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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, revelations that iran is opening a new underground bunker to make uranium that can be used in nuclear weapons. are they on the verge of having the atom bomb . and stunning revelations behind the scenes between the first lady and the president. and why they didn't want her husband to run for president. and caught on tape. see the terrifying moments where a young woman's cord snapped and she fell into the crocodile-infested river. how did she survive. >> down at the 40 --
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>> tebow time in overtime, a sensational stunner for the rookie qb! >> and in the first over time. >> why so many are now a believer. oh! what a weekend, everybody. hey, did you do anything this weekend? >> what's going on this weekend. big saturday night. the other candidates facing mitt romney started off a little tentative. but they came out harder and harder over the course. ramped it up even more yesterday. and today, they are targeting even more now because romney still has a huge lead up in new hampshire. >> it leads up to the primary tomorrow. all right. this was such a special moment last night. gabby giffords with her hand over her heart and saying the
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"pledge of allegiance" as that mark the one-year anniversary with the tragedy in tucson. >> and the way she said. big day for princess kate. turned 30 yesterday. she stepped out in style. they look so good. >> they do, even in the rain. new details this morning, very special delivery, beyonce and jay-z. yep, baby girl, blue ivy is her name. >> let's go to josh elliott with breaking news from iran. >> we're going to begin there. the breaking news out of iran. diplomats have just confirmed that the iranians are enriching uranium at a new site. this comes h s as we get word ta former marine is getting sentenced. >> josh what is key here is that
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this site is enriching uranium in a way that can be upgraded more quickly if the iranians decide to make nuclear weapons. and this site is like a bunker and built to withstand possible air strikes. so this is serious, josh. >> meanwhile, that other big development out of iran. the death sentence handed down to u.s. marine amir hekmati convicted of spying. what's next for the case? >> well, amir hekmati was visiting his grandmother when he was arrested. he was born in the u.s., lived in arizona and he now has 20 days to appeal the sentence. but unlike other americans who have recently been released he is a former marine and of iranian decent, this could be more serious. and year after a gunman nearly killed gabrielle giffords, we see her displaying
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the iron will that helped her survive. >> and liberty and justice for all. >> what a moment that was, the congresswoman reciting the pledge of allegiance in a vigil honoring the people killed that way. mark kelly says his wife is proof that with the frailty, there is strength. novartis is recalling bottles of excedrin, nodoz, gas-x as a precaution. so far no illnesses have been reported. just when fans would have thought that maybe the magic was gone. guess who showed up, albeit in denver. look at the rookie tim tebow who struggled of late. since arriving at the playoffs, take a look. the first time overtime against the steelers. 80-yard stunner capping a career-high day for tebow. as they make their way now to new england. >> i'm just -- i'm just so blessed to have an opportunity
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to be a quarterback for the denver broncos and play a game in such great stands with great teammates. and i'm grateful for the platform that god has given me. >> what a story it was, take a look. tebowing all over the greater denver area. i'm sure parts nationally. what a weekend to cap it. >> the saints, giants. texans. really big game tonight. return to politics "your voice, your vote." with one day to go before the voting in new hampshire the latest poll breaking overnight showing mitt romney holding a 20-point lead. the rest with the battle for second place. they're targeting romney with the big abc news debate saturday night. jake tapper is with the candidates with the latest. some of the candidates already for the next contest in south carolina? >> they are. they're making tough attacks. mitt romney is telling voters
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that this experience will help him revive the economy. but his rivals are starting to turn that experience into a negative, while romney himself trying to reach out and appeal for working-class voters. >> reporter: mitt romney was occupied last night at a rally in exeter. protesters chanted "mitt jobs." >> we're happy to have you guys express your views. next time try to do it with more courtesy. >> reporter: chris christie offered skeptics, new jersey charm. >> really? [ laughter ] you know, something may go down tonight, but it ain't going to be jobs, sweetheart. >> reporter: it led to this moment on the rope line. >> you know what, this president -- this president has caused a deepening recession. this president has been the failure of helping you to get a job. >> reporter: romney a millionaire worth $200 million himself has been struggling to connect with the economic fears
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of the working class. >> i know what it's like to worry about whether you're go doing get fired. there were a couple times i wondered if i was going to get a pink slip. >> reporter: afraid of getting pink-slipped? romney, when? as a young person out of college he worked his way up the career ladder. at the abc news wmur debate. >> i'm not nearly as enamored as a wall street model where you can flip companies and have buyouts and leaving behind the workers. >> reporter: though mostly the rivals are attacking him over his one term as governor of massachusetts. >> you won't even stand before the people of massachusetts and run on your record if it was that great. why did you bail out? >> i went to massachusetts to make a difference. i didn't go there to reveal a political career time and time again. >> can we drop some of the pious
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baloney? the fact is -- >> but george, a lot of candidates because romney is so far ahead in new hampshire they're turning their sights to south carolina january 21st. >> we saw newt gingrich getting tough with mitt romney right there. and a group of affiliates is putting a lot of money behind an ad that is brutal in south carolina. >> $5 million. the ad focuses on romney's tenure as the head of bain capital. south carolina has a different kind of style of politics than new hampshire, george, as you know. they played a little tougher down there. that may be a good place for the attack. >> no doubt, jake tapper, thank you. tomorrow, diane sawyer and i will be in election headquarters. >> it's great to see you back on sunday morning. it's like riding a bike, wasn't it? >> it was. let's turn to that bombshell
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book about president and mrs. obama that's getting a lot of attention right now. the claims of tension between the first lady and the white house staff. a top aide getting so frustrated that he reportedly cursed out the first lady behind her back. jon karl joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the new book provides a glimpse of the first family when the cameras are not around. it may be the ultimate power company, but the new become "the obamas ""which has yet to be released but obtained by abc news describes quote a fiction-filled marriage that has proved strong nonetheless. michelle obama a lady who initially didn't want her husband to run for president because it would mean losing her family's privacy. when he won, author jodi kantor writes the first lady considered staying in chicago so the two daughters could finish the school year.
