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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking news, right now. massive shoot-out with automatic weapons leaves six police officers shot outside salt lake city overnight. one is now dead. the rest, in serious or critical condition at this hour. we'll have a live report. million-dollar man. rick santorum cashes in on his almost-win in iowa. raking in big bucks overnight. will that be enough to take down mitt romney in this week's new hampshire showdown? health scare. mariah carey refusing to leave her husband's, nick cannon's bedside, after he was hushed to the hospital with kidney failure on vacation. killer shot. a rare sight of orcas frolics off the coast. the stunning video of their romp in the open ocean, all caught on camera. why they're swimming south, so far from home.
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problem is, i don't know where the orca's home is. >> very, very far. >> good morning, everyone. we have a lot going on this morning. political race, of course, heating up. all of the candidates in new hampshire right now. mitt romney has a huge lead there right now. he's got an endorsement from john mccain. but rick santorum has the momentum. will it be enough to overtake romney? we'll get into that in a little bit. >> and a little money in the bank account for santorum, as well. have you seen this? some stunning video. it just surfaced overnight. it appears to be casey anthony, speaking out. a video diary about her life since her acquittal. we'll get to that. >> it does look like her. a big announcement from the royal palace this morning. kate is stepping into a new role. raising new questions in comparison to princess diana. we'll get into that in a little
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bit. and to josh elliott with the top stories. >> good morning to all of you. six police officers shot overnight in utah, while serving a warrant in the city of ogden, some 40 miling north of salt lake city. one officer has died. the other five officers very seriously wounded. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has been following the investigation. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: josh, it was like a war zone. officers were trying to serve a warrant to a home when gunfire erupted. as many as 40 shots being fired. when it was over, six officers had been hit. the suspect, who was also wounded, took off, trying to escape but didn't make it very far. he was cornered in a backyard shed. the officer who died was a father of two. a seven-year veteran on the force. five of his fellow officers are in the hospital with serious to critical injuries. this follows a deadly year in 2011. last year, officer fatalities were up 16%. police killed by guns jumped a
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whopping 20%. why is this happening? josh, to be blunt, more suspects are simply willing to take on police. >> 2012, no better. pierre thomas, thank you for that. the other big story this morning. president obama and defense secretary leann panetta are proposing major cuts at the pentagon this morning. some $450 billion worth. that's roughly 8% of the pentagon's budget they hope to cut over the next decade. one way of achieving these cuts, trimming the ranks of the army by some 80,000 troops. high-tech weapons systems could be on the chopping block. this morning, four bombs went off in baghdad, including one attached to a motorcycle. at least 27 were killed. violence has seriously spiked since u.s. combat troops left iraq. and the man accused of terrorizing los angeles, setting dozens of arson fires, is on suicide watch this morning. harry burkhart appeared to be wrapped in a green blanket during his court hearing wednesday. the judge set bail there at just under $3 million, roughly the
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same amount as the estimated damage caused by those fires over new year's weekend. and an unbelievable crash scene in fresno, california. a stolen car, landing on this roof, after the driver took a sharp turn too quickly, hit a tree stump and went airborne. the driver walked away. thankfully, no one else was hurt. and kodak is preparing to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. this according to "the wall street journal." the company is hoping to sell some of its patents to get the cash it needs to stay afloat. and a desperate scene off the coast of new zealand. a massive crack has opened on that cargo ship that struck a reef in october and has been listing ever since. it is all but certain that some 800 containers onboard will spill into the ocean. the most hazardous cargo has been offlifted. a bluefin tuna, just sold in
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japan for a record $736,000. perhaps not surprisingly, it was bought by the owner of a sushi restaurant. tipping the scales at 593 pounds. dinner for the entire country of japan on that guy. >> each piece of sushi would be 25 bucks. >> i didn't know math would be a part of the job. we're going to turn, now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and all eyes, now, on new hampshire. the candidates are there. the negative ads are running. saturday's debate is coming. and the big question now, can rick santorum's surge give him the momentum he needs to stop mitt romney? john berman is in new hampshire. >> reporter: rick santorum says game on. this is where the big game is. new hampshire. overnight, rick santorum told me he intends to play this game hard, even though his main opponent, mitt romney, is playing with more expensive equipment.
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overnight, the room was packed. the former senator was pumped. and the sweater vest was bursting with pride. rick santorum, painting himself as the defender against what he called the president's assault on liberty. >> he believes you are incapable of freedom. >> reporter: we asked santorum, is he capable of winning new hampshire? beating mitt romney, who has been miles ahead in the polls here. mitt romney has the money. he has endorsements. he has a house here. >> we have the grassroots. look at this. there's a lot of energy. we feel very, very good about things. >> reporter: he's also got new money. less than 24 hours, $1 million, after his iowa near-victory. and new scrutiny. >> my catholic faith teaches, it's actions that are the problems. not necessarily someone's feelings. >> reporter: meanwhile, mitt
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romney was touting his new endorsement from his new best friend/old worst enemy, john mccain. >> do you think we can get more than an eight-vote margin here in new hampshire? i'm going to try. >> reporter: mccain, four years ago, labeled romney a flip-flopper. now says he's -- >> honest, straight-talking. person of knowledge and vision. >> reporter: it should be noted that romney's vision included kenny loggins "danger zone." fitting because romney seems to be riding into a political pig pile. ads from jon huntsman. >> one state can stop the camilhameleon chameleon. >> romney's plan, timid. >> reporter: but perhaps good for romney, it looks like he will have rick perry to kick around some more. the texasnor saying, he's staying in for now. >> i reassessed. we're headed to new hampshire. and then, to south carolina.
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>> reporter: rick perry says the idea to stay in came to him while he was jogging. now, the big question for him is, does he see some path still to victory among conservative voters? the answer to that question and so many of the crucial questions, coming only in our abc news debate here saturday night. george? >> that's right. we'll see what he's going to do there. thanks, john. let's get analysis from abc's jake tapper in new hampshire this morning. let's talk about rick santorum. had that big finish in iowa. so many votes coming in the last couple days. raised $1 million overnight. like rick perry, he still has to construct a path to victory. maybe not in new hampshire. but beyond. >> reporter: that's right. his biggest challenge right now is to convince conservatives to consolidate around him. conservatives are hitting the panic button. they're having a retreat. conservative elites to discuss how do they consolidate the anti-romney vote for one candidate.
