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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 3, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and happening right now, let the voting begin. it's down to the wire in iowa, as the race tightened overnight. will mitt romney seal the deal today? or will a surging rick santorum score a last-minute victory? the man who could shake up the race is here live. fire starter. new details about the man who was behind the massive arson crime spree. why a fight over his mother may be the motive. windchill warning, the entire east coast bracing for a deep freeze. the worst of the season. blasting new england all the way down to florida. how we went from this, to this. royal death probe. a huge police investigation is launched as a body is found on the queen's estate, right next to where the family gathered
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this christmas. who is it? what happened? we're going to have the latest on this growing royal mystery. look at all that red, white and blue up there. good morning, everyone. that is there because after all those debates, it's time for the voters to have their say. decision day in iowa. four years ago, those voters sent barack obama on his way to the white house. today, all eyes are on the republicans. and in a year full of surprises, is there going to be one more? we're going to hear from two of the top contenders, mitt romney and rick santorum. >> our entire abc news political team is on the ground, tracking the numbers. at work all day. you'll be back later this evening, as well. we'll bring you the latest on the results. it's the first real test. >> no question about it. january 3rd, start of the political year. we're going to get to that political story in a moment. first, welcome back josh
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from pasadena. >> we'll get to that terror that paralyzed the city of los angeles over the weekend. new details on the los angeles arson attacks. new information coming to light about the mother of the man who is accused of terrorizing the city, setting more than 50 fires in a 72-hour period. we learned that the man who captured the suspect does police work only in his spare time. much to get to here. abc's david wright joins us from los angeles with the very latest. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, josh. authorities believe the most prolific arsonist this city has ever seen is now behind bars. and perhaps the best clue they caught the right man, there's been no new arson fires since they put him in handcuffs. authorities are calling him the most dangerous arsonist in l.a. history. 24-year-old harry burkhart of hollywood, portrayed by his ponytail and his canadian license plates. >> our long, four-day nightmare is over.
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>> reporter: the big break came from a rookie reserve sheriff's deputy, in his fourth shift in a patrol car. >> as soon as i put on my lights and initiated a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle, i had an lapd vehicle behind me. >> reporter: shervin lalezary saw a minivan, matching the description seen at many fires. >> the driver resembled a person of interest seen in a videotape. >> reporter: the grainy security footage from a parking garage set on fire, showed a man in a ponytail, too. investigators tell abc news, the suspect has a beef with u.s. immigration authorities, who are trying to deport his mother to germany. one possible reason, abc news has learned the mother's address and phone number and that of the suspect, appear to be linked to this erotic website, according to the victims, nothing could justify what he
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did to them. >> whatever his personal issues are, he shouldn't be taking them out on innocent people. >> reporter: that's carol shandler. her car was one of dozens torched by the arsonist. and here's the creepiest part. she told us she lives so close to the suspect, that from her bedroom, she can actually see into the suspect's living room window. and last night, she watched as investigators poured over the place for clues. josh? >> incredibly disturbing. more disturbing news from new york city. shocking new surveillance video that shows the exact moment when a hindu mosque was burned. it was one of four attacks on sunday night that police are investigating as possible hate crimes. fortunately, in this instance, no one was injured. breaking news overseas in england this morning. the royal family's winter retreat is now the scene of a full-blown murder mystery. a dog walker found human remains
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on queen elizabeth's estate of sandringham, less than a mile from the royal residence. police are looking at cold cases in the area for possible links. we'll have much more on this investigation in our next half hour. meanwhile, new figures out this morning show that men are having an easier time finding jobs than women. take a look. in the retail industry, usually dominated by women, it hired nearly 217,000 men a year ago, compared to just 9,000 women. analysts say that the job market is so tough these days, men are now willing to take jobs they would usually avoid. finally, as oklahoma state won the fiesta bowl in dramatic fashion late last night, while oregon won its first rose bowl in almost a century. take a look at one favorite moment from the college bowl season. look at houston quarterback, case keenam, who returned to school after getting an injury waiver from the ncaa.
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so excited about the bowl, he conducted that band, as bowl season plays out. an its way to lsu and alabama. >> he was really good there. >> he's been there for six years. tough to say good-bye. >> even from behind, you can see the smile on his face. that was something. we're going to turn to politics now. your voice, your vote. and the first vote's finally here. in a little more than 12 hours, the republicans will caucus in iowa. the race, impossible to call, with mitt romney, ron paul and a surging rick santorum all bunching at the time. rick santorum is standing by to talk live with us. but let's start with david muir in iowa, where he sat down with a confident mitt romney. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, as you point out, just hours away from the first votes here. iowa doesn't necessarily pick the winner. but it plays a huge role in deciding who moves forward. mitt romney continued into the night, as he tries to rewrite the iowa headlines from four years ago. last time, $10 million spent, and then, a loss.
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this time, on the eve of the caucuses, a bold prediction near cedar rapids. >> we're going to win this thing. >> reporter: his team later saying he was talking about the nomination. careful to manage expectations here in iowa. behind the scenes with us, romney was careful, too. >> in iowa, i don't know if we're going to win. it's great to be towards the top of the pack. there's three people that are all within spitting distance of one another. >> reporter: who are the three that you speak of? >> ron paul, rick santorum and myself. >> reporter: notably absent, newt gingrich. because of this, a barrage of ads, paid for by some of romney's wealthiest supporters. romney defended the tough tone. you've come out and said, let's not have a negative tone. >> the heat we have in the kitchen right now is nothing compared to what's going to happen with obama's hell's kitchen. >> reporter: before the caucuses tonight, gingrich acknowledged this -- >> we may pull off one of the great upsets in the history of
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the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: and with our jon karl, gingrich brought it back to romney and the negative ads. >> he's a massachusetts moderate in a conservative party. >> you don't think he can win the nomination? >> no. the minute people understand his record, he becomes not him. >> reporter: for ron paul, a surprising admission to our terry moran. >> when you lay your head down on the pillow at night, do you see yourself in the oval office? >> not really. >> reporter: and in the middle of it all, a surging rick santorum. showing the most momentum in the polls in these final days. calling himself the candidate with conviction. hoping to appeal to undecided social conservatives. rick santorum, mitt romney, both with events this morning. that final push under way, george. as you know, the big question for rick santorum, can he appeal to moderates and independents beyond iowa with his momentum? they're the ones who can ultimately decide this election, come november. >> no question about it. we're joined now by rick
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santorum, from johnson, iowa. good to have you this morning. you heard all kinds of predictions in david's piece. are you going to win tonight? >> we're going to do well tonight. ten days ago, we were in last place in the polls. and everyone was asking me, why don't i get out? and what's happened is people in iowa examined all of the candidates. that's what they do in the last two weeks. they're looking for the candidate they can trust. that's why we're moving up in the polls. >> you've done it the old-fashioned way. you camped out in iowa. you visited all 99 counties. you had 377 town hall meetings. but the big question going forward, is where do you go next? and there's big questions on whether you have the reach, the kind of organization, the kind of resources to really run a national campaign against mitt romney. the last time i checked, he raised $32 million to your $1 million. >> right. we've done this -- we've done
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this on shoe strings. but that would be insulting shoe strings. we did it the old-fashioned way. but we've also done it in new hampshire. i've spent more time in new hampshire and done more events than anybody than jon huntsman. and the same thing in south carolina. we've done more events in south carolina than anybody else. we're prepared to go to all three states. we're going to new hampshire right after this caucus tonight. and we're going to campaign hard there. we're going to make a day trip to south carolina. and then, we're going to forward on in south carolina. we feel very, very good that we have the organization. and our money is coming in better than it's ever come in. and when we do well tonight, we suspect we'll have the resources to be able, not just to compete in new hampshire. but to compete all the way through. >> you're starting to get the scrutiny that comes with doing better in the race. you have rick perry calling you the king of earmarks. mitt romney, says you're a typical washington politician from your time in the senate. when you look at it, you have defended earmarks, even that famous bridge to nowhere.
