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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 3, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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together in añi mirafous way. t( as republicancg$(p'didate] makeñiçóñrñrxdñi their lastzv e let's take añr look at the commute. traffic is moving slow with lots of volume. 197 and 175. there's a sudden burst of cold temperatures and winter is in the air. good evening. i'm kelly swoope. this is definitely a bundle up day and more is on the way. meteorologist wyatt everhart has a look at the forecast. temperatures will continue to drop and winds will not diminish all that much. the snow squalls, those are already fizzling out. we continue to see less and less of those scattered snow showers but we'll continue to see the wind pouring in, that frigid
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cold norm wind that has been gusting into the 30s making the wind chill factor feel like teens. so a mighty cold eve ni. windy and cold will be the theme. feeling like teens and single digits. we talked about this latest blast. childhood obesity is a growing concern in our nation. one georgia-based organizations a produced videos to raise awareness. the desired result may not have been achieved. >> mom, why am i fat? >> reporter: this psa was designed to take childhood obesity off the back page and make it a front page issue in georgia. it's a campaign that wants to fight against childhood obesity amid the claims they have one of
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the highest rates of obesity among children in the nation. when this high school cons splore viewed it, you can see in her expression that something got her attention. >> it's alarming. the adolescent child. tow3 -- . tips from a professor at wake forest. first, make sure exercise -- make this fun and exciting. kids like to play games. try to do things that are game oriented. goat your kids involved by making a fitness wish list and change it a couple time has mofnltd make it a family afair. maybe you can swap that pizza night for a family fitness. if you live within a few
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miles of the school, encourage the kids to walk instead of driving them. lots of kids like video games. try playing one that involves a lot of movement. try getting the kids out of the house by signing them up for a team sport or taking a hike all together as a family. take a look at some of tonight's top stories. some baltimore county students got time off because of a massive water main break. city workers detected the break in the 36-inch pipe early this morning. while they didn't lose water, pressure dropped off. need to be aware. scammers are apparently using the name of american airlines to get to your personal information. there are several of these fake emails including one na asks you to download a ticket. american airlines said they never ask you top handle
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security information through emails. if you get one of the emails, the airline wants you to send it to them. definitely purple power is getting started. "%"x(rp)m city purple.w painted well,ñr many of us were celebrating the new year&z2w the weekend. oneú15%1e in et!çó was thankfl to escapeçów3 their frozen orde. abc2 jamie costello has more. >> reporter: a man was driving on an icy road with his three children in the car when he tapped on his brakes and ended up sliding down an embankment, ending upside down in a river. the man got out but all three kids were stuck. luckily several people passed to
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see what was happening. >> the lady was screaming something about kids. i jumped into the river next to the children's father, helping him get in the vehicle. >> reporter: dad and chris weren't able this get the windows down. what did he do. pulls out his handgun and shoots out one of the windows. at that point more than a dozen jumped in and were able to push the car on the side. one by did need cpr. two children had to go to the hospital but are listed in fair condition and are recovering from hypothermia. paying down your debt is easy with the right plan abc2 has tips to help. and a woman was shot in a hunting accident but that's not the only reason she's upset.
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[ whistle ] with copd, i thought i might miss out on my favorite tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today i'm back with my favorite team. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. workers in west palm beach got sick after they were exposed to a white substance in an envelope. two of the workers were hospitalized after complaining of headaches and volume myth. police are investigating to find out who the envelope was addressed to and where it came from. a massachusetts woman is in
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the hospital with a gunshot wound in her hip after she was shot by a hunter. she was walking her dog in the woods behind her home when she was shot. they are concerned because the shooter is not being charged. pan upgrade on a story we told you about last month. a representative from south carolina's muslim's community met with officials at lowes at the corpse office and asked for an explanation why the company pulled ads. they said the decision was made before they received pressure from a conservative christian group. çó this morning's commute wasn't smooth with carsxd back r the roads. buíi at least w@i didn't have ti zw3ñrxd youñi howñiw3 df cars ended new a wreck. it's time to put up or shut
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up for the republican presidential candidates. the latest from the iowa caucuses.
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we saw a few flurries but nothing like some states have been hit with. for people who have been mourning the lack of a that white christmas, the snow was a welcome sight but wind gusting up to 60 miles an hour and more than a foot of snow was too much too fast. in kentucky road conditions were so bad that more than 40 cars ended up in a massive accident eye saw tractor-trailers going sideways and vehicles slammingçó sbcnto each other.
