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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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vicinity of philadelphia road at rosedale at golden ring road. extra caution if you are driving in that direction. let's go -- get a live view of traffic flow. on 95 we continue to see mild conditions. driving through columbia past route 175, and here's also another live view of 95 of maryland 100. a bit busier for those of you traveling northbound you are good to go all the way up to the baltimore beltway. and once you make your way into the city, 95 at 395, very clear and light volume so far going into downtown. over to you charley. six police officers are in the hospital recovering from gunshot wound. authorities say the gunmen opened fire after officers served a drug warrant in ogden north of salt lake city utah. officers arrested the suspect who was shot. witnesses say they heard a number of gunshots including what they described as automatic weapon fire. two of the officers may be seriously injured with possible head injuries. and today, one of the state's biggest unions will
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anoun the support for the same sex marriage bill. maryland state and district ofcolumbia aflcio has 3,000 members and the support is expected to boost efforts. the past legislation allowing same sex couples to marry. group says they will mobilize members to help the governor and the general assembly pass the lawch the union will hold a press conference at 11 this morning scheduled for north utah street. as controversial as the act is, the dream act gathered a lot of momentum and one delegate hopes it gathers more support. sherrie johnson live with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the stage is set here in essex across the street. we are on eastern boulevard and right across the street that's where delegate pat mcdonough will announce his plan. he is kick off a campaign finance committee to overturn a law allowing instate tuition rates for illegal aliens. the finance committee will
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allow opponents of the maryland dream act to raise money for literature, radio and tv ads. dream act would allow undocumented high school graduates to go to college and pay in-state tuition. mcdonough was part of an effort that collected over 100,000 signatures and forced the law to the 2012 ballot. >> the only one the first half of the football game now we have to win the superbowl by campaigning and winning this election on november 6th, 2012. >> reporter: now supporters of the dream act have started raising money themselves to fight against this campaign. reporting live in essex, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this video you have to see this morning showing a city police officer attacked by a man on the streets of baltimore. abc2 news linda so is here with the viral video and the latest in the investigation. linda. >> reporter: we got off the phone with police. they tell us they are looking for one of the suspects
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involved in this incident. take a look. the guy police have on the ground managed to get away. this is in the 2500 block of east monument street an area with drug complaints. officers are just about to handcuff the suspect when another man comes charging across the street and punches the officer in the face. there's a brief struggle before he is arrested. police say he is 40-year-old manuel imel a man with a lengthy criminal record of theft, drugs and domestic violence. >> and he think it's time to make the map famous and people of baltimore should know that this is the individual -- man famous and people of baltimore should know that this is the individual responsible for hurting people trying to keep you safe. >> reporter: he is charge with assaulting a office he and there's an arrest warrant out for the man who ran from police. linda so, abc2 news. a an arrest want for the man charged in the spaisk scam. tommy clack a no show in court but it has nothing to do with the claims of overcharging for
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paving customers. this has to da with a deal in north carolina war company says he ordered thousands of dollars in furniture and high end electronics and video games, and he had them delivered but never made the bill. he will appear in court on theft charges. two men were beaten badly and left nearly naked on the side of the road in harford county. one of the suspects in the case is reportedly a u.s. marine awaiting deployment. four men face charges accused of setting up a drug deal who they say cheated them. they drove the brothers to a quiet area where one was beaten with brass knuckles before leaving him on side of the road in his boxers. other brother was stripped and beaten before being left on side of a different road. lights are on and we are home. home for the playoffs and purple in city hall. the sidewalk is bathed in purple. towson is going purple tomorrow. ravens will practice this morning and they will take the weekend off and come back
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monday and they get ready to host the first playoff game in five years. as we gear up for the post season we want to see you in your ravens pride. send us your pictures of yourself, your house and if it's purposeel we want to see -- purrel, we want to see it. go to -- purple, we want to see. go to our facebook page and upload the foe test. baltimore city may not be the place -- photos. baltimore city may not be the place for men to be healthy. the things men can do to improve that. as you reach for hat, scarves and gloves, these people want to take that off. you are watching good morning maryland. what's new, now and next on this thursday, january 5th. news time is 5:05.