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and ultimately michelle obama decided to go to washington. >> the first weeks we were here, we were taking the kids to school. picking them up, getting them into play dates. >> reporter: later, as mrs. obama evolved into a fashion icon. a relative told her she looked like a glamour queen. she responded well i have to put on my hat. and a mad hatter tea party thrown in 2009. the state's dining room decorated by "alice in wonderland" director tim burton. johnny depp attended in full costume. the officials were so nervous about how a slashy hollywoodesque party would look to america. the book also describes friction between mrs. obama and the president's aide. press secretary robert gibbs at one point cursing her when she was not in the room. one adviser describing the white
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house as a, quote, bad reality show. they didn't 16 the conflict on "this week" but told george -- >> she's a sensational person. >> the white house is criticizing this book saying it overplays attention between the first lady. that, robin is a positive portrayal of a family trying to adjust to life under the ultimate spotlight. >> appreciate that, jon. thank you. we get the latest on a mysterious bombing in colorado. on the way out the door, a couple picked up a brown paper bag in their driveway and it exploded injuring them both. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are scouring this car for clues after a bomb nearly killed a husband and wiser riding inside. late sunday, police said the woman's ex-husband is now a
7:12 am
person of interest. 44-year-old allison stone and her 59-year-old husband christopher were just blocks away from to me when it happened. >> we have a report of something exploded inside a vehicle and a female injured. >> police responded to what was dispatched as an explosion, someone running around the streets hysterical. >> reporter: christopher had minor injuries. allison was severely burned. >> he saw alison running down the street toward her house tearing her clothes off. >> reporter: the neighborhood was evacuated. robots were sent in to check for more explosives. police tell us the bomb was left here in the driveway next to the cars. it was in a brown paper bag that had allison's and christopher's name on it. they drove away. over the weekend police and federal agents raided the denver home of allison's home michael britain. he's not been arrested and not answering the door.
7:13 am
court records reveal when britain was married to allison he was arrested for domestic charges. the charges later dismissed. >> he's really nice. >> reporter: allison stone has been in the news before. in 2010 she was severely bitten by this miniature dachshund. >> he may number a position to do this again. >> reporter: police do not believe the cases are connected. allison is in serious condition in a lot of pain. but her family says she is expected to survive. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we hope she makes a full recovery. we turn now to the son of joe paterno speaking out about this father. his father wants to tell his side of the story and people should wait for all the facts to
7:14 am
come out. jim avila is here. >> good morning, robin. penn state waits for a new coach this not named paterno in five decades. >> reporter: the legendary joe paterno is said to be fight for his life following the sex scandal involving his longtime assistant coach jerry sandusky and a serious bout of lung cancer. >> he's fighting like crazy. but it takes energy out of him like anybody else. he said to me, i get tired from time to time. 30-year-olds who go through this get tired. >> reporter: his son jay telling tom rinaldi his father is champing at the bit to tell his story. >> there's nobody who went through this wouldn't want these allegations true. >> reporter: coach paterno told the grand jury investigating sandusky he didn't know the full
7:15 am
details about his coach but he did pass the information up the ladder. critics said that was not enough. and paterno was fired. his son says that was not fair. >> it's almost been a runaway train. as it is in fact penn state football. >> reporter: and he cannot convict sandusky before tried. >> i do not believe -- it's the responsibility for us as americans to wait for due process to happen. to let the facts come out. >> reporter: until then, the 85-year-old joe paterno is fighting for his life and his reputation. >> the cancer has provided him something where it's a constant fight. if there's a ridiculous silver lining in this cloud it would be that. he's lived his life in a way that does honor to the name his father gave him. i think about that. after 61 years that people can
7:16 am
try to take that away, that's probably been the thing that's stuck with me most. >> though prosecutors have said that coach paterno cooperated with the investigation. he hopes speaking out will help restore that legacy. >> many are anxious to hear from him. our thanks to tom rinaldi and everybody at espn for that. thank you. let's go over to -- who is it -- sam champion? yes, returns. good morning. >> just a week. >> good morning, everyone. let's deal with this heavy rain in texas. and watch the rain spread east. look at it from houston to new orleans. this is louisiana all the way to mississippi. more than three inches of rain. this is good news in most of these areas, remember the drought in texas for all of the summer, still about 70% remains in drought. there will be flood watches and also the possibility of tornados popping up with rain. what's up with bismarck? 48 degrees.
7:17 am
and chicago, warmest in 46 years. where's the cold air? while try to find some for you. so far it's not there. that's the weather around the nation.
7:18 am
>> next half hour, going to talk fog in the southeast. but it was the best new year's ever. i hope you had a great one. >> welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> great to have you back. >> we can't interrupt that. >> no. >> okay. princess kate turns 30 today after hitting the red carpet last night with prince william. there he is now. i think we're going to show them. sheltering kate from the rain. good morning, nic. >> reporter: good morning, george. you know, i wonder if the young kate ever dreamt she'd wake up this morning married to a prince and in line to become the queen of england. i don't know.
7:19 am
maybe she did. she celebrated in rock star style at the premiere of the new spielberg movie "war horse." down on the red carpet it was a celebration -- and some guy holding her umbrella, kate. kate stole the show with her hair and a designed version of the wedding gown. >> she's got this magic style quality which the royal family desperately needs. >> reporter: so with talk of harry and pippa planning a big birthday bash, maybe a ferrari in the driveway? no, none of that. >> william and kate will mark her 30th birthday in a low-key, quiet night together. >> reporter: perhaps in rainy wales. >> a spaghetti bolognese night is perfect for kate. kate is now the jewel in the
7:20 am
crown of the royal family. >> reporter: this year there will be foreign tours with william and kate. and we just heard kate will become part of the same army regiment that diana once championed. >> she hasn't yet opened her mouth yet in public and there's so much more to come. >> reporter: so much more indeed. >> i don't have a script. i'll do what i think is right. certainly take the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday. >> reporter: i think mr. spielberg was a little star-struck. who could blame him? now, during the screening, steven spielberg sat next to kate. and he said his wife had to pass the crown duchess a kleenex. but ever the gentleman, spielberg said he did not look in her direction. he said i did not want to intrude. coming up here on "gma," the moment of a bungee cord snap,
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. a day you will want to wear maybe a rain jacket or take an umbrella and that's because. not so much because of rain. but what's coming down may be a mix. 30 a in baltimore 32 in easton.
