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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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lewis, 52, mild day, rain on the way tomorrow. let's go to the roads, here is angela. on the roads this morning, extra caution if you are coming in on 50 this morning. had road crews on the bay bridge. in the meantime, around the baltimore area, looking good. no reports of incidents, traveling through howard county, u.s. 29 past the clarksville pike, all lanes are open and moving well. a live look at 50, at sandy point. crews were on the chesapeake bay bridge with a salting operation in case we have icy spots there. if we continue on 50, making the drive to i-97, no reported troubles this morning. democracy 2012, a town of 75 people, were the first to cast ballots for the new hampshire primary. the results didn't provide a clear winner. the polls opened and closed at midnight in the small town of dixville new hampshire. minutes later, the results were
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in. one vote cast for newt gingrich, two huntsman, one ron paul and two for mitt romney. voting continues throughout the state of new hampshire. we will have a live preview of what you can expect coming up. tomorrow the state legislative session is set to begin in annapolis. 430 session of the general assembly, kicking off at noon too many. baltimore county executive will meet with members of the baltimore state's delegation to lay out priorities for the coming session. martin o'malley expressed he has plans to increase the state gas tax to pay for road repairs and push to pass the marriage equality act. continuing coverage in a deadly house fire in one baltimore county community. the fire started near the 900 block of ar didn't cliff road in essex last night.
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>> reporter: we are getting new information this morning. the two women who died are believed to be mother and daughter. neighbors tell us before the fire happened the women were involved in a car accident and were treated at the hospital. their names haven't been released we did an on line search, the home belongs to a carolyn. it broke out on arn cliff. one was rushed to franklin square, the other to bay view, both did not make it. neighbor tells us about the car accident the women were involved in, earlier in the day. >> i had heard that the car accident happened this morning. the car was pinned up against the other car. they were pinned up against a parked car. they had to use the jaws of life to get them out. >> firefighters say they had a hard time getting in the house because of clutter. the cause of the investigation -- the cause of the fire
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remains under investigation. a mother is charged of abusing her child before his death. the charges came after he was killed in a separate incident last year. a grand jury indicted the 28 year old of abusing her 2-year- old son, elijah in november of 2010. last april he died from asphyxiation. no one has been formally charged. more began state men's basketball team lost by two points. they did it without their coach. he is accused of punching a player saturday. the school issued an indefinite suspension for the coach. he and the players say it was an accident and 3-person panel will investigate and they are seeking video they can get their hands on to clarify happened. we are days away from the big game , the ravens preparing for the first home game in five
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years. kuren redmond is standing by with more on what the team is doing as they get ready for sunday's game against the texans. >> purple pride will take over the entire area today. aches crews will be -- ravens crews will be all over the place to. patriot plaza, towson, the teams logo will be painted. it will be made up of staff, cheerleaders and the mascot, all on hand to celebrate the post season push and handout give aways to fans who attend and starting at midnight tonight until wednesday, ravens staff will be painting the word relentless. you will see the word in 500 different locations throughout the area. the team is excited and ready to take on the much anticipated houston texans sunday and they like all of us, are more than hopeful for the big win. it feels great. to have the tune opportunity to play in the playoffs.
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having a chance to continue to fight for what you've always dreamed of. >> every week is a new challenge. playing different defenses with different guys. they like to do different things. every week is a work in progress. it's never, ever a finish prod duct. i think we understand that up front. >> with the game plan already in place, ray rice decided to give out nice watchs to each lineman. also fans if you want to do something nice as well, get on the purple pride by purchasing stencils through the store. >> news time, 5:05, we want to see your spirit. post pictures of you showing your best decorations or anything tied to the ravens. post them to facebook at getting ready for the game sunday morning, abc2 news presents the way to indy at 9:00 a.m.
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join jamie costello, wyatt everhart and others as we escort you to your seats in time for the playoff game in five years. looking at damage this morning and what some are managing to get around. the state needed rain, they didn't need this much. if you are a parent with a young child, sometimes you should not ignore if your child is not feeling well at all. details coming up. you are watching good morning may recall, what is new, now and next on this tuesday morning. ♪ [ woman ] i was ready for my trip, but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as
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clean up in houston, texas. the city hammered by storms rain ands, flooded streets left hundreds of drivers stranded. fire crews were called out to rescue frantic drivers. the waters continued rising in some areas, even for some of the trucks, they had major problems. that's a bmw suv. the water is up to the doors. they needed rain.
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texas needed rain. they didn't need this. >> i can only imagine the parts are expensive for repairs up to the doors. >> the opposite day, we pretty much expected, i love the emails i got talking abut the surprise snow. we say it was going to be snow and stick on the grass, south of baltimore. this is it. opposite day, monday's snow was to the south. point 4 inches bwi. an inch in annapolis. those of you who follow the annapolis page on facebook, we can't confirm it, we don't have official report. i believe the contest still goes on. here is the deal, watching the system getting on out of here, residual mid level clouds, low fog in a few spots. that's going to get out of here, our temperatures 34 baltimore. to the board, partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny. 52 mild afternoon.