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rick santorum, trying to convince them he's their candidate. but, george, when berman and i went to the meeting last night that santorum had, the town hall meeting, it was basically two hours of policy discussion by rick santorum. it was not an effective way for a candidate to get his message out in many different venues. so, it's still a very open question whether he's going to be able to rise to the occasion to run a national campaign. >> that's the question. he doesn't have the time to do what he did in iowa, which was visit one, two voters at a time in all 99 counties. you mention the conservatives trying to decide whether to coalesce around rick santorum. meanwhile, it seems that the republican establishment is beginning to close ranks behind romney. john mccain's endorsement yesterday, evidence number one. >> reporter: that's right. and of course, with mccain coming out and endorsing his one-time enemy, you have the establishment stamping on romney. and the obama campaign, still thinking romney is almost certainly going to be the nominee. after new hampshire, george, which is also a little
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experiment in retail politics, this really becomes a resource game. who has the most money to compete in south carolina, florida, nevada going forward? right now, with those other three candidates, perry, santorum, gingrich, splitting the conservative vote, it's really just romney. he's the only one that can do this. look, there are already absentee ballots in florida that are being filed for that primary on january 31st. rick santorum didn't make the virginia ballot. not because he didn't file enough signatures. he didn't try to file enough signatures. he wasn't even in the game. that's the problem going forward for all these other non-romney candidates. >> we'll see how much of a money advantage romney has. the last fund-raising results will be released. as you point out, he's the only one advertising in all of the states, coming up, south carolina and florida. that's a key advantage for mitt romney right now. we'll see how the other candidates take off on him saturday night at the debate. jake tapper, thanks very much. diane and i will be joining
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our new hampshire team this weekend, moderating the gop debate, saturday night, at 9:00, 6:00 pacific. and then? >> then, on sunday morning, i'll be on "this week" to discuss the debate. >> this is your home, too. >> we did a show from there. had a big, live crowd. we'll do the same thing on sunday. now, to a controversial police shooting at a texas middle school. an officer shot and killed an eighth grader armed with a pellet gun that authorities said looked like the real thing. but the boy's family says it didn't have to end that way. abc's ryan owens joins us from dallas with much more on this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. you know, these pellet guns are made to look like the real deal. and they do. these sort of mixups have happened before. but this really is different. a 15-year-old -- a standoff with a 15-year-old at school, as other students cowered in their classrooms.
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when police arrived at this brownsville, texas, middle school, they found 15-year-old jaime gonzalez, seen here in a facebook tribute page, standing in the hallway near the front office. a gun in his hand. >> subject, 5'7", holding a handgun, black in color. white shoes, blue jeans. >> where is he? >> by the front door. >> reporter: officials put the school in lockdown. and tried to get the eighth grader to drop the weapon. >> get everybody out. >> reporter: instead, officers said the teen pointed it at them. forcing them to make a split-second decision. >> take him out. take him out. >> shots fired. >> e.m.s. >> copy. >> reporter: gonzalez was hit twice. once in the head. >> imminent threat of death to the officers or others is the threshold in whether to use deadly force. >> reporter: police later discovered that pistol fired pellets, not bullets.
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cops say it looked identical to the real thing. and they insist they acted appropriately. >> we commend the actions taken by all those involved. fortunately, nobody else was hurt in this incident. that's what we're grateful for. >> reporter: but many here, including the young man's parents, say officers acted too quickly. >> they overreacted. i understand, it looked like a gun. but i mean, like, shooting him three times. that's unnecessary. he was a child, my child. that i don't have anymore. >> reporter: school will be back in session down in brownsville this morning. but classes will be held in a different building. that middle school, robin, is still considered a crime scene. >> it is. all right, ryan. thank you. so difficult down there. we have a wake-up call for everyone right now. starting your day may be about to get a little more expensive. prices on everything from your breakfast to your morning commute, going up. abc's weekend anchor, bianna golodryga, joins us with more on
7:14 am
that. >> not great news. these numbers really do add up. good morning, robin. if your resolution for the new year was to save more money, good luck. after an 11% spike in food prices last year, economists are forecasting even more sticker shock in 2012. from the moment you get out of bed. the price of just about everything you fuel up on. from gasoline, to caffeine, to breakfast, is going up. hop in your car for a trip to the pump. this morning, that will cost you 20 cents more per gallon than it did last year. by summer, it can go all the way up to $5 per gallon. you can expect another jolt with your morning coffee. and not from the caffeine. you could soon be paying another 10 cents or more for that coffee or latte. starbucks announced it is rising prices by as much as 1%, in places like new york, atlanta and dallas. you will have to fork up more
7:15 am
money at your breakfast joint. on wednesday, denny's announced it is looking to hike up its menu prices. and it could be by as much as 5%. that grand slam breakfast that normally costs you 6 bucks, could slam you with another 30 cents on your bill. it might not seem like much. but add it all up, and you're spending another $218 a year. >> the steady increase in prices comes at a time when incomes aren't growing. and it's squeezing people's buying power. >> reporter: think you can save money by eating in? not so fast. this week's freeze has raised the price of staples like tomatoes and oranges. that's already with a forecast predicting a 2% jump in food prices this year. >> if consumers can't shift back, this gives businesses a lot of cover to raise prices. >> reporter: you can expect to see more companies raise prices this year. not just on food. the price of items on your desktop computer to your digital camera are expected to rise.
7:16 am
components to transportation costs. rising prices aren't unusual. but the fact that so many americans don't have work and their wages aren't increasing is really tough. >> those holiday sales have to end at some point. time, now, for the weather and meteorologist ginger zee, inside. a few people braving the cold. but you are right here. i don't blame you at all. >> we're inside because we're warming right now. temperatures have been rising overnight. makes sense. so, the upper 20s is where we start in new york city this morning. but look at the record heat. anywhere west of the mississippi. kansas city could see a record today. denver could see a record. rapid city, south dakota, will likely break a record. and l.a., for the fifth day, going to see record highs. really intense heat out there. and it is going to move east. this is the last morning that you wake up with frost in florida. look at the frost and freeze warnings. i'll leave you with an outlook.
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7:18 am
>> some welcome rain from brownsville to corpus christi today. and we'll be talking about just how much we warm up going into the weekend in the northeast in a couple minutes. george? >> that's good news. let's go overseas where princess kate is taking on a new high-profile role before a big birthday. she is announcing the charities she will support. nick watt has that from london. and, nick, this is where princess diana made her mark. >> reporter: absolutely, george. and from right now, kate is a fully-fledged working member of the royal family. as we saw from diana, it involves looking good, shaking hands. and most importantly, it involves charity. and kate, who has been learning the ropes at her husband's side, has just chosen the charities she'll bless with her royal patronage. she will begin work immediately with a group of children's hospices, a charity that fights addiction, and an arts education
7:19 am
charity. >> a combination of what we do here, art and therapy, is something that seemed to really attract her. she's charming. absolutely charming. and we're thrilled. >> from this day on, now that she's got good causes, she can really get her teeth into that and define herself as not just the woman next to prince william. but actually someone that stands for something. >> reporter: a year ago, royal aides would flinch at the obvious diana/kate comparisons. the couple addressed that elephant in the room. >> obviously, i would are have loved to have met her. she's an inspirational woman to look up to. >> no one's trying to fill my mother's shoes. what she did was fantastic. it's about making her own future and destiny. and kate will do a good job of that. >> reporter: and so far, she has. the royal entourage isn't worried anymore about the diana comparisons because, well, kate's a natural. >> she's going to be as big as diana. diana did so much to promote charities and good causes. that was one of the greatest
7:20 am
things she achieved in her life. i feel comfortable with kate taking on that mantle. >> reporter: kate will also work with britain's national portrait gallery and muck in with the boy scouts near her home in wales, which is something to do while her husband is off saving sailors. the big milestone for kate, she turns 30 on monday. even princesses have to get older. but, guys, she doesn't want any presents. she wants people to donate to those charities that she is now supporting. >> very honorable. coming up, the intriguing video that surfaced overnight. it appears to be casey anthony speaking out. a video diary for the first time about her life. and new details in the chilling pilot murder mystery that left four people dead, including two navy fighter pilots. a witness speaking out about what he saw that night. and far, far, far from home. and maybe showing off a little bit. the new and unforgettable pictures of orcas romping off [ wo
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:26. good morning. 30 degrees if baltimore this morning. a light coating of snow unanne arundel county and coastal areas through northeast. sarah got the snow coating and eastern shore enough to coat the streets to make it icy. 32 in easton.