7:27 am
north side should stay try. baltimore south we are trining to gain intensity and you can see the line drawing through central maryland and further south you go from baltimore this afternoon there will be a better risk of getting a mixture or snow or rain temperatures will be above freezing and so we have no reason to worry about it. but 41 is what we should deal with with wet roads and this evening we could be cooling back through the 30s with leftover snowflakes and a light coating on the grassy areas ending by midnight. no problems expect tomorrow morning. this morning, here a angela with traffic. >> reporter: a couple accidents to watch for in millersville on benfield at veterans highway and hartford county police are at 543 and thomas run road for accident cleanup in bel air. extra time if you take i-95 through rosedale region. we are backed up in the southbound lanes that gridlock starts at white marsh down to 695. and your trip around beltway is
7:28 am
north sidelining up before harford road to past parge parkway. consider tar perring parkway. man will receive an award for his bravery today. edward peyton was off duty on september 2010 when he learned about a gunman at discovery building e went inside and helped hostages and provide details to other officers on the scene. the gunman james lee was shot and killed before he could detonate explosives. time to go back to new york for more "good morning america. we are back in 25 minutes with another check of your weather and traffic. have a great morning.
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7:30 am
check that out. look at that. the bungee cord snaps right before. >> oh! >> erin langworthy hits that. incredible. >> incredible every time you see it. also, we have new details in the case of that missing maine toddler. her grandmother speaking out, over three weeks now. and new parents here in new york. beyonce and jay-z. we'll tell you about the extremes that the superstars went to protecting their baby
7:31 am
when she was born. and pictures -- >> no, no. they covered the security cameras. they took away cell phones. >> if they did, you would have seen them already. >> we'll talk about that more. let's get right to that chilling bungee jumping moment caught on tape. a 22-year-old australian woman on vacation in africa, victoria falls. new year's eve. falling over 300 feet when a cord snapped plugging her into that raging river below. she survives. joins us exclusively in just a moment. but first, let's take a look at her story. erin langworthy's bungee jump off zimbabwe's victoria falls bridge began as a leap of faith. [ bleep ] but it became so much more ending with what some might call divine intervention. the 22-year-old tourist's bungee
7:32 am
cord was rapidly approaching the zambezi river when suddenly the unthinkable. >> oh! >> she's in the water! >> watch again as the rope snaps and langworthy falls 365 feet into crocodile-infested waters. now to give you a sense of how far she fell, imagine jumping off, say, a 33-story building with her feet still tied, the cord trails behind her, getting caught on rocks, pulling her underneath the water. >> i actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord of what it was caught into. >> reporter: she somehow survivored the plunge but not without a few battle scars. officials say within 17 years of operation, 50,000 people have jumped safely until now. joining us via skype from south
7:33 am
africa, erin langworthy, along with her good film rebecca who filled that incredible video. how are you feeling now? >> i'm not too bad. the breaks are still there. but all my cuts, except for my arms have all faded away. but my main concern i'm stuck in south africa for a bit longer than i originally thought. >> i have to say, watching the video which our viewers are seeing over and over again. have you ever bungee jumped before? >> no, it was my first and my last time. >> i don't blame you for that. erin, did they walk you through any precautions before you made the jump? >> no, it was nothing. just jump but i didn't think the
7:34 am
cord would break. >> i don't think anybody would. they said it has never happened before. so when did you realize, uh-oh, something's terribly wrong here? >> i actually -- rebecca told me later as soon as the rope snapped. i actually bring my arms up to my face to protect myself as i hit the water. that probably saved me. >> you're there filming everything, rebecca. what's going through your mind when you see it snap, the rope? >> everything is going through my mind. i couldn't quite understand how she could be in the water. she was supposed to come right back out and she never did. so it was all crazy. everybody on the bridge just panicked. >> oh, boy. yeah, we heard you guys. i don't blame you at all for your reaction. so you're in the water, erin. you blacked out. you come to. what happens next? >> my legs are still tied, they were quite heavy.
7:35 am
so i pretty much was in the water and as i'm floating along i hear the roar and background of the rapids. luckily, the morning of, i remember some of the safety tips they gave me but that was the scary risk. >> didn't the rope get caught in debris and things like that in the river? >> yeah, i think i trailed about 20 minutes that the actual bungee cord was attached. i actually had go down and yank it back out so i could go back up to the surface. >> did they tell you that there were crocodiles in that river? >> no, that was a bit of a surprise to me. i might have tried to swim a little faster. >> good thing you knew after the fact. a final question, will you bungee jump again? >> not anytime soon. maybe in the -- i don't think bec is too happy with me.
7:36 am
maybe in the future sometime. >> i can see your friend's reaction. she's like, no, we're done. we're out. i'm glad it turned out well. i'm glad you had good friends there around you. enjoy the rest of your trip, you two. thanks so much. >> i had to ask her a second time about that. no. remember charlie gibson in africa. he as bungee jumped. >> and he is alive. we have new clues now about what happened to that maine toddler that went missing three weeks ago from the father's home. he told abc news this weekend that he's fed up with the speculation that he's responsible for the disappearance. and andrea canning has new details about the last time a aleia reynolds was seen. >> reporter: over the weekend, her grandmother spoke out for the first time saying telling cnn she's certain she was
7:37 am
abducted. >> it's a feeling to feel that somebody is casing your house. >> reporter: dipetro provided new details about the night that the 21-month-old went missing. after her father put her to bed, dipetro says while she was not in the house that night, other people were. she wouldn't elaborate but she told police she told police everything. and her father was wanting to set the record straight about a ya's arm. >> he claims he slipped on a wet surface entering the side door of his home. he said he would never intentionally hurt her. but it was an excellent. her grandmother spoke to us as she held her brother. >> it's not that i didn't want
7:38 am
her. i did want her and i do want her. >> reporter: reynolds says she continues to lose sleep over her missing daughter. we're missing her, i mean, just let her come home. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, waterville, maine. >> sam, welcome back. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start with the fog. you're telling us through the southeast on twitter that there's not enough fog out there and indeed six states have fog out there now. tallahassee is socked in with no visibility in all of that fog. and all of this moisture is kind of whipping along the gulf here. this is going to be powerful tornadoes here for east texas. no one is complaining about rain and the possibility of tornadoes and flood watches there. be careful in those areas. 43 degrees in new york. nice and mild. but a little cooler over the
7:39 am
weekend. we're going up and down in the northeast. we're going up this week and drop with very cold this weekend. so enjoy the mild air that's in >> all that weather was brought to you by splenda. robin just gave the nicest -- >> i just woke up just now. good morning, america. >> and we're going to say good morning to beyonce and jay-z in just a little bit. you will not believe how far they went to keep the birth of little blue ivy a family affair. like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c.