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how can you do that? >> well, look at the constitution, george. you know that. congress appropriates money. that's what congress is supposed to do. what happened over the past three or four years, there was a huge explosion of spending, driven in large part by members of congress being given earmarks to vote for that increased spending. when that happened, when we saw that explosion, along with jim demint, who led this charge, that there was abuse going on. it was leading to higher spending. and we have to put an end to it. rick perry hired people to get money from the state of texas. when you're a representative of the congress, ron paul voted for earmarks. when you're a representative of congress and in the senate, your responsibility is to fight for your state. what happened was abuse that led to higher spending. and then, we put an end to it. and we rightfully did so. >> you've been the most aggressive candidates on national security. i want to ask you about a comment you made yesterday in iowa. you were talking about president obama. you said in foreign conflicts he's, quote, sided with our
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enemies, on almost every single one. i wonder how you can defend that statement, given the fact that president obama ordered the taking out of osama bin laden. all of the al qaeda leadership has ramped up our fenpresence i afghanistan. how can you say he sided with our enemies on every foreign conflict? >> on every contingency that's come up under his administration, the two things you mentioned, and are always mentioned by obama defenders, are things that were in place when he came into office. they were missions that were defined. he's executed those missions. >> but -- osama bin laden was alive when president obama took office. he's dead now. >> yeah. well, that's right. but that was a mission that was already decided. it was u.s. policy to kill osama bin laden and to kill al qaeda and to treat them as enemy combatants. the president did not change that policy. but that was not a policy or problem that came up under his watch. the ones that did come up under his watch, iran, egypt, sierra,
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honduras, you can go down the list. poland. the u.k. the czechs. ask all of them whether -- israel, whether we've been a good ally, one you could stand by. and look at the ones who have been enemies to the united states. and we have appeased and pandered. this is a president that has gotten it wrong whenever time there's been a decision to be made, whether it's in the interest of the united states, when a contingency came up under his watch, he's blown it. >> you have quite a list there. we'll have to follow up another time. one final question about mitt romney. what's your number one argument against him? he's your top opponent right now. >> the issue in this campaign will be the size and scale of government. and the biggest issue is health care. i endorsed mitt romney four years ago. there was one question on the debate about health care. this is a debate about health care. the behemoth of government. the signature is obama-care. we cannot put up a presidential candidate who is, basically, in
7:14 am
the same place as barack obama on government-run health care. >> senator santorum, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. and diane sawyer and i will have live coverage of the iowa caucus results on abc news and after iowa, it's on to new hampshire. you and diane will moderate the next major republican debate, saturday night, at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. you're the one that's going to be doing back on "this week," on sunday. you'll have a lot to talk about. >> we will, coming out of the debate. let's turn, now, to the massive manhunt that came to a grim end at mt. rainier when authorities found the body of benjamin colton barnes. he was accused of murdering margaret anderson, a mother of two. and neal karlinsky is on the scene for us. good morning, neal. >> reporter: good morning. the park remains closed today. but deep inside where this manhunt was playing out, sources tell us the gunman was making
7:15 am
his way along a river, with 1,000-foot rock walls on each side. he froze to death before he could find his way out. it was a manhunt straight out of a movie. elite s.w.a.t. teams in snowshoes, following the trail of an armed gunman at more than 5,000 feet, through some of the roughest terrain in north america. the trail, at times, took them through chest-deep snow. but when they finally caught up with 24-year-old iraq war veteran, benjamin colton barnes, they didn't find an elite soldier laying in wait. >> our s.w.a.t. team and swift water rescue team recovered the body. the bod dewas located in a river. >> reporter: he had on one tennis shoe, jeans and a t-shirt, along with two guns. police say he died from exposure over the course of a freezing night. >> he was a special forces trained soldier. did he have special outdoors experience? he didn't. he was found dead on a hill, ill
7:16 am
equipped. >> reporter: barnes made it over a mile from where police say he shot and killed park ranger, margaret anderson, a mother of two. seen here on the job just one day before she was killed. >> margaret was a tremendous individual. she worked here, she and her husband, for the last four years. and just incredibly nice person. >> reporter: barnes left behind a car full of body armor, weapons and supplies. and a paper trail and court documents that describe a troubled, young man who was, at times, suicidal. and who may have suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder from his time in iraq. those who knew anderson in small, tight-knit community, have no sympathy for the gunman. >> there's a wrong. and there's a right. i don't care if you went to iraq or you went somewhere else. there's no excuse for what he did. >> reporter: no one here can make any sense of this. only that the gunman was a troubled, young man who fortunately couldn't make it out of this park and hurt anyone
7:17 am
else. >> as you said, neal, no way to make sense of this. thank you very much. moving on, now, to the blast of freezing weather that's about to slam the entire east coast from new england all the way to florida. winter, yep, it is officially here. meteorologist ginger zee is outside tracking it for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, everyone. no snow yet in times square. but plenty of cold. and we have new information related to the latest blast of winter. an alegion airline, comes into ohio, carrying 150 passengers slid off the runway, thanks to the snow. you can see the radar now. they still have that lake-effect snow banding. we will have travel issues. as of right now, no injuries reported. as far as the latest instant winter, it's only the beginning. it was a fast blast of winter. in michigan, over 15 inches of snow. northeastern ohio's got ten inches. we may not have had much of a white christmas. but we're watching up fast in the new year. when you step outside today,
7:18 am
it's hard to believe that december was one of the warmest on record. just last week, the bikes were out. and the midwesterners were hitting the links. >> we've been spoiled. it's been nice. >> reporter: as far as the snow, it's not over. up to a foot-plus will fall in western new york and pennsylvania on wednesday. chicago's highways looking more like ice skating rinks than roads. >> it's really bad. it's real slick. >> reporter: the storm, causing headaches for drivers returning from vacation. multi-car car crashes in indiana. a winter chill is sweeping the east coast, from maine to florida. millions of americans waking up to their real first frigid blast of winter. in butterfly world in florida, the beautiful creatures are moving indoors. >> when it gets below freezing, they freeze like ice cubes. >> reporter: not everyone is racing inside. for those with a passion for winter sports has been stifled thus far, the winter blast
7:19 am
couldn't come too soon. >> we can't wait. >> just how cold is it? windchills are in the single digits. and sub zero for some. this is only the beginning. tomorrow morning and into thursday for some, deep freezes. look at tomorrow morning for florida. below freezing. and miami, at 38. your local weather forecast in 30 seconds.