7:27 am
worst in delaware a little disturbance flared up and this is the way it was six hours ago but it was just around the bay. now it's out of here and we are looking for some sun to develop. we will break the cloud and we will get the way back to 40 and maybe 42 with wan two degree guaranteed range back to seasonable levels. let's see what's happening on the roads with angela. >> reporter: we have got quite a bit of congestion on the roadway. and an accident reported in carney just before you get to 695 and a live look at congestion. you will encounter this out there this morning southbound 29 very slow through ellicott city down to route 32. and the west side of 695 in pikesville. we are slow from 795 to liberty road. and coming from towson on the brakes southbound 83 from 695 to past coldspring lane. one of the biggest unions will announce support of the same sex marriage bill. maryland state and dc, aflcio has 300,000 members and support will boost efforts to pass
7:28 am
legislation allowing same sex couples to marry. it will mobilize efforts to help governor o'malley and general assembly pass the law. union will hold a press conference at 11 this morning on north utah street. and the lion king is bringing in the big bucks. last week the show grossed 1 1/2 million dollars and set up arecord for the theater and made more than 5 million. back to new york for more good morning america have great morning and we are back weather and traffic in 30 minutes. ã
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7:30 am
things are starting to look up. and things are starting to change in a good way. hopefully things stay good and they only get better. >> wow. that appears to be casey anthony, video diary. speaking out for the first time since walking out of court after her acquittal. we're going to take a closer look at that in a minute. how did it get on the internet? what does it mean? what did she say? >> she altered her appearance. but that very much appeared to be casey anthony. and there's new details emerging in the murder mystery that left four people dead, including two navy fighter pilots. now, a witness who was with the victims is speaking out about that night. >> andrea canning has that. and look at these orcas.
7:31 am
swimming away from home. showing off. we cannot wait to show you. now, let's get to that video diary popping up overnight online. it looks like casey anthony talking there. no one has seen or heard from her since her acquittal. and abc's rob nelson has much more. >> this is my first video diary. >> reporter: this could be the first look we've had of casey anthony since she left that florida courthouse. she was acquitted of murder on july 5th of last year, just five months of the third anniversary of her daughter, caylee's, death. but now, she's in seclusion, talking about her life. >> not a lot going on except this. i'm extremely excited. i'm extremely excited that i'll be able to write. obviously, keep a video log. take some pictures. and i have something that i can
7:32 am
finally call mine. >> reporter: this video has been circulating recently on the web. but it's still not clear who put it there or exactly where casey is. she's learning a new way to communicate with the outside world, while also hiding from prying eyes. >> been a long time since i've been able to call something mine. and now, i have something even, you know, it's silly to say. but i have a computer and a camera and a phone. >> reporter: casey longs for something, not just to call her own, but for a companion, as well. >> this is a blessing in so many ways. and now, i have someone to talk to. i'm by myself. so, i'm not bothering the poor dog. the one i've adopted. i love. and he's as much my dog as any of the over pets i had. >> reporter: casey also talks about when she will be free. >> it will be a while before i leave. i'll be here for many, many months before.
7:33 am
even if i'm here for six months, even if i get off probation early. i'll still be here at least until february. the end of february. seven months. march, my birthday. just, either way. you know, whether six months, or a year from now, or a year from the middle of august. i don't know. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. let's bring in our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. you were picking up on some things she was saying there, dan. >> about the probation. she says even if i get off my probation early, i still will be here. she almost is talking as if she's in jail there, wherever she is. we don't know exactly where she is. but it's a very odd thing to say, as if she's got a specific place she has to stay for a certain amount of time, regardless of what happens with
7:34 am
her probation. >> and many people have forgot that. she is on probation. >> she has a one-year probation, for check fraud. she can stay in orange county. she gets permission from her probation officer. there's other requirements and restrictions. but she's allowed to live her life. but that leads to questions of what is she talking about with regard of staying. >> we don't know all of the details. if she released it or someone else released it. you put yourself on camera, chances are it's going to show up somewhere. and this would be the first time, in this manner, we hear from her. >> what would be the point of disguising your identity? changing hair color, glasses, et cetera, if you're going to release the video. that would seem to indicate she didn't release it. on one of the youtube areas where it is, there's a very derogatory phrase used at the top in linking to this video, which makes you think, well, that certainly didn't come from
7:35 am
her. but as the first video diary, you never know. we simply don't know how it came to be on the internet. did someone leak it? did she leak it? we don't know. >> there's a civil suit pending. she does not have to be there for that. could this be used, in some way, against her? >> it could. for now, she's not being forced to testify in the civil case. but she will, eventually, be forced to testify. her criminal trial is over. once her criminal appeal is finishes, she has no right against self-incrimination anymore. and she would have to testify, the same way o.j. simpson did in his civil case. >> all right, dan. thank you. >> that's a curious one. now, to the new details on the new year's day shooting that left four people dead in california, including two navy pilots. autopsies confirmed three of the victims were murdered. and the fourth, an apparent suicide. and we're learning how it all unfolded. this is a really chilly story.
7:36 am
>> reporter: much more information emerging. an unnamed man has come forward to say he was with the victims that night, standing outside the condo when the shots were first fired. he's giving police a play-by-play account of what he says happened. police aren't naming the man who survived a violent shooting in the coronado, california, condominium. saying only he was responsible for calling for help. >> there was another series of gunshots. the other individual who was remaining outside at that point called 911. >> reporter: investigators say the man didn't witness the shooting. but may help provide a timeline of the hours leading up to the murders. detectives know navy f-18 fighter pilots, david reis and bob reeves, along with reis' sister, karen, went to a party at this nightclub on new year's eve, where they met up with matthew satterly, an analyst. a little after 2:00 a.m., david
7:37 am
reis and the unnamed survivor were outside talking. the other three were inside. moments later -- >> gunshots start. bang, bang. bang, bang, bang, bang. and about a five-minute point between the first two and the last four. >> reporter: police then ran outside. the friend, still outside, ran to call 911. >> at this point, we have no eyewitnesses as to what happened inside that residence. we don't know what the motive was. >> reporter: 25-year-old david reis was shot in the torso. his sister, karen, in the chest and head. satterly was hit multiple times. police say bob reeves committed suicide. >> we don't know who committed the homicides. we'll know that once we get all of the forensic evidence. >> reporter: late wednesday, the bodies of karen and david reis were moved to their hometown, together. >> it was the family's wish they be together at all times because they were almost inseparable. >> reporter: satterly, a 31-year-old father, filed for
7:38 am
divorce just four days before his death. his wife, alana, said the couple was working on the marriage. >> matthew was the most kind, wonderful man and best friend and father. he was incredible. >> reporter: friends and family are wondering how three, promising, young lives could end so violently. and why lieutenant reeves, among the best pilots in the country, could have taken his own life. >> it's rare to see a case, a story like this, among friends. and people who are successful, who don't expect to be involved in murder. they don't expect to live with the consequences, either, which is why a murder is followed by a suicide. >> reporter: police say they found four guns inside the condo. but as you heard, no word on a possible motive in the case. services for david and karen reis will be this weekend, open to the public in bakersfield. yesterday, we reported that
7:39 am
karen was dating the pilot that committed suicide. that was not the case, only adding to the mystery. let's get some weather and ginger zee. >> good morning, everyone. we want to talk about surface advisories in effect. with the heat in l.a., it happened yesterday. and again in hawaii. look at the video from our affiliate kitv. this is the north shore of oahu. one surfer had to be rescued. let's go to the movement in the east. watch the warm air. spring-like temperatures coming by the weekend. a lot of yeahs in the studio. >> this weather report has been brought to you by staples. george? >> thank you, ginger.
