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tv   News  ABC  January 3, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the reality check is that much worse. robert coleman this name is a little too long so the elementary school running into the number here. apologize that 25 this morning. and wind gusts at 25 miles per hour. steady winds 10 to 15 extending -- extend being the flags and making it feels like it's in the teens. 30 at easton mid-20s to the northwest. and when you factor in the wind, it takes us into the teens. even on to the eastern shore. so a chilly morning as most of the state gets back to school. howard county had to deal with this yesterday. so maybe the benefit is it won't be as harsh this morning because you've worked out of the holiday mode. band of clouds sliding across the beltway losing the moisture but there may be flurries contained in here and we are watching more snow showers to the west that try to build in today. so flurries this morning this afternoon snow showers and temperatures only near freezing wind chills in the 20s. it's 5:30 let's check on the traffic with angela. >> reporter: all right. that wind chill may affect your morning drive. we have wind warnings in effect on all of our area bridges.
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if you are traveling on the east side of the beltway, it's on the key bridge where you need to use the extra caution and, of course, any overpasses that you may encounter this morning. let's get a live look at traffic for those of you making the drive through the pikesville region. 695 at baltimore national pike. traffic flowing freely on the outer loop between 795 and baltimore national pike. and another live look here is the harrisburg expressway. i-83 at shawan road look good. for our early mta commuters rail service is on time and buses moving along on schedule. charley, back to you. it claims to play off so now it's time for resting and healing up and getting rade for game time. fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on tickets for the january 15th playoff game at m and t bank stadium. here's information you need to know a few thousand tickets are going to go on sale today at 10. also beginning today, the town is going to be painting the
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town purple in memory of the ravens ground crews. 11 to noon and 10 a.m. to 11. they will he be painting the ravens logo at two locations. the front office staff and mascot will rise and concur as well as cheerleaders will be on hand to celebrate the post season push with fans. a big day of events and keep in mind, we have to pays ourselves because they will host the first home playoff game in five years in two weeks. so keep the excitement high, but keep it steady leading up to game time. >> can't wait to see us with at home playoff game and been waiting for a bunch of years. going with my dad and can't wait. >> they can take the texans and they can take the steelers and anybody and they will wint superbowl even -- wint the superbowl and -- win the superbowl and mel said it. >> hair and all that's right.
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season ticket holders have yours in the mail but for the rest of us, the tickets go on sale today starting at 10 this morning on ticket master by phone or any ticket master outlet to. bite tickets give them a call at 410-547-7328. kick off sunday, january 15th, the opponent is yet to be determined. news time is now 5:33. if the sold out stadium is not enough to get you pumped personal notes can get the guys ready for the game. there will be purple mail bocks giving kids a chance to hand -- boxes giving kids a chance to hand write letters to the players. the letters will be picked up and taken to the team's owings mills training facility and posted in the cafeteria for players to check out. in news around the nation, washington state mount rainier national park will remain closed as authorities continue the investigation into thed
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itly -- deadly shooting of a park ranger. benjamin barns was partially submerged in a mountain creek wearing a t-shirt jeans and one tennis shoe. they believe he ran into the park after a shooting at a house party that wounded 2. he shot the ranger margaret anderson on sunday. man in maine started the new year stuck in a true using a power parachute when he got tangled 60 feet above the ground. a aerial truck from the fire department was needed to get the 66-year-old down. he had bumps and wry'ss but -- bruises but is otherwise okay. quick thinking by-passers by credited with saving the lives of three kids in utah a car slid off a icy road and plunged into a river below. that driver got out with the kid -- but the kids were trapped inside. a department of defense contractor came upon the accident and jumped in to help the kids out. >> cut the window and none of
