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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 9, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best stories and videos of the day "right this minute." firefighters get a call about a girl stuck in a tree. we mean inside the tree. >> i ended up going head first
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about 30 feet. >> see how she was swallowed up and the miracle it took to get her out. a video surfaces of airline baggage handlers going through passengers' bags and taking items. hear about the guy who blew the lid off the whole operation. the video is blowing up. a girl asking jason segal for a date. >> i swear i'm sane, tested and disease-free. >> hear why this singer says the whole thing was a big accident. >> i did not even write this with the intention of him seeing it. >> and the story of cute cockatiels born from an elicit love tryst. >> he is going to town. >> it's birdie style. >> oh! >> what? quick action of neighbors and firefighters managed to rescue five people from a fiery apartment. we got this video from nbc 2 and this all happened in rancho cordova. check out this cell phone video
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a neighbor was able to catch. there are five people caught in that apartment right now. two adults and three children. margaret uton was trapped up there with her grandkids. the fire started in the apartment next door. that neighbor left the apartment, climbed over the balcony and joined margaret to try to escape the fire. >> flames were coming towards the back window. it was just coming closer and closer. >> a neighbor down below, nicole roads, started yelling up to the ball cothis and said throw the grandkids over the balcony, we'll catch them. >> i put my grandbabies off the balcony to these folks here. my grandbabies was not staying on the balcony. >> within seconds the grandkids were safely on the ground and thankfully the firefighters were there in no time because they were literally like 200 yards away. >> i'm so proud of our guys right now. they did such a great job along with our community here in rancho cordova. i honestly believe we saved five lives tonight. >> they are all lucky.
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you see the firefighters guiding down margaret and the neighbor. >> the neighbors were playing the role of firefighters and rescue workers in this one. they were able to save people before the firefighters got there. >> that fire must have spread incredibly quickly to have flames that size with the firefighters able to get there as quickly as they were. ever wonder what happens to your checked baggage after the agent throws it on that conveyor belt behind the counter? >> i always worry. >> at the philadelphia international airport this was happening, surveillance footage we got from live week and it shows an american airlines baggage handler going through passengers' bags and taking items. >> that happened to me. they went through my bag, stole watches and like some crappy jewelry. >> this surveillance footage was actually used in a philadelphia courtroom last week. we got more footage from cbs 3 in philadelphia. one of those men was found not guilty of all charges. his name is victor solar.
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you can clearly see him in this surveillance footage walking up to the guy who is rifling through bags. his attorney says that he was actually a whistle blower in this case. >> he did nothing. he reported it. and his fellow workers attacked him for reporting it. >> these are people's things, you know, and you trust when you hand over your bag you're going to get it at your destination. that's just terrible. >> and now that you can't lock your bags unless some tsa approved lock which pretty much everybody has a key to anyway you're helpless. >> the guy you see in this video here, his name is andre cooper. he pled guilty to the charges of stealing along with one other who was an american airlines employee. the third guy entered a plea agreement. >> i think it's safe to say they won't be checking anybody's bags any time soon. >> it's frustrating because when you look at the airline policy they claim to be not responsible for this huge laundry list of things and the worst part, you paid to check that bag.
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>> yes. >> you paid $35 or however much it is to check your bag so some guy can rifle through and steal your stuff. >> i'm interested to see what you think about this next video. tell me who you think is right and who you think is wrong. we saw it on world star hip-hop and you see an argument between these two guys. here's the thing. they're friends. according to the poster, the guy in the orange shirt and orange hat had been drinking at a party. >> let me ride home. >> no, bro, because on some [ bleep ] you have a daughter. >> his friend in the black shirt is telling him, hey, man, you can't drive because the guy wants to drive not only these people home, but also his daughter. >> i'm going to say it then f the guy in orange had been drinking or is drunk if he is drunk, he should not be getting behind the wheel of a car. >> i swear to god i love you -- i swear to god. >> oh! >> right across to the face after saying, i swear to god i love you. >> it doesn't end there.
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>> oh. >> choked the guy out. puts him to sleep and lays him down on the pavement. >> honestly, as long as this guy wasn't fatally hurt, wasn't seriously injured in any way, i think the guy hitting the guy is right. >> if he really did happen to hurt this guy. >> oh, yeah. >> now you're in some hot water. >> where? >> no. he's okay. he's breathing. >> looked like he knew what he was doing with that chokehold. >> it was a loving, caring chokeout, yeah. the busy streets of turkey can be quite difficult to navigate, especially if you're in some sort of van. this guy decided to take a shortcut and found his way on to the train tracks of the tram and -- >> what? >> what? >> this is the stupidest accident i've ever seen. >> i think what's happened here, he accidentally made a turn on to the tracks by accident. >> right.