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we're back at 7:43. and new details this morning about the little bundle of joy born to beyonce and jay-z over the weekend. the baby girl blue ivy was one of the hottest topics on twitter within hours. and abc's "world news" and "america this morning" you've been following this. good to have you back. >> good to be here. ivy blue or blue ivy, we've heard both.
7:44 am
it's blue ivy carter. the first news was dropped several weeks ago when beyonce and jay-z gave out blue christmas presents. >> reporter: look out there's a new girl that could rule the world. she's recovering this morning after giving birth at new york's lenox hill hospital. the intensely private couple cortedly reported the entire floor of this new york for $1.3 million having hospital workers place tape over security cameras, even turning in cell phones. blue ivy is already rock rate with even from rihanna to sean
7:45 am
combs to tweeting about it. beyonce and jay-z gave friends blue christmas presents. >> reporter: blue for the nod to the jay-z franchise. iv for door. both born on the 4th. married on the 4th. and beyonce's latest album titled "4." beyonce from this july revealing her baby bump at the vmas at the end of august, sitting down with katie couric just a few weeks before her due date. >> hopefully, i'm going to pass down things that generations of my family has passed on to me. >> reporter: and hitting new york in heels no less just two days before giving birth. but when will she be ready to introduce blue ivy to the world? tom cruise and katie waited six months. and some starts like matt
7:46 am
mcconnie and jessica alba waited. so blue ivy is not outrageous when you consider other names, pilot inspector. jermaine jackson dubbed his. and juniors. >> george jr., george the iv. >> you have two. >> caroline the iv. >> thank you, paula. >> josh has the play of the day. come on back. major medical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't have to fret. [ together ] ♪ something families should get ♪ ♪ like a safety net
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7:51 am
game tonight, lsu/alabama. has us in the sporting mood. let's get right to cricket, shall we? this would have been cricket, a home run, if he hadn't gotten rid of that. so he throws it back to his teammate. >> we need to see another angle. >> you can take another look. >> throw it down. >> so he has to get rid of it before he lands. he does. the other guy comes in and makes a great catch. >> do you understand that? >> whoa! >> wow! >> that's a real bowler. >> that's a real bowler? >> oh, man! >> oh! watch your step, folks. keep movin', please. [ announcer ] to do a job well, you need the right tools. [ thuds ] that's not gonna work. so if you're filing your taxes online, make sure you pick the right software: h&r block at home. nobody knows taxes like h&r block. we guarantee no other tax software...
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7:56 am
now moiled's most power -- maryland's most powerful dop lar ray rare dan at -- doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather ute. we are watching this on main street -- weatherate. we are watching this on main street. breaks of sun with clouds. further to the south we have mostly cloudy skies with a few bright spots to the east and north. cloud win out today and temperatures are holding at 31 pasadena 29 owings villain catonsville 26 and northville at 28. at the edge of the cold air you can see the precip. a band of light precipitation
7:57 am
moving through central maryland and a better chance is further south of maryland to be clipped by that. rain and light snow this afternoon and evening. 41 so don't worry about stickage. there could be some on the grass and south and east of baltimore tonight ending around midnight and 31. rest of the week warming up into the low 50s tomorrow with sun and we are back with heavy rain late wednesday and 56 thursday and flurries mark much colder air friday through next weekend. angela. >> reporter: all right. on major roads not seeing accidents but a lot of congestion especially for those of you on the top side and the west side of 695. had an earlier accident on the north side outer loop at perring parkway out of the way now but off and on congestion on the top side of 695. right here we are at u.s. 29 southbound delays as you make your way through the columbia region on 29. and let's look at the north side delay on 695 at harford road. making your way towards
7:58 am
providence road expect delays. and it will take a while southbound 95 from maryland 43 all the way to 695. and you're on the brake southbound 83 sluggish from northern parkway to 28th street.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you hear that music, the dance competition actually, josh and robin are heating it it up here. but things are heating up. dance moms. moms who stop at nothing to turn their daughters into dance floor de divas. it's not just for women anymore. men are facing their futures with a new face. they're gets botox, ladies and
8:01 am
gentlemen. it's called brotox. >> oh. sam has run behind the scene. >> new? >> are you saying that's new, robin? >> that's what i'm hearing. >> this idea's new? >> so it's great to have you back, sam. lara is in las vegas. she's going to be a judge on miss america this weekend. and she's all week long in las vegas. you're looking good, lara. >> thank you, guys. i understand we're like ships passing in the night. this is exciting. i'm so happy to be here. i'm a great adventure judging. you guys, this is the binder we judges need to memorize. today begins the interview process. i'll tell you guys about that. a little sneak peek. i'm also here at ces. the world's largest consumer products show with our whiz
8:02 am
becky worley. she's going to tell you all the things you're dying to buy here coming from las vegas. >> that's one big one -- and suze orman is going to be here live. she also has an announcement to make. first, josh. lots of news. a former marine is sentenced to death after being convicted of spying for the cia. amir hekmati was born in arizona to iranian parents. he now has 20 days to appeal the sentence. meanwhile, the news comes as diplomats confirm that iran has begun enriching uranium at a new underground bunker. that facility has produced material that could be upgraded quickly for use in a nuclear weapon. and in the persian gulf, weren't reason behind the surge in gas prices at home. aaa reports that prices have
8:03 am
risen 12 cents in just the last three weeks. now to politics, your voice, your vote, this time tomorrow, the candidates will be heading to the polls in new hampshire. the new pom from wmur shows mitt romney with a commanding lead. ron paul holding on to second place while jon huntsman and rick santorum are gaining ground. a group in south carolina supporting newt gingrich is spending $3.4 million on negative ads attacking romney's investment firm. meanwhile, romney is getting news from neighboring florida. a new record there finds him far ahead of ron paul. and congresswoman gabrielle giffords recited the pledge of allegiance as she marked a candle light vigil in a memorial
8:04 am
killing and wounding others. police say the remains of remains found on the queen elizabeth estate was that of a 17-year-old. the body was found by a dog walker on new year's day. this morning, police are trying to track down people who may have worked in the area who may have seen something suspicious. is this morning, something is missing from the houston skyline. take a look at the former prudential life building. a fixture in the city for six decades came crashing down this morning. 20 stories gone in 20 seconds. the implosion will make way for a new medical center. and finally, a little budget horror movie beat the odds big time. "devil inside" knocked off "mission impossible." it set a record for how much ticket buyers hated it. it earned an average grade of
8:05 am
"f." >> that's the first time you get to use lows in a newscast. >> critically low. >> big day for me there. >> thanks, josh. let's get back now to las vegas where we have the pop news heat index with lara. hey, lara. >> hi, you guys. i miss you but i am happy to give you a pop news las vegas style. and it is happening in las vegas. i'm here, of course, to judge miss america. but it's also the big computer electronics show that always attracts holds of stars for something that they're pushing a new gadget. for example, justin bieber is here to introduce us to a new robot. 50 cent to introduce new sound gear. and snooki is in town to promote a line of audio accessories and a new app called snookify me.