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the handle would open so i pulled out handgun and shot out window and reached inside and tried to pull through. arms and legs. >> more people came by to help about 8 men did all they could working together to get the three kids out. all survived and are doing fine. at last report this morning. as the weather gets colder you may be running into spots on the road that may be too icy. tips to know if you find your car slipping on the roadway. a major increase in album sales after kelly clarkson tweets about the gop race for president. what she said that sent her numbers skyrocketing after we get back from new york in a check of this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites tech trouble involving american airlines. scammers are sending out phoney e-mail messages that look as if they came from the bankruptairline. american says the messages are simply phishing for your personal information. and watch for social media
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to pay a large part in the presidential race. campaign sites offer down loads and text message updates but surprisingly no one has a smart phone app yet. one candidate just got an endorsement on twitter from a surprising source 80-year-old media mogul rupert murdock who scoffed of a the internet got his account and his wife made him delete a message as inappropriate. and maybe if your child play with the steve jobs action figure but at $99 maybe you will keep it for yourself. and those are tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning
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maryland." on the -- when the roads turn icing driving can turn tricky and a little dangerous. in syracuse new york they are not strangers to the rough conditions but it's good to get a refresher course on how to drive when conditions turn icy. if you feel yourself sliding pump your brakes or jam them? one driving instruntor says depends on what -- instructor says depends on what car you are driving. >> some vehicles have abs which you should apply heavy pressure on the brake and let the vehicle do the work. if you don't have abs you should pump the brakes. >> if they don't work and you keep skidding slowly turn the car in the direction you want to go. take it slowly and gib yourself plenty of room to -- give yourself plenty of room to stop. leave three times more space between yourself and the car in front of you all good tips we should employ and keep in mind because justin, it is a matter of time before this happens here in maryland. >> it is. what's ironic is 7 of my 8 years in upstate new york were
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in hilly locations and most people in the hilly, snowy country do not have four wheel drive. think about that. and they still get around. manchester, this was yesterday. look at the sunny start giving way to the cloud. the cloud gave way to some burst of snow showers and flurries. nothing accumulated, but, yeah, it felt like wint erin looked like it. -- winter and it looked like it. churchville had a new flakes yesterday and we could do it again this afternoon. 27 sparrows point but the wind take them down to 21. and manchester and woodbine it feels like the teens. frederick is the closest lakes right now. we had -- flakes right now. we had some in westminster that looks like it fell apart and back to the northwest it's open for business. the great lake machine is pumping and we will have reenforcements about bring -- to bring flurries this morning a partly sunny day but snow showers this afternoon with a high near 32.
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it's 5:39 on the clock. back to the roads with angela. >> reporter: as far as incidents go this morning, dealing with a water main break in the halethorpe area. affecting those who travel hammonds ferry road. drive slow and tap the brakes in that area. a lot of folks coming off vacation this morning. here's traffic on i-95 at maryland 175. the southbound lanes pick up in volume. let's go ahead and look at the harrisburg expressway. i-83 up in the parkton area looking pretty good. still clear on the north and southbound side of i-83 and here's what it looks like once you make your way down to 695. here is the beltway at i-83. and another check in with the mta got a delay east bound on the brunswick trains yacht may experience a 10 to 15 minute delay this morning. charley, back to you. love is in the air for aretha franklin. 69-year-old queen of soul announced engagement to willie wilkerson.
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the couple is look forward to a wedding in june or july on miami beach and there's a reception aboard a private yacht. singer released a statement about the upcoming nuptials and added, no, she is not pregnant. kelly clarkson endorsement for ron paul may not have thrilled all of her he fans butit is giving a boost to the album sales. the album stronger moved up from number 38 to number 7 on sales a day after she announced her support for ron paul. it's a problem families are facing. overweight children a new ad campaign out that doesn't sugar coat the problem of obesity in one state. i am coren redman, we are hours away from the -- corinne redman and we are hours away from the outcome in iowa. i will have a report coming up.