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now "good morning maryland." it was a surfer's dream in hawaii. big waves drew them off the coast to jump the 35 footers. forcasters say these are the biggest of the season so far. and we told you yesterday about how farmers in south florida are saving orange
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crops. now we will show you. here are the farmers working to protect the crops by spraying them down with water. the hope is it will form a protective layer over the plant and keep them safe from the chilly air. temperatures are expected to be warmer this morning but with lows in the 40s that's above freezing. they are using watter to cool off in sydney, australia. wednesday was hottest day of the summer temperatures reaching nearly 99 a far cry from where we are. >> it's summer there. by the way, charley, we just want to point out the obvious. we had snow. a lot of people are talking to me this morning and in a few minutes i will try to shaer a photo from havre de grace. jeff got a nice photo. we have people like tarry talked about -- terry talked about light coating. stephanie said they got some on the shore a light coating this morning. glen burnie as a coating on the car and julie thank you for that. and matthew said pasadena by chess pee high school they have a bit. this is what came through.
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mount airy the weather watcher said i think it's virga. we may have flakes slide together east and locks like that falling apart. but we have a cluster overnight so near annapolis chose peek annapolis shore. -- annapolis shore. anything that did fall last night could have made the roads a little slick. look out for that with throughies this morning we are going with -- flurries this morning we will go with more sunshine and warm back up to 40. thus, no jacket this morning. kind of. let's see what's going on with the road at 5:10 with angela. >> reporter: you are right. it could be a little slippery out there. we don't know if that's a factor in the early morning police we have had can be police we have had -- collision we have had. you may want to hop on route 24. police are on the scene clearing that accident location. let's get another live view of traffic for you.
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if you take 29 northbound, no early distractions from 108 up to i-70. i-70 looking good to the beltway. eastbound lanes moving freely unless you get to 695. here's a live view of traffic at the beltway and 40. baltimore national pike and as you continue southbound on 695, passing wilkins avenue, no delays or incidents reported at this time. back to you charley. in health news if you are vowing to lose weight try the dash diet. that stand for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and it's the best overall diet according to u.s. news and worldreport. it encourages whole grains and fruits and vegetables to lower your cholesterol. weight watchers also ranked high and was one of the best overall for weight loss. speaking of weight loss and health, baltimore not one of the healthiest cities for men according to the rankings from men's health magazine. out of 100 cities baltimore ranked 12th worst. exercises, diet and lifestyle are some of the things the magazine takes into consideration when ranking the best and worst cities for men.
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the most healthy was in burlington, vermont. there's good news. we are improving. in 2011, we were the 7th worst city for overall man's health. you are not seeing double. more people are having twins. in 1980, it was 1 in 53 babies born in the u.s. and in 2009, that number went up to 1 in 30. the reason is more women are waiting to have children and for some reason women in their 30s are more likely to have twins than women younger or older. and another reason, more women are using fertility drugs to conceive and those treatments increase the likelihood of having multiples. firefighters in colorado what different rescue on their hands. coming up, video of a dog who slipped through the ice and the steps taken to save that animal. also, several people are dead this morning and thousands forced to leave their homes. latest on the des -- the latest on the devastating floods affecting parts of brazil. you are watching what's new, now and next here on good morning maryland. it's 5:12.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back a golden retriever that plunged into a frozen lake is back home safe.
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all thanks to a good samaritan and brave firefighters. this is dramatic video. you can see the ice thinning until it turns to water. fire fight merse colorado rescued the -- firefighters in colorado rescued the golden retriever. >> we took a ladder and tried to keep the weight evenly distribe and the chief broke enough ice away to pull the dog to him. >> the pup is is home safe and sound. the video is a good reminder for we humans to also be mindful of thin ice. just i can. >> --in. -- justin. >> yes. thin ice was thick enough for a skating rink in the backyard. i will replay the video in just a little bit. but we have had cold temperatures and we have had some bands of snow that we were talking about two days ago when it hit in baltimore county. a burst around lock rain and hunt valley. last night it came through some parts of the area. look at havre de grace, my
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buddy jeff perkins was coming out of work or worked in the night shift or something. 11:30, after a burst of moderate snow, it was sticking on the parking lot, and angela talked about problems. pulaski highway is nearby. so this probably has icy spots this morning to consider even with partial melt and refreeze. there was 11:10 crossing from havre de grace on to the bay. i suspect naptown annapolis could have a coating and kent island and eastern shore and if it didn't stick on the roads or doesn't lock like it stuck, well, maybe -- look like it stuck, well, maybe the roads were too warm. there could be icy spots at this pulled out of here. next disturbance producing just flurries but looks like that one is losing its grip and punch and we will break the cloud up heading through this morning. temperatures now 29 here in baltimore and hovering around freezing for all of us. and we are bouncing off the bottom. it's warmer than yesterday. we will have sun today and we will have dry weather excuse me