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tomorrow bringing back another rain event. let's go to the roads. had a chance to speak with maryland state police in annapolis. so far, no reported troubles. the salting on the bridge, precaution out there this morning. let's get another live look at traffic flow on i-95, still good to go as you make the drive past 175. the view at current traffic flow on i-83s harrisburg expressway, good from middletown road to 695. back to you. health news this morning, mounting evidence that cholesterol lowering statin increases your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. 7% of women were taking statins. 10% of those users developed
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diabetes compared with 6% who hasn't used the drugs. if you need statins because of your high risk for a heart attack, you should stick with the drugs. when your child is not feeling well, sometimes it's a way and see approach that works. there are signs and symptoms you shouldn't ignore. fever should raise a flag for babies under 3 months. go to the doctor for fever of 100-point 100.3 or 1. look out for dry diapers or sunk in head. this could be a sign of dehydration. if your child wakes up with a headache it should be considered serious. consult your physician or pediatrician as well. we are watching good morning maryland, first and only for you at 4:30, police in greece are working to solve a mystery there. how the thieves managed to take away valuable art work from a
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museum in athens. >> reporter: i'm sherrie johnson, live in lithicum, what the teachers are doing to feed the needy. [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪
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search continues for austrian teen missing since saturday. the 15-year-old was skiing with his parents and separated from them. 100 searchers have been scouring the slopes. it was called off until this morning because of more snow and potential for avalanches. hundreds in the pre peruvian are homeless. 250 homes were destroyed. search is on in greece. police say in 7 minutes, thieves e scamd with art work from the national gallery. no word on the value of the art. the museum was set to close yesterday for a long period of
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time for renovations. the thieves made off with the goods. 34bwi and easton. most of the places above freezing, wet roads, not much of a problem. the bay bridge salted, not too much of an issue. below freezing temperatures in places that did not get the snow yesterday. this interesting setup we had yesterday and nice tease of winter, highlighting in the areas that got the snow with cloudiness this morning and looks like thin clouds. some of the moonlight trying to slip through. the fog will burn off in a hurry. a brief visit of high pressure before the storm. wintery mix or snow. heavy snow around the dallas- fort worth area. responsible for severe weather near houston and maybe more along the gulf coast region.
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it's going to feed in our direction. you can see the old frontal boundary here, fading away and leading in to the next storm. that's going to follow a track over maryland. low pressure overhead. keeps us on the mild side. brings us rain on target for us. bring the clouds in tomorrow, midday. we start off with sunshine tomorrow, we go down hill, we may have rain, during the commute evening. heavy rain overnight. the best possible setup. most done by day break, towards new york and new england. mild day thursday before we can get the cold air back. rainfall here that should push close to an inch as we show off the computer model highlighting the heaviest rainfall. an inch across central maryland. today pushing 52. mostly sunny sky develops, mid- 30s overnight. tomorrow 40s with the rain late in the day, most of the day dry. rain through thursday, dry thursday afternoon, 56.
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could have a snow shower friday morning. maybe a snow shower for the ravens game with temperatures mid-30s to near 40 over the weekend. as we get a look at the roads this morning, we are checking our major roads if you are traveling on the back roads or smaller roads, extra caution, you may run in to an icy spot here or there. we are moving well, especially on the key routes. here is u.s. 29, maryland 108, northbound and southbound. moving at a good pace for you. the beltway on the topside, 695 providence, inner loop and outer loop, light for this time of morning. west side of 695, he at baltimore, little more active in the outer loop lanes. if you use mta, all lines and mta buses moving on schedule this morning. some teachers at one school are going to extra mile in the cold twoart feed the hungry -- weather to feed the hungry. sherrie johnson is live where
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the food drive is set to help others. these people are camping out regardless of the weather. >> reporter: we are at len dale middle school in lithicum. they are going to be camped out all week long, trying to raise, collect 7800 pounds of food to feed the needy. i have shawn and monica joining me live this morning, you guys, it snowed last night. you are catching out near freezing -- camping out, near freezing temperatures. >> we enjoyed the snow. >> reporter: tell me a little bit about why you are doing this. >> we know times are hard for people. we know this time of year is hard for food banks and nonprofits. we wanted to bring attention to that. we want to help out our community. >> reporter: what lesson do you
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want the students to learn from this? >> we are hoping they are going to learn how to give back to the community and appreciate what they have themselves. >> reporter: hands on learning. >> that's the truth. i know yesterday kids were saying are you really staying outside tonight? we said we are really staying outside tonight. kids were saying that's great. we are going to bring food in tomorrow to help you guys out. the kids are buying in to this. the community is buying in to it. we are having a lot of fun doing it. they are taking your donations from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. here at the front office and they have a storage bin from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., if you want to drop off your nonperishable items and help them collect food. makers of wonder bread and twinkies could be in trouble. the financial strain that could
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be coming to ho hostess brands.
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see this? this is a hostess twinkie. it's a science experiment here, it could prove to be the last twinkie on earth. hostess brands and wonder bread is repairing to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. it could happen as soon as this week , the second significant court procedure by hostess. they are facing high labor cost and carrying a lot of debt. tax season is upon us, we should be receiving a w2 any day now. this year when you file you may find fewer breaks available to you. lawmakers allowed tax breaks to expire while they were on
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vacation. among the breaks that disappeared are for the mortgage insurance, higher education tuition and schoolteacher tax deductions. lawmakers could choose to extend the breaks when they return from vacation. looking for a new car? how about the hyundai elantra. this is the second time in four years hyundai took the top honors. they didn't take their sick child to a doctor because they couldn't afford it. an 8-year-old dies from cancer and the parents could be headed to jail. what a high school yearbook committee has to say about these photos. what she says she is going to do to make sure they end up in the yearbook. ♪
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