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tv   News  ABC  January 10, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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rain on the way, another cooldown we will talk about in a moment. here is angela with traffic. traveling on the beltway on the northside, a little distraction at park heights avenue. debris across the roadway. just volume delays to report. especially on the outer loop and southbound 29, you are traveling below posted speed. another look at the west side at liberty road around the beltway, trip from 795 to i-70, backing down with a little extra time needed. drive times, slowing down on the west side, you will need extra time, 9 minutes for that drive. topside, still at 6 minutes from bel air to providence road. eyes of the nation are on new hampshire for the first national primary vote set to start in the matter of an hour. romney the overwhelming favorite carrying a double digit lead over rick santorum, ron paul and huntsman, all of
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that could be changing as the former massachusetts -agovernor had a political gasp. let's check in with tj winnick live in manchester. >> reporter: good morning, it is primary day here in new hampshire, the only surprise might be who will finish second to mitt romney. the votes are in in dixville notch, known for casting the fist ballots in the nation's first primary. 6 republican ballots cast, jon huntsman and romney tied with two votes apiece. >> i'm very happy. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor leads in one recent poll by 24 points. yesterday, made a big slip on the campaign trail. >> i like being able to fire people and tha provide services to me. >> reporter: trying to make the case that americans should be able to choose heaven insurance and drop a company if they like. his opponents jumped all over
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the remark. in the multimillionaire front runner uttered this line earlier. >> i know what it's like to worry about if you are going to get fired. >> reporter: this was rick perry monday in south carolina. >> i have no doubt that mitt romney was worried about pink slips whether he was going to have enough to handout. >> reporter: enjoying firing people is how the obama team was planning to portray romney. the senior strategist calling romney's words a rare moment of candor. romney. cas rear as a venture capitalist is the target of $3 million in ads, paid for by newt gingrich's supporters. mitt romney insists his company created 100,000 jobs a net
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gain, when asked how many jobs his company slashed, his campaign refused to answer. tj winnick, abc news. little closer to home, who killed mrs. mary? an elderly woman was found stabbed to death inside her home last week. linda so is here with how you can now help police. when we reported the story last week, it's now gone from bad to worse. this is tragic. >> police are handing tout fliers, they were in -- handing out the fliers, they were canvassing the area. police are hoping someone will come forward with information that will lead them to a suspect. 84-year-old mary hines was found stabbed to death on east bitel thursday. the fire may have been set to hide the killing. police were back in the neighborhood handing out fliers. she was a teacher and principal for 0 years. she lived -- 30 years.
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she helped anyone in need. mary was in need, she was living with no gas or electric. a $2000 reward the offered for information leading to an arrest. call 8667 lockup. a boy died of cancer because the couple never took him to the hospital saying they couldn't afford it. he died from a treatable form of cancer. >> it was an absolute traumatic experience for all the parties involved. >> he stuffed from a treatable
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form of hodgkins lymphoma which was never diagnosed because his parents never took him to see the doctor. high school senior from durango will not be able to use these pictures the chose for her school's yearbook. they feature ter 18-year-old dressed in a short skirt and revealing top. the second photo was rejected. the teen's mom says her daughter should be allowed to express herself however she wants in a yearbook photo. the school says unless she sub mitts a more tamed photograph, she is not going to be in the yearbook. we posted the on the facebook fan page. since 3:00 a.m., the thing exploded. half the staff are most likely jealous they couldn't look at good as her. let us know what you think. join the conversation, multiple comments, more than 2 dozen,
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like the fan page, like the hot topic, let us know what you think. get that guy's ugly mug off of there. now, i've been practicing this all morning. police in madison, wisconsin, arrested this guy after neighbors filed noise and drinking complaints. he changed his name last year and facing a variety of charges including carrying a concealed weapon and possession of thc, call it marijuana, back in april. he was arrested for carrying a loaded handgun and two knives in a another park. this guy wanted to get his name in the newspapers. some of your favorite sweets could be in trouble. the latest company is planning to file bankruptcy. this could affect your sweet tooth. details coming up.