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through tomorrow. and mild stuff. check this out. our temperatures will be in response to the wind, the wind themselves brought in the cold air. the wind will shift to the south. and that's what is going to warm us up. so we stayed below freezing yesterday with a high of 31. and we will be back in the 50s tomorrow. we promised you would get there and that will stay in the 50s to start off the weekend as well. so early light snow or flurries i should adjust that. i think the biggest issue around the bay may be up parts of coastal harford cecil county and eastern shore. might be early morning ice. we get back to 40 with sunshine and ck down to 26 and not nearly as frigid and we are expecting to have temperatures 50s tomorrow look for a high of 52. 54 on saturday. 40 sunday and we have takeent system out. but it looks like we will have a few shots of rain and a wintery mix by the middle of next week. here's angela with more. >> reporter: all right. that area pulaski highway and edgewood roadworking the overturned vehicle accident. if you are traveling in the area, plan for a little extra
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travel time this morning. and, of course, some reduced speeds. in the meantime, traveling through the city, tunnel traffic check out fine on 95 as well as 895. and as you continue south on i- 95, no reported troubles as you make the drive past maryland 175 heading towards the capital beltway. let's get a live view of traffic. u.s. 50 at i-97 volume already building here as you continue on 97 northbound. no troubles as you make your way. all is clear passing benfield and for those of you using m-ta this morning, no reported delays -- mta this morning, no reported delays on the rails or busker. iraqi police worry insurgents are stepping up attacks weeks after the u.s. pulled out of the country. we have learned four explosions killed 24 people overnight in baghdad. one was a roadside bomb and the other included a bomb attached to a motorcycle near a bus stop where people are gathering to go for work. nurses and doctors are treating at least 60 people in the hospital who were injured from
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the morning blasts. a major brush fire in australia and airport contained after firefighters worked through the night to contain the flames. it ripped through 161 acres and neighbors had to be evacuate. one firefighter was hurt but is he can spb to be fine. -- expected to be fine. neighbors are told to keep an eye should any of the fires reignite. floods and mud slides caused by heavy rains killed 8 people and forced more than 13,000 from the homes in southeast brazil. just outside rio de janeiro floods fleeten -- threaten the hillside community hit one year ago but mid slides and floods. 800 people were killed and about20,000 were forced from their homes. and catherine middleton revealed the first group of organizations she will support. official public asprearns been supporting the rolf her husband prince william she ace announced she will hit the outdoors as volunteer with the scout association sim throort
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girls and boy scouts here in the u.s. they were cheering in the streets of argentina for the president. her surgery went well and she is recovering this morning. she was having surgery for thyroid cancer. people in argentina gathered in public squares throughout the country holding vigil for the leader. get ready to pay more inform you love the grand slambreakfast from denny's. they are caring price increase for the coming year. also, latest on the closings for macy's stores how it could affect your shopping here in maryland. you are what's new now and next at good morning maryland. thank you for starting your day off with us. on this thursday, january 5th.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:24. so the cost of your latte is gone up why not bacon and eggs. denny's is considering a price hike for the coming year. a spokeswoman for the restaurant chain wouldn't say when or by how much. the announcement is a day after starbucks said they would increase the prices on some of
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their drink by a dime. they point to the rising cost of ingredients as the reason for the price hikes. the holiday sales rush is over. so retail chains are now making difficult decisions. macy's announced they will close 5 stores across the country and two here in maryland. corinne redman is standing by with more. >> reporter: well, among the five macy's stores and four bloomingdale stores closing one is in maryland and one in bethesda and one in laurel. they blame it on underperformance. more than 830 workers will be affected by the closing. 375 at macy's and 463 at bloomingdale's but employees may have the option of taking jobs at new stores. macy's announced they will answer five new stores and one replacement but none here in maryland. clearance sales start on sunday at the stores closing and run for 10 weeks. among the stores that will
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close are in topeka kansas ohio and. [audio not understandable] as for bloomingdale's atlanta oak brook illinois and the mall of america. macy's issued a statement saying in part we are continuing to be be committed to maintaining heaty port folio for stores that allow us to focus can on growth from our best and most productive locations. now as for the workers who will be laid off especially here in maryland, macy asays the company will -- macy's says they will offer severance benefits. the economy downturn has been tough on some but not everyone. dunkin donuts is doing well. the company says it plans to double locations in the u.s. during the next 20 years. no word on the new locations or if any of them are coming to the state. dunkin donuts has nearly 7,000 stores across the u.s. when was the last thing in fresno, california expected to see. how the car ended up on top of a roof at an apartment
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building. it's dark and you can't see it. we will show you more. also, what's now had one -- made police open fire on a teenage in the middle of school in a hallway dement tales in a bit. you are watching "good morning -- hallway. details in a bit. you are watching "good morning maryland."
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