay for those of you traveling on 95. traveling through the columbia jessup region, here's maryland 175. looking pretty good for you. let's look live at u.s. 50 coming across the bay bridge. look pretty good at maryland route 2. the wind warnings are in effect so use extra caution this morning. charley, over to you. after sunday's big win, the ravens what week off before hosting the playoff game. how to get tickets to the game and the latest on preparations at m and t bank stadium. the latest on the suspect now in lapd custody accused of more than 50 fires set across l during the past weekend. you are watching "good morning maryland." we are first and only at 4:30
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and a live look in baltimore inner harbor. back in a bit.
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news time 4:45. 28 degrees and five things to know on this tuesday a hearing today for nicole riley one of the doctors charged with allegedly completing late term abortions. it will be this morning in salt lake city utah. and new laws for truckers. they have to put down the phones at risk of being find. u.s. department of transportation says if drivers canr caught they could face a $2700 fine. companies could be find 11,000 dollars. and the national pinball museum is set to open in downtown baltimore. actually it will open january 14th at the old chocolate factory on water street. the first will be the history of the pinball machine and the second floor the games. if you are a cereal lover, there are new cheerios flavors you will be checking out.
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one carmel flavored you like that don't you. also, a peanut butter multigrain cheero. keep an eye out for those. and aretha franklin is getting married. she is engaged to long time friend and confidant william wilkerson. they plan the wedding for miami beach with a reception on a yacht in june or july. news time 4:46. and they clinched a playoff and now it's time for preparation. a few days of rest and game time. we know the fans are getting ready to host the playoff game here in charm city but when do tickets go on sale. sherrie johnson is live at m and t bank stadium with the information we need to know plus we are going this way, plus a look at the eye tennary -- itinerary. >> reporter: there's a lot going on in baltimore. getting ready to sport ravens for the divisional playoffs. they are coming up on january 15th. a few thousand tickets will be going on sale this morning and the city is getting into the
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ravens spirit starting today, the town will be painted purple. members of the ground crew. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: they plan to paint the ravens logo on the gas at two locations. ravens front office staff, mascot. [audio not understandable] >> we are having technical problems as you can hear. we will get them corrected and go back out to the bank and check in with her in a bit. as the ravens prepare for the game they will receive a special handwritten group of letters from young fans that starts today where kids can write and send letters via purple mail bocks at giant locations. the letters will be posted for the players to check out. for more details where to go, head to and click under the top stories. news time 4:47 and news around the nation this morning, first we showed outsurveillance video and today, we can tell
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you authorities have arrested a man in connection with the dozens of suspected arsons in los angeles. deputies stopped a driver of a van early yesterday and he matched the witness description and resum belled the person in the video. the man's name has yet to be released. 53 fires mostly of cars have happened since friday night in and around hollywood. and in new york, police released a sketch of a suspect who may be be tied to the series of fire bombings near queens from sunday night. at least three places were attacked with molotov cocktails a bodega islamic center and a private home used as a hindu house of worship. we are learning more about the iraq war veterans suspected of killing a park ranger at mount rainier. it appears the suspect has been found. body believed to be of 24-year- old benjamin barnes was found face down in the snow. investigators think barnes escaped to the woods following an earlier shooting that wounded four people near
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seattle. investigators say barnes has a tough time with transitioning back into civilian life. and check out this video of a man walking into a virginia mcdonald's shortly after 5 a.m. saturday careying a pink backpack and goes behind thecounter and pulls out a gun. went and stole a unknown amount of cash before running out the video. despite his face being covered police believe they have a good idea as to who the suspect may be. a consumer alert this morning. tips to help you make financial decisions more soundly. last year we saw some of the biggest banks rollback new debit card fees and there was a day voted to changing banks. experts say it's not too late to have a better banking year in 2012. first, audit your bank and tally up the fees you are charged for everything from overdraft protection to atm fees. use cash when ever you can and it helps small businesses avoid having to pay debit card processing fees and set up text
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alerts to let you know if your balance drops too learn and think about new pin number to avoid id theft and make saving automatic. set up an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings account even when you don't notice the monies could be gone. justin check this out. this is steve jobs, a action figure hitting store shelves in late february. this will run about $99 plus shipping and it comes with two pair of glasses and two pair of hands. one black turtleneck and pair of blue jeans. two apples and one has a bite taken out of it. think of it as a desk top motivator of what it could be. if you've seen the images online, the detail is scary. it's frightening like madam tussaud wax museum. >> miniature steve jobs wh more his turtleneck. >> you are right. hopefully there's a painted on
