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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a woman is in serious condition after firefighters rescued her from a firefighter a short time ago. cheryl con ner joins us. >> reporter: that woman is going to be okay. she was rescued from the third level apartment building where you can see firefighters are out of here but restoration crews have moved. the fire started at 3:21, put out 24 minutes later. the fire went to two alarms. it was contained to one apartment. what happened, smoke traveled up to the two other apartments. there's also some water damage. the fire actually started in the basement but the woman who had to be rescued was at the top level. tell us how that 64-year-old woman was when she left the
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scene? >> she left under severe smoke inhalation and she's being treated over at bwmc. >> reporter: the fire started in the basement. the woman who was rescued was on the third level. that much smoke traveled to the top? >> yes, ma'am. at the time of the call, they found heavy smoke conditions. 9tái glen burnie truckçó tt(ur+eçó rescue where you see the workxd beingñi done. we've transported two other ytáh@gw3t( the apartment building. >> reporter: how are they doing tonight? >> they're being treated at this time in the er. >> reporter: do you know anything that may have caused it? >> right now we're leaning to accidental, possibility of a
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discarded cigarette. >> reporter: again, someone might have been smoking in that basement level apartment? >> yes. we'll know more when we interview the person at the hospital. >> reporter: we appreciate the update. there are two people, two adults who have requested assistance from the red cross. three apartments affected at tall pine apartments. one person in serious condition tonight. two others transported to the hospital. we will certainly be keeping our eyes on this situation and bring you the latest. for now live in glen burnie. crews worked hard to get a 10-inch water main break. it broke on falls road near weldon avenue. this happened in the hampden neighborhood. crews have gotten the pipe fixed and water has been restored. two women are recovering
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after being taken to johns hopkins when carbon monoxide filled into their home. firefighters responded to north washington street and discovered xd considered dazi=um they moreñrçóñiñi thanxdxdñrxd 1,000r million. >> we were at a doctor's appointment with my son. we got here and they said it was carbon monoxide. >> we are trying to determine how the levels got so high. we haven't made the determination. everyone in the hear is very lucky -- area is very lucky. >> bag is trying to determine -- bge is trying to determine the source. colder temperatures come when people try to stay warm,
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es if they can't aford heat. abc2 is working for you. make sure you install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home. have your gas furnaces, water heater, clothes driver, fireplaces and flues inspect annually. do not ignore the alarm if it goes off even if you feel fine. the weather is warmer today. we may get a nice weekend. let's go to abc2 news, wyatt everhart. today much milder, well into the low 40s, mid-40s in spots. most spots have fallen into the upper 30s. a few passing clouds but no
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precipitation on maryland's most powerful radar. and tomorrow -- we'll talk about how things will trend into your saturday and beyond. >> for those who live nor or travel -- near or travel near the beltway, the $14 1/2 million project will begin to repatient curtis -- repair the curtis creek draw bridge. saturday morning, the draw bridge over curtis creek will be closed. it will force traffic -- >> they've been there approximately 35 years. this is the first time the bridge decks will be replaced. >> reporter: along with the road
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being replaced, the steel supports will be replaced. barrier walls will separate opposing traffic. >> we did similar closures in 2010 when we repaired the lifting mechanism for the draw bridge. we did not have any types of huge significant backups. >> reporter: commuters know this may be necessary but aren't looking forward to the inconvenience. >> detour us around other areas and make it all clustered to get into these places. with trucks, it's hard to get around as is. >> it's going to delay traffic. it's not good. >> about time that the state gives up some money and fixes the roads and bridges and everything. well needed, well overdue. >> got to do what we got to do.
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>> reporter: once they complete the first draw bridge, then they have to do the other one. they said the project should be done by early spring. in dem cra spie 2 -- democracy 2012, jacobs will run for congress. she announced in october she was stepping downñi as senate minory leader and had an exploratory commitñr andñr will take on dux ruppersberger. annapolis,jfxdfá i never became annapolis. i became a voice for the people, and i continue to take that voice. i plan on taking that voice to washington, d.c. >> jacobs said her strength is she knows how to work in a
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bipartisan way and knows how to get things done. we veaf an abc2 -- have an abc2 news exclusive. for two year last woman fed up with the number of accidents happening outside her home, continued to call 311 and kept calling when there was an accident at the intersection of wabash and hillsdale. her call for safety finely made her -- finally made her neighborhood safer. >> overthe years there have been -- over the years there have been several accidents. >> reporter: from her front porch, she has seen it all. >> every time there was an accident, i would let them know there was an accident on the corner of wabash avenue. after so many calls -- i can't tell you how many -- a lady told
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me. she said miss larkin, please stop calling. we will send someone to assess the traffic, assess the speed. >> the signal division of the city said yes. >> we get a lot of enthusiasm but this is an exception. >> reporter: and with the flip >> yeah! reporter:ñiñic wabash and hillsdale hasxd axd newçóñi trai s91 makinglp this intersectiond  wouldçóçysñ have lovedñrxdxdo seen it becauseq he was the firt vice-president of the west arlington improvement association for 10 years and he tried to get a light and it just didn't happen. i'm the daughter, only child.