7:20 am
>> how much more snow will fall? i'll tell you coming up. coming up, breaking news on that royal murder mystery. the latest on the huge police investigation right now. the queen's estate is now a crime scene. >> details coming in fast on that. plus, the real-life "war of the roses" deion sanders and his wife want out of the marriage. but not out of their enormous mansion. yeah, they want to share it. and miracle rescue. new details about how three children were rescued from a car trapped upside down in a
7:21 am
freezing river. you don't want to miss this. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. we have snow showers across the area on this cold windy morning. we have had reports in carroll county this quick passage coated roads and now it's entering baltimore county and cross-examine 83 near parkton in the hereford zone and a ban in reisterstown. there may be a coating on the
7:27 am
roads or dropping visibility. these are showers that can haveintensity and that's something we are following from manchester and mount airy clipped with a few snow bands. 27 baltimore and feels like 18 and that's the issue. flurries and more snow showers possible mid to late afternoon with a high of 3. here's and will with traffic assome of the snow showers could coat the road northern baltimore county. >> reporter: that's true especially for those of you traveling on i-83 through the parkton reg ofnlt use extra caution. slow traffic but the biggest main issue this morning on the roadways has been a water main burst in the landsdown area. we have a road closure on research avenue. the 2300 block of research. research and hammonds ferry road. be prepared for icy conditions if you are traveling in that region. traveling on southbound 29, expect delays make your way from i-70 and here's live look at delays on the west side of 695 making are way through the pikesville region at liberty road. it's one of the mornings where you want to bundle up and
7:28 am
bundle up the little once heading to the bus stop. have your gloves, scarch and heavy coat and for those without a place to stay, the city activated the code blue program meaning emergency shelters will be open 24 hours. look at your screen as officials activated the code blue for monday and tuesday because of the cold temperatures. and ten different shelters in the city and our website we are back in a half-hour with more weather and traffic and we will see you then. 3q new odor detect from air wick. a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors. odor detect works on more than a thousand odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect.
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something in the air wick.
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breaking right now. that is the queen's estate, sandringham in england. it's now a krinl scene. a body was found less than two miles from the queen's castle. >> we were there just this christmas. >> on new year's day. >> it's a rapid investigation. rapid details coming out. we'll bring you up to speed. we're going to get to an incredible rescue of three children, trapped in that car. turned upside down. icy cold river. heroic bystanders rushing in to save them. we're going to hear from the parents. and the gentleman to the far right, he was the one that jumped in first. >> look at that smile. this is a weird story. nfl hall of famer, deion sanders and his wife are going through a
7:31 am
divorce. they're living under the same roof. there's a lot of roof there. 29,000 square feet in that house. >> it's half the size of the white house. now, to more on this murder mystery unfolding at a rapid face right now. after a body was found close to the queen's quarters. abc's lama hasan joins us with the latest right now. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you. the police are treating it as murder. examining cold cases nationwide for potential links. those remains found so close to his sandringham estate were that of a woman's body. close to where prince phil inwent to church this sunday. a dog walker found the human remains in a woodland area on the estate. >> it's pretty bizarre. sandringham is huge and sprawling. most of it is open to the public. and what baffles me is that why was it only stumbled upon on new
7:32 am
year's day? >> reporter: found here, just a stone's throw from the royal stud, where the queen oversees the breeding and training of racehorses. and less than two miles from the queen's main residence. when the royal family was wowing the crowd and the christmas at sandringham, have a traditional christmas dinner, what they didn't know was remains of a human would be discovered. it's a mystery the one and only great detective, sherlock holmes might try to discover. what are the clues? this isn't the first time it happened. in march last year, the body of american robert james moore, described as a loner, was found 100 yards from buckingham palace. so will members of the royal family be questioned in this case? >> i doubt the royal family will be questioned. i doubt anybody will be questioned, really, except the
7:33 am
person who found the remains. >> reporter: more than 200 people also live here, including barbers, gate keepers and gardners. and it's a popular tourist attraction. someone must have seen something. the area is a crime scene, as you said, robin. it's swarming with forensic experts searching for clues. and the police have just released a statement, saying they're in the early stages of this investigation, which could turn into a complex case. the woman's body has now been taken for postmortem. >> thank you very much. we're going to bring in abc news contributor and the royal editor of "the sun," duncan larcombe. thank you very being with us. police say this is going to be a murder investigation. what more can you tell us? >> it is a bizarre start of the year for the queen. this is happening very rapidly. we heard about it first last night. it's been shrouded in secrecy. the body was found on new year's
7:34 am
day. that's a day the queen and prince philip went to church and were in front of the tv cameras. we're only starting to find out the details now. it appears, as you say, there was a really rather a gruesome secret, being there in the back garden. >> as we talked about in lama's piece, how do investigators go about -- this happened on royal property. and we heard in lama's piece, that some people believe the royals will not be questioned. but, you know, they were there. what do you think's going to happen? >> norfolk police have to make up the rules as they go along. i don't think there's been an example of a murder case coming into the grounds of the royal palace. sandringham is close to the queen's heart, where they always spend the new year.and it's pos involved with the queen's staff may know something, may have seen something. certainly, at this time of year, all those royals in residence,
7:35 am
there are dozens and dozens of security guys, policemen, undercover officers swarming through the grounds. it seems extraordinary that it wasn't until a dog walker discovered this body that nothing was found. >> you hit upon something, duncan. all the security around the queen of england. and a body is found. that has to be unsettling to the royals. >> yes. i mean, my understanding is that the queen is being kept informed of these developments, as when there's news to tell her. i think she will be naturally very concerned about -- a little close to home. let's face it. and the area where the body was found is next to a small village on the estate, which is one of prince philip's favorite hunting grounds. he likes to go out this time of year and indulge in his favorite pastime. >> we do need to point out that it is a sprawling, large estate. and there are farmers. there is public access.
7:36 am
all those things need to be kept in mind. it's not just the royals there, right? >> that's right. the sandringham estate is about 20,000 acres. there's villages that are run by the royal estate. there's a lot of public toing and froing, especially this time of year, when tourists come to catch a glimpse of the royal family. >> where do we go from here? what do you think will happen next? >> as you said in your report, there will be a postmortem later today. what we don't know is how long the body's been there. i find it inconceivable that the body was dumped there whilst the royals were in residence. you try to take it somewhere more discreet. really, we're waiting to find out how long it's been there. >> excellent point, duncan. thank you, as always, for your reporting for us. we really do appreciate it. you take care. it is now 7:36. and time for the weather. let's get outside to ginger zee,
7:37 am
our meteorologist. you're inside. >> i'm inside. >> you were outside. >> needed to thaw out. >> normally, we would have kept sam outside. but we'll be nice and let you come in, ginger. >> thank you. i won't tell. >> okay. >> actually, wherever sam is, i'm sure he's gone south. and everyone feeling a little chill here this morning, especially compared to where we have been. let's talk about lake michigan, lake ontario. when you get the warm lake water, right now, in the low-40s, push it over and have the really cold air, you're going to get the awesome icicles. let's flip over and talk about lake-effect snow and what is to come. it's not over. lake-effect snow bands are reaching all the way to close to new york city. and that's from the different lakes. syracuse and erie, both picking up up to a foot on top of whatever you already had. more snow to come. and then, we want to talk about the warmup. this is pretty short-lived. you have up to 40 in chicago by thursday. new york city going to do the
7:38 am
flip around, too. i'll leave you with a look at the national outlook. the southwest, california, having some of the >> this weather report has been brought to you by just peanut butter. i won't tell sam. >> great having you here. coming up, deion sanders and his wife calling it quits on their marriage. but not on their huge mansion. why they're still living together during a bitter breakup. hey, you made your own lunch. yep! (mom) i'm o proud of you. the bus is here, gotta go mom. okay hunny, have a great day.