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no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. now, those rare pictures of orcas, surfacing off the southern california coast. there have been multiple sightings of about a dozen of them swimming offshore. experts are saying they could be two family groups out for a long-distance family vacation.
7:44 am
abc's david wright has their story. >> reporter: aside from seaworld in san diego, killer whales are a rare thing to behold in southern california. but drew post, home for the holidays, captured these crystal-clear week. you got amazing pictures. >> thank you. >> reporter: when was this? >> yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: the first time he had seen orcas in orange county. >> i grew up here. seen blue whales. never killer whales. >> reporter: naturally, we wanted to see this rare sight ourselves. i hope we see them. >> i hope so, too. >> reporter: just a few miles offshore, a sighting. a school of dolphins, it turns out. orcas are dolphins, too, giant sized ones. the way they swim, you can see the family resemblance. the marine biologists who track these whales know them individually by name.
7:45 am
these are two mothers known as cs-51 and ca-140. normally they would be 300 miamis north, to monterey bay. what brought them down south? sea lions, apparently. killer whales eat them. >> he's still alive. >> reporter: a meal captured rather dramatically on camera this week. alas, for us, lightning didn't strike twice. we saw gray whales. they're plenty impressive. but killer whales eat gray whales for lunch. i'm jealous. i have to say, i'm jealous. >> tell you what, keep coming out. i'm sure you'll see it someday. >> reporter: in the meantime, it's fun just to marvel at these pictures. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news. >> we're marveling at the pictures, too. our hard-working crew are stopping and staring at the monitors and look at those pictures. coming up, josh, a very
7:46 am
special "play of the day." and demi on life after ashton. speaking out about her fears about falling in love again. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. than leading regular juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly. ♪ just not literally. capri sun. respect what's in the pouch. just not literally. wait a second... with olay challenge that. new regenerist wrinkle revolution... relaxes the look of wrinkles instantly,
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here's "the play of the day." >> and sometimes the gods deliver a new subject for "play of the day." take a look at italy's mt. etna. it is erupting right now. spewing a lot of ash. and a lot of -- >> magma. >> speaking of -- you know, it's nice we get a little lava action. take a look because it gets no better than robin giving us a little -- >> magma. >> magma. >> i can't do this video without you because we're going to kilauea. >> magma. >> exactly. >> the eruption, robin, george? >> okay. >> go for it.
7:51 am
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now ailed's consider maryland's most powerful -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. some of you are wake up with white snow and around i-95 anne arundel county to the eastern shore the coating is around. denton toward centerville northeast you got light snow 29 in manchester. basically we have had icy spots this morning. we are break up the clouds and expect sun pushing to 40. and again there's the satellite and radar where we expect to have the clouds break up and we will push our way the two degreen gare teed high within the range of near normal or
7:57 am
seasonal and tonight in the mid- 20s with mostly clear skies. we have a dry weather pattern shaping up and a warmer weather pattern. we will get back into the 50s tomorrow and saturday and then slide back into the 40s sunday into next week with the next storm looks like rain that may, may end with a wintery mix or snow and falling temperatures. here angela with traffic. >> reporter: may have icy patches out there. so gib yourself extra -- give yourself, tray -- extra travel time. use caution and be prepared for delays. and speak of delays, that's what we have traveling on 29. make are way towards the dc region southbound very heavy. and let's look live at the jfx. coming around the top side of 695, it's very slow and continues southbound 83 as you head into the city. the southbound lanes are jammed packed make your way past coldspring and delay opened up a little bit as you pass north avenue. ã
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] there's a lot of beauty in this world, right outside our studio in times square. >> she comes every morning. >> ready for that big game next week. >> that's right, baby. lsu/'bama. the bcs championship. good morning, america. you had to go there. >> every morning, there's a sign out there. >> that's true. demi moore speaking out months after her split with ashton kutcher. opening up about everything, from how she really feels about her body to her -- one of her biggest fears. >> that's coming up. also, "mob wives" are back. what a sensation they've caused with their reality show version
8:01 am
of "the sopranos." they're here this morning to fill us in on their most shocking family drama yet. >> we went outside, why are all the paparazzi here? oh, that's right. "mob wives" are here. >> josh was sprucing up. >> as best you should, by the way. i know these girls. ladies, can't wait to talk to them. we have secret "deals and steals" to look great and geet organized. love that new year, new year, at rock-bottom prices. only for you, our "gma" viewers. >> that's fun. guess who is back, elmo and the cookie monster. >> hi. oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. >> they're cooking up recipes your kids will love to eat and love to make. >> delicious. >> i get to bake with elmo and cookie monster. that's coming up. first, some news, josh. >> lots of news to get to. we're going to begin with that
8:02 am
shoot-out that's being described as a war zone. in utah overnight, six police officers were shot while trying to serve a warrant during a drug investigation, about 40 miles north of salt lake city. one of the officers, a father of two, was killed in the shoot-out. the other five officers are in serious to critical condition. the suspect is in custody this morning. meanwhile, in the republican race for president, the focus this morning is on new hampshire. rick santorum, fresh off that near-victory in iowa has raised $1 million in 24 hours. still, he trailing badly in the polls to mitt romney, who is touting his endorsement from john mccain. newt gingrich is out with a new attack ad, saying romney is too timid to be president. it's happened again. another sports fan brutally beaten, seemingly for supporting his team. philadelphia police posted this video, showing three men wearing philadelphia flyers jerseys, assaulting new york rangers fans
8:03 am
after a game on monday. the man seriously injured, was an iraq war veteran. police have yet to make any arre arrests. a dramatic moment in texas. a young pilot barely out of training, was forced to make a split-second decision when her cessna lost power in mid-air. sara robner had just taken off from the houston airport. she realized she couldn't make it back. so, she brought the plane down right there in the middle of a residential street. she didn't clip a sign. but swerved just in time to avoid a car. and shockingly, no one was hurt. there is new hope this morning for the connecticut man who lost his entire family in that brutal home invasion. dr. william petit is getting married. he was the sole survivor of the 2007 attack that killed his wife and daughters. he is now engaged to a photographer he met at a charity event. petit said he has changed from a man of despair to a man of hope.