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made this happen. >> reporter: in northwest baltimore, reporting for abc2 news. >> how about a hand for cynthia larkin tonight. what a job. her dad would be very proud. the city encourages residents to use the 311 system for nonemergency problems and work to address volume of the problems in your neighborhood. certainly cynthia larkin proved persistence will get it done. let's get to the latest on this deadly crash that killed three in may. today kevin coffee was -- he plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter. his car swerved off the road may 15th and killed three in the car. fire officials are investigating what killed a fire in east baltimore. the fire started early this morning and it started on east
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biddle street. firefighters found fire coming from the two-story home. that's where they found mary hines. hines had been a long time educator before retiring in 1981. it's believed she died from smoke inhalation but an exact cause of death has not been determined. you may have heard of the saying practice makes perfect. hope that's true of the team. why it could be a lesson learned from playoffs past. your baby's teeth will be replaced with adult teeth but if you don't care for them early on, it could mean bigger problems later in life. three degrees above average. you know not right where we are.
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no winner today. quiet for now. will that hold up sunday and beyond? we answer on the flip side of this break.
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what a day today was, mostly sunny. i heard lynette whisper to wyatt, winter's over. you can see what it looks like in annapolis on the seven river thanks to our weather bug s the warmup will -- system. the warmup will continue. let's get to our healthiest specially for parents. we have another thing to put on our checklist. the sooner you take the baby to the dentist the baby.
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linda so tells us when you should schedule that first visit. >> reporter: brushing teeth is a habit. she made sure her daughter saw a dentist by age three. if she waits that long with her son, she may be waiting too long. kids should seette dentist in the first year of their life. >> we think about vaccinations and well visits and getting the proper nutrition and learning about that. >> reporter: even with the first few teeth dentists say they can tell a lot about the future. one in four have cavities by the tame they go to -- time they go to school. >> it begin as process that's difficult to stop. >> reporter: a dentist said even a small cavity in the small
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tooth can create lasting problems. he offers these tips. first, try to get your baby off the bottle asñi soonñr as possi. brush their teeth early and often. never givejfñi your kids sweetei drinksxdi]xdi] to pacify them. >> confifev intake of sugarñioko mealçó time. don'tñrfá letñi añrfáw3xd chikco sugar in a sippy cup throughout the course of the day. >> reporter: taking a few simple steps to make a difference that will last a long time. linda so, abc2 news. >> once cavities form they can be diff cult and -- diff cult and expensive to stop. take a look. it is a nice quiet and dry
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night. 37 at the airport, looking good. i think this trend will hold and improve as you go into your friday and saturday. we were ice skating earlier this week, maybe yesterday morning. posting this on our facebook page. if you've got a cool weather picture, we get it on air for you. manchester, a mix of sun and clouds but more sunshine than anything. it was gorgeous weather across most of the state. temperatures bouncing quickly out of the low 30s to near the mid-40s in most spots, even out to the west things warmed up nicely with that midday sunshine helping to bring up those temperatures. >> maryland's most powerful radar all clear. i think that will be the case for the next few days as temperatures have moderated. almost no wind to speak of. humidity still bone dry.
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we got very dry air in place. other than that not too much to complain b a few passing clouds but no precipitation anywhere. you have to go to upstate new york. even these are beginning to diminish up towards the rochester area. high pressure will still control the next day or two. we'll look for temperatures to climb into the 50s and beyond as we go into not just tomorrow but i think saturday. towas 60s, especiallyxd south oft( baltimoej tomorrow into thexd day onxd disturbance. your two-degree guarantee, we'll see -- we'll say 54, good
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looking friday. seven-day forecast, again, mild through at least saturday. we think we'll get a cool shot on sunday that will hold us in the 40s. looks like next week although it will be cooler, it will not be frigid at left by january standards. >> let the three-day weekend begin for your afc cheap -- championship ravens. they suffered a devastating loss to indianapolis. enough time to get healthy. joe flacco, who has won more games in his first four years than any quarterback in history is looks forward to the first playoff game. >> it feels from the fan's aspect. you know what's on the line. you know if you don't win, you're going home. it makes it more real.
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>> it's priceless. you're not playoffs -- in the playoffs. it's flattering to have this. when we work hard all year -- i'm just going to enjoy it, enjoy the ride. >> the ravens media handed out their good guy award. i think you can understand why. all right. look at this family. the entire family showing off their pride. this is one from kim who said you won't find a family with more purple pride. go ravens. just head to, upload your ravens pictures and we'll show you them. baltimore county has a way for you to dispose of your christmas tree.
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starting next monday, christmas trees will be recycled. you must first put the trees out on front curb. they will not be picked up in any alleys. you january 14th. they will not collect lights, decorations or tree stands. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. demi moore is doing it. so is football player reggie bosh -- bush. plus it can happen to anyone. you're driving down the highway and you get a flat. how to stay safe when you have to pull over. we'll have those stories and more, plus wyatt's forecast. joint( us at 11. xd i remember the days before copd.
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today i'm back with my favorite team. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. you know everybody will be teeing it off. >> got to let the links. tonight things beginning to cool off, back into the 30s after being in the 40s. tomorrow we're back in the 40s, in the 50s in the afternoon. it would be a good day to take that early afternoon out of the
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work but don't tell the boss that i said that. all right. listen, we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a great rest of your night. ã
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