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with tax season close at hand, we will review key deductions you will not be aware of. details coming up.
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s by news for the port of baltimore. governor o'malley says last year 251,000 people sailed on 105 cruises from the port. before you know it tax season will be here, deductions are hanging in the balance. lawmakers allowed 50 business and individual tax breaks to expire. including mortgage insurance, higher education tuition and the teacher tax deduction. it's important to note lawmakers could still choose to extend when they return from
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winter break. company that makes twinkies and wonder bread, filing for bankruptcy. hostess is facing high labor cost and high cost of ingredient and carrying a lot of debt. more coming up, straight ahead in the news to go, linda so has a look at information regarding a hearing in dc, scheduled for later today. we will let you know how it can affect you. sherrie johnson is life this morning. >> reporter: i'm sherrie johnson, live in lithicum, find out what is in these boxes and how you can help out. ã
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time for news to go. i'm charley crowson. we've got a lot to get to for you in this last 15 minutes, a hearing in washington, focuses on air show crashes. and students with teachers are camping out for the hungry. a check of the forecast, how is the weather going to be out there, hi to justin berk. a little confer concern after the snow. close to freezing, below freezing, there was no snow, west and knot of baltimore yesterday. what we are looking at here, the system, residual clouds and fog this morning.
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next storm stays to the south. we will have ourselves a lot of rays of sunshine as we push for rain, thermometer 52. talk about the next rainstorm in a moment. here is angela. still getting reports of debris in the road traveling on the inlear loop of 6 -- inner loop of 695, eastbound 50, blocking the right lane on the bridge, debris reported there as well. heavy traffic for those of you traveling through columbia, u.s. 29 in the southbound direction. also, southbound on i-95, a live look at 95 north of maryland 100. a haiing on airplane safety and air shows will be the focus in dc today. linda so is here with the details of that coming hearing. >> in a few hours, the national transportation safety board will hold a hearing on performance airplane safety. this crash from the september
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16th air show will be the focus. 70 people were hurt when a plane crashed. they hope to get a better understanding of practices of air shows. linda so, abc2 news. family members of drum major robert champion will hold a press conference today. the family expected to share new information about the hazing incident that led to his death. the 26-year-old military veteran collapsed in orlando, florida, while on a bus carrying members of famous marching 100 band. today the supr will hear arguments in the fist amendment case considering whether regulators can police the air waves for curse words. many americans unregulated table tv and inte net. the case pits the obama administration against the
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networks. tomorrow the maryland general xíñassembly will open 40th session. -- 430th session. the meeting is set for 11:00. also this morning the president of the naacp joining civil rights leaders in calling for an end to the death penalty. maryland's death penalty has been on hold since 2006 after a court of appeals ruling found the lethal injection protocols weren't properly approved by a legislative committee. officials face race to the top program, delayed by hiring troubles. officials say the stay is positioned for a second year
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and report issued today, maryland is credited with building capacity to implement the race to the top program. the forward timeline is said to allow the state to catch up in teachers in one school are going to extra mile in the cold weather helping to feed the hungry and less fortunate. sherrie johnson is live with more on the food drive. >> reporter: we are here at len dale middle school. teachers are camping out for a week to collect food to feed the needy. they are trying to collect 7800 pounds of food and plan to be out here all week long until they meet their goal. let's look here, let me show you a little bit of what i'm talking about. they have five or six boxes so far but a ways to go. they want to fill up the pod and listen, they have a little nonperishable food item. this is the kind of donations they need to feed the hungry. they have a ways to go.