8:04 am
now, here's diane sawyer with what's ahead on "world news." >> good morning, josh. great to see everyone at "gma." tonight, on "world news," we're going to tell you about a devastating, crippling disease, that strikes in the prime of life. there's revolutionary, new treatments. we're going the show you how they're changing lives. the whole picture, tonight on "world news." see you then. >> all right, diane. i'm an admitted soccer fan. maybe as big as they come. take a look at what happened yesterday in the english premiere league. this is goalie, goalkeeper, tim howard, an american playing in london, for england. for everton. that's clearance. and that's a goal. about 100 yards. the other keeper off his line. the wind swirling. so, when it touches down, it actually picks up speed. no hope for the other keeper. >> like the super bowl. >> think of a football field. that's punting from an end zone to an end zone. he didn't even know how to celebrate. he had no idea what to do with it.
8:05 am
unfortunately, he allowed two. and they did fall. >> that was the only score. >> that was a tricky bounce. >> thanks, josh. ready for pop news? >> let's do it. >> good morning to you all. ever seen a $12.2 million teardown? elin nordegren has. tiger woods' ex-wife, used those bucks to buy this estate in february. now, tmz has announced she demolished the beachfront estate in north palm beach, to make way for her dream home, just ten miles from tiger's jupiter island estate. a lot of oohs and aws with that one. no more crying a river for superstar, justin timberlake. for 4 1/2 years, one of hollywood's hottest couples is engaged, which has ginger crying. ginger is very upset. we're consoling her in commercial breaks. "us" magazine, saying that justin presented jessica a ring
8:06 am
in jackson hole, wyoming, over the holidays where the two love to go snowboarding. congratulations to the two "js." >> lucky man. >> and woman. he's rather talented. did you know that in england, they call underwear pants? that is exactly what soccer star david beckham -- you learn something new every day at pop news. that's what david is wearing in his new line of underwear. >> sit down over there. >> it's an ad for h&m. this isn't the first time he was supposed in his pants. the h&m undies, beckham designed them himself. he will update them seasonably. i don't know how you update them seasonably. >> time to go to the gym, josh. >> for the next 12 years. >> keep your pants on. >> or not. or not. we move on. we may have underestimated how much david hasselhoff's role on
8:07 am
"baywatch," has contributed to the world. including the world of marine biology. marine scientists have found a new species of crabs. experts are calling the new sea creature the hoff crab because of its, quote, extremely hairy chest. the crab species has to be formally classified. but for now, the hoff crab lives. did i just do a piece about hairy crabs? >> elmo, ear muffs. >> every time, elmo's here. >> i know. >> that's pop news. and, ginger, let's get some weather. we are sorry about justin. >> great crowd out here, albeit the cold. we have chicagoans, all over the map this morning. speaking of the map, we want to start with information about washington, d.c. we're looking at pennsylvania avenue. washington, d.c., until yesterday, had not gone below 40 degrees for a high temperature
8:08 am
in 10 months and 12 days. that's really, really mild. so, now colder, look at the warmth heading into the southeast. and washington today, going to >> just a few flurries in upstate new york and vermont. then, a warmup on the weekend. more on that coming up. lara? >> thank you, ginger. here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma
8:09 am
morning menu." demi moore speaking out about how she really feels about her body and her fears about falling in love again. that revealing interview, just ahead. and married to the mob. the wives are here. they're speaking about their most arresting family troubles yet. lots to talk about there. and we're at it again. secret "deals and steals" only for "gma" viewers. stay tuned to save big on "gma." that's it! watch your step, folks. keep movin', please. [ announcer ] to do a job well, you need the right tools. [ thuds ] that's not gonna work. so if you're filing your taxes online, make sure you pick the right software: h&r block at home. nobody knows taxes like h&r block. we guarantee no other tax software... will get you more money back. file for free with the very best tool for the job at h&r block. never settle for less.
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8:14 am
all through her very public breakup with ashton kutcher, demi moore has been pretty quiet. she's beginning to open up in an interview with "harper's bazaar." demi reflects on what she really thinks about her body and if she'll ever find love. bianna golodryga has more on that. >> reporter: demi moore has captivated audiences on screen with her charm, poise, and killer body confidence. she's still a bombshell, with an enviable body some women dream of. but in the january issue of "harper's bazaar," demi moore reveals that she has had a love/hate relationship with her body. and has struggled with her weight in the past. in the interview, conducted shortly after her split with husband, ashton kutcher, moore acknowledged her seemingly slimmer appearance. saying, quote, i sit today in a place of greater acceptance of my body. and that includes as now
8:15 am
experiencing my body as extremely thin. thin in a way that i would never imagine someone saying to me, you're too thin and you don't look good. >> demi has coped with aging by making her body appear younger and younger. and maybe she's not seeing herself reflected in ashton's eyes anymore. and because of that, she's seeing herself more realistic. >> reporter: moore also revealed her fears. saying, quote, i would say what scares me is that i'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that i'm really not lovable. that i'm not worthy of being loved. >> a woman who is going through a divorce, is going to imagine that if this one man doesn't love her, no one else will. but as time passes, and she grieves and she recovers herself, she will find love. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. we move, now, to the "mob wives." the second season of the show
8:16 am
started with a bang, no pun intended, this sunday. a discovery that a cast member may be an fbi informant to a surgery going horribly wrong. these wives from staten island is finding their reality is filled with a lot of drama lately. we'll talk to them in a moment. first, take a look. >> you want to keep talking out of that mouth? you're going to have your jaw wired. >> reporter: the ladies of "mob wives" are back. >> it's about friendship. it's about loyalty. >> reporter: with more catfights than "desperate housewives." and even a "soprano's"-like plot twist. with one ex allegedly wearing a wire for the fbi. >> there's no loyalty by anyone right now. >> reporter: this past september, i went to see the ladies of staten island, to see if i had what it took to become one of the family. >> if you don't like my cooking, i break your head. sweet. >> reporter: in season two,
8:17 am
we're reunited with these women who are not afraid to get in each other's faces. there's renee. >> i want instant gratification. i want my body today. and i will be skinny tomorrow. >> drita. >> you get hit with a wrench across the throat. >> reporter: karen. >> check my bloodline. i'm coming for you. >> reporter: and carla. >> i have a lot of [ bleep ] that i need to clear up. >> reporter: and this season, we're introduced to the newest member of the family, ramona rizzo. >> be prepared to be taken down. >> i'm not going to take the chance with somebody i love, doing what they did to you last time. >> reporter: but has the season created hell on heels for the ladies? >> [ bleep ] you. and to be honest, i want to hurt her. >> reporter: we'll just have to wait. >> stop being nice. >> reporter: and see. ♪ the big, big main the reason i'm alive ♪ here to talk about the second season of "mob wives" are three of the stars, renee,
8:18 am
ramona and karen. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> so much to talk about. i want to get to it right away. mics are falling. on a serious note, you had a big health scare. a plastic surgery nightmare, as you call it. tell us what happened and how you are today. >> i wanted instant gratification. so, i figured the best way for me to do it was getting on the operating table, which ended up causing me 6.3 pints of blood. i had three pints of a transfusion. i had a 16-day stay in the hospital. i ended up getting a staph infection. the doctor didn't do what he was supposed to. and i believe that happened right after i came out of surgery. i split my back open and i bled out. yeah. and it's -- there's always a big bang around here. >> i know. >> i love it, though. i love it. >> i'm going to lean close to
8:19 am
you and speak into your microphone. >> go ahead. speak into my microphone. >> speaking of microphones. let's talk about the ex-husband informant. >> out of respect for my son, i won't speak about it. so -- >> okay. >> there's an innocent child involved here. so, i don't think he needs the backlash. or he doesn't have to pay for his father's sins, nor mine or his grandfather's. when it comes to my son, it's hands off. >> the drama that is playing out in your real life is spilling out on to the show, this season. >> you wanted reality. you got it. this is my reality, unfortunately. it is what it is. >> yeah. it's taking a toll on all of you guys. karen, i know when we met in the spring, you were writing a book. >> yes. >> are you happy with your decision to do that? to reveal the secrets? >> i'm not revealing anyone's secrets. i'm just telling my story. and i'm completely happy with my book, the way it turned out. i feel like it's my foundation.