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>> and figured i'm going to find my way out somehow. before he could, he was boxed in by one train and head-on into another trai thank goodness this wasn't one of those ultrafast trains because these trains are moving along just as fast as the traffic. this accident could have been a lot worse. don't you think the guy could have just like scooted over there to the left. >> i think he could have done a lot of things. >> first thing was not pull on to the train tracks. >> yeah. what's one of the best things about the super bowl? >> the commercials. >> oh, yeah. >> well, doritos is taking it to the fans to help decide which commercial you might see on the big day. what will your favorite be? >> and meet the guy who puts things in his beard. this time. >> toothpicks. >> 1,000 toothpicks. >> see if the beard hold
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don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. imagine that you take your bird to visit your parents and your dad's bird knocks your cook ka teal up. >> knocks it up like gets it prego. >> for egos. she got out a camera and decided i'm going to document these hatch lings first 30 days. >> looking sultry there all moving around in the bed. >> like a sexy dance of love right there. >> absolutely. >> kind of like, hey, what's up, girl? a little egg helmet. >> has an egg hat on. >> this is the cutest thing of today's show. these fuzzy looking like -- they look like gummy bears or something with fuzz on them. >> weirdly cute but they're ugly but they're cute. >> look at them feeding. >> getting bigger. they are looking like dinosaurs. >> i love them. >> really, really amazing to see
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how their feathers start out and dark colored. >> yeah. >> and then yellow. the feathers start changing like they got highlights. >> that's only like 30 days in. look how much they've grown and changed. thinking about birds doing it is weird. >> how do they do it? >> have you ever seen a bird do it? at least think about that for a second. >> yeah. >> like the immaculate conception for birds. >> oh! >> i've never seen this before. >> i've never seen this either. boy, he is going to town. look at her, she's looking up. >> they hump like -- >> it's birdie style. >> look his tail feathers. >> dog making funny noises take one. ♪ [ inaudible ].
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one of the best things about the super bowl, the commercials. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> doritos, the yummy crunchy salty, delicious snack, they are letting fans decide which commercial might air during the super bowl. actually, all of these ads were created by just regular people. >> oh. >> and we have five finalists. >> give me a sombrero. >> dude. let me try it. >> send me three hot wild girls. >> sending three rottweilers. >> hot wild girls. >> this one is, obviously, set at a dog park. >> do you want a treat? do your trick and i'll give you one of these doritos. ♪
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>> this one stars a dogsomethin i should say, in the backyard. turns out it's a missing cat. ♪ >> you want one? sorry. ♪ >> granny gets involved with the older brother who's taunting them with doritos. sling shots the baby using her electric wheelchair. >> nice. >> this one starts slow but finishes awesome. >> every time you crave a dorito he turns into a bird of prey. >> really? a bird. >> watch this. >> oh! >> the winner will not only get their ad seen by millions and millions and millsens of people will they will get to work with the lonely island, which is andy
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sandberg's team of people on -- >> the "snl" guy. >> they're going to throw in a million dollars for good measure for the winner who takes the top spot. second places gets $600,000. >> what? >> yeah. >> why didn't we make one of these? >> third place, $400,000. if you want it see all these commercials go to our website and pick your favorite. >> how is out for iudib ] >> exactly. >> next time on "right this minute" -- >> never see anyone rap with a ukulele. >> i whipped out my camera phone and realized something special is about to happen. >> that's next time on "right this minute." he was an internet star with his political ads. >> you're being fooled by the theatrics. >> now it's his wife's turn to give a rip about alabama. >> you don't have to pay a penny, how expensive, the drinks
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are on me. >> she's singing for a date with her favorite movie star. a video gone viral and we'll see
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. ♪ in the southern ocean near antarctica near some thermal
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vents, british scientists sent a robotic submersible nearly 7800 feet deep where they found some not yet discovered species and they include these you see here, also a pale octopus. >> he needs a tan. >> looks like casper. >> yeti crabs. >> yeti? >> they're called yeti crabs. >> they have hair on them, hairy chests. >> all the things they see down here are unidentified species but the crab, they thought this crab looks kind of like david hasselhoff. >> what? >> so they call its hasselhoff crab. >> t its tom sell lec crab. >> there are a lot of other notable dudes with harry chests, right? >> yeah. ♪ >> they saw these things down there near the thermal vent and say it could get up to 700 degrees down there.