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including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c. it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. try airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets! now to that real-life "war of the roses" between nfl hall of famer deion sanders and his wife. after calling it quits, neither can part with their ten-bedroom house. 29,000 square feet. lara spencer is here with all of the details. >> you can understand why, right? everybody needs their own lake. when deion sanders announced he was filing for divorce on facebook, his wife said she was blind sided and found out about it on the internet. so, now, they're going to split.
7:43 am
and living under the same roof while it happens. hall of famer deion sanders and his wife are no strangers to living large in the public eye. with a $21 million texas mansion, they even have their own reality show. deeian and pilar sanders. "primetime love." now that fabulous life is over. he's filed for divorce after 12 years. and she literally won't go. >> my wife, has lost her mind. >> reporter: according to tmz, the feuding couple plans to live under the same roof, while they settle their divorce. >> you got to be kidding me. >> it's an oyster. >> you lost your mind, baby. >> come on. >> reporter: it's a scene straight out of "the war of the roses." >> i am the one who found this house. i bought everything in it. >> with my money. >> you better have the checkbook
7:44 am
ready. she's up to something. >> reporter: how are they doing it? it helps that the house has his and hers swimming pools. and two pools is just the beginning. at 29,000 square feet, the house that dieon built, is half the size of the white house. it boasts ten bedrooms. with a football out back, a basketball court inside, and a private bowling alley, the couple can at least get some workout time without running into each other. and if they really need to find their space, they can always take a stroll along the 12-acre lake in the backyard. and this isn't the first time it's happened. in 2004, abc's cynthia mcfadden followed another real-life couple, living together while filing for divorce in miami. their last name, rose, just like the movie. >> it must be hard living in the same house. >> not really because she stays over there and i stay over here. >> reporter: the roses finalized
7:45 am
their divorce quickly. but their house was also a little bit smaller than the sanders'. while we reached out to dieon, who declined comment, pilar's attorney says she wants to stay in the house to work on the marriage. and she wants to be there for the children. >> she's not giving up yet. >> not giving up. >> okay, lara. thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day". and police are on the hunt for a modern day bonnie and clyde. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. here's "the play of the day." >> josh, george did this yesterday for you. made me a little jealous. >> you can have it back. >> i got to see it in l.a. and i was worried. but i got back here so i didn't
7:50 am
get -- just for you, i brought back a bo-fer. take a look at the runaway bmw. that's not a bystander. that's the owner of the vehicle. chasing down his car. get in. get in. oh. >> oh. >> he gets it. and that's an 18-wheeler. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my gosh. >> one more time. quick, one more time. >> yeah. no. we do, you shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle. >> did they say what happened? >> that's terrifying. that's an 18-wheeler. >> wow. >> that close. >> all right. >> carefully close the door. >> bo-fer. bo-fer. here's kevin. he's a 2-month-old baby turtle. >> as his owner says, he has
7:51 am
terrible depth perception. >> uh-oh. >> he decides to snack on that delicious tomato that he can't quite see. >> he got some. >> you kind of no, he didn't. and there, finally. >> where do you find these? >> that was a weird one, josh. >> very weird. >> welcome back. we'll be right back. cattle pretty much all my life. we do absolutely everything we can to raise quality beef. there is no second place or almost as good as. ♪ the fact that we produce beef for mcdonald's, it's a big deal. they have a certain set of quality expectations that absolutely have to be met. you can't get taste without good quality. ♪
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 7:56. wind chills in the teens and this is really important. we have what few reports from people talking about some of the snow showers dropping a quick coating on the ground. have that pass exit 27 on 83. that's passed through glen arm and look like white marsh getting it right now a quick 15, 20 minute burst of snow and this could coat the road up there heading white marsh and north of the beltway and towards the kingsville area. this also on down to the south side we have been watching. yeah, that's getting closer. snow showers in northern section of harford and kingville andwhite marsh across
7:57 am
83 and philadelphia road and sliding through laurel. that's the deal. we have flurries and snow showers that will be anotherburst this afternoon that could colt the road and the glass but it's the roads that could get slick that should be considered. temperatures 32. we will feel like 20s throughout the day. now the traffic with angela. >> reporter: all right. we are getting reports of slower traffic southbound 83 through the parkton region down to cockeysville. use caution traveling in the lancedown halethorpe area. water main break is in effect for those traveling in the region research avenue at halmond ferry road is where the street closure is and icy conditions in the area. now a live look at traffic flow for those of you on southbound 95 southbound heavy through columbia and traveling on the west side of 695, 695 and liberty road an earlier accident on the outer loop lanes at security boulevard. slowing hinges down as you make your way around to wilkins
7:58 am
avenue. also very slow traffic now southbound on i-83 the jfx from northern parkway to cold spring lane. now back to new york for good morning america. ã
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] some great folks out there, braving some frigid temperatures out there. but they are happy. and we're happy to have them here with us. every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. of course. but before walking down the aisle, more and more brides-to-be are walking into the plastic surgeon's office. >> good morning. >> this woman gave up her honeymoon to pay for her surgery. i had the same reaction. but when you really hear her story, it may change your mind. >> we'll see. i'll have my mind changed. that would be amazing.
8:01 am
check out what happened on new year's eve, though. these three children rescued. they were trapped in a car that turned upside down. some bystanders rushed down to save them. this morning, he'll hear from their father. and the rescuer. >> they had to revive the little boy on the scene. cpr. he's doing okay. talking about looking great, sexy stars from katy perry to miranda kerr, never look less than perfect. or so it seems. hello again. their to die for bodies. we'll get some news now. josh elliott, big day in iowa. >> in a few hours, voters will have their say in the republican presidential race. polls now show as many as one-third say they could still change their minds in the final hours before the first big vote. front-runner, mitt romney, predicting an outright win
8:02 am
today. michele bachmann is counting on a miracle. former front-runner, newt gingrich, thinks he can pull off one of the great upsets, end quote, in the state of iowa. ron paul, who has been surging of late, had a slightly different take on his possible presidency. >> when you lay your head down on the pillow at night, do you see yourself in the oval office? >> not really. but i think it's a possibility. sometimes i kid about it. i said, that's the risk i take. >> earlier here on "good morning america," rick santorum predicted that he'd do so well tonight, he'll gain the resources he needs to compete after iowa. and you can count on abc news and tonight for all the results from iowa. and a reminder, next big debate is saturday night in new hampshire, hosted by george and diane sawyer. it begins at 9:00 eastern. meanwhile, the suspected arsonist, accused of terrorizing los angeles, by setting 50 fires in a 3-night period is being held without bail this morning.