8:20 am
and my life has come full-circle. >> i know emotions are running high. >> i'm sorry. >> we see it on camera. but also, obviously, it's very close to the surface here. >> yes, it is. very, very close. i think in doing this tv show, i wasn't prepared for this repercussion. but it's really part of my everyday life. and it's not something that i'm embarrassed by, as i'm not embarrassed by my depression. it's a struggle. an everyday struggle. this just adds to my situation for me. but that's real life. and that's what we wanted to give you, was real life. unfortunately, it's at the cost of my life. but i'm still not going to shut the doors and not let you see what the real truth about our lives are. it's not we might be beautiful the outside. but what happens on the inside, it's bone-crushing. >> so, ramona, as you sit next to these ladies who have both gone through a lot, do you have any regrets in joining the cast?
8:21 am
i know you were approached last season. you decided this season to jump in. >> uh-huh. >> both feet. >> both feet. both hands. >> how is it going? >> it is what it is. this is our lives. i grew up with these girl les. what can i say? i'll never deny who i am and who i stay with. i knew what i was getting myself into. and i said, why not? >> there's going to be a lot of drama. as if we didn't get enough in the first episode. karen, you get into it big-time with drita. you say it's a not to be missed moment if you're a "mob wives" fan. >> definitely not to be missed. >> and ramona jumps right in, not afraid. >> this was my friend. we were at a birthday party that i don't think anybody should fight at a birthday party. it's called a matter of respect. i really had to say what i needed to say regarding that. >> in the scale of one to ten, in "mob wives" wars, where is
8:22 am
this one? >> off the scale. off the charts. >> off the charts. >> for you to say that. >> yeah, i mean, i always said that i'm not the physical one or i don't get into it. but i'm learning that there's a lot that goes on with females behind the cameras, that come out on camera. and i don't think -- that's why i said -- >> it's the truth about what goes on. and to be honest, so much as escalated to this point where if someone's going to put their hands on me and attack me for television, i can't just see you and kiss and make up. everything going on offcamera has come full-surface on camera. >> all right. we can see it all on "mob wives." a lot of people big fans of the show. a lot of people think it glamorizes a very dangerous, criminal way of life. but nonetheless, people are watching. vh1, "mob wives." thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we move over to josh now. all week, we've been talking about 2012, being the new year,
8:23 am
new you. tory johnson on with "steals and deals." the perfect way to get your year started. all of these deals are as surprised last. there's a lot of important codes and links on over on yahoo! and again, only as supplies last. let's get going. >> 2012 is going to be a bright year, right? you have to get some shades. i have to see these on your faces. ray-bans. coastal's here to help us. they have an enormous selection of shades. >> what do you think? >> let's see. gorgeous. supergorgeous. everybody else can be just as gorgeous as you because we have an incredible deal. they have 900 shades and glasses and frames. you can get one free as a "gma" viewer. and then, all your subsequent ones, 50% off that you choose. one of the things i love most about this is they have a virtual try-on. you can upload a photo of yourself to their website and
8:24 am
try on different frames. not everyone is as lucky as you to stand here with them. there's a picture of me. really good deal. >> a beautiful necklace here. >> 50% off. this is a huge deal. beautiful necklace, mary margril. she is an incredible jewelry designer. this pendant says believe. it is sterling. she has a huge celebrity fan base. demi moore, jennifer aniston, katie holmes. believe is my mantra for this year. regularly, this particular piece is $110. but as a "gma" viewer, you're going to save 55%. 50 bucks. can't beat that. organizers. this company clever container, founded by two moms in detroit, they have these bags called clever cache. they're like storage bags. you put your stuff in here. roll it and store it. five of the bags, great for travelling. and putting away the seasonal
8:25 am
stuff. five bags, $22. you're going to save 55%. 10 bucks for all of the bags. diane sawyer, made in america. diane sawyer is going to love that. >> what do we have here? >> planners. this is the time of year to make every minute count. you know a lot about that. has an incredible selection of planners. i like this monster grid. all of the great planners for men, women, kids, you name it. really great deals. they typically range from $2 to $54. you're slashing them in half. save 50%, can't beat that. starting at $1 to $27. really good deals. and shipping is incredible, too. >> i recognize these two ladies. >> what i love about this, is moo makes the best business cards. lara has a book coming out this year. we made some cards for the book. >> i brake for yard sales. >> no matter what you're promoting, if you're a mom and want to have play dates or a job you're looking for, whatever you
8:26 am
have coming out, moo business cards are fabulous. 50% savinsavings. you're going to pay 10 bucks for business cards. >> what am i doing here? >> last but not least. idea paint, in boston. all made in america paint. this special paint turns any flat surface into a dry-erase board. daddy loves you. yeah. you and sarina could leave love notes to one another. >> only as long as we have these pens. this is a great starter kit. regularly $75. it will be 30 bucks. free shipping, as well. 60% off. great thing to test in your home. kids' bedroom, kitchen. sarina, all for you. >> at yahoo! elmo's next.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 8:27. check this out. 31 degrees in baltimore. matches our high temperature from yesterday. that's got to be a sign of an improvement. 32 in easton. problems eastern shore they got a quarter inch of snow to nearly ionch and icy problems this morning. we are looking at that disturbance pushing out and trying to break up the clouds and if you haven't seen the sun you will and we are expecting icy spots to disburg. a high around 40 to 42. and that's getting us back to normal many how is that traffic? is that normal this morning? >> reporter: actually it's not. problems on the easton shore including a serious accident on route 50 at 213. getting a report that medivac landed on the scene. all lanes closed at that
8:28 am
juncture. we are seeing very heavy congestion on 29 southbound making are way through the columbia region. also here's another live look at the jfx stop and go traffic jammed from 695 to past north avenue and county police on the scene at a taps hello, and -- a paps co-- at that paps hello,. now out of the top 100 cities we are 12th worst. most healthy men are in burlington vermont. 2011 we were the 7th worst city health wise for men. lights are on and we are home. home for the playoffs in turning the town purple many sidewalk in front of city hall is bathed in purple and towson your time is coming. ravens are practicing this morning and they are take the weekend off. we are head back to new york for more "good morning america" one more check of the forecast in a half-hour. see you then.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome to the team, rookie. >> oh. >> get in there. >> personally, i was hoping for a sam champion. but josh is looking more like a george -- >> that never gets old. josh going down in "wipeout," trying to get through the extreme obstacle course. he maintains he did well. i don't know. look at him go down one more time. >> i think he did really well on that. >> he gets to relive all those moments again and so do we because vanessa lachey's here. she's the new co-host. and she's going to talk to josh about what that's like. >> uh-huh. i have my eye on you, stephanopoulos. >> he keeps claiming -- >> he does. also ahead, if you want to drop the pounds, and maybe you will cut out the carbs, it's not that easy.