8:06 am
the snookfication that gives you a larger area -- >> oh, boy. >> yes, you knew i had to go there. >> becky worley, did you snookify me? >> you're snookified. >> you, too, can get this if you go to the electronics show. >> put it back. we couldn't see it. >> see that? can you see? can you move a little closer? there you go. >> there we go. we can almost see it. >> there you go. >> i don't know. >> we have monitors here. just so you know, we have monitors. >> at the electronics show, very high-tech to be here. >> yeah. >> this is award-winning television. >> whoo! >> moving on, you guys, we do want to say congratulations to our friend lady antebellum singer who married in new york.
8:07 am
the couple posted a message announcing e ing ting to their mrs. hillary -- and good news for comedian and host nick cannon, after a real scare, his wife mariah carey said he might have out of the hospital already. nick is in stable condition with good prognosis. hopefully, he'll be discharged in two days. cannon had to have surgery for the condition but is expected to make a full recovery. and finally, check out these pictures. check these out. two polar bears sparring in manitoba, canada. a photographer caught these amazing shots on the frozen hudson bay. you couldn't believe their eyes as they appear to be waltzing across the ice. you guys thought we only showed fancy footwork when we showed
8:08 am
"dancing with the stars." but these guys have moves that even len would be proud of. i have a subtle move for mentioning len. you will find out later in the show why i have something in common with the good judge len goodman. that was a tease. >> that's a good one. >> that's it from vegas for news. >> thank you, lara. let's bring in sam for some weather. >> george, watch closely, sir. there is something happening here. somebody -- somebody made this sign. we love you, george. sorry, ali. who made the sign? >> i did. >> are you the one who has the crush on george? >> i am not. >> i am. >> excuse me, ma'am! what's your name? >> my name is chris. >> why did you not make the sign? >> because danny is not with us today. i didn't want him to be upset with me. i thought maybe he would be upset with his daughters.
8:09 am
>> that's 5 million people watching today. >> see? we make things happen right here on "gma." we're going to start with of the picture of snow. let's take a look at cordoba, alaska, by the way. you would expect snow but you don't expect this. this is 175 inches of snow from december 17th to january 6th. that's more than 15 feet of snow. they shut down the town. had it declared a snow emergency in that area because they can't handle it. that's just about the only place where there is snow. take a look at all the places surrounded in blue. and the places that just don't have snow. we're seeing
8:10 am
>> we are live in new york city. but i'll tell you, someone else is live in las vegas. lara intenspencer. >> oh, thank you, sam. i have your morning menu. here's a look of what we have coming up. they are dancing just as fast as they are to make their kids stars. we're behind the scenes with "dance moms." and botox for boys? we're calling it brotox. many men are racing to the doctor's office. should your man be next ? >> and becky worley with the latest high-tech gadgets that
8:11 am
you really want coming up on "good morning america." stay with us. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now, i can do more of the things i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin,
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8:15 am
the bus is here, gotta go mom. okay hunny, have a great day. look in your bag, ade you something. (announcer) it'smore than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. choosey moms, chooe jif. we're going to have a little experiment here. any of you who notice something unusual during sam's weather a few minutes ago. i'm watching him tweet josh tell him what it was. >> are we on the air? >> are we actually on the air. >> or sam champion. >> no. just do it for josh. just josh. >> i couldn't help it. it turns out a lifetime dance show "dance moms" returns next season with a whole season of little girls who dance their way
8:16 am
to stardom. abc's bianna golodryga paid a visit to the dance studio. >> how do i follow that? >> all right. here we go, it was on between drill sergeant coach abbey lee miller and the mothers with pint-size dancing phenoms with fierce competitions and a mom/daughter combo this season, it's a raging battle on and off the dance floor. >> up! i want it strong. take your kids, find another school! >> your daughter won a national title! >> reporter: they're back. the pint-size dancing divas and the coach you love to hate. >> i think if anybody thinks that she's the new diva of television, it's abbey. >> wake up, do you want to be the dancer? or the one walking out of the interview because you're cut? >> abbey is abbey. she is never wrong. >> reporter: and with the open
8:17 am
has a new mom and daughter jill taking the dance floor. >> i think kendall is the perfect fit for this dance team. and i think abbey saw it and that's why she put us in there. >> reporter: the drama and stakes are as high as ever as the competition grows between the moms. >> abbey, kendall and i have a little something for you. for letting us in on your family. >> thank you. >> there she goes. >> that's it. >> gifts for abbey, i wanted to die. i'm like, oh, my god, here's another melissa. gift-giver. >> reporter: last year, i caught up with the girls in las vegas. >> give me advice with abbey. >> don't cry if she yells at you. >> reporter: where they taught me a few dance moves. ♪ and with the start of a new season -- i headed to abbey's studio in pittsburgh to find out what's in store.
8:18 am
hi, girls. >> hi. tell me what it's like, the dynamics now and the new season. has it improved, gotten more intense? with your moms? >> yeah. >> different. >> a little bit more -- >> ah! >> more action. >> reporter: and the action sure doesn't disappoint. >> how come i'm the only one that gets aggravated. >> because you're the only one that hasn't had a child in this place. >> no, but i had a mother and a father. and if they looked at me one time, i knew. one look. >> for the moms, the biggest challenge, the biggest challenge, absolutely, in one year, they have not learned, you don't design headpieces, keep your mouth shut. you don't choreograph, keep your mouth out. you don't design a costume. >> reporter: sometimes, it's not pretty with screaming matches. >> i've been here 30 years.