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news time 5:44. program offering additional services now to the homeless due to an expected drop in temperatures. emergency shelters in the city will be extending their hours and emergency workers will be checking on baltimore residents tonight. the temperatures could drop as low as 17 degrees. and today a federal law
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goes in effect saying truck drivers can't use hand-held cell phones while driving. drivers face 3,000 dollars in fine if caught breaking the law. 4 million commercial truck drivers are affect by the new ruling. and ravens fan can get out wallets because tickets will go on sale this morning about 4 hours and you can get playoff tickets. 10 this morning you can buy them on ticket or by calling ticket master for more information head to and the ravens game is sunday january 15th from m and t bank stadium and kick off at one. we are hours from the first voting for the race to the white house on the gop side. coming out of iowa, anything, anything is uncertain right now. and three candidates have is a realistic shot of winning tonight. ron paul, mitt romney and rick santorum. corinne redman has more -- redmon has more. >> reporter: the republican presidential hopeful are making the final push for votes in iowa. polls predict mitt romney is
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the person to meet. the former massachusetts governor touts his work as private sector businessman as he has the cure for the america's ills. but rick santorum has soon a -- seen a last-minute surge. the message on monday was aimed at romney but both face a serious challenge from ron paul drying huge crowds. michelle bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich are vying for christian conservative blocks. >> i want america to become the economic engine it has been in the past. >> money doesn't buy iowa. >> rick santorum has a strong message to reach out to evangelicals and he has one of the few that can speak their language. >> reporter: the caucus began at 7 central time this evening. after tonight it's an to new hampshire for tuesday's primary. corinne redman, abc2 news. and abc news will host
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republican presidential candidate debate this weekend in new hampshire. it will be saturday night from 9 to 11. you can watch it here on abc2. diane sawyer and george willmoderate the debate. it will be the first before the new hampshire primary set for january 10th. more charges could be coming for a german man accused of dozens of suspect arsons. he is being held without bail this morning. he was arrested monday. this is video of him taken into police custody. more than 50 fires in hollywood and the san fernando valley valley happened since friday. cars destroyed and buildings torched. damage around 3 million dollars. police are not ruling out make more arrests in the case. in health news new ads in georgia aimed at curbing childhood obesity is causing a controversy. health experts behind the blunt and startling ads are saying it's what the state needs. more straight talk and less sugar coating of the crisis. nearly 40% of georgia's
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children today are obese or overweight 40%. some even diagnosed with hypertension and the first and second grade. >> mom, why i'm fat? >> i think that it's not only ineffective, but it's damaging. if kid feel bad about their bodies, then they are not going to take good care of them. >> children's health care of atlanta hired the actors spending 25 million dollars sprepped spredding the message and -- spreading the message and refuse to apologize for what they are saying. the -- there's press conference of 2011 for the class of the ed block courage award winners. it will be at the sports ledge nd museum in downtown baltimore. this is video from two years ago when daunte stall worth won the awards. he elected morgan cox as 2011 recipient. scott garceau will emcee the
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awards. it's supported charity recognizing courage in the league while improving lives of abused or neglected children in nfl cities throughout the u.s. the ed block courage award gala is march 13th. justin. 5:49. good morning. i want to go back to mount airy. as we show you yesterday a good display as to how the region reacts to some of the cold air that flows in after a clear morning. watch the clouds quickly bubble up. and occasional snow shower as you can see passing off in the distance. almost like a bob ross painting and take the clouds and streaking the colors down to the ground. that continued on into the evening where we broke the clouds up a little bit overnight and allowed temperatures to a drop off. while we are sitting at 28 in baltimore, it's mid to lower 20s to the west. and once you head to the north we drop into the cold stuff. they are entrenched in the core of the arctic. and this arctic blast sliding across new york state and a bubble of that cold air will slide aloft through central maryland at the prime time this evening when we get one disturbance out of the great