8:03 am
24-year-old harry burkhart was reportedly angry that his mother was being deported to their native germany. her address and phone number was linked to an erotic website. modern day bonnie and clyde, on a crime spree from utah to nevada. surveillance pictures appear to show the male suspect right there. police say the duo stole a car in utah, murdered a husband and wife and then carjacked a woman in nevada, shooting her. later, the couple led police on a high-speed chase before escaping on back country roads. a woman is taking honda to court today, saying they didn't have the gas mileage. instead of joining a class-action lawsuit, heather peters is taking the case to small claims court, where rules of evidence is more relaxed. peters wants honda to reimburse
8:04 am
her for the gas money she says she spent. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. it's decision day in iowa, as you've been reporting this morning. who is up? who is faltering? tonight, we'll take you through it minute-by-minute. our powerhouse political team on the ground in iowa, bringing everyone the whole picture. that's tonight on "world news." see you then. finally, a woman in britain has been reunited with her beloved e.t. take a look. it's a life-sized replica, made by the woman's daughter. it was stolen, for some reason, during a robbery a year ago. it was just found by the coast guard, when they responded to reports of a body washing up on shore. the owner says that she always knew e.t. -- >> do it. >> -- would return. what do you know? >> you wanted to say come home. >> i wanted you to say it. >> nice.
8:05 am
nice. thank you. and the first pop news by you of the new year. >> yes. good to be back, everybody. good morning to you. and to you. and apparently aretha franklin has found someone who makes her feel like a natural woman. the queen of soul telling the associated press, she's marrying her long-time friend, willie wilkerson, this summer, in miami, with a reception to follow on a yacht. the 69-year-old singing legend has been married twice before. but she's going all-out for her third wedding. and at 69 years young, she joked, no, i am not pregnant. a 4-month-old panda bear capturing the hearts of people around the world this morning. born in china on september 4th. the cub is being monitored 24 hours a day. it will be a while before he makes his public debut. but the video shows he's healthy, he's happy. growing as expected. the loving care of his mother.
8:06 am
he's a big boy. thank you for your observations, as always, george. and we move on now. last night on abc, the latest bachelor met his 25 bachelorettes. we have an exclusive preview. in it, ben takes casey for a special movie night. take a look. >> oh, boy. >> we sit down. and all of a sudden, i hear -- >> there's my dad. >> what a fun day. >> all of a sudden, the music changes. and i get to see ben's name. >> oh. >> it put things in perspective. it was different for me to get
8:07 am
to watch my dad, then it was for him. >> was that the first date? >> on national television. >> you can catch "the bachelor" mondays at 8:00 eastern, right here on abc, to see why that happens and what else went on on that date. finally -- not happy about this story, george. >> he is so sorry. >> well, george, finally, a new study out of london showing that blondes may have more fun. but the movie has it all wrong. but apparently gentlemen prefer brunettes. celebrities have done it for many years. they conducted their own research to see which works better. now, scientists are saying that brunettes are the new ideal. in the same way that blondes were the ideal in the '70s and '80s, men are more likely to chat up blondes because they're
8:08 am
more needy and less likely to reject them. this is fun for me to read. brunettes were considered more desirable. the initial on the bottom, written by r.r.? >> exactly. >> and that's pop news, george. good to be back. >> weigh out. >> there's no winning on this one. >> no. >> i think you have the best of both worlds. that's what i think. isn't that what you think? >> absolutely. yes. >> i am needy and you're desirable? let's go outside for the weather now. in for sam champion, meteorologist, ginger zee. >> a brave crowd out here in times square. temperatures, 27. windchill, 17. another place it's cold, orlando, florida. it's 40. windchill, 33. look what's going to happen. windchill advisories and freeze warnings in florida. it's not cold everywhere. the southwest, southern california, quite warm.
8:09 am
>> it is so cold out here, a sign saying, please, let me in. we're going to try to do that for the audience. >> get them in there. good, ginger, thank you. are they coming? good stuff. and they can enjoy this next story. coming up on our "gma morning menu," brides-to-be going under the knife before heading to the chapel. we're lifting the veil on one of the latest trends in weddings.
8:10 am
bridal plasty. how do stars always look so great? we'll let you know how they make the magic happen. tracey gold and carnie wilson, talking about swapping their lives. we'll talk about it on "gma." hello, how can i deliver world-class service for you today ? we gave people right off the street a script and had them read it. no, sorry, i can't help you with that.
8:11 am
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♪ 'cause i believe in you and me ♪ cigarette? you coming? umm, nah you go ahead. i'm good. alright. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini helps relieve cravings in minutes. so you can quit one cigarette at a time. nicorette mini helps you go from one little win to another. until you reach your goal. nicorette mini. quit one cigarette at a time. it is a new day. and now, to the newest trend for brides. many of them starting to think the something new aspect of the wedding, very seriously.
8:15 am
turning to the plastic surgeon before heading down the aisle. and abc's cecilia vega is here with that story. we should reserve judgment until we see it. >> reporter: she's a nice girl. but let's talk about this. some might head to the gym before their wedding day. maybe even go on a diet to lose a few pounds. for many brides, getting a breast lift or liposuction before the big day is as important as finding the perfect dress. ah, weddings. before they thai the knot, every would-be bride goes through a checklist. the cake. the flowers. the dress. the plastic surgeon? that's right. in their quest for bridal beauty, more and more women are getting a little nip and tuck. even has a name. and a reality tv show, "bridal plasty." . >> it's her day to shine.
8:16 am
everyone turns around. she's so beautiful. look at her. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: until recently, lindsay said that seemed like a distant fantasy. you struggled with weight for a long time. >> i remember walking into the plus store and just the realization of trying on jeans size 22 was the most depressing thing in the world. >> reporter: through diet and exercise, she shed most of those extra pounds. >> i started losing weight. i actually had faith. it wasn't just three chins. you start seeing this person underneath all of the skin. my daughter says to me, mommy, you're pretty. >> reporter: but there was a downside to losing so much weight. loose, extra skin. >> make this area much more contoured. >> reporter: when her fiance, alex, finally popped the question, for lindsay, there was just one more place to go. the plastic surgeon's office. you were having a tummy tuck and a breast lift instead of going on a honeymoon. >> it sounds crazy.