8:19 am
>> i've always paid the whole year up front. i'll show you my discover card payment that shows for the past ten years i've paid you in full. don't even go there you [ bl you are a [ bleep ]. >> the girls definitely see the moms fight. it's impossible to have them out of the room every time we argue. and it really does affect the kid. they take it to heart. >> you still keep your girls with abbey. they have improved tremendously. what continues to keep them going? >> each other. absolutely. >> those girls are sisters. they love each other very much. >> reporter: maybe a lesson the moms can learn from their daughters. why do you think it is that in so many ways the girls are more mature than their moms? >> i don't know. tell me why. i think it's because the girls are in the studio doing the work. they work with me one-on-one and they get it. >> reporter: the girls are real.
8:20 am
what you see is what you get. >> oh, definitely. it's definitely real. i don't think anybody can make up the steps. >> one woman who could take her on is ali. it's not always fighting. they do get good results. they are incredible dancers. >> and thank you to bianna. "dance moms "premieres tomorrow on lifetime. more and more men are heading to the surgeon's office. the number one thing men are getting done, botox, or should we say brotox, andrea canning? >> sure, have you seen the men walking around with frozen faces, the guys are actually asking for it. in fact, hundreds of thousands of men are now opting for those cringe-worthy injections.
8:21 am
>> reporter: what to get the men in your life is an ongoing dilemma, the women have resorted to go to gifts gadgets sports tickets. this year's hot ticket items. >> she told me let me get you botox. >> how about i take you into the doctor and i'll take you for botox. >> i got botox before christmas to see dr. constantino. >> right here, it stretches out. up here. >> in my forehead like -- >> i don't want to look any older. and i think i'm addicted. ♪ >> reporter: he's not the only one getting hooked. an increasing number of men are adding botox or what some are calling brotox to their wish list. >> every year, it seems more and more men are getting botox as gifts. >> reporter: it's part of a trend. last year, 300,000 men got
8:22 am
botox. >> men get it more. >> reporter: joining this burgeoning boys' club? well, they're not who you would expect. >> they're not the stereotypical guys who care about grooming. talking about men like mark who works in a chemical company in detroit. >> i do a lot of industrial type work, get dirty and stuff like that. i restore old cars. >> reporter: mark's far more likely to be landscaping than manscaping. but at 38, he was noticing lines. >> we were looking at old pictures and i thought, man, i've aged. >> i think mark looks great. but he did mention that he noticed he looked older. >> reporter: so while mark wanted a chain saw for christmas, his wife had other ideas. >> merry christmas. >> the card was very nice. julie always picks out nice cards but then there was a note
8:23 am
that said botox. i was shocked. >> i thought he would like botox and fix up the foreheadlines a little bit. >> reporter: when mark told his brother scott there weren't exactly any fist pumps. >> he was kind of puzzled for a minute. he looked at me kind of funny. >> reporter: while scott wasn't big on his bro getting botox, mark decided to check it out. >> i figured why not. as tight as a drum. >> when i look at you i think what sticks out most to me are the crow's feet. >> reporter: before he knew it, mark was ready for this close-up. >> ho do you look now before your brotox? >> reporter: and while mark took his gift in stride, the doctor describes that's not always the case. >> make sure men actually want it. >> reporter: a few days later, mark's crow's feet less noticeable. the fine lines, almost gone. mark is pleased with the results. next christmas, he still wants
8:24 am
that chain saw. i'll tell you if they had a good hair system, i -- i might take her up on the hair. >> and it's not just botox. sales of high-end skin care products for men jumped 12% last year. skin care exec dif kacare execus where it may help. i remember, tony, my husband got microdermabrasion as a gift. he looked like a tomato. he never lived it down. >> i remember. he stopped -- george -- >> i heard you. >> all right. thanks so much, andrea. we'll get back to the show with george. let's go back to lara in las vegas. >> hey, robin. we all got here yesterday and it is like miss america judges' sleep away camp. all of us are here for a week. we have to stay on the same floor of the hotel, sort of
8:25 am
sequestered which is not going to be fun at all, i'm sure. yesterday we sort of had judges school. we found out it's not so much a pageant but a job interview. yes, she has to be pretty. yes, she has to be talented but most important, she needs to be smart. welcome to judgment day. or judgment week, if you're in the business of picking the next miss america. kris jenner and i, just two of the seven judges given the task of choosing the american icon. and this giant finder featuring all 53 contestants that you cannot be home or in your hotel without it. even if you are a two-times "dancing with the stars" champ like jump mark ballas. have you seen how big this is? >> i have. i was like -- oh. i thought it was a pamphlet. >> reporter: yeah, no. current miss america teresa scanlan joined us to describe
8:26 am
her advice for the all-important interview. >> i think your mission for getting up every single day. >> what your favorite color is not going to do it? >> no. >> reporter: it is a big job, and just adds a little more pressure. >> lara, you're going to be our head judge. which means i am now the boss. >> shocked or not, lara is now the head judge. >> as judge, it's your responsibility to keep everyone in line. >> yes. i can't hear you -- >> what -- >> a paid judge. >> oh, as you can tell, i'm a little excited. in just a few hours, we begin the interview as head judge. it's my job to make sure nobody goes over their time and not talk. if you to my facebook page and then come see us. be back soon.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 8:27. good morning. 31 holding in baltimore. but looking outside we have a few bright spots in the sky and to the north, more blue and more clearing. that's how it had stack up. on the edge of a storm system that will try to sliver the area with a little band of light precipitation heading into afternoon. in the north you may wind up with sunshine near and north of the p.a. line as the arcticboundary tries to slip in. light snow or mixture especially towards dc and anne arundel county. 41 and anything that falls won't stick. there may be be a little bit heading through the evening and
8:28 am
end by midnight and let's check on the traffic. >> reporter: we have got emergency construction in pikesville on the beltway inner loop between green spring and jfx and it's take up the left lane. we are seeing congestion for those of you traveling southbound 29 all the way from 70 to clarksville pike on thebrakes. into the jfx at a crawl from northern parkway to 28th street and here's a live look downtown fayette and st. paul. police say an accident with a ped struck at fayette and lynwood avenue. change could be coming to the election cycle in baltimore city. today the baltimore election change coalition will meet to probring the election in line with statewide cycles to boost turnout. also save money. the city holds the local elections in the year after statewide elections and before presidential elections. allergy concerns are prompting a company to issue recall. they are recalling the
8:29 am
arugulapastery go to the website for more information. now for more "good morning america" a one more check of the weather in 25 minutes.