8:31 am
but chris powell, the star of "extreme makeover: weight loss edition" tells you why that may not be the way to lose the weight. also, carson and kelly. they're getting together for a good cause. and carson will be here in his big hunt for coats. we're getting closer to our 1 million-coat mark. we know we can make it. and elmo's here. cookie monster's here. carson's here. everybody's here. look at those guys. there they are. all the way from "sesame street," to "gma." with recipes your kids would like to make and eat. let's get to josh. >> george, i did survive that obstacle course on abc's "wipeout." some mothball footage for another day. there's tougher obstacles on the course. there's also a new co-host. she is in the middle of the
8:32 am
action, with the contestants, as they make their way out of that painful thing. she is vanessa lachey. >> yes. >> how does that sound? >> it's still new to me. i like it. go on. >> vanessa lachey. >> i my my husband likes it more. the more brownie points i get. >> the new gig, how is it? >> it's so fun. i was a fan of the show before i got to be a part of the show. now that i am a part of the show, the fact i get to be in the grit of it all, it's so much bigger. they say the camera adds ten pounds. i think the camera adds 15 stories. everything is huge. everyone is so over the top. it's so fun. you can't help but laugh. everyone from a 5-year-old to 85-year-old, loves the show. i love to be a part of that, you know? >> the camera added five welts and bruises. i want to take a look. we have a clip of you coaxing one person through the course. >> oh, okay. >> if you were to be a tourist, sell me on jersey. >> it's the best.
8:33 am
lots of colorful people. lots of attitude. big hair. big nails. >> lots of abs. lots of oil. >> a lot of fist-pumping. you know how they like to do. >> okay, rob. good luck on the course. >> with "mob wives" here. why am i a train conductor doing this? isn't a jersey pump this? i'm like, toot-toot. >> you have the microphone. you can do whatever he wants. does he want to try it? >> he and his brother, drew, are gung-ho to do it. power to them. i will sit back with the mic and let them do it. >> i was gung-ho. lots of advil, nick. it's brutal. you have been, still newly married. how is it going? >> everything's good. nothing too drastically different. it's not like we flipped a switch, good or bad. it's the same, which is nice. except i have to work on my signature because i still wright
8:34 am
vanessa -- that's different. >> well, i think this is going to catapult you and a whole lot of contestants to a whole, new stratosphere. >> thank you. >> "wipeout premiering tonight, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. now, time for the weather. and in for sam champion, ginger zee. >> i like vanessa's toot-toot, instead of the fist-pump. we should bring that to the shore. great crowd out here. staying warm. one place that's been warmer than average, montana. look at this picture. the crazy mountain. these are lanticular clouds. when you get high winds, it comes up over the mountains and forms that. this is how warm it gets in the east.
8:35 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by -- lara? >> thank you, ginger. right now, new year, new you. we've seen chris powell help people achieve miraculous transformations on "new makeover: weight loss editions." he has a new book. "choose to lose, the seven-day carb cycle solutions." you say, carbs are your friends. that's music to all of our ears. i love carbs. >> and so do i. thank goodness that the industry and science is waking up, that we need carbohydrates to lose weight permanently. >> don't we lose them? >> everything runs off of
8:36 am
carbohydrates. we really do need them. we have to use them wisely. >> this is counterintuitive than so much we hear, from the bagels and pizza. how do you do it the right way? >> with smart carbs. with real, whole, natural foods. complex carbohydrates. that's how the carb cycling came about. 30 years ago in bodybuilding and fitness, they realized how effective it is at losing weight fast but without crashing their metabolism. they cut their carbs but crash their metabolism. you hear the horror stories of these people gaining back and more. you can reduce your carb hydrates every other day. and eat carbs, every other day. >> when you mean eat carbs, do you mean eat carbs? >> well, smart carbs. but to eat whole, complex carbohydrates. i have a great example of what we're talking. smart carbs. i have a great bran cereal right here. but we use a little of a protein
8:37 am
shake. shake it up and use that for the milk. it's a power crunch breakfast right there. >> i wouldn't think of bran cereal as a bad carb, though. this would be part of the diet. >> it's a smart carb. you can use low-fat granola. fiber one. you can use different things for a morning breakfast. >> this looks like diet food. i want to see good carbs. >> we'll get to the good carbs. other great meals here. granola mixed up with greek yogurt. >> love that. josh and i, that's our daily breakfast. and james, as well. >> it's filling also. if you eat all of the fiber early in the morning, it curbs your cravings later in the day. more high-carb meals. we have chicken with black beans and peppers ground up. a protein shake, and you take oatmeal and blend it in there. it makes a hearty, chocolate protein shake. it's amazing. >> and tasty.
8:38 am
may i? >> of course. >> okay. i like it. >> yes. >> it's good. >> it's a drink that eats like a meal. quickly -- >> we have chicken stir fry with brown rice. this is our high-carb meal. and then, we get into our fat-burning days. we burn a lot of fat these days. we're going to start off with a great breakfast. some fruit. some cottage cheese or greek yogurt. and then, we cut the carbs out. we have sanoran cottage cheese. we have ground turkey. wrap it up in lettuce. makes a wonderful crunch for you. this is greek yogurt and bananas. sharon whipped that up. she's amazing. >> really great recipes. tell us about the exercise component. >> that's so necessary. anytime we reduce calories, anytime we take in fewer calories and we're burning, we're going to lose weight. but to accelerate it, we exercise. i use a two, one
8:39 am
intervals. three interviews of low intensity. two minutes of immediate yaum intensity. and one minute of high intensity. when it comes to cardiovascular exercise, intervals will burn more fat. >> and they're not as painful. >> by the way, mazel tov, a new daddy. >> i am. really great tips. we have them all for everybody. recipes, exercise tips, on our website, coming up, carson kressley, and kelly ripa, here for a great cause. are you good? stay with us, everybody.