8:17 am
but it's the worse thing in the world to wear three tank tops to hold all of your -- it's worth it for me. >> reporter: and lindsay's not the only one. dr. kenly lawton says she treats as many as five brides a month. for some, it's a botox injection. for others, it's enough to make a bride blush. have you had a pride pay $10,000 before her wedding? >> i have. >> reporter: that's a lot of money for a wedding? >> we want to make sure they're doing it for the right reasons. they're doing it for themselves. not for any other motive. >> reporter: what was your fiance want? >> he wants what i want. >> reporter: good answer. >> happy wife, happy life. >> reporter: her may wedding, just months away, we decided to tagalong when she visited jenny lee bridal boutique in orange county. this is the first time that lindsay's tried on a wedding dress. let's take a look and see how she looks. >> definitely, like i told you,
8:18 am
the midsection, where my hips are bulging out a little here. >> reporter: dr. lawton hopes to change all that. >> this area of liposuction. >> reporter: and finally, the time has come. lindsay tries to keep it light. >> my tongue's tingling. right now, just really tired. >> reporter: back home, the recovery is at first, difficult. >> i finally woke up around 1:00. and was in horrible, horrible, horrible pain. feeling pretty good. i'm able to stand up a lot more. my bruising is minimum. i started walking today. >> reporter: and six weeks later? >> very good. >> reporter: lindsay went from this, to this. a tighter, more slender body. and a bride who is nearly $20,000 plastic surgery budget, about the cost of her entire wedding. she has no regrets. >> i'm happy with the results. i know i will look great in the
8:19 am
dress. >> reporter: so, off we go. wow. you went through a lot of work to get here. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> it was very much worth it. i feel like everything fits me inside. i want my day -- i want to feel like a princess for a day. >> reporter: doctors say anyone considering this type of surgery before a wedding needs to get to the doctor's office early. maybe even right after they pop the question. >> and it's a personal choice. >> it is. >> everyone's different. >> and she looks good. >> she looks great. we want to hear from you. is this something you would consider? pause. george? >> she changed my mind a little bit. for all of you at home who maybe think that plastic surgery is a little too far. follow the advice of your favorite stars. their secrets of staying fit are in the latest edition of "us weekly." and andrea canning checked it out. >> from the diva that bares it
8:20 am
all. to the duels on the red carpet. and tinseltown's newest and hottest mommies. these picture-perfect stars spill their sexy secrets to "us weekly." how does katy perry keep those curves and still look like a teenage dream? her secret, circuit training. jumping rope and sticking to fiber-rich meals. i caught up with her trainer at the david barton gym here in new york, to find out what he does to keep katy so foxy. >> she tones and tightens. her upper back. and the third is her lower body. >> reporter: kim kardashian has jaws dropping every time she steps out. and says steering clear of sugar, eating organic and no water breaks while exercising, is the secrets to her sexy bod. >> similar kardashian takes no prisoners. she goes from one move to another. >> reporter: next, amanda.
8:21 am
she has a body to die for. but says she has to fight hard to keep it that way. >> she says she's not one of those skinny girls who stays skinny. she has to work at it. >> reporter: beyond the occasional splurge, amanda likes workout classes with her friends, hiking with her dog, and protein-rich snacks. she, too, trains. >> this is one of amanda's secrets to having an amazing body. >> reporter: olivia wilde made a name for herself with her "tron" body. >> she doesn't diet. >> reporter: she sticks to a vegetarian diet, takes hula-hoop classics and snacks on healthy food. supermodel miranda kerr has all new mommies in awe. >> she had to workout after she gave birth to her son. >> reporter: how did she do it? she attributes it to breast-feeding, yoga and focusing on healthy eating. speaking of mommies, "gma"
8:22 am
contributor, melissa rycroft, was named by "us" magazine, was one of the hottest bodies for her post-baby comeback. >> if you hold your child, you're getting a workout. and sometimes i'll walk around the neighborhood holding her because i'm holding 18 pounds while i'm walking. >> reporter: melissa also told us the key to her bouncing back to her prebaby bod was healthy eating. and "us weekly" came up with a list of fun tips and snacks. going for a green smoothie. also, watermelon is a popular celebrity snack. and dates and red peppers are sweet and healthy snacks to take on the go. >> interviewing all of the celebrities and trainers in hollywood, well really found it's a balance of eating well, eating cleanly, as well as working out. >> thanks to andrea canning for all that good advice. what if you started the new year with a new family? well, that's what happens in abc's "celebrity wife swap."
8:23 am
last night, tracey gold and carnie wilson, switched places, to boot. abbie boudreau with the story on what really happened behind the scenes. >> reporter: for control freak and former child actor, tracey gold -- >> my trashing women is not based on physical beauty. >> they have to be stupid, too. >> reporter: and free-spirnted singer/song writer, carnie wilson, swapping lives and families was an emotional rollercoaster. starting with the first day. also, the first time they discovered which celebrity they changed lives with. >> i can't believe it's tracey gold. >> i know who it is. it's carnie wilson. >> reporter: who did you think they might swap you with? >> i don't know. i thought it was going to be another singer. or someone in the music business. >> i kept thinking, okay. they're going to go child actor.
8:24 am
somebody who has grown up in the business. and the funny thing is, they weren't good about not telling us. reality shows. vague. >> they did a good job. >> reporter: a week-long swap, cut off from their families. right away, tracey's four sons and anxious husband learned and heard, just how uninhibited carnie can be. you're like -- >> manners. oh, god. that was a good one. i don't remember it. i just let it go. no pun intended. i just let it go. we stick to a regimented schedule. >> reporter: at the beginning, carnie played by tracey's rules. >> i'm making sandwiches as fast as i can go. >> reporter: when it came time for rule change. >> first, no rules. >> reporter: carnie was serious about having more fun. you're painted as the free spirit. and you're sort of the control freak. >> i don't think i'm quite as, you know, controlling and
8:25 am
structured, you know, as it may look. but i mean, you know, if you kind of take it and pick it apart, yes. i guess i am. >> the thing that got me was no eating in the beds. >> yeah. that's true. >> we still can't agree on it because carnie thinks it fine to eat in bed. >> reporter: tracey was surprised by carnie's constant support system. housekeeping and nanny help for her two, young daughters. while carnie's musician husband seemed out of tune with his own family's activities. often working in his studio, leaving tracey on her own. did you feel like you were missing some sort of connection? >> sure. absolutely. and we talk about it. we talk about it in the episode, rob and i do, about, you know, there's a sort of like -- where did rob go? where is he? >> where's rob? rob? rob, dinner's ready. >> reporter: tracey's new rules require him to join his children for dinner.
8:26 am
and to drive them to school. has your relationship changed since this episode was shot? >> no. >> no. >> it's the same thing. >> reporter: and on a show that swaps personality polar opposites, often leading to tears and total breakdowns, it turns out tracey and carnie made a lasting bond. you're friends now? >> we're friends. our eyes opened to a few things and we're friends. >> it turned out better. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and another episode of "celebrity wife swap" airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. just ahead, the amazing moments when three children were rescued from an icy river. we'll hear from their dad just ahead. stay with us.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful dop lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. woodbine 22. a burst of snow caused problems out there on i-70 and this's acoating of snow in mount airy. reports across hereford and passing through perry hall and on into white marsh. temperatures mid to lower 20s and anything falling could be sticking and the latest check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting theband that come across will 3- - 83 and the north side of perry hall and action near laurel but we have ourselves a look at snow showers this morning and anotherburst this afternoon and there could be enough of a quick burst to coat the road and makesthings slicks. afternoon temperatures feelings like the 20 ruers reports of low traffic on i-70. through the woodbine area and
8:28 am
west friendship so extra caution out there. slow traffic on 59 southbound. we are jammed from mountain road to white marsh due to an incident taking up the right lane. 59 south of the city on 175. not too bad but look live at jfx83 is jammed from 695 all the way to pass cold spring lane. over to you. the ravens heateded to the playoffs and as they prepare for the big game january 15th they will receive special handwritten letters from young fans starting today as kids write and send letters in 50 giant store location via the purrel mailbox. they will be chosen and posted for players to readch the location and more details on the letter writing campaign head to and look under the top stories. as a reminder we have been telling you about closures at schools due to a water main break. you will see the schools listed at the bottom of the screen here so wake up window. back to new york for "good morning america" have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ look at that, blue skies. but it is so cold out there. >> not showing the crowd anymore. they're all inside. >> exactly. they're right inside with us. >> and so is this man, isaac save ra hi. he's here with "project runway all-stars." and his take on the top fashion trends. i'm warning you, isaac. this is your top. and i have on your shoes, as well. >> i noticed. >> that's it. >> i noticed. no big deal. of course, you are. >> exactly. and switching gears, we have a really chilling tale of survival. a harrowing story of when three children were rescued from freezing waters.