8:30 am
whoo! whoo! >> that song is money -- i waited to say that. this is the year. you can finally dig out of debt with a little help from our good friend suze orman. she's here with tips as well. >> and check out these stats while you're bopping around over here. 11,000 episodes, 50 awards. just one week to go for the fans the "one life to live." in llanview, pennsylvania. >> there are a lot of people who
8:31 am
are extremely sad to see it go. let's go back to wllara in las vegas. are you having a good time? >> i am, i'm busy. i'm with my tech girl, becky worley. you are in heaven. >> i am in heaven. >> here here at ces, this is the super bowl. >> it's huge. look at this, it's an ipad. but check it out. i can turn it into a guitar that teaches me how to do anything i want to learn. sorry, i'm spazzing out here with the guitar. don't snookify me too much. it's a way to teach yourself guitar by snapping your ipad into this $99 accessory. the guitar apprentice, you can be rocking the app anytime soon. have you ever lost an iphone in the commode? >> i admit, i have. >> you have. okay. watch this. this is a product that may be coming out soon. from hzo. i'm going to play a little tune
8:32 am
here coming out from the speaker. this is just an iphone. no extra bags or anything on it. dropping it right in the water. see the bubbles coming out. the water is coming into the iphone because it's been coated with this special -- >> wow -- >> -- special stuff. called hzo. they're trying to get this built into the phones the future. >> please do. when you see this come out -- tell me how do we get that? because a lot of people will be saved a lot of heartaches. >> everyone wants it now. the thing is, it's going to be built into the phones the future. not something we can buy but technology at its best. >> it's coming soon. i promise you, people. so many people have wiis at home. this is different. check out this controller. it looks like a tablet. you'll be able to interact with the game. this is a prototype right now but it's coming out soon.
8:33 am
we're going to see this probably in time for holiday. and it will be something that you can actually play within the tablet controller itself. or you can play in between. for example, there's a golf game where you have a little ball here. you'll you'll go bloop and then you see it. >> does that make the wii on obsolete? >> not completely. this is the next one we'll see with having a big change in the way we play. >> zhao find you have to constantly update? i find there's another one coming out every year. particularly as a parent. kids love them. how much is this this? >> we don't have a price yet and we don't know the exact release date. it's definitely something new that will get kids' attention. that's something for the parents, oh, the kids are going to have it. >> like the ipad, wait for a new one. >> i wouldn't buy a new controller or console for a
8:34 am
while. let's see how this goes. >> what else do you find? >> l.g. has this beautiful first of its time, thinner than the width of a pen, what's cool about o.l.e.ds, the blacks are so black. you have none of that motion blur you that get with the l.e.d.s out there now. o.l.e.d., obscenely expensive but coming soon. one thing that is a budget, lara. the ultra books. it is thinner than the width of a dime and it has a nine-hour battery life. this is competing with the mac book air which revolutioned the mac book category. this doesn't a price yet, probably between $899 and $1200.
8:35 am
>> is this just industry only? >> industry only. it's a bellwether for the company. we're hoping we see a bump. >> you were saying last year or the year before, it was a ghost -- >> right when the economy tanked it was a ghost town here at ces. what i see is not just the outrageously expensive l.e.d., $8,000, prices will come down. we're seeing in light with that economy point, practical items. this is a smart things called power tu. they put in usb outlets there. brilliant. just a good utility and practical item. >> this is really like a rock concert. it's quiet right now. this will be a mob scenes with stars, i told you earlier.
8:36 am
justin bieber, 50 cent, snooki. becky worley. >> thank you so much. >> it's so fun to have you right here. >> right now let's get a weather checkup from sam. >> it's just not fair! it's not fair that the two of you are in vegas and we're not. we should be in vegas, don't you think? let's load up, let's go. let's get to the boards. i'm almost afraid to show you pictures i don't know what you'll see. what i see in these, ely, minnesota, max who was there shot this picture and we put it on the air for him. now we show you with the milder air sweeping up and down the east. it's an up and down cycle on the east coast. air temperatures will go up for the week but by the time of the weekend, we're going to slam down with an arctic bit of air.
8:37 am
enjoy the warmer than normal temperatures. how about this, l.a., 78 today. you're right, sir. l.a. is night. are you from l.a.? >> >> all that -- >> lsu, number one! >> see, you had to get that in. all that weather was brought to you -- >> all right, sam, a rowdy day in times square and here in las vegas. coming up a new way to get you out of debt. suze orman has it right here on
8:38 am
i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me.