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white t-shirt. >> let's get to weather here. >> all you, man. >> we have updated the numbers. guess what happens at 4:50 in the morning if you get up and watch with us. let's see the numbers. easton, we are looking at 30 degrees. cold air across the bay had a 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts i noticed we have had ourselves similar numbers here at the bottom of the screen. i wanted to go to silver spring and show you kennedy high school where it's 24 but 25- mile-per-hour wind gusts and it lock like they are identicalat sparrows point with 25-mile-per- hour wind gusts. temperatures down into the 20s. here we go this morning shifting the focus on the north side. we have mentioned the 28 in baltimore and it's still 3 degrees above our normal low. this is just reality here. and as we go through today, it might be a little biting reality as you have to deal with that wind cutting through. but overall, the wind producing much more snow and it's much worse up through central new york and they are down into teens. buffalo and binghamton with
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widespread snow showers. and being see the direction of the wind. you can see these winds are more of a west northwesterly flow more of a due northwest trajectory off lake heron and crossing over to lake erie. this is is reaching state college and harrisburg and occasionally we have a little disturbance that will help to carry the stuff across the mountains. charl defined line here of the clouds cross into the piedmont. this clipper system will dive in our direction and there will be a chance that we reenforce at least snow showers as we head through thursday. by the way, also watching off the coast, if you remember last week we talked about the possibility of this cold air producing a storm. it's getting started across the carolinas but will swing out tosea. it will happen but not here. we are watching a line of clouds now trying to cross the mountains with upper level
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disturbance. that will carry more of the moisture our way. yes, they are getting beneficial snows in the ski resorts. we get snow showers like yesterday. tomorrow the next disturbance and that's the clipper system bringing more snow to the mountains and flurries or snow showers on thursday morning. today, high temperatures 32. now, mind you that's a little below normal and with the wind it's going feel like mid to lower 20s. there will be occasional flurries in the morning and burst of snow showers mid to late afternoon tonight. we break that down and we chill down as we drop below normal for a change to 17. we will have the extended outlook in the next half-hour at 4:53. now back to angela with a check of the traffic. >> reporter: on the roadways not dealing with any early accidents. just overnight road construction crews you normally have. and, of course, wind warnings on all of the area bridges. heading out for the tuesday morning drive, let's look live at your check on u.s. 29. at maryland 108 the early drive on 29 should be in decent shape
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in both directions coming in from i-70. here's a live look traveling through the glen bernie area on i-97 at maryland 100. 97 good clear read to the east side of 695. charley, back to you. tens of thousands gathering in protests. up next why the change of one country's name has sparked an uprising. also, officials in hong kong issuing an alert after a man died from a strain of bird flu. details when we go around the world and "good morning maryland" continues. we are first and only at 4:30. a live look at the draw bridge at ocean city. we continue in a moment.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. news around the world this morning. protests in hungary took place in front of the state opera housech the new basic law has change the country's official name from the republic of
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hungary to hungary. it was effective january 1st and demonstrations are supported bythe opposition socialist party and democratic coalition and green lmp. in hong kong a bus driver died from contracting a strain of the bird flu virus. first in a year in a half. shipments of the poultry products within 8 miles of the man's home have been stopped e died on new year's day after being infected with h5n1. shipment will be halted for 21 days that went into effect sunday. and christ church has been rocked by another set of earthquakes. more than a dozen tremors hit new zealand on monday. they were some of the thousands that rattled the conditionry in the recent months. and more evacuations in three district of thailand following more heavy rain. several hillsides have been put on high alert for landslides and flash floods have been reported in many areas. there is some good news, though. flooding in the lower south has improved and traffic returned to normal and there's been no rain in that area since sunday.
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now "good morning maryland. before you head outside today, you will want to know what to wear. i am linda so. what the city is doing to keep everyone safe in the bitter cold. and commercial truck drivers will have to put down cell phones. i will tell you about a law that starts today coming up. i think from christmas wrapping and present boxes, there's coke cans and wine bottles. >> recycling mounds piling up for some. how you don't have to wait for the county to pick it up. you can do it yourself. we will tell you how on this tuesday,ian 3rd. good morning i am charley crowson. let's head over to justin berk because weather is going to be a big story on this tuesday. >> that's right. 4:58. looks like winter really started and the city take it seriously. we are looking at some of the numbers. wanted to show outlive updates across the region with churchville at 25.
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27 northeast in chestertown on the eastern shore as my voice cracks. like bobby brady. it's time for change. 23 in ellicott city and woodbine and we have some wind chills into the teens. manchester now a wind chill at 11. why do i point that out? they are on the edge of the next cloud line and flurries trying to cross the border and may get there hampstead and westminster. as we watch the cold environment pulling through the region and more snow showers coming out of great lakes that will likely cross the mountains and could give us flurries this morning. one more disturbance could give us a burst of snow showers by this afternoon. the best timing is between 3 and maybe 7 or 8. temperatures barely at freezing. and wind chills down into the 20s. it's 4:59 and i suggest a hot cup of tea. maybe some orange juice. that's just for me. for you, get on with the morning and let's see what's going on with the roads. the wind factor at bridges before we do that let's show you how the city is taking it seriously. it's a shoc


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