8:31 am
time running out. we'll hear from their dad, how it all happened, straight ahead. >> a big story. also, patrick swayze was her husband and best friend. now, lisa niemi swayze is sharing her story about love lost and moving forward. >> it's so beautiful. such a beautiful read. can't wait to talk to you again. we're going to turn to that miracle rescue that lara was talking about. we told you monday about the man who saved three children from a freezing river in utah. we're going to talk to him in an exclusive interview in just a moment, with his wife and the man who helped save everyone. first, the terrifying accident and the heroic strangers who came to the rescue. roger andersen and his children owe chris willden and others their lives. >> so are we. believe me. >> reporter: the last time they saw each other, was here. the family trapped in this car, surrounded by the freezing waters of utah's logan river.
8:32 am
andersen was driving to a family ski trip on icy roads. when suddenly, he lost control of the car. his two, young children and a another family member were inside. they went over an embankment, landing upside down in water three feet deep. willden, a former police officer, saw the accident and immediately came to the rescue. >> i helped him try to get into the vehicle. >> reporter: after trying to open windows and doors, willden, who was wearing a pistol at the time, shot out one window. then, went to work trying to reach the bodies inside. when andersen and willden, could not free the children. about a dozen witnesses went into the water and flipped the car up right. four minutes later, they all made it out. joining us now, are roger and mindy andersen, who are just meeting for the first time, with the people who saved their children. and the man who led that rescue,
8:33 am
chris willden, is also joining us this morning. a great good morning to all of you. roger, let me ask you about your two little ones, mia and baylor. your son had to be revived on the scene. how are they doing well this morning? >> they're doing well. we couldn't be more grateful for the great rescue efforts of so many citizen bystanders there at the scene of the accident. and the paramedics and medical professionals all the way through. we really owe our children's lives and the life of our neighbor friend, kenya, also, to those great people. >> and we're glad that kenya's doing well, too. all right, mindy. you just met these people for the first time just a short time ago. what was the first thing you said to them? >> thank you. i appreciate it so much. they saved my children's lives. >> it's hard to come up with the words, isn't it, mindy, with something like that. >> there aren't words to express
8:34 am
my gratitude to them. >> but your reaction says it all. chris, in sports, we say you the man. you the man, chris. you were the first one on the scene, jumping in like that. you couldn't have had a plan. you were just reacting? >> i heard mr. andersen screaming something about, my kids. that's when i realized there were people trapped inside the vehicle. >> and i know you said you were fearful of what you were going to find when you got to the car, weren't you? >> i was, yeah. once i reached up inside the vehicle and couldn't feel arms or legs or clothing to grab on to. i remember telling myself, get ready to see something you don't want to see. >> roger, what was it like to see complete strangers coming to the rescue? >> you know, its was an incredible feeling. within 30 seconds, i would say, of the car going into the river and flipping over, upside down, i was able to get freed from the car and try to get the child that was in the front seat with me freed. and i think i was disoriented
8:35 am
from the crash. and i couldn't really locate her. and i decided, i needed to get air. so, i -- the driver's side window had been knocked out. i came out and was in about three feet of water. i quickly could see the cabin of the vehicle was completely submerged in water. and within seconds, there were probably eight individuals on the bank of the river. and they were coming in really fast to help us. and chris was there, with his dad. the carlsons and some other folks that we met there. we're just so grateful for their ability to act swiftly and decisively and really step up when the moment was there in front of them. >> well, it is the feel-good story of 2012. let me tell you that. mindy, roger, chris, thank you all very much.
8:36 am
and we're so happy that all three children are doing well this morning. thank you all. and continued blessings in the new year. >> thank you, robin. >> all right. y'all take care. >> great story. it is a great story. and time for the weather. in for sam champion, ginger zee. so kind of you. you brought the audience in with you. much too cold out there. >> standing out there. it has been a cold morning. i don't need to tell you that again. but i probably do need to held you that it's going to end. how quickly, you ask. let's look in the numbers. by thursday and friday, dependence really start to rebound. look at orlando. only 48 today. by thursday, 65. so, things are going to improve. and it is going to be a short-lived deep freeze for much of the east coast. and until then, we have to talk about the west coast. we said southern california, some of the warmest temperatures they've had. not going to see records. but still, very warm. seattle and just west of there will pick up three inches of rain overnight. they're going to continue to see a new storm into early
8:37 am
wednesday, looking at that cold blast sticking around. at least for boston there. 30 as a high today. >> this weather report has been brought to you by weight watchers. and just to leave you with a little something cool. philadelphia, just now, reporting they're having some of the lake-effect snow, from way up north and west, reach them. we're not going to have it in new york city. flurries if anything. >> how hard was it for you to leave l.a.? what was it in l.a.? >> 80 degrees. they had to bind and gag me and throw me into the car. >> wow. >> really love your job. >> it's great to see you all. >> once again, george goes on
8:38 am
the scoreboard again. coming up, isaac mizrahi here with a first look at his brand-new show and his take on the top fashion trends, kicking off the new year. i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating.
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8:41 am
it is a new day. a new year. and hopefully, a new you. fabulous fashion designer isaac mizrahi is here to tell us about the fabulous new trends for 2012. you're sure to see some of them on his new show, "project runway all-stars" where he'll decide the fate of 13 of project runway's most memorable contestants. the show kicks off this thursday on lifetime. and we're so happy isaac is here to fill us in. right back at you. we were talking offscreen about your role. which judge are you? are you the tough judge? the sweet judge? >> well, i'm -- i think i'm tough love. how does that sound? >> that sounds fair. >> one thing i wanted to do was to connect to these designers and actually, not just for television purposes. but really kind of look at what
8:42 am
they were doing and kind of help them with what they were doing. and like kind of learn myself. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and that makes for good tv. >> yeah. >> tough love is always fun to watch. and these are the best of the best. you've upped the ante in terms of the challenges, correct? >> absolutely. it is the best of the bests. instead of the ones that almost came to the top of the other project runway series. but they are now back to prove they can do it. >> an amazing talent here. and you put them to the test. we have a clip that shows some of the challenges. 99 cents store. >> you have to think of things to keep them on their feet. and that's the first episode. >> let's look. >> okay. your 99 cent unconventional challenge starts now. >> oh, my god. >> the challenge for me is that i am trying to make something look luxurious from the 99 cent store. and i don't know how to make that happen. >> please, let me grow.