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"usa today" calls suze orman a one-woman financial advice powerhouse. her tips to take control of your money can be found in the number one best-seller "the money
8:41 am
class." she's here to talk about a brand new initiative but first juju chang took a trip to the mall with suze to find out what people really spend. >> reporter: here at the mall in new jersey, suze orman is helping shoppers get over their holiday hangovers. >> are you going to put it on a credit card? >> dno, paying cash. >> my girl. >> reporter: orman is famous for her ability to find secrets hidden in people's wallets. >> oh, my goodness. appreciate's on. >> wedding -- >> have you paid with credit or debit? >> cash. >> do you love me? >> always. >> there you go. >> reporter: but now suze's turning her fire power to a different kind of card. warning against the pitfalls of debit cards, especially pre-paid debit cards. >> the fact that you pay with
8:42 am
credit cards you don't have a fica score. don't you think it's about time that those of us who pay cash can get credit for that? >> reporter: now in a supreme example of if you can't beat them, join them, suze orman is hosting her own credit card. >> my job is to educate people on what they're spending and how much money they have left. >> reporter: suze knows this debit card is putting her reputation on the line which is something she knew money can't buy. juju chang, new jersey. >> juju said it at the end of the piece. you are putting your reputation on the line. tell us about this. >> well, the reason i think people think i'm putting my reputation on the line is now i have a financial product. how can suze orman endorse a financial product. i paid for this whole thing obviously but i built this card from the bottom up. i just didn't find another card
8:43 am
that i put my name on. i wanted to bring to america a place that they could feel proud to put their name to. an alternative to a bank where people knew i was going to put their needs first. >> how are you going to do that? how do you put people's needs first and make sure this is not about profits? >> so, first of all, let's talk about profits. let's go there for a second. do i hope i make money on this card? oh, you betcha i do. because if i make money on this card. then the $3 a month it's going to cost you to have this card, i get to take that away. i want a card that is better than cash. this card will work like any debit card works where you have money. you use it, it's taken from your account. but with this card, every time you swipe it, you immediately get a text that says, george, you just spent $50. you have $100 left. >> that's the difference? >> every morning you wake up, the difference is, this card is
8:44 am
transparent. it will not you more than $3. >> no matter what? >> no matter what. >> you're saying you're pledging not to increase the fees. >> the whole goal was not to make money but i'm sure people will say, well, how much money does suze orman really need. the goal of the card is to give people an alternative to banking sources out there and other pre-paid cards that are charging exorbitant rates in my opinion. the fact of the matter is if i have to raise fees to make this work, i'd rather close it down. i'm not going to do it. that's not the goal of this card. the goal of this card is to give people an alternative to banking. >> how do they get at this credit score problem? >> this will be the first debit card in history that is going to share information with transunion, one of the three credit reporting agencies out there transunion is going to be looking at the information. you have to opt in if you want
8:45 am
to participate in this. all the information will be anonymous. it will all be aggregated. they're going to look at this and say, hmm, can a debit card generate a fica score? we're punishing people who pay in cash and award the people who pay the minimum on their credit card. >> talk about the top three this year. >> if you're in debt, first you have to recognize the fact that you're in debt, george. you can't seep saying, oh, it's all right. then you have to face it to erase it. you need to tell everybody you know, i'm in credit card debt. stop asking me to go out to eat and do all of these things. the third thing you have to do is financial move your credit carts from high interest rates to low. you pay as much as you can. >> three good tips. you have the show on tonight.
8:46 am
>> on tonight. a chance to win $50,000, everyone. you better tune in. coming up, the end i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. move up to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing!
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8:48 am
say it is not so. this week marks the end of an era for daytime television. the soap opera "one life to live" is ending its historic run on friday. for more than 40 years it served up a daily mix of dramatic thoughts and often groundbreaking division. "all my children's" cam mathison, you're here. this is hard for so many people.
8:49 am
>> it really is. considering "one life to live" made its debut in 1968 about two years before my former soap opera on "all my children." and the next 43 years the cast filmed the equivalent of three feature films a week, won over 50 emmy awards and boldly tackled some of the most controversial issues of the day. over 11,000 episodes. >> "one life to live" an extremely courageous industry. >> 43 years of fabulous story. >> reporter: ever since it hit the airwaves 43 years ago, "one life to live" has been at the forefront of cutting edge story telling. >> i'm billy douglas and i'm gay. >> shane, are you being bullied? >> i've been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> we had the opportunity to instruct and say go get a
8:50 am
mammogram. we did a wonderful story about woman having a heart attack. >> i have to go to the cardiologist and he'll have to follow a full course of treatment. >> reporter: christian alderson started on the show when she was just 6 1/2. and said she had a chance to really connect with fans when her character became a teen mom. >> did you use protection? >> not because i could get pregnant but also because of diseases and stuff like that. >> i got great letters from moms and daughters saying we watch the show every day. and we talk. my daughter has a plan now to stay safe. >> reporter: but it's not just so much issues. "one life to live" has been on the edge of the entertainment scene as well. ♪ let's not forget about those award-winning cast musicals. ♪ >> reporter: of course, what's a
8:51 am
soap without the occasional -- oh, let's just call them -- mishaps. >> ah! >> i've been buried alive. i've been married six times. i burned down a boat. i burned down a house. i sort of killed my mother's brother and now a colombian drug lord. >> burke, riley, buchanan, buchanan, carpenter, davidson, banks. >> reporter: at the heart of the show is victoria lord played with erika slezax. she recalls one story line in particular. >> viki has d.i.d., dissociative
8:52 am
identity disorder. she was abused by her father as a child and she slipped. >> reporter: and as it prepares to say good-bye, we say thank you for 43 years. >> i doubt whatever is airing from now 40 years from now will still be airing. it's been fun. >> everything turns out to be something special. >> i don't know how it got to be 40 years. >> there had been some talk about the show being moved online, but sadly, those talks fell through. so fan will just have to tune in friday for one last look at "one life to live." >> can't help but get misty-eyed. well, i have so much respect for open actors, and they are going to be missed dearly, all the soaps. >> i completely agree. there's still a few out there but they're dwindling, it's true.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! wave to lara. >> hi, lara. >> see you tomorrow. >> a lot coming up on abc news. full coverage on "world news." also, suze orman tonight on "nightline." >> you know what's coming up tomorrow on "good morning america"? george clooney. george clooney, live! right here!
8:56 am
>> thanks a lot for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. we're always online on good morning america. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. here's a look outside.
8:57 am
we had ourselves some clear skies overnight and clouds try to come in this morning and still bright spots bel air on the fringe of the system deeper entreched entrenched under it. temperatures in pasadena up to 36 and 31 perry hall. and 28 in the hereford zone. we have got boundary slipping through and a wave of moisture with a storm system to the south and we are caught in between. it's not all that impressive. and it will generate more organization as we head through the day. so we are expecting the radar field to fill in and slice it through central maryland. the better chance of getting moisture and getting any rain or snow or mix out of this is further to the south real wave of low pressure organizing in texas and that's what's coming at us for the middle of the week. we will punishment southern moisture in our direction and expect to have some of that develop into the afternoon and evening. but a chance of light rain or rain snow mixture up to about #
8:58 am
1 degrees. and anything if a falls won't stick on the ground. we won't have to worry about a travel issue. but further south a better chance of getting the stuff falling. heading through tonight, any mix will end as a brief period of snow especially to the south and east of the baltimore. temperatures 31. and that will be after this thing ends. mostly staying above freeze and we don't expect much more than anything sticking except car tops and grassy surfaces. tomorrow sun comes back and we are back into the lower 50s and cooling down thickening clouds and 48 and heavy rain will be later on wednesday, wednesday night and rumble of thunder. briefly warming to 56 and the arctic boundary comes in with highs in the 30s. flurries friday and snow showers for the rains game. -- ravens game. 3q
8:59 am
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