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>> some people were excitedt(4$w z aren'#ñjf pileups in china, just these giant icicles formed over a water fall. visitors couldn't help but get a closer look. most impressive winter blast we've had so far this 2011, 2012 winter season. temperatures still dropping, less and less, though, in terms of the snow showers that we've been seeing. as to one little stray shower on the corridor, maybe a few flakes. north and west of washington a few flakes and moving out of southern -- the denton area, in southern caroline county into talbot county, actually
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dorchester county a little bit of snow shower act. conditions improving in terms of those snow showers but not in terms of temperature and, really, the winds have not let up that much. they're still steady, gusting 25 and 30. i want to show you our weather bug as we put it in motion. it was sun, clouds and brief snowy burst that was the story in carroll county today. annapolis similar scenario, windy, whipping up the severn river into a chop. in towson today trees swaying a little bit and those gusty winds as winter made its presence. oakland. winds steady and gustyi]qñi fror northwest, 15 to 24. with the actual peak gust still
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over 30. yeah, we made this above freezing, not by much. when you throw in the wind, nice is what the wind chill factor feels like, nine above in york, 14 above in frederick and 20 in cambridge. that tells you that things are awfully frigid. dress extremely warm. cover that exposed skin. snow showers, yeah, we're still seeing some. a lot of these are beginning to diminish as we lose the daylight. things get more stabilized. that's allowing a lot of the snow to di min nirchlt north -- diminish. a few of those streamers coming in off of lake erie, ohio, pennsylvania and new york. two big canadian highs. the floodgates are still open for another 12-24 hours. tomorrow we'll lose the wind. we will begin to get milder as
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we go into thursday. another 24 hours or so this really cold stuff. eerie -- erie, pa. our next system offshore off of the pacific off of washington state and oregon. this will be a slow moving wave that will come across the country and bring us weather sunday into monday. it's too early to say how much but a quiet stretch to finish out the week. overnight 17, frigid, the flurries coming to an end. 33, mostly cloudy and still quite cold. at least we get rid of the gnarlly wind chill. the seven-day forecast, things don't really warm up tomorrow
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but at least we lose the wind chill. and by the weekend we're into the 50s by friday. let's talkñr mollyñi ticks - politics. herman cain has açóñixdçó lotpñ. on pearce morgan -- piers morgan he spoke about mitt romney. >> because all of the negative attacks that you talked earlier with knew the about has cause lad lot of people to be skeptical and skepticism causes indecisiveness and that's what you're seeing in what's going on in iowa and to some extent what's happening in some of the national polls. >> while romney hold as lead, help finds himself tied with ron paul in iowa. in tonight's democracy 2012
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after months of campaigning, the first vote also be finally cast in the race for the republican nomination. we go live to des moines, oi what. a lot of push. >> reporter: definitely a lot of push. it's crunch time for the candidates. we were able to catch up with a few of them trying to get some last-minute voters. from the undecided -- what's going to push upone way or the other? >> for a lot of people like myself, i'm sure heart and mind. >> reporter: to the devoted, iowans are taking their first in the nation contest seriously and sor the candidates. congresswoman, how will you get these last-minute voters on your side with hours left? >> i think we did our work.
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weave pray done our homework. we feel confident. i think there's a lot of silent support that will come out oar moor michele bachmann will try to keep her campaign alive. rickñr santorum, on thexd otheri )jt momentum. weg strong, finishing in the topjfii threet( wotnd be good. >>çó reporter: what's it like seeing the difference between 10 days ago? energy, enthusiasm. >> reporter: mitt romney offered his prediction. >> we mr. win this thing oar moor today one of his sons was more cautious. do you think your dad will win today? >> i hope so, no predictions. >> reporter: meanwhile, newt gingrich and rick perry are hoping for a comeback. >> the caucus, those who will walk in have a discussion and a substantial number will switch. >> god bless you and thank you all for being here -- on to
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victory! >> reporter: 7% of voters are undecided. among those voters who have played a decision, 41% say they may switch from one candidate to the next at the last minute. >> so how is this going to work and when should we see some results? >> reporter: it's kind of an old-fashioned process. basically how this works. 7:00 iowa time, the voters will go out to 809 different spaws sites -- caucus sites meet up with friends, neighbors, and then either the candidates or a representative for the candidate will be able to give a quick speech. this usually lasts a few minutes. what happens votes are cast and usually it's a write-in and in 60, 90 minutes we should have a
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result. >> a victory in iowa, does that define success for the candidates? >> reporter: yeah, a victory in iowa -- it's kind of interesting. a lot of people say iowa is a beauty contest for these candidates. if you finish in the top three you're doing well. fund-raising continues. momentum continues. take mitt romney, for example, he has a lot of pressure to win this to retain that front-runner status to go into new hampshire. you will hear some of the other candidates lowering expectations. if they do better than expected, that's a victory for them as well. >> jamie? all right coming up at 6:00, baltimore city saw some of the lowest crime numbers in decades, but there's another type of crime that's affecting all ofxdd
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us. ifñr you're hopingq toñi loe weight andfjr get in shape, wet3 simple things youñi canjf dookxy é &c i'm jamie cost fellow -- costello. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news. decision day in iowa. who's up. who's faltering. abc on the ground in iowa to bring you the whole picture tonight on world news. m ba llral,was m ba unl llral,was vet.veou
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in tonight's consumer alert, if you're suffering fromçó a
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holiday spending xd c startingñiçó off with payingçorn some ofñi thatw9 credit card d. >> reporter: did the holidays leave your wallet thin and your credit card bills fat? the average american card holder will carry about $5400 in outstanding debt in 2012. some experts recommend paying twice the amount of your minimum monthly payment. if you don't have that much cash just a few extra bucks will help. >> if you have enough to pay even $20 or $30 extra, that could make a difference. >> reporter: as for new year's resolutions like diet or exercise, too many drastic changes could get you frustrated. first, keep tabs on your credit report. second, track all of your spending to she how it fits in your debt payment plans. third, look for balance transfer
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offers if a card's interest rate is too high. >> you can transfer your large credit card debt on a high interest card, you can transfer that to a new card that's offering a zero percent apr. >> reporter: that will keep your interest rates at a minimum while you pay down your balance. for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. fans have a way to use their bank rewards point. citibank customers can find one another and pool their points for charity. ñc facebookqohf4%a=%9qxd the goals. the bankñi says it doesxd not s. mençóñrñi are getting the lion'e
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of job openings. from the bureau of labor statistics nearly 1.28 million men got new jobs in the year that ended in november compared to just 600,000 for women. it's certainly cold out there today and snow has been sneaking in and out all day. how that could affect your plans. that's on abc2 news at 6:00, which starts right now. it is already cold enough outside. imagine going without water or imagine being in the cold trying to fix a broken water main. the end of the year and some of the lowest crime numbers. there's another number


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