8:40 am
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and we're closing in. but we need some help getting to that goal of 1 million coats in our warm coats, warm hearts drive. and the help today comes in the form of carson kressley. how could we miss with carson
8:43 am
kressley? >> i know. i hit the streets and wrestle up quotes for you guys. let's look at the tape piece i did for you guys. right after my big number on "dancing with the stars" -- ♪ move to the music >> i kept on dancing through the "good morning america" control room. and now, i'm back for coat drive mania. look at all these coats. we had lara, josh, cameron and sam all bring our efforts to our coat drive. this week, i'm getting onboard. first, i wanted to hit the streets to spread the word. the extra one. you don't have to give this nice one. >> okay. >> but you can drop them off at your burlington coat factory or "good morning america." >> okay. thank you. >> i'm just spreading the word. look. impromptu photo shoot. i like your dog's coat.
8:44 am
see? even puppies need coats. coat drive continues. we're going to the set of "live with kelly." we're going to talk to kelly, immediate the audience and get some coats. >> mine, rola, marc's. >> can i try it on? >> yes, you may. >> i'm not going to take it. it's for a good cause. >> great. >> oh. you're very tiny. i don't think i can fit in this. >> you can. >> i'm trying to get down to my birth weight. >> i know he's joking about how little i am. but he's a grown man. and has actually wedged himself into two of my coats. >> i'm going to take these. they're going to a great cause. and now, we're closing to 1 million. thank you so much. i'll see you soon. i'll co-host. all right. seven coats closer to 1 million. oh, my gosh.
8:45 am
look. here's some more. they are so generous here at "live with kelly." see you in the studio. on to ryan seacrest. he's been a generous donor since the very inception of "gma's" coat drive. and this year, what do you know? he came skipping. >> it's ryan seacrest to get us closer to the 1 million mark. so, here you go. >> and remember these guys and the incredible stunts they did on monday? the red bull stuntmen sent in 600 coats for the drive. it's been a wild week. we're oh, so close to that 1 millionth coat, until next week. >> all right. we are close. not quite there yet. what's our tally? >> our tally is 924,124. >> wow. that's fantastic. >> how exciting is that? >> that is fantastic. >> i got the extra four in the hallway at "regis and kelly." i don't know whose they were.
8:46 am
>> you are the greatest. how fun is it to participate in this? >> it's great. when i was talking to people on the streets of new york. that was yesterday when it was minus 11. and people really get it. there's a lot of people out there who aren't as fortunate and need winter coats. it's a great way -- if you have a holiday gift card and you haven't used it, you can buy a new coat and drop it off to any burlington coat factory. we're going to help people stay warm this winter. >> it is a wonderful thing, indeed. as are you. stick around, won't you? >> i will. we are cooking with the cookie monster and a little redhead named elmo. >> yeah. ã
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're going to finish off with a little fun this morning. look who i got here. elmo and cookie monster. going to help us cook this morning. >> yeah. >> recipes from their new book,
8:49 am
"b is for baking." >> you're now suos chef. >> are we making red velvet cupcakes? >> yeah. you first mix baking powder, salt, making soda. >> i'll mix it all together. i'm surprised you learn this so well. >> elmo's mom is a really good cook. >> my daughter likes to cook, as well. >> next, you aides the yogurt. greek yogurt. >> and i love the idea of the beat puree, instead of using dye. >> and the vanilla. >> didn't get the vanilla. >> and you mix that together. >> do i put that in there or not? >> what is that? >> oil, i guess. >> yeah. you put that in there.
8:50 am
>> elmo, you sure you know what you're doing? >> he's got it. >> mix that together. >> i put the dry in with the wet. >> wait a minute. slow down. slow down. >> why you no wear apron? >> i should be wearing one. >> elmo wants to mix the butter with the sugar. >> all right. i need an egg here, right? >> you need to crack the egg, mr. george, one at a time. >> just one? you can call me george. >> no, no. mommy and daddy said, elmo needs to be respective of elders. >> that's true. >> how about mr. stephanopoulos? >> mr. stephanopoulos. that's a long one. >> we're going to stick with george. >> yeah. that's better. >> one at a time. a little bit of the flour mixture. >> okay. and the pink mixture. >> okay. >> a little bit at a time. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. that looking yummy.
8:51 am
>> elmo said a little bit. >> is that okay? >> that's okay. and the beat mixture. >> sorry, cookie. i'm smoking over here. >> there we go. >> put some pink mixture. >> there we go. >> boy, mr. george -- you're doing really good. >> thank you. thank you. >> okay. >> and now, it's going to end up looking like this. >> oh. where cuppy cake? >> going to look good. >> you go ahead and do it. >> i'll do it. >> i'll just watch. >> some on in. >> i've never seen cupcakes in their raw, unbaked state before. >> especially with beats. >> you don't eat it right now. >> they go in there. >> i like the frosting. this is the frosting. okay. let me know if i can do anything
8:52 am
here. >> okay. >> are we going to do with them. what you need to do is bake it 18 to 20 minutes at 325 degrees. >> and you get great cupcakes coming up. >> you get the cupcakes cool completely before you add the frosting. >> no question about that. guys, give it a taste. how does the cupcake taste? >> go ahead. bon appetit. >> i made this just for you. >> oh, boy. >> they're good. >> mr. carson? how does it taste, mr. carson? >> let me check it out. hold on, one second. mm. mm. >> isn't it good? >> they're good. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> i guess there's a reason they don't call him the cupcake monster. >> got cookie. got lemon oat sugar cookie. this is okay. >> and you have some food there. chicken pot pies. >> i'm in. i'm in.
8:53 am
>> more cookie. one? what do you mean one? excuse me. >> oh. >> so, get some cookies. ♪
8:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card
8:55 am
with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
8:56 am
we only have eight seconds. you have to say good-bye to everyone. >> elmo loves you. good-bye, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. now "maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. we are looking at temperatures this morning. and we are slowly starting to work our way near an above freezing and the spot that had
8:57 am
to snow hovering between 32 and 33 from churchville to sparrows point annapolis and on to the eastern shore. snow a coating of snow but that's more than they got in towson and back to the northwest with a couple ring th hours yesterday. now the clouds are trying to break and we will get sun today as we watch disturbance slide their way through and the cold pocket in the jet stream will start to swing out of here. we are under the influence of it. and we still will have clouds to try to fight o but we will gradually try to improve this setup and that will allow temperatures to get back closer to normal. our current temperatures above yesterday's high. so we have bounced off the bottom and get that system out of here and will clear out andpf we don't clear out completely-- if we don't clear out completely this afternoon we will tomorrow night. tomorrow sunshine and clouds and southerly winds pushing in the warmer temperatures and that's taking us through saturday as well. it's about the wind flow at this stage of the game and it's been a cold direction no doubt about that. moat of this week. now we shift from the south and
8:58 am
that helps to pump up the thermometer into the lower 50s tomorrow. we should surpass that heading into saturday and we start to bring things closer to reality but you see the swings are starting to get less extreme over the next few days. although we hit back to near normal, 42 would be a closer to the normal high. mighty close today. but the icy spots early this morning and there have been issues on the eastern shore. diminishing and we should see clearing especially through tonight as we are back down to 26. tomorrow, looking for a high of 52. 54 will beat that on saturday, 40s on sunday. and next week cool wear chance of rain showers. -- cooler with a chance of rain showers.
8:59 am


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