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this morning, i have the principal of the school, george lindsly joining me live. good morning. what do you think about your school having to project here and camping out for a week? you got amazing teachers. >> i do. thank you. last year our teachers came to me and said they wanted to do this, this time of year it's the donations, to the food banks are quite low. it's right after the holidays. they were looking for something that would beef up the supply. couple of years ago we had about 29% of our students who were eligible for free or reduced meals. we are in the great need in the community. this is a wonderful way for us to give back to the community. >> reporter: we still got to fill up this whole pod. we want to do that by the end of the week. they donated this to help you guys out. >> pods was wonderful in
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donating this. they said they will give us another one ifer we fill this up. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much. if you want to make donations, deliver them here, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a sneak peek at a new wawan. it's in baltimore city , the first location and the 40th to open in maryland. the store's grand opening is 10:00 tomorrow morning. stay tuned to get a peek at what we saw in the wawa. polls open at 6:00 a.m. primary day in new hampshire will be low key for romney. less so for front running rivals. they know it's important to show credentials and campaigning. rick santorum, huntsman, newt gingrich and paul are planning
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campaign events for voters to cast ballots making their cases as to why they are better alternative to romney. big game is less than a week away. players and fans are excited. what will be painted all over the state and city under the cover of darkness? let's check in with kuren redmond who has a preview of everything. >> reporter: the ravens grounds crews will be all over the place spreading the pride, first stop is today at best western in westminster, patriot in towson , the logo will be painted, made up of ravens staff, cheerleaders and mascot to celebrate the post season push handing out give aways to fans who attend and starting at midnight until wednesday, ravens staff will paint the word relentless everywhere. you will see the word in 500 different locations throughout the area. ravens coach harbaugh says the team is healthy and ready to
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take on much anticipated texans sunday. they want the big w, like all of us, if you want to go ravens crazy, do so on your lawn, that's because fans can purchase stencils through store website. >> the way to indy sundays morning at 9:00 a.m. join jamie costello, scott garceau and wyatt everhart, others live as we get you ready for the first home game, home flayoff game in baltimore in five years. xavier students have a day of reflection. tonight's forum is optional and attended by university leaders including chris max. cold war relic could be moved today. the minute happened symbolizes how chose we are to absolute destruction. lit move closer to midnight or further away from the deadline hour or remain where it is.
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national park service says it's offering entry to 397 national parks for the coming holiday weekend, january 14th, through the 16th. admission for the park is for commemoration of dr. martin louer king jr. today. o'malley will make announcement today. joined by michael bush in annapolis for the announcem at german town elementary. officials labor leaders and elected officials are scheduled to attend. u.s. department of transportation says it will spend 1.5 billion dollars reimbursing states for repairing roadway damage by natural disasters. let's take you back in time. annapolis, had snoi most of yesterday afternoon. see it on the time lapsed camera. it's not going stick on the water. we got some on the docks and through the evening. places picked up close to an
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inch. official amount not reporting that. snow content in annapolis goes on. this morning low clouds, little bit of fog, holding near 31. we have seenther mommers ranging between 31-34 degrees. churchville, 39. 32 by pass dee natural pasadena. little bit of icing around places in central southern maryland. we will get the low clouds out of here. there is the storm that brought severe weather to texas. wintery mix west of dallas. that rain band brings storms across the south. that comes back at us and future trend highlighting, we are dry, looking for the deep cloud cover to build in midday tomorrow and the rainfall to reach us tomorrow late
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afternoon or evening. most overnight tomorrow and done by thursday. we could get a burst of snow with the onset of next arctic outbreak by friday. 52 the today. back to 35 tonight. tomorrow increasing clouds, most of the rain late in the day, upper 40s, 50s after the rain departs thursday morning. 42 after early morning snow showers friday. 30s, in to the ravens game. all lanes open on the chesapeake bay bridge. debris cleared out of the roadway. traveling westbound 50, good to go through annapolis, to i-97. heavy and slow southbound 29. no reported incidents, a lot of folks using that route this morning. also 95 here at white marsh, slow past white marsh to the topside of the bellway. amazing what becomes science experience in a television newsroom. >> this was found on the news desk four months ago.
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