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lakes and you can see the streamers really carrying the snow showers on in from lake heron and lake erie and passing near altoona and south of state college. it could be clipping outside the mountains of chambersburg and harrisburg as well. we will pull it back a little wider. want to highlight this disturbance. a formation sft storm we initially talked about last week some computer models are given us a shot of getting the first slam winter. it's happening too far to the south and passing well out into the atlantic to impact us other than increasing the winds and yes one band of clouds trying to pass to the west this morning. we will get another surge of energy this afternoon and between 3 and 8 getting a surge of snow showers. otherwise, we clear things out and get another round to build in with the cold air tomorrow and modify things as we head toward the weekend. today, again, the chance of flurries this morning but really, probably less widespread than yesterday during the daylight hours until we get to about 3 or 4 in the
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afternoon. than we build in snow showers and 32 but the wind will feel like the 20s. 17 overnight under a clearing to partly cloudy sky and we are checking out the rest of the week a cold day tomorrow but less winds and then we will warm back to 54 by saturday and looks like a rain or wintery mix event trying to develop on sunday. 5:51 here's angela again with traffic. >> reporter: on the roadways right now we continue to have wind warnings on all of our area bridges and your morning rush starting to get busy out there as we look live at traffic flow on u.s. 29. those southbound lanes starting to see a fair amount of volume. making your drive past clarksville pike and let's get a look at beltway. we are on the southwest side of 695. and, of course, the pace is picking up especially in the outer loop lanes as you make your way past wilkins avenue. more volume on the outer loop lanes towards i-95 in arbutus. now back to you. look at your e-mail, if you have anything from american airlines in your inbox do not
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click it. an e-mail scam using airlines names to get you and what you can do about it. multigrain and honey nut cheerios is so last year. it's 2012. the new flavors you can expect what they are and what they taste like when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday, january 3rd.
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five things on this tuesday morning. the first family left hawaiich president obama will get back in front of voters quickly with a live web chat. supporters in iowa as the caucus are going on the on wednesday, the president travels to cleveland for an event focusing on the economy. american airlines facing another problem. an e-mail scam trying to obtain personal information. any anyone who receives them forward them to the web master at american florida university tackles theish you've hazing. and the strategy includes creating a memorial for the killed drum major robert champion and scholarship in his name and organizing a blue ribbon panel to examine hazing. auto sales are poised for a second year of growth after a
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30-year low in 20 a 09. -- 20 09. 2011 sales are expected to say a sale of 12.7 million vehicles up from 11.5 in 2010. and if you a cheerios lover get excited there's two new flavors. one is called dulche and that's cearm and another one peanut butter with multigrain cheerios. keep an eye out for those at the local market. we want tonight next commander in chief all thing start in iowa. tonight, the last-minute efforts candidates are doing to win over support. you are live in des moines coming up in a bit. and a slipper on sale on wal-mart. the dis-- discovery shoppers found is routinely seen in a doctor's office. you may be trying to shed the unwanted pounds. the role dementia may be playing in the battle of the bulge. we are coughing what he new now and next on this tuesday, january 3rd and you are watching "good morning maryland. we are back for the 6:00 hour
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in a few moments.
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>> good morning, dave. >> good morning, dave. [taps on window] dave. >> both: hey, dave. >> hey. >> hey, dave. >> mr. dave... >> dave? >> 'sup, dave? >> dave? dave? >> dave? >> dave! dave? >> hi, dave. >> oh, dave's looking for you. >> [singing] >> hey, dave. >> [loud] yo, dave! >> announcer: in a small business, it's all you. that's why you have us. at staples, we have low prices
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on everything your small business needs. staples. that was easy. ruers a -- >> reporter: a message for commercial truckers put down your cell phones or face fines. details coming up. >> reporter: preparation are underway in the charm city to sport ravens in the playoffs. if you are getting ready to head out for the day, you want to know what to wear. i will linda so. what baltimore -- baltimore city is doing to keep everyone safe. it's tuesday, january 3rd. i am charley crowson and weather is going to be a huge story throughout the day. we will check in live with linda so in a few moments about the code blue currently in place in baltimore city. for now, a check of the forecast let's say good morning to


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