8:43 am
i'm about to bring down the lights? i'll come back. >> looking for colors. green and orange. dish towels. anything i see is bright, i run towards. >> funny she should mention bright colors. we're talking about new trends for 2012, one of the biggest trends is bold color. >> exactly. >> i want to push the smart screen. >> it's sofia vergara. and she likes color. i like it mixed. head-to-toe, it's flattering. but you're doing it yourself a little bit. >> color blocking. a little pop here and there. >> yeah. >> is there a color that you say is a must-have? >> robin has it right. she's wearing purple. >> and it happens to be a mi mizra mizrahi. >> just happens to be. >> and, isaac, for you -- >> yes? >> and the shoes. >> look at you. yay. that's love. that's love. >> and the heel.
8:44 am
>> show the heel. show the heel. >> and are they low heels? that's another trend, robin. the low heel. >> see how cute they look? they look younger. i think the last thing you want to do now is look old. >> right. >> and one way to skew that trend is to wear flats. >> i'm starting the kitten heels. >> a low-heel shoe. if you can't get to flat, a low-heel shoe. >> do flats make the leg -- i have a mental thing. >> now, you're thinking like an old person. you have to think about a young girl who doesn't care if she looks old or what. exactly, darling. the flats come out. and the kitten heels. >> okay. two for two. robin, you're perfect. >> check this out. this is my favorite moment where waists have become, like, dropped. >> big fan of dropped waist. >> why do you like it? elongating, right? and one thing you think is maybe i can gain a few pounds and wear
8:45 am
a drop waist. you have to be skinnier to wear the drop waist. >> hate that. >> and the opposite can happen. bring up the kardashians because they're not skinny because they are skinny. exactly. yeah. >> all right. four, great trends. plus, great tv. >> that's right. >> always love having you. >> i love being here. >> modeled by robin roberts. >> everybody, check out "project runway all-stars" january 5th, 9:00 p.m. eastern on lifetime. coming up, lisa niemi swayze on love lost and moving forward. stay with us, everyone. 3q
8:46 am
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that's right. george is back, starting this sunday. it's hard to believe for many of us, it's been over two years since we lost the incredibly talented patrick swayze, to pancreatic cancer. his wife, lisa niemi swayze has a brand-new book. it's beautiful. it's called "worth fighting for." a very honest depiction of their love, and how they fought the disease. and i'm wearing purple in
8:49 am
patrick's honor. >> purple is the color for pancreatic cancer. >> i know all the work you've been doing on that. i have to tell you. so so authentic. so real your writing. you don't sugar-coat anything. >> i've been accused of that. >> it's really helpful for a lot of people. we've heard grief counselors say, it's cathartic to tell your story. was it for you? >> it was. by the time i got through the end of it and went back to the beginning, i was amazed at the details i had read. and it was a difficult process. i gave myself plenty of time in case i needed to walk away from it. which i did a couple times. and just got back up. but i'll tell you what. the whole point was taking -- you know, if you can't take a bad experience or something so huge in your life and do something constructive with it, then i think you're dishonoring
8:50 am
that whole experience. and so, patrick and i were always -- have always been performers. and it's the same thing as if doing acting, writing a song. i write a book. and hopefully, in sharing that experience, which you don't often get my point of view of it. >> right. >> from a caregiver's point of view, hopefully will help other people. >> i want to talk to you about that in a little bit, about the message to caregivers. there's a lot of us that have gone through cancer or are going through cancer. and it's not just about us. it affects the whole family. all of our loved ones when this happens. >> cancer sets out to wipe out everybody in its path. although, the patient, the one who has it, is the one that can pay the ultimate price. >> i have to say, when you were writing, and i know this about you, a lot of women here are going to find it hard to believe that when you first met patrick at the age of 14, he wasn't your
8:51 am
type. >> no. he came with such a bad reputation. he is supposed to have this big head. be a casanova. i'm not going to let this guy get to me. so, of course, first thing he did, our first contact, was he pinched me on the rear, as i went passing by. and said, hey, cutie. later on when he asked me out, i said yes. >> of course you -- of course you did. >> how did that happen? >> you are very honest talking before. there was a time when you had to walk away from the marriage. he was drinking. and you were not going to let him destroy himself. before his diagnosis, you all came back together. and then, you got remarried. and talk about him writing in on a white stallion. >> yeah. that was pretty incredible. right before he decided to go off to -- he had decided to go off and shoot the series in chicago, "the beach." it was a few days before we were due to leave. and we said, let's go ahead and
8:52 am
do it. we threw it together in about three, four days. and it was just the most beautiful -- you know what? i got to see when people say it's the happiest day of my life. i think it was so magical. everyone -- the air was just full of love. it was like a magic potion had emitted into the air. and everyone giddy and happy. it was a pretty -- of course, i cried through the whole thing. >> of course, you did. >> it's such a great way. and obviously, it was really hard for me to share that in the book. because sometimes it's harder to talk about the good parts than it is the bad parts. >> in the 30 seconds that we have remaining, i want you to talk to those who are caring for someone going through something like this. what is your message through your book? >> you know, so often there's so much fear that goes along with a diagnosis of cancer. and a lot of times, what can happen is you close down and you can alienate from each other.
8:53 am
and if you would be brave enough and just hold each other's hands and jump in there together, keep your heart open, there can be some terrific gifts that you can gain by that. and for a caregiver, also, be really good to yourself because it's a tough journey. and you need to keep yourself healthy for the whole thing. >> that's great advice. and your dedication, dedicated to the one i love. gone from my sight and close to my heart. and you are to ours. thank you, lisa. appreciate it very much. we'll be right back.3q women everywhere are joining the revolution against scrubbing on their hands and knees. they're using resolve easy clean to deep clean their carpets. its upright brush with activating trigger removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it's just three easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. resolve easy clean. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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see you tomorrow on "gma." see you then. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. just made it before 9. it's cold out there. that is a guarantee. as you look at 25 churchville
8:57 am
and towson and colder north and west with wind chill now 7 manchester. and we have got teens and 20s across the board. we have had snow showers this morning maryland's most powerful doppler radar and a few will be a few more one burst came across 83 causing issues around exit 27 and rolled through looks like perry hall and white marsh and we have had passing on east side of bel air and problems on i- 70. and that was earlier this morning. another band coming out of manchester tawnytown and work off towards westminster. this one may roll down 140. good news for ski liberty getting fresh flakes and pumping some of the snow guns and overall we are watching the snow showers back to the northwest with another push of energy that will try to carry some more of those heading towards the afternoon and evening hours. again, as we look at more sunshine around the beltway and by the bay. clouds filter back and we will have either flurries or snow showers intermittent this morning and redeveloping could be a stronger burst as we head
8:58 am
into mid afternoon hours and some have produced at least a coating on the roads and if you get underneath one of those brief showers it could cause problems. temperatures only back to 32 this afternoon. and that will come with wind chills in the mid and lower 20s and snow showers will i did minimum heading into tonight and back to a very chilly 17 degrees. cold weather tomorrow, but we should limit our threat of getting flakes out there. temperatures back to 34 lows 24 and a near normal day heading into thursday despite early flurries 43 in the afternoon 54 by saturday and rain or a wintery mix moving in on sunday. bunde up and have a -- bundle up and have a great day.
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