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these animals you to realize do not survive on sunshine. they get their energy by breaking down chemicals that are already in the water. >> i love the ocean. i mean it's just a remarkable world down there full of so many incredibly awesome creatures that are so insanely cool. you guys remember dale peterson? >> no. >> he was an internet sensation during the 2010 elections. he was running for the alabama agriculture commissioner. this will refresh your memory. >> keep you in the dark, they do whatever they want with all that money and they don't give a rip about alabama. >> remember that line, they don't give a rip about alabama. over 2 million youtube views for this ad. now, dale peterson did not win in the gop primary in 2010, but, now, he has a very politically active wife. kathy peterson, she gives a rip about alabama. >> hi, folks. i'm kathy peterson.
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it's time to replace the professional office career politicians with business-minded people who give a rip about alabama. >> i love these guys. these are a fun, to me, a straight talk ago proech to political ads. >> pretty intense. i feel like somebody is going to jump out and handcuff somebody. you're being fooled by the theatrics because once they get into office, they become career politicians too. >> i'm an idealist. i try to believe that people sometimes are really going to be exactly what they say whenever they get into office. i still, even though i've been burned over and over again by politicians, i still want to believe that there are some really great people out there trying to do some good. >> good luck, kathy. i'm really excited because i think i found my new favorite youtube channel and we're in luck because it's the very first episode. it's called things in my beard. you know what he's going to do this time? >> put something in his beard?
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>> toothpicks, 1,000 toothpicks. >> looks like it's growing from his toes. >> he has two helpers that are strategically placing the toothpicks in this man's beard. >> looks like a porcupine. >> like some crustacean thing you find at the bottom of the ocean. his beard is that thicknd importantly, manly. the guy unveils the 1,000 toothpicks in his beard and so many you can see some were just falling out. but the best part of this video is the very end because how do you get 1,000 toothpicks out of your beard? shake your head like a dog. >> really? >> exactly right. >> he would have been more fun to have at a cocktail party for the swedish meatballs and cheese stuff. >> you would pull a it toothpick out of some man's beard and eat off of it. >> yeah. >> i hoped you like watching me with my beard with sticks of wood. if you want to see me put
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anything else in my beard, who knows, maybe it will wind up in my beard. >> we should give him our suggestions. >> snakes. >> i want him to look like a chia pet, alfalfa sprouts. >> yeah. >> i would like to see the cocktail knives kind of like toothpicks but with olives on the end of it. >> oh, okay. you know what? >>, that's what. >> go there and enjoy the videos. share them with your friends. >> it's a great deal just for you. >> and everyone else. >> no fees. >> no membership. >> that's a crazy great deal. >> crazy great deal. crazy great deal. >>, that's what. and here's what's coming up next on today's show -- >> a look at the very first meteor shower of 2012. stick around to see it. ading.
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>> i hope he does some more. 2011 was the year of the youtube date request from people who wanted to date celebrities. well, we're starting off the new year with another date request. chelsea gill wants a date with jason segal ♪ jason segal you're the ring to my snegal ♪ ♪ won't you sang quirkily ballot for me ♪ ♪ i swear i'm sane, tested and disease-free ♪ >> getting personal. ♪ with all that work you need some fun you don't have to pay a
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penny, all expenses paid the drinks on me ♪ >> i love it. cute face, talent. >> i think jason segal probably appreciates this. he's a little musician himself. >> i like that she said she's going to pay for the drinks. >> to ask her how this all came about, we have chelsea gill via skype right this minute. where did the idea come up? >> to cheer myself up i always watch jason segal movies. i had my guitar strumming along and kind of wrote it. >> do you think a song would catch his eye more than a video? >> i did not even write this with the intention of him seeing it. i wrote it and my friend thought it was funny so i put it on youtube. and it blew up. >> has he responded to your video? >> not yet. i am freaking out. he tweeted saying that he's coming up with something like a response on the way. the fact that he actually listened to it and is responding, that's amazing. >> jason, just respond to her. you'll make her day. >> go for the drink. she offered to pay. >> wait, wait.
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not just respond to her, jason, say yes, man. take her out for a drink. don't make her pay. >> will you do us a favor, next time you write a song like that, call us first? >> no. >> do us another favor when you get this date with jason, take a picture, send it to us and get back on ypbecause i want to igo. ♪ keep my heart waiting very long ♪ that's going to do it for our show today. thanks so much for joining us. we'll leave you with time lapsed footage of the first meteor shower of 2012 in california. enjoy. we'